Krauß x TL S+

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  1. [18:18:26] <Tielle> So you've all parked in the middle of a big town - I'm urged to just call it 'Flanoir' - while Lilli sings in the voice of Donna Burke in a concert in the background, and the air is tense as you're preparing for the final battle that will decide the fate of dragonkind.  And humans too because dragons are dicks.
  2. [18:18:59] <Tielle> ... oh hey that was actually all the setting up i had
  3. [18:19:14] <`Krauss> I see
  4. [18:19:25] <Tielle> All else I need to clarify is really yes, there are romantic balconies and rooftops all over the place.
  5. [18:19:35] <Tielle> IT'S OUR JOOOOOOOOOOOOURNEY'S END
  6. [18:19:39] <Tielle> THROUGH IT ALL WE MADE IT OUT
  7. [18:19:41] <Tielle> AS FRIEEEEEEEEEEEENDS
  9. [18:19:52] <Tielle> etc etcc
  10. [18:20:59] <`Krauss> Well, Krauss has never been much on the whole serious prep thing, so it stands to reason he'd just be wandering around as usual. If not at the bar, then in the surrounding area for some training of sorts. Actually you know what, nevermind. Today is a special occasion, so for this time only Krauss is somewhere relevant, like, say, the market or something. He has some cash in hand, wouldn't you know, and it looks like he's
  11. [18:20:59] <`Krauss> shopping around for...groceries? Bit of an odd thing, but alright.
  12. [18:22:05] <`Krauss> "I'm pretty sure you need like...three of these, probably." He half-heartedly grabs a few food items, and tucks them into a bag after paying. "Anthing else I can get to make it look better...hmm."
  13. [18:23:13] <Tielle> i'm urged to spend this time making a 'DOUSHIOU' image because any second now will be the appropriate time to use it
  14. [18:24:41] <`Krauss> Oh uhh, that's all I got in mind really.
  15. [18:24:47] <Tielle> Oddly, the townspeople aren't as terrified as you'd think when a gigantic army stomps through and starts sleeping in their inns and buying out all their food.  Thanks to Lilluggo, they're awfully placid over the whole ordeal and somehow understand that you're all here for the purposes of a greater cause instead of to trample and ruin their economy.  Funny how that works.
  16. [18:26:04] <Tielle> ... oh, if this is literally flanoir let me just check the affection gauges to see who talks to you then
  17. [18:26:30] <Tielle> fuck me, jones has the highest
  18. [18:26:44] <`Krauss> nice
  19. [18:27:30] <Tielle> But he's off at the bar, attempting to get drunk and woo girls by bragging about his +9 ogre-slaying knife.
  20. [18:27:34] <Tielle> SORRY
  22. [18:27:45] <Tielle> TECHNICAL CORRECTION
  23. [18:27:47] <`Krauss> Damn, I actually had something I could've said to him.
  24. [18:27:56] <Tielle> hmmm
  25. [18:28:17] <Tielle> let me be the universal nick actually and have every character show up in this instead of just one
  26. [18:28:20] * Tielle is now known as Giantdeity
  27. [18:28:28] <`Krauss> Nice
  28. [18:28:39] <Giantdeity> ok NOW let's make this interesting
  29. [18:28:43] <Giantdeity> more interesting than precure
  30. [18:28:47] <Giantdeity> this season is so bad you don't even know
  31. [18:29:07] <`Krauss> Not really into the magic girls thing
  32. [18:29:10] <`Krauss> Wouldn't know a thing about it
  33. [18:29:47] <Giantdeity> Jones stumbles OUT of the bar - good, don't get into it, shitty genre tbh - with an empty liquor bottle in hand, and rotting flesh drenched in booze that overpowers the new car smell.  Because you know, he doesn't have a stomach to keep it in.
  34. [18:30:17] <Giantdeity> "yo man what's in that bag i'm hungry"
  35. [18:31:10] <Giantdeity> wait actually i got an even better nick idea
  36. [18:31:13] * Giantdeity is now known as `Giantree
  37. [18:31:15] <`Giantree> ok we in there
  38. [18:31:28] <`Krauss> Krauss would turn to give a bit of an irritated glare, surprisingly. "Shoo, shoo." He'd hand wave the guy off, trying to distance himself a little. "I'm workin on something here, and you might make it smell bad dude. No offense."
  39. [18:31:56] <`Giantree> "o shit, that's the line all the girls use too"
  40. [18:32:00] <`Giantree> "did you become a woman"
  41. [18:32:22] <`Krauss> Aight, he couldn't keep a straight face for very long after that one. "Pffft, if only man. It'd make this a whole hell of a lot easier."
