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  1. *Nakowah gave a sigh as the tongue rang along her fur, smile setting into her features and hands coming up to wrap around the back of his neck. Her lips, just below his ear, angled upwards to give him an easier reach to cheek, and throat, half whispered >
  2. < back, half purred, "I'm so~ glad you enjoy it. A girl has to keep herself in peak condition after all. You never know who's eye you might catch..."
  3. Lotham7:05 PM
  5. "Y'got mine, now, lass. A dangerous one t'have. After all, I'm a %^&*in' possessive dog.. and I'm terrible about not tyin', as you put it." He let that rumble continue, a throaty sound that reverberated through her flesh and fur. Teeth baring for a
  6. moment, grazing across his neck, he pulled back. "Show me, love."
  7. Doctress7:09 PM
  9. *She drew a deep breath, seperating by just a few inches to look up at him with her big, doe-y eyes. She reached behind herself and unbuckled the latches holding her robes taught against her frame, and then with a thumb under both shoulders, let it fall >
  10. < to the grass around her. She was quite muscular in build, even for a Tauren, definition on her lower body especially. Her upper body was well toned, too, though, and had something of a washboard underlining her none-too-modest, but none-too-large bust.
  11. > (sorry the > didn't fit)
  12. She settled her hands on her now exposed hips, and smirked at him, looking up from her shorter position without speaking.
  13. Lotham7:12 PM
  15. (( You good! ))
  16. He took a step back, letting his eyes trail from hoof to horn. He let out a low groan, audibly exclaiming '%^&*'. His claws roamed her frame; one moving to grasp at her hip, expecting her to be wider than most he'd encountered there, whilst his other
  17. moved to her chest, giving one of her breasts an appreciative squeeze. Thankfully, he was careful about not spiking her with the talons. ".. %^&*in' hell, girl. I might want to keep you, yeah?"
  18. Doctress7:16 PM
  20. *The druid didn't seem terribly concerned with the presence of claws. She was indeed broad at the hip, both across and thick, and the hand was met with one of her own pressing down against it hard, encouraging him to dig those claws in some. She sighed >
  21. <appreciatively as the hand found her chest, eyes drifting shut for a moment as she enjoyed the touch before managing to reply, slightly breathily, "Mmm... with how wild I am? I don't think you'd be able to keep me for long."
  22. Lotham7:21 PM
  24. "I dunno, lass. I'm the type t'latch my claws in and keep a girl." He grinned toothily, giving her hip a firmer squeeze, then, his talons digging into her flesh, only to scratch a bit more as he slid the hand to grope at her rear. Giving that a squeeze,
  25. too, he even gave it a rough spank, a parting impact, as he slid his claws away from her. Why? So he could bring them to his belt. The upside of wearing armour that was lighter than his fullplate meant that he could doff large sections of chain with
  26. ease. Unbuckling it in a frenzy, he exposed his broad, powerful chest, first; highly muscular, he was a veritable warmachine, marked only with scars and the greying fur of age. With his bulging musculature exposed, he switched to his lower half. It was a
  27. bit more of a struggle, but eventually, he unfastened his leggings, allowing him to be free of them, at the padded cloth beneath, leaving him finally bare, natural, before her. Aye, he was canine alright; above his thick, powerful thighs laid a plush,
  28. thick sheath, just the merest tip starting to poke free of it's fuzzy confines, whilst below were the showers to his grower, a rather huge pair of balls, even by Tauren standards.
  29. Doctress7:31 PM
  31. *Nako purred back as the talons dug in, the low, throaty noise turning into something more akin to a sigh as his hand slid backwards, and then a gasp, and a slightly bassy giggle as he spanked at her well toned rump. As he stepped away to strip, himself, she crossed her arms under her belly, and watched with a faint hunger in her eyes, the normally defensive action serving emphasise her own »
  32. » endowment as he worked his way down to his. The expression crossing her features showed that she was far more than a little impressed at his build, a "hmmm~" confirming it as she drank in the appearance. Once the more difficult clothing below the waist came off, her eyes widened slightly in surprise, but not shock, her lips parting into something of a broad grin before she approached once »
  33. » more, unable to quite meet eye to eye yet as that damn upper body kept catching her gaze. "I don't know what Gods the Worgen pray to..." she mused, struggling to bring her face up to look into his. "But they've certainly granted you a boon..."
