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  1. Друелла изменила страну "Lescatie" в ДЦ
  2. A religious nation that no longer currently exists because it was dropped into the demon realm at the hands of the lilim Druella.
  4. То была огромная страна
  5. It was an enormous nation which boasted the second most powerful military among all order-aligned states at the time. What's more important than it's size and population is the fact that it was the number one hero producing nation in the world.
  7. Предполагается что всё быстро закончилось
  8. however, the light of hope was extinguished in the blink of an eye due to Druella 's invasion.
  9. Превратила королеву в монстра и марионетку
  10. The queen " Francisca Mistel Lescatie " rules, but she is infatuated with Druella who changed her into a monster, so she's a puppet and Druella holds the true authority.
  12. Крайне непристойное царство
  13. Compared to other demon realms, these many facilities are distinguished as being even more radically obscene.
  14. Чем ближе к центру тем больше концентрация энергии, которая развращает даже монстров
  15. It has become a country that is extremely easy for monsters to live in. The demonic energy gets thicker as one approaches the central district, and once inside the castle, it is so thick that it causes the monsters to become sexually excited and lose themselves.
  17. Могучие монстры сидят
  18. Additionally, in the middle of the castle in the throne room there are several monsters of enormous power including " Wilmarina " who continuously have sex with one man, and highly thick demonic energy is always being produced.
  19. Человек мгновенно превращается
  20. If an ordinary human enters, it is so potent that they will change into a monster just from being showered in the demonic energy.
  22. Монстры могут управлять окружающей энергией некоторые по крайней мере
  23. Also, to the delight of the monsters who live in Lescatie, a mass of this highly condensed demonic energy is released into the city on holidays by Koyoi, who excels at controlling demonic energy.
  25. Плотная энергия улучшает самочувствие монстров и ощущения
  26. For a while, the area around where it was dropped becomes overflowing with highly thick demonic energy. A narcotic effect is induced that ignites the passion of monsters and incubi, making them feel the best. Having sex with their partners in this state amplifies the pleasure and arousal they would normally experience by many orders of magnitude.
  28. Энергия нивелирует усталость монстров
  29. The demonic energy lingers for several days and during this time their arousal never subsides and their bodies never grow tired.
  31. Монстры доставляют сверхъестественное удовольствие и искажают природу людей
  32. “Monsters drown humans in supernatural pleasure and tempt them into an existence of a devilish nature just like themselves.
  34. Рай на земле прям
  35. There is no suffering or sadness here. All there is is a wonderful world of indulging in love and pleasure to the heart's content. If you come this way, you'll never have to fear anything, and you'll never have to suffer. This book is a guide to help you cast aside human fetters and be reborn.
  36. Now, let's have fun together...♥ I'll teach you about the wonderful world of monsters...♥”
  38. Монстры разнообразны
  39. However, even though we generalize them all as monsters, there are actually many different races of monsters that exist.
  41. Все похотливы даже стеснительные и гордые
  42. For example, since all monsters seek to have sex with human men, most of them have no resistance to discussing it and related topics. But among them, there are some that have a strong sense of shame, or pride, and for that reason, there are also some races that would normally hesitate to discuss the topic of sex. However, it's certainly true that even they are far more lustful compared to humans, and once their devilish nature awakens, they display the same lasciviousness as other monsters.
  44. Владыка всеми монстрами управляет
  45. Monster is a general term for various races that are reigned over by the Demon Lord.
  47. При старом владыке всё было более стандартно
  48. Formerly, in the age when the old Demon Lord ruled the monsters that is called “the age of the former Demon Lords”, monsters were grotesque creatures that devoured humans and spread death.
  50. При владыке суккубе всё поменялось
  51. However, since an immensely powerful succubus took over and became the new Demon Lord, we've entered an age called “the new Demon Lord's age”, and the monsters forms have changed dramatically.