  42. [18:32:32] <`Giantree> "alright" The zombie turns around and sorrowfully begins to hobby off.  "don't let me get in the way of your pmsing, it's ok"
  43. [18:32:37] <`Giantree> "i'll just go eat some brains"
  44. [18:33:05] <`Krauss> "Try not to eat anyone in the market, I've still got business there."
  45. [18:33:14] <`Giantree> A nearby townsperson says "Aah.  Zombie." in a muted, emotionless tone, and causally walks in the opposite direction.
  46. [18:33:24] <`Giantree> ...
  47. [18:34:37] <`Giantree> "Aha!  Luke's kin, aintcha?" A familiar pink-haired woman is working at one of the market stalls, advertising in full maid getup, and interrupts this sorrowful parting while she's ahead.
  48. [18:34:47] <`Krauss> This is my curse
  49. [18:34:48] <`Krauss> The names
  50. [18:35:03] <`Giantree> i am nothing if not an entertainer
  51. [18:36:41] <`Krauss> "Oh hey, you're the nurse-girl right. Or wait...I guess you're a maid then?" He wasn't really sure at this point. "Any reason you're behind the stand? Doin someone a favor?"
  52. [18:37:58] <`Giantree> "Aha!  Eileen, name's Eileen.  Or Eily if ya want!"  She smiles a diabetes-inducing smile.  "Ah'm whatever th' situation calls fer, really, an' that's an assistant in this here market right now.  But it looks like yer gettin' ready fer somethin' yerself, don't it?"
  53. [18:39:24] <`Krauss> "Nice to actually meet you then Eily, and yeah, I'm lookin for some ingredients. I'm pretty curious about the whole boxed lunch thing, so I thought I'd give it a try."
  54. [18:40:57] <`Giantree> "Oh!  The thing they call 1,1bento?"  Now she's making a 'consider the following' face.  Wow why am I describing it like that what the fuck has the internet done to me.  "Maids're an expert on that topic, y'know?  Looks like ya'd need one of these, and maybe one of these... ooh, and these're on sale!"
  55. [18:43:49] <`Krauss> "Nice, I'm glad I ran into you then. I want it to look pretty fancy before I hand it out. Makes it seem really genuine, right?" He follow the experts suggestions, and starts picking up a variety of things. "Hmmm, wonder if I can get away with looks alone though. I've cooked meat over the fire, but I guess I'm gonna have to go all out on this one."
  56. [18:44:03] <`Krauss> (Typo ad infinitum)
  57. [18:44:06] <`Krauss> (I think that was wrong)
  58. [18:44:36] <`Krauss> Note: Aside from barbarically spitroasting raw animals, Krauss has never tried cooking anything before.
  59. [18:46:03] <`Giantree> "Long as ya can cook, it ain't a problem...  but if ya burn it, ya ain't gonna be able ta salvage it.  Maybe try some veggies that don't need as much cookin'... oh! And make sure ta arrange it all in a cute shape."  She pauses to contemplate.  "Normally ya don't see boys makin' this stuff all that often though.  Ya don't got a girlfriend?"
  60. [18:48:48] <`Krauss> "Yeah I figured it's normally a girl thing, but I wondered what would happen if a guy like me tried. Think I could pass it off as a cute gesture at least?" He'd pause for a moment, mulling over that last question for a bit. "Nah, I guess I don't have one right now...been thinkin about it though."
  61. [18:49:54] <`Krauss> "Never been much on the whole big decisions thing but..."
  62. [18:50:36] <`Krauss> "Well, I just figured since everyone else looks like they're tryin real hard out here...I might have to put in some work myself, if you know what I mean."
  63. [18:50:39] <`Giantree> "Hehehehehe."  She giggles so powerfully that she becomes the BBEG of the sequel.  But that isn't anything anyone knows now.  "Ain't that sweet?  Well... ah'd suggest makin' it all in a heart shape.  That way no matter how dense she is, she'd understand!"  Still giggling.  "Best o' luck, y'hear?"
  64. [18:51:26] <`Krauss> He does the whole fist in palm thing, y'know, the idea thing. "That's a pretty good idea, I never thought about that."
  65. [18:51:53] <`Giantree> Thumbs-up.
  66. [18:52:20] <`Giantree> And then the manager yells at her to get back to work.  "Ah... hehe, break's up!  Do yer best!"
  67. [18:54:17] <`Krauss> Giving a slight wave as he walks out of the area, Krauss takes a look over all the thing he-wow, that is a lot of ingredients. Is making a boxed lunch really this complicated?