  34. Lotham7:34 PM
  36. "That's funny. I was startin' to wantin' to thank the Earthmother, myself, for puttin' you here. Maybe you can thank her for me, too, then, huh?" He gave her a crass little wink, even as he stepped forward to close the gap again. His muscular, broad
  37. chest pressed up against her far more pliable one as he pressed his muzzle against her own, awkwardly kissing her, letting his long tongue snake out into her own maw, allowing him to wrestle and toy with her muscle. With them so pressed up, it let him
  38. grind against her, and with the height difference, it meant that his burgeoning, canine !@#$ was kind of pressing up against her abdominals, leaking his pre to stain her fur where it rested, as he continued to grow.
  39. Doctress7:42 PM
  41. *She opened her mouth to quip back as he approached, but hardly protested when his firm body pressed up against her's, coarse, masculine fur grinding into the softer, almost plush of her own and eliciting a groan as it teased the sensitive skin it subtly flattened and his tongue intermingled and fought playfully with her own. Despite her persona of independence, in the moment of intimacy, she »
  42. » relented some, resisting his tongue's advance for just a few moments before feigning a retreat and assaulting back from another angle. She brought her arms back up around the back of his neck, and held pulled herself back into the embrace, giving him greater purchase to help excite the growing member for a short while before she smirked, and let her arm's grip break, one hand trailing down »
  43. » the side of his chest to find his hips, and wander inwards to get a proper handful, and sizing up of what she was about to enjoy.
  44. Lotham7:45 PM
  46. He still grew yet, within her palm, but she could certainly tell that it was a member worthy of his balls. Aye, he was hot to the touch, veiny, thick, and lengthy. Something that was no doubt impressive, even to a tauren. Hopefully, she was a size queen!
  47. Jests aside, though, he was going to break the kiss, but felt her challenge. It caused him to growl low into it, his claws moving to grab at her body. One groping for a grip at her childbearing hips, whilst the other grabbed at her rack. .. Well, her
  48. antlers. This was so he could pull her in deeper, angling his head for a better go at it.
  49. Doctress7:53 PM
  51. *The woman of the wilds couldn't help but grin at his really rather impressive tool, giving a low, approving groan from the back of her throat, punctuated with a quiet giggle. The pleased, bassy sounds vibrated through her whole body, but broke as he grasped her possesively at her horn, and hip, instead replaced by a brief squeek of delight. Well, as squeeky as a Tauren can get at any rate. She »
  52. » wasn't one to give up easily, and seemed to be enjoying the awkwardly framed, but beyond pleasant kiss, keeping up the struggle despite her disadvantage. Her hands weren't ones to be idle, either, the one on the back of his neck running through his mane, while the other got a firmer grasp of his manhood and began working the length of it. She was slow, and deliberate and soft for her opening »
  53. » salvo, gradually returning sobriety giving her more of an ability to do two things at once.
  54. Lotham7:56 PM
  56. Her tugging and pulling certainly caused his !@#$ to let out a steadier spurt of that copious pre, adding more warmth to stain her fur with. Aye, he was almost fully hardened within her grasp in moments, and he only broke the kiss to growl heatedly into
  57. her ear, panting low for breath. "Y'are all about nature, girl? It's ^&*!in' worgen nature t'want to grab a girl like you, to just want t'@#$% m'knot into her and breed her like a !@#$%, aye?" How crass!
  58. Doctress8:01 PM
  60. *The Tauren couldn't help but grin at his bluster, eyes narrowing playfully for a moment. "That's the funny thing about nature, and druids..." she teased back, lips pulling into a playful grin. "Sometimes we have to slightly alter it...especially when things become unbalanced." With that, and with careful positioning from the hand still grasping his member to avoid injury, she threw her weight »
  61. » high, and forward, aiming to push the Worgen clear off his paws and onto his back, with her still on his lap. The hand on his main would rake through the fur without gripping it, eventually ending up on his bare shoulder.
  62. (( on his mane*
  63. Lotham8:04 PM
  65. He wasn't hurt, thankfully, though he did grin wide up at her; clearly, he wasn't pissed off or anything. He rolled his hips, letting himself grind against her, wherever his member now lay against her fur, as he stared up at her with a hunger. His claws
  66. moved to grasp at her bust, both of them kneading and groping at her chest needily, running his thumbs over her nipples. "Mmhh.. Y'got me there... But I reckon I'll still end up knottin' you, anyway, eh?"
  67. Doctress8:09 PM
  69. *In this new position, things seemed to be easier to achieve that, if anything. Her own sex now sat atop the Worgen's, with his laying pressed back against his belly, unable to slip in at this angle. Not yet, at any rate. Supporting most of her weight on her forward facing knee, and horizontal hoof she started grinding back in return sighing quietly and closing her eyes as she started to grow »
  70. » more ready herself. The hand on his member took a dollop of the pre from the end of his canine !@#$, and came up to slip between her teeth as she stared down at him with a pleased groan, eyes half lided for a moment before she breathily replied,  around her salty fingertip, "Mmm...nature always reclaims our efforts eventually. And I wouldn't have it any other way..."
