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  1. [17:29] [b]emmalina van wubbell ☀ grade two coordinator[/b]: They're not together! /giggles/ I went and talked to Lizzy, and I got her to admit it, but keep it hush-hush! Now you just gotta talk to Mr. Denial!
  2. [17:29] Lovino: [17:29] [c=0][u][c=28]♂[/c] [c=46]Elizabeta[/c] [c=4]☲[/c] [c=50]Hédeváry[/c] [c=20]♀[/c][/u] - [i][c=36]Grade Three Trainer[/c][/i][/c]: (( THEY'RE JUST REALLY STUPID LOVI ))
  3. [17:29] Feliks: (( I KNEW IT ))
  4. [17:32] Lovino: So she admitted it! About freaking time! I was suspicious for ages... back at Fortree, when Gilbert met Skyla... those two were getting along all well and shit and uh, Elizabeta's behaviour was pretty much... a goddamn jealousy broadcast. Storming off and suddenly not liking Skyla so much and everything. Course, Gilbert's a bitch so he didn't really notice... I talked to Elizabeta about it sometime after and she denied... got all red. I pretty much knew it from there, dammit.
  6. [17:33] [b]emmalina van wubbell ☀ grade two coordinator[/b]: Oh, I've known for a while~! She was all confused about her feelings... Like back when Roddy made her stop talking to Gilly, and she was so unhappy about that. Or at least, I guessed it!
  7. [17:35] Lovino: Oh, she would've talked to you a lot about that... sorta stuff, huh? *meanwhile me and Gil, we go all 8| and 'I WILL WIN' 'NO I WILL' 'NO ME' like little bitchtits 8T* Wait, so you want me to talk to Gilbert..? What the fuck, are we playing matchmaker now..? *grumblegrumble*
  8. [17:36] [b]emmalina van wubbell ☀ grade two coordinator[/b]: Well, we both know they're not gonna do it themselves! /huffs, putting her hands on her sides/
  9. [17:38] Lovino: ...Weeeeeell, I suppose. Because their denial is reeeeeaaally annoying. *and maybe he does somewhat care about gilbert getting the girl he likes... maybe... nah... NO IT'S JUST THE DENIAL IS ANNOYING, YEAH THAT* Alright, I'll help.
  10. [17:38] [b]emmalina van wubbell ☀ grade two coordinator[/b]: Yay! Dank je! /hugs him tight/
  11. [17:39] Lovino: *flushes slightly - hey, remember when this was super effective?* Y-You're welcome... I guess...''
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