  68. [18:55:23] <`Giantree> You now notice that everything suggested is like, pink.  More girly-shaped/colored than it would probably taste.  I mean like... yams.  And jesus christ I'm not naming any more off because it's going to make me hungry.
  69. [18:55:24] <`Krauss> God damnit
  70. [18:55:51] <`Giantree> the funny thing about irc is usually when one's net goes down, irc stays up while everything else gets fucked
  71. [18:55:58] <`Giantree> i'm greatly amused seeing that you're the opposite case
  72. [18:56:08] <`Krauss> I want it to stop
  73. [18:57:04] <`Krauss> "...Right, I guess I should probably head back and get started then...uhhh, wait. Where am I supposed to cook this again?"
  74. [18:57:25] <`Krauss> Figures he wouldn't think about that till it was too late,
  75. [18:58:40] <`Giantree> "My, my, my," a mysterious red-headed woman pops out from behind a building.  "Looking for some cooking facilities, young man?  Well oh boy, do I have a once-in-a-lifetime deal for you!"
  76. [18:59:30] <`Krauss> "I'm out of money though." A very straightforward, and quick answer.
  77. [19:00:23] <`Giantree> Anna's eyes turn into $ signs, which promptly explode.
  78. [19:00:31] <`Giantree> ... but her eyes don't explode, that would be some FLCL shit
  79. [19:00:41] <`Giantree> however that's going into my next campaign ideas list
  80. [19:00:44] <Flamy> okay
  81. [19:01:43] <`Giantree> "Oh, I see... my mistake.  That girl over there was staring so intently at you, it looked like she must've been after your wallet.  So sorry, sir~!"
  82. [19:02:03] <`Giantree> The strange merchant spins out of view, and within seconds you can already hear her trying to rip somebody else off.
  83. [19:05:32] <`Krauss> "...Acaian merchants sure are weird." He'd been around them his whole life, and not once did he understand how they worked. Really weird lot, but anyways that last bit caught his interested. "Oh man, I totally forgot." He turns in the direction of his follower and begins to shout. "Heyyy, you out there Tielle." That's pretty forward dude, are you sure you want to-oh, too late.
  84. [19:06:01] <`Krauss> (I'll never get glasses at this point, so I'm kinda just getting used to typing things wrong)
  85. [19:06:37] <`Giantree> ""Y-Yes?" The stalker appears and stiffens up.  The creaking of her arm almost sounds like it's laughing, or maybe that's just the narration trying to be artsy fartsy about inanimate objects.  ... Only it's animate because it's part of a body.  Huh.
  86. [19:07:59] <`Giantree> "I mean... sorry.  I was going to say something, but then you looked like you were having so much fun, and..." NOW the DOUSHIOU face comes out.
  87. [19:09:11] <`Krauss> "Don't worry about it, that makes this a lot easier actually." He holds out the bag of stuff he'd been gathering. "What kind of food do you like, and while I'm at it, do you prefer a lot of small dishes or something big." Pretty sure when you make lunch for someone, you don't tell them about it Krauss. That like, kinda ruins the whole point I imagine.
  88. [19:09:46] <`Giantree> oh god the embarrassment is so powerful that i can legit feel it irl
  89. [19:11:52] <`Giantree> "A-Ah-I-I-I mean uh... well I..." The doushiouing is interrupting by a stomach rumble that typically girls don't want their love interests to hear.  Especially in this case, because she lets out a brief "kya!" before attempting to continue, cheeks flushed red.  "Mostly like... what we had back home."  She tries to regain her confidence.  "Anything home-cooked... as long as there's love in it, right?"
  90. [19:15:21] <`Giantree> There is literally no way I can describe her visage besides 'a face that says "TAKE ME NOW"' by the way.  But the timid girl is also fighting back against her own nature, attempting to muster up the courage to continue speaking to no avail.
  91. [19:15:42] <`Giantree> Mainly because she has inner monologue going 'OH NO WHAT DID I JUST SAY HE'S GOING TO THINK I'M WEIRD FOR SURE' that the viewer can hear but Krauß cannot.
  92. [19:16:00] <`Giantree> oh wait that's not how the games would do it
  94. [19:16:14] <`Giantree> ok there we go
  95. [19:17:00] <`Krauss> "Hmm...yeah, you have a point. The dish doesn't matter too much, I think I can make something like that then." He'd look over his ingredients one last time before deciding on something. "Wanna help me make it then? You're probably pretty good at this right?" Asking her food preference sure, but just having her make the food dude? That ruins the whole idea, what a disgrace to the romance-genre. "Oh uh...guess I gotta find
  96. [19:17:00] <`Krauss> a kitchen first actually." I give up, narrating this is too hard.
