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  1. Town name: Ryueikou
  2. Population: 7690
  3. Arid dessert, with a large river (Kameokashi no kawa) which floods yearly, the waters are rich with nutrients good for growing the local crops primarily of wheat, barley, vegetables, figs, melons, pomegranates, vines, grain, reeds and flaxen.
  4. Large walls made of limestone, sandstone, clay and wood, built around the souce of the Kaeokashi river which sits at the centre of the city, ever expanding outwards from it's centre.
  6. Flowing from a massive (20ft) flawless sapphire, atop stone mountain water ever flows down it's sides into a mote circling the mountain. The god of the city, a great blue dragon, who's true name is only know by the heads of the temple and the king himself, resides as it's keeper inside a cave sitting atop a natrual rock mountain, over many years a temple was built around it, adorned by gold, marble and sapphires. Depictions of the great dragon were carved into the mountain and it's outer walls. The temple also acts as the palace and central bureaucracy
  8. It is said that the fist King, began his life here a farmer, drawn by the glowing blue high in the sky, used his hoe and shovel to create a small unatural lake many thousands of years ago and his decendants each expanded the river to eventually flow out across the desert into the sea. It is also known that the first king was a friend to the dragon, and swore eternal friendship to him if he kept the waters ever flowing for him and the people who wondered after him, he was burried under the mountain, a tradition which eventually became the royal tomb.
  10. The sapphire can be seen from miles around reflecting a blue light over the surounding dessert as it's tip shines out of the top of the cave, acting as a home becon to the locals.
  11. A massive sandstone and marble temple guilded in gold and adorned by sapphires is built around the stone, where the blue dragon resides. A yearly tradition of panning the river for sapphires and other smooth blue rocks and crystals.
  12. Ryuu-o
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