  71. Lotham8:12 PM
  73. He was, thankfully, respectful towards her; He wasn't going to fight her overly at that moment, nor try to wrestle her or anything. He did grind back, though, letting the heat and wetness of her sex trail along his member, adding just even more fluid to
  74. the copious amount already produced. He watched her savour him, eliciting a breathy growl from the male, as he admired her from his position, below. "Nor would I. Just be careful with nature. As I do intend on planting that seed, mmh?"
  75. Doctress8:20 PM
  77. *She purred back appreciatively in response to the idea, finger coming free from her bite and hand resting against his opposite shoulder to the one already planted for a moment, but for this one dragging down his muscular chest appreciatively, tracing out every bump of definition it could find on the way down to his waist. "That sounds quite appealing..." she mused, voice distant and almost »
  78. » detached from her mind, which seemed to be just bathing in the feeling she was experiencing. She lifted her hips off his for a moment, her own slickness apparent down the length of her thighs, before guiding the tapered tip of his !@#$ to his entrance and replying with sudden lucidity, "...Let's get to burying it" and with that she eased her hips back down again with a somewhat louder, more »
  79. » groaning sigh. She seemed to be enthralled with every square milimetre of it, enjoying every vein, and bump and benifet of its girth. Size queen she was, indeed. Slowly, she brought herself to bottom out, their hips entirely settled on each other and his full length embraced within her warmth.
  80. Lotham8:23 PM
  82. He certainly bucked upwards to help, driving that tapered tip deep within her, the unique anatomy of his !@#$ aiding with spearing into her depths, and certainly stretching her rather wide for it all, too. He growled out his approval, enjoying the
  83. feeling of the heat encompassing him. His claws, once upon her bust, started to draw down her body, tracing down her muscular body, as if trying to trace along where he could feel himself inside of her. "%^&*.. Doubt y'kin'd love that idea.. y'druid
  84. friends might, though, mmh?" He looked up at her, hazed with lust, his grin wide and his tongue lolling for but a second.
  85. Doctress8:33 PM
  87. *Depending on how good he was with anatomy, he'd find himself about an inch shy of where things would start to get unpleasantly painful. She huffed and sighed in approval as his talons dragged through her fur and stimulated the skin underneath. She slowly lifted her hips, and pushed her hips forward before reversing the motion sharply and dropping back down onto the full length of his manhood, »
  88. » grunting heavily at the mix of effort and enjoyment of the action. She was looking up at the stars a little blankly for a moment, almost as if her eyes were closed without actually being lidded, taking several thrusts to just enjoy before she bothered trying to think of a reply. "First...I serve...the-- ohhhh...Earthmother" she began, thought mixing with an uncontainable cry out to her deity »
  89. » in thanks for the feeling. "Just...shut up and %^&* me" she finally concluded, tired of the banter, staring him in the eyes and getting breathy she continued to bounce on his hips, going to take one of his exploring paws and more or less nail it to her chest once more. She gave up on words, and just groaned in enjoyment as she took up her end of her demand.
  90. Lotham8:35 PM
  92. He snarled lowly, letting her bounce upon that massive !@#$ as she willed, his teeth clenching shut as he enjoyed the heated sensations, clashing with the sudden coolness that came when she pulled off of him. It was unique feeling, having this Tauren
  93. ride him, and certainly, one that he -loved-. With her grabbing at one of his claws, the strong male took the hint squeezing and kneading at her chest again. With her barked command, though, he laughed, lowly, throatily, before his other grasped firmly
  94. at her hip. Squeezing at her furred flesh, enough to bury his talons in just a touch, he used the grip to let him slam those powerful hips upwards to meet her, starting to interrupt her riding by %^&*ing up into her, aggressively, primally.
  95. Doctress8:44 PM
  97. *Her focus on anything conscious or thoughtful basically shattered as his response shifted into something more aggressive. Becoming more animal than woman for the moment, she growled appreciatively, and slowly backed off her usual mindset, instead adjusting her pace to match his, to please him as he wanted to be pleased, to satisfy that primal part in the back of her mind that demanded life »
  98. » continue. She brought her nose back down to look him in the eye, the vacancy of enjoyment turning into burning lust as she met each of his upward thrusts with a well timed downward one of her own. Slowly, the growls began fading out into its equal near opposite of outright moans, as once her determination to match tempos was sated she was able to just go back to ejoying herself, the peak of »
  99. » said enjoyment visibly building inside her as she leaned back just far enough as to not escape his grasp and rest her hands on his thighs. His girth ground against her sensitive inners and filled her perfectly, sating that part of her that the smaller races just couldn't, and it wasn't long until her muscular hands were gripping tightly at the fur of his thighs and her breathing had gone »
  100. » from rapid between moans to slow and almost determined to reach her climax.