  97. [19:17:54] <`Giantree> "Oh!  Don't worry about that, I rented a room already!  I mean... mostly because it's cold out and..."
  98. [19:18:01] <Flamy> It does seem pretty hard to narrate Krauss when he enters either extremes of his intelligence, Dev.
  99. [19:18:41] <`Giantree> Inner monologue: "(And becauase I knew this was going to happen, KYAAAAA, he's finally going to say it!  Deep breaths, Tielle, don't let it show.  Don't look straight in his OH NO I LOOKED IN HIS EYES IT'S ALL OVER)"
  100. [19:20:45] <`Krauss> "Oh cool, I hope you don't mind the intrusion then. Mind if we head over right now?" Pretty sure this is supposed to be said the other way around, but you know, whatever works. "We probably don't have too much more time, right? I wanna see if I can't get it done tonight."
  101. [19:21:43] <`Giantree> "Okay!"  Tielle does, in fact, take a deep breath, and the inner monologue freaks out so hard that it's incomprehensible to psychic ghosts listening in by now.  "I'll do my best to help, after all I... I mean... uh..."
  102. [19:21:54] <`Giantree> "Don't laugh, okay?"
  103. [19:22:04] <`Giantree> Still beet red.
  104. [19:23:22] <`Giantree> "(You IDIOT what are you doing?  He won't care, he won't even think it's weird!  But now he's OBVIOUSLY going to think something's up because you couldn't just come right out and SAY it UGH)"
  105. [19:24:51] <`Giantree> "So I uh... getreallyhungryallthetimeforsomereasonbutnomatterhowmuchIeatIdon'tgetfathahahahaisn'tthatfunny?"  After a deep inhalation, she continues with the most forced laugh that anybody can ever release.
  106. [19:27:11] <`Krauss> Well that was pretty fast. "That sounds pretty cool, wish I could eat like that, but even a swordsman's gotta watch their weight. Of course, I guess I burn most of it off training." He stops for a moment, giving a slight smile at the forced laughter. "Guess I've gotta make a few extra portions then, huh."
  107. [19:29:11] <`Giantree> The suaveness of that line makes her completely melt into a puddle of swoonage, unable to do anything but nod and mutter out an "uh-huh."
  108. [19:29:51] <`Giantree> As it turns out, though, her words were indeed the truth, and she rented out an overpriced room from Anna speicifcally for this purpose and also paid the aforementioned off ot mention that she was nearby so that her man would finally notice her and she could confess her love.  Not that you have any way of knowing this.
  109. [19:29:55] <`Giantree> good god what is the fourth wall
  110. [19:30:46] <`Giantree> ... But more importantly, it turns out that the part about the room was true.  Yeah.  It has a nice stove, a cozy fireplace, and a queen-sized bed- wait, is that queen or king sized bed i'm thinking of?  The one for couples?  Yeah ok that's king
  111. [19:31:14] <`Krauss> Damn, you went too fast. I was gonna anime it up
  112. [19:31:16] <`Giantree> ... And, most significant of all, a cozy little couch NO IT'S NOT A SOFA IT'S A COUCH perfect for snuggling.
  113. [19:31:18] <`Giantree> SORRY
  114. [19:31:32] <`Giantree> go get some 8 paragraphs going, i'll brew some tea
  115. [19:31:41] <`Krauss> Too late now, it was just a small line or two
  116. [19:36:47] <`Krauss> "Oooooh" He'd take a look around the room, this place was nice. "Guess we can get started then but...uhh." He'd look over to the girl who was likely to only be holding on a thin thread at this point. "You're lookin a bit red there, you sure you don't want to just rest? I can carry you to the bed or something." It's hard to tell sometimes if he's clueless or actually completely aware, and just messing with her at this
  117. [19:36:47] <`Krauss> point. I'll let you decide.
  118. [19:37:15] <Flamy> Him secretly fucking with Tielle sounds better.
  119. [19:37:49] <`Giantree> This is the part where I reveal her robot arm is sentient and fully aware of everything that's happening, and the sheer repressed sexual tension makes it explode, turning the cute girl it was once attacked to into an amputee.
