DXN - RoShoujou - Part 1 (Intros)

Jun 16th, 2016
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  1. [07:10] <Cherem> You've seen that number before, Doyle. Your phone trembles, vibrating just slightly. When you open it, there's a message: "City N Central Park. Old Shrine. Come alone."
  2. [07:10] <Cherem> The park itself is starting to fade as summer winds itself down slowly, the leaves starting to catch rich shades of red and yellow. The Shrine itself is small and old, a wooden thing maybe the size of a small shed. There's a grander, more public one, but this shrine has been here for decades, probably.
  3. [07:10] <Cherem> Approaching it, you get another text. "Eyes on you. Head towards River. Will approach you."
  4. [07:12] <Cerys_Doyle> Meeting out in the open like this always felt wrong to her, even more so than sneaking around and meeting in secret or the cryptic phone calls. Regardless, she followed instructions and did as she was told.
  5. [07:14] <Cherem> There's a path cutting right through the forest that goes towards River N, just about wide enough for two people to walk side-by side with no elbow room. Concealed in a canopy of leaves and branches, the trunks of trees curling up towards the sky, it's a very private little walk: while you can look out and see other people passing by on the more main "roads", they'd be hard-pressed to spot a dark figure.
  6. [07:15] <Cerys_Doyle> This wasn't as bad and as open as she expected at least.
  7. [07:16] <Cherem> As you walk, you come to a bridge. It's a little red affair, only four meters to cross a small, natural brook. Sitting on the railway is a woman with black hair and dressed in a dark overcoat.
  8. [07:17] <Cherem> As you approach, she stands up, her hair drifting across her face, obscuring her pale skin. However, she glances your way, and you're pleased(?) to recognize her. Rewind.
  9. [07:18] <Cerys_Doyle> Pleased as she can be to meet any of these agents at least, and a familiar face was better than a new one. She nods to the woman as she approaches.
  10. [07:19] <Cherem> "Hey. Glad to see you made it. You weren't followed?" She slips into English easily, brushing her hand over her shoulder to dust off some imaginary dirt.
  11. [07:20] <Cerys_Doyle> "If I was, they're damn good at their job." She jests.
  12. [07:22] <Cherem> Rewind smiles thinly, "Well, you've already made yourself one stalker friend, right? Red haired fellow, no sense of humor?"
  13. [07:22] <Cerys_Doyle> "Mm. True. I don't think he's much for stealth, too theatrical and showy. He likes to be seen."
  14. [07:24] <Cherem> "A good thing to rely on. The UGN does have more than it's fair share of theatrical types." Rewind nods a little, "Anyways, I wanted to make you aware: The UGN isn't just looking at the surface in this case. They're probing deep."
  15. [07:25] <Cerys_Doyle> "Is there," she pauses, "a specific risk I should be aware of?"
  16. [07:28] <Cherem> "Mm... Maybe in the future." Rewind rubs her cheek. "But they're investigating the False Heart Uncle's students. Anybody who was involved in that case is getting scrutinized." She stands up straight and stretches a little, "I have to say, I don't regret leaving that kind of legwork behind."
  17. [07:31] <Cerys_Doyle> "So they made a point of telling me." She shrugs. "I would have thought I'd still be under most of their radar, just being a bodyguard."
  18. [07:32] <Cherem> "Well, your friend avoiding them didn't help." She shrugs, "And the boss said you were there killing Uncle, even. But those kids are of particular interest to the UGN. Ever since their halfway-home projects got cut, they're hurting for really young, talented blood here."
  19. [07:33] <Cerys_Doyle> "Head hunting children. Kind of makes you question how they're running things over there, along with the other things they've been doing lately."
  20. [07:35] <Cherem> That manages to get a wry chuckle out of Rewind. "I hate to say, they did use to be better. I knew quite a few UGN Children, back then. Now..." She clicks her tongue, "Scattered to the wind, picked up by other branches, quit...." A sigh escapes her. "Anyways. That's what the boss had for you." The statement has a sort of implied comma at the end.
  21. [07:37] * Cerys_Doyle raises an eyebrow, waiting to hear if there was more.
  22. [07:39] <Cherem> "... Personally, I have a suggestion." Rewind turns her back to you, "If you find yourself without a way to go, try a walk in the woods. You find all sorts of people there." You can't see her face, but the wind does a good job of lightly sweeping up the edge of her hair, a few strands of silver slipping out.
