Matarika vs DaNewNinja (4/15/2021)

Apr 22nd, 2021
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  1. Matarika vs DaNewNinja
  2. (Mid April 2021)
  4. R1:
  5. Danew runs in immediately from the get go towards Matarika. Mata attempts to respond with a left hook of sorts but misses.
  6. As Mata attempts to rebalance himself by straightening out his legs, he gives Danew ample time to fire off a right hand that almost gets directed off path by Mata's left elbow but still makes contact toward the left floating ribs/lower fixed ribs area of Mata's body.
  7. Mata attempts to counter over the top with a left hand but does not make meaningful impact due to his poor connection with the ground. He instead pushes himself away with the extension of the arm and steps back.
  8. Mata then restances to fire off a right straight while DaNew responds with his own. Mata pushes on top of DaNew's arm as he punches to direct the punch off course.
  9. Mata attempts to land with a left hook but is unable to make meaningful impact before reaching the end of his range with the hook.
  10. Danew ninja rolls out of trouble as he loses balance from his right punch being deflected off course.
  11. Mata respects Danew's roll and backs off to reset the distance.
  12. As they both restance, Danew is the first one to start running forward and punching before he is in range. Mata responds by planting himself in place to intercept Danew's head first movement with a stiff-arm right hook.
  13. Danew then throw a left hook directed towards the body to make contact as he enter into range and then throws a left overhand whilst having his head in the same slot as before.
  14. Mata responds with a left punch but is unable to make meaningful impact.
  15. DaNew responds by throwing his right arm over Mata's left in a cross-counter type of situation, making devastating impact towards the back-top area of Mata's head. This causes Mata to have a lateral balance failure for a moment but Mata responds by intelligently grabbing onto a bodylock.
  16. DaNew lands a short elbow in transition.
  17. Mata technically cheeses out of this position and goes for an aikido lift to suplex DaNew over the top of his head. DaNew lands two short right hooks in transition to the body.
  18. This suplex does not making meaningful impact nor does it give Matarika control of the positioning after he turns back over to pursue on top. DaNew posts out with both arms and scrambles back to his feet, he lands an back elbow to the right upper ribs area of Mata's body and follows up with a rear left hook to the same spot.
  19. As Mata prepares another lift suplex finish from a single leg grip conversion to double leg grip, DaNew punches on a control to the head.
  20. The timer runs out.
  22. 10-8 DaNewNinja
  24. Whilst Matarika's right hook interception to DaNew's aggressive forward movement was very devastating in terms of impact, the sheer volume of strikes landed upon Matarika that DaNewNinja was able to land not only in offensive combinations mixed in with counters but also inbetween the different junctions of grappling in the cage whilst Matarika was attempting to win a few seconds with his takedown attempts. Ultimately in my eyes, dominating most exchanges in the round with aggressive intent until he was forced out of position due to cheese; but, even then, he still found a way to continue popping off offense to win every second of the fight after being hit with the first good counter.
  26. R2:
  27. Failure to warning opponent of disconnection before replay was able to save. This round will automatically be rewarded to Matarika.
  29. 10-9 Matarika
  31. R3:
  32. DaNew tries to run in from the very beginning to start wild punching exchanges with Mata; but, Mata responds by jabbing in DaNew's face.
  33. DaNew tries to repsond with a body shot but doesn't quite hit his target as Matarika counters with a short right hand down the middle that connects to the jaw of DaNew.
  34. Mata steps back to reset the distance.
  35. DaNew does some DaNewNinja techniques and spins about a bit.
  36. As he restances and starts to run back at Mata, he is intercepted by a short left cross as Mata steps forward. DaNew throws a left straight upon being punched but misses and goes toward the groin area.
  37. DaNew follows up with a right cross but is intercepted yet again by Mata with his own right cross.
  38. Mata stays in position and recoils for another right cross, DaNew barely dodges it and the cross skims by the bottom of DaNew's chin.
  39. DaNew responds with a low kick but is checked.
  40. DaNew forces out a right hook from an awkward position but is cut short by his own lack of connection to the ground.
  41. Matarika has a lateral balance failure and is forced to post out.
  42. Mata tries a cheesy hook kick off the recovery.
  43. Matarika then does a very cheesy front flip toe tapping kick that will be disregarded entirely.
  44. DaNew responds with his own toe tapping spinning hook kick to the body of a now upside down Mata but it looks like it has good impact.
  45. DaNew tries a mule kick but doesn't quite hit it right.
  47. 10-9 Matarika
  49. Despite some very questionable choices of technique at the end, Matarika did his best to find his strikes while paying attention to defense. In the end, Matarika won more meaningful impact in each of the exchanges. DaNewNinja was winning forward positioning and the center of the cage; but, was missing his targets and getting countered often.
  51. 28-28 Draw
  52. A sudden death round is definitely required to determine a winner between these two. The 2nd round was automatically rewarded to Matarika anyways. Both of these guys deserve a chance to prove that they are the winner of this bout after this is over.
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