  120. [19:38:01] <`Giantree> ... okay sort of just kidding- about the second part, not the first
  121. [19:38:14] <`Krauss> Rude
  122. [19:38:15] <Flamy> oh so tielle
  123. [19:38:21] <Flamy> is literally ryuko
  124. [19:38:32] <`Giantree> what
  125. [19:38:41] <`Giantree> i mean yeah her dad's dead but i'm not seeing the other relations
  126. [19:38:43] <Flamy> or at least
  127. [19:38:54] <Flamy> uhhh Cherubim is Senketsu
  128. [19:39:05] <`Giantree> no, because ryuko talks to senketsu
  129. [19:39:23] <Flamy> in that it's sentient- then what was Tielle/Krauß B
  130. [19:39:53] <`Giantree> she was talking to it but it wasn't talking BACK to her, duh
  131. [19:40:05] <`Krauss> Did you miss the part where it was questionable whether or not it understood her
  132. [19:40:07] <`Giantree> ok go in #trees we need to actually do this instead of having the peanut gallery interrupting
  133. [19:40:10] <`Krauss> Or if she was just talking to an object
  134. [19:43:28] <`Giantree> "N-No way!  After how long it's been since we got to do something like this together, you think I'd just miss this?"  She takes a deep breath.  "I mean... here.  I know what you're trying to do here... let me just show you."
  135. [19:43:49] <`Giantree> "Did you know?  It's easier if you make a song about it!"
  136. [19:45:05] <`Krauss> "I think I remember you saying something like that before, it's probably true then."
  137. [19:45:10] <`Giantree> Another deep breath, and Tielle readies some of the miraculous kitchen tools.  It's almost instantaneous that the timid girl morphs into a ball of consciousness and whips out the ingredients, doing just as said.  "Every single day, stress comes in every way; I ain't got no time for nobody."
  138. [19:45:16] <`Giantree> "My style is rich, dope, phat in which,"
  139. [19:45:21] <`Giantree> "We'll bake a cake today that looks rich!"
  140. [19:45:22] <`Krauss> please no
  141. [19:45:27] <`Krauss> Not this
  142. [19:45:30] <`Giantree> "Crack crack crack the egg into the WAIT WE AREN'T MAKING CAKE AAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
  143. [19:46:19] <`Krauss> "I dunno, it seemed pretty catchy to me."
  144. [19:47:26] <`Giantree> "Hehe... did it?  Well, I did use that one last time I ACTUALLY made a cake..."  Rrrrrrrrrrrrumble.
  146. [19:48:02] <`Giantree> "Um... maybe we'll do it songless this time."
  147. [19:49:14] <`Giantree> "Really... I'll show you what to do.  I just want to be close."
  148. [19:49:35] <`Giantree> "(That's it, girl!  There's no way the book would lie about lines like that!  Hook, line, and sinker!)"
  149. [19:49:50] <RedXVIII>
  150. [19:50:11] <`Giantree> yes that's the idea
  151. [19:50:21] <`Giantree> but can't sing it because parappa too strong rn
  152. [19:50:49] <RedXVIII> i really got highlighted a lot
  153. [19:50:55] <RedXVIII> also
  154. [19:51:02] <RedXVIII> the denseness is on such high levels
  155. [19:51:16] <`Giantree> yes this is what anime relationships are like
  156. [19:51:17] <RedXVIII> there's no wonder your campaign is crippled with NTR
  157. [19:51:29] <RedXVIII> it looks like everyone is rping tatsurou
  158. [19:51:32] <`Giantree> (the punchline is that they're both feigning denseness)
  159. [19:51:52] <`Giantree> ((but unbeknownst to both, the hidden cuck is waiting to swoop down at any moment))
  160. [19:53:29] <`Krauss> "Whatever works." He'd move a bit closer to try and get some work done then. He was a sword guy, so chop chop chop, gotta get the veggies cut. "Dish doesn't matter too much if we're doin it together right? Think I remember hearing that somewhere." Probably from his mother, but it's not like he'd remember that anyways. "...It really has been some time though, I was always the one watching you and Lucas cook, but I guess
  161. [19:53:29] <`Krauss> standing here now isn't so bad...""
  162. [19:55:39] <`Giantree> "... Yeah.  It's a miracle I'm catching you doing anything other than training..." She attempts to quietly trail off, and then her mind speaks itself out loud, "Or going to bars with the undead, or falling asleep in the middle of the woods, or getting in fights..."
  163. [19:55:46] <`Giantree> "..."
  164. [19:56:12] <`Giantree> "Wait, I didn't just-" She reaches up and pinches her own cheek.  With the robot-arm.  "OW."
  165. [19:58:46] <`Krauss> "...Yeah, guess I'm pretty straightforward with how I act. Thanks by the way, for helping me out all those times. Guess even a guy like me can't just sleep in the snow like that." At this point, what isn't he going to say that he probably shouldn't. (Well, it seems to have a positive effect, so it's probably fine).