  23. [07:40] <Cherem> With that cryptic aside, she starts walking. Clearly, she's done talking.
  24. [07:41] <Cerys_Doyle> "Fair enough." She mutters, planning to bring a bottle of scotch for the walk if she takes it though.
  26. [00:00] <Cherem> =====
  28. [07:48] <Cherem> "Carry this, Goemon. I've gotta get this to Ginyomi before she gets on my case." Honda drops the cardboard box in your unsuspecting arms, the box full of papers, manilla folders, and assorted case files.
  29. [07:48] <Cherem> Doyle's day off, you're working a full day with Honda, helping him to move some of the sensative files from his office to Ginyomi's office. Thankfully, the car is still with you.
  30. [07:49] <Cherem> "I'll grab the other box," Honda comments, picking up another box the size of his torso, "Although, as to who gets the door..." It's probably a light enough box for you to hold with one arm.
  31. [07:50] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Just hand me the other box and you can get the door."
  32. [07:52] <Cherem> "Eh? You sure?" Honda already has the box halfway into your arm as he asks if it's okay. "You're strong, but isn't that a pain to actually carry?"
  33. [07:53] <Cherem> As he talks, you can both hear it. You'd have to be deaf not to. A thick, heavy, repetative thud on the door. Rapid, like somebody hitting a metal bat against the wood.
  34. [07:53] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Expecting someone?"
  35. [07:54] <Cherem> "... No, did you invite somebody over? I thought it was Doyle's day off." Honda's already walking towards the door, his hand around the doorknob. You can see the smallest flash of movement from the peephole.
  36. [07:54] <Goemon_Hozuki> "No i didn't invite anyone."
  37. [07:57] <Cherem> Honda opens the door, and darkening up the doorway is a tall man, an inch away from hitting the door again. Black hair worn long, tied into a ponytail that runs around his neck like a scarf. He's dressed 'traditionally', but Honda gapes at the darkly-colored Kimono.
  38. [07:58] <Cherem> Traced all along it are silver threads, painting out images of birds, reeds, bamboo and a single white circle over his chest. His free hand is on his belt, where you can see the hilt of... a sword?
  39. [08:00] <Cherem> His other hand, left hand, is at 'knocking' position, and wrapped from elbow-to-fingertips in dirty bandages. It's a quick jaunt from his knuckles to look at his eyes, and it's like looking into flint.
  40. [08:01] <Cherem> Sharp, dark, serious. He looks around Honda's age, but the two give off two different auras entirely. As you all sort of look at each other, he finally clears his throat, "I'm looking for a 'Honda'."
  41. [08:02] <Goemon_Hozuki> "What for?"
  42. [08:02] <Cherem> "Well, the car's a Toyota," Honda responds.
  43. [08:02] <Cherem> A withering glare. "Personal business. Who are you."
  44. [08:05] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Goemon."
  45. [08:05] <Cherem> "Depends on the situation, really." Honda steps back a bit, one of his hands going to his hip. Goemon, at your and Doyle's advice, he's moved his gun to that spot, more accessable ans less time fumbling for it.
  46. [08:05] <Cherem> Of course, the gun is hidden from this... stranger.
  47. [08:06] <Cherem> "Hmm... You're his friend, then." The man looks over, "But you would be him then, wouldn't you?"
  48. [08:08] <Cherem> Honda hesitates.
  49. [08:09] <Cherem> And the man sighs, "I'm not here for a fight. My name is 'Shadow Arm' Shirotono. I'm an Illegal Overed, like you two."
  50. [08:10] <Goemon_Hozuki> "What are you here for?"
  51. [08:11] <Cherem> "Two things." He steps back, "Firstly, to thank you, on behalf of my family, for your work fighting False Hearts. We have seen Tindalos doing good work, and I was asked to bring our thanks."
  52. [08:12] <Cherem> "Secondly," Shadow Arm clears his throat, "The UGN is investigating you and your team."
  53. [08:12] <Cherem> Honda puffs up a little at the praise, but hesitates at the second part.
  54. [08:16] <Goemon_Hozuki> "What for?
  55. [08:17] <Cherem> "Well, of course they're doing the whole 'you aren't with us' investigation," Shadow Arm waves his hand like he's swatting away a fly, "But more importantly, they're looking for the kids that False Heart was training. A lot of people are looking for them, particularly the girl."
  56. [08:18] <Cherem> "So they'll be investigating you as part of that. See if any of you could've hidden her, or if she's dead. Although, even we know she's not."
