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  1. 12:16 <+Niphyr> Mickey Mosue has feelings too Akraen
  2. 12:19 <+Niphyr> Mouse * :(
  3. 12:21 <@Akraen> No, fictional characters don't have feelings
  4. 12:21 <@Akraen> And I know you know that, but facetious crap like that gets repeated so much I think morons begin to believe it
  5. 12:22 <Arrak> Akraen doesn't have feelings, as he is a fictional character!
  6. 12:23 <@Akraen> If you're referring to the night elf, sure.
  7. 12:23 <@Akraen> And some days I believe Paul is fictional as well. Today is one of those days.
  8. 12:24 <@Akraen> I'm having dozens of friends and family trying to "diagnose" me on Facebook because they don't believe that I have no interest in other humans sexually.
  9. 12:25 <@Akraen> Everyone thinks they're a genetics expert and knows what baseline human instincts are.
  10. 12:25 <Stormy> only night elves
  11. 12:26 <Arrak> Can I ask you something Akraen?
  12. 12:26 ⇐ KC2 quit ( Ping timeout
  13. 12:30 <@Akraen> Always
  14. 12:32 <@Akraen> I enjoy being asked things.
  15. 12:33 <+Niphyr> "because they don't believe that I have no interest in other humans sexually."
  16. 12:33 <+Niphyr> As long as that doesn't imply you have sexual feelings for any other living or inanimate thing
  17. 12:33 <+Niphyr> I'm ok with it
  18. 12:33 <@Akraen> Correct, haha
  19. 12:33 <@Akraen> Myself, that's about it.
  20. 12:33 <@Akraen> Very attracted to myself
  21. 12:34 <+Niphyr> I'm wondering what the question was now
  22. 12:34 <Arrak> Then I have two questions. 1) Are you sexually attracted to yourself? 2) Why do you tell them you have no sexual interest in other humans?
  23. 12:35 <+Niphyr> Ah, #2 is a good one!
  24. 12:35 <Arrak> #2 was the original question :P
  25. 12:37 <@Akraen> Why do I say anything about anything?
  26. 12:38 <Arrak> I don't know
  27. 12:39 <Arrak> Can't pretend to be able to read your mind
  28. 12:39 <@Akraen> All I want out of life is to understand everything. Knowing that's not possible, I want to figure out as much as possible
  29. 12:39 <@Akraen> There's nothing really important in my mind, I sort of just view all interaction as an experiment
  30. 12:39 <@Akraen> I ping the world, take its pulse, read its connotations and spot patterns
  31. 12:40 <@Akraen> I have no real convictions of my own, I only try to echo the rational and shame the nonsensical
  32. 12:41 <Arrak> Then I assume you told them because you wanted to see how they reacted?
  33. 12:42 <@Akraen> Sort of, I'm a skeptic. I think the greater portion of society is incapable of real reasoning and understanding
  34. 12:42 <Arrak> What even makes something fictional? Not believing it is real? But what is real?
  35. 12:42 <@Akraen> Instead, they embrace only what is sold to them
  36. 12:42 → Kennouf joined (
  37. 12:42 <Kennouf> Hi there
  38. 12:43 <Arrak> Hello!
  39. 12:43 <@Akraen> Homosexuality is now accepted. But what happens when I throw them another curve ball? Something different all together.
  40. 12:43 <@Akraen> I'm also tired of people assuming I'm gay because I make a joke, or assuming I'm straight and a failure and need to validate my existence via sex with anyone.
  41. 12:43 <@Akraen> I'm intellectually past that.
  42. 12:44 <@Akraen> Not to imply that I think I'm above it-- or anyone. If anything I'm the abomination.
  43. 12:45 <Kennouf> Looks like I missed a good joke gone bad :o
  44. 12:45 <@Akraen> Haha nah, this is just routine morning Akraen speaking :D
  45. 12:45 <Arrak> Do you think that you say you are asexual because you have no interest in it, or is it because you have not come in a situation with the right people that would spark your interest?
  46. 12:45 <Chev> I could have mis-understood, but I thought there was a girl who now lives in New York that you saw your self spending more time with but her job took her to NY and your job took you to SC?
  47. 12:45 <@Akraen> I'm regailing my facebook antics, where I announced my asexuality.
  48. 12:46 <Kennouf> Oh
  49. 12:46 <Chev> I know this is a big insult to you, but are people calling you Sheldon (from Big Bang) at all?
  50. 12:47 <@Akraen> People have, but never in person since I'm pretty charismatic. People usually think I'm a very social extrovert.
  51. 12:47 <@Akraen> I've never "looked nerdy"
  52. 12:48 <@Akraen> Arrak - my current theory is that I reason everything out to such an objective degree that I rule out sexual attraction or anything similar before any type of emotional component takes hold.