  52. All of them now have beautiful, alluring figures resembling human women.
  54. Природа  владыки повлияла, ману получают из всяких жидкостей и размножаются, инстинкты, всё как у владыки
  55. The monsters of the present have been heavily influenced by the nature of the Demon Lord who is a succubus and their main food is the same as that of the Demon Lord, living energy called “mana” that is contained within the semen, saliva, etc. of human men. Also, just as it appears, all of the monsters are female. Presently, a male monster has never been confirmed. For that reason, when they reproduce, they must have sex with a human man. And more than anything, in general, all “monsters” are lustful, and instinctual. They are devoted to pleasure and desire, especially the desire to have sex with men. Due to these goals, they coercively have sex with human men, and attack them in order to rape them.
  57. Маны сразу нет, но есть демоническая энергия, как своя уникальная для расы, так и суккубовская от владыки
  58. No matter what, “monster” is a general term for various races. By definition, monsters don't have “mana” within their bodies beforehand, and each race has its own unique “demonic energy”, but due to the influence of the Demon Lord, all monsters ended up having “succubus' demonic energy” inside their bodies as well.
  60. Чёт мутно про то что у других рас есть энергия, монстры из-за этого охотятся, под действием демонической энергии те теряют энергию и жертвы искажаются как монстры
  61. Humans, elves, angels, etc. , races other than monsters, have energy within their bodies, but when they are assaulted by monsters, etc. , they get violated by demonic energy, energy is driven away and expelled and it disappears so that they are twisted like monsters, and so these races of women are also treated the same as monsters.
  63. Монстры делятся на типы, а типы на семьи
  64. If we classify the monsters into rough categories based on appearance and disposition, we can divide them as “beastman type”, “demon type”, “reptile type”, “undead type”, etc., and then we can classify them more minutely by tying together races with similar forms **and traits such as “lamia family” “wolf family” “succubus family” “harpy family,” etc.
  66. А семьи на расы
  67. Additionally, the lamia family can be divided into the smallest units, “races” such as “lamia”, “medusa”, “echidna”, etc. But even monsters of the same family can differ wildly in form and traits depending on the race.
  69. На картинках средне статистические и что-то про атмосферу рас
  70. However, from a human standpoint, in the case of individuals of the same race, they often feel like they have a similar atmosphere about them for some reason, and since there are a lot of points that are similar or matching in terms of looks and personality, someone knowledgeable can distinguish the differences between races with similar forms, and even someone with little knowledge can probably sense it: “Are these two the same race?” “Although they look similar, I think they're different races.” The illustrations in the monster girl encyclopedia are the average forms of those races in general.
  72. Подрасы ещё есть
  73. In the explanations of monsters, the words “original race”, “sub-race”, etc. are sometimes used. “Original races” are the monsters that founded the races of monsters classified in families such as “○○ family”. For example, for the lamia family, it's “ lamia ”, for the slime family, it's “ slime “, etc. Amongst all the monsters of ○○ family, the original race is the oldest race.
  75. Подрасы из эволюции сохранив базовые особенности
  76. It is supposed that most of the monsters belonging to ○○ family derived or evolved from the original race. They have the basic nature of monsters of ○○ family, and the original race is fundamentally supposed to be the most numerous of all monsters in the ○○ family.
  78. Субрасы имеют особые способности, могут быть как высшие с точки зрения людей
  79. If they have high abilities or special abilities compared to the original race, they are often described as “higher races”, but humans just call them that.
  81. Подвиды по регионам уникальны
  82. It is easy for peculiar sub-species to emerge in special environments. In the desert region, snowy region, Zipangu region, etc. many peculiar monsters unique to those regions can be seen.
  84. Мутанты есть редкие
  85. “Mutated races” are extremely special even amongst sub-species. As the name suggests, they come from mutations of the original race. “ Queen Slime ” is a mutation of “ slime ”, “ alice “ and “ alp ” are mutations of “ succubus ”, “ hobgoblin ” is a mutation of “ goblin “, etc.
  87. Раньше монстры для энергии людей жрали а сейчас просто рейпают
  88. The only reason the monsters of the present attack humans is to mate and get mana. They don't kill people and devour human flesh like the monsters in the age of the former Demon Lords.
