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Anonfilly and Celestia

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Sep 20th, 2018
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  1. >be anon
  2. >also be a filly
  3. >how that happened doesn't matter, what matters is what's happening in the now
  4. >currently you are waiting outside the throne room of the two sisters
  5. >most ponies in your situation would be nervous
  6. >their heart would be pounding
  7. >they'd be worried about what is about to happen to them
  8. >you, however, are just plain bored
  9. >you've been sitting by the door for what feels like a thousand years
  10. >it's cold, and your hooves hurt
  11. >not to mention your flank
  12. >stupid purple horse, you swear there might be a way to get her arrested for filly abuse
  13. >that's not why you're here though
  14. >suddenly the throne room door opens, revealing two castle guards
  15. >the one on the right turns to you and speaks
  16. >"The Princess will see you now."
  17. >you roll your eyes
  18. "Gah! It's about damn time!"
  19. >the guards head inside the throne room, motioning you to follow
  20. >as you do so, you look up at the throne
  21. >oddly enough, no pony is sitting there
  22. >in your confusion, you look around the room trying to see if there's something you're missing
  23. >sure enough, you spot Princess Celestia sitting at a table
  24. >your eyes grow wide and a smile forms as you spot cookies on the table
  25. >Celestia looks at you and smiles before turning to the guards
  26. >"Thank you, you may leave us be. I shall call you in if we need anything"
  27. >they take a quick bow before making their way out of the throne room
  28. >you eye Celestia suspiciously as she looks at you with inquisitive eyes
  29. >she motions you towards the table
  30. >"Please. Sit."
  31. >you raise an eyebrow and make tentative steps to the table
  32. >you finally sit down and eye the cookies
  33. "So, these aren't like, poisoned with some kinda friendship spell, are they?"
  34. >Celestia's eyes widened
  35. >"Why in Equestria would you think that?"
  36. "Well, when you live with Twilight Sparkle..."
  37. >you decide not to go into detail
  38. >shockingly, Celestia laughs at this
  39. >did she think you were joking?
  41. >an aura of yellow magic surrounds Celestia's horn as she pulls a scroll out from seemingly nowhere
  42. >she speaks as she begins to open it
  43. >"I realize Twilight might be a bit... unorthodox at times, but please understand she has your best interests at heart"
  44. >your jaw nearly hits the table as you try to understand if she actually said that
  45. "So is that why she felt the need to hit me?"
  46. >you rub your flank to emphasize your words
  47. >to be honest, it didn't hurt quite as bad anymore, but that's besides the point
  48. >Celestia lets silence hang in the air for a moment as she ponders your words
  49. >her face is unreadable, but you can at least tell it's not a happy one
  50. >after a few moments, she opens up the scroll she was holding in her magic
  51. >she looks over whatever is inside the scroll before finaly speaking
  52. >"I must admit, I did not expect to hear of that. I've never known Twilight to hurt anyone"
  53. "Well she DID! And it hurt REAL BAD!"
  54. >you try to drum up some tears to make the moment seem even more pitiful
  55. >unfortunately that skill was left behind the moment you left your human body
  56. >Celestia lets out a sigh
  57. >"While I will not excuse her actions, that does not mean that I will ignore the things that you have done"
  58. >for the first time since arriving at the castle with Twilight, you actually feel nervous
  59. >after all, you ARE talking to some kind of god horse that rules over all
  60. >you let out an audible gulp as she turns back to the scroll
  61. >"Damaging her work space because 'it's fun to throw stuff,' scaring Spike into believing that Twilight will kick him out if he grows older because 'you just like messing with him,' purposefully unorganizing Twilight's personal library because 'she's funny when she gets autistic'"
  62. >she pauses for a moment and looks at you
  63. >for your part, your annoyed expression has not changed
  64. >whatever Celestia was looking for, she apparently did not get it
  66. >she sighed and decided it was best to move on
  67. >"And then of course, there's the most recent incident. Anon, I'm not quite sure what a 'faggot' is, but if it's bad enough that it caused her to hit you, then it can not be anything pleasant"
  68. >it took all of your willpower to not start bursting out laughing
  69. >even then, you could not hold in your immature giggling
  70. >Celestia, however, did not see the humor in things
  71. >her expression changed into a somewhat subdued anger
  72. >"Anon I understand that you may think this is all very funny, but do you really think this is any way for a filly to act?"
  73. >your giggling stops
  74. >you snort in annoyance and cross your hooves over your chest
  75. "I may be a filly, but I'm not a kid! I'm in my twenties damn it. Why does everyone forget this?"
  76. >"And yet you insist on acting like you're still a filly. Which you are."
  77. >you detected a hint of amusement in her voice
  78. >whether intentional or not, it only served to annoy you more
  79. >you responded with the best comeback you could think of
  80. "Whatever"
  81. >Nailed it
  82. >Celestia sighed and shook her head
  83. >"I understand this is a strange world to you, but if you are going to live in my Kingdom you will abide by my rules. And the first rule is to treat your guardian with respect"
  84. >you scoff at her words
  85. "I'll respect her when she stops treating me like shit"
  86. >the atmosphere in the room changes drastically the moment the final word escapes your mouth
  87. >Celestia drops the scroll on the ground and looks you straight in the eye
  88. >her eyes bare the force of a thousand suns
  89. >her angry frown causes you to shrink slightly in your seat
  90. >"I do not know who you think you are, Anon, but I absolutely will NOT tolerate such language in my realm. Do you understand?"
  91. >she wasn't yelling
  92. >not really anyways
  93. >but for the effect it had, she might as well have been
  94. >your eyes quickly drop, no longer able to look at the angry mare in front of you
  95. "B..b-but..."
  96. >"Do. You. Understand."
