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  1. Sword purification skill[Sword looks]
  2. The shadow cutting skill[Shadow out]
  3. Breaking the bone without cutting the flesh skill[Born to be meat]
  4. Accuracy increase skill[Get target]
  5. Two cuts with one swing skill[Twin runner]
  6. An explosion after the cut skill[Dynamite smile]
  7. Extra attack skill[Ad hoc attack]
  8. Swift draw skill[Leg walker]
  9. Sword curving skill[Trick sword]
  10. Remote sword control skill[Remote light]
  11. Injury repair[Life scars]
  12. Sword aborption skill[Dead or I love you]
  13. Beheading skill[Limited foot]
  14. Changing the length of blade skill[Deaths edge]
  15. Changing any sword to a demon sword skill[Ghot cutter]
  16. Song cutting skill[Sword song]
  17. Atom cutting skill[Atomic Number]
  18. Making the sword into a barrier skill[Faux Guard]
  19. Weakening a cut opponent skill[Hard break shot]
  20. Residual sword image skill[Ghost blade]
  21. Sealing the opponents skill after three hits skill[Hard full count]
  22. Transforming scrapes to fatal wounds skill[Critical kit]
  23. Vanishing weapon kill[Rapier dystopia]
  24. Making the blade invisible skill[Lost blade]
  25. Changing any object into a sword kill[Not selection]
  26. Removing weight skill[Weightless transceiver]
  27. Seldom cut skill[Meta Junction]
  28. Sword screaming skill[Red Ice Cream]
  29. Growing the sword skill[Saint up]
  30. Armor cutting skill[Amateur Armor]
  31. Transferring damage to one's loved ones skill[Most love]
  32. Slashing omnidirectional skill[A lot of hand]
  33. cutting without cutting skill[no motion]
  34. Arrest skill [hifi speed]
  35. Turning a cut opponent into a sword skill[Sore deal]
  36. Switching weapons skill[Changing weapon]
  37. Taking what is to come skill[Kiss and cry]
  38. Getting information after a cut[Battle check]
  39. Making the sword giant kill[Full Sword]
  40. Cutting with the third hand skill[Master stab]
  41. Sculpting skill[Anti-creator soul]
  42. Remote control skill[Child control]
  43. Boiling the target's blood skill[Head shock]
  44. Making a cage with a sword skill[Prism prison]
  45. Dual wield skill[Shoulder sword]
  46. When cut you power up skill[Must cut]
  47. Turning a cut opponent into stone[Strange stone]
  48. Teaching how to use a sword skill[Tutoria]
  49. Sword combination skill[Double blade]
  50. Bloody sword skill[Black bled]
  51. Sword whisperer skill[Craft speech]
  52. Cutting with a sheathed sword skill[Platform]
  53. Cutting a pattern skill[Sample fample]
  54. Certain destruction with tremendous power skill[Frog blog]
  55. Discoloring sword skill[Trichoderma roll]
  56. Saying a cool phrase after cutting powers up your skill[Hyper dash wit]
  57. If you touch the blade you gain health skill[Ignore lance hilt]
  58. Changing six swords to bbullets skill[High blade revolver]
  59. Nerve cutting skill[Exsense]
  60. Sunder the target skill[Death throw]
  61. Pass through barriers skill[Pass shield]
  62. Rotting sword cuts skill[Gogo bad logic]
  63. Natural posture skill[Natural position]
  64. Sword taking damage instead of the wielder skill[Bad bye]
  65. Seppuku skill[Death mess]
  66. Sword becomes jelly skill[Clay more]
  67. Stealing the cut opponents wishes[Rolling desire]
  68. Final hit skill[Idea re-jutice]
  69. Sword repair skill[Recovery chorus]
  70. The sword of light skill[Lightning blade]
  71. Air cutting skill[Air jigsaw]
  72. Wooden sword skill[Steel wood]
  73. Cuttong only what you want to cut skill[Water jet mess]
  74. Record a cut target[Kill log]
  75. Weapon barrage skillpBlind thruster]
  76. Star cutting skill[Making space debris]