  90. Не убивают
  91. Monsters never rob the lives of the men they attack.
  93. Но берут в плен
  94. Men who are actually attacked by monsters become their prisoners, and to them all it looks like is the reason they don't come back is “the men were killed and eaten.” It increases the credibility of the teachings and the false information.
  96. Сверхчеловеческое обаяние у монстров подкреплённое внешностью и поведением
  97. Not only that, they are beings with literally superhuman charm that is hard to resist and even their appearance and behavior are enough to make prisoners of men.
  99. После рейпа больше ничё не надо
  100. Once they've had sex with them, it's over. The faith in god of the adherents of The Order , and all the values they cultivated in their lives crumble away easily, overwritten by a fondness for monsters, and obscene desire. Most of the people who get involved with monsters in this way become their prisoners, and there is no end to the number of those who have thrown out the teachings of The Order , and chosen the path of living with monsters.
  102. Легко пленят мужчин, способность такая
  103. Without the obstacle that is The Order , the monsters are able to fully exhibit their ability to imprison men, and all of the men of monster friendly states end up being fond of monsters and desiring them.
  105. Даже просто присутствие рядом без порева влияет а счёт обаяния и энергии
  106. Humans who live near monsters naturally come closer and closer to sharing their values even without having sex with them due to prolonged exposure to their charm and trace amounts of demonic energy.
  108. Зачарование и непрекращающееся желание появляется
  109. After always living beside them, being charmed by them, and having sex with them many times, the men go wild for the monsters, and are ruled by a strong love and desire that never goes away.
  111. Мана как пища им
  112. As explained before in previous sections, monsters are beings that absolutely need human men both as food and as reproductive partners.
  114. Фундаментальные инстинкты похоть и голод
  115. The urge for sex arises from two strong desires, “lust”, the desire to seek pleasure from sex, and “appetite”, the desire to seek sweet mana, and they love to give into these desires.
  117. Неотразимые
  118. Direct assault isn't their only method of “predation.” For one thing, all monsters are highly attractive beings, having literally supernatural charm and beauty. Men find them irresistible, and they take advantage of it to entice men into having sex with them.
  120. Энергия феромоны и магия юзаются на мужиков
  121. Furthermore, there are those who excel at charm magic, and those who release demonic energy or pheromones in order to give men mating fever and drive them wild.
  123. Управляют отдельными людьми магией и энергией, тайно дёргают за ниточки
  124. It is said that all of the monsters being sold are only those who deliberately lost to humans and let themselves be captured because they personally desired “to have a man take care of them.” They use charm magic and demonic energy to entice men into “running markets and auctions” “buying them” “training them” and “feeding them.” The slavers themselves aren't even aware of it, but they're being pulled along by strings. Even the winning bidders are being completely manipulated so that the monsters can choose their own “master.” In cases where a human man tries to rape a monster, he may think he's doing it of his own will, but more often than not it's actually a result of him being tempted and lead on by the monster being raped herself.
  126. Широкий арсенал способностей таких
  127. Other than that, monsters have various other abilities that they use to tempt and enthrall men, and they will try to have sex with a man using all sorts of methods.
  129. Спецы по удовольствию
  130. A monster's body isn't just to draw looks from men, it's specialized for pleasuring men.
  132. Инстинкты прилагаются
  133. From birth their instinct endows them with the knowledge of how to please a man, and they have techniques for giving men pleasure.
  135. Не хочет - захочет
  136. And while having sex with a monster again and again, the man will end up wanting to have sex with her even though it was originally forced, and eventually he will adapt to where having sex with her will be a priority in his life.
  138. Пофиг если не нравилось
  139. In the case that the partner was a monster that has a grotesque lower body, such as snake, spider, etc. even if the man at first hated and feared that grotesque body, once he has sex with her, even that grotesque body will appear beautifully lewd, and he'll end up feeling that it's unbearably sweet.