  166. [20:00:33] <`Giantree> "(Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)" For some strange reason, she redfaces silently.  And then, "I-I only did it because I'm madly in love with you and wouldn't want you to die or get hurt over stupid reasons!"
  168. [20:02:23] <`Krauss> He smiles a little bit, laughing a little at her embarassment. Is that a hint o sadism? "Oh, nice. You finally said it, even if by accident."
  169. [20:03:06] <`Krauss> "Alright, that's your part of the work then. I'll take over from here."
  170. [20:03:09] <`Giantree> "Y... You too?"  She doesn't clarify, just looks straight ahead like a terrified small animal.  Or more accurately, like a squirrel that stumbled into a lion's den.
  171. [20:03:22] <`Giantree> ... Or maybe a lioness in heat that stumbled into a lion's den.
  172. [20:05:43] <`Krauss> "I was wondering when you'd say it was all, you didn't exactly hide it or anything." He'd point over to the books sitting a few feet over. "I came here to tell you something, but I was waiting to see if you were gonna do something first. Anyways, take a seat or something, I'll take care of the food from here. You probably didn't notice, but I used to always drop in some seasoning after you two finished cooking. I'm no
  173. [20:05:43] <`Krauss> chef, but you guys are pretty average at the whole cooking thing."
  174. [20:08:09] <`Giantree> "Y-Yessir!"  The victim gulps.  "I mean... okay.  I um... just cooked for the image, really, I never really learned much about it..."
  175. [20:10:03] <`Krauss> "Well, it's not like I know a whole lot myself, but I came here to do something for you, so I'll finish this myself if you don't mind." He'd get to work, chopping up more ingredients (His specialty), and working to prep a sort of homey stew of sorts. "Now that the cats outta the bag though, how do you feel. Readu to collapse or something?"
  176. [20:12:05] <`Giantree> "Actually, kind of... relieved?"  She blinks.  And then again, as if confused by her own words.  "Lucas found another woman so suddenly I didn't even get to talk to him about it... It's like after a certain point, everything just started moving really fast.  It felt like anything could happen."
  177. [20:16:12] <`Krauss> "Well, Lucas has always been a bit of a go getter, it's no wonder he found a nice girl to settle down with out here. He seems to have changed quite a bit since wandering away from home..I still feel a bit bad that we just left him there but...he seems to be doing well. He's certainly matured a bit, his fists actually hurt now." Spoken from experience. "That's just how it is though, people that want to so
  178. [20:16:12] <`Krauss> pretty quickly, but I guess slower folks like us need a bit more time."  
  179. [20:16:46] <`Krauss> "Oh right, I'm gettin off topic here, you probably wanna know what I think, right?"
  180. [20:17:18] <`Krauss> (I'll be back in a bit, so take your time or something)
  181. [20:17:28] <`Giantree> "Well, I'm just a little scared, but..." A beat.  "Who am I kidding?  What else would I be following you around for?"
  182. [20:17:28] <`Giantree> 2bad
  183. [20:17:57] <`Giantree> "I mean... Cher, you're not mind-controlling me to make me speak my mind or something, right?"
  184. [20:18:01] <`Giantree> Silence.
  185. [20:18:17] <`Giantree> "Positive?"
  186. [20:18:19] <`Giantree> More silence.
  187. [20:18:25] <`Giantree> "O-Okay..."
  188. [20:18:30] <`Krauss> "Oh dude, can that thing talk? Why does everyone else get all the talking wea-right, topic, topic. Gotta keep focused."
  189. [20:18:51] <`Krauss> (I haven't stood up yet I guess, so I'll write one more and do that)
  190. [20:19:14] <`Giantree> "Nope!  But I can feel it, sorta like how you can feel your finger throbbing in pain when you slam it in a doorway... or something."
  191. [20:20:25] <`Giantree> "But I do know," she brings a finger - the one encased in the weapon - to her chin, "That it's an ancient artifact supposed to represent the delivery of unrequited love... uh, the local ruin expert told me that one."
  192. [20:21:26] <`Krauss> "...Anyways." Wow that sounds painful, and who is the local ruin expert supposed to be. "The reason I was doing this in the first place was to talk to you about, I mean. Apparently we've got something pretty serious coming up so, I figured it would be best to get this out of the way first."
  193. [20:21:48] <`Giantree> Gulp.
  194. [20:22:37] <`Krauss> "I'm not gonna say something dumb, like a promise, or some sort of oath. That's like, a pretty surefire way to guarantee those death flags of mine, and I'm still pretty keen on the whole living thing."
