why i was vac'd :^)

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  1. I. I n t r o
  3. As some of you have been told firsthand by me, or who have been told by others, or have seen it personally, I now have a tf2 VAC ban on my main account. Now before you freak out, let me talk about it, stop any sort of rumors that could spread, and set the record straight.
  5. ***No I do not nor have I ever used cheats/hacks as MauiiHan. Anyone who has seen me play knows I am mediocre and on my best days just very lucky. You can watch me on any demo or stv to know I'm not hacking. I feel this shouldn't have to be said, but with the whole VAC ban thing, yeah let me just state that for the record.***
  7. II. E x p l a n a t i o n
  9. Story time: Last year, I bought the premium version of LMAObox for research and learning purposes only. I was becoming more invested in Team Cream, had run into a bunch of hackers, and was genuinely curious. I wanted to be credible as an admin by knowing what it did. I used it on my alt account, testing it in my own private servers as well as a few valve servers. I know, right? Mauii the l33t haxer. After getting a handle of what the different options did, how to control it, and how it worked against other players, I set it aside. Only times I used it after that was to: detect if someone was wallhacking (before the spectator update) or to test different options to try to emulate a suspicious players movement.
  11. III. C r e d i b i l i t y
  13. Why was my main VAC-banned if I didn't use a cheat on it? I can never know for sure, as many things could have triggered it, but what makes the most sense is my alt and main shared the same email and phone number. It could have also been that I had it loaded in my icon tray anytime in the past few months when I was playing on MauiiHan. There are two different stories out there, MaxBox saying he sent in the loader 4 months ago and anyone who had contact with it in the past year got banned and Miggy saying it was just a 2-3 week period in the past month. Not sure which one it was, but maybe it will be public soon.
  15. Now you might say - wow Mauii this is a great story you're spinning, but I'm still not convinced you weren't hacking. That's fine you can think what you want. But, to add a little more credibility to my story, there have been a few people who knew I had lmaobox and know I used it to test; I have not kept it a secret from people. Just last night, before the VAC wave, I was telling people in mumble that I had a copy of lmaobox and wanted to host an admin/mod meeting where they watched me use it.
  17. IV. W h a t   n o w?
  19. I want to open it up to you as the staff of Team Cream if you feel comfortable with me staying in a position of leadership around here. I'm sure not everyone would believe I have the self control and character to be respectful of boundaries and principles. But I'm going to call on you guys to make the decision. I will post a poll that I would like you all to chime in on.
  21. V. O n   t h e   p l u s   s i d e ...
  23. So I was caught in what was called a VAC wave. You can look up more about what happened on reddit,, etc. Lmaobox premium hack is now: public, no longer updated, and detected. What does that mean? A huge decrease in hackers everywhere. Anyone who uses this hack now will run the risk of being VAC banned very quickly.
  26. VI. C o n c l u s i o n
  28. I have to deal with the implications of being VAC-banned, which will be difficult. Many people that I don't know, or that I don't know well, will now think I'm a hacker. I will lose some credibility and trust as MauiiHan. But at the end of the day, other people's opinions about my internet persona do not effect who I am in real life. I am comforted by the fact that I know  I was not using cheats as MauiiHan. I mean, godang, I had some nice items lol.
  30. My main:
  31. My alt:
  33. ***TL;DR I'm not a hacker, simply got caught in a massive VAC wave because I tested LMAObox on an alt with the same info. GG RIP MauiiHan.***
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