  77. Earnest naked drawn sword skill[Receptor]
  78. Using a sword owner's technique skill[Rental ticket]
  79. Healing right after getting cut skill[Cut test]
  80. Personifying the sword skill[Sword Man]
  81. Flanking skill[Relation break]
  82. Cutting the sense of balance skill[Paoel step]
  83. Based on how many times hit the sword's shape will change[Dark sizing]
  84. Deal moderate damage skill[Reasonably handy]
  85. Riding emotions on the sword skill[Sentimental motivation]
  86. Removing openings skill[One's necro]
  87. Shuriken skill[Two weight one hand]
  88. Throwing pressure detection skill[Sharp glide]
  89. Destroying everything besides lifeforms skill[Varyu lives]
  90. Murderer's skill[Genocide rule]
  91. Turning the body into a sword skill[My word]
  92. Swinging a sword from the sky skill[Sword line]
  93. Minemeat skill[Chopping buffet]
  94. Cutting concept skill[Meaning network]
  95. Take value from lost blood[Bat only champion]
  96. Strike wtih the back of sword skill[Turn over]
  97. The longer left alone the stronger one gets skill[Very best flash]
  98. NO matter how many times cut one does not die skill[Near re-death]
  99. Intoxication by sword skill[[Prize goal]
  100. Remaining heart skill[Damocles sword]
  102. Impossible defense skill[Beginner's hard luck]
  103. Changing dominant hand skill[Double flower]
  104. Interval understanding skill[Very short range]
  105. Caress skill[Like a pro]
  106. Damage cancelling skill[Reverse cover]
  107. Lower body weight skill[Weight control]
  108. Vital strike skill[Pin hole shot]
  109. Step Technique skill[Thousand legs]
  110. Releasing the limiter skill[Hue match point]
  111. Feint skill[Fake hand]
  112. Predit the opponent's next moves skill[Plot fight]
  113. Shifting power skill[Hurdle accel]
  114. Taking the backside skill[Running back]
  115. Body sight improvement skill[I falldown]
  116. Expresing feelings with fists skill[Just meet]
  117. Turbulent strike skill[Nonstop house]
  118. Feeling through skin skill[180 defense]
  119. Wall creation skill[Wall poster]
  120. Counter skill[Accountability]
  121. Penetrating fist skill[Kill me bro]
  122. No pain skill[Crash pain]
  123. Spinning skill[Spin off set]
  124. Body optimization[Physical defrag]
  125. Relinquishing the opponent skill[Eye code]
  126. Strengthening nerves skill[Science defense]
  127. Second wind skill[Omit heart]
  128. Triple experience boost skill[Three Force]
  129. Punching song skill[Hitting song]
  130. Flying skill[Cheer fighters]
  131. Stealing the opponents senses skill[Critical five]
  132. Absorbing damage and skills skill[Damage harnes]
  133. Removing blind spot skill[Monitor checker flag]
  134. Impossible to be downed skill[Lockdown]
  135. Impossible to strike back skill[ Advertising balloon attack]
  136. Impossible to miss skill[Noble]
  137. Forced duel skill[Trust battle]
  138. Pain only hit skill[Batch test]
  139. Anaerobit exercise skill[Deep rope]
  140. Fighting without sight skill[no looking shoot]
  141. Dogfight skill[Winder]
  142. Water fighting skill[Death swimming]
  143. Exceeding limits skill[Big out fool]
  144. Controlling the heart beat skill[Heart control]
  145. Once hit will not be hit again skill[Running system]
  146. Changing self-indulgence to power skill[No risk no return high touch high end]
  147. Gaining power from your opponent skill[Pyramid knuckle]
  148. Taking the same damage as the target[Same sailor]
  149. All body attack kill[Be forming]
  150. Combo skill [Hit maker]
  151. Spirit punching kill[Bashing version]
  152. The battle wont drag on skill[Short short]
  153. Power charge skill[Interval]
  154. Technique sealing skill[Illegal]