  101. Lotham8:50 PM
  103. For him, in turn, it was rare for a woman to be able to handle him so utterly. The inverse of her, in a way. Gritting his teeth, though, he was growing all the more rough, all the more impulsive, even more erratic with his wild thrusts. Staring up at her
  104. eyes, he gazed, half lidded, only for his orbs to snap open when he felt her grasp at his thighs, that scent of hers growing stronger as her climax approached. His knot had already started to swell, at this point; he was certainly thrusting upward into
  105. her still with it, even if she could barely take him at the base anymore! Still, though, he had one last trick up his sleeve. Grabbing onto her body, he suddenly pushed upward, in an effort to turn the tables, to slam her onto her back, with him lording
  106. over her, trying to position her legs onto his shoulders, hooves past his head, as he utterly slammed into her, those fat balls slapping against her !@# as he drew closer by the second, eager to back up that threat of reproduction.
  107. Doctress8:58 PM
  109. *She gave a yelp of surprise as her trance was broken, but made absoloutely no efforts to resist him. Quite the opposite in fact. After being knocked clear onto her back again, she simply gave in, lay back, and let the moment and man take her utterly. One hand now lay in the grass, gripping at it tightly and raking her way through to the dirt, dragging thick lines into it as she edged higher »
  110. » and higher, the other getting  a knuckle gripped between her teeth as she became desperate to feel every sensastion she could...until finally, once that thick knot finally managed to breach its way in from the extra force he could now muster, she reached the top. As she came cascading down the other side, the tension her body had been building released and she shuddered and gave a deep, »
  111. » bellowing groan, head tilting off to the side with enough force that it pulled one of her braids onto her chest from the inertia and the hand from between her teeth dropped onto her chest and squeezed into a tight, pleased fist.
  112. Lotham9:03 PM
  114. He kept bucking forward, even as they were locked together, as if he was desperate to keep thrusting. Sadly, for him, once they were locked? There was no escape. Just as animalstic as she, as he reached that peak on his own, after a few moments of savage
  115. grinding, he tilted his head back, letting out a wild howl that echoed all the way to Booty Bay. It signaled his own climax; from his tapered tip, massive ropes of potent worgen seed erupted, his hefty balls clenching as he ejaculated a copious amount of
  116. his *!@ into her, shooting it into her womb, uncaring for their differences; he was indeed doing his best to seed her, as he had threatened, and the sheer amount of it was relentless. He was a potent !@#$%^& too, through and through. It took a while for
  117. it to abate, as well, such was his virility, but when he was finally done, he was panting, growling and groaning. And he wrapped his arms tight around her, cuddling on up atop of her.
  118. Doctress9:10 PM
  120. *Nakowah basked in the afterglow for a long moment, muscles immediately too tapped to properly embrace the Worgen back. As she panted, and sense and control slowly returned to her mind and body, she gave a pleased pur at the cuddle, and slowly wrapped her own arms around the man still embedded in her. She was wordless for a long few moments, before finally managing to croak out to him, eyes »
  121. » still shut from the pleasant comedown coursing through her, "...That. Was. Amazing." She weakly attempted to roll out from under him, not breaking their cuddle, instead aiming to lie side by side. Admittedly, her head had to be angled a little oddly, thanks to her antlers, but you know how it is.
  122. *She also draped a hoof lazily over the side of his legs, if succesful, unable and unwanting to break their tie.
  123. Lotham9:11 PM
  125. He was certainly used to his anatomy causing odd angles and cuddles, but he soon adjusted, allowing her to move so that they lay face to face on their sides. Indeed, he wasn't willing to break it either, so did not stop her. If anything, he just wrapped
  126. his arms around her all the more protectively, nuzzling at her cheek and throat, lazily licking every other moment. ".. Yeah.. Y'ain't wrong.."
  127. Doctress9:16 PM
  129. *She gave another content sigh, enjoying the sensation the nuzzling and more importantly, warm breath imparted on her skin beneath the fur. Her hand drifted slowly down the fur of his uppermost hip, enjoying playing with the coarse, canine coat and feeling the slight scratch on her fingertips. Still not quite fully returned in her faculties, she wasn't quite able to carry a conversation yet,but »
  130. » she gave a warm, beyond pleased smile to him, and took some time to just stare into his eyes.
