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  1.          As you may have noticed i'm activating idle tf2 accounts for your idling pleasure. Price is 1 key per account, i rarely accept anything else, especially metal. If you're buying more then 2 you are going first, simple. For more info add me and ask your questions, but only after you have read info below.
  2.     If you made up your mind, make sure you have:
  3.         -create accounts themselves (obviously);
  4.         -prepare the payment (same);
  5.         -make sure you got all login info right and that all mails function properly, or steam guard may fuck up everything;
  6.         -make sure you don't have any weapons with price over 0,5$ on test run on those accounts (IMPORTANT!), if you do, wait till test run is over.
  7.     Process is pretty simple. I log into your idle accounts, adding enough money to activate em through buying smth at mann co, then trading you for payment if i haven't yet (if you didn't go first), after i received the payment i proceed to entering tf2 and buying a cheap weapon at the shop, then after synch is finished i exit the account. I will stay online when doing this, so the ability to chat with me will still exist. There is an optional way of doing things faster, especially if you plan on activating many accounts. You can enter each f2p account before sending me the info and testing a 0.5$ weapon on each of them. This may be more work for you, yet it will save me from entering tf2 to activate your account, thus making process faster. If you choose this way, make sure to tell me which weapon you have tested on the account.
  8.     If i'm busy with something, like playing or else, don't spam my chat or profile with messages about you wanting to buy some accs. I won't respond and most likely i will delete you. Remember, it's you who wants to get em, not me. Users i choose to work with should at least not be marked as steamrep scammers, if you are one i may refuse to work with you, same goes for users not being able to speak understandable english/russian.
  9.     For those who need a premium Sandboxie program for mulit-idling, I rewrote the Readme files in english, so you could install it yourself. Zip file is linked on profile.
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