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  1. Jayme: Mmhmm. It's fucked up.
  2. Daniel: Does that mean u masutrbate with it right or ur left? Just curious mk
  3. Jayme: I think it's my right tbh. My middle finger mostly.
  4. Daniel: Ok
  5. (later)
  6. Daniel: When was the last time u masterbated?
  7. Jayme: Omg a while. Tbh
  8. Daniel: Lol I fapped last night
  9. Jayme: Its a weird feeling tbh. Orgasm is good though.
  10. Daniel: For guys it's a good feeling every time
  11. Jayme: Eh. Its okay but idk
  12. Daniel: Lol what does it for u?
  13. Jayme: Idk. really its like just porn.
  14. Daniel: Lol what's your favorite category/position?
  15. Jayme: Idk. What ever shows up on my dash tbh.
  16. Daniel: Lol I like to watch guys cum onto girls faces
  17. Jayme: Kinky.
  18. Daniel: Lol ya
  19. Jayme: But not camel orgy kinky ;)
  20. Daniel: Btw I also like to tap to girls sending me nudes *hint hint* :P
  21. Jayme: *nope nope*
  22. Daniel: Mk... I tried atleast lol
  23. Jayme: Do you really want my 12yr old pre pubescent tits?
  24. Daniel: Yes. I'm not forcing u or anything
  25. Jayme: Whyyyyyy thoooo
  26. Daniel: Becuz tits r tits no matter wut age
  27. Jayme: D:
  28. Daniel: Wut?
  29. Daniel: WIll u send me them or not?
  30. Jayme: Idk. Maybe.
  31. Daniel: Again I'm not forcing u to
  32. Jayme: I know.
  33. Daniel: Mk
  34. Daniel: I won't share ur pic with the chat either
  35. (Later)
  36. Daniel: If u want u can send a pic of ur Pussy... doesn't have to b boobs
  37. Jayme: Done. //She sent a fully clothed cleavage picture
  38. Daniel: Lol just like [REDACTED]
  39. Jayme: Mmhmm. Exception apparently im bigger?
  40. Daniel: U r
  41. Daniel: Makes me want nudes from u more
  42. Jayme: Nah.
  43. Daniel: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnow Imma go cry in a corner:(
  44. Jayme: Omg. Stahp.
  45. Daniel: *Winners softly in a corner*
  46. Jayme: No.
  47. Daniel: Pls? I won't show the other guys I promise //10/10 bet you would you sneaky cunt
  48. Jayme: Sorry bby, I cant.
  49. Daniel: D: y
  50. Jayme: Because I am 12.
  51. Daniel: So?
  52. Daniel: It's considered cp if I spread it to others
  53. Daniel: I won't spread it
  54. Jayme: And I won't take it.
  55. Daniel: D: this makes me sad
  56. Jayme: Idk. It makes me sad to take nudes tbh.
  57. Daniel: Rlly... how is that sad?
  58. Jayme: Because I don't feel comfortable wearing a skirt, let alone taking pictures of what's underneath.
  59. //Prepare for massive lulz
  60. Daniel: Oh I c. Ik ppl like u that just want to hide their body because they don't think they r pretty enough to show it off... I'm telling u that u r pretty enough to show your body off and if others judge u then haters gonna hate
  61. //Um sorry dude but.. showing your body off kinda makes you a slut
  62. Daniel: I think that was my most inspiration speech I've ever done lol
  63. //Kinda wasted your most inspirational speech on asking a twelvie for nudes, nice one bro.
  64. Daniel: Heller?
  65. //Kelen Heller
  66. Daniel: So now it just not gonna talk to me after my most inspirational speech ever? Great... note to self don't ever do inspirational speeches ever again
  67. //Maybe you should just not do inspirational speeches asking kids for nudes
  68. Jayme: It? Was I just called an It? DID YOU JUST FUCKING CALL ME IT?
  69. Daniel: Sorry my Autocorrect changes ur to it a lot for some reason.
  70. //Nice job bro, smooth, 10/10, would use to pick up women
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