  53. 12:49 <@Akraen> wtb a neuroscientist
  54. 12:49 <Arrak> Hmm... An interesting theory no doubt
  55. 12:50 <@Akraen> I think it's possible someone could override that, I've fooled myself before but only a couple times.
  56. 12:50 <Kennouf> Never heard of someone "too objective" before :D
  57. 12:50 <@Akraen> Watch Cheers/Frasier. I'm the male version of Lilith.
  58. 12:51 <Arrak> I'm curious Akraen. Couldn't you objectively reason that you would enjoy the physical component of sex, and through that get sexual attraction?
  59. 12:52 <@Akraen> Sure, if approached.
  60. 12:53 <Arrak> I think I see your point there
  61. 12:54 <@Akraen> I'm all for fun
  62. 12:54 <Skye> Hallelujah. Finally got my mythic imperator staff >_>
  63. 12:54 <@Akraen> Probably wouldn't say no to either gender, and I objectively assess attractiveness. But there's no hormonal "spark" or what I think people describe as like yearning or lust for another person.
  64. 12:54 <@Akraen> Grats Skye
  65. 12:55 <Arrak> Like, why would you generally reason that to yourself, I am sure there are other things you would enjoy too, and that might take time of it. But if the situation arrises, you could probably trigger it?
  66. 12:55 <@Akraen> I wouldn't want to bother anyone with it. If I had a lot of money I'd probably purchase it-- but only if I could do a risk assessment.
  67. 12:55 <@Akraen> I'm quite good on my own :)
  68. 12:56 <Arrak> Grats Skye! And fair enough Akraen
  69. 12:57 <Kennouf> imho it's just a matter of finding the one person that will get you that spark
  70. 12:57 <Arrak> I'm mainly attracted to someones personality before them physically
  71. 12:57 <Kennouf> The first can easily to the second
  72. 12:57 <Arrak> But when that come, the other follow
  73. 12:57 <Kennouf> +lead
  74. 12:57 <Arrak> indeed
  75. 12:57 <Kennouf> yup, my point :D
  76. 12:58 <Arrak> Though to be fair, I'm generally not that often attracted to someones personality
  77. 12:59 ⇐ TrD quit ( Read error: Connection reset by peer
  78. 12:59 <@Akraen> Do you have an inclination though?
  79. 12:59  → TrD joined  
  80. 13:01 <Arrak> I have so far not been attracted to a personality in a male bod-... Actually that's a bit false. I had one male online pretending, with an imaginary life and all, to be a female. And I got attracted to that fake personality. Wherever that fits
  81. 13:01 <@Akraen> Europeans have so far been so much more capable of discussing this stuff than any Americans who are so convinced there is only one proper way to behave.
  82. 13:02 <@Akraen> Wow 10 people shot dead in Paris
  83. 13:02 <@Akraen> Just now
  84. 13:02 <Arrak> :O
  85. 13:02 <Arrak> link
  86. 13:03 <@Akraen>
  87. 13:03 <@Akraen> 11 now
  88. 13:05 <@Akraen> That's another reason I talk. I don't accept the oppression of ideas. Governments, activists, religious people - all in their own way try to stifle creative voices.
  89. 13:06 <@Akraen> The greatest thing I think people can do is speak up, let ideas be heard. No matter how many get killed for expressing themselves, keep doing it.
  90. 13:07 <@Akraen> Conformity terrifies me
  91. 13:07 <Arrak> I can't say I generally agree with that statement. Some, even many perhaps, but there are reasonable people in all those categories that does not stifle creative voices
  92. 13:07 <Arrak> ^ the first one
  93. 13:08 <@Akraen> Yeah, that's why it's just isolated incidents
  94. 13:08 <@Akraen> Obviously not the entirety of those entities, I didn't mean that. But some do.
  95. 13:09 <@Akraen> Feminists who go too far, for example, want to oppress men as some sort of retaliation. But the reasonable ones just want equality.
  96. 13:09 <Arrak> Then I am not sure you should argue that it is the governments, activists and religious all in their own stifling ideas, rather extremist people with less open minds may tend to pull towards those groups.
  97. 13:09 <@Akraen> Radical Muslims don't represent most of the religion, however the bad ones try to stop creative expression
  98. 13:10 <@Akraen> True - it's when the extremists get power within governments, activist organizations, or religious movements.
  99. 13:10 <@Akraen> Once those extremists get a bit of power, bad shit happens.
  100. 13:10 <Arrak> I can agreee to that
  101. 13:12 <Stormy> hopefully we'll forbid Islam now
  102. 13:12 <Stormy> kek
  103. 13:14 <Arrak> I know it was a joke Stormy, but that would also restrict ideas
  104. 13:14 <@Akraen> I view Islam as I do any religion. Complete nonsense but people clearly need it psychologically so there is a lot of good in it.
  105. 13:15 <Stormy> people need it "psychologically" so there's a lot of good in it ?