  97. >resigning yourself to her words, you give a quick nod
  99. >your eyes, still unable to reach Celestia's, find their way to the cookies on the table
  100. >you almost forgot about them
  101. >a heavy silence rings out for what feels like a century
  102. >a golden aura surrounds the cookies before they are pushed towards you
  103. >you finally look up at Celestia, tears beginning to fill your eyes
  104. >not fake, but real ones
  105. >her face has softened and the fire in her eyes have burned out
  106. >as you choke down a few sobs, you finally take a cookie
  107. >as you bite into it, Celestia pulls out two teacups for each of you and begins pouring
  108. >it tastes heavenly
  109. >so good that you could almost forget that you're here to be reprimanded
  110. "T-thanks. And I'm sorry."
  111. >this wasn't one of your many apologies to Twilight
  112. >this one you actually meant
  113. >"What's done is done. Just do not do it again"
  114. >more silence
  115. >still as uncomfortable as before
  116. >maybe even more so
  117. >you continute to chow down on the cookies and sip your tea
  118. >you actually hate tea, but it would be rude to decline Celestia's offer
  119. >...wait a minute, since when did you care about being rude?
  120. >at least, you never cared when it was Twilight
  121. >or any other pony for that matter
  122. >Celestia, however...
  123. >she seems to have a much more powerful effect on you than Twilight has ever had
  124. >maybe being some kind of freaky thousand year old all powerful god horse had something to do with that
  125. >Celestia finally breaks the silence
  126. >"I apologize for being so harsh. I just want what's best for you"
  127. >she said the same thing about Twilight, and you did not believe her
  128. >however, she's not talking about Twilight
  129. >she's talking about herself
  130. >that makes all the difference in the world
  132. "I know"
  133. >your voice is small and soft
  134. >you're not even sure if Celestia heard you
  135. >"No pony will respect a pony who doesn't care about what effect their actions have on others. Have you even considered what Twilight is going through? I do not mean for you to think that you are a burden on her, but she has far more responsibilities to worry about outside of taking care of you"
  136. "I know"
  137. >you were a little louder this time
  138. >"Your actions have caused her great stress. And while I do not approve of what she did, that doesn't make your actions acceptable"
  139. "I know"
  140. >more silence
  141. >you look up at Celestia again
  142. >she's giving you a much more compassionate face than you expected
  143. >almost motherly
  144. >but the disappointment was also there
  145. >you think back to your own parents, and what they would say when you did something that upset them
  146. >'I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed'
  147. >no amount of spankings would ever hurt more than those words
  148. >and those words were exactly what Celestia's expression was saying to you
  149. >your tears continute to spill
  150. >Celestia walks over to you and puts her wing around you
  151. >she tightens the hold into a compassionate hug
  152. >you turn towards her and bury your face in her chest
  153. >"Please do not cry, my litte pony. We all make mistakes, and we all learn from them"
  154. >you sob deeply into her coat
  155. "I... I'm s-sorry..."
  156. >you mutter your apology over and over again, like a broken record
  157. >Celestia does what she can to comfort you
  158. >she hugs you tight
  159. >she hushes you softly
  160. >she nuzzles the top of your head
  161. >she tells you everything will be alright
  162. >the ensuing silence is no longer uncomfortable
  163. >the two of you sit like that for longer than you can even fathom
  164. >soon enough, your sobbing subsides
  165. >as much as you hate to admit it, you hate it when she lets go and returns to the other side of the table
  166. >she sips her tea as she looks at you
  167. >her gaze is no longer difficult to look at
  168. >you wipe your eyes with your hoof and take another cookie
  170. >Celestia breaks the silence
  171. >"Feeling better?"
  172. >you nod
  173. "Mhmm, a little"
  174. >Celestia gives you a warm smile
  175. >"Good. Now, I hope you understand that it's bad to treat Twilight the way you have been"
  176. >you raise a hoof in protest, but think better of it before the words are able to leave your lips
  177. >"I know that you have your concerns, but please understand. She is only trying to help you adjust to this world. She is trying to raise you to be the very best pony you can be. She loves you very much, and I'm sure deep down you love her just as much"
  178. >you can't protest her words
  179. >because as much as you hate to admit it, they're true
  180. >"I very much hope we do not need to have this conversation again"
  181. >you give her a hopeful smile
  182. "Can... can I still come to visit you?"
  183. >Celestia beams down at you
  184. >"Of course you can! I would love nothing more. So long as it's not in the same context as our current meeting"
  185. >you internally breath a sigh of relief
  186. >suddenly you're not feeling quite as horrid as you were
  187. >in fact, you're quite happy with how things turned out
  188. >you never expected Celestia to be so...
  189. >loving?
  190. >caring?
  191. >no, those two aspects were obvious
  192. >motherly
  193. >that was the word you were looking for
  194. >wanting to break the silence, you suddenly let your thoughts spill off your tongue
  195. "It still hurt when she hit me"
  197. >Celestia nodded
  198. >"I am terribly sorry Twilight did this to you. It is not at all what I expect out of my former student, and it is certainly not acceptable to hit a pony for any reason whatsoever. I will be sure she gets a stern letter in the near future"
  199. >that definitely made you feel a little better
  200. >though you do wish Twilight would get a bit more of a punishment than some words on a piece of paper
  201. >you give her another hopeful glance
  202. "Are you sure we can't banish her to the moon for this?"
  203. >you were kind of joking
  204. >kind of
  205. >but the playful twinkle in Celestia's eye surprised you
  206. >she gave you a hearty chuckle
  207. >"How about a comprimise?"
  208. >you raise your eyebrow and tilt your head in curiosity
  209. >"I hear she's scared of being sent back to magic kindergarten..."
  210. >she gives you a playful wink as you burst out in a fit of giggles
  211. "I think I like where this is going"
  213. End
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