  141. Не обязательно прям всегда майндфакать
  142. The monsters don't always just imprison men through sex. Even a casual utterance or gesture can make their beauty and loveliness charmingly stand out, and at times, it is their lasciviousness that stands out, and they drive men absolutely crazy. Additionally, the strong love they have for men can be felt through sex, as well as their normal conduct and gestures.
  143. Because of that, men don't just become prisoners of the pleasure they get from sex. They end up having unbearable feelings of love for the monster as a woman, and as an individual, and their body and heart end up both getting completely charmed by the monster, so they become prisoners. Most men who have become a monster's prisoner could never think of leaving them.
  145. Раз и навсегда
  146. Once a man has had sex with one of them, he becomes unable to resist the pleasure he receives from the monster until the very end.
  147. For example, even if he were released after being attacked by a monster, if they've had sex, then he'll be unable to forget that devilish pleasure, and he'll want to be attacked by the monster again, so he'd probably end up going to the monster's dwelling on his own.
  149. Под мужа подстраиваются
  150. Monsters who have obtained a “husband” go through changes that are not just mental, but physical as well. Their already alluring body changes to match with their husband's, adapting into “a body just for their husband” to suit his tastes so they can get even more pleasure from their husband, and they can give their husband even more pleasure and make him happy, resulting in them being able to milk even more mana.
  152. Друелла всё это наварпала
  153. But it is said that it may just be that this is simply because the personality of the current Demon Lord who changed the nature of the monsters to be as it is now is being reflected straight into the monsters' instinct.
  155. Сенсят и распознают энергию
  156. Monsters can sense when a man is strongly stained with “demonic energy” or a monster's scent, and they can tell that that man is a “monster's husband” and whose husband he is.
  158. Собственно духовную энергию жрут и конвертируют в демоническую
  159. Most monsters feed on the vital "spirit energy”, that human men have a lot of. They absorb it inside their body and convert it into “demonic energy”, the vital energy of monsters. For monsters, spirit is a delicious treat that is far better than any other kind of food. Monsters that obtain and taste spirit energy will be engulfed in powerful ecstasy and joy. Even monsters that mainly eat things besides energy can still take in energy and convert it to demonic energy. To them, a man's energy is a sweet treat.
  160. Spirit energy is plentiful in human bodily fluids, especially semen. Besides drinking it through their mouth and ingesting it, they most prefer to milk it out using their vagina by having sex with a man. Since energy is mainly taken in through sex in this manner, while “sex” is an act of reproduction for monsters, at the same time it is also “feeding.” Additionally, the taste and smell of spirit energy lingers faintly on a man's body, and is comparatively thicker on the penis.
  162. Апаются за счёт энергии получаемой
  163. Since monsters build up demonic energy by obtaining spirit, monsters that have more sex with men and get more energy poured inside them generally become stronger individuals. The more powerful a monster becomes, the more spirit energy she requires, and they never get tired of consuming it. For monsters it's like a drug: the more they absorb, the more they want, so when more spirit energy is poured inside them, not only do they become more powerful, they grow into much more lustful monsters.
  165. Хорошо сенсят энерегии
  166. The spirit energy of each individual man has a distinctive feel and taste. Humans can't sense it, but monsters are sensitive to it, and because of that, it's possible for them to sense and distinguish the presence of individual men based on the trace amounts of spirit energy that a man scatters around.
  168. Могут есть и нормальную пищу
  169. Spirit energy is the greatest treat for monsters, but there are many of them that mainly eat food other than mana, and even monsters that mainly eat energy can also replenish nutrients by eating normal food.
  171. Можно и не жрать
  172. Since monsters can survive just by having sex with men, eating normal food is often for other reasons besides getting basic nourishment.
  174. В ДЦ фрукты со всякими эффектами
  175. Also, since there are various foods with a variety of effects among the foods of the Demon Realm that improve sex with men such as fruits that boost monsters' charm and abilities, cause monsters to go into heat, or heighten sexual sensitivity, etc. there are many who periodically eat “ prisoner fruits ” as a dessert to enhance their own charm, and use the various ingredients of the Demon Realm to cook and eat “appetizers” which make sex with men more delicious.
