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  1.       putdcc $lea(idx) ":$lea(sid) CAPAB START 1202"
  2.         putdcc $lea(idx) ":$lea(sid) CAPAB CAPABILITIES :PROTOCOL=1202"
  3.         putdcc $lea(idx) ":$lea(sid) CAPAB END"                
  4.         putdcc $lea(idx) "SERVER $lea(link) $lea(pass) 0 $lea(sid) :Services Tcl pour"
  5.         putdcc $lea(idx) ":$lea(sid) BURST [clock seconds]"
  6.         putdcc $lea(idx) ":$lea(sid) VERSION :Moderator 3.0 tcl service for InspIRCd 2.0 by sianur"
  7.                 putdcc $lea(idx) ":$lea(sid) ADDLINE Q Moderateur $lea(host) [clock seconds] 172800 :Reserved Pour Moderateur"
  8.         putdcc $lea(idx) ":$lea(sid) ENDBURST"
  9.         putdcc $lea(idx) ":$lea(sid) UID $lea(uid) [clock seconds] $lea(pseudo) Discutea $lea(ip) [clock seconds] +IWBOiows +*:$lea(real)"
  10.                 catch {open scripts/Lea/db/chan.db r} autojoin
  11.                 while {![eof $autojoin]} {
  12.                     gets $autojoin salon; if {$salon!=""} {
  13.                         putdcc $lea(idx) ":$lea(uid) JOIN $salon"
  14.                                 putdcc $lea(idx) ":$lea(uid) MODE $salon +qowwwwIIIIeeee $lea(pseudo) $lea(pseudo) o:*!* h:*!* a:*!* a:*!* *!* *!* *!* *!* *!* *!* *!* *!*"
  15.                                 putdcc $lea(idx) ":$lea(uid) MODE $salon +WCHJTdnrt 10:3600 60 5"
  16.                     }
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