The People of Walmart AF FORM

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  1. /Healing\
  2. Username: Fanfics_Only
  3. Password: Ullzang
  5. /Boom Boom\
  6. Full name: Ryu Hwayoung
  7. Age: 22
  8. Birthday: September 5, 1995
  9. Height: 178 cm
  10. Weight: 62 kg
  11. Blood type: B
  13. /Swimming fool\
  14. Slot: Fuzzy Peaches
  15. Backup: Swedish Barries
  16. Face Claim: @_plumfloral on instagram
  17. Backup: @95.06.01 on instagram
  18. Personality: She's chill and laidback. She's independent, learns quickly and intelligent. She is someone you can reallie on because she's knows what she is doing. She stays on task and follows the rules so she can stay out of trouble. She is someone who is friendly and greets you with a smile no matter what.
  19. Background: She grew up in Busan with two older sisters which left her moneyless. She got kicked out at 16 because she graduated early, she went to college at Ewha's Female university to study medicine. She was too focused on school she wasn't able to pay her apartment bills. She soon got kicked out and lived with a friend for free until she finished up her schooling. Landing a job are a pharmacist's (which make a lot of money) she is now able to live a stable life in a nice apartment with her cat snowflake.
  20. Family: age, relation, closeness
  21. Mom, 55, extremely close tells her about her day and vents her problems
  22. Dad, 55, not super close but the only really great each other
  23. Older Sister, 25, Fights with her a lot they keep there distances
  24. Oldest Sister, 28, Kind of like her second mom they are really close and talk to each other about everything
  26. - Reading
  27. - Sketching
  28. - Yoga
  29. - Video games
  30. - Doing her job
  31. - Swooning over her love interest everytime he walks by
  32. - Cooking and Baking
  33. - Spicy foods
  34. Dislikes:
  35. - Rain
  36. - Sudden loud noises
  37. - People that have bad attitudes
  38. - Being yelled at
  39. - Extremely sweet foods
  40. - unreliable people
  41. - Nail biting habits
  42. - Milk
  43. Hobbies:
  44. - Reading
  45. - Listening to the weather forecast and music in the mornings
  46. - Sketching
  47. - Cooking and Baking
  48. - Yoga on the weekends
  49. - Drink hot chocolate of tea on cold mornings with her cat
  50. Habits:
  51. - Puffing her cheeks in front of attractive people
  52. - Biting lip when nervous
  53. - Double checking things
  54. - Cleaning when upset
  56. /Highlight\
  57. Love interest: S.Coups
  58. Backup: Hoshi
  59. His personality: Looks mean and intimidating but he is really a super sweet and chill guy. He takes his job seriously and with that he gets strict.He loses his things because he forgets where they are or where he puts them because he's also clumsy.
  60. His first impression: Hwayoung looks shy but looks studious and cute... wait what?
  61. Your first impression: Seungcheol looks mean, but wants to get to know him.
  62. Crush scenarios: min. 3
  63. - He randomly brings me fries
  64. - Appoint were he tries to ask me for his files
  65. - He scares me while i try to measure the medication so i spill everything.
  67. /Still lonely\
  68. Group scenarios:
  69. - Workers Karaoke Bar
  70. - On easter they should do like a store scavenger hunt
  71. Why you want to be in this fic: It's seventeen and plus you are my friends and this is how i show my support.
  72. Something she always says: "Snap, Crackle, Pop!" it's like "Oh My Gosh"
  73. Note to me: I luv you kookie (::
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