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  1. Marti · 2 minutes ago Forward
  2. I was kinda expecting this.
  4. Most certainly from you.
  6. In fact, can't think of anyone else.
  8. I'm expecting you to think that I'm actually serious and being professional, albeit the hoarse outlook. You don't quite know anything of what's happening behind the curtain; in fact, I've done so much, but that's besides the point. What innocent flings about internal matters I throw at the staff are only joking. And you didn't even cite me right either, but that's again out of the question.
  10. You say I don't use proper grammar, yet it's only because I don't capitalize the first letter of my sentence. I don't see anyone slandering Graveman for not using either capitalization or proper punctuation. I don't see a problem with the way I type. I know people are talking behind my back about what I'm doing. I'm trying to bulge my authority, to enforce the rules and the lore on people. Numerous times have I been driven mad from the staff's lack of organization. In fact, I've been contemplating quitting my spot.
  12. I don't play favorites. Every application is processed with the staff. That is why the Nathrezim application took more than three days. Yet it rarely happens that an application is put on hold for longer than a day. I denied the Shivarra so out-of-the-blue because Destro hadn't even discussed Shivarra's place on the app list with the rest of the staff.
  14. I am not shamed by my attitude. At times, I find it right that I speak up. Because no one else would dare to do it. I believe that, at times, the staff is slacking or they're just doing something wrong. The battle at Redridge could have been won due to how 'soft' Destro went on the Alliance forces, with his own amassed army of Blackrock orcs. Until I spoke up, kicked in and showed people that they've grown to underestimate everything around them, thinking they'd pull through virtually unscathed. That's just one example.
  16. I don't want people thinking I'll give them special treatment. I treat everyone equally, and just a day ago did I actually do something properly as a staff member. I punished Falethia for something he'd done a few days ago, yet no one stood up to it. I respect everyone at an equal rate. This goes for both players and even - the Staff. Do you want me to be honest? There's only five people on Paragon, who I genuinely 'like' and know I can trust.
  18. If you want to see me show a bit more 'compassion' and let loose of my stiff, likely gruff manners.
  20. Alright.
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