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Pirates IRC JUNE'19 Changelog

mruno Jul 3rd, 2019 29 Never
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  1. Pirates IRC - http://tiny.cc/PiratesIRC
  2. June 2019 Changelog
  4. Changes:
  5. Werewolves bitten by vampires during full moons cannot howl for 5 minutes
  6. Ship to ship taunts and messages now be saved per ship and can be viewed at !P Ship Messages
  7. If a ship battles a treasure guardian and loses, the monster's HP will be reduced next time it is battled
  8. Increased cooldown between storm events by 150%
  9. More than one weather system will not despawn at the same time
  10. Added !P Moon - shows when next full moon is
  11. Added Werewolf howl achievement
  12. Added !P Howl for werewolves during full moons. Awake pirates will lose 2 power
  13. Sailing cooldown after all ships moor at same port
  14. Countdown message for the Saturday all ships moor at same port event
  15. Added !P Weather
  16. Added Zonbis to random finds (!P Cast events)
  17. Storms will now decrease bot ships' HP when they sail thru them
  18. Increased power and stamina rewards (!P Rewards)
  19. Ship is loses HP instead of costing the crew doubloons when losing vs an epic monster
  20. Added additional achievements
  21. Decreased amount of captcha checks
  22. Ships that are 'hidden' will be displayed on the top right of the live map http://tiny.cc/PiratesLive
  23. Added 30+ additional treasure map locations
  24. Pirates onboard a ship that teleports, will lose stamina
  25. Pirates with charisma Levels 4 & 5 now have a chance to keep other players from charvering, dueling, or robbing them: http://tiny.cc/PirateSkills
  26. Players may now be flagged as clones or bots if certain conditions are met. If flagged too many times, they will be unable to perform certain commands to prevent unfairness to other players and ships
  27. Non-richest Captains (Captain who are temporarily the Cap'n) will no longer be dueled by the bot
  28. Added tutorial for when a player be so sick from a disease, they have decreased stamina
  30. Fixes:
  31. Vortex weather event not teleporting ships
  32. Live map treasure message not appearing
  33. Vortex weather event looping
  34. Luck skill level 5: 50% chance to level ye weapons up when ye be promoted
  35. Shipwright task message
  36. Inability to purchase goods when Pirate Merchants season mod is active
  37. Storm messages when at a port
  38. Storms causing double damage
  39. Storms on the live map not affecting ships
  40. Pirate who started a drinking game and lost not deducted doubloons
  41. Sorting of ports when over 99 mins
  42. Rusty showing up in !P Bored when no rusty commands are available
  43. Ship's health message not showing the ship's HP after losing to a monster
  44. Luck skill was giving 50% better odds when digging for all levels instead of level 3+
  45. Being dueled by the bot does not increase defense skill level
  46. Ship sailing after losing to a monster and after a teleport stone has been used
  47. Captcha checks being too frequent
  48. Inability to use curses from the market
  49. Incomplete !P Help messages
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