  177. Сверхъестественная гладкость и прочее
  178. If a man touches the faintly flushed soft skin that they show off even once, he'll be enthralled, and it'll make him want to hold them tight and keep touching that skin forever. The inhuman blue, green, etc. skins of some races are also alluringly beautiful, and they'll draw a man's eyes and imprison him with their devilish charm. Furthermore, even their body odor sweetly and pleasantly tickles a man's nostrils.
  180. Способности внушительные у многих
  181. Many monsters have extremely durable bodies and high physical abilities compared to humans.
  182. Some races have high athletic abilities and freakish strength, and they are easily capable of robbing the lives of untrained humans, but of course they never think of any such thing, and they hardly ever actually do it.
  184. Ну типа пластичные
  185. Even when men fuck them violently enough to break a human woman, they don't feel any pain, and all they can do is enjoy the strong pleasure. Even little races that are way smaller than humans like the “ fairy " only experience ecstasy and euphoria when their stomachs swell up as they get pierced by a man's rigid erection that is way bigger than even their own body. It is impossible for a monster's body to be broken through sex.
  187. Там тоже доп сенсоры
  188. Their vagina and uterus are equipped with the monster's unique sensory organs for absorbing a man's energy and tasting it. Pleasure and the taste of energy spread throughout their whole body and they experience a sensation like their body is melting.
  190. Уникальное чувство вкуса
  191. Besides the normal sense of taste, it is equipped with a monster's unique special sense of taste that can sense the flavor of energy included in a man's semen and saliva, etc. Also, inside their mouth, a slight amount of demonic energy is included in the faintly sweet saliva that is secreted.
  193. И ещё
  194. While giving a man pleasure like this, if thick, sticky semen is eventually released inside their mouth, they can fully enjoy energy due to the monster's unique taste buds equipped everywhere throughout their mouth, such as the tongue, and mucous membranes, etc.
  196. Языки растягиваются
  197. Their tongue extends alluringly, crawling freely around the penis and giving pleasure as if it were a living creature.
  199. Интеллект варьируется но в основном всё одно
  200. The standard for monster intelligence varies widely depending on race, but nearly all monsters can understand and utter speech in the same way as humans, and it's possible for communication.
  201. Although their standard intelligence varies, most races come equipped with an instinctive knowledge concerning sex with human men. Also, no matter how low a monster's intelligence may be, they will greedily study and memorize knowledge concerning sexual matters.
  202. There are some monsters that have intelligence and knowledge that greatly surpasses humans, and there are even monsters who can devise various new spells, magical items, and medicines. However, no matter how smart they are and how much knowledge they've accumulated, they're still monsters, so of course that knowledge will mainly be used for having sex with men. The various spells and magical items they develop are mostly used for improving sex with men.
  204. Демоническая энергия жизненная у монстров
  205. “Demonic energy” is the vital energy that all monsters have inside of their bodies.
  207. Повышенная магическая сила
  208. Compared to humans, many of them have high magic power.
  210. Магические силы растут с энергией
  211. Since demonic energy is mainly produced by absorbing “male human spirit energy” and converting it into demonic energy inside of their body, it is purported that the more an individual has sex with men, the higher the magical energy she will possess.
  212. Due to this magical energy, the spells they use are often vastly more powerful than similar spells used by ordinary humans.
  214. Некоторые могут городки сносить
  215. Some of them even have magical energy powerful enough to level a small town.
  217. Магия обольщения - базовая
  218. “succubus' demonic energy” is an energy that is especially well suited for charm and aphrodisiac spells, etc. In the present, since all monsters have at least a bit of succubus' demonic energy, the charm spells which were only used by some monsters such as succubus, etc. are now regarded as the chief fundamental spells that monsters use.
  220. Бесконтрольный контроль энергии
  221. Aside from spell casting, small amounts of demonic energy are naturally continually released from the monsters' bodies. Monsters are always in a state where they're draped in demonic energy. This demonic energy that is released is used by them unconsciously for various purposes. When they have sex with a man, the energy serves to protect the man's body. No matter how roughly and how long they have sex, the man's body never enters an abnormal state worse than fatigue, and he can never die due to sex. It also ensures that the man won't be harmed by the monster's horns, scales, etc. If the man touches the tip of a pointed horn or scale, the demonic energy covering the horn or scale gently pushes him back with a feeling like the touch of soft skin.
