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  8. ---WIKI:
  11. --COCKATRICE PLUGIN (has all cards translated)
  14. ---WEBXOSS (online automated client, outdated, goes until WX16 and WD20)
  17. ---OLD GUIDE (contains old anime stuff, also some TCG resources like old decks)
  23. Regarding how to build decks.
  24. I'll see if I can sum this up in as few points as possible.
  25. 1. Card advantage generation. For an obvious example, Daihouika. For a less obvious example, Code Art GRB and other "Down and reveal top deck, if it is a(n) <X> SIGNI, add it to your hand." Simple things which you can find in most lists are their addition of "common" advantage engines.
  26. 2. Plan how many Servants you will use ahead of time, but don't add Servants until the rest of your deck is complete. Use Servants to fill in and even out your Life Burst/Level "curve". Note that most 4-stop decks have 12+ Level 1s, 2+ Level 2s, 4+ Level 3s, and 6+ Level 4s. It's up to you to decide on what level to have extra cards on.
  27. 3. Mechanical trends of the deck. Does a deck draw a lot? Discard a lot to gain advantage? Uses Spells/ARTS offensively often, or has a somewhat offensive spell lineup? What do the good-looking Life Burst SIGNI do?
  28. 4. ARTS selection. Assume your opponent knows what you will run. Common ARTS cost around 2-5 Ener. If your deck has a lot of SIGNI that push offensive plays, it can help to have 1-2 "offensive" ARTS (think of say things like LOCK YOU and Surrounded by Fire, now banned) to help push advantage. Otherwise, bring as many "versatile" ARTS as possible. (Four Colour Miasma and Ice Flame Shoot-type ARTS which can be used according to the situation)(edited)
  29. [9:54 AM]
  30. 5. LRIG selection. You know what LRIG you like to play. But what LRIG cards under that LRIG type will complement the LRIG's play style the most? For example, do you just want to get past Level 4 with as cheap a cost as possible, avoiding Grow Lock (not being able to grow due to the opponent intentionally not attacking you, depriving you of Ener) as much as possible? If your final LRIG is at Level 5, do you want to stay at 4 for a bit before growing into 5? (Tama-Mayu, common tactic is to use ARTS/Exceeds as much as possible before Growing into Mayu) How offensive/defensive is that LRIG, compared to adding 1 more ARTS? (Think for example why people use Piruluk APEX over Piruluk ACRO, or for now, why people would use Allos over APEX)
  31. 6. Resource management. Ener, hand, Cloth, ARTS, and field. In a short fight where you burst down quickly, and in a long fight where your opponent tries to extend until attrition kicks in, against everything else, which resource will take a beating first? What steps are you taking to either beat the opponent before that happens, or outlast the opponent's resources? Play on the strengths of your LRIG first. Weaknesses can be addressed later, as you learn from experience on what resources give in first, and which ones are unlikely to give in due to your play style. Also consider where your opponent is likely to give in first, and where not to push against. (Piruluk usually doesn't run out of cards, Midoriko usually doesn't run out of Ener, Aiyai doesn't run out of a quality field most of the time, etc.)
  32. [9:54 AM]
  33. 7. This one deals with how many copies of a certain card to run. Is that card searchable? Is that card consistently played? Is that card playable in most of the situations you end up with? Does that card pay off, even when it sits in the hand a lot? Is that card spammable? Does that card have a better alternative? Does that card fit the play style of the deck? Does having that card limit the choices for other cards to put in the deck? Or put simply...
  35. 1 copy if you want to see it within the game, but not that much. It's like "X is good enough to merit space, but I'll rarely use the effect, or rarely play it anyway." Tech choices also go here.
  36. 2 copies if you want to see it within the game, and want to boost the consistency to seeing it at least once within the first half of a typical game. If you find yourself wishing that X was in your hand more often, then you may consider bumping it to 2 copies.
  37. 3 copies if you want it consistently seen. Something like "I want it seen consistently, and I use it pretty often, but if I put it at 4 copies I may end up clogged with it, which is usually bad for me." These will be the reliable cards that do really well but had to be cut a bit for...
  38. 4 copies if you want to see it as often as possible in the rules. Expect to see these often, and they will be the things your opponents usually expect to see quite often in the game. Think Daihouika. Think the "staples" of a deck. Think Qliphort Scout in YGO, or a Black Lotus in Magic. If you find yourself wanting to see this card really often even at 3 copies, then that goes here.
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