  57. [08:21] <Cherem> "If you have family members, might want to consider them." Shadow Arm shrugs. "The people they'd have looking for her aren't always the 'soft approach' kind."
  58. [08:23] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Thanks for the warning."
  59. [08:24] <Goemon_Hozuki> A look of worry goes across Goemons face for a second.
  60. [08:24] <Cherem> "Mm. We'll take that into consideration." Honda nods, "And, I guess thank your family?" He glances back at Goemon, "Well, we haven't done anything wrong... explicitly."
  61. [08:25] <Cherem> As he says so, you do get a chill up your spine. The distinct feeling that you are being observed.
  62. [08:27] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon looks around trying see if anything is watching.
  63. [08:29] <Cherem> Your glances around only net you a pair of wide-eyes from Honda and a raised eyebrow from Shadow Arm. And... You know, come to think of it, there's no 'Universal Gardening" business with an inconspicuous van located anywhere near here.
  64. [08:30] <Cherem> About two blocks down, but you can see it plain as day, resting under the shade of an apartment building, that van's been there for almost a week without moving... Or, you're being paranoid.
  65. [08:31] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Thought someone was watching us."
  66. [08:32] <Cherem> Honda pales, and starts looking around as well.
  67. [08:33] <Cherem> "Well, just, be careful. And, Goemon, right?" Shadow Arm actually smiles a little bit, "I've been in your situation before. Good luck." With that, he turns and leaves.
  68. [08:33] <Cherem> "... Did you see his arm?" Honda murmurs, after he's far out of earshot.
  69. [08:33] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Thanks." Goemon nods to him as he leaves.
  71. [00:00] <Cherem> =====
  73. [06:45] <Cherem> "You have eyes on the neighborhood, right?" Honda's voice echoes to you over the line, Operator, before you can get in a "moshi moshi" or "what do you want".
  74. [06:47] <Otomo_Reiko> "I have eyes on a lot of neighborhoods. Sometimes on specific buildings. What do you want?"
  75. [06:47] <Cherem> "I need you do to me a favor. I got visited by some strange guy yesterday, 'Shadow Hand' or something, and I wanted to know if you could check around Yuu's neighborhood really quick."
  76. [06:49] <Otomo_Reiko> "Another UGN agent or something?" Beneath the sound of her yawning with the familiar sound of typing and clicking.
  77. [06:54] <Cherem> "He said he was with a family or something, but he was giving us a warning about the UGN. He was a chuunibyou though, I swear." Honda continues.
  78. [06:54] <Cherem> Yuu's neighborhood itself is... idyllic, really. The streets are almost western, with painted "sidewalks", and the houses are designed to give families just a bit of elbow room, with small spaces in the front for tiny gardens and bikes and other signs of habitation.
  79. [06:54] <Cherem> There's a few cars running down the right side of the road, parked and lightly sprinkled with early autumn leaves, and every so often somebody passes by your cameras, an older woman with a bag of groceries or a young boy struggling with a straining, excited dog.
  80. [06:55] <Cherem> Really, there's not much to pay attention to. The dog almost bowls over the older woman, and a woman in black, face obscured with a unbrella moves to help her.
  81. [06:55] <Cherem> A peaceful japanese suburb.... Funny. The boy, bowing in apology as his dog almost ran over the older woman, is... reversing? The image film is rolling back.
  82. [06:57] <Otomo_Reiko> More fuckery with her cameras? She started chewing on a knuckle as she tried to counter it. "Getting tired of people messing with my view."
  83. [06:58] <Cherem> "Hm? What's going on?" Honda's voice comes in a little warbled, like he's changing ears. On your screen, the camera just needs a monitor reset, and then it's back to normal: the boy is walking with the dog, the old woman is continuing on her way... and the other figure is gone.
  84. [06:59] <Otomo_Reiko> "You're sure Shadow Hand was a guy?" She's already looking for the Yuu household's number, ready to dial and warn whoever was home.
  85. [07:01] <Cherem> "Well, he was wearing a man's kimono. And he sounded like one. You don't think it was a crossdresser, was it?" Honda hesitates, "Can women even crossdress?"
  86. [07:02] <Cherem> As you find the number, the phone starts ringing... ringing.... ring- "Ah, Hello, Yuu household. May I ask who is calling?" A boy's voice. Michio?
  87. [07:02] <Otomo_Reiko> "Put Yuu-san on the phone, any one of them."
