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  2. <!--
  3. You are free to copy and use this sample in accordance with the terms of the
  4. Apache license (
  6. Modified from original Google example code by Nick Welch.
  7. -->
  9. <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
  10. <html xmlns="">
  11. <head>
  12.     <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/>
  13.     <title>
  14.     Google Visualization API Sample
  15.     </title>
  16.     <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  17.     <script type="text/javascript">
  18.         google.load('visualization', '1', {packages: ['treemap']});
  19.     </script>
  20.     <script type="text/javascript">
  21.         function drawVisualization() {
  22.         // Create and populate the data table.
  23.         var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([
  25. ['Holding Name', 'Parent', 'Amount', 'Present in which fund(s)'],['All Holdings', null, 0, 0],["Apple Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.55766908678, 1.37571979677],["Exxon Mobil Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.468066764486, 1.38397733199],["Microsoft Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.339399562748, 1.33193446647],["International Business Machines Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.331650345549, 1.38693102506],["Chevron Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.300636505357, 1.38385560852],["General Electric Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.299517207956, 1.38010808606],["AT&T Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.269591060002, 1.39246918318],["Procter & Gamble Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.269107772164, 1.39469319155],["Johnson & Johnson", 'All Holdings', 0.263627342564, 1.39671634629],["Wells Fargo & Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.260225092663, 1.34950906753],["JPMorgan Chase & Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.25945324033, 1.38400598711],["Pfizer Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.258523802275, 1.38646442863],["Google Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.244536856932, 1.40663807166],["Coca-Cola Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.236891469982, 1.35146848034],["Philip Morris International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.23553518644, 1.38530501755],["Intel Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.22172117737, 1.3932194377],["Nestle SA", 'All Holdings', 0.208475182386, 0],["Wal-Mart Stores Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.205019310326, 1.247863571],["Oracle Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.203001686347, 1.28170861853],["Merck & Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.189938311569, 1.38562852399],["Cisco Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.185825465356, 1.38321855834],["QUALCOMM Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.183613676431, 1.41181611279],["Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. GDR", 'All Holdings', 0.181603451533, 0],["Verizon Communications Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.177789471747, 1.39064387318],["Citigroup Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.176410515529, 1.38623615557],["PepsiCo Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.172237496414, 1.38574041137],["Bank of America Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.168282177968, 1.333107064],["McDonald's Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.166586717218, 1.39665229783],["ConocoPhillips", 'All Holdings', 0.162279636099, 1.37712103832],["HSBC Holdings plc", 'All Holdings', 0.162131753966, 0],["Schlumberger Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.160313856389, 1.36813782642],["Abbott Laboratories", 'All Holdings', 0.159212411036, 1.40343812582],["BP plc", 'All Holdings', 0.151252123139, 0],["Royal Dutch Shell plc Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.147464051144, 0],["Vodafone Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.146803037104, 0],["Novartis AG", 'All Holdings', 0.142499663177, 0],["Occidental Petroleum Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.137321992444, 1.35600458344],["Home Depot Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.134714259763, 1.39152460266],["Walt Disney Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.134389565456, 1.34443833846],["Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.130993271501, 1.21259109555],["Roche Holding AG", 'All Holdings', 0.130340395645, 0],["BHP Billiton Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.12855441245, 0],[" Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.127763503479, 1.40678415472],["United Technologies Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.126613662996, 1.37775492849],["Total SA", 'All Holdings', 0.124604008674, 0],["Comcast Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.122637300352, 1.4201255821],["GlaxoSmithKline plc", 'All Holdings', 0.121759633645, 0],["Toyota Motor Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.121247223169, 0],["Caterpillar Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.120569504291, 1.4072678034],["Kraft Foods Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.114583695771, 1.38276751946],["American Express Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.113924671441, 1.31930514498],["Altria Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.113467093051, 1.39117347593],["EMC Corp./MA", 'All Holdings', 0.112659027499, 1.34684799992],["UnitedHealth Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.112271870172, 1.39387174686],["Sanofi", 'All Holdings', 0.111270418974, 0],["US Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.110467424376, 1.36652058786],["Visa Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.109931700524, 1.39880598949],["British American Tobacco plc", 'All Holdings', 0.108595098311, 0],["Goldman Sachs Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.108270613173, 1.34594120259],["3M Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.106979090156, 1.39300848561],["CVS Caremark Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.105382059652, 1.39142193351],["Siemens AG", 'All Holdings', 0.103822374951, 0],["Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.1038074462, 1.38838367124],["United Parcel Service Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.103017865978, 1.43047374423],["Commonwealth Bank of Australia", 'All Holdings', 0.101839685791, 0],["Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0992721745036, 0],["Vale SA Class B ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0985731279259, 0],["Amgen Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0975771869341, 1.40566876746],["Boeing Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0959645855363, 1.39437168072],["BG Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0947021393794, 0],["Royal Bank of Canada", 'All Holdings', 0.0942240097623, 0],["Royal Dutch Shell plc Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0940616542903, 0],["Union Pacific Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0937408486165, 1.41595659741],["Mastercard Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0926848029432, 1.26887158208],["BASF SE", 'All Holdings', 0.0906120305769, 0],["Rio Tinto plc", 'All Holdings', 0.090267911853, 0],["EI du Pont de Nemours & Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0896304912048, 1.40236791235],["Hewlett-Packard Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0881746237174, 1.38397506778],["Colgate-Palmolive Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0874795700566, 1.39570916011],["Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.086814846665, 0],["Honeywell International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0860416964916, 1.34800393774],["Toronto-Dominion Bank", 'All Holdings', 0.084864404119, 0],["Telefonica SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0842748529311, 0],["eBay Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0831126576226, 1.33913357474],["Ford Motor Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0828862592751, 1.38678385958],["China Mobile Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0813922018244, 0],["Canon Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0810961521352, 0],["Eli Lilly & Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0800991466506, 1.3666084178],["Novo Nordisk A/S Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0800648187605, 0],["Monsanto Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0799471069837, 1.39337104846],["Medtronic Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0796179650225, 1.35696769277],["Simon Property Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0794762098112, 1.40619329476],["Starbucks Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.078918361734, 1.37963543175],["Banco Santander SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0788248746546, 0],["Accenture plc Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0773909078166, 1.39930776414],["Dow Chemical Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.077216790353, 1.38924578239],["Westpac Banking Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0768655788114, 0],["BHP Billiton plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0757380420094, 0],["ENI SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.0755579285094, 0],["Standard Chartered plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0750462717707, 0],["Costco Wholesale Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0745939806534, 1.38799869032],["Daimler AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0740584118179, 0],["Anadarko Petroleum Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0739807136427, 1.38880868084],["Lowe's Cos. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0739047806089, 1.40981321041],["Apache Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0738030272898, 1.37698633226],["China Construction Bank Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0736086387625, 0],["News Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.073395365391, 1.50765563451],["Emerson Electric Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0732706752603, 1.38141610171],["SAP AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0730284014803, 0],["Petroleo Brasileiro SA ADR Type A", 'All Holdings', 0.072982645579, 0],["LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0722957279447, 0],["Target Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.072154014874, 1.36102302452],["Texas Instruments Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0713245790087, 1.42419478334],["Southern Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0712432722242, 1.43795044593],["Time Warner Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0710636797992, 1.40690242553],["Gilead Sciences Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0707144220194, 1.37336121068],["America Movil SAB de CV", 'All Holdings', 0.0703572579905, 0],["Bank of Nova Scotia", 'All Holdings', 0.0702737373081, 0],["Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.069893538596, 0],["Bayer AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0696307133784, 0],["Danaher Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0692205405795, 1.25224247653],["Diageo plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0686849971083, 0],["Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0686847983393, 1.39460410285],["MetLife Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0686704591441, 1.5281631537],[" Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.068479756124, 1.38561275418],["Honda Motor Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0681951953061, 0],["DIRECTV Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0675406461854, 1.37138689411],["NIKE Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0675292079913, 1.51735090839],["AstraZeneca plc", 'All Holdings', 0.067340091979, 0],["Celgene Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0670239921492, 1.36727572415],["Anheuser-Busch InBev NV", 'All Holdings', 0.0664588477908, 0],["Praxair Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.065214249965, 1.40751120276],["Baxter International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0646827749819, 1.39323182125],["National Oilwell Varco Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.064430825529, 1.39824582363],["Allianz SE", 'All Holdings', 0.0643891584622, 0],["PNC Financial Services Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0642305511492, 1.41333240479],["Exelon Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0639839773571, 1.39706831562],["National Australia Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0639493785643, 0],["Deere & Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0636971111474, 1.40787979165],["UBS AG", 'All Holdings', 0.063281605146, 0],["Yum! Brands Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0632222896426, 1.3896034125],["Unilever NV", 'All Holdings', 0.0629053840652, 0],["Cia de Bebidas das Americas ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0614869963909, 0],["Suncor Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0614524638847, 0],["BNP Paribas SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0602224463756, 0],["Anglo American plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0591272908824, 0],["Halliburton Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0591142822216, 1.39520759029],["Capital One Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0590532256834, 1.26989131315],["Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0590250124478, 0],["EOG Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0586452839047, 1.37632649971],["Allergan Inc./United States", 'All Holdings', 0.0584081547853, 1.34764168087],["Biogen Idec Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0581687219105, 1.35199262991],["Prudential Financial Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0579825768793, 1.39053875746],["Walgreen Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0577648293864, 1.3778829846],["Bank of New York Mellon Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0570986162878, 1.38908672539],["ABB Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0568217534791, 0],["Itau Unibanco Holding SA ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0568175789584, 0],["Deutsche Bank AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0565159237582, 0],["Kimberly-Clark Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0562730847393, 1.40485464567],["TJX Cos. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0562503045739, 1.44533809827],["Industrial & Commercial Bank of China", 'All Holdings', 0.0560551766826, 0],["Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0555240058482, 0.403383421086],["Morgan Stanley", 'All Holdings', 0.0555073255299, 1.39000159145],["SABMiller plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0551577084458, 0],["Devon Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0551051154563, 1.34743672474],["Barclays plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0550929369476, 0],["E.ON AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0549943788508, 0],["FedEx Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.054711285674, 1.37925533457],["Medco Health Solutions Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0545176298271, 1.35932974677],["Dominion Resources Inc./VA", 'All Holdings', 0.0542614447986, 1.46507128099],["Dell Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0542588724368, 1.34811549763],["Duke Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0542449890155, 1.40681491196],["Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0537754016711, 0],["Danone", 'All Holdings', 0.0537152004997, 0],["Lukoil OAO ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0529529729211, 0],["Automatic Data Processing Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0524229933323, 1.40725337765],["Covidien plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0522543616445, 1.38066574163],["GDF Suez", 'All Holdings', 0.052231374934, 0],["Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0519278645419, 0],["Barrick Gold Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0519135411058, 0],["Unilever plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0514880434514, 0],["Time Warner Cable Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0514251192458, 1.38548703428],["TESCO plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0507777461351, 0],["Precision Castparts Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0507325549412, 1.34838135985],["Tyco International Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0506271252531, 1.40673001115],["Express Scripts Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0504331316227, 1.36015470166],["AIA Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0503950559812, 0],["Illinois Tool Works Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0502523469816, 1.35764320841],["Imperial Tobacco Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0500341403704, 0],["Infosys Ltd. ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0499342497502, 0],["Lockheed Martin Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0496372705949, 1.36907928204],["Newmont Mining Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0495958468349, 1.40721505466],["Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0494513913966, 0],["WellPoint Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0494439979546, 1.42847519993],["Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. Private Placement    Restricted From Trade", 'All Holdings', 0.049263150535, 0],["General Mills Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0490374831816, 1.42481667779],["POSCO ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0486196118067, 0],["American Tower Corporation", 'All Holdings', 0.0486117773799, 1.40403901961],["Reckitt Benckiser Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0482499054826, 0],["Gazprom OAO ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.048041093609, 0],["Deutsche Telekom AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0480050960255, 0],["ACE Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0479031533445, 1.42048875817],["Viacom Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0477484780088, 1.37423316464],["Travelers Cos. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0477025503312, 1.41715933093],["Banco Bradesco SA ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0474289965358, 0],["CNOOC Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0472815456548, 0],["NextEra Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.047171083223, 1.436954317],["Norfolk Southern Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.047088842469, 1.37758726123],["Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0470879808808, 0],["Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0468166657549, 1.37392512885],["AXA SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0468089680245, 0],["Bank of China Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.046790225101, 0],["CenturyLink Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0466593660389, 1.41570595408],["Coach Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0465836538523, 1.34016325212],["Bank of Montreal", 'All Holdings', 0.0465829701772, 0],["Petroleo Brasileiro SA ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0465710428505, 0],["Xstrata plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0465371835699, 0],["General Dynamics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.046317403363, 1.32831441825],["Zurich Insurance Group AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0460121725191, 0],["Cummins Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0459081043683, 1.32798031028],["Schneider Electric SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0455168332769, 0],["FANUC Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0452428246052, 0],["El Paso Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0452202582724, 1.39932902201],["CSX Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.045077069797, 1.39230222866],["Canadian National Railway Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0450452498087, 0],["Marathon Oil Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0449460112785, 1.37902301014],["Nordea Bank AB", 'All Holdings', 0.0448721857699, 0],["Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0448248928125, 0],["Goldcorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.044814692136, 0],["State Street Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0444964038035, 1.39915886096],["Corning Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0444251421335, 1.38561908356],["Johnson Controls Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0443562464836, 1.38614773093],["Intuitive Surgical Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.044015527199, 1.33609960403],["L'Oreal SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0436563244669, 0],["Air Liquide SA", 'All Holdings', 0.043654296877, 0],["Credit Suisse Group AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0432070721933, 0],["BlackRock Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0432015954861, 1.37996009534],["Aflac Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0431810692354, 1.38684962136],["Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0429845360943, 1.38465003904],["McKesson Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0429436753213, 1.40075997363],["BB&T Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.042713311038, 1.43093427551],["Archer-Daniels-Midland Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0426569179419, 1.38498274604],["PetroChina Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0424703264823, 0],["Las Vegas Sands Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0424607855884, 1.38828328962],["CBS Corp. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0423978748992, 1.36594449775],["Statoil ASA", 'All Holdings', 0.0423861693476, 0],["Japan Tobacco Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0422132628175, 0],["Woolworths Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.04193996585, 0],["Hyundai Motor Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0419047030582, 0],["NTT DoCoMo Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0418874438298, 0],["Enbridge Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0417769956746, 0],["Hutchison Whampoa Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0417048792748, 0],["Rio Tinto Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.041423200602, 0],["Cie Financiere Richemont SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0414138481725, 0],["ING Groep NV", 'All Holdings', 0.0407589265958, 0],["Reliance Industries Ltd. GDR", 'All Holdings', 0.0407445928985, 0],["Mitsubishi Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0406117568941, 0],["Shinhan Financial Group Co. Ltd. ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0402732452144, 0],["Spectra Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0401620201555, 1.43613658251],["MTN Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0401361767868, 0],["Syngenta AG", 'All Holdings', 0.039747512952, 0],["National Grid plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0396160997666, 0],["Noble Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0394066191653, 1.23425805741],["Sasol Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0391768730901, 0],["Komatsu Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0391086491349, 0],["Vinci SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0390964236903, 0],["Franklin Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0390407877398, 1.38242076266],["Broadcom Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0390007957142, 1.38085670823],["Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0387271532933, 0],[" Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0387266274274, 1.45459186061],["Air Products & Chemicals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0386349322518, 1.41151410754],["General Motors Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.038011321557, 1.49243679769],["Ecolab Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0377325331479, 1.38889477411],["Public Storage", 'All Holdings', 0.0376923723129, 1.50828914302],["TransCanada Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0375632190094, 0],["Volkswagen AG Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0374657655064, 0],["Hess Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0374080781548, 1.36519050137],["Williams Cos. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0373180891452, 1.37809648526],["FirstEnergy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0373019468546, 1.44757992364],["Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0372952321065, 0],["Discover Financial Services", 'All Holdings', 0.037236755555, 1.39400311022],["Chubb Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0372094046601, 1.46345428553],["CME Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0371363732029, 1.39226524083],["Yahoo! Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0370153793933, 1.37965511332],["Prudential plc", 'All Holdings', 0.036982241934, 0],["Equity Residential", 'All Holdings', 0.0369043427434, 1.42707837552],["Raytheon Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0368267392116, 1.40705984504],["American Electric Power Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0367276292907, 1.4393426089],["BT Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0367097069704, 0],["Astra International Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.0365672039601, 0],["Baker Hughes Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0365534400759, 1.4216399527],["Sberbank of Russia", 'All Holdings', 0.0363532930011, 0],["Mead Johnson Nutrition Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0362351155688, 1.31630687769],["Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.036093980277, 0],["France Telecom SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0359041702043, 0],["Intuit Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0358295230606, 1.34935813719],["Mitsui & Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0355792277486, 0],["Wal-Mart de Mexico SAB de CV", 'All Holdings', 0.0355543015544, 0],["Cenovus Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0355317152591, 0],["Aetna Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0354435226077, 1.46000732782],["NetApp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0353300530655, 1.32984795649],["Grupo Mexico SAB de CV Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0352754024728, 0],["Lorillard Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0352454657099, 1.41351616946],["Adobe Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0351863977637, 1.36310739049],["Sysco Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0350241749067, 1.43421855426],["Muenchener Rueckversicherungs AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0349982087281, 0],["HDFC Bank Ltd. ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0349069361693, 0],["Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0348770017325, 1.4061100481],["Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce/Canada", 'All Holdings', 0.0348556487095, 0],["Wesfarmers Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0347882830499, 0],["PG&E Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0347343273051, 1.44752694294],["Macy's Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0346267680916, 1.37946003222],["HJ Heinz Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.034472428446, 1.42070900988],["Pernod-Ricard SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0344340160729, 0],["T. Rowe Price Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0343430574027, 1.37444505155],["PACCAR Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0342752191467, 1.25879206604],["Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0342733513037, 1.4708341017],["Tencent Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0339123836444, 0],["Mosaic Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0338621915466, 1.42924078631],["Becton Dickinson and Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.033833175209, 1.4113370228],["RWE AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0337888722365, 0],["Swiss Re AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0337063581068, 0],["Prologis Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0337051304184, 1.40203028829],["Softbank Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0335477394386, 0],["Repsol YPF SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0334786945567, 0],["KDDI Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0334302827978, 0],["Charles Schwab Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0332436102328, 1.33788895692],["Applied Materials Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0331791259172, 1.41662168926],["Citrix Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0331579524047, 1.27289070619],["Allstate Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.033133721305, 1.44008980239],["Northrop Grumman Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0330184121619, 1.31749696394],["Hitachi Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0329618008214, 0],["Stryker Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0327873245668, 1.3965934689],["American International Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0326785550103, 1.45788646741],["Bayerische Motoren Werke AG", 'All Holdings', 0.032328663077, 0],["Manulife Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0322550529288, 0],["Marathon Petroleum Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0322337358403, 1.37967438147],["Consolidated Edison Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0322077114406, 1.52854767943],["ITC Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0321444408037, 0],["PPL Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0319616067296, 1.47234371081],["HCP Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0319575917561, 1.44990895562],["Chesapeake Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0319515449004, 1.37662655307],["Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0319479004857, 1.45835875789],["Mitsubishi Estate Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0318809122446, 0],["TE Connectivity Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0318532678251, 1.41060955436],["Eaton Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.031842797445, 1.4312108653],["Agilent Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0317845742807, 1.40088304305],["Reynolds American Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0317758853406, 1.31425340872],["Centrica plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0317547145912, 0],["Waste Management Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0316939074456, 1.39029893427],["Enel SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.031617200518, 0],["Iberdrola SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0315773832465, 0],["Inditex SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0315546818301, 0],["Annaly Capital Management Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0312804308175, 1.41608024624],["Cie de St-Gobain", 'All Holdings', 0.0312462419705, 0],["VF Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0312402150063, 1.19098182913],["Tullow Oil plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0312241491778, 0],["Inpex Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0311754854322, 0],["Goodrich Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0311597992915, 1.4556753045],["Progress Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0311556637363, 1.45215134116],["St. Jude Medical Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0310626580661, 1.31438731186],["Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0309847655873, 0],["Public Service Enterprise Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0309151700201, 1.44765645726],["International Paper Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0307974897928, 1.36826780113],["Estee Lauder Cos. Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0307349818119, 1.36880960304],["Crown Castle International Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0306734746633, 1.43109278839],["Assicurazioni Generali SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.0306358311752, 0],["Denso Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0306111768044, 0],["Boston Properties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0305909289249, 1.46606576194],["Motorola Solutions Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0305893674252, 1.33044546777],["Volvo AB Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0305694097563, 0],["Valero Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0305541601167, 1.36614421831],["Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0305408275436, 0],["Humana Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.03045801577, 1.43722871259],["Rolls-Royce Holdings plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0304556269941, 0],["Newcrest Mining Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0304038111278, 0],["Panasonic Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0303230208552, 0],["Cheung Kong Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0302178176649, 0],["Fastenal Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0301025609129, 1.46104205981],["Societe Generale SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0300937157734, 0],["Cardinal Health Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0300391796204, 1.43766911848],["PPG Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0300296040486, 1.43805101775],["Cigna Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0300199793478, 1.35796975878],["ArcelorMittal", 'All Holdings', 0.0298186595587, 0],["East Japan Railway Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0297503451433, 0],["China Life Insurance Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.029547641394, 0],["Sony Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.029543010118, 0],["Carnival Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0295288315011, 1.40937494706],["Aon Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0295223470028, 1.40369038471],["Symantec Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0294806188482, 1.35857864444],["Fortescue Metals Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0294443452248, 0],["McGraw-Hill Cos. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0293601112359, 1.40804842813],["Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0290990627909, 0],["Lloyds Banking Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0290772332624, 0],["China Petroleum & Chemical Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.028991372231, 0],["Loews Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0289697193902, 1.27842708974],["Cerner Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0288639790594, 1.10511095946],["Omnicom Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0287741042342, 1.41454247272],["Brookfield Asset Management Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0287568163722, 0],["Kroger Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0287077206461, 1.39553298946],["Vivendi SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0285465571158, 0],["Naspers Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0284756392925, 0],["Nucor Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0284455069569, 1.39512917173],["European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co. NV", 'All Holdings', 0.028375634816, 0],["Vornado Realty Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.028369002711, 1.43831041196],["UniCredit SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.0282992276387, 0],["Kellogg Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0282681612859, 1.39251458478],["Xcel Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.028153902169, 1.33180864058],["Westfield Group", 'All Holdings', 0.0281214133961, 0],["LyondellBasell Industries NV Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0280107636671, 1.31334301394],["CSL, Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0279971546732, 0],["Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd. ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0279750828301, 0],["Sara Lee Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0279604059589, 1.26172237156],["Intesa Sanpaolo SPA (Registered)", 'All Holdings', 0.0279431525808, 0],["Woodside Petroleum Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.027922713186, 0],["Sempra Energy", 'All Holdings', 0.0278406362581, 1.43514467258],["SunTrust Banks Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0278152331456, 1.36451792028],["CF Industries Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0278120209983, 1.25452852538],["Ross Stores Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0278106975634, 1.41275782087],["AvalonBay Communities Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0277389106465, 1.41766897018],["Standard Bank Group Ltd./South Africa", 'All Holdings', 0.0276850550552, 0],["Edison International", 'All Holdings', 0.0275894604742, 1.39632679853],["Ingersoll-Rand plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0275790852743, 1.37170571994],["Deutsche Post AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0274906212517, 0],["Progressive Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.027481566162, 1.4475380225],["Teck Resources Ltd. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.027274764886, 0],["Nokia Oyj", 'All Holdings', 0.0272691969032, 0],["Ameriprise Financial Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.027265107932, 1.38968599339],["FMC Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0272592433955, 1.29060270889],["Stanley Black & Decker Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0271965089251, 1.33055905292],["Linde AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0271559501657, 0],["ASML Holding NV", 'All Holdings', 0.0270798664047, 0],["WW Grainger Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0270683830767, 1.38050441902],["Juniper Networks Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0270491290805, 1.305661471],["Whole Foods Market Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.027046209005, 1.37873406856],["Cameron International Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0269420665891, 1.41300085024],["Fifth Third Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.0269246696021, 1.40930468988],["Kohl's Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0269108619076, 1.31272490681],["Pioneer Natural Resources Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0267835636, 1.34073117037],["Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV", 'All Holdings', 0.0267518117563, 0],["Limited Brands Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0267304208821, 1.33835881711],["Parker Hannifin Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0266509620648, 1.41041953329],["Gazprom OAO", 'All Holdings', 0.0266486449484, 0],["Comcast Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0265943815978, 1.24158708415],["Ventas Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0265136122228, 1.82406371237],["Altera Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0263813943411, 1.42438753849],["KB Financial Group Inc. ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0262682809234, 0],["Fomento Economico Mexicano SAB de CV", 'All Holdings', 0.0262475514982, 0],["SanDisk Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0260968465158, 1.34474238236],["Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0260757316224, 1.47857773494],["Unibail-Rodamco SE", 'All Holdings', 0.0258042584717, 0],["Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0257913475336, 0],["HTC Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0255617974117, 0],["Singapore Telecommunications Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0255449567679, 0],["Transocean Ltd./Switzerland", 'All Holdings', 0.0254338908129, 0],["Invesco Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0253005679288, 1.40605162359],["Hennes & Mauritz AB Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.025283854999, 0],["AES Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0251319596504, 1.00997532233],["AutoZone Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0251192011994, 1.04793633333],["Seven & I Holdings Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0250567170738, 0],["Staples Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0249421893898, 1.34653264719],["Bridgestone Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0248193201093, 0],["Entergy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0247829710285, 1.41662321863],["O'Reilly Automotive Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0247688713537, 1.40214003594],["Analog Devices Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0247499910115, 1.44096973682],["Kia Motors Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.024732966035, 0],["Zimmer Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0247120009883, 1.38116341107],["Seagate Technology plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0247118049608, 1.35675977628],["Rockwell Automation Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0246460254213, 1.36038048711],["Wynn Resorts Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0246404092179, 1.22124687253],["Concho Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0246272797305, 1.2112443512],["Weyerhaeuser Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0244792416304, 1.42504040011],["Ping An Insurance Group Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0244577184531, 0],["Forest Laboratories Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0244198857701, 1.14310236482],["Weatherford International Ltd./Switzerland", 'All Holdings', 0.0243530219637, 1.39691443916],["Sandvik AB", 'All Holdings', 0.0243503309538, 0],["Harley-Davidson Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0243285441108, 1.40032900385],["Mattel Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0241973171135, 1.40137264821],["Dover Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0241325714089, 1.43900973299],["Mitsui Fudosan Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0240999160403, 0],["Kyocera Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0240733794784, 0],["DBS Group Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0240137252126, 0],["Host Hotels & Resorts Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0240006776999, 1.43898820689],["Teradata Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0239792281152, 1.41583181819],["Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0239635792061, 1.36886419868],["F5 Networks Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0237235328311, 1.35278508966],["Liberty Interactive Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0237150396262, 1.357940486],["Health Care REIT Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0236369276175, 1.45688539668],["Nomura Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0236236847186, 0],["Hyundai Mobis", 'All Holdings', 0.023604055529, 0],["Svenska Handelsbanken AB Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0235709056647, 0],["Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0235699146689, 0],["Rosneft Oil Co. GDR", 'All Holdings', 0.0234705676669, 0],["Holcim Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0234614341534, 0],["Tokio Marine Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0234548258068, 0],["Xerox Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0234435700587, 1.42695031418],["CA Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0233314958066, 1.40791021549],["Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.023309770875, 0],["China Shenhua Energy Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0232941648462, 0],["Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0232649712514, 1.43381736578],["CH Robinson Worldwide Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0232559748642, 1.38133428444],["Carrefour SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0232473433948, 0],["Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0232384649305, 0],["Dollar Tree Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0232066978883, 1.44767278913],["Western Union Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0231231629565, 1.41196727642],["Telecom Italia SPA (Registered)", 'All Holdings', 0.023110982285, 0],["Formosa Plastics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0230831569032, 0],["Red Hat Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0230012446664, 1.50268546115],["Nordstrom Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0229617058073, 1.22843373183],["Noble Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0228990932069, 1.28010414814],["Hang Lung Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0228756622399, 0],["Marriott International Inc./DE Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0228528821907, 1.32967904488],["Murphy Oil Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0228496744421, 1.35508981652],["Swatch Group AG (Bearer)", 'All Holdings', 0.0228488144212, 0],["Petroleo Brasileiro SA Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0228168359363, 0],["Alcoa Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0227592717865, 1.40521646214],["Northern Trust Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0227308519462, 1.35745693659],["Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0226739557625, 0],["ConAgra Foods Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0226205160116, 1.44325130054],["Southwestern Energy Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0225992101024, 1.41442505133],["Cie Generale d'Optique Essilor International SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0225128873536, 0],["Koninklijke KPN NV", 'All Holdings', 0.0224823033848, 0],["Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0224470806626, 0],["Nan Ya Plastics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0224313253168, 0],["Saipem SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.0223368995486, 0],["Autodesk Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0223333976895, 1.28964214402],["PPR", 'All Holdings', 0.0222983283707, 0],["Paychex Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0222937972946, 1.36240209072],["Cliffs Natural Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0222438029238, 1.35060995744],["BorgWarner Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0222260354361, 1.25177809479],["Fluor Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0222182186181, 1.37751170185],["Adidas AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0221693148369, 0],["Ralph Lauren Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0221343459118, 1.45103983476],["SSE plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0220809642564, 0],["Western Digital Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0220272597312, 1.3212004492],["Cooper Industries plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0220041681897, 1.38275514791],["Bunge Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0219997965898, 1.36451441111],["ITOCHU Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.021994134962, 0],["Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0219868174926, 0],["CRH plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0219423653608, 0],["Mylan Inc./PA", 'All Holdings', 0.0219149097939, 1.37466031426],["Duskin Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0218955637407, 0],["Deutsche Boerse AG", 'All Holdings', 0.021884881085, 0],["Liberty Media Corp. - Liberty Capital Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0218611772676, 1.31821210904],["Shire plc", 'All Holdings', 0.021796306774, 0],["QBE Insurance Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.021795477563, 0],["VMware Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0217533515335, 1.33215597884],["Aviva plc", 'All Holdings', 0.021670840991, 0],["United Overseas Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0216327083239, 0],["General Growth Properties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0216120727175, 2],["Beam Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0215833153779, 1.14462740061],["DNB ASA", 'All Holdings', 0.0215146156457, 0],["Compass Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.021471276918, 0],["Koninklijke Ahold NV", 'All Holdings', 0.0214193500997, 0],["Fiserv Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0213998087519, 1.37921205479],["Hong Kong & China Gas Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0213414956621, 0],["AmerisourceBergen Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0212874244186, 1.45575908142],["Hershey Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0212267685212, 1.43873750872],["M&T Bank Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0212022742322, 1.40019110488],["Nexen Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0211893036476, 0],["Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0211592432132, 0],["Cathay Financial Holding Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0211440817153, 0],["Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0211271163446, 0],["Toshiba Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0211215638975, 0],["Sherwin-Williams Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0211202724979, 1.38783581677],["BRF - Brasil Foods SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0210949159092, 0],["IntercontinentalExchange Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0210947687116, 1.4318594974],["Quest Diagnostics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0210267468932, 1.38871206932],["WPP plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0209841775463, 0],["Nintendo Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0209541978607, 0],["Danske Bank A/S", 'All Holdings', 0.0208464390535, 0],["Encana Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0207861261347, 0],["Amphenol Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0207403912291, 1.46663447904],["Li & Fung Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0207111982257, 0],["Agrium Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0207005576519, 0],["CLP Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0206843112729, 0],["Principal Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0206729509589, 1.34133639417],["Range Resources Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0205858968675, 1.38375516753],["Malayan Banking Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0205833278246, 0],["Astellas Pharma Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0205567893457, 0],["Roper Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0204927459292, 1.41805285622],["Hartford Financial Services Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0204802040233, 1.32474126722],["Expeditors International of Washington Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0204793231535, 1.46409502084],["LG Chem Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0204718410554, 0],["Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0204201273308, 0],["NVIDIA Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0204188100488, 1.39943827899],["BAE Systems plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0204037040831, 0],["Mitsubishi Electric Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.020371568812, 0],["Sun Life Financial Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0203622748103, 0],["Republic Services Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0203422063949, 1.35917184766],["CarMax Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.020338555939, 1.17315325597],["Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0203004574622, 1.26633819635],["Orica Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0202748872061, 0],["Tim Hortons Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0201576137488, 0],["Genuine Parts Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0200818921114, 1.48186086988],["Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0200397852856, 0],["Clorox Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0199881646785, 1.38234138556],["Origin Energy Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0199703671216, 0],["Akzo Nobel NV", 'All Holdings', 0.0199359156059, 0],["Brambles Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0199291344263, 0],["Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.019904237198, 1.38080703494],["Aegon NV", 'All Holdings', 0.0198714306318, 0],["Sirius XM Radio Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0198309990956, 1.33443692522],["Sumitomo Realty & Development Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0198178841709, 0],["SLM Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0197932251788, 1.19574651182],["Perrigo Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0197596800499, 1.33837511473],["Hang Seng Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0197444076819, 0],["DTE Energy Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0197182977857, 1.44217736081],["Bank Central Asia Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.0196976066512, 0],["Nippon Steel Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0196833225243, 0],["Telenor ASA", 'All Holdings', 0.0196756327082, 0],["Reed Elsevier plc", 'All Holdings', 0.01965394336, 0],["China Unicom Hong Kong Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0196441578, 0],["Tiffany & Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0196374014328, 1.30209109119],["Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0196331498447, 1.33276004537],["Sumitomo Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0196109185824, 0],["Banco do Brasil SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0195901308733, 0],["IMI plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0195202597338, 0],["Heineken NV", 'All Holdings', 0.0195031593583, 0],["Boston Scientific Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0194952377122, 1.3911877729],["Sigma-Aldrich Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0194925471022, 1.38203282072],["Swedbank AB Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0194554509908, 0],["JM Smucker Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0194216226002, 1.4590234533],["Santos Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.019397827158, 0],["CenterPoint Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0193967888572, 1.25830473009],["Imperial Oil Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0193782919201, 0],["Nifco Inc./Japan", 'All Holdings', 0.0193712876086, 0],["Xilinx Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0193470926158, 1.5153043752],["Delta Air Lines Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0193448301648, 1.33042315368],["Edwards Lifesciences Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0193281675035, 1.31517020354],["Ecopetrol SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0193168454859, 0],["Old Mutual plc", 'All Holdings', 0.019311055397, 0],["Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA", 'All Holdings', 0.019310412049, 0],["Life Technologies Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0192765942743, 1.3833683995],["KLA-Tencor Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0192604255549, 1.44357413878],["Central Japan Railway Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0192260060607, 0],["Hengan International Group Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0192053429199, 0],["Regions Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0191534946996, 1.49221338968],["Fidelity National Information Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0191075727942, 1.2858385402],["Moody's Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0191002796627, 1.37515871081],["MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings", 'All Holdings', 0.0190588852895, 0],["Telstra Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0190361160365, 0],["Lincoln National Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0190126421673, 1.29676545547],["Fubon Financial Holding Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0189931253859, 0],["Technip SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0189741680898, 0],["Avago Technologies Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0189057511466, 1.40004455726],["AngloGold Ashanti Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0188853558502, 0],["Experian plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0188717605372, 0],["DaVita Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0188581977558, 1.37783253606],["Sprint Nextel Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0188540132693, 1.39367696218],["ICICI Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0188095505885, 0],["Monster Beverage Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0188046990154, 1.51001967957],["Avon Products Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0187575012732, 1.36937994917],["Talisman Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0187558014599, 0],["KeyCorp", 'All Holdings', 0.0187555150349, 1.32748528916],["Maxim Integrated Products Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.018668337554, 1.37491873995],["Gap Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0186501588855, 1.37103537667],["SK Hynix Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0186497628125, 0],["Waters Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0186239014704, 1.38218195921],["Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0186106956956, 0],["Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings", 'All Holdings', 0.0185802234634, 1.518343519],["Rockwell Collins Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0184415583295, 1.46162460195],["Daito Trust Construction Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0184217540893, 0],["British Sky Broadcasting Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0183972560816, 0],["Hermes International", 'All Holdings', 0.0183780817255, 0],["Fraser and Neave Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0183044328663, 0],["Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0182651670753, 1.45957724548],["Seadrill Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0182621340524, 0],["Housing Development Finance Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0182589572953, 0],["Herbalife Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.018225813619, 1.36396955785],["Dollar General Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0182159402704, 1.4326743202],["Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.018210634283, 0],["Wisconsin Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.018207713422, 1.38319375953],["Pearson plc", 'All Holdings', 0.018192550587, 0],["AP Moeller - Maersk A/S Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0181882744114, 0],["Keppel Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0181824692564, 0],["Joy Global Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0181611982292, 1.31400780519],["Alstom SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0181602990619, 0],["Itausa - Investimentos Itau SA Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0181552341604, 0],["Isuzu Motors Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0181041279103, 0],["Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0180869571293, 1.46247177586],["CR Bard Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0180316057411, 1.45499358702],["HeidelbergCement AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0180272541223, 0],["Marvell Technology Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0179876393421, 1.39314971274],["Sime Darby Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0179680302812, 0],["Best Buy Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0179337803192, 1.25898225061],["Chinatrust Financial Holding Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0179274675672, 0],["Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0178806854727, 0],["Cia Siderurgica Nacional SA ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0178638551168, 0],["CIT Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0178503150836, 1.36634753904],["Kao Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0178290687202, 0],["Henkel AG & Co. KGaA Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0177905254862, 0],["Silver Wheaton Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0177487983402, 0],["Peabody Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0177193013454, 1.37568811702],["Varian Medical Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0176788971985, 1.36251748214],["TeliaSonera AB", 'All Holdings', 0.0176660256445, 0],["CONSOL Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0176439514241, 1.36053005815],["Lululemon Athletica Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0175615474888, 1.32672554477],["Grupo Televisa SAB", 'All Holdings', 0.0175581415628, 0],["Kimco Realty Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.01754980594, 1.38871709408],["CIMB Group Holdings Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.017469733186, 0],["AMETEK Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0174617401279, 1.3843531378],["Tatneft ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0174388637764, 0],["Kansas City Southern", 'All Holdings', 0.0174278909593, 1.40512060802],["Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA", 'All Holdings', 0.0174056707305, 0],["NiSource Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0173872888086, 1.22597738188],["Fiat Industrial SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.0172685639913, 0],["Linear Technology Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0172646454118, 1.38633971424],["ONEOK Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0172512148369, 1.44617649227],["Fossil Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0172082437537, 1.2732914774],["NYSE Euronext", 'All Holdings', 0.0171523006091, 1.42911898776],["Samsung C&T Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0171501166052, 0],["Textron Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.017142274944, 1.4080707274],["Digital Realty Trust Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0170881297307, 1.41775235682],["Macerich Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0170784661647, 1.39368971509],["FMC Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0170212980217, 1.37492390917],["Embraer SA ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0170026048082, 0],["AMP Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0169998979214, 0],["Equinix Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0169445400028, 1.3769242517],["Celanese Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0169176976102, 1.33318615004],["Haci Omer Sabanci Holding AS (Bearer)", 'All Holdings', 0.0169067036511, 0],["Micron Technology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0169066580716, 1.33686243338],["Ameren Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0168967931813, 1.46000245566],["Legal & General Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0168438041841, 0],["NovaTek OAO", 'All Holdings', 0.016827149276, 0],["Jardine Matheson Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0168154065828, 0],["American Capital Agency Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0167645546302, 1.60545221151],["ARM Holdings plc", 'All Holdings', 0.016756616449, 0],["Crescent Point Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0167508400628, 0],["Orascom Construction Industries GDR", 'All Holdings', 0.0167239464978, 0],["Larsen & Toubro Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.016716875275, 0],["MediaTek Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0167094443745, 0],["Fast Retailing Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0167060165292, 0],["Scania AB Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0166699386139, 0],["Safeway Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0166643274112, 1.31403714925],["Molson Coors Brewing Co. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0166093771023, 1.35251330727],["Umicore SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0165133425098, 0],["Church & Dwight Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0165069774805, 1.33936178577],["Kansai Electric Power Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0164922621032, 0],["BMC Software Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0164709039516, 1.32749117267],["Kinross Gold Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0164536480106, 0],["ORIX Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0164459967363, 0],["Atlas Copco AB Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0164457089114, 0],["Liberty Global Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0164418036681, 1.33001730616],["Denbury Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.016436699958, 1.38559559762],["Gold Fields Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0164298782502, 0],["Cameco Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0164019333263, 0],["Eastman Chemical Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0163783717341, 1.37673240458],["Legrand SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0163443107339, 0],["Darden Restaurants Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0162749178531, 1.3154745389],["Christian Dior SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0162555829016, 0],["Grupo Financiero Banorte SAB de CV", 'All Holdings', 0.0162548390276, 0],["Sampo Oyj", 'All Holdings', 0.0162509516652, 0],["Surgutneftegaz ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0162331941351, 0],["National Bank of Canada", 'All Holdings', 0.0161972929105, 0],["Brown-Forman Corp. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0161907177241, 1.35192111987],["United Microelectronics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0161862531674, 0],["Cobalt International Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.016178135008, 1.07481586555],["XL Group plc Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0161768572533, 1.35646750712],["Highwealth Construction Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.016137026897, 0],["Kingfisher plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0161356107491, 0],["Yamana Gold Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0161300901286, 0],["Discovery Communications Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0161254969886, 1.39535118244],["FirstRand Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0160976370621, 0],["Power Assets Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0160643173376, 0],["Microchip Technology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0160508317474, 1.39678529436],["DISH Network Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0159666613639, 1.35328079831],["Virgin Media Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0159524103074, 1.41783656527],["Campbell Soup Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0159467895155, 1.28911425835],["Burberry Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0159452768667, 0],["Belle International Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0159090876668, 0],["China Steel Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0158843514421, 0],["Power Corp. of Canada", 'All Holdings', 0.0158703976685, 0],["EQT Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0158687422952, 1.36409760947],["Mazda Motor Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.015866146602, 0],["Akamai Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0158596601232, 1.3328931583],["Porsche Automobil Holding SE Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0158471483891, 0],["BM&FBovespa SA", 'All Holdings', 0.015843785787, 0],["Lafarge SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0158391741761, 0],["Otsuka Holdings Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0158364360089, 0],["Pall Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0158204872976, 1.37558835959],["Henry Schein Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0158030962948, 1.38266469395],["Rackspace Hosting Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.015800980193, 1.21403121671],["Axiata Group Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0157883471366, 0],["Thomson Reuters Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0157831584085, 0],["Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0157687863411, 1.1403238258],["Comerica Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0157538584246, 1.29014810788],["First Quantum Minerals Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0157070739667, 0],["Stericycle Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0157042117111, 1.36272512096],["WM Morrison Supermarkets plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0156305196144, 0],["Cabot Oil & Gas Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0156291513575, 1.32196638079],["Verisk Analytics Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.015612951684, 1.32653991736],["Activision Blizzard Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0156046401611, 1.34192777534],["Kinder Morgan Management LLC", 'All Holdings', 0.0155937309931, 1.34143570937],["Yara International ASA", 'All Holdings', 0.0155883200465, 0],["Illumina Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0155618382318, 1.31550358614],["Renault SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0155408045776, 0],["Wyndham Worldwide Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0155400919915, 1.46542407045],["PetSmart Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0154864069226, 1.31027540264],["United Continental Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0154794670172, 1.4599636197],["K+S AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0154626583263, 0],["Unum Group", 'All Holdings', 0.0154531949783, 1.47382242922],["Shoprite Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.015450445953, 0],["NSTAR", 'All Holdings', 0.0154490540357, 1.03394417769],["CEZ AS", 'All Holdings', 0.0154475851309, 0],["Plum Creek Timber Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.01543769964, 1.38059971626],["Delta Electronics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.015432391205, 0],["SKF AB", 'All Holdings', 0.0154041656344, 0],["WorleyParsons Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0153959428488, 0],["Magna International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0153889942333, 0],["JFE Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0153820695507, 0],["HollyFrontier Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0153513887747, 1.39283357081],["Suncorp Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0153376094969, 0],["L-3 Communications Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0153292281937, 1.46933427121],["Cia de Minas Buenaventura SA ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0152645014066, 0],["Northeast Utilities", 'All Holdings', 0.0151521131744, 1.38318806642],["Trimble Navigation Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0151244039394, 1.41545827288],["McCormick & Co. Inc./MD", 'All Holdings', 0.0151219288607, 1.3801518571],["Windstream Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0151072992484, 1.44325975524],["Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0151032762278, 1.30153381499],["Southwest Airlines Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0150433358228, 1.38874918582],["JX Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.015027464808, 0],["Autoliv Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.015014091457, 1.27377397627],["Advance Auto Parts Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0149790025667, 1.37533930763],["NHN Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0149749783391, 0],["Eldorado Gold Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0149490095103, 0],["Cimarex Energy Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0149115918371, 1.38662954368],["Coloplast A/S Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0148927343751, 0],["Swire Pacific Ltd. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0148567221649, 0],["Flowserve Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0148492518866, 1.38421738507],["ThyssenKrupp AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0148419649622, 0],["SL Green Realty Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0147956936137, 1.4450043667],["Macquarie Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0147146421994, 0],["Alliance Data Systems Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0147146395114, 1.38054608665],["Wilmar International Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0147142087375, 0],["Assa Abloy AB Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.014712306316, 0],["Sands China Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0146822036008, 0],["Whiting Petroleum Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0146638001004, 1.39492911852],["Suntec REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.0146617084784, 0],["Cie Generale des Etablissements Michelin", 'All Holdings', 0.0146556633163, 0],["Infineon Technologies AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0146088164788, 0],["Genting Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0145965800715, 0],["Siam Makro PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.0145785861455, 0],["Electricity Generating PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.0145725398263, 0],["Sodexo", 'All Holdings', 0.0145249853615, 0],["Cia Energetica de Minas Gerais Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0145202392654, 0],["SGS SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0144744620721, 0],["Family Dollar Stores Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0144702133974, 1.40388765969],["Commerzbank AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0144692094329, 0],["Ball Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0144630865111, 1.47507216711],["Subsea 7 SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0144581497692, 0],["Kintetsu Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0144564871811, 0],["Nuance Communications Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0144544598224, 1.37428215015],["Yamada Denki Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0144450175589, 0],["Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri AS", 'All Holdings', 0.0144130407732, 0],["Suzuki Motor Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0144034014913, 0],["Hongkong Land Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0143978347085, 0],["JC Penney Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0143949145732, 1.26826737487],["Hospira Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0143780123358, 1.37973176538],["Wolseley plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0143303528789, 0],["United Tractors Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.0143226158991, 0],["TECO Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0142983904012, 0.807432358904],["Affiliated Managers Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.014267841579, 1.29990817904],["Netflix Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0142511963294, 1.37012333619],["CCR SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0142503974406, 0],["VeriSign Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0142476554466, 1.31225554596],["Federal Realty Investment Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.0142104354991, 1.3959376504],["ANSYS Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0141960219989, 1.36580619361],["New York Community Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0141495307986, 1.38949749271],["CBRE Group Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0140988533395, 1.34985884518],["Carlsberg A/S Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0140758279427, 0],["Atlas Copco AB Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0140658917669, 0],["Tractor Supply Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.01405799449, 1.47867408084],["Plains Exploration & Production Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0140273544697, 1.38757440265],["Chubu Electric Power Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0140107322105, 0],["Keyence Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0140098638799, 0],["BOC Hong Kong Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0140074759618, 0],["Voestalpine AG", 'All Holdings', 0.013973971362, 0],["Oil Search Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0139606073952, 0],["Land Securities Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0139571819079, 0],["Cemex SAB de CV", 'All Holdings', 0.0139547454533, 0],["China Telecom Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0139328408715, 0],["Hologic Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0139309144519, 1.3191749707],["Airgas Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0139250782244, 1.49361403332],["Public Bank Bhd. (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.0139082813371, 0],["DiGi.Com Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0138952289957, 0],["Marks & Spencer Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0138757100676, 0],["Marubeni Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0138377312955, 0],["Daiichi Sankyo Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0138333637651, 0],["Shoppers Drug Mart Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0138286583655, 0],["FUJIFILM Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0138021865262, 0],["Core Laboratories NV", 'All Holdings', 0.0137824076069, 1.44598302958],["SBA Communications Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0137605270679, 1.38907197854],["Tempur-Pedic International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0137534411566, 1.32280235697],["Whirlpool Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0137379317521, 1.38999359879],["Informatica Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0137310880758, 1.32873840235],["Vulcan Materials Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0137285873387, 1.30762403669],["Shochiku Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0137088344748, 0],["Bank Rakyat Indonesia Persero Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.0137024622485, 0],["Willis Group Holdings plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0136814945821, 1.37133690164],["Uralkali OJSC", 'All Holdings', 0.0136755964936, 0],["MAN SE", 'All Holdings', 0.0136533398657, 0],["Garmin Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0136393854217, 1.3057230797],["OGX Petroleo e Gas Participacoes SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0136338342041, 0],["Tyson Foods Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0136264321067, 1.37878622378],["CareFusion Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0136095576291, 1.39371930937],["Fresnillo plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0135700242921, 0],["Svenska Cellulosa AB Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0135529777572, 0],["Givaudan SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0135298938474, 0],["Nikon Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0135122661863, 0],["CMS Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0134925018326, 1.34896979455],["Leucadia National Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0134642037751, 1.31481364766],["Albemarle Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0134506418627, 1.33478054356],["Fortum Oyj", 'All Holdings', 0.0134458058851, 0],["TransDigm Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0134310704945, 1.34629394998],["Kiyo Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0134155427923, 0],["Investor AB Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0133837075106, 0],["Discovery Communications Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0133801193761, 1.33480826684],["Hana Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0133742627559, 0],["DENTSPLY International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0133610467199, 1.38995779797],["SCANA Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0133542935118, 1.37595509751],["UDR Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0133500613165, 1.43314584903],["Veolia Environnement SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0133368923643, 0],["Mettler-Toledo International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0133227656139, 1.43269954222],["Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.013272217321, 0],["Boliden AB", 'All Holdings', 0.0132601848159, 0],["Liberty Global Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0132506817185, 1.38074086234],["Amcor Ltd./Australia", 'All Holdings', 0.0132495050844, 0],["CGI Group Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0132476928867, 0],["Wartsila OYJ Abp", 'All Holdings', 0.0132154103377, 0],["PVH Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.013213784357, 1.34697502328],["Sanlam Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0132116889914, 0],["Next plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0132019746775, 0],["Koninklijke DSM NV", 'All Holdings', 0.0131777121086, 0],["Huntington Bancshares Inc./OH", 'All Holdings', 0.0131689970473, 1.38808060196],["Accor SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0131298354741, 0],["Calpine Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0131078431002, 1.36924920599],["American Water Works Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0130940778155, 1.49694444951],["Lam Research Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0130906226133, 1.3683768014],["Elan Corp. PLC", 'All Holdings', 0.0130864736847, 0],["SK Innovation Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0130688763613, 0],["J Sainsbury plc", 'All Holdings', 0.013062035451, 0],["Avnet Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0130498719393, 1.38266748946],["Crown Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0130397241934, 1.40305125393],["Electronic Arts Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0130299557689, 1.37750859427],["Energizer Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0130244221426, 1.27088556975],["Wipro Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0130228492209, 0],["OGE Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0130219775208, 1.32444155067],["KGHM Polska Miedz SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0130090691387, 0],["Cincinnati Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0130039036673, 1.34345271149],["Harris Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.012997747561, 1.35428663013],["Helmerich & Payne Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.012991438793, 1.46321049892],["Aggreko plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0129882289556, 0],["Oceaneering International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0129704982509, 1.47496536858],["IOI Corp. Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0129690077147, 0],["Transurban Group", 'All Holdings', 0.0129493987546, 0],["Kissei Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0129285557079, 0],["Tenaris SA ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0129143373713, 0],["Smith & Nephew plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0129015936707, 0],["Petroleo Brasileiro SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0128871809893, 0],["Bharti Airtel Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0128766855479, 0],["Siliconware Precision Industries Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0128707605899, 0],["Swisscom AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0128395383537, 0],["VeriFone Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0128236303646, 1.4041797161],["KBR Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.012811977099, 1.36225917568],["QEP Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0128103015094, 1.3896918057],["Glencore International plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0128065482076, 0],["Shaw Communications Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0127995096629, 0],["Equifax Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0127989814061, 1.37859568847],["Hoya Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.012782432857, 0],["China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0127748617637, 0],["MeadWestvaco Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0127747964017, 1.39388357773],["Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0127285615352, 0],["TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. PP", 'All Holdings', 0.0127143436065, 1.26674515713],["Canadian Utilities Ltd. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0127046353971, 0],["Agricultural Bank of China Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0127044902396, 0],["LG Electronics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0126941113497, 0],["Geberit AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0126911839257, 0],["Iluka Resources Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0126692881036, 0],["Reed Elsevier NV", 'All Holdings', 0.0126387530809, 0],["Hubbell Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.012620889884, 1.0612406994],["Link REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.0126002304018, 0],["Mochida Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0125875016801, 0],["Interpublic Group of Cos. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0125817219851, 1.42215206292],["Redecard SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0125763697926, 0],["MMC Norilsk Nickel OJSC ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0125663992511, 0],["Fujitsu Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0125552184202, 0],["Skyworks Solutions Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0125309592055, 1.37275753351],["Coventry Health Care Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0125060125997, 1.38297770124],["Torchmark Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0124822424086, 1.37541561124],["News Corp. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0124812558575, 0.157150747111],["Nidec Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0124672863988, 0],["Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0124523509507, 0],["Newell Rubbermaid Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0124314799324, 1.37718670229],["Legg Mason Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0124234081363, 1.03005284508],["JB Hunt Transport Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0123950791197, 1.38425982537],["UPM-Kymmene Oyj", 'All Holdings', 0.0123559964934, 0],["Julius Baer Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0123485874516, 0],["Bank of East Asia Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0123442049196, 0],["Tokyo Electron Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0123372557314, 0],["Societe BIC SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0123343501144, 0],["Pinnacle West Capital Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0123263152195, 1.41189273818],["Southern Copper Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.012318707876, 0],["TIBCO Software Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0123138770437, 1.3593960658],["Robert Half International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0123125620579, 1.11038181083],["Publicis Groupe SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0122838377007, 0],["Swedish Match AB", 'All Holdings', 0.01225320291, 0],["Lindt & Spruengli AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0122490131619, 0],["EDP - Energias de Portugal SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0122376546243, 0],["IDEXX Laboratories Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.012221134926, 1.33941929182],["Novozymes A/S", 'All Holdings', 0.0121897469048, 0],["LSI Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0121797468522, 1.34443353527],["Johnson Matthey plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0121515961795, 0],["Advanced Micro Devices Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0121499555522, 1.3050587534],["Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0121413736381, 0],["Genting Singapore plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0121406953567, 0],["Oi SA ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0121400170742, 0],["Flextronics International Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0121245869175, 1.41603537731],["Mapletree Logistics Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.0121203221965, 0],["Atlantia SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.0121195469801, 0],["H&R Block Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0121171835764, 1.38860732823],["Telekomunikasi Indonesia Persero Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.0121049871899, 0],["Donaldson Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.012082852797, 1.39961506456],["Xylem Inc./NY", 'All Holdings', 0.0120778331111, 1.34582560921],["Everest Re Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0120774122521, 1.3734494831],["Nabors Industries Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0120771760691, 1.39198568052],["Research In Motion Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0120763022483, 0],["Ultrapar Participacoes SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0120637277619, 0],["Reinsurance Group of America Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0120635821285, 1.20487760481],["Kirin Holdings Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0120580339923, 0],["Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0120571375196, 0],["International Game Technology", 'All Holdings', 0.0120547713798, 1.38348490278],["Asahi Glass Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0120400557275, 0],["S-Oil Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0120393045978, 0],["Tele2 AB", 'All Holdings', 0.0120358881528, 0],["Apollo Group Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0120348295104, 1.25396756513],["Kuehne + Nagel International AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0120260505797, 0],["Raymond James Financial Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0120197740314, 1.17323541212],["Empresa Nacional de Electricidad SA/Chile ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0120163339401, 0],["Polaris Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0120008770289, 1.31679051318],["Vallourec SA", 'All Holdings', 0.011998693201, 0],["Ares Capital Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0119848518453, 2],["BCE Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0119796462138, 0],["KYORIN Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0119463725641, 0],["China Merchants Bank Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0119415012624, 0],["CapitaLand Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0119393443004, 0],["Integrys Energy Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0119349838377, 1.16243010882],["NKSJ Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0119259175769, 0],["Jabil Circuit Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0119031957509, 1.32221571506],["MSCI Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0118950297459, 1.24883153521],["People's United Financial Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0118883061601, 1.38835585446],["Realty Income Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0118570796074, 1.46121794287],["Toray Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.011856062834, 0],["Intercontinental Hotels Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0118504875439, 0],["BE Aerospace Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0118322846076, 1.29294712228],["Hertz Global Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0118153538824, 1.15562002178],["Endo Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0117778370098, 1.28880534294],["Intact Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0117559633633, 0],["BanColombia SA ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.0117308682104, 0],["Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0117271098743, 0],["Ashland Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0117269784162, 1.36919864743],["Standard Life plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0116790730492, 0],["Arch Capital Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0116714669587, 1.44290083147],["Metso Oyj", 'All Holdings', 0.0116714341951, 0],["Alliant Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0116690024381, 1.38787439594],["Masco Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0116677975973, 1.38638193937],["Arrow Electronics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0116620793697, 1.37693064351],["Hormel Foods Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0116566381426, 1.24693270112],["TD Ameritrade Holding Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0116550568415, 1.27416793111],["Tokyo Gas Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0116535611767, 0],["Remgro Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0116531974034, 0],["Coca-Cola Amatil Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0116521788366, 0],["MICROS Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0116442393801, 1.28489322306],["Eisai Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0116227121201, 0],["Lear Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0116144864365, 1.38473191204],["Mobile Telesystems OJSC", 'All Holdings', 0.0115956688885, 0],["Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0115873132057, 1.23564141875],["MGM Resorts International", 'All Holdings', 0.0115817984818, 1.35796394859],["Safran SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0115409709273, 0],["Powszechny Zaklad Ubezpieczen SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0115352217837, 0],["Resona Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0115243297374, 0],["International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0115123134798, 1.3893190776],["SM Energy Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0115061968356, 1.33112193742],["Rock-Tenn Co. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0115054631627, 1.39688754451],["Pentair Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0114909293466, 1.37686911416],["Cintas Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0114890517866, 1.34362442827],["Industrias Penoles SAB de CV", 'All Holdings', 0.0114831121498, 0],["Bajaj Auto Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0114656438341, 0],["SES SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0114540464254, 0],["Samsung Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0114355093382, 0],["Gerdau SA Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0114313116942, 0],["Timken Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0114303245603, 1.24783328975],["Mondi Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0114140354142, 0],["Valspar Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0114126624299, 1.26996227027],["FactSet Research Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0114122184512, 1.26446560856],["Corn Products International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.011410302574, 1.2964703196],["Quanta Computer Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0114085272423, 0],["Foot Locker Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0114031657955, 1.41197093606],["Petronas Chemicals Group Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0113804029319, 0],["Husky Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0113769084986, 0],["Alleghany Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0113714851826, 1.25033539258],["Newfield Exploration Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0113689323254, 1.38992475321],["Tsingtao Brewery Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0113680024201, 0],["Rostelecom OJSC", 'All Holdings', 0.0113618869688, 0],["Kone Oyj Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0113597028582, 0],["Continental AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0113533446071, 0],["Abercrombie & Fitch Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0113365025853, 1.2914782656],["Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0113353072908, 1.38972604006],["Computer Sciences Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0113281308316, 1.39167097685],["Dick's Sporting Goods Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0113189337587, 1.38156980727],["Westfield Retail Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.0113139796212, 0],["Essex Property Trust Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0113119360119, 1.55305442131],["Randgold Resources Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0112988588292, 0],["Camden Property Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.0112987980856, 1.54088586271],["DR Horton Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0112740227511, 1.29772904489],["Panera Bread Co. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0112672744386, 1.39283449013],["Asustek Computer Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0112631541958, 0],["Snam SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.0112378606262, 0],["Manpower Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0112227736802, 1.17195784801],["Credicorp Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0112198726521, 0],["Campbell Brothers Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0112194114122, 0],["Hasbro Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0112138598547, 1.33010673964],["Owens Corning", 'All Holdings', 0.0111916449459, 1.26555970654],["Hang Lung Properties Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0111817337406, 0],["WR Berkley Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0111794641305, 1.29457058264],["Antofagasta plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0111548815494, 0],["Synopsys Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0111538887408, 1.34408471999],["Riverbed Technology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0111496155998, 1.26388190741],["Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0111451079218, 1.39091263229],["Orkla ASA", 'All Holdings', 0.0111233414577, 0],["MSC Industrial Direct Co. Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0111135526797, 1.20080470477],["Secom Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0111118320316, 0],["Atmel Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0111044249434, 1.40191736198],["Bidvest Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0111041831937, 0],["Sega Sammy Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0110928189572, 0],["Havas SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0110668597886, 0],["ResMed Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0110594512387, 1.42868047974],["Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0110383004824, 0],["Adecco SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0110366976085, 0],["Empresas COPEC SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0110192841884, 0],["Weir Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.011018409856, 0],["AGCO Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0110158549252, 1.4240987833],["Electrolux AB Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0109729664357, 0],["Petrofac Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.010912505471, 0],["Capita plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0109097117718, 0],["Rayonier Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0108967780858, 1.69019786316],["Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.010887582151, 1.42387038947],["RioCan REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.010877497907, 0],["PartnerRe Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0108736236216, 1.37264141268],["Linn Energy LLC", 'All Holdings', 0.0108725660109, 0],["AGL Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0108580697698, 1.44635539321],["International Power plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0108372879585, 0],["Global Payments Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0108293638099, 1.1931830301],["Metro AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0108147881998, 0],["Advanced Info Service PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.010809977085, 0],["SMC Corp./Japan", 'All Holdings', 0.0108062836677, 0],["Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0108031846665, 1.21277370537],["Lenovo Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0108006219869, 0],["Souza Cruz SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0107996257179, 0],["AGL Energy Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0107956892178, 0],["Merck KGaA", 'All Holdings', 0.010794158347, 0],["Hindustan Unilever Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0107852646099, 0],["Scripps Networks Interactive Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0107783995363, 1.36660685298],["Eaton Vance Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0107738754247, 1.06290624762],["Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0107530177058, 1.3264852125],["Snap-on Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0107500176169, 1.07608420433],["Aberdeen Asset Management plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0107462126306, 0],["Brown & Brown Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0107323804333, 0.929162366673],["Lanxess AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0107267217791, 0],["Grupo Elektra SA de CV", 'All Holdings', 0.0107243886509, 0],["Yakult Honsha Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0107113860927, 0],["SACI Falabella", 'All Holdings', 0.0107037788081, 0],["PTT PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.0106994525612, 0],["Nokian Renkaat Oyj", 'All Holdings', 0.0106967061012, 0],["Constellation Brands Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0106799082286, 1.35752010647],["FP Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0106774074766, 0],["Daiwa Securities Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0106750497773, 0],["TSRC Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0106576704648, 0],["Power Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0106569169404, 0],["Amadeus IT Holding SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0106430129654, 0],["WR Grace & Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0106386543099, 1.38042068825],["Pepco Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0106359624723, 1.39108086536],["Want Want China Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0106255837527, 0],["Alcatel-Lucent/France", 'All Holdings', 0.0106223749512, 0],["LKQ Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0106199110463, 1.41171371055],["Cap Gemini SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0106144743917, 0],["Quanta Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0105971306718, 1.40365961847],["United States Steel Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0105693018024, 1.37959822332],["MGE Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0105663468138, 0.326596128299],["Bouygues SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0105475448095, 0],["Edenred", 'All Holdings', 0.010545089151, 0],["Domtar Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.010544915566, 1.2175412989],["Carnival plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0105413205392, 0],["Hitachi Zosen Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0105376977783, 0],["Steinhoff International Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.010534415385, 0],["Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0105292364472, 0],["MDU Resources Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0105219666611, 1.38981110875],["Allegheny Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0105179758459, 1.36551949323],["Markel Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0105176633347, 1.35072743611],["British Land Co. plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0105082039762, 0],["Skanska AB Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0104856385278, 0],["Rowan Cos. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0104842037062, 1.36942360257],["Cia de Bebidas das Americas", 'All Holdings', 0.0104839120282, 0],["Dun & Bradstreet Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.010448894276, 1.36458435685],["Credit Agricole SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0104449058979, 0],["tw telecom inc Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0104447529958, 1.04050690052],["NV Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0104289666271, 1.26236442634],["Axis Capital Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0104252421704, 1.36951913955],["Jardine Strategic Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0104136303726, 0],["Arkema SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0104092525922, 0],["Signet Jewelers Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0104087013786, 1.36624312792],["Erste Group Bank AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0104086445637, 0],["Liberty Property Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.0104024733213, 1.38485572254],["Total System Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0103907377452, 1.31576728062],["Terna Rete Elettrica Nazionale SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.0103728423419, 0],["Genworth Financial Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0103576136016, 1.37235754091],["Frontier Communications Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0103564453495, 1.38865983098],["Continental Resources Inc./OK", 'All Holdings', 0.010347176442, 1.30299829087],["Cairn India Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0103462319851, 0],["American Capital Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0103458085825, 2],["Abertis Infraestructuras SA", 'All Holdings', 0.010332731592, 0],["ITC Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0103312788549, 1.3290034472],["Lippo Karawaci Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.0103134167865, 0],["Iron Mountain Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0103114838905, 1.34901452747],["BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0103076246827, 1.31821657772],["Bombardier Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0102993558462, 0],["Jones Lang LaSalle Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0102905990433, 1.21941816403],["Wharf Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0102805991081, 0],["Omnicare Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.010277541036, 1.37780693542],["Sunoco Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0102601322327, 1.37914424863],["Mohawk Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0102565947361, 1.31765783999],["IDEX Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0102549408222, 1.19421384764],["Tingyi Cayman Islands Holding Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0102523529975, 0],["Saputo Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0102511608301, 0],["Berjaya Corp. Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0102510391802, 0],["IHS Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0102490817999, 1.34560340013],["Alfa Laval AB", 'All Holdings', 0.0102360759806, 0],["Viterra Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0102352973935, 0],["Arthur J Gallagher & Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0102323913432, 1.37902585588],["Ralcorp Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0102304998267, 1.39083121701],["FLIR Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.010228755983, 1.36014832033],["Intertek Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0102272438013, 0],["Stockland", 'All Holdings', 0.0102264651983, 0],["Energen Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0102243640898, 1.20613381445],["Singapore Exchange Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.010222499168, 0],["Regency Centers Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0102072632459, 1.36750499],["URS Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0102028650135, 1.15544968608],["Terumo Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0101910372881, 0],["Asahi Group Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0101887742808, 0],["Noble Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0101871439349, 0],["Multi-Purpose Holdings Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0101842238971, 0],["Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.010176656041, 0],["Gas Natural SDG SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0101723002056, 0],["Daikin Industries Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0101702317768, 0],["Powszechna Kasa Oszczednosci Bank Polski SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0101689663802, 0],["Smiths Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0101445094336, 0],["ON Semiconductor Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0101441283739, 1.39256059983],["WABCO Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.010133847817, 1.3847878209],["Jarden Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0101296029558, 1.04462577119],["Suez Environnement Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0101197347242, 0],["GEA Group AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0101080039661, 0],["Asahi Kasei Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0100937416632, 0],["SAIC Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0100936387719, 1.26892745981],["Superior Energy Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.010091639894, 1.41713578858],["Kerry Group plc Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0100761930335, 0],["Spark Infrastructure Group", 'All Holdings', 0.0100732235697, 0],["Brookfield Office Properties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0100701080449, 0],["Ageas", 'All Holdings', 0.0100609804021, 0],["Oil States International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0100599474938, 1.39277219592],["Martin Marietta Materials Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0100569898072, 1.36028797457],["Ferrovial SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0100507328732, 0],["Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0100379535495, 0],["Aptargroup Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.010037626358, 1.26508814012],["Solutia Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0100370623939, 1.18910465164],["Aeon Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0100289956279, 0],["Clevo Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0100225204934, 0],["Brenntag AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0100157774876, 0],["Getinge AB", 'All Holdings', 0.0100135135669, 0],["Kubota Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0100124911472, 0],["LG Household & Health Care Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0100084988188, 0],["Daiwa House Industry Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0100032649179, 0],["Fidelity National Financial Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00999986793856, 1.32721867883],["Duke Realty Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00999369632077, 1.2740374752],["Wesfarmers Ltd. Price Protected Shares", 'All Holdings', 0.00998812276588, 0],["MEDNAX Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00998778253377, 1.2759521179],["Zions Bancorporation", 'All Holdings', 0.00998407284016, 1.38761077846],["SPX Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00998403415187, 1.3912305441],["Uni-President Enterprises Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0099777517912, 0],["Coca-Cola Femsa SAB de CV", 'All Holdings', 0.00996927954358, 0],["Gartner Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00996621998107, 1.28827767738],["TripAdvisor Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00996440682617, 1.25076354753],["Thomas & Betts Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00995497185722, 1.25156668269],["Sharp Corp./Japan", 'All Holdings', 0.00994651564587, 0],["Astral Media Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00993512107571, 0],["City Developments Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0099303732499, 0],["Level 3 Communications Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00991786134933, 1.42105036548],["Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00991004222933, 0],["Schibsted ASA", 'All Holdings', 0.00990989613472, 0],["MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00990936045406, 0],["RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00989964753759, 1.39279993353],["Henkel AG & Co. KGaA", 'All Holdings', 0.00989185307254, 0],["Banco Santander Chile", 'All Holdings', 0.00988070057559, 0],["Lennar Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00987818098223, 1.29113055657],["Fortis Inc./Canada", 'All Holdings', 0.00987590345278, 0],["ACS Actividades de Construccion y Servicios SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00987368750507, 0],["Taubman Centers Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00985743034643, 1.51065353292],["NRG Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00984894619426, 1.33679553081],["JGC Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00983353062545, 0],["Banco de Sabadell SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00982169471778, 0],["RPM International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00981967233773, 1.2349233377],["BanColombia SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00980888429783, 0],["Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00980720381547, 0],["LG Display Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00980622961982, 0],["UGL Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00979841162057, 0],["Volvo AB Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.009797851447, 0],["Assurant Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0097884486955, 1.36840311605],["Ascena Retail Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00978338829082, 1.04217845493],["RSA Insurance Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00978033956964, 0],["ASX Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0097747132116, 0],["Sage Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00977164425831, 0],["First Republic Bank/CA", 'All Holdings', 0.00975799479143, 2],["Owens-Illinois Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00975334487947, 1.38397284581],["IAC/InterActiveCorp", 'All Holdings', 0.00975252008598, 1.3927991301],["Israel Chemicals Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00975052634881, 0],["Groupe Bruxelles Lambert SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00975006354575, 0],["Lincoln Electric Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00973473155974, 1.30847924403],["Informa plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00972714199836, 0],["Bank of Communications Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00972490093199, 0],["Travis Perkins plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00972258677523, 0],["HCA Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00972119519182, 1.57354105],["IGM Financial Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00971844562184, 0],["Cooper Cos. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00971552147962, 1.41490192215],["Sofina SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00970823872811, 0],["DDR Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00967880957461, 1.18338901699],["Kirby Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00966872552284, 1.20271013277],["Sally Beauty Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00966754884056, 1.26883139971],["Expedia Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00966371286566, 1.20342121722],["Incitec Pivot Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00966173220686, 0],["Teleflex Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00965644039789, 0.916665116968],["Beiersdorf AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00965481305313, 0],["T&D Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00965473996289, 0],["MTR Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00964957488809, 0],["AMEC plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00964516503504, 0],["Kindred Healthcare Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00962908222024, 0.17348125022],["HCC Insurance Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00962579075903, 1.27093920066],["Gentex Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00962471198155, 1.29455885782],["Solera Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0096194202407, 1.19806944947],["Tesoro Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00961751232179, 1.40692135348],["G4S plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0096157567485, 0],["Rockwood Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00960477835488, 1.25915570907],["Universal Health Services Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00960025102371, 1.38652765524],["NASDAQ OMX Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00959818910761, 1.18639105635],["Digital China Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00959777456155, 0],["Empresa Nacional de Electricidad SA/Chile", 'All Holdings', 0.00959536226032, 0],["New World Development Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00959358348417, 0],["Federal Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00958773540161, 0],["Severn Trent plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00958678508076, 0],["West Japan Railway Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00958420214691, 0],["Associated British Foods plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00958269136716, 0],["Westar Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00957813209178, 1.2128348217],["Siam Commercial Bank PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.00957335853058, 0],["Lan Airlines SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00957050746741, 0],["Enersis SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00956906974469, 0],["Amdocs Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00956875295769, 0],["Central Pattana PCL", 'All Holdings', 0.00955871312685, 0],["Eutelsat Communications SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00955091503985, 0],["Resolution Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00955015959273, 0],["SNC-Lavalin Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0095451394914, 0],["Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00954316555217, 0],["KT Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00953765797058, 0],["ABSA Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00953293016784, 0],["Mega Financial Holding Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00952617955616, 0],["Towers Watson & Co. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00952177236037, 1.3818676004],["Gemalto NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00952001374334, 0],["Rexam plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0095159925139, 0],["Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00950383111466, 0],["Tupperware Brands Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00950352718479, 1.361880723],["WPG Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00950054089801, 0],["BB Biotech AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00949881047778, 0],["Cencosud SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00949873736128, 0],["Deutsche Euroshop AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00949705567838, 0],["Walter Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00949538545867, 1.3844690615],["Formosa Petrochemical Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00947624126697, 0],["LIC Housing Finance Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00946885605454, 0],["Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00946878245921, 1.22035079784],["Wabtec Corp./DE", 'All Holdings', 0.00945756916238, 1.36481943877],["GPT Group", 'All Holdings', 0.00945644958991, 0],["Parametric Technology Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00945398476583, 1.24614051074],["Gannett Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0094470993945, 1.37498818262],["Brait SE", 'All Holdings', 0.00939441194999, 0],["Urban Outfitters Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00938388224966, 1.38067277665],["Mondi plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00938127199627, 0],["Kennametal Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00937966417488, 1.36266929803],["Rovi Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00937184921296, 1.36717136329],["Royal Gold Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0093601409992, 1.46513809799],["Kasikornbank PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.00935301609242, 0],["Telecom Italia SPA (Bearer)", 'All Holdings', 0.00935289419067, 0],["Kumba Iron Ore Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00934579944953, 0],["Jack Henry & Associates Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00933889801042, 1.07619418121],["Great Plains Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00932172787968, 1.05291993916],["JDS Uniphase Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00932064046285, 1.29798226698],["Allreal Holding AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00931237215091, 0],["Clean Harbors Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00931114467315, 1.23552252727],["Hudson City Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00931068621678, 1.33870651764],["ITV plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00930793448966, 0],["Visteon Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00929694321482, 2],["Regal-Beloit Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00928451858387, 1.04917872321],["White Mountains Insurance Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00927826038839, 1.25251916517],["Williams-Sonoma Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00927633441679, 1.35203701832],["Fugro NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00926723755839, 0],["Cia Brasileira de Distribuicao Grupo Pao de Acucar Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00926545743779, 0],["VTB Bank OJSC GDR", 'All Holdings', 0.00924297364275, 0],["Waste Connections Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00924140853238, 1.48002969896],["Kinder Morgan Inc./Delaware", 'All Holdings', 0.00923331301799, 1.66385441783],["Bank Mandiri Persero Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00923109724216, 0],["Insurance Australia Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00922826831856, 0],["Tim Participacoes SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00922790250813, 0],["Piedmont Office Realty Trust Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00922745603955, 1.19039988567],["Copart Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00922027036197, 1.18223180796],["WPX Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00921951119894, 1.37605077155],["Steel Dynamics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00921380900911, 1.17827346467],["Yes Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00920456316563, 0],["STMicroelectronics NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00920297789834, 0],["Kabel Deutschland Holding AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0091980757275, 0],["BRE Properties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00919460563889, 1.48718391813],["UCB SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00918831999899, 0],["Banco Santander Brasil SA/Brazil", 'All Holdings', 0.00918088110875, 0],["Dresser-Rand Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00917821176923, 1.41441258743],["Packaging Corp. of America", 'All Holdings', 0.0091753276321, 1.15923436153],["Bumi Resources Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00917212500583, 0],["Hospitality Properties Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00916997499238, 1.28512563745],["Pitney Bowes Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00916052602297, 1.37909507797],["BR Malls Participacoes SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00915949054061, 0],["Graco Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00915763579663, 1.25358793714],["Telefonica Brasil SA Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00914483117342, 0],["CBOE Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00914481898563, 2],["Commerce Bancshares Inc./MO", 'All Holdings', 0.00914315410776, 1.23930385493],["Sonoco Products Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00914222552075, 1.30958927727],["Cree Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00913373534153, 1.37324412879],["Alpha Natural Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00912310869509, 1.34468229172],["Sino Land Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00911746244486, 0],["Patterson Cos. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00911415279666, 1.26406845193],["Corrections Corp. of America", 'All Holdings', 0.00910789195308, 1.13902799047],["Tobu Railway Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00909197041103, 0],["NCR Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00909171403942, 1.35504508016],["SCOR SE", 'All Holdings', 0.00908821356375, 0],["China Communications Construction Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00908740852081, 0],["Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00908689621999, 0],["East West Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00906639641817, 1.36639788425],["Weingarten Realty Investors", 'All Holdings', 0.00905423184142, 1.20740596378],["Bunzl plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0090473496516, 0],["Yahoo Japan Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00904239692817, 0],["Wolters Kluwer NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00904061588574, 0],["Nordson Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00903477678416, 1.25839568744],["Health Net Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00903173950227, 1.31710088281],["Questar Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00902656532278, 1.37312822422],["Kilroy Realty Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00902286351338, 1.24774694144],["Cullen/Frost Bankers Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00901378493571, 1.28947466385],["Synthes Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00900894626785, 0],["Grupo Bimbo SAB de CV Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00900328550734, 0],["Great-West Lifeco Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00900306590739, 0],["PerkinElmer Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00899835807767, 1.26324443396],["UBM plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00899123174561, 0],["E*TRADE Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00898969329011, 1.25806310457],["Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00898782540552, 1.26989931802],["Kuraray Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00898657119339, 0],["Metro Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00898559515518, 0],["Hufvudstaden AB Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00898076373373, 0],["IAMGOLD Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00897668870517, 0],["Ajinomoto Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00897100312239, 0],["United Utilities Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00896575670314, 0],["Polycom Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00896273157991, 1.36515685974],["Novellus Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00895530401017, 1.39034677418],["National Fuel Gas Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00895456076704, 1.37240057062],["Dassault Systemes SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00895360428864, 0],["Gen-Probe Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00894697082431, 1.2773985995],["Singapore Airlines Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00894357463017, 0],["Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00894143126566, 2],["Ultra Petroleum Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0089369330745, 1.40363059796],["Ricoh Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00893330070092, 0],["TDK Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00893176325118, 0],["Yamato Holdings Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0089280538262, 0],["Acadia Realty Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00891927286242, 0.391038965726],["Samsung Techwin Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00891043362489, 0],["Cielo SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00890816393479, 0],["Greene King plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00890316081259, 0],["Nedbank Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00889508247898, 0],["Gardner Denver Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0088930963519, 1.33179191337],["Smithfield Foods Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00888798732985, 1.32264474781],["Aeon Mall Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00888795584844, 0],["Hanesbrands Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00888787037992, 1.16770615311],["Samsung Life Insurance Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00888099994901, 0],["GNC Holdings Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00886665744079, 2],["Apartment Investment & Management Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00886340628295, 1.31135090011],["Penn National Gaming Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0088561073311, 1.17829068134],["Anglo American Platinum Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.008855908972, 0],["American Financial Group Inc./OH", 'All Holdings', 0.00885023518091, 1.2049709127],["First Niagara Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0088486042766, 1.40601085214],["Toll Brothers Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00884451480945, 1.4900082395],["Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal Co. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00884299680509, 0],["Hyatt Hotels Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00884287935779, 0.7881841695],["NEC Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00883979921485, 0],["Fortune Brands Home & Security Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00883763743054, 1.27174270506],["Investment AB Kinnevik", 'All Holdings', 0.00883460002931, 0],["Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00882549520235, 0],["Randstad Holding NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00882464085222, 0],["Sonova Holding AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00882061317898, 0],["Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile SA ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.00882041789691, 0],["Belgacom SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00881951471616, 0],["Banco de Chile", 'All Holdings', 0.00881311916634, 0],["Senior Housing Properties Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00881009915057, 1.48569864113],["MEG Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00880530768001, 0],["Axis Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00880462416827, 0],["Tate & Lyle plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00880359889865, 0],["Carlisle Cos. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00879449959776, 1.2775023947],["Jardine Cycle & Carriage Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00879034340913, 0],["Unicharm Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00878875662912, 0],["Golden Agri-Resources Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0087883172121, 0],["Nitto Denko Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00878663277605, 0],["IDACORP Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00878105822243, 0.853167724375],["Cleco Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00877703275551, 0.996761883306],["Shizuoka Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00876973922997, 0],["Goodman Group", 'All Holdings', 0.00875633622376, 0],["Toro Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00875250072411, 0.911086624383],["Harman International Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00875064209373, 1.36833123564],["Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00874810867261, 0],["QLIK Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00874641911113, 2],["Crown Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00874610669297, 0],["Acuity Brands Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00873053438553, 1.12881694055],["NII Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00872925688375, 1.31459184183],["Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00872794196813, 0],["Bemis Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00872783031679, 1.38745439866],["OMV AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00872559807733, 0],["Heineken Holding NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00872271702755, 0],["Electric Power Development Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00872220429635, 0],["Aqua America Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00872195126455, 1.28904493762],["Cadence Design Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00871782079346, 1.35537277882],["Aurubis AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00871678395806, 0],["Bradken Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00870496640941, 0],["Whitbread plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00869856917248, 0],["Cabot Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00869517712128, 1.16375869537],["Odakyu Electric Railway Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00868010944147, 0],["Tata Motors Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00867998735069, 0],["Teradyne Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00867681033976, 1.31072918634],["Dunkin' Brands Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00866597119855, 2],["Woolworths Holdings Ltd./South Africa", 'All Holdings', 0.00866081867252, 0],["Ivanhoe Mines Ltd./CA", 'All Holdings', 0.00865950003171, 0],["Sears Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00865614480067, 1.19786154986],["Wallenstam AB", 'All Holdings', 0.00864255269897, 0],["GKN plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00864091653818, 0],["Yuanta Financial Holding Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00863886522341, 0],["Rohm Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00863642316938, 0],["GameStop Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00863456586973, 1.29258871304],["China Citic Bank Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00863266237932, 0],["Sealed Air Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00862969674447, 1.42014474111],["Fiat SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.00862951208206, 0],["Under Armour Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00862079813528, 1.53421212278],["Franco-Nevada Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00861949935764, 0],["CBL & Associates Properties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00861507557918, 1.13382145192],["Omron Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00861339392458, 0],["NTPC Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0086056276897, 0],["Jeronimo Martins SGPS SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00860338082854, 0],["Bank of Yokohama Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00859986397906, 0],["Compass Minerals International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00859578553988, 1.01172097287],["Sensient Technologies Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00859546811595, 0.763939215219],["OTP Bank plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0085936605779, 0],["NVR Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00858852937259, 1.46853215735],["Mobimo Holding AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00858538109736, 0],["Teekay Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00857864016478, 0],["PulteGroup Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00856213911396, 1.31242388173],["Mack-Cali Realty Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00855173953464, 1.07828815635],["AMC Networks Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00854495274305, 1.01287492605],["Chugoku Electric Power Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00853667794902, 0],["Solvay SA Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00853159726589, 0],["Outokumpu Oyj", 'All Holdings', 0.00852935002171, 0],["Meggitt plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0085221196789, 0],["Landstar System Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00851879003829, 1.17279265729],["Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00851254417479, 0],["Associated Banc-Corp", 'All Holdings', 0.00851172055191, 1.05267955945],["Simplo Technology Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00850597310721, 0],["Portland General Electric Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00850405277338, 0.807111292977],["Ariba Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00850215564341, 1.41565178227],["Salix Pharmaceuticals Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00850155630356, 1.34749474666],["Cytec Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00850023561502, 1.2443023767],["Catcher Technology Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00849964622329, 0],["Kyushu Electric Power Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00848955721771, 0],["Shiseido Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00847316513747, 0],["Ono Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00847289640969, 0],["Sonic Healthcare Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00847235895363, 0],["Delhaize Group SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00846583613841, 0],["Spirit Aerosystems Holdings Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00846569263984, 1.26429229899],["Korea Electric Power Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0084459006352, 0],["APA Group", 'All Holdings', 0.00844399498771, 0],["AMERIGROUP Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00843856110704, 1.44569157622],["Eurocommercial Properties NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00841929410786, 0],["Telecom Corp. of New Zealand Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00841501834308, 0],["KT&G Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00841057150307, 0],["Sina Corp./China", 'All Holdings', 0.00840458530037, 0],["Valmont Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00840110868935, 1.16585132649],["Hexagon AB Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00839950307169, 0],["Carter's Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0083969303443, 1.29233251599],["Sensata Technologies Holding NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00839589661376, 1.29904039025],["Avery Dennison Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00839328906506, 1.34152495411],["Waddell & Reed Financial Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0083919303487, 1.21851775849],["Cablevision Systems Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00839103656667, 1.33026283623],["Osaka Gas Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00838946060841, 0],["WESCO International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00838704589185, 1.25074226815],["Cheniere Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00838488004171, 2],["Taiwan Mobile Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00837861155503, 0],["Bureau Veritas SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00837858711991, 0],["Atco Ltd./Canada", 'All Holdings', 0.00837839163898, 0],["Compal Electronics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00837387111779, 0],["Oil & Natural Gas Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00836935054955, 0],["Canadian Tire Corp. Ltd. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00836883740099, 0],[" Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00836756674481, 0],["Turkiye Garanti Bankasi AS", 'All Holdings', 0.00836710246566, 0],["Mitsui OSK Lines Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0083655141385, 0],["Computershare Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00835964949562, 0],["Jefferies Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00835933669239, 1.13154951749],["Emera Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0083575724156, 0],["Leggett & Platt Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00835233798802, 1.42612599316],["AP Moeller - Maersk A/S Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00834229946336, 0],["West Pharmaceutical Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00834126015448, 0.627017255545],["Asciano Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0083386338749, 0],["Sims Metal Management Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00833799850309, 0],["Osisko Mining Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00833780300388, 0],["Methanex Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00833702100618, 0],["Service Corp. International/US", 'All Holdings', 0.00833589868105, 1.16905034195],["Sulzer AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00833565250681, 0],["Vodacom Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00833384412602, 0],["Vectren Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00833036657291, 1.06019538046],["Orion Oyj Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00832438666061, 0],["Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00831720178178, 0],["Lundin Petroleum AB", 'All Holdings', 0.00831492898924, 0],["Alliant Techsystems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0082998633163, 0.736815289254],["Nielsen Holdings NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00829892671728, 1.70969942432],["Korea Zinc Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00827430998131, 0],["Phison Electronics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00827083934839, 0],["AECOM Technology Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00826544171717, 1.07019663946],["Chimera Investment Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00825618452004, 1.31373812984],["CP ALL PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.0082550500626, 0],["LG Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00825429235799, 0],["Tiger Brands Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00825417014744, 0],["Elisa Oyj", 'All Holdings', 0.00825167704479, 0],["Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00824493093057, 0],["Hammerson plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00824307328651, 0],["MFA Financial Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00823737460293, 1.20653652733],["Nutreco NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00823583817602, 0],["Macquarie Korea Infrastructure Fund", 'All Holdings', 0.00823143838774, 0],["American Eagle Outfitters Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00822934154386, 1.36195956692],["Singapore Press Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00822745409655, 0],["TNT Express NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00822686744937, 0],["Peugeot SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00822156314507, 0],["Tripod Technology Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00822097648992, 0],["New Gold Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00821865430553, 0],["Governor & Co. of the Bank of Ireland", 'All Holdings', 0.00821647877415, 0],["Allied World Assurance Co. Holdings AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00821475912489, 1.13370486263],["AMMB Holdings Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00820613874005, 0],["Powertech Technology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00819997860272, 0],["Yaskawa Electric Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00819895190467, 0],["Luxottica Group SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.00819790075891, 0],["Fuchs Petrolub AG Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0081971673999, 0],["Nexans SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00819237609055, 0],["MTU Aero Engines Holding AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00819024931895, 0],["Metcash Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00818958928427, 0],["JS Group Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00817746402421, 0],["SandRidge Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00817493967477, 1.32318529776],["AU Optronics Corp. ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.00817343034451, 0],["CI Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00817093677832, 0],["Sirona Dental Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00815860508124, 1.32249837146],["Navistar International Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00815541074958, 1.28511514559],["World Fuel Services Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00815202214013, 1.34242535671],["Warner Chilcott plc Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00814928585949, 1.07489429867],["Dongfeng Motor Group Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00814563360579, 0],["UGI Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00814525502626, 1.45026445473],["SEI Investments Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00813708218617, 1.37585760544],["Athabasca Oil Sands Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00813279809962, 0],["Acerinox SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00813257805907, 0],["Triumph Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00813021676715, 1.27582944929],["NCC AB Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00812086685083, 0],["CAP SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00811673484604, 0],["Douglas Emmett Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00811646190962, 1.27336202372],["PICC Property & Casualty Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00811206489982, 0],["BR Properties SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00810996218512, 0],["National Bank of Greece SA ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.00810825066565, 0],["Concur Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00810506768504, 1.21509935046],["Honam Petrochemical Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00810106221019, 0],["Georg Fischer AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00810076880131, 0],["McDermott International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00809843280354, 1.39520976959],["Tidewater Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00808961958427, 1.30402226509],["Lagardere SCA", 'All Holdings', 0.00808345732695, 0],["Tractebel Energia SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00808321280966, 0],["Akbank TAS", 'All Holdings', 0.00808128111822, 0],["Catalyst Health Solutions Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00807999685167, 1.33675512821],["Wereldhave NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00807665969495, 0],["Castellum AB", 'All Holdings', 0.0080707911501, 0],["SVB Financial Group", 'All Holdings', 0.0080662890974, 1.30199416093],["Truworths International Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00805900491628, 0],["AU Optronics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00805880929144, 0],["DSV A/S", 'All Holdings', 0.00805130212177, 0],["Plantronics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0080511263669, 0.888402743473],["Ingram Micro Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00804522838055, 1.36267639159],["Grifols SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00804425944722, 0],["Bank Leumi Le-Israel BM", 'All Holdings', 0.00803819483041, 0],["Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00803017375551, 0],["Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00802104739817, 1.38719517042],["PTT Exploration & Production PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.00802019611413, 0],["Helvetia Holding AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00801801958837, 0],["United Natural Foods Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00801620288189, 1.01814604841],["Corio NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00800630529049, 0],["ProSafe SE", 'All Holdings', 0.0080018787199, 0],["Wright Express Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00800044408791, 1.12588797768],["Finning International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00799747656074, 0],["Electricite de France SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00799552003124, 0],["Maxis Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00799451730646, 0],["Foxconn Technology Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00799248739309, 0],["Lojas Americanas SA Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00799013952966, 0],["Woori Finance Holdings Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00798933244867, 0],["Hancock Holding Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00798563078074, 1.3539857157],["Wienerberger AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00798392741311, 0],["Groupe Eurotunnel SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00798263117286, 0],["Fabege AB", 'All Holdings', 0.00798030771367, 0],["QIAGEN NV", 'All Holdings', 0.0079789380898, 0],["Jean Coutu Group PJC Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0079785467679, 0],["Oriental Land Co. Ltd./Japan", 'All Holdings', 0.0079766390686, 0],["Assured Guaranty Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0079703301863, 1.27819271209],["Alaska Air Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00796798633551, 1.20954071579],["Seek Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00796714936291, 0],["Babcock & Wilcox Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0079659392909, 1.37143324758],["Vina Concha y Toro SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00796472798727, 0],["Bank Pekao SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00795902914083, 0],["Trelleborg AB Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00795279212018, 0],["National Instruments Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00795224401271, 1.30822826233],["Banco Popular Espanol SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0079480959514, 0],["Ratos AB", 'All Holdings', 0.00794772906108, 0],["Harmony Gold Mining Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00794459825104, 0],["Washington REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.00794349431248, 0.936749041655],["Lazard Ltd. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00793256398983, 0],["Hatteras Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00792497724861, 1.27232485098],["SK Telecom Co. Ltd. ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.00792466326709, 0],["Delphi Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00792454526521, 1.04282047823],["Hawaiian Electric Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00791890931485, 1.16452574003],["Protective Life Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00791804158616, 1.18848722672],["Stora Enso Oyj", 'All Holdings', 0.0079119924581, 0],["Warnaco Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00790800637347, 1.19858670812],["Lawson Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00790555906802, 0],["Diebold Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00789862639139, 1.11875450094],["Empresas CMPC SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00789758446743, 0],["OCI Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00789638581849, 0],["Atwood Oceanics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0078827097537, 1.26522031287],["Strauss Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00788016703919, 0],["Mitsubishi Motors Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00787855246692, 0],["Home Properties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00787651022139, 1.42120870998],["Hanover Insurance Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00787068423182, 0.881751913111],["China Resources Land Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00787062629783, 0],["Kuala Lumpur Kepong Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00787038166068, 0],["Myriad Genetics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00786407001695, 0.977492747248],["Shikoku Electric Power Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00786301801797, 0],["AerCap Holdings NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00785663283136, 0],["Kunlun Energy Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0078556053213, 0],["Corus Entertainment Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00785359922322, 0],["Old Republic International Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00785227182637, 1.2567788685],["Russel Metals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00785196008742, 0],["SK Holdings Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00784670013226, 0],["Croda International plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00784325054568, 0],["Six Flags Entertainment Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00784083663515, 2],["MercadoLibre Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00783896171589, 1.36325155478],["Close Brothers Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00783248570218, 0],["Galenica AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0078314826009, 0],["Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0078295987215, 0],["Symrise AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00782766590167, 0],["Amorepacific Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00781973880381, 0],["Brocade Communications Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00781168458542, 1.36794116543],["Natura Cosmeticos SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00780745640961, 0],["Man Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00780383523904, 0],["Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00779771832829, 0],["Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00779644600003, 0],["Aalberts Industries NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00779162579954, 0],["Britvic plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0077883959906, 0],["Silgan Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00778707813008, 1.0511079458],["Cofinimmo", 'All Holdings', 0.00778646298739, 0],["NCSoft Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0077848970038, 0],["Banco Popolare SC", 'All Holdings', 0.00777452221991, 0],["First Horizon National Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00777431558656, 1.34471864461],["Forbo Holding AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00777351898474, 0],["E-Mart Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0077717572003, 0],["Cepheid Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00776629530379, 1.31937613236],["Ackermans & van Haaren NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00776549301995, 0],["Lexmark International Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00776152376938, 1.28311868811],["QLogic Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00775635915083, 0.896795904703],["Teledyne Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00775363856545, 1.08292344406],["Huntsman Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00774600390486, 1.31361891012],["Chico's FAS Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00774247832844, 1.27975350687],["Big Lots Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00773660893104, 1.39135910762],["Esterline Technologies Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0077351284593, 1.08353067847],["EastGroup Properties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00773492325117, 0.667396386324],["Allied Nevada Gold Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00773432155925, 1.36692232994],["Vermilion Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00773275141959, 0],["Signature Bank/New York NY", 'All Holdings', 0.00773143821451, 1.44205313182],["Grupo Modelo SAB de CV", 'All Holdings', 0.00773023085027, 0],["Crane Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00772845552621, 1.1195462439],["Cie Generale de Geophysique - Veritas", 'All Holdings', 0.00772474917328, 0],["United Therapeutics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00772316459979, 1.22714847913],["Leighton Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00772220408545, 0],["Mid-America Apartment Communities Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00772080150068, 1.25699449311],["SEACOR Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00771848632486, 0.98035008449],["Equity Lifestyle Properties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00770537560315, 1.34882230613],["Marui Group Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00769981156402, 0],["Amerco Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00769980850579, 0.403347889563],["Trinity Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00769690556071, 1.31036328133],["Onex Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00769550423624, 0],["Wynn Macau Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00769457423941, 0],["Zodiac Aerospace", 'All Holdings', 0.00769078081065, 0],["Chiba Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00768909211234, 0],["Foster Wheeler AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00768547628479, 1.37283700165],["Petroleum Geo-Services ASA", 'All Holdings', 0.00768086879199, 0],["Covance Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0076803334122, 1.44686317897],["Sotheby's", 'All Holdings', 0.00766937556592, 1.33093861958],["Casino Guichard Perrachon SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00766833771871, 0],["Life Time Fitness Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00766757879902, 0.958542598488],["Far Eastern Department Stores Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00766721186239, 0],["Tokyu Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00766645313148, 0],["Energy XXI Bermuda Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00766022393641, 1.23914702225],["John Wiley & Sons Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00766008881708, 1.10391100848],["United Rentals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00765852539147, 1.34604856443],["WellCare Health Plans Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00765616002962, 1.54852376439],["Shangri-La Asia Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00765193908835, 0],["CaixaBank", 'All Holdings', 0.00765149851959, 0],["Flowers Foods Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00764705175555, 1.176131303],["Aspen Insurance Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00763874916018, 0.993987493386],["ProAssurance Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00763776739856, 1.28605771367],["Electrocomponents plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00763093814703, 0],["Rent-A-Center Inc./TX", 'All Holdings', 0.00762184407878, 1.18191719846],["Taiwan Cement Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00762104924023, 0],["Terex Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00761909439476, 1.24770013641],["Mellanox Technologies Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00761899310262, 0],["Barloworld Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00761801398606, 0],["Douglas Holding AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00761280015315, 0],["Far Eastern New Century Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0076118699792, 0],["Dentsu Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00761138041316, 0],["Alfa SAB de CV Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00760807582797, 0],["KBC Groep NV", 'All Holdings', 0.0075987738976, 0],["SJM Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00758795403321, 0],["Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00758648109716, 1.3513939618],["American Campus Communities Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00758238651539, 1.6135737923],["Woodward Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00758104074478, 1.27910905494],["China National Building Material Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00757605676709, 0],["Exor SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.0075751509948, 0],["Synthos SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00757304567892, 0],["AK Transneft OAO Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00756714584402, 0],["Makita Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0075656280312, 0],["Capital & Counties Properties plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00756548114581, 0],["GrainCorp Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00755982602043, 0],["Metropole Television SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00755515008192, 0],["Swisscanto CH Real Estate Fund Ifca", 'All Holdings', 0.00755348533773, 0],["John Wood Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00755194299551, 0],["Schroders plc (Voting Shares)", 'All Holdings', 0.00755194299551, 0],["Washington Federal Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00755127145579, 0.930527465757],["Imtech NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00754031404845, 0],["Alliance Global Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0075400937075, 0],["Cheil Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00753490342168, 0],["SXC Health Solutions Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0075334344616, 0],["Bank of Hawaii Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00753027977878, 1.15624640765],["Highwoods Properties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00752667893987, 1.23439636312],["Tesla Motors Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00752649905947, 2],["President Chain Store Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00751901390635, 0],["Orion Corp./Republic of South Korea", 'All Holdings', 0.00751191362682, 0],["Patterson-UTI Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00750738553838, 1.3892390689],["Lend Lease Group", 'All Holdings', 0.00750723717242, 0],["ALLETE Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00750607404826, 0.698439981738],["Dexus Property Group", 'All Holdings', 0.00750525394881, 0],["Alimentation Couche Tard Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00750456838792, 0],["SK Telecom Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00750150783504, 0],["China Coal Energy Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00749905937721, 0],["Modern Times Group AB Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00749467660322, 0],["Aryzta AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00749416242014, 0],["Ultra Electronics Holdings plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00749279126226, 0],["Iress Market Technology Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0074898775374, 0],["STERIS Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00748267772455, 0.959718791349],["Atmos Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00748207054915, 1.47514219089],["C&C Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00748010784669, 0],["Norsk Hydro ASA", 'All Holdings', 0.00747858972966, 0],["Ulker Biskuvi Sanayi AS", 'All Holdings', 0.00747508824594, 0],["Titan Industries Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00747415777699, 0],["Growthpoint Properties Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00747366805569, 0],["Lojas Renner SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00747241926387, 0],["Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00747125841287, 1.24548135693],["Genpact Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00746678741302, 0],["Petronas Gas Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00746499989726, 0],["ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00746083716082, 0],["Inmet Mining Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00745963730585, 0],["HB Fuller Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00743730793958, 0.833835713773],["Toll Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00743265193678, 0],["Empire Co. Ltd. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0074301786022, 0],["RMB Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.007427362412, 0],["Ryder System Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00742280613678, 1.40930038486],["Tele Norte Leste Participacoes SA ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.00741790967487, 0],["Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00741118793459, 1.44134404827],["Bradespar SA Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0074099750942, 0],["ERG SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.00740804040594, 0],["Tohoku Electric Power Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00740755061008, 0],["Lonmin plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00740659550656, 0],["Cobham plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00740549346142, 0],["Post Properties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00740511949469, 1.27277679615],["Genesee & Wyoming Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00740120524196, 1.15233250247],["Samsung SDI Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0074004729982, 0],["Federal Hydrogenerating Co. JSC", 'All Holdings', 0.00740000768404, 0],["Valeo SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00739924848617, 0],["Nomura Research Institute Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00739870969978, 0],["Casey's General Stores Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00739868455721, 1.11213432756],["Toppan Printing Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00739709333661, 0],["Balfour Beatty plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00739694639421, 0],["Minerals Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00739575136801, 0.613275684023],["Old Dominion Freight Line Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00739500487949, 1.07907376223],["Semen Gresik Persero Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.0073925136083, 0],["Ruentex Industries Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00739048087918, 0],["City National Corp./CA", 'All Holdings', 0.00738938011541, 1.31763846452],["Pioneer Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00738477449239, 0],["Intermediate Capital Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00738426017917, 0],["DST Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00738368951394, 1.04045347615],["Shimano Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00738021912552, 0],["PSP Swiss Property AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00737972929828, 0],["Swatch Group AG (Registered)", 'All Holdings', 0.00737906803062, 0],["LifePoint Hospitals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00737329188701, 1.06691593425],["China Shanshui Cement Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00736941830665, 0],["TransAlta Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00736736097736, 0],["Anritsu Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00736451988756, 0],["Coal India Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00736165428678, 0],["Portugal Telecom SGPS SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00736118893102, 0],["Biosensors International Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00736111545375, 0],["InterOil Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00735954793568, 0],["NeuStar Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00735942376681, 1.29308816351],["JTEKT Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00735577607216, 0],["NorthWestern Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00735356537568, 0.669429389052],["Imperial Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00735325331398, 0],["Fortinet Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00735155698592, 1.35622738338],["Clariant AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00734049234178, 0],["Grupo Financiero Inbursa SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00733615695495, 0],["Bucher Industries AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00733138063122, 0],["China Resources Enterprise Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00732804942049, 0],["Anhui Conch Cement Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00732738807415, 0],["Cookson Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00732506110678, 0],["Hankook Tire Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00732332199671, 0],["Applied Industrial Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00732183205411, 0.820595407084],["athenahealth Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00732178880648, 1.32695278575],["Nippon Yusen KK", 'All Holdings', 0.00731812911957, 0],["Obrascon Huarte Lain SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00731585109256, 0],["Anadolu Efes Biracilik Ve Malt Sanayii AS", 'All Holdings', 0.00731563063769, 0],["Dialog Group Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00731215233506, 0],["Dufry AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00731198086872, 0],["CETIP SA - Mercados Organizados", 'All Holdings', 0.00730252561987, 0],["KOC Holding AS", 'All Holdings', 0.00729855729347, 0],["Kerry Properties Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00729098797778, 0],["Perusahaan Gas Negara Persero Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00728946919951, 0],["Tenet Healthcare Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00728739945314, 1.23863828136],["Rosetta Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00728573572057, 1.38981821508],["China Merchants Holdings International Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00728285510321, 0],["Carpenter Technology Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00727999952977, 1.24498911333],["Actuant Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00727899866268, 1.0778754357],["LinkedIn Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0072765101398, 2],["Entertainment Properties Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00727263559552, 1.17191691402],["BioMed Realty Trust Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00727189862841, 1.56947481537],["CFS Retail Property Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.0072681322531, 0],["Viscofan SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00726786277865, 0],["BEC World PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.00726171381613, 0],["Canadian Oil Sands Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00726004794676, 0],["African Bank Investments Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00725945999134, 0],["DMCI Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00725120403322, 0],["Belden Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00724837051417, 0.952266542599],["CNO Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00724741795265, 1.03411901121],["Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc", 'All Holdings', 0.007244883342, 0],["Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00724228709063, 1.28832402321],["Zebra Technologies Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00724148857327, 1.20023861862],["Copa Holdings SA Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00724047350295, 0],["Genting Malaysia Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00723858705813, 0],["Lufkin Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00723646317028, 1.45124404307],["UniSource Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0072323331311, 0.737050130773],["Sydbank A/S", 'All Holdings', 0.00722376470653, 0],["Mirvac Group", 'All Holdings', 0.00722315220177, 0],["Taekwang Industrial Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00722153518508, 0],["AirAsia Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00721964865799, 0],["Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00721567957424, 0],["CLARCOR Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00721519442083, 1.28121775098],["Extra Space Storage Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00721443968452, 1.40974549242],["Incyte Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00721155125015, 1.19873791664],["Primary Health Care Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00720823131918, 0],["Taylor Wimpey plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00720313507106, 0],["HMS Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00720302962579, 1.45029077987],["Telephone & Data Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00720143749541, 1.20996625473],["Capitol Federal Financial Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00720000452511, 1.08844366078],["Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00719916583639, 0],["China Pacific Insurance Group Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00719556409206, 0],["Techne Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00718891497855, 1.3465172396],["Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0071883360116, 0],["Vale SA Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00718414612005, 0],["China State Construction International Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00718365607162, 0],["Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00718274948055, 0],["Erie Indemnity Co. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0071803774478, 1.23579817392],["Foschini Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00717944163225, 0],["EMCOR Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00717573406841, 1.01817065147],["Zynga Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00717403361298, 2],["Aspen Technology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00716686469055, 2],["Alexander & Baldwin Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00716197256272, 1.11568431164],["Serco Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00715900592187, 0],["Alkermes plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00715864910009, 1.26745148064],["Omega Healthcare Investors Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00715756981514, 1.21273407749],["Telekom Austria AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00715403161663, 0],["Atrium European Real Estate Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0071518262414, 0],["Galp Energia SGPS SA Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00715082156675, 0],["RR Donnelley & Sons Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00714705067009, 1.28807552816],["Medivation Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00714625121155, 1.3714001162],["Anixter International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00714021804311, 1.17346074306],["LaSalle Hotel Properties", 'All Holdings', 0.00713796875744, 1.30255554441],["DCC plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00713700092833, 0],["Cia Hering", 'All Holdings', 0.00713138923151, 0],["Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00713110012466, 1.1250058426],["Provident Financial plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00713055604764, 0],["Petronet LNG Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00712548339367, 0],["Tech Data Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00711817721045, 1.24387168872],["UIL Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00711675147765, 0.979024724004],["Spirax-Sarco Engineering plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00711560747709, 0],["Acacia Research Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00711365685818, 2],["Tetra Tech Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00710663152478, 0.921707845184],["SKYCITY Entertainment Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00710516767841, 0],["Haemonetics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00710233284097, 0.991064239628],["ICAP plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00710124656243, 0],["Hexcel Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00709470127695, 1.31561550672],["China Mengniu Dairy Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00709119854115, 0],["RLJ Lodging Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.0070899073407, 2],["Alere Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00708674727982, 1.19226181196],["Tenneco Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00708664197245, 1.25566793087],["Benesse Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00707987585809, 0],["Vishay Intertechnology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00707333882356, 1.01058403926],["Baloise Holding AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00706847935304, 0],["Unione di Banche Italiane SCPA", 'All Holdings', 0.00706142072251, 0],["NTT Data Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00705622471285, 0],["MetroPCS Communications Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00705316525845, 1.29009624653],["IDGC Holding JSC", 'All Holdings', 0.00705311197917, 0],["Lincare Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00705002266139, 1.34564553458],["GN Store Nord A/S", 'All Holdings', 0.00704681291441, 0],["TGS Nopec Geophysical Co. ASA", 'All Holdings', 0.00704656781277, 0],["Dana Holding Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00704412014633, 1.28729199893],["National Retail Properties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00704141419968, 1.58760694821],["Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00704124907305, 0],["Dean Foods Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00703980770546, 1.25893837432],["VCA Antech Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00703979548599, 1.07268317818],["Covanta Holding Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00703752662828, 1.18701416179],["Curtiss-Wright Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00703172687787, 0.931330359251],["Synnex Technology International Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00702597878094, 0],["National Express Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00702335606037, 0],["IMMOFINANZ AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00702181183431, 0],["Centene Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00701762102361, 1.40288385047],["Darling International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00701621576001, 1.15896175754],["Questcor Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00701341492566, 1.27305986944],["Tanger Factory Outlet Centers", 'All Holdings', 0.00701322255114, 1.45573425804],["Spirent Communications plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00701281599555, 0],["Andritz AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00701097758595, 0],["Cairn Energy plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00700585451014, 0],["SATS Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00700139321787, 0],["Dollarama Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0069945296018, 0],["ViaSat Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00699408458055, 1.08928991952],["Mitsubishi Materials Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00699256854872, 0],["Black Hills Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00699066078304, 0.715169286582],["Enel Green Power SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.00698930827836, 0],["Spectris plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00698602346995, 0],["ViroPharma Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0069843394445, 1.29235585397],["Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00698191970765, 1.3635447666],["Victrex plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00698082655812, 0],["Hill-Rom Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00697843747294, 1.19567188857],["Beijing Enterprises Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00697445290212, 0],["Toyota Industries Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00697180535597, 0],["JBS SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0069688636191, 0],["JSR Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00696763788952, 0],["Outotec Oyj", 'All Holdings', 0.00696663278869, 0],["Watsco Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00696654832515, 1.08753379358],["Persimmon plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00696437743201, 0],["Guess? Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00696291431783, 1.1649293653],[" Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00695802804976, 0],["MMI Holdings Ltd./South Africa", 'All Holdings', 0.00695717001801, 0],["Airports of Thailand PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.00695067343691, 0],["Oshkosh Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00694897100043, 1.21184609758],["Progress Software Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00694588694559, 0.891478762451],["Thai Union Frozen Products PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.00693655223109, 0],["Harsco Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00692828411694, 1.08919970047],["Arch Coal Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00692379525197, 1.30634234326],["Deckers Outdoor Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00691557734695, 1.4109417988],["Keikyu Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00691532052627, 0],["PDG Realty SA Empreendimentos e Participacoes", 'All Holdings', 0.00691441337488, 0],["Brunswick Corp./DE", 'All Holdings', 0.00691127725212, 1.26424018318],["WGL Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00691079990503, 1.2175867345],["SSAB AB Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00691066216118, 0],["Hannover Rueckversicherung AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00690911753436, 0],["Stanley Electric Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00690396873861, 0],["Pembina Pipeline Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00690210534987, 0],["Ultimate Software Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00689960286237, 1.04589263851],["Barratt Developments plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00689732425007, 0],["Itau Unibanco Holding SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00689680935926, 0],["Fulton Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00689314484874, 1.22789504339],["State Bank of India GDR", 'All Holdings', 0.00689210175784, 0],["Credit Saison Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00689092484951, 0],["Fukuoka Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00689090033056, 0],["Stifel Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00688911833978, 1.13095185347],["Cabela's Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00688641968543, 1.00378253912],["Prysmian SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.00688224505209, 0],["NET One Systems Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00687859163915, 0],["Corporate Office Properties Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00687369704511, 0.979007566813],["J Front Retailing Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00687317276203, 0],["Energy Development Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00686817066159, 0],["Brady Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00686770442426, 0.91437821832],["Rogers Communications Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00686414932338, 0],["Polski Koncern Naftowy Orlen SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00686201603738, 0],["Washington Post Co. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00686093745976, 1.09567050257],["Halma plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00685382608347, 0],["Howard Hughes Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00685349185003, 2],["Shaw Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00685210428085, 1.21590335239],["China Life Insurance Co. Ltd./Taiwan", 'All Holdings', 0.00685176631027, 0],["Volkswagen AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00684872567484, 0],["DS Smith plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00684759769177, 0],["Schroder ImmoPLUS", 'All Holdings', 0.0068461264051, 0],["OJI Paper Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00683067759412, 0],["Brinker International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00683000924624, 1.34465007422],["Charter Communications Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00682971101625, 1.63102973354],["Cinemark Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00682964079018, 1.18771918147],["Metro Pacific Investments Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00682881389088, 0],["Medical Properties Trust Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00682745625539, 0.70913170579],["Tokyo Electric Power Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00682675399906, 0],["Microsemi Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0068256801082, 1.09247336671],["Storebrand ASA", 'All Holdings', 0.00682562595892, 0],["Admiral Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00682422816598, 0],["NewMarket Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00682357134842, 1.2063996877],["Swiss Life Holding AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00681625820803, 0],["Zoll Medical Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00681243012889, 1.21357084914],["Berry Petroleum Co. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00680624110106, 1.29882665248],["Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00680402097252, 0],["Brandywine Realty Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00680265237768, 0.925609162175],["Kobe Steel Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00680262311005, 0],["Monadelphous Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0068008573826, 0],["Premier Oil plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00680056309399, 0],["Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00679646605371, 1.39685613363],["Piedmont Natural Gas Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00679187401454, 1.33759266427],["Sherritt International Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00679175886764, 0],["Sekisui House Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00679158719571, 0],["Loblaw Cos. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00679112122871, 0],["Fletcher Building Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00678923283102, 0],["Shionogi & Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00678751609872, 0],["Alumina Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00678587293431, 0],["NGK Insulators Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00678354306367, 0],["Hotel Shilla Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00678069815204, 0],["Alterra Capital Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00677928145091, 0.992887611765],["Mediaset SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.00677714198629, 0],["HealthSouth Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00677692727417, 1.16769890312],["Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00677517995135, 0],["Wincor Nixdorf AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00677118227771, 0],["Air Lease Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00676712427662, 2],["Colonial Properties Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00676650156935, 1.07994865524],["Chemtura Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00676648602643, 2],["Samsung Securities Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00676485459638, 0],["Artis REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.00676272082259, 0],["Bank Hapoalim BM", 'All Holdings', 0.00676159261611, 0],["Southwest Gas Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00676002577478, 1.10537840097],["CommonWealth REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.00675743705379, 0.920084488735],["Atlas Iron Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00674577289059, 0],["Weight Watchers International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00674500011116, 1.28881706432],["SembCorp Industries Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00674405598649, 0],["Copano Energy LLC", 'All Holdings', 0.00674334469566, 0],["Fukuyama Transporting Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00673858637532, 0],["Bank of Ayudhya PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.00673233180278, 0],["Northwest Bancshares Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0067311601145, 0.806437591952],["Ebro Foods SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00673036956538, 0],["CVR Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0067292279146, 1.39291421568],["Moog Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00672881011328, 1.00335277154],["TreeHouse Foods Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00672228828695, 1.29159587154],["Bally Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0067209189538, 1.24076619705],["James Hardie Industries SE", 'All Holdings', 0.00671906199963, 0],["Brookdale Senior Living Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00671893263611, 1.15851373964],["China Minsheng Banking Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00671626572321, 0],["Hyundai Steel Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00671226750724, 0],["Hindalco Industries Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00671001082921, 0],["Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00670947118708, 0],["Imerys SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00670947118708, 0],["Validus Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0067081433659, 1.21030859978],["Wolverine World Wide Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0067073890414, 1.09156615612],["China Resources Power Holdings Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00670674843698, 0],["Localiza Rent a Car SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00670468796611, 0],["Semtech Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00670459779867, 1.14957228969],["Buffalo Wild Wings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00670383999706, 2],["Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00670277466297, 0],["Ruddick Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00670188566776, 1.06262448173],["China Petrochemical Development Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00670113117791, 0],["Sakari Resources Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00669916879953, 0],["Westamerica Bancorporation", 'All Holdings', 0.00669651116608, 0.824366040605],["Quality Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00669632415082, 1.09551896102],["Gudang Garam Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00669580820597, 0],["Actelion Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00669492512598, 0],["CAE Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00669293818942, 0],["AboveNet Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00669157938048, 1.09769326576],["Henderson Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00669048516879, 0],["IRPC PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.00668557908597, 0],["Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00668555455542, 0],["Kangwon Land Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00668530924981, 0],["Sponda Oyj", 'All Holdings', 0.00668491676054, 0],["Select Comfort Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00668276157068, 2],["Avista Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00668181865053, 0.910489036515],["GATX Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00668089859775, 1.03153676455],["Nan Kang Rubber Tire Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00668028045427, 0],["Daewoo Securities Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00668008420741, 0],["YIT Oyj", 'All Holdings', 0.00667765564517, 0],["Sekisui Chemical Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00667745939713, 0],["AtoS", 'All Holdings', 0.00667726314899, 0],["ADTRAN Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0066765835107, 1.1474335566],["Ryanair Holdings plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00666281413644, 0],["Olympus Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00666249522242, 0],["Hochtief AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00665660753693, 0],["Starwood Property Trust Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00665538987617, 1.1917798833],["Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00665135761672, 0],["AutoNation Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00664972878021, 0.911961953681],["Healthcare Realty Trust Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00664904953434, 1.04398293241],["Exelis Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00664820237047, 1.34321583372],["Recordati SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.00664760413019, 0],["Gildan Activewear Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00664505272213, 0],["Husqvarna AB", 'All Holdings', 0.00664348261741, 0],["Telekomunikacja Polska SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00664252583207, 0],["Unit Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00664172542183, 1.08117678957],["Cypress Semiconductor Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00664146247024, 1.41437016687],["Eurasian Natural Resources Corp. plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00663698134215, 0],["Lender Processing Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00663568419225, 1.34975300887],["LG International Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00663256532609, 0],["Owens & Minor Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0066308030484, 1.17698307075],["Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0066304554359, 0],["HudBay Minerals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00662881167714, 0],["Itron Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00662868035136, 1.14683254839],["Hiwin Technologies Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00662819833272, 0],["DeVry Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00662770373167, 1.34478679228],["Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00662500892779, 0],["Prosperity Bancshares Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00662106058732, 1.26478674471],["Boart Longyear Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00661988129693, 0],["Aegis Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00661838470426, 0],["Cochlear Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00661644648641, 0],["Dundee Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00661450825991, 0],["PPB Group Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00660884073787, 0],["Cipla Ltd./India", 'All Holdings', 0.00660729503721, 0],["Valley National Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.00660058388235, 1.41810851002],["Coeur d'Alene Mines Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0065940893447, 1.32570253306],["BBA Aviation plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00659095443655, 0],["Keio Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00658977671185, 0],["Acer Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00658253854199, 0],["ACI Worldwide Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00658150734133, 0.987868681211],["Brother Industries Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00657993767861, 0],["StanCorp Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00657781980657, 1.13036131188],["Turkiye Is Bankasi", 'All Holdings', 0.00657618357476, 0],["OC Oerlikon Corp. AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00657444146326, 0],["Telenet Group Holding NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00657171786648, 0],["Fujikura Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00657137434856, 0],["PGE SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00656411133457, 0],["DiamondRock Hospitality Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00656337447867, 1.08240405484],["PMC - Sierra Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0065633120727, 1.03898133045],["Lupin Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00656330159914, 0],["Key Energy Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00656315794965, 1.31543284863],["FirstMerit Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00655895241077, 1.15758568621],["China Shipping Development Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00655144984408, 0],["FirstService Corp./Canada", 'All Holdings', 0.00655142530595, 0],["SBM Offshore NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00654556065296, 0],["Quebecor Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00654268964333, 0],["TCF Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0065426331699, 1.14238072741],["Open Text Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00653930329989, 0],["Enagas SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00653829720725, 0],["China Development Financial Holding Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00653827266838, 0],["Aaron's Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00653267094361, 1.21006580113],["International Rectifier Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00653252143076, 0.996654152854],["Dillard's Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00653231796174, 1.32366061655],["Debenhams plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00653037107891, 0],["Konica Minolta Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00651849388515, 0],["Morningstar Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00651789413426, 0.999493117408],["Aker Solutions ASA", 'All Holdings', 0.00651523005394, 0],["Dah Chong Hong Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00651253062613, 0],["Pennon Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00650867777738, 0],["Hikma Pharmaceuticals plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00650649366323, 0],["Geo Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0065058887139, 0.768399986284],["Elekta AB Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00650448132361, 0],["Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00650448132361, 0],["Kazakhmys plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0065018554518, 0],["Investa Office Fund", 'All Holdings', 0.00650148733766, 0],["Nyrstar (Voting Shares)", 'All Holdings', 0.00649545022124, 0],["HSN Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00649477793785, 1.00325115712],["Kaydon Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00649457883572, 0.517371687305],["Industrivarden AB", 'All Holdings', 0.00649380595142, 0],["Bezeq The Israeli Telecommunication Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00649095914118, 0],["China COSCO Holdings Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00649034560205, 0],["First Financial Holding Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00648897127124, 0],["PanAust Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00648310577482, 0],["Popular Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00648098665099, 1.3440000263],["Robbins & Myers Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00647541926393, 1.37439833824],["Dolby Laboratories Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00647454374618, 1.25921147283],["Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00646916066731, 1.60608671785],["Swiss Prime Site AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00646803673043, 0],["Derwent London plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00646538609526, 0],["RONA Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00646165554428, 0],["TELUS Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00645981480008, 0],["London Stock Exchange Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00645922576029, 0],["Dril-Quip Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00645904289267, 1.32758238509],["UTi Worldwide Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00645863705854, 1.13867827283],["First American Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00645490396303, 1.12968947024],["Natixis", 'All Holdings', 0.00644997282205, 0],["All America Latina Logistica SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00644967829558, 0],["DCT Industrial Trust Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00644755603762, 0.936137929189],["ASM International NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00644381226845, 0],["SembCorp Marine Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00644324775119, 0],["Venture Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00644106330796, 0],["Hunting plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00643502535153, 0],["Tatts Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00643161362358, 0],["Klepierre", 'All Holdings', 0.00642903640125, 0],["UMB Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00642785548807, 0.938465124245],["Chimei Innolux Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00642729369938, 0],["Genus plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00642400463737, 0],["Wendel SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00642353827582, 0],["Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0064229170213, 0.963360266626],["PS Business Parks Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00642046025777, 0.82204722779],["Usinas Siderurgicas de Minas Gerais SA Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00641786826107, 0],["AGF Management Ltd. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00641521731968, 0],["Nissin Foods Holdings Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00641293455164, 0],["Restaurant Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00641138815356, 0],["Hua Nan Financial Holdings Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00640908081921, 0],["Madison Square Garden Co. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00640680485834, 1.24408582061],["Intersil Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00640451682312, 0.9245250905],["Konami Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00640436792798, 0],["Kemper Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00640339418585, 0.995280916404],["Middleby Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00639605665868, 1.17397535852],["Lamar Advertising Co. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00639586698044, 1.31448621868],["Community Health Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00638339489392, 1.34621507279],["Colfax Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00638316708368, 1.27834552489],["EMS-Chemie Holding AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00638274197444, 0],["Hugo Boss AG Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00638107273008, 0],["Seattle Genetics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00637876214005, 1.29593230693],["Ibiden Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00637586857413, 0],["Groupe Aeroplan Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00637402746629, 0],["Lennox International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00637235232119, 1.17282799361],["Topdanmark A/S", 'All Holdings', 0.00636857774134, 0],["Domino's Pizza Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0063663347917, 1.14726494751],["Par Pharmaceutical Cos. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00636366513879, 0.930279516131],["Bristow Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00636155788749, 1.1300441419],["Lewis Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00635868459741, 0],["Radiant Opto-Electronics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00635220360676, 0],["Forest City Enterprises Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00635196341536, 1.37919225701],["Hyundai Department Store Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00635176171751, 0],["Hillenbrand Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00634609012725, 0.9300445095],["Investec plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00633951138657, 0],["Carillion plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00633769467481, 0],["Flight Centre Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00633737552195, 0],["Tod's SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.0063361480088, 0],["Hirose Electric Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00633523964683, 0],["Stantec Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00633430673256, 0],["Federated Investors Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00633103104066, 1.39222651685],["FLSmidth & Co. A/S", 'All Holdings', 0.00632920021895, 0],["Melrose plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00632613137179, 0],["MStar Semiconductor Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00632595951571, 0],["OZ Minerals Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00632448646079, 0],["Convergys Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00632434977631, 1.04962721296],["Northwest Natural Gas Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00632374320392, 0.78783007006],["Gran Tierra Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00631905054356, 1.15186605487],["Doosan Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00631584443794, 0],["Vivus Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00631127753694, 1.45441665121],["New Jersey Resources Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00631083127732, 1.23070472702],["Arris Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00630632340527, 0.862130555385],["Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras SA Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00630334757236, 0],["Quest Software Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00630102169323, 0.972659221387],["ITT Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00630075532196, 1.34754106901],["CapitaMall Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.0062943859444, 0],["Molycorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00629294250966, 1.33264672863],["Nippon Electric Glass Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00629104676999, 0],["Steven Madden Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00628643905825, 1.1041563692],["Semirara Mining Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00628252684835, 0],["Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00627970320633, 0],["Bilfinger Berger SE", 'All Holdings', 0.00627825454807, 0],["Thoratec Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00627353152311, 1.35210317407],["Bob Evans Farms Inc./DE", 'All Holdings', 0.00627343630334, 0.753932379994],["TMB Bank PCL", 'All Holdings', 0.00627044644241, 0],["Distribuidora Internacional de Alimentacion SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00627020090222, 0],["Eurazeo", 'All Holdings', 0.0062636203734, 0],["Echo Entertainment Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00626087027211, 0],["Con-way Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00626037340035, 1.21402636161],["Pier 1 Imports Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00625993395131, 1.27692750715],["Choice Hotels International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00625231679727, 0.737536030534],["Huhtamaki Oyj", 'All Holdings', 0.00625009068933, 0],["Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00624905937126, 0],["Nissan Chemical Industries Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00624672661897, 0],["Iberiabank Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00624537366502, 1.06220725894],["FamilyMart Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0062438045221, 0],["Delek Drilling - LP", 'All Holdings', 0.00624169274238, 0],["Almacenes Exito SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00624093151694, 0],["Minera Frisco SAB de CV", 'All Holdings', 0.00624056318158, 0],["George Weston Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00623874605585, 0],["TransForce Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00623830405114, 0],["3i Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00623742004038, 0],["Maroc Telecom SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0062372235933, 0],["Inmarsat plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00623633958034, 0],["Trustmark Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00623530710698, 1.01557518231],["Chart Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00623311484137, 1.46620459992],["Hittite Microwave Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0062295729134, 1.04375350813],["Susquehanna Bancshares Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00622907718185, 1.17809277232],["Trend Micro Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00621227409188, 0],["Capital Shopping Centres Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00620991658456, 0],["Olin Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00620883727524, 1.17704664841],["Pohjola Bank plc Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00620387541364, 0],["Inversiones Argos SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00620267208094, 0],["Casio Computer Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0062025984074, 0],["II-VI Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0062017530265, 0.843326890973],["GS Engineering & Construction Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00620124772364, 0],["GenOn Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0062003471918, 1.08539462511],["Jiangxi Copper Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0061951573156, 0],["CommVault Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00619350672364, 1.42221357913],["AOL Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00619323198138, 1.36184030567],["SM Investments Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00619049121939, 0],["Partners Group Holding AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00619004916557, 0],["Jyske Bank A/S", 'All Holdings', 0.00618894402905, 0],["South Jersey Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00618755002587, 1.01758490272],["Befimmo SCA Sicafi", 'All Holdings', 0.00618489183777, 0],["TPK Holding Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00618258329976, 0],["Koito Manufacturing Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00618047122233, 0],["SK Chemicals Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00617966077129, 0],["Grasim Industries Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00617909591057, 0],["Eiffage SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0061780644239, 0],["Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00617742685765, 1.2766728709],["Pronexus Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00617332446553, 0],["UNY Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00617302975139, 0],["Far EasTone Telecommunications Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00617229296515, 0],["Myer Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00617128602194, 0],["Compuware Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00617106658403, 1.38730826736],["Webster Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00617077581213, 1.14801333411],["CACI International Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00616390318154, 1.07736398089],["FleetCor Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00615437713143, 2],["Men's Wearhouse Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00614754895739, 1.30324023992],["Gerry Weber International AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00614142049829, 0],["Nippon Express Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00613697487878, 0],["TalkTalk Telecom Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0061358696072, 0],["Portfolio Recovery Associates Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00612359514422, 0.837385801424],["Atlantic Power Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.006123171063, 0],["Delta Lloyd NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00611658830596, 0],["Snyders-Lance Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00611382757183, 0.723597256494],["Power Grid Corp. of India Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00610789301871, 0],["Deutsche Lufthansa AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0061050928044, 0],["Hero Motocorp Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00609929581213, 0],["PolyOne Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00609626862568, 0.924143598801],["First Capital Realty Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00609610252063, 0],["PTT Global Chemical PCL", 'All Holdings', 0.00609494801715, 0],["GUD Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00609258987286, 0],["Rinnai Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00609224597574, 0],["Jack in the Box Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00608913910307, 0.74863763034],["Mitchells & Butlers plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00608878242535, 0],["AO Smith Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00608822973814, 1.23646040935],["Yuexiu Property Co. Ltd. Rights Expire 10/28/2010", 'All Holdings', 0.00608219914704, 0],["Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00607952159112, 0],["CapitalSource Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00607719703352, 1.21300365119],["Loral Space & Communications Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00607702162606, 0.543543194997],["Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00607477459402, 1.54101177744],["ValueClick Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00607266143833, 1.15213006225],["Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00607258336968, 0.907358260279],["Remy Cointreau SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0060723977381, 0],["Charles River Laboratories International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00607221545079, 1.1564485262],["Littelfuse Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00607190619235, 1.00970389216],["Aristocrat Leisure Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00606827076289, 0],["Aruba Networks Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00606630259691, 1.25290659768],["Coinstar Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00606558607137, 1.31635841403],["Hain Celestial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00606544558429, 1.08511415849],["Reject Shop Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00605999212892, 0],["Sonda SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00605687224668, 0],["Orpea", 'All Holdings', 0.00605471042537, 0],["Unilever Indonesia Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00605264685863, 0],["Esprit Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00604439249362, 0],["Babcock International Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00604176383849, 0],["Sony Financial Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00604097769555, 0],["Bourbon SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00604063375756, 0],["Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste SAB de CV Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00603955280784, 0],["Downer EDI Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00603768570652, 0],["Kernel Holding SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00603567119346, 0],["Impax Laboratories Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00603522003234, 1.10642486895],["Mineral Resources Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00603169127435, 0],["Synovus Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00603146171229, 1.14408647508],["Vail Resorts Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00603062845089, 1.11625205352],["Align Technology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00602425207394, 1.24229048817],["Mando Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00602424725366, 0],["Hysan Development Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00602196242964, 0],["Joyo Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0060218395893, 0],["Primaris Retail REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.00602080772906, 0],["Saks Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00602051219151, 0.929638581742],["Blackbaud Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00601811338914, 1.0420338656],["Leoni AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00601692594714, 0],["Nisshin Steel Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00601336352182, 0],["Imagination Technologies Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00601328981616, 0],["CoStar Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00601207701484, 1.24681090219],["Crocs Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00601151969095, 1.34217193479],["Finisar Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00600967221603, 1.31432994769],["NSK Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00600859719671, 0],["Apollo Investment Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00600815374477, 2],["Magellan Health Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00600650174663, 0.99634831488],["Klabin SA Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00600429763177, 0],["Whitehaven Coal Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00600179157999, 0],["Toromont Industries Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00600019457867, 0],["FEI Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0060000123448, 1.36778923971],["AbitibiBowater Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00599761196688, 2],["CSM", 'All Holdings', 0.00599658287709, 0],["Michael Page International plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00599535440033, 0],["AltaGas Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00599476473024, 0],["Dena Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00599392936292, 0],["Ultratech Cement Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00599363452701, 0],["Asseco Poland SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00599098099483, 0],["Ramsay Health Care Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00598975250221, 0],["SolarWinds Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0059880059374, 1.42600584329],["Fresh Market Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00598715447961, 2],["Dr Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00598557560133, 0],["Securitas AB Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00598469107599, 0],["Telecity Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00598417510204, 0],["Mr Price Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00598240604385, 0],["Commercial Metals Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00598176487232, 1.22361658782],["Wacoal Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00597633713669, 0],["Penn West Petroleum Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.005975575446, 0],["EnerSys", 'All Holdings', 0.00597386621906, 1.23646478025],["Iconix Brand Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00597072364812, 0.929022271144],["Hokuriku Electric Power Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00596496077859, 0],["Kaba Holding AG Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00596446935252, 0],["Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00596206135673, 0],["Sourcefire Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00596049288007, 2],["Teleperformance SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00595803161963, 0],["Prosegur Cia de Seguridad SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00595478814554, 0],["Citic Pacific Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.005952650388, 0],["easyJet plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00595196237185, 0],["Ciena Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00594801668383, 1.14424386823],["Hyundai Hysco Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00594635991399, 0],["Salfacorp SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00594503300549, 0],["Thai Oil PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.00594495928824, 0],["Koninklijke Boskalis Westminster NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00594063452055, 0],["Lancaster Colony Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00593397417637, 0.911718921971],["Cominar REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.0059294783869, 0],["Hochschild Mining plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00592593981768, 0],["Taleo Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00592555559881, 1.39696459513],["Dongbu Insurance Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00592456369964, 0],["Health Management Associates Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00592394428396, 1.25413653875],["j2 Global Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00592355665001, 2],["ITT Educational Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00592260841866, 1.00057441737],["Giordano International Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0059213691231, 0],["FNB Corp./PA", 'All Holdings', 0.00592120611851, 1.2378166538],["CARBO Ceramics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00591789458217, 1.51443125002],["Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00591719156448, 0],["Panalpina Welttransport Holding AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00591343172736, 0],["Wintrust Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00591253936748, 0.939029434095],["Siemens Ltd./Kolkata", 'All Holdings', 0.00591153950943, 0],["MKS Instruments Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00590968846651, 1.06552897536],["Aeropostale Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0059096629457, 