  155. Aiming skill[Aim core]
  156. Cutting with the fists skill[Slice knuckle]
  157. Draw avoidance skill[Hand shake truce]
  158. Impossible to predict hit skill[Miss anger stand]
  159. Body double skill[See you damage]
  160. Opponent slowing sight skill[Mad sensor]
  161. Fair Play skill[Alternate regulation]
  162. First move skill[Service ace]
  163. Leaving after-effect skill[Dressing damage]
  164. Drawing out the opponents full power and getting stronger skill[My inflation]
  165. Emergency evacuation skill[Dancing escape]
  166. Understanding strategy skill[Bury disk code]
  167. Instant movement skill[Route selection]
  168. Stopping movement skill[Missile to pause]
  169. Take extra damage and return three times damage skill[Triple necrotic]
  170. Increasing fighting will with each strike skill[Stoic pro]
  171. Set rules for the fight skill[Condition bonbon]
  172. Commanding view skill[Satelite camp]
  173. Cancel an attack that has happened skill[I can cancel]
  174. Ignore physics skill[Doctor against]
  175. Increase fighting spirit skill[Rush hour]
  176. Make attack sounds vanish skill[Silent Ninja]
  177. Revenge skill[Perspective avenger]
  178. MakeDamage into debt skill[Credit Damage]
  179. Switch techniques skill[Usable]
  180. Retry skill[Counter snipe]
  181. Specialized footwork skill[Heel and toe]
  182. Training loan skill[Future practice]
  183. Change defense power to offense power[Two side action]
  184. Continent crushing skill[Pangea crusher]
  185. Toughness skill[Iron maidens]
  186. Precision strike skill[Mistaker]
  187. Surprise skill[Style keep out]
  188. Relax skill[Fool lip]
  189. Too much trouble skill[Traffics fix]
  190. Invisible hit skill[Invisible lamp]
  191. Show only your best moves skill[Morphing ghost]
  192. Head piercing skill[Clever Head pat]
  193. Far hit skill[Stand distant pro]
  194. It won't hurt but it will itch when hit skill[Mosquito gate]
  195. Use all previous opponent's skill[Exciting memory]
  196. The ability to see aura skill[Auranizer]
  197. Making a skill secret skill[Receive dockings]
  198. Reproduction skill[Miracle reflection]
  199. Final showdown skill[Jump'll decide]
  200. Will not receive a rematch skill [Reject loser]
  202. Fire governing skill[Exhibition match]
  203. Water governing skill[Water bodyslam]
  204. Lightning governing skill[Bolt leg]
  205. Wind governing skill[Window shopping]
  206. Earth governing skill[Heaven is not heaven]
  207. Heart governing skill[Let our powers combine]
  208. Flower governing skill[Flower pad]
  209. Darkness governing skill[Dark elbow]
  210. Light governing skill[Sabotage beam]
  211. Spring governing skill[Spring grocery]
  212. Summer governing skill[Noisy summer beetle]
  213. Autumn governing skill[Lonely autumn]
  214. Winter governing skill[Winter generalist]
  215. Night governing skill[Time out]
  216. Illness governing skill[Hospital genome]
  217. Sound governing skill[Ground sound]
  218. Nitrogen governing skill[Nitrogen press]
  219. Weather governing skill[Sensational hair]
  220. Poison governing skill[Hard drug store]
  221. Humidity governing skill[Dry Sauna]
  222. Gravity governing skill[Graviton]
  223. Wave governing skill[Grip Chaos]
  224. Cloth governing skill[Maniac curtain]
  225. Reverberation governing skill[Emotional cunning]
  226. Shadow governing skill[Shadow step]
  227. Ash governing skill[Cinderella syndrome]
  228. For governing skill[Mist sister]
  229. Picture governing skill[Painter contest]
  230. Barrier governing skill[Wallpaper]
  231. Sand governing skill[Alcohol sand]
  232. Hole governing skill[Freefall hole]
  233. Blood governing skill[Monter red]