  88. [07:03] <Cherem> "Um... Who should I tell them this is?"
  89. [07:04] <Otomo_Reiko> "It's Operator. This is important."
  90. [07:05] <Cherem> "Oh, Operator-san!" Michio lights up. "Err, Ai and Akane are out grocery shopping, and Yuu-san is working- hold on a second." You hear the phone hit the counter, and there's silence.
  91. [07:07] <Cherem> And a moment later, "He says Honda-san isn't allowed to take his daughter to weird places anymore. He'll be here in a moment."
  92. [07:08] <Otomo_Reiko> "Hear that Honda-san?"
  93. [07:08] <Cherem> "I didn't even take them anyplace weird: Shinjou and Goemon were with me..." Honda grumbles.
  94. [07:09] <Cherem> A moment later, there's Ai's father on the line. "Operator, right? This is Yuu speaking."
  95. [07:10] <Otomo_Reiko> "Ah, good. Something strange might be happening in your neighborhood. I suggest keeping an eye out for a man or woman in black, bit of a chuunibyou possibly."
  96. [07:34] <Cherem> "Is that so." Yuu goes quiet for a moment, "Alright. We'll keep an eye out- By the way, I have a favor to ask. You see, there's some research I've been-"
  97. [07:34] <Cherem> As he's talking, your camera starts to see some action. Down the street and rolling fast, two black sedans with tinted black windows sandwiching two black, armored vans.
  98. [07:35] <Cherem> The screen starts to flicker again, almost as if it's trying to rip your attention away from the phone and to the monitor.
  99. [07:36] <Otomo_Reiko> "We can nerd out later, Yuu-san. I suggest taking Mii-kun and leaving out the back. Now."
  100. [07:37] <Cherem> "Out the back? Why?" Yuu's voice sounds like it's looking away, "Michio, grab your things."
  101. [07:38] <Cherem> The first car opens up: black suits, sunglasses. A man with bright yellow hair. One of the vans opens up, men in tactical gear with JSDF patches.
  102. [07:38] <Otomo_Reiko> "Can you still hear me. Looks like big trouble. Go."
  103. [07:39] <Cherem> And down the street, you catch two teenagers, Chimera and Salamandra whom you're very, very familiar with, carrying a series of grocery bags between them.
  104. [07:39] <Cherem> "We'll be in contact." The phone line goes dead.
  105. [07:39] <Cherem> "Operator, what's going on?" Honda's voice is taking a slightly stressed edge.
  106. [07:40] <Otomo_Reiko> Back to chewing on her knuckle Reiko searches for any record of Ai having a cellphone. "Nothing good. Armored vans, JSDF patches...do you know where the other Yuu-san is?"
  107. [07:41] <Cherem> "Shit, sounds like UGN. Uh, no, but I think she has a cell phone. Are they at her house?!"
  108. [07:41] <@Mr_Rage> She does have one, yes. Her father isn't /completely/ irresponsible.
  109. [07:42] <Otomo_Reiko> "Looked that way, they were messing with my cameras again/
  110. [07:42] <Otomo_Reiko> ."
  111. [07:44] <Otomo_Reiko> "I'm dialing Yuu-san now..."
  113. [00:00] <Cherem> =====
  115. [07:53] <Cherem> One, two, one, two, one, two. Your sneakers hit the ground as you follow the repetative beat, Shinjou, carrying you down the suburban japanese side-street.
  116. [07:53] <Cherem> "An idol's figure is a selling point too," your coach had commented earlier, examining you with much more intensity than really neccessary. "You've been steady recently, but just in case, we need to keep vigilant!"
  117. [07:53] <Cherem> At least she's here, running with you, and you were able to get outside the studio for a little bit. She's behind you, jogging with her music playing in one ear, the other out and alert. You're also vaguely aware that the studio has a guard for you, although if your coach is doing both roles...
  118. [07:54] <Cherem> In any case, your route was planned out for you: avoiding major thoroughfaires, sticking to pedestrian-only streets and residential areas, away from downtown. Peaceful, quiet, and good for stretching out your legs.
  119. [07:56] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu pants, eyes narrowed. She looks worn out over the whole affair. "Right... vigilant..." she huffs and puffs, wondering just how this is so much more tiring than dancing.
  120. [07:57] <Cherem> To your own credit, you've been running for a while now, but your coach shows no sign of stopping, "Lift your legs, high! and keep your arms moving. Watch your breathing!" Every other minute with this woman...