  106. 13:15 <@Akraen> The error people make is expecting agreement
  107. 13:15 <Stormy> like abusive boyfriends
  108. 13:15 <@Akraen> There's some good in abusive boyfriends.
  109. 13:15 <@Akraen> There's good in anything.
  110. 13:16 <Stormy> except the Joos
  111. 13:16 <Arrak> I think a lot of non-religious people are have too strong opinions about religions. It is doing good for some people.
  112. 13:16 <@Akraen> Who are you to say someone's opinion is too strong?
  113. 13:17 <Stormy> good that doesn't need religion to happen
  114. 13:17 <Stormy> religion in general is inherently evil and wrong
  115. 13:17 <Arrak> I am me, and that is my belief Akraen
  116. 13:17 <Stormy> as it forces non-rational positions that can't be contradicted, with actual consequences in the real world
  117. 13:17 <@Akraen> I wish the human race could move beyond religion, but it clearly can't
  118. 13:17 <Stormy> have faith in whatever you want as long as it doesn't affect how you behave
  119. 13:18 <@Akraen> Have faith in yourself :)
  120. 13:18 <@Akraen> That's all that's needed
  121. 13:18 <Arrak> I would say, as long as it make you behave in a way that negatively affect people around you
  122. 13:19 <@Akraen> Most bad things in the world come from individuals accepting the authority of others to govern their own morality.
  123. 13:19 <Arrak> *doesn't
  124. 13:19 <Stormy> I have faith in the holy bunnies
  125. 13:19 <Stormy> but my faith is rational, unlike all others
  126. 13:19 <Stormy> I can pet their fluffy fur
  127. 13:19 <Arrak> I have faith in the RNG Goddess ;)
  128. 13:19 <@Akraen> And eat them
  129. 13:19 <Stormy> reported Akraen
  130. 13:20 <Stormy> did you see the episode yesterday Akraen
  131. 13:20 <@Akraen> Episode of what?
  132. 13:20 <Stormy> where I posted something in trade chat, some idiot pmmed me "1 euro"
  133. 13:20 <@Akraen> Heh
  134. 13:20 <Stormy> I told him I reported him and he went on a mega mad rant
  135. 13:20 <Stormy> and after googling his nick he was selling his account on ownedcore
  136. 13:20 <Arrak> Blindly accepting what other say is right or wrong in how you should behave can lead to much bad.
  137. 13:20 <Stormy> so I actually ticketed
  138. 13:20 <Stormy> and hopefully the account will be banned :D
  139. 13:21 <@Akraen> Yep that's how I do things. If the person can't take the joke I go ahead and report them.
  140. 13:21 <Stormy> it's not even that
  141. 13:22 <Stormy> he was actually selling his acc
  142. 13:22 <Stormy> so yeah fuck him
  143. 13:22 <Stormy> like, him being a stupid kid, or him selling his account wouldn't bother me
  144. 13:22 <Stormy> but both ? fuck you
  145. 13:22 <@Dutchmagoz> don't think anyone cares too much about getting banned if they're selling anyway :p
  146. 13:22 <Arrak> For curiosity, Had you reported him before?
  147. 13:22 <Stormy> no
  148. 13:22 <Stormy> lol
  149. 13:22 <Kennouf> Back
  150. 13:22 <Arrak> They might if they get banne before they can sell it :P
  151. 13:23 <TrD> thats pretty bad from ownedcore if u can see account selling stuff without being registered lol
  152. 13:23 <Stormy> I even phrased it in a way that made it obvious
  153. 13:23 <Kennouf> Lots of things to catch up
  154. 13:23 <Stormy> I said something like "RMT is a bannable offense I reported you to the authorities"
  155. 13:23 <Arrak> So, when is tradable gametime tokens comming?
  156. 13:24 <@Dutchmagoz> possibly never
  157. 13:24 <@Akraen> I'd love to sell my account
  158. 13:24 <@Dutchmagoz> it's "open for discussion"
  159. 13:24 <@Akraen> Who wants to own Akraen?
  160. 13:24 <Kennouf> Oh damn Paris shooting
  161. 13:24 <@Akraen> You're literally minutes behind, Kennouf
  162. 13:24 <Kennouf> yup
  163. 13:24 <Kennouf> Jetlag
  164. 13:24 <Kennouf> (Bad excuse I'm actually French)
  165. 13:25 <Kennouf> I was eating, so I'm catching up
  166. 13:25 <@Akraen> Oh Stormy isn't our only Frenchie now!
  167. 13:25 <@Dutchmagoz> How dare you eat.
  168. 13:25 <@Dutchmagoz> What if something happens on the news
  169. 13:25 <@Akraen> Hehe
  170. 13:25 <@Dutchmagoz> and you see it 5 minutes late?!?!!?
  171. 13:25 <Kennouf> Sorry, won't do it again :(
  172. 13:26 <Stormy> Nathiel was french too Akraen
  173. 13:26 <Stormy> hasn't been around in a while though
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