  234. Germ governing skill[Muscle collection]
  235. Magnet governing skill[Magnetic streamer]
  236. Gold governing skill[Golden Quad]
  237. Silver governing skill[Silver opinion]
  238. Copper governing skill[Emergent scooper]
  239. Sky governing skill[Death to sky]
  240. Vacuum governing skill[Sky tool]
  241. Sun governing skill[Sun sloshing]
  242. Polaris governing skill[Polar dynamic shift]
  243. Mars governing skill[Mother Zuma's ship]
  244. Pluto governing skill[Nine pluto]
  245. Meteor governing skill[Meteor neck]
  246. Sea governing skill[My sea step]
  247. Swamp governing skill[Swamp girl]
  248. River governing skill[Rivers]
  249. Stone governing skill[Emperor stone]
  250. Gem governing skill[Hang up jewel]
  251. Galamity governing skill[Uroboros connect]
  252. Corner governing skill[Ankle of Overa]
  253. Explosion governing skill[Achat Achat drawing]
  254. Foret governing skill[Skin forest]
  255. Constellation governing skill[Average crying night]
  256. Flavor governing skill[Treasure tasting]
  257. Key governing skill[Key world]
  258. Thread governing skill[Hyper String Theory]
  259. Voice governing skill[North Press]
  260. Distance governing skill[Drink Range]
  261. Reaction governing skill[Overreaction]
  262. Scent governing skill[Battle smell]
  263. Depth governing skill[Deep sink]
  264. Nurtrition governing skill[Nutrino compliance]
  265. Irregularity governing skill[Stereogram]
  266. Path governing skill[Test line deck]
  267. Curst governing skill[Reading Magic]
  268. Animal governing skill[Animal User]
  269. Mirror governing skill[Mirror effect]
  270. Strength governing skill[Strongest story]
  271. Weaknes governing skill[Delicate delight]
  272. Speed governing skill[My Speed]
  273. Activity governing skill[Active Talk]
  274. Evil Eye governing skill[Leopard Eye]
  275. Letter governing skill[Readability]
  276. Size governing skill[Most impact]
  277. Glass Governing skill[Tektite]
  278. Spirit governing skill[Near by see through]
  279. Vibration governing skill[Pendulum heart]
  280. Song governing skill[Easy Chorus]
  281. Color governing skill[Rainbow Ramp]
  282. Smoke governing skill[Play smoke]
  283. Number governing skill[Number foot]
  284. Prime governing skill[Prime foot]
  285. Runaway governing skill[Hand ring berserker]
  286. Direction governing skill[Death voice navigation]
  287. Prayer governing skill[Selfish requester]
  288. Youth governing skill[Fantasy illusion]
  289. Knowledge governing skill[Wiseman collection]
  290. Pyroclatic governing skill[Magma stone]
  291. House governing skill[Vinyl House survival]
  292. Dream governing skill[Big Dreamer]
  293. Wall governing skill[Chalk Board]
  294. Information governing skill[Secret Research]
  295. Window governing skill[Window Gaze]
  296. Entrance/Exit governing skill[Blood bath stop]
  297. Point governing skill[Turning point]
  298. Line governing skill[Slow line]
  299. Ring governing skill[Neck ring hold]
  300. Stamp governing skill[Gemini Press]
  301. Future governing skill[Unfix the future]
  302. Magic governing skill[Magical line]
  304. Remove bones skill[Boneless farm]
  305. Force them to imagine being tortured skill[I'm Crime]
  306. De'Javu skill[Ocean De'Javu]
  307. Change personalities skill[Different talent]
  308. Make them begin to hear insults skill[Super whisper]
  309. Despair skill[Pray have hope]
  310. Love skill[Lovely hate]
  311. Bring back trauma skill[Tracking]
  312. Force of will skill[Limit over]
  313. Ghost skill[Dream ghost]
  314. Enhanced pain skill[Candle service]
  315. Have others renounce themselves skill[Paper driver]
  316. Unsatisfied skill[Body of last]
  317. Swindle Skill[Breuil cyclorton]
