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Jul 21st, 2019
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  1. I usually leave politics out of what I draw. However, what has transpired in Hong Kong over the last few weeks is something I think the world needs to pay more attention to. And this is the only avenue that I have where I can get many eyeballs looking.
  3. Yesterday, the Anti-Extradition Demonstrators held another protest in front of the China Central Government adminstrative building. Protesters pelted eggs and other objects at the building, while drawing graffiti with messages like "You taught us peaceful marches are useless." The police, retaliated with tear gas and rubber bullets.
  5. But this isn't the interesting part of the night. On the other side of Hong Kong. Yuen Long, a district far away from the administrative building, had its MTR station overrun by thugs in white shirts. Wielding sticks and throwing objects, they attacked anyone with a black shirt on, something that the demonstraters were wearing. Bystanders and journalists were also attacked, while the targeted individuals defended themselves with umbrellas. The situation lasted for an hour before the police finally came. At this point, the thugs had already retreated.
  7. You can see footage here, from one of the journalists at the scene.
  11. At around the 7:45 mark, the thugs attacked the filming journalist directly and started crowding around her.
  13. Later the same night, a pro-CCP legislator, Junius Ho Kwan-Yiu, shook hands with people in white shirts, masks and sticks, congratulating them on a job well done:
  15. This is the same law maker who had previously stated that all Hong Kong Independence demonstraters should be "killed mercilessly".
  17. I draw very questionable and offensive things. My works have glorified and sexualized violence. But no matter what you think of my content, it is all within the realm of fantasy. Both as porn and parody. This is real violence against real people whose only crime is having a different opinion to an oppressive government. Thanks to the free press that still exists in Hong Kong, we get a good look at just how scummy the leaders of that region can be.
  19. If you value the freedom of expression in any form, whether that be through speech, art or any media, keep an eye on the events in Hong Kong. The young people there are fighting desperately for whatever freedom they have left. They are fighting against a dismal future that is slowly approaching. The results of these events will reflect on what freedom of expression will become in the near future.
  21. Add Oil, Hong Kongers.
  23. 香港加油
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