  131. Lotham9:17 PM
  133. His coat was rather smooth, his fur soft. Indeed, he took great care of himself, and that body! He matched her breathing, slowly, his gaze looking into her own, as he just gave her that little, slightly toothed smile. A claw came to rest upon her belly,
  134. where they were joined together as one.
  135. Doctress9:20 PM
  137. *A thought seemed to occur to the Tauren as a few more of her wits began to return to her, but she waite duntil Lotham had come down off of his high too before asking. A minute or so after she'd notice his afterglow start to fade, she'd ask, amused, "...How long are we going to be like..." she gestured at the knot, "This?"
  138. Lotham9:21 PM
  140. "Half an hour. Maybe more. It varies, mmh? Depends how much y'keep tryin' to stimulate me, I suppose. .. I probably don't need to go into details as to why it's a thing, for you, eh?" He waggled his brows, grinning again, giving her flank a gentle pat.
  141. Doctress9:23 PM
  143. *She gave an amused laugh back, shaking her head. "Me, a humble druid? What would I know about animal breeding habits?" she asked, with good natured irony.  She looked down at her belly, thoughtfully for a moment, then smirked, "I wonder if there actually is a chance of seeding. I've never heard of anything being half Shu'halo, or half Worgen, let alone both."
  144. Lotham9:25 PM
  146. "I've heard of stranger things. Half Draenei, for example. Completely different worlds. Worgen are druidic creatures, first, no? Would only make sense with you, a druid.. If it did happen, would you complain?" He ventured, peering into her eyes further,
  147. curious beyond anything.
  148. Doctress9:28 PM
  150. *She mused for a moment, considering, then replied bluntly but without bitterness. "Complain? No, but I could not carry to term. It would be irresponsible. I fight on the front lines, and I'm getting older. It would be unsafe for child and I alike, in many ways. ...I- sincerely hope that doesn't offend." Her tone was soft, as she spoke, "I am more than happy to carry the idea during play. »
  151. » It's...extremely enticing a thought, in  a vaccuum. And I'd be horrified if you felt I deceived you."
  152. Lotham9:30 PM
  154. "Offended? Nah. I wouldn't force it on you, either. Whilst I admit, I'd .. happily help look after you and the child, I would never think to make it happen, regardless of your wishes, mmh?" He smiled, warmly, as if to just reencourage her. He leaned
  155. forward, giving her nose a gentle lick. "Maybe I'm just feelin' my age, the need to start a family."
  156. Doctress9:32 PM
  158. *She brightly smiled at the lick, and tilted her head curiously to ask in reply, "If you don't mind me asking, how old are you? Most of the men I know who've said that have been in their late twenties."
  159. Lotham9:33 PM
  161. "A complicated question. Beneath my furred form, before I got bit, I was a half elf. So, I've been around for a touch over seven decades now. Still in my prime, but starting to feel it, aye?"
  162. Doctress9:35 PM
  164. *She smirked at that, and nodded. "That is rather young, still. ...If you're curious, I'm forty-four. And-- the sha'halo have roughly the same lifespan as humans." She felt something shift in her nethers, and glanced down, checking the state of their tie.
  165. Lotham9:37 PM
  167. "Mmhhh.. That I can understand." He rumbled lowly, giving her cheek another, light nuzzle. "You don't look a day over thirty, eh?" As for below, well, she'd certainly feel that he was starting to soften.. A bit more, and he might start to slide loose.
  168. (( Though, I am going to have to hop off in a sec. I'm hecking exhausted, myself. x-x ))
  169. Doctress9:38 PM
  171. (( love 'em and leave 'em 'ey? x3 no problemo
  172. Lotham9:38 PM
  174. LOL. Hardly. If it wasn't late here for me, I'd keep going on and ON ))
  175. Doctress9:42 PM
  177. *She smirked, bapping him super lightly on the arm. "Flattery will get you everywhere" she said with a bassy giggle, "Wherever did you learn to be such a charmer?" She waited patiently for the knot to slip, instead of hurrying off in any capcity, making to return the cuddle a bit more deeply for some time and rest her nose against his furry chest. She was careful with her antlers, making sure »
  178. » to not smack him with them as she rearranged herself.
  179. Lotham9:43 PM
  181. And he himself was more than content to cuddle her until the wee hours of the morning. Well, that, or until she grew tired of cuddling him. Whichever came sooner. Either way, she was stuck with him for a while, knot or no!
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