  121. [07:58] <Cherem> It's about halfway through your routine when you find yourself joined. To be honest, you didn't even notice her at first, kind of fading into the background of your eyes, but she's there for sure. "Why are you running so much?" A somewhat sing-song voice, free-spirited and cheerful.
  122. [07:59] <Cherem> "Don't you get tired?" When you look around, the voice seems to come from the other side, and out of the corner of your eyes you can occasionally capture a glimpse of a human-ish figure.
  123. [08:00] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Breathing... watch the breathing... legs up..." Miyu presses on anyway, legs going marginally higher. It takes a few seconds before she notices the voice, repeating their words out of habit. "Don't you... get... t..." Then a pause. She looks from left to right. " Sure do..."
  124. [08:01] <Cherem> Trees. Bushes. Houses going by (slowly). Your feet are carrying you but the voice keeps up. "So why run like this?" The voice comes again, other side. For a moment it's like looking in a mirror, if the mirror would just sit still.
  125. [08:02] <Cherem> Behind you, your coach doesn't seem to have noticed anything. Her pace has slowed somewhat, though, going from a steady jog to more of a mildly urgent walk.
  126. [08:03] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Idol stuff. The industry's..." Miyu responds, keeping the original pace a few seconds before slowing. "... a real bitch. Perfect body type, you know?"
  127. [08:04] <Cherem> "Aaah, so you're doing that 'exercise' thing?" The voice finally sticks in one place, stepping down beside you, perfect height, same running outfit, hair in the same place. "Such a hassle. Do you enjoy it?"
  128. [08:06] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Enjoy this? No. But being on the stage is..." Miyu squints in disbelief as she takes note of the figure's similarities. "Who are you?"
  129. [08:07] <Cherem> The figure smiles, "I'm a fan!" A cheeky grin you're not used to seeing on your face, or on the posters or billboards with your face. "Sort of. I've heard your music. We haven't met though."
  130. [08:10] <Shinjou_Miyu> "You got the hair done nicely." Miyu remarks as she scrutinizes the person, uncertain of whether to blame the exertion or not. Either way, a bit weirdede out.
  131. [08:12] <Cherem> "Thank you!" You smile back at yourself, your hand running through your hair. "I do have a question though, Euphoria." Using your 'Overed' title while impersonating you. "You are friends with Ginyomi, yes?"
  132. [08:17] <Shinjou_Miyu> Euphoria. Miyu completely pauses at that, ceasing her walk. Then she goes from looking confused to outright foul at the mention of Ginyomi. "You're certainly well informed."
  133. [08:19] <Cherem> "Oh, please, don't make such a face." You titter a little, drawing closer, "She wouldn't mention me, but, I've known her for a long time. I wanted to warn you."
  134. [08:21] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu gets her breathing under control, transitioning from the huffing and puffing to deliberate, measured breaths. She doesn't even consider how odd it is imagining parading around with her own head on a pike.
  135. [08:22] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Say it." She growls out with a twitch.
  136. [08:23] <Cherem> "A-ahaha..." You back up a little, hands up, "The UGN is looking into you. They were asking her about you, about that other poor girl, Akane Nomi."
  137. [08:25] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Isn't that just lovely." Miyu mutters, still tense and with an edge to her voice.
  138. [08:26] <Cherem> "No! It isn't!" You frown, "They'll be coming for her, and after that, maybe you too."
  139. [08:29] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Then the UGN can go choke on a donkey. Like I'll let that happen."
  140. [08:31] <Cherem> "Ah..." You smile weakly, and then freeze. Your body evaporates into the sunlight, disappearing in a flutter of silver and golden light. A moment later, you see four cars, two sedans and two vans, go blowing by. Even with the tinted windows, you can see shadowy figures inside.
  141. [08:32] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu just stares where she once stood, her face the very picture of a disgruntled wtf?.
  142. [08:33] <Cherem> And a moment later, your phone is ringing. Your coach snaps back to reality, "Oh... break's over!" She glances at your phone, where Honda's number is flashing.
  144. [00:00] <Cherem> =====
  146. [08:35] <Cherem> "We just need some vegetables. We're going to try tempura tonight!" Michio declared proudly around lunchtime. Your father looked up from the food you helped make, Ai, and shrugged, but in any case, Michio left the shopping to you, Ai, and Akane.
  147. [08:36] <@Mr_Rage> Always a good combination.