  195. [20:22:38] <`Giantree> ... And yeah, Tielle knowing who Iiki is at all means that in-between stalking times she must be getting out and talking to the others around camp or whatnot.  Or maybe the others found her because she just happens to be the one with a body part that happens to also be a weapon and really stands out.
  196. [20:23:24] <`Krauss> "..Especially after that last time." He'd shudder at the thought of pulling another stunt like that. "So here's what I am gonna say."
  197. [20:23:38] <`Giantree> "... Walking into certain death sounds pretty like you."  From her face she's pretty positive that she's being mind-controlled into speaking her mind now, but still shows a sign of relief at being truthful.
  198. [20:24:29] <`Krauss> "Guess you might be right on that one, but trust me on this one. I'd prefer to play things safe this time."
  199. [20:25:03] <`Krauss> "..Right then, I'll just cut to the chase if you don't mind."
  200. [20:25:06] <`Giantree> "You want to elope and leave the battlefield behind?" She blurts out with heart-shaped pupils overtalking her eyes.
  201. [20:25:06] <`Krauss> Here it comes
  202. [20:25:13] <`Giantree> "I mean uh..."
  203. [20:25:15] <`Giantree> "Sorry."
  204. [20:25:16] <`Giantree> "Go on."
  205. [20:25:37] <`Giantree> [cuck.mp3 slowly fading in from the distance]
  206. [20:25:52] <Shirayuki_Akiko> kill you'reself
  207. [20:26:00] <`Giantree> lost it
  208. [20:27:51] <`Krauss> "Well, you're not far off from it. Just take away the whole leaving part, I'm still lookin to get a good fight in this." He'd stop the cooking for a moment to actually face her. "If I make a promise for after, I'm pretty much guaranteed to die, so instead I'll just say it now. Wanna get married? I didn't leave all those years ago for nothing, and since we're all finally back together, not much reason to say no to you at
  209. [20:27:51] <`Krauss> this point."
  210. [20:28:26] <`Krauss> "Oh that sounds kinda forced huh...hmm, maybe I should try again."
  211. [20:28:30] <`Giantree> [record scratch effect, cuck.mp3 suddenly ends]
  212. [20:28:45] <`Giantree> "Y..."
  213. [20:28:54] <`Krauss> "Oh well, I've never been much for formal crap, so it'll have to do."
  214. [20:28:57] <`Giantree> The timid girl's face explodes and is replaced with one of determination.
  215. [20:29:06] <Vena> she has no face
  216. [20:29:29] <`Giantree> "You want forced?!"  And then she lurches forward and initiates a huge, sloppy kiss.
  217. [20:30:18] <`Giantree> ... Which only lasts a moment or two, before
  218. [20:30:26] <`Giantree> CLANG.
  219. [20:30:45] <`Krauss> Oh boy
  220. [20:30:59] <`Giantree> I believe the term you're looking for is 'Oh bby'
  221. [20:31:34] <`Giantree> "What was th-" and then you're impaled by an immovable rod, RANC
  222. [20:31:45] <`Giantree> lol jk she doesn't pull out after all that buildup, you kidding?
  223. [20:31:47] <`Krauss> GG bad end
  224. [20:32:19] <Vena> >she doesn't pull out
  225. [20:32:20] <`Giantree> Tielle pays literally zero mind to the fact that her weapon just fell on the floor, finally allowing her arm to breathe once again after a somewhat long time.
  226. [20:32:49] <`Giantree> which is funny because her mouth doesn't get to breathe if you know what i'm sayin WOW I am ruining the hell out of the mood sorry
  227. [20:32:59] <Flamy> you sure are and so am i
  228. [20:33:04] <`Giantree> get out
  229. [20:33:12] <Flamy> you first
  230. [20:33:24] <`Giantree> this is my home
  231. [20:33:48] <Flamy> i made the channel name thing
  232. [20:33:54] <`Giantree> i made you
  233. [20:33:56] <`Giantree> i'm your father
  234. [20:34:19] <Flamy> no you're not
  235. [20:34:25] <`Krauss> "Not quite what I had in mind but...I guess that's that then." His face would look pretty peaceful now, like he'd finally gotten over something pretty heavy. "Pretty sure we still have one more rank to go though, now that I think about it." Krauss stop. "Oh well, it's probably not world-breaking or anything, right?"
  236. [20:35:00] <`Krauss> "Jokes aside though, I guess we'll have to start planning or something now."
  237. [20:35:28] <`Giantree> "No, I..." NOW she notices something's up.  "Wait, is THAT what that noise was?"