  223. Иммунитет к обычным болезням от энергии
  224. The monsters have durable bodies, high demonic energy inside their bodies, and even a strong resistance to disease. Also, although they appear similar to humans, they are different organisms, so most of them don't come down with the same kinds of illnesses as humans. However, there are some peculiar and dreadful illnesses that only afflict monsters. Let's introduce some of them below.
  226. Воздействие большого количества демонической энергии превращает в инкуба
  227. However, if treated through this method, the man who remained joined with the afflicted will definitely change into an incubus due to his body having been continually exposed to large amounts of demonic energy throughout the night.
  229. Опять про сенсинги
  230. When monsters give off the smell and aura of energy that can only be sniffed out by monsters, it means they have had that much sex, and had lots of energy poured into them, so it's proof that they've spent their days indulging the way a monster should.
  232. Даже пассивные не такие уж и пассивные
  233. Although they are few in number, there are also races that are passive in nature who wait for men to assault them, but they spare no effort in making men want to assault them by pouring pheromones and demonic energy into the man, or adjusting their looks and charm to appeal to the man that they're targeting, etc. There are none among monster women that are truly passive towards men.
  235. Материализация хлама
  236. Among the monsters there are those who don't wear clothes, but instead cover their body in fur, scales, or even flames produced by demonic energy, etc. Many cover their genitals that way too. This can be freely removed by their will using demonic energy, and they can also put it back the way it was.
  237. Also, it is said that there are some who produce tentacles through their own demonic energy or manipulate tentacle plants from the forest of tentacles.
  239. Среды обитания
  240. Their adaptability is remarkable, and in spite of the extreme temperatures, many races of monsters lead peculiar lives even in areas such as volcanic and frigid regions.
  242. Ещё свойство энергии
  243. They maintain a much cleaner environment, they introduce usable furniture by processing wood and making it, or trading with other monsters for it, and they use demonic energy to adjust the temperature, etc. so that they can remake their dwelling into a place where they can comfortably live with a human man.
  245. Трансформация области
  246. Additionally, in the case where many powerful races are present, even if the area around that location isn't a Demon Realm, that place alone will often become a local Demon Realm, and become extremely dangerous.
  248. Создают всякий хлам
  249. However, as for the dungeons where monsters live, aside from the fact that there are extremely rare goods such as magic items and medicines produced by monster technology and demonic energy, and spells that have long been lost to humans, the dungeons themselves are often valuable ruins from “the age of the former Demon Lords” to begin with.
  251. Опять про провокации
  252. They may try to tempt them into sex with their beautiful looks and magic spells, or, conversely, get the man to ravish them by bombarding him with demonic energy and pheromones, or they may make excuses to demand sex and mana.
  254. Превращение в людей у сильных
  255. Unbeknownst to the people, a great number of monsters settle in places such as the sewers, and abandoned homes, and high rank monsters with great magical power change into human form and sneak in. Monsters are sneaking into towns while humans are unaware.
  257. Долгожители
  258. Perhaps because many of the monsters have long life spans, they have an extremely rough grasp of time compared to humans.
  260. Таки могут драться если надо для дела
  261. They joyfully engage in battle using all their power to capture the soldiers.
  263. Владыка сильнее за счёт энергии всех
  264. In addition, although monsters neglect work to have sex with men, since their Demon Lord has her demonic energy linked with that of all monsters, when the monsters have sex, obtain mana, and store power, the Demon Lord's power grows slightly more potent. Furthermore, every time the monsters gain strength and increase in number, the amount of demonic energy naturally released into the air increases, the Demon Realm grows richer because of it, and expands rapidly. For that reason, we can even say that in a certain sense having sex is the monsters' real job, and they're doing one hell of a job as the Demon Lords subjects, aren't they?
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