1.28732779248],["Boral Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00590945068787, 0],["National Societe Generale Bank SAE", 'All Holdings', 0.00590809909209, 0],["Punjab National Bank", 'All Holdings', 0.0059073864308, 0],["Live Nation Entertainment Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00590689572647, 1.03872818355],["Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00590549615792, 1.30685852438],["Iliad SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00590225032005, 0],["Manitowoc Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00589698120891, 1.28484197695],["Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00589681924691, 0],["Firstgroup plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00589468120402, 0],["Cognex Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00589419861386, 1.24283711468],["Tieto Oyj", 'All Holdings', 0.00588411371098, 0],["Thoresen Thai Agencies PCL", 'All Holdings', 0.00587843664924, 0],["Industrial Alliance Insurance & Financial Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00587384087825, 0],["Thales SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00587280866631, 0],["Toyobo Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00587204679402, 0],["Euronet Worldwide Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00587052734481, 0.705598150708],["Komercni Banka AS", 'All Holdings', 0.00586880267769, 0],["IHI Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00586764756982, 0],["Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00586597634447, 0],["Drax Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00586342034033, 0],["Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00586226521814, 0],["Asia Cement Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0058611592472, 0],["Santen Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00586002869623, 0],["Ascendas REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.00585867694663, 0],["Mueller Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00585528814836, 1.30062943758],["Valiant Holding", 'All Holdings', 0.0058465601669, 0],["First Pacific Co. Ltd./Hong Kong", 'All Holdings', 0.0058446430795, 0],["Jupiter Fund Management plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00584240646683, 0],["United Stationers Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00584160679404, 0.99979494269],["Volcano Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00584160678202, 1.12425648598],["Laurentian Bank of Canada", 'All Holdings', 0.00584029273439, 0],["GAM Holding AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00583653223146, 0],["Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00583494945729, 0.973706082005],["Lexington Realty Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00583395845224, 0.941301601072],["Avis Budget Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00583362413629, 1.10484433807],["Hub Group Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00583227787681, 0.981202330823],["Deutsche Wohnen AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00583053502218, 0],["Gaylord Entertainment Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00582950952088, 0.837902467623],["Big C Supercenter PCL", 'All Holdings', 0.00582741349113, 0],["Taiwan Cooperative Financial Holding", 'All Holdings', 0.00582630743144, 0],["American National Insurance Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00582541013081, 0.434691626431],["Zappallas Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00582325960793, 0],["Mapfre SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00582013802459, 0],["TUI Travel plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00581925316224, 0],["Pan American Silver Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00581532041887, 0],["Kalbe Farma Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.0058147059245, 0],["Prospect Capital Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00581339244369, 2],["Transfield Services Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0058130590753, 0],["Daihatsu Motor Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00580944581712, 0],["Olam International Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00580944581712, 0],["Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Co. SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00580910169572, 0],["Treasury Wine Estates Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00580642245554, 0],["IPG Photonics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00580311382461, 1.29350634411],["Molex Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00579998839977, 1.38500306091],["Tomra Systems ASA", 'All Holdings', 0.00579533661635, 0],["Cogeco Cable Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00579278019643, 0],["Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00579010415015, 1.41648216301],["Maple Leaf Foods Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00578525833515, 0],["Cia Energetica de Sao Paulo Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00578036659729, 0],["Capstead Mortgage Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00577898476504, 0.853502555277],["Rollins Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00577853591619, 0.938526647802],["BTG plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00577635975588, 0],["Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00577581895237, 0],["Shinsei Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00577301659611, 0],["Enbridge Energy Management LLC", 'All Holdings', 0.00577221628446, 0.782767744126],["Sovran Self Storage Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0057642529673, 1.04282533965],["Regis Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00576262753011, 0.798321585699],["Wistron Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00575789830963, 0],["GAIL India Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00575521875355, 0],["COSCO Pacific Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00575288334714, 0],["Cheesecake Factory Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00575216760137, 1.21100608625],["Westlake Chemical Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00575173599439, 2],["DSW Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00574876895561, 1.28299977677],["Pool Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00574816897276, 1.35532656146],["Molex Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00574724006647, 1.31364203571],["MAXIMUS Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00573101705307, 1.07065454896],["Mine Safety Appliances Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0057265246065, 1.08857831489],["CubeSmart", 'All Holdings', 0.00572467993559, 1.07545103348],["Worthington Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00572461649059, 0.869058250544],["RSC Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00572394166988, 2],["Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00572364019079, 0.716270617417],["Fair Isaac Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00572203584896, 1.32953476591],["Stada Arzneimittel AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00572203022055, 0],["Cymer Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00571998878798, 1.13173922515],["Harvey Norman Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00571841620494, 0],["Platinum Underwriters Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00571748537812, 1.0612671018],["TMX Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0057141137662, 0],["Wendy's Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0057135669378, 1.27387233809],["Federal Grid Co. Unified Energy System JSC", 'All Holdings', 0.00571030299914, 0],["Genesco Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00570893110463, 1.35097919072],["First Citizens BancShares Inc./NC Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00570830136875, 0.72681542828],["Rotork plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00570459907887, 0],["Totvs SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00570395984176, 0],["Freenet AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00570341894808, 0],["Life Healthcare Group Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00569832959733, 0],["Kyoritsu Maintenance Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00569783786946, 0],["Greif Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00569745012489, 1.02271406378],["Universal Corp./VA", 'All Holdings', 0.00569675093914, 0.827023691613],["Neopost SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00569651020143, 0],["Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00569508418309, 0],["Equity One Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00569459585916, 2],["Great Portland Estates plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00569407613283, 0],["Nestle India Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00569311725357, 0],["Siam Cement PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.00569171581085, 0],["Hibbett Sports Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00568605742784, 1.15833170057],["Infrastructure Development Finance Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00568591329814, 0],["CJ CheilJedang Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0056853969691, 0],["Kingspan Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00568436430918, 0],["Progress Energy Resources Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00568057786846, 0],["Meda AB Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0056756603637, 0],["Silicon Laboratories Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00567271188653, 1.39454989361],["Tellabs Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00567190593358, 1.08739017196],["Mexichem SAB de CV", 'All Holdings', 0.00567042315991, 0],["Ezcorp Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00566973988319, 1.15387451195],["FTI Consulting Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00566527997084, 1.23234538016],["USG Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00566378105232, 2],["Adaro Energy Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00566329259312, 0],["PetroBakken Energy Ltd. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00566048951066, 0],["Liz Claiborne Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00565952912319, 2],["QinetiQ Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00565849783582, 0],["China Gas Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00565598978785, 0],["PAREXEL International Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00565451308508, 1.25562060547],["Autogrill SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.0056541210368, 0],["Petrobank Energy & Resources Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00565094905938, 0],["Konecranes Oyj", 'All Holdings', 0.0056499900849, 0],["Aboitiz Equity Ventures Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00564770329105, 0],["WH Smith plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00564561320013, 0],["Flughafen Zuerich AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00564406406742, 0],["Soco International plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00564335097273, 0],["Deluxe Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00564286692848, 0.93567614106],["Seah Besteel Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00564062153051, 0],["Niko Resources Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00564015432697, 0],["DealerTrack Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00564012923882, 2],["Express Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00563990551564, 1.50291694975],["Berendsen plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00563545767399, 0],["Canara Bank", 'All Holdings', 0.00563417899527, 0],["Exxaro Resources Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0056323593306, 0],["Celltrion Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00562985113166, 0],["Weg SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00562781013557, 0],["Nitori Holdings Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00562675274828, 0],["Amlin plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0056253756819, 0],["Guangzhou R&F Properties Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00562471173762, 0],["Oasis Petroleum Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00562408622026, 1.25162189783],["ABM Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00562189289144, 0.975755686909],["Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0056158344592, 0],["GrafTech International Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00561548593305, 1.09413269342],["Lite-On Technology Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00561403930882, 0],["Taihan Electric Wire Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00561288352314, 0],["Inchcape plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00561221955976, 0],["Theravance Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00560838501981, 1.24476645557],["Montpelier Re Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00560822715902, 0.946841808127],["Celestica Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00560798984331, 0],["Georgia Gulf Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00560634479192, 2],["THK Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00560521099555, 0],["Cosan SA Industria e Comercio", 'All Holdings', 0.00560479293726, 0],["Hiscox Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00560476834559, 0],["General Cable Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00560150498079, 1.20584875743],["Statoil Fuel & Retail ASA", 'All Holdings', 0.00560029263733, 0],["All Nippon Airways Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00559790721354, 0],["Thompson Creek Metals Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00559625954203, 0],["Cia de Saneamento de Minas Gerais-COPASA", 'All Holdings', 0.00559579229077, 0],["VistaPrint NV", 'All Holdings', 0.0055957322209, 1.30441853612],["Regis Resources Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00559493156343, 0],["Sojitz Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00559313632665, 0],["Pargesa Holding SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00559141485975, 0],["British American Tobacco Malaysia Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00559124271268, 0],["TonenGeneral Sekiyu KK", 'All Holdings', 0.00559124271268, 0],["Mullen Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00559025901386, 0],["Eagle Materials Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00558987049666, 1.19812049718],["ENN Energy Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00558964420096, 0],["Lonza Group AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00558846375776, 0],["Hellenic Telecommunications Organization SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00558684064312, 0],["Clicks Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00558504537289, 0],["AZ Electronic Materials SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00558354520988, 0],["Diagnosticos da America SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00558174992603, 0],["Cia Paranaense de Energia Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00558147940316, 0],["Afren plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00556775629478, 0],["Lundin Mining Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00556296048261, 0],["Community Bank System Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00556244045195, 0.84929254828],["NETGEAR Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00556221638025, 1.166846872],["Cirrus Logic Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00556199142039, 1.20401683717],["Prosperity REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.00555809083453, 0],["Berkeley Group Holdings plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00555659057841, 0],["Cathay General Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.00555314988729, 1.05810642323],["Sapient Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00555222530788, 1.11942607013],["Detour Gold Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00555201599497, 0],["Extract Resources Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00554911381491, 0],["IG Group Holdings plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00554571971531, 0],["Fusion-io Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00554390108095, 2],["Segro plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0055437521092, 0],["Ocwen Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00553911761238, 1.29064053882],["MEIJI Holdings Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00553797221469, 0],["Bangkok Bank PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.00553748030522, 0],["Premier Farnell plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00553696379968, 0],["Japan Transcity Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00553600457347, 0],["Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00553553725737, 0],["Tenaga Nasional Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00553497155827, 0],["Commonwealth Property Office Fund", 'All Holdings', 0.00553369258365, 0],["Umpqua Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00553317522023, 1.2542291439],["AAC Technologies Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00552862583952, 0],["Primerica Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00552811485169, 2],["Wintek Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00552739603834, 0],["Charoen Pokphand Indonesia Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00552336226602, 0],["US Airways Group Private Placement", 'All Holdings', 0.0055228813867, 2],["Rhoen Klinikum AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00552210785358, 0],["NXP Semiconductor NV", 'All Holdings', 0.005516991781, 0],["Collective Brands Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00551307106544, 2],["Bolsas y Mercados Espanoles SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00551268734632, 0],["Lotte Shopping Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00550843206325, 0],["El Paso Electric Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00550680946165, 0.99141912461],["Koninklijke Vopak NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00550643969095, 0],["Gulfport Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00550559239634, 1.11723356851],["PNM Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00550425464384, 1.2284373379],["Acme Packet Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00550360197088, 1.28739809616],["MAKO Surgical Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0055018065048, 2],["BOK Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00549683501234, 1.24899656319],["Parkson Retail Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00549635470328, 0],["Intrepid Potash Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00549565662381, 1.04371449147],["Inventec Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0054937473269, 0],["ASM Pacific Technology Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00549296019133, 0],["Taishin Financial Holding Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0054912383273, 0],["Asahi Organic Chemicals Industry Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00548417861342, 0],["Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00548208773536, 0],["Booker Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0054803412295, 0],["Colruyt SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00547911129159, 0],["ANN Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00547584246602, 1.25215301573],["Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00547441289668, 0],["Coca-Cola Icecek AS", 'All Holdings', 0.00547392091521, 0],["Linamar Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00547217437651, 0],["Monro Muffler Brake Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00546958235527, 1.00759158733],["Catlin Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00546919786479, 0],["Omnivision Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00546903654626, 2],["Yue Yuen Industrial Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00546604913598, 0],["National Health Investors Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00546441379217, 0.940942797341],["MarketAxess Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00545980400971, 2],["Toyota Tsusho Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0054595548107, 0],["China BlueChemical Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00545898901261, 0],["Woongjin Coway Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00545852161364, 0],["Meredith Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00545688471849, 0.977004585758],["Mentor Graphics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0054568531711, 1.16370378154],["Bellway plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00545606161073, 0],["Beacon Roofing Supply Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00545522186647, 2],["SinoPac Financial Holdings Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00545355239341, 0],["Societe Immobiliere de Location pour l'Industrie et le Commerce", 'All Holdings', 0.00545200257546, 0],["Pegatron Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00544983774114, 0],["Group 1 Automotive Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00544931791989, 1.11283757661],["Spar Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00544907512648, 0],["Banco de Credito e Inversiones", 'All Holdings', 0.00544875531994, 0],["Reitmans Canada Ltd. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00544850931474, 0],["Corporate Executive Board Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00544849225348, 1.22344942289],["Sankyo Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00544720548488, 0],["Coherent Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00544699066905, 1.20977090787],["Macquarie Infrastructure Co. LLC", 'All Holdings', 0.00544680165134, 1.13091149059],["H&R REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.0054462460604, 0],["Krung Thai Bank PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.00544248214391, 0],["Home Retail Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00544132590158, 0],["Power Integrations Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00544110147891, 0.880459810515],["Precision Drilling Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00544051407002, 0],["Turkiye Halk Bankasi AS", 'All Holdings', 0.00543962843385, 0],["Ayala Land Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00543837377953, 0],["Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna Scrl", 'All Holdings', 0.00543805396511, 0],["Rentokil Initial plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00543672550266, 0],["Cash America International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00543564210668, 1.16740406722],["Janus Capital Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00543553645107, 1.40496829187],["Ezaki Glico Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00543330592322, 0],["PSS World Medical Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0054316036606, 1.15686506916],["BIM Birlesik Magazalar AS", 'All Holdings', 0.00543116559721, 0],["Centerra Gold Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00542993552002, 0],["NOK Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00542917287041, 0],["Netcare Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00542481836151, 0],["Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00542045940912, 1.73214317115],["Kumho Petro chemical Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00541800359045, 0],["Boardwalk REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.00541748694279, 0],["Sotetsu Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00541554335802, 0],["William Hill plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00541480528557, 0],["Eramet", 'All Holdings', 0.0054143624415, 0],["Werner Enterprises Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00541321916489, 0.903451017754],["Human Genome Sciences Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00541020536141, 1.38329922313],["Morguard REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.00540890066085, 0],["Japan Petroleum Exploration Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00540872844142, 0],["Regional Container Lines PCL", 'All Holdings', 0.00540803956303, 0],["Stagecoach Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0054042015063, 0],["Ritchie Bros Auctioneers Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00540144595747, 0],["Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00540107690942, 0],["Richter Gedeon Nyrt", 'All Holdings', 0.00539765704928, 0],["Amer Sports Oyj", 'All Holdings', 0.00539546734052, 0],["Bank Negara Indonesia Persero Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00539221966225, 0],["ARMOUR Residential REIT Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00538987202385, 2],["DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00538839412003, 1.09505809516],["Acxiom Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00538547362193, 0.997797060939],["PostNL NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00538446942278, 0],["ComfortDelGro Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00538370669333, 0],["Sun Art Retail Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00538213202183, 0],["Ensign Energy Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00537770322763, 0],["Chemed Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00537670506061, 1.13217936267],["Advisory Board Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00537633554792, 1.25010046819],["Shaftesbury plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00537516895285, 0],["Buckeye Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0053749309713, 1.13726205826],["Sika AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00537096153198, 0],["Hakuto Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00536953444429, 0],["Louisiana-Pacific Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00536907420821, 1.09887018966],["Veeco Instruments Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00536872656518, 2],["Rite Aid Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00536405224537, 2],["Cia de Saneamento Basico do Estado de Sao Paulo", 'All Holdings', 0.00536335854526, 0],["Misys plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00536047970973, 0],["Kimberly-Clark de Mexico SAB de CV Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00535777309481, 0],["David Jones Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0053568872899, 0],["Charter Hall Retail REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.00535627214654, 0],["Telecom Egypt Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00535477119308, 0],["Mediobanca SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.00535393459382, 0],["Cyrela Brazil Realty SA Empreendimentos e Participacoes", 'All Holdings', 0.00535336865811, 0],["Rubis", 'All Holdings', 0.00535105569582, 0],["Toyo Seikan Kaisha Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00534901338908, 0],["Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00534689725389, 0],["Invensys plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00534396909634, 0],["Axel Springer AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00534389527699, 0],["NICE Systems Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00534138541152, 0],["Teijin Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00533963833974, 0],["TiVo Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0053369893678, 1.26226503273],["Compartamos SAB de CV", 'All Holdings', 0.00533639024395, 0],["Aeroports de Paris", 'All Holdings', 0.00533375729998, 0],["ScanSource Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00533279083589, 0.864890245426],["Healthcare Services Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0053327282732, 1.15398533523],["Universal Robina Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00533220705448, 0],["Stillwater Mining Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00532960538843, 1.26978780194],["Logica plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00532856518614, 0],["Penske Automotive Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00532839329694, 0.96128716689],["Adelaide Brighton Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00532770392903, 0],["GOME Electrical Appliances Holding Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00532504632488, 0],["Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00532342222545, 0],["Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00532302850346, 0],["Petropavlovsk plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0053207645951, 0],["Advantest Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00531889440104, 0],["InterDigital Inc./PA", 'All Holdings', 0.00531839379867, 1.3718360723],["Nisshin Seifun Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00531724567064, 0],["Luk Fook Holdings International Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00531606448681, 0],["Vedanta Resources plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00530964174348, 0],["USS Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00530597507731, 0],["GS Holdings", 'All Holdings', 0.00530582742567, 0],["Wheelock & Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0053035388189, 0],["Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00529677136275, 0],["Alamos Gold Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00529435966197, 0],["TriQuint Semiconductor Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00529267179855, 2],["World Acceptance Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00529146028508, 0.838350404746],["Barnes Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00528749683261, 1.08402332132],["International Consolidated Airlines Group SA (London Shares)", 'All Holdings', 0.005286435408, 0],["International Bancshares Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00528555011295, 2],["Sunstone Hotel Investors Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00528370040216, 2],["CNP Assurances", 'All Holdings', 0.0052820056378, 0],["Knight Capital Group Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0052814699269, 1.06131552536],["Industrivarden AB Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00528038137741, 0],["Aixtron SE NA", 'All Holdings', 0.00527824029761, 0],["Pebblebrook Hotel Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.005274987167, 2],["Thor Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00527489696989, 1.22272895163],["Dendreon Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00527364170639, 1.38985127686],["Greenhill & Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00527340072695, 2],["TAM SA Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00527019269638, 0],["Monster Worldwide Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00526958391541, 1.04560305197],["Societa Cattolica di Assicurazioni SCRL", 'All Holdings', 0.00526851917036, 0],["Marcopolo SA Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00526741168636, 0],["Kurita Water Industries Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00526719018922, 0],["Bruker Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00526377514589, 2],["JetBlue Airways Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00526095872567, 1.10242864837],["Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00526084055654, 0],["Watts Water Technologies Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00526079782923, 1.02432806178],["Insight Enterprises Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00526064192501, 2],["Hokkaido Electric Power Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00525375248481, 0],["Plexus Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00525293397901, 1.16009716994],["Forward Air Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00524756634424, 2],["Namco Bandai Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00524747649141, 0],["Shimizu Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00524703347669, 0],["Brink's Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00524584889031, 1.00454619905],["Allied Properties REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.00524572904182, 0],["Beazley plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00524545830956, 0],["Zijin Mining Group Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00524304632382, 0],["Severstal OAO", 'All Holdings', 0.00524176648921, 0],["Heartland Payment Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0052405703923, 2],["Senior plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00524031436461, 0],["Wirecard AG", 'All Holdings', 0.005234825782, 0],["Pharmacyclics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00523282549114, 1.37397779134],["Potlatch Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00523282055401, 1.11655404736],["Pretoria Portland Cement Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00523142922528, 0],["Dongkuk Steel Mill Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00523074006561, 0],["Toho Gas Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00522800802898, 0],["Shibusawa Warehouse Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00522783573781, 0],["Keihan Electric Railway Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00522694966783, 0],["DuPont Fabros Technology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00522661439847, 1.38830296002],["Faurecia", 'All Holdings', 0.00522515290928, 0],["BancorpSouth Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00522298143396, 2],["Imperial Metals Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00522264235748, 0],["Volcan Cia Minera SAA Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00521961490807, 0],["Gamuda Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00521609516393, 0],["Gree Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00521552904857, 0],["Aveva Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00521515984251, 0],["Software AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0052131168966, 0],["Valassis Communications Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00521276207986, 2],["OPAP SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00521164006226, 0],["CML HealthCare Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00521097548516, 0],["Old National Bancorp/IN", 'All Holdings', 0.00521086772185, 1.11525647318],["Sun Communities Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00520959408811, 0.945039449745],["VTech Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00520910481825, 0],["IJM Corp. Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00520888329137, 0],["Mount Gibson Iron Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00520885867727, 0],["Mediolanum SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.00520770181278, 0],["Mercury General Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00520725793967, 1.09232206689],["Jos A Bank Clothiers Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00520679593217, 1.26291708698],["Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00520193348331, 0.863910145104],["Canadian Western Bank", 'All Holdings', 0.00520100670671, 0],["Herman Miller Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00520066746779, 1.15901007936],["Kenmare Resources plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00519960367508, 0],["Knight Transportation Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00519745236123, 2],["Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00519561608674, 0],["Pou Chen Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00518892079435, 0],["Ashtead Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00518813310611, 0],["Masimo Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00518666971956, 1.13964372861],["Canadian REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.00518242232362, 0],["MB Financial Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00518098810273, 2],["Laclede Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00517963853746, 0.75264864885],["Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide", 'All Holdings', 0.00517949305691, 0],["Mitsui Chemicals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00517949305691, 0],["Cargotec Oyj Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00517658838638, 0],["HEICO Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00517536216688, 2],["Buckle Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00517446135886, 1.25273373938],["Vestel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret AS", 'All Holdings', 0.00517210826323, 0],["Gjensidige Forsikring ASA", 'All Holdings', 0.00516940047408, 0],["Two Harbors Investment Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0051674433024, 1.95827349145],["Marine Harvest ASA", 'All Holdings', 0.00516573262368, 0],["Integrated Device Technology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00516130841567, 2],["Banca Popolare di Sondrio SCARL", 'All Holdings', 0.00516021848156, 0],["Hornbeck Offshore Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00515654556094, 1.23621457501],["Zhejiang Southeast Electric Power Co. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0051555658697, 0],["Hong Leong Bank Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00515549201831, 0],["Immunogen Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00514988112051, 2],["CCL Industries Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00514904228234, 0],["OSI Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00514819146644, 0.984455699572],["RF Micro Devices Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00514567115219, 1.28161798679],["CGA Mining Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00514212471097, 0],["Vestas Wind Systems A/S", 'All Holdings', 0.00514118923023, 0],["Universal Display Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00513975158103, 1.39309158626],["Cavium Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00513948098657, 1.33169177804],["Aveng Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00513862895684, 0],["AuRico Gold Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0051383089216, 0],["Red Electrica Corp. SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00513776732298, 0],["Glacier Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00513559138303, 2],["CoreLogic Inc./United States", 'All Holdings', 0.00513388125612, 1.30111120716],["DIC Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00513146503475, 0],["Alacer Gold Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00513075109789, 0],["Mitie Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00512550731881, 0],["SemGroup Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00512404526242, 2],["MediPal Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00512304542886, 0],["Orient-Express Hotels Ltd. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00512293086741, 2],["Jones Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00512261550192, 2],["Toho Co. Ltd./Tokyo", 'All Holdings', 0.00512203604995, 0],["Innophos Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00512181624364, 2],["Zhejiang Expressway Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00512070662048, 0],["WMS Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00512021476876, 1.24595496376],["PriceSmart Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00511979190599, 1.20838736803],["Commercial International Bank Egypt SAE", 'All Holdings', 0.00511873708786, 0],["Wing Hang Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00511745688687, 0],["Eregli Demir ve Celik Fabrikalari TAS", 'All Holdings', 0.00511401017314, 0],["Forest Oil Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00511393028612, 1.29919743568],["Regal Entertainment Group Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00510860578447, 1.07518321099],["Manitoba Telecom Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00510822455645, 0],["Simpson Manufacturing Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0051068206593, 1.18726830913],["Karoon Gas Australia Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00510608262775, 0],["Usinas Siderurgicas de Minas Gerais SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00510522092931, 0],["Genomma Lab Internacional SAB de CV Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00510192183949, 0],["Medicines Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00509944951794, 2],["Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00509837652101, 0],["Daido Steel Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00509714550088, 0],["Straumann Holding AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00509549592843, 0],["Bank of Kyoto Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00509308310968, 0],["Sberbank of Russia ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.00509234448902, 0],["Beach Energy Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00508867598778, 0],["Obayashi Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00508746956113, 0],["Finmeccanica SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.00508591843624, 0],["HNI Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00508531978205, 1.15460551716],["Halozyme Therapeutics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00508443188323, 1.11429110966],["B&G Foods Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00508406870402, 2],["Titanium Metals Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0050828257311, 1.12714993865],["Altisource Portfolio Solutions SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00507987910673, 1.22881734351],["RLI Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00507711651151, 1.270446813],["Texas Capital Bancshares Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00507566814004, 1.23574655386],["International Container Terminal Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00507555284038, 0],["MRV Engenharia e Participacoes SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00507082545561, 0],["Tupras Turkiye Petrol Rafinerileri AS", 'All Holdings', 0.00507038226065, 0],["Saft Groupe SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00506602415278, 0],["Salzgitter AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00506471917412, 0],["Bonterra Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0050627001428, 0],["First Solar Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00506121017629, 1.32239380741],["G-Resources Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00506075496961, 0],["SUPERVALU Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00506070732039, 1.13757835533],["LPL Investment Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00505731590551, 2],["CVB Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00505594343408, 0.966271789145],["Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00505523949444, 0],["MBIA Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00505435415481, 1.3713222564],["Texas Roadhouse Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00505428648383, 2],["Recticel SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00505427920366, 0],["Raiffeisen Bank International AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00505390986049, 0],["Calloway REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.00505334353368, 0],["Entegris Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00505193554826, 1.19244142979],["Swift Energy Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00505192964064, 1.17989842089],["Yulon Motor Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00505080736543, 0],["Rossi Residencial SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00504694152708, 0],["Ladbrokes plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00504573498449, 0],["Aquarius Platinum Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00504378973531, 0],["United Internet AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00504226307796, 0],["Tauron Polska Energia SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00504110576961, 0],["Keisei Electric Railway Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00504029318956, 0],["Paddy Power plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00504021931857, 0],["Aluminum Corp. of China Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00503943136058, 0],["A2A SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.00503849565861, 0],["First Industrial Realty Trust Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00503724581904, 2],["Pirelli & C SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.00503711672571, 0],["Metalurgica Gerdau SA Prior Pfd. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00503706747803, 0],["Etablissements Maurel et Prom", 'All Holdings', 0.00503295527667, 0],["Arbitron Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00503186897722, 0.947972643905],["Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.00503012349861, 0],["Stone Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00503008410505, 1.21080961858],["St. Joe Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00502996105703, 1.24908603926],["Synaptics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00502626619473, 1.18005623439],["Clean Energy Fuels Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00502565279591, 2],["Targa Resources Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00502421163952, 2],["GT Advanced Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00502153290166, 2],["Credit Acceptance Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00502118763589, 2],["Iyo Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00502017519277, 0],["CFAO SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00501650608186, 0],["Genworth MI Canada Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0050163829568, 0],["Chiyoda Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00501527482964, 0],["Petrominerales Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00501475770267, 0],["Hellenic Telecommunications Organization SA ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.00501325556845, 0],["Acorda Therapeutics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00501225378865, 2],["MWI Veterinary Supply Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00500929455388, 2],["China Oilfield Services Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00500877376005, 0],["Children's Place Retail Stores Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00500844154372, 1.28140991012],["Hecla Mining Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00500624793127, 1.2444573254],["United Bankshares Inc./WV", 'All Holdings', 0.00500596056216, 1.27188900898],["Turk Telekomunikasyon AS", 'All Holdings', 0.00500360238521, 0],["Fenner plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00500333150197, 0],["Massmart Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00499993313428, 0],["Western Refining Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00499638359423, 2],["Foshan Huaxin Packaging Co. Ltd. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00499611609538, 0],["Showa Denko KK", 'All Holdings', 0.00499412137138, 0],["Fonciere Des Regions", 'All Holdings', 0.0049891960877, 0],["Aurora Oil & Gas Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00498808789118, 0],["Hamamatsu Photonics KK", 'All Holdings', 0.00498651178458, 0],["Schindler Holding AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00498638865102, 0],["First Financial Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.00498304697664, 0.968217769822],["Banca Popolare di Milano Scarl", 'All Holdings', 0.00498013341979, 0],["Helen of Troy Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00497843718375, 2],["Vitamin Shoppe Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00497495213183, 1.14448022201],["JDA Software Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00497442495893, 1.12966215693],["Kingboard Chemical Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00497434601933, 0],["Bill Barrett Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0049722532678, 1.22138106338],["Chartwell Seniors Housing REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.00497035636219, 0],["Bank of the Philippine Islands", 'All Holdings', 0.0049695929051, 0],["Qantas Airways Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00496311577968, 0],["Tyler Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00496216470417, 1.04966389311],["First Cash Financial Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00496046793839, 1.16570797559],["Cable & Wireless Communications plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00495939693018, 0],["Nippon Valqua Industries Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00495705724033, 0],["Kajima Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0049569587268, 0],["JB Hi-Fi Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0049559489618, 0],["Morgan Crucible Co. plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00495021049658, 0],["LS Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00494959477692, 0],["Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00494942237526, 0],["Infosys Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0049465654235, 0],["Nampak Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0049440040025, 0],["Sky Deutschland AG", 'All Holdings', 0.0049427971739, 0],["SGL Carbon SE", 'All Holdings', 0.00494149182491, 0],["Shimamura Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0049408514636, 0],["Kenedix Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00493858556213, 0],["Chang Hwa Commercial Bank", 'All Holdings', 0.0049384870444, 0],["Logitech International SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00493188630603, 0],["First Financial Bankshares Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00493030760309, 0.86698449115],["Syntel Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00492799357777, 2],["Korea Investment Holdings Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0049265169747, 0],["Kansai Paint Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00492151703308, 0],["Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00491969437995, 0],["Cyberonics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00491635062698, 2],["Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00491422637466, 0],["Canfor Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00491378301986, 0],["RBC Bearings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00491344882462, 2],["Home Capital Group Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00490952186455, 0],["3D Systems Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00490726590262, 2],["UMW Holdings Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00490664001906, 0],["National Penn Bancshares Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00490396934834, 1.12942105378],["Polypore International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00490280749533, 1.23812553747],["Alexandria Mineral Oils Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00490237879367, 0],["MDC Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0049020059649, 2],["Banpu PCL", 'All Holdings', 0.00490065458655, 0],["Kesko Oyj Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00489957079571, 0],["Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00489845170728, 1.13740596642],["Rightmove plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00489809289475, 0],["DNO International ASA", 'All Holdings', 0.00489474296729, 0],["Dialog Semiconductor plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00489333894589, 0],["Toyo Wharf & Warehouse Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00489225513679, 0],["Perpetual Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0048903338322, 0],["William Demant Holding A/S", 'All Holdings', 0.00488594928477, 0],["EchoStar Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00488570793537, 2],["Fujikura Kasei Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00488543200378, 0],["Epistar Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00488395405471, 0],["Benchmark Electronics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00488241625, 2],["Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Co. Ltd. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00488092424338, 0],["SYNNEX Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00488046672328, 2],["Granite Construction Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00487999874397, 1.0056488604],["Bottomline Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00487723173279, 2],["Education Realty Trust Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00487227047816, 2],["Cardtronics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00486953384131, 2],["BJ's Restaurants Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00486682761299, 1.26293075408],["SunCoke Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00486391788391, 2],["Hypermarcas SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00485525621322, 0],["Schweitzer-Mauduit International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00485282893191, 1.23781471383],["Cloud Peak Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00485281233756, 2],["Glimcher Realty Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00485261422781, 1.43598623829],["PTT Exploration and Production PCL (Local)", 'All Holdings', 0.00485202912703, 0],["Air Methods Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00485201393888, 2],["Trican Well Service Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00485178278359, 0],["Amada Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0048512654619, 0],["Franklin Electric Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00485034186304, 2],["WebMD Health Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00484902210435, 1.44775467293],["Takashimaya Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00484828469162, 0],["Chugoku Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0048481368843, 0],["Carrizo Oil & Gas Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00484673278897, 1.08823586254],["Korean Reinsurance Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00483769170608, 0],["Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00483727562437, 2],["PrivateBancorp Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00483629816114, 2],["Empire District Electric Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00483575392034, 0.869824735784],["Scholastic Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00483319124214, 2],["Nippon Parking Development Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00483057208922, 0],["ESCO Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00482802964748, 2],["Zardoya Otis SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00482537395613, 0],["Approach Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00482047285194, 2],["Bankrate Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0048201373731, 2],["Strategic Hotels & Resorts Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00481820452167, 2],["Ashmore Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00481776141199, 0],["Shenzhen Chiwan Petroleum Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00481596295974, 0],["Tata Steel Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00481118347512, 0],["ShawCor Ltd. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00481103565517, 0],["Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00481046901156, 0],["SEB SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00480820242972, 0],["Advent Software Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0048068158921, 0.945927513334],["Korea Exchange Bank", 'All Holdings', 0.00480633002711, 0],["Office Depot Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00480445548297, 2],["Hays plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00480145188766, 0],["FARO Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00480118465872, 2],["Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00480068813359, 0],["MicroStrategy Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00480062554691, 1.21208481553],["Finish Line Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00480055514998, 1.14409481125],["Hachijuni Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00479822440164, 0],["Gulfmark Offshore Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00479262378508, 1.13516100834],["NetSuite Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00479165059649, 1.2426645342],["GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00479120268889, 0],["Barry Callebaut AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00479048819246, 0],["Armstrong World Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00478877792498, 1.03498161096],["China International Marine Containers Group Co. Ltd. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0047885664376, 0],["CH Energy Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00478477681247, 2],["Sociedad Matriz Banco de Chile Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00478474754053, 0],["Daily Mail & General Trust plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00478423013899, 0],["Dundee REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.00478238227131, 0],["Great Canadian Gaming Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00478203733514, 0],["TABCORP Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00478124890857, 0],["Poongsan Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00477942566667, 0],["Great Wall Motor Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00477767633278, 0],["BS Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00477666615084, 0],["Boston Beer Co. Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00477579627456, 2],["Strayer Education Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00477383095492, 1.19589040313],["Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00476658884144, 0],["Sturm Ruger & Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00476564168099, 2],["Sinopharm Group Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00476560327296, 0],["MasTec Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00476213700387, 1.13896766513],["Chemring Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00475887670833, 0],["Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00475870423094, 0],["STX Pan Ocean Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00475808823972, 0],["Selective Insurance Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00475692731571, 2],[" Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00475658521746, 0],["Challenger Ltd./AU", 'All Holdings', 0.0047557474651, 0],["Taiheiyo Cement Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00475498363065, 0],["MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00475436763415, 0],["Inland Real Estate Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00475311218067, 0.830687760049],["Taisei Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00475254427939, 0],["PCCW Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00475242107946, 0],["Peet's Coffee & Tea Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00474969373743, 2],["AVI Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00474663064369, 0],["Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam Persero Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.0047446594139, 0],["PZ Cussons plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00473995306659, 0],["Hanwha Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00473923848584, 0],["Toyo Suisan Kaisha Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0047366019191, 0],["Spirit Airlines Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00473431206303, 2],["Ebix Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00473304540041, 2],["Air Water Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00473248687173, 0],["Symetra Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00473204192604, 2],["Filtrona plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00473068806632, 0],["E Ink Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00472903710137, 0],["Tokyu Land Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00472674545306, 0],["American Equity Investment Life Holding Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00472272251385, 0.76557222532],["Sanderson Farms Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00472116730103, 1.12801226684],["AES Tiete SA Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00471624807074, 0],["Japan Pure Chemical Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00471511453541, 0],["UniFirst Corp./MA", 'All Holdings', 0.00471308694951, 2],["Abengoa SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00470927431733, 0],["SK C&C Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0047092496749, 0],["TAL International Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0047091698599, 2],["Hyakujushi Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00470806683629, 0],["Shuffle Master Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00470701740152, 2],["Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile SA Prior Pfd. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00470597221835, 0],["HCL Technologies Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00470584900522, 0],["Suruga Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00470210330925, 0],["Westport Innovations Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00470087116535, 0],["Titan International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00470020132599, 2],["Enstar Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00469420464782, 0.935502714076],["Nippon Meat Packers Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00469064423611, 0],["Crew Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0046900774354, 0],["Argo Group International Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00468923043749, 2],["Sundance Resources Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00468867275218, 0],["Mesoblast Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00468736663915, 0],["Molina Healthcare Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00468209455294, 2],["Matthews International Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00468115608811, 2],["Sanmina-SCI Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00468085374371, 2],["Luminex Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00467981781114, 2],["SBI Holdings Inc./Japan", 'All Holdings', 0.00467627684195, 0],["Taiwan Fertilizer Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0046748721141, 0],["Davide Campari-Milano SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.0046734673817, 0],["Television Broadcasts Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00466905599955, 0],["Contango Oil & Gas Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00466678561874, 0.777304066499],["Colbun SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0046664190067, 0],["Phoenix Group Holdings", 'All Holdings', 0.00466624649259, 0],["Caltex Australia Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00466365877273, 0],["ICADE", 'All Holdings', 0.00466323980712, 0],["Bankinter SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0046628947763, 0],["Aboitiz Power Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00465934587204, 0],["Hiroshima Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00465702921056, 0],["Industrial Bank of Korea", 'All Holdings', 0.0046564130751, 0],["Emulex Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00465470004325, 2],["Manhattan Associates Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00465448797472, 1.15023743651],["Dowa Holdings Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00465330773911, 0],["Country Garden Holdings Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00465190293696, 0],["Swift Transportation Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00464875383734, 2],["Algeta ASA", 'All Holdings', 0.00464872363111, 0],["Trilogy Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00464818142159, 0],["Dundee Precious Metals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00464650549697, 0],["Resolute Mining Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00464492815024, 0],["Legacy Oil + Gas Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00464423805924, 0],["Petronas Dagangan Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00464391765948, 0],["Hitachi Metals Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00464293181257, 0],["Shimadzu Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00464054112453, 0],["Auckland International Airport Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00463970314828, 0],["MGIC Investment Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00463411265722, 2],["Government Properties Income Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00463320032342, 2],["CapitaCommercial Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00463314716068, 0],["Raven Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00463273415086, 1.14412465145],["Unimicron Technology Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00463181623382, 0],["Nektar Therapeutics", 'All Holdings', 0.00463092513458, 2],["Societe Television Francaise 1", 'All Holdings', 0.00463050994978, 0],["Uranium One Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00463026348066, 0],["Byd Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0046284642518, 0],["Tessera Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00462718529531, 2],["Cementos Argos SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00462713331058, 0],["Major Drilling Group International", 'All Holdings', 0.00462673895685, 0],["Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00462609291963, 2],["Sino-Ocean Land Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00462528477435, 0],["LG Fashion Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00462343623026, 0],["Largan Precision Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00462341158295, 0],["Grupo Carso SAB de CV", 'All Holdings', 0.00462252427894, 0],["Kolon Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00462212992102, 0],["Banco do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00462136585153, 0],["Sappi Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00462111937721, 0],["Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00462097149256, 0],["Ironwood Pharmaceuticals Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00461866559683, 2],["Suedzucker AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00461744689334, 0],["Columbia Banking System Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00461726176427, 2],["Briggs & Stratton Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00461692228354, 2],["Cia Cervecerias Unidas SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00461293635052, 0],["BE Group AB", 'All Holdings', 0.00461288705471, 0],["African Rainbow Minerals Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00461044690518, 0],["Aozora Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00460943633419, 0],["Asian Paints Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00460694686879, 0],["Weiqiao Textile Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00460608417943, 0],["Globe Specialty Metals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00460328333925, 0.989588162279],["Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0046030243795, 2],["Calgon Carbon Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00460272130217, 2],["JCDecaux SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00460140097872, 0],["Keppel Land Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00460058757556, 0],["Kongsberg Gruppen AS", 'All Holdings', 0.00459738324524, 0],["Northern Oil and Gas Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00459516198228, 1.32465602414],["Petroleum Development Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00459469623506, 2],["TOTO Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00459361196465, 0],["PDL BioPharma Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0045887817781, 2],["Prestige Brands Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00458859517588, 2],["Kagome Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00458565026476, 0],["Silver Standard Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00458547771856, 0],["OM Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0045845647747, 2],["Ansell Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0045845163885, 0],["Andersons Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00458366726515, 2],["NHK Spring Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00458301276543, 0],["McEwen Mining Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00458116042611, 2],["Odontoprev SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00457717077062, 0],["Kewpie Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00457490297087, 0],["First Midwest Bancorp Inc./IL", 'All Holdings', 0.00457441543501, 2],["Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00457118079562, 0],["Amsurg Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00456724124617, 2],["West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00456573305114, 0],["Earthlink Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00456548845238, 2],["Verbund AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00456546189465, 0],["Neogen Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0045649627712, 2],["Boise Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00456313509675, 2],["Orascom Telecom Holding SAE GDR", 'All Holdings', 0.00456240520981, 0],["Tower Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00456173968022, 2],["China Yurun Food Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00456067965241, 0],["Kourakuen Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0045599154748, 0],["Eletropaulo Metropolitana Eletricidade de Sao Paulo SA Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00455779549117, 0],["TELUS Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00455693270417, 0],["Gunma Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00455621782221, 0],["PF Chang's China Bistro Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00455591005242, 2],["Japan Steel Works Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0045545908451, 0],["Interconexion Electrica SA ESP", 'All Holdings', 0.0045505480271, 0],["Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00454894568028, 0],["Gecina SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00454204319564, 0],["Sumco Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00453992312476, 0],["Gafisa SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00453531316748, 0],["Hokuhoku Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00453516525361, 0],["Betfair Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00453297119183, 0],["Vale SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00453235488035, 0],["TUI AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00453141808523, 0],["Ube Industries Ltd./Japan", 'All Holdings', 0.00453134412763, 0],["New York Times Co. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00453125807046, 0.963906015623],["Anworth Mortgage Asset Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00453084958817, 2],["BankUnited Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00453002367779, 2],["Lifestyle International Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00452759692628, 0],["Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00452382503964, 0],["Golden Star Resources Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00452338128612, 0],["Alfresa Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00452293753214, 0],["PHH Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00452258702037, 2],["Kulicke & Soffa Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0045211150113, 2],["OneSteel Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00452010242659, 0],["Bank of Queensland Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00451963401607, 0],["AMOREPACIFIC Group", 'All Holdings', 0.00451936283079, 0],["Korea Life Insurance Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00451936283079, 0],["NxStage Medical Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00451910029401, 2],["Hargreaves Lansdown plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00451882045974, 0],["E.ON Russia JSC", 'All Holdings', 0.00451867254025, 0],["EDP - Energias do Brasil SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00451845066091, 0],["Astoria Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00451564136504, 2],["Seiko Epson Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00451334740487, 0],["Interface Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00451064566379, 2],["Puma SE", 'All Holdings', 0.00450678950954, 0],["Don Quijote Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00450641970046, 0],["DLF Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00450294347975, 0],["National CineMedia Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00450277295722, 2],["McMoRan Exploration Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00449489105439, 1.21628686101],["Insulet Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00449398069463, 2],["Miraca Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00448953141707, 0],["Park National Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00448876665223, 2],["Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00448852056467, 0],["Bank of the Ozarks Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00448827232509, 2],["Websense Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00448751103758, 2],["Kraton Performance Polymers Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00448517875201, 2],["Banque Cantonale Vaudoise", 'All Holdings', 0.00448504420068, 0],["Volterra Semiconductor Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00448490138363, 2],["Nagoya Railroad Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00448457575235, 0],["