  238. [20:36:30] <`Giantree> "Oh... Oh no!  I was just going to say 'I'm going to fight with you' all determined and cool but then my weapon just fell off!  Wh-What am I gonna do?  I-Is it because the love isn't unrequited anymore?"
  239. [20:37:20] <`Krauss> "Oh dude, does this mean I can try it now? That arm cannon thing seemed really cool."
  240. [20:37:34] <`Krauss> "Wait, probably not huh."
  241. [20:38:39] <`Giantree> "Uh... wait, I'm curious."  Now showing much more confidence in her words, she befuddedly picks the heap of metal up off the ground and slips it on like a glove.  A few fist-clenches... yeah, the bow's still unfolding.
  242. [20:39:29] <`Giantree> "Phew!  I guess I get the idea, but I'm not just gonna let you leave me like that.  We all make a great team, don't we?"
  243. [20:39:50] <`Giantree> "So uh... I guess what I'm trying to say is..."
  244. [20:40:00] <`Giantree> [confession CG with fullscreen blushing face]
  245. [20:40:04] <`Giantree> "...I do."
  246. [20:40:37] <`Krauss> "Pretty sure we're supposed to save that line for later."
  247. [20:41:05] <`Giantree> "I'm tired of waiting," she says with a smile like a spoiled little girl.
  248. [20:42:10] <`Krauss> "I thought you'd matured a whole lot like lucas but, guess you're still pretty spoiled after all." He'd flash a small smile beofre picking the girl up (Princess style of course). "Doesn't the guy normally do something like this after? Think I saw a picture of it once."
  249. [20:42:51] <`Giantree> She DOUSHIOUs a bit but then snaps out of it.  "H-Hey!  I'm not as delicate as I used to be!"
  250. [20:43:11] <`Giantree> "But... I guess I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to something like this."  She leans in for another quick smooch.
  251. [20:43:45] <`Giantree> "So... let's do our best together, okay?  I won't hold you back... let's see this through to the end."
  252. [20:45:50] <`Krauss> "Yeah, you're pretty strong nowadays, makes me a be jealous really but..." He'd give a heartwarming smile, pretty radiant even if you ask me. "I'm no slouch either, so if we're in this together, let's see it done right. Pretty sure that's how it goes, right?"
  253. [20:46:44] <`Giantree> "Hehehe... yeah."
  254. [20:46:46] <`Giantree> "..."
  255. [20:46:47] <`Giantree> Sniff.
  256. [20:46:50] <`Giantree> Sniff sniff.
  257. [20:47:03] <`Giantree> "How long has that stove been on?"
  258. [20:47:56] <`Krauss> "...Oh." In a pretty swift motion he'd carefully (Drop) Tielle off on the couch and rush over to the stove
  259. [20:48:08] <`Krauss> "Well, what matters is we did it together, right?"
  260. [20:50:40] <`Giantree> "Well..." She gives a sly glance over to the romance books.  "I don't think we've did it together QUITE yet..."
  261. [20:51:00] <`Giantree> And NOW the screen begins slowly fading to black.
  262. [20:52:22] <`Krauss> Looks like a wrap then
  263. [20:52:31] <`Krauss> Unfortunately I don't have any witty comment to give back
  264. [20:52:34] <`Krauss> I'm drawing a blank
  265. [20:52:35] <`Giantree> i don't think you've quite wrapped yet
  266. [20:52:40] <`Giantree> you know
  267. [20:52:44] <`Giantree> wrapped a girl in your arms
  268. [20:52:51] <`Krauss> Ehh
  269. [20:52:53] <`Giantree> and hopefully you won't be SHOOTING blanks
  270. [20:52:55] <`Krauss> 4/10 on tha tone
  271. [20:53:05] <`Giantree> all the inspiration you would've had went to me
  272. [20:53:16] <`Giantree> ... and yes clarifirmation
  273. [20:53:19] <`Krauss> How unfortunate
  274. [20:54:05] <`Giantree> TL later discovered that the reason Cherubim came off was because it's part of the mechanism designed by really horny ancients where, once an unrequited love is returned, it's able to be removed pretty much solely so that it wouldn't constantly clank around and wake both parties up in the bedroom.
  275. [20:54:17] <`Giantree> What, you thought it would actually stop working?  Why would they even design something like that?
  276. [20:54:23] <`Krauss> Sounds about right
  277. [20:54:41] <`Giantree> (I was just fishing for responses to the fakeout tbh)
  278. [20:54:43] <`Giantree> flamy
  279. [20:54:45] <`Giantree> do the thing
  280. [20:55:29] <Flamy> > Krauss and Tielle have attained a Support Rank of S!
  281. [20:55:36] <`Giantree> thank you, sir
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