  148. [08:37] <Cherem> Several hours later, you find yourself on the walk back home. Akane is dressed in a hoody with the hood up and a long skirt that used to belong to you, Ai, her face covered with a surgical mask and her normal wig traded out for a long, black one that drapes over her shoulders and covers most of her face.
  149. [08:37] <Cherem> "Ai." Her voice comes out in a muffled sound, carrying several bags in both of her arms.
  150. [08:38] <@Mr_Rage> Ai seems to shine all the brighter in response, like there's a mandatory amount of cheer in the world and all Akane was doing just pushed it onto the Chimera. "--yeah?" A curious glance.
  151. [08:39] <Cherem> "Your work." Akane means Tindalos, probably, as she hefts her bags, "How... How has it been?"
  152. [08:39] <Cherem> Even though Michio and your father have been trying to put you two together, she's always been rather quiet and standoffish with you. This is... certainly different, asking questions.
  153. [08:41] <@Mr_Rage> "Um... a little confusing. I won't say I understand all of it, but if it helps people, I'm happy to do it. More fighting than I expected..." Says the girl who would tear a Jeep in half once she's riled up.
  154. [08:42] <Cherem> "Fighting... It's that kind of thing." Akane mumbles a little, her pace steady and careful. "Helping people... Do they thank you for it?"
  155. [08:44] <@Mr_Rage> "Sometimes! Mister Honda cares a lot, but some of the others are all serious," Ai makes an exaggerated dour face.
  156. [08:45] <Cherem> "Mm... They fight for their own reasons then?" Akane makes eye contact with that, her curiosity surfacing.
  157. [08:49] <@Mr_Rage> "Yeah, I think so." Ai meets her gaze, eyes open and welcoming as always, and then a small grin. "You want to join?"
  158. [08:51] <Cherem> Akane pauses for a moment, and mutters, "I don't know. Maybe... Having people to rely on would be..." Maybe you flustered her.
  159. [08:52] <Cherem> However, this is punctuated with a sharp noise: rubber burning on asphalt. Boots on the ground. If your ears weren't overed, you wouldn't pick it up from down the street.
  160. [08:52] <@Mr_Rage> The back of Ai's neck tingles, claws flexing automatically. "--ah?"
  161. [08:54] <Cherem> Up ahead, you can see several figures: at least seven people. A shocking head of yellow hair you've seen before... and right in front of your house. The men are opening up their van, and it looks like they've got guns.
  162. [08:55] <@Mr_Rage> "Papa!" Ai explodes forward, dropping her share of the groceries.
  163. [08:56] <Cherem> "Wait, Ai, those are-" Akane hefts up her things, and starts to follow, but she's behind you in an instant as you run.
  164. [08:57] <Cherem> The yellow hair looks up, and his glasses flash in the sunlight. A thick pulse of Renegade floods the area, and he shouts something. One of the vans starts up again, as well as one of the sedans, and they start rolling down the street. The man in question goes into his jacket, grabbing for his badge.
  165. [09:00] <@Mr_Rage> The Chimera comes to a sudden, unnatural stop for how fast she was going--the sidewalk paying the price for such strength. One arm interposed between the man and the house, the other waits taut. She's conscious of the fact she isn't filled with bullets, at least.
  166. [09:01] <Cherem> "UGN- We're here for Akane Nomi!" UGN Agent Raiji holds up his badge, "We've orders to take her in for questioning. You will comply, or you will face similar charges." He looks like he means business.
  167. [09:02] <Cherem> The two cars go blazing past you, and your ears can hear the faint sound of Akane dropping her bags, and.... no sign of struggle, but footsteps, rapidly fading.
  168. [09:04] <@Mr_Rage> Ai seethes, ears swiveling, extra eyes opening and closing trying to get ahold of the situation. "Why?!"
  169. [09:05] <Cherem> "Assorted terrorism charges, murder, conspiracy, and resisting arrest- look, I don't have time for this." Raiji gets in his car, "You stay out of our way, or there will be trouble." A moment later, the car is screetching away.
  170. [09:06] <Cherem> Behind you, the cars turn the corner, racing after Akane, who's already making her run for it. And that ringing is your phone, Ai.
  171. [09:10] <@Mr_Rage> If the little Chimera's eyes could kill as well as her teeth, Raiji's car would be scrap. In the deafening quiet of a fight that didn't happen, Ai transforms back into a little girl. Her face contorts, tears welling up. "Paaapaaa!"
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