  318. Jealousy Skill[Friendly Neighbor Darling]
  319. Kill Mind Skill[Cross ploy line]
  320. Doubt skill[Seven doubt]
  321. Hypnosis skill[Name gate the machine gun]
  322. Fear skill[Triple terrible]
  323. Fabricate a memory skill[Past Promise]
  324. Leading guide skill[Leading light]
  325. Push worries upon others skill[Because problem]
  326. Persuasion skill[General propaganda]
  327. Feeling of hunger skill[Very hungry]
  328. Become hated by everyone skill[Crystal edge]
  329. Really fake smile kill[Death smile]
  330. Flattery skill[Excuse love]
  331. Indulgence skill[Barter butterfly]
  332. Instigate suicide skill[Own goal]
  333. Deprive of knowledge skill[Old cold whip]
  334. Make Conciousness nonexistent skill[Qualia Quality]
  335. Unale to think skill[Human machine error]
  336. (Negotiations)Breakdown Skill[Placebo Process]
  337. Can't escape from being lost skill[Double mind]
  338. Acquittal of sins skill[Arrow blow]
  339. Believe you had a golden age skill[Trust best]
  340. Great pressure skill[Life game presure]
  341. Poison skill[Cold Chain]
  342. Spreak others secrets skill[Gate out]
  343. Dark personality skill[About dark]
  344. Give up stealing skill[Impossible repeater]
  345. Crush fighting spirit skill[Homesick house]
  346. Crazy admirer skill[Heart distract crush]
  347. Spoil others skill[Hospitable Zombie]
  348. Tear up skill[Death tear friend]
  349. Make others want to betray people skill[Resistance age]
  350. Make words nonexistant Skill[Killer be quiet]
  351. Things you like become hateful skill[Dislike]
  352. Become unable to sleep skill[Nearly insomnia]
  353. Taunt skill[Propagation]
  354. Killing intent skill[Hit man's identity]
  355. Suspect skill[Niche leading]
  356. Mood turn kill[Feelin mixer]
  357. Loner skill[Lonely wedding party]
  358. Crawling sensation skill[Antique]
  359. Grant a bad habbit skill[Custom nine]
  360. Grant a disgusting interest skill[Out of Simulation]
  361. Disturb every senses skill[Sense of wonderful]
  362. Competitive skill[Principle capriccio]
  363. Opposing skill[Monkey world]
  364. Force good manners skill[Lunatic manner]
  365. Dissipation skill[Nothing sisters]
  366. Abnormal Line of sight skill[Witches animal forces]
  367. Lower intelligence skill[Six town]
  368. Profanity skill [Mind broken]
  369. Turn into doll skill[Big Marion]
  370. Curse skill[Midnight noise]
  371. Superstition skill[Suspect neuron]
  372. Abuse skill[Modern phobia]
  373. Useless skill[Nonsense dictionary]
  374. Guilt Skill[In your chest]
  375. Corruption skill[Building consensus block]
  376. Self interst skill[Stake holder]
  377. Narcissism skill[Ultimate narcissism]
  378. Get cocky skill[One of them]
  379. Bad feeling skill[Heart lung]
  380. Everything is embarrassing skill[Shining shinging]
  381. Dry up skill[Dry child]
  382. Success avoids others skill[Un succes]
  383. Bad sentiment skill[Sinking time]
  384. Fetish's are strengthened skill[Paranoia]
  385. Slow running skill[Run away three six]
  386. Unable to get angry skill[Angry unflare]
  387. "I am the cutest skill" [Self protector]
  388. Anxiety kill[Focus anxiety]
  389. Misinterpretation skill[Peek-a-boo]
  390. look down on skill[Wonderful frog little]
  391. Dyslexia skill[Spell checker]
  392. Conciliate skill[Sorry destroy]
  393. Sense of loss skill[Venting blood]
  394. Infecting others with a feeling skill[Rapid fox]
  395. Punctilious skuill[Closed clean room]
  396. Forcing the blame on others skill[Morphing blame]
  397. Jolting skill[This cool beauty]
  398. Faith skill[Don't you trust me]
  399. No tolerance skill[Hard symbol]
  400. Arrogance skill[Low pride speech]
