Rarity captures and rapes a human

Jul 27th, 2012
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  1. One week. It took one week from the ponies first appearance for humanity to fall. Sure, most just gave up in the first few hours, but the resistance wasn't able to put up much of a fight. What were you supposed to do against such a diverse force? I've been holed up in the closet of an abandoned apartment since sunrise, it's allowed me to get a couple hours of sleep, but now they're going door to door checking for survivors and it's only a matter of time before they check this one. My last magazine is half empty and I'm absolutely starving, but maybe if I stay quiet enough they'll move along and I'll have a bit more time.
  3. "Human! That closet cannot hide from me. Drop your weapon and surrender."
  4. Fuck.
  6. Either she knows where I am or she's a hell of a bluffer. I can hear her hooves on the tile outside, she'll be checking the bedroom any minute now.
  7. "My name is Rarity, and I give you my word that if you come quietly you will not be harmed."
  8. Can't take the chance she's bluffing, it sounds like she's alone so it should be easy enough to catch her by surprise.
  9. With a lunge, I crash through the door. Remembering my training I raise the pistol and take aim at the base of the horn. Undistracted by her beauty I take three shots.
  10. Except the gun doesn't fire. And I'm not on the ground like I thought I would be.
  11. Her horn is glowing and I'm pinned to the wall with a cool blue field.
  13. "It's a shame you decided to do this the hard way, you would have made such a lovely unicorn."
  14. She's eyeing me up and down, magic grip as tight as ever
  15. "But rules are rules, you decided to fight back so you get to serve on the weather patrol"
  16. She's pulled a book from her saddle back, and she's flipping through it while she speaks.
  17. "Do you have any preferences in color? I'm not supposed to let you choose of course, but I'm always open to suggestions."
  18. Why would she ask me a question if she's not going to let me open my mouth?
  19. "Hm, it's for the best I suppose, you would probably just choose something awful like red and black. I swear, you humans have no sense of colors at all."
  20. She's stopped flipping through the pages, she's holding the book up and looking back and forth between it and me.
  21. "Yes, this will do quite nicely. Now just relax, this will be over shortly and we can be on our way."
  22. What does she mean by that, and how the hell am I supposed to relax when I'm stuck to a wall?
  24. She's dropped the book (more of a folder filled with pictures of ponies in dresses) and taken a seat on the floor. Her eyes are closed in concentration and her horn is glowing brighter than ever. That's when I start to feel it.
  25. It starts in my hands, but I feel it in my feet a second later. It's like my limbs have been submerged in warm water, and I can slowly feel it creeping inwards.
  26. I can't turn my head much, but I can definitely see something going on with my body.
  27. Jesus, it's actually happening, she's actually converting me.
  28. With renewed fear, I try to thrash my swelling limbs about, but the field holds true and all I succeed in doing is advancing the wave of light purple fur that is gradually consuming me.
  29. Fuck fuck fuck, I hope that she makes me a pretty pony, at least.
  30. Wait, what?
  31. "Focus, Anon. You're a human. One of the last humans. You can get out of this."
  32. "You can get off the wall, shoot that beautiful mare and escape."
  33. "Ignore the burning sensations, ignore the marshmallow hooves at the end of your limbs, ignore the fact that the dress she's selected will make you look absolutely fabulous."
  34. Focus.
  35. Shutting up the internal monologue, I push off the wall with my wings and legs at the same time. It's enough force to break the field and get off the wall.
  36. Wings?
  37. When the fuck did I get wings?
  38. She takes advantage of my lapse in concentration to flip me over and hold me in the air, my long blue mane obscuring my vision.
  39. "Now dear, there's no need to struggle. You're one of us now. Lets get you home and introduce you to of your new friends."
  40. Fuck that, I'm still a human at heart. Maybe I can kick her in the face and fly away.
  41. As soon as she sets me down I take a chance and lunge at her.
  42. "Hm, still a trouble maker? Let's see if we can't do something about that."
  43. She catches me effortlessly and leaves me hanging in the air while she turns to look through the closet.
  45. "Well, it's not perfect, but I suppose it will have to do."
  46. She's taken a few pieces of clothing from the closet and is holding them up, her magic changing them, making them wrap around me.
  47. My wings are bound by lace, not magic. A cloth bridle would be preventing me from speaking, even if I could work my new mouth.
  48. "Now darling, if you're not going to embrace your new life then I am going to teach you to enjoy it. I want you to know that I will not hurt you, but I simply must do something about your attitude problem."
  49. She's holding up a mirror she pulled from her bag, I give myself a once over.
  50. I wouldn't have chosen the color scheme myself, but the dress she's made for me does make me quite beautiful.
  51. I pull back and try my best to spit in her face. I haven't quite figured out the muzzle, but at least she catches my intention.
  53. "I just want you to know, it didn't have to be like this. You could have just come peacefully, I never would have had to put you in heat, I probably could have even made you a stallion. But no, you had to kick and scream every step of the way. So now you get to be a pretty little slut and I get to wash away the last of your humanity."
  54. She's pulling some toys out her bag now. Does she carry around a dragon dildo everywhere she goes?
  55. "When I'm done with you, you'll be begging for this."
  56. It's already started. I'm not sure when she replaced my manhood with a burning mound, but it's been steadily dripping ever since she started wrapping me in clothes.
  57. She flips me on my back and walks forward. She's standing over me now, lightly running a hoof down my belly.
  58. I try to struggle, but my body betrays me and I end up moaning instead.
  60. "I suppose I could take this slow"
  61. Her hoof is running down my belly, getting closer and closer.
  62. "We could be here for hours"
  63. She pulls back and brushes the hair out of my face.
  64. "I could bring you oh so close to the edge, then stop, just to torment you"
  65. She's leaning down, I can feel her cool breath against my hot marehood
  66. "But I've got better things to do."
  67. She stabs her tongue in to my slit, it's all I can do to keep from whimpering.
  68. "Mmm, grapey"
  69. She pulls back again, I can't help but to cry out.
  70. "So I'm going to make this quick."
  72. Since when does she have a cock?
  73. And why does it look so delicious?
  74. I hope she'll let me suck it when she's done
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