  401. Disappearance skill[Set years free style]
  402. Complex skill[Hysteria cord]
  403. Rest in peace skill[You may be]
  405. Turn into a monster skill[Strike Beast]
  406. Lengthen Nails Skill[Grotesque Closet]
  407. Best Natural Hunting Instinct Skill[Monter Benefit]
  408. Grow Cat Ears Skill[Can't be Cat Ear]
  409. Lengthen Neck Skill[Giraffe Neck]
  410. Increase Number of Eyes Skill[Eye Eye Eye Eye Eye Eye Eye Eye]
  411. Increase Tongue Skill[Tongue Crawly]
  412. Create a Shell Skill[Dry and Sheller]
  413. Lengthen Fangs Skill[Fighting Fang]
  414. Increase Hearts Skill[Infinity Heart]
  415. Eat anything skill[Eat Sweet]
  416. Change Gender Skill[Ladies and Gentlemen]
  417. Spit out Vemon Skill[Poison Flame]
  418. Increase Arms Skill[Singing Manipulator]
  419. Increase Legs Skill[Hand Leg walk]
  420. Sleep without sleeping skill[Crypt of Leicester]
  421. Increase Brains Skill[Planaria]
  422. Increase Muscle Skill[Boy Meats]
  423. Sprout Wings Skill[Feather Complex]
  424. Sprout Bug Wings Skill[ Insect Feather
  425. Increase Faces Skill[Body Face]
  426. Turn both arms into scissors skill[Crab Scissors]
  427. Sprout Horn Skill[Inter Horn]
  428. Sprout a tail skill[Meat tail]
  429. Turn skin into scales skill[Torino cale Eyeball]
  430. Have Heightened caution Skill[Hazard Ramp]
  431. Spit out bubles skill[Bubbly bitty life]
  432. Change Age skill[Newcomer]
  433. Camouflage skill[Chameleon of folklore]
  434. Internal clock skill[Watchdog food timer]
  435. Brainwash skill[Brain break]
  436. Memorize skill[Memory note]
  437. Increase sense of smell skill[Forever fragrance]
  438. Turn into a snake skill[Caterpillar waist]
  439. Animal Intinct Skill[Wild Diet]
  440. Talk to animal skill[Queen sentence]
  441. Compound eye skill[Diamond eyes]
  442. Make ivy grow skill[Ivy love]
  443. Turn body into drill skill[Highly screw trouble]
  444. Create a pride skill[Do Tirasofamily]
  445. Spit out sticky string skill[Sticky Line]
  446. Assimilation skill[Feral synchronicity]
  447. The lowers part of your body is like a fish skill[Fishing meatball]
  448. Shedding skill[Hungry dress]
  449. Become a virus skill[Hell's careless]
  450. Divide body skill[Seperate parade]
  451. Melt with stomach acid skill[Acid Panic]
  452. Make Angel's halo skill[Brocken Phenomenon]
  453. Make a blood serum skill[Medical Blood]
  454. Multiple belly button kill[Meat licked]
  455. Become striped skill[Me Zebra bulleye]
  456. Divide skill[Double standard]
  457. Spit mucous skill[Must juice]
  458. Lengthen bones skill[Exciting one side game]
  459. Threat skill[Oboe]
  460. Suck blood skill[Star Blood]
  461. Create an antibiotic skill[Rehabilitate]
  462. Turn into fossil skill[Problematic stream]
  463. Glare Skill[Looking shot]
  464. Cut off a part of yourself skill[Separate effieciency]
  465. Turn hands into scythes skill[Mantis Core]
  466. Increase and decrease fat[Fat Marker]
  467. Grow a crest skill[Chicken Crown]
  468. Manipulate innards skill[Inside hormone]
  469. Become a mollusk skill[Jelly bone]
  470. Dig underground skill[Diving mole]
  471. Grow Needles skill[Spiral Needle]
  472. Grow a spike skill[Skin needle]
  473. Grow feelers skill[Octopus dinner]
  474. Turn body into mouth skill[Big mouth]
  475. Create coincidences skill[Joint puzzle]
  476. Tie up with rope skill[ Handy territory]
  477. Create sucker discs skill[Reapplies]
  478. Breath 9 different breaths skill[Small start scrap]
  479. Enlarge skin skill[Immovable attacker]
  480. Create a root skill[Under root]
  481. Breathe through gill skill[Aqua breath]
  482. Have a fur coated skin skill[Fur coat health]
  483. 2nd stage evolution skill[Metamorph stare]
  484. Grow a beak skill[Knocking old bridge]
  485. Grow fins skill[Slash nihilism]
  486. No need to take in nutrients skill[Calorie off pace]
  487. Turn hair into hard subtance skill[Romance greate]
  488. Your brain is a drug skill[Designer's drug]
  489. Fish scale skill[Butterfly pass]
  490. Hard shell skill[Turtle drill wheels]
  491. Create webbings skill[Swimming]
  492. Lung Capacity skill[Battle longer]
  493. Swallow whole skill[Swallowed Ranker]
  494. Mastication skill[Smash Teacher]
  495. Infinite orbiting skill[Caterpillar root]
  496. Exoskelleton skill[Family Sample]
  497. Parasite skill[Force parasite]
  498. Synesthesia skill[Guide sensor]
  499. Breathe fire skill[Talk fire]
  500. Cocoon skill[Roomer cocoon]
  501. Eat living creatures skill[Lunch mate]
  502. Turn into a robot's skill[Mechanical life]
  503. Turn into a human skill[Normalize]
  505. Become God Skill [Spec Over]
  506. Become the Devil Skill [Tired Play]
  507. Know the Answer to Questions Skill[Manual Memory]
  508. Be Stronger than the Enemy Skill[Humor Contrast]
  509. Fall into a Dream Skill[Worst Dreamize]
  510. Control the Infinite Skill[Infinity Quest]
  511. Mass Confusion Skill[Start Play]
  512. Make your enemies your allies Skill[Friendly World]
  513. Summon Hell Skill[Welcome Hell]
  514. Make no Mistakes Skill[Auto Fumble]
  515. Manipulate Time Sill[Time Bunny]
  516. Steal Enemy Backup Skill[My Alternative]
  517. Her Charisma Skill[Circus and Circus]
  518. Steal Names Skill[Full Name Notorious]
  519. Christening Skill[Full Name Mysterious]
  520. Control Nothingness Skill[Cool From Zero Cool]
  521. Big Breast Skill[Burst bust]
  522. Surpass Dimensions Skill[Husky Voice Dimension]
  523. Steal Enemy Experience Points Skill[Archery Picking]
  524. Breathe Life into Others Skill[Far Flow Keys]
  525. Absorb Others Skill[Now How Vacuum]
  526. Go to the Underworld Skill[Another Announce!]
  527. Turn Enemy Back to Lv1 Skill[Lost Password]
  528. Lay Eggs Skill[Boiled Eye]
  529. World is Unending Skill[Eternal Eternal Lights]
  530. Pull Skills out of Dishwasher Skill[Potential hit]
  531. What I say Happens Skill[Next Honest]
  532. Clairvoyant Skill[Area Tree]
  533. Hear What's Going on in Hell Skill[Listen by Chance]
  534. Cure any Ailment Skill[Curity Test]
  535. Plan the death of a life skill[Zero Sum Real]
  536. Self Destruct Skill[Beautiful last scene]
  537. Start a war skill[Promotion Wars]
  538. Amnesia Skill[Left Legs]
  539. Negate Predestined Fate Skill[Sequenced Catastrophe]
  540. Both Sides kill each other Skill[Last Murder]
  541. Mass Production Skill[Most Large Holder]
  542. Control Black Hole Skill[Dark Hole]
  543. You Choose the Stage of battle skill[Stage Advance]
  544. Reborn the way you want skill[Second life in Jail]
  545. Rig the chances skill[Isolate Average space]
  546. Control your paramaters skill [free climbing]
  547. Change the world as you like skill[Intelligent start]
  548. Change history skill[Initialize history]
  549. Fuse life skill[Illegal Alchemy]
  550. Erase your weakness skill[Weak Pointless]
  551. Grant others weaknesses[Present for you]
  552. Retake life like a movie production skill[Feel retaker]
  553. If you are seen you die skill[Best moment]
  554. Travel through time skill[Everytime slip everyday dream]
  555. Take over other's body skill[Metastasis from head to toe]
  556. Foretell the future skill[Eight Hundred Tool]
  557. Make skill stronger skill[Rope Curtain]
  558. Manipulate the rankings skill[King Mapping]
  559. Become Pregnant[Success Succeed]
  560. Immortal skill[Undead genius]
  561. Create personality skill[Tuning character]
  562. Control the dead skill[Marching Bad]
  563. Win against those much stronger than you skill[Murder Mathematic]
  564. Create Universe Skill[Baby Planet]
  565. Manipulate Evolution Skill[Step By Step]
  566. Erase skill[I banish]
  567. End battle Skill[Have a break plus]
  568. Modify humans skill[Innocent remodel]
  569. Continue fighting even if you die skill[Death Meeting]
  570. Summon a unique being skill[Bust intervention]
  571. You are provided information outside of the example skill[Exception breeze]
  572. Apply divine punishment upon others skill[Dime penalty]
  573. Always pull the win skill[Cold Game]
  574. Sacrifice Skill[Escape Goat]
  575. Leave a will skill[Dying Message]
  576. Turn into a ghost skill[Allegro Mirage]
  577. Distort Space Skill[Grab empty]
  578. Fortune telling skill[Occur percent]
  579. Capacity skill[Deep Pocket]
  580. Create a foothold skill[Stronghold in mystery]
  581. Be inspired to write a masterpiece skill[God Eye]
  582. Directing an army skill[Surprise army]
  583. Infect with an idea skill[Shadow influence]
  584. Create a barrier skill[defense layer]
  585. Control your fate skill[Transport plan]
  586. Everything in the universe skill[Complete jungle]
  587. Control those made of dark matter skill[Dark meister]
  588. Sealing skill[Sleeping shell]
  589. Create law skill[Rule Meter]
  590. Stop Aging skill[Incomr Support]
  591. Incarnate Elements Skill[Drawing off course]
  592. Fight While sitting skill[Sitting winner]
  593. Absorb Souls Skill[Portable Soul]
  594. Create a Maze Skill[Hesitate Palace]
  595. Resume Skill[Repeater 'Kicchu']
  596. Summon Shrine Skill[Cross Utopia]
  597. Have a halo stab the enemy skill[Shining back-light enemy]
  598. Re-start from the beginning skill[Reset question]
  599. Burn life skill[Last final operation]
  600. exponentially strong skill[manpower]
  601. Control human skill[Everything Marionette exercise]
  602. Control heart skill[Everything lost]
  603. Master skill[Skillfull]
  604. Don't use skills skill[Unskilled]
  606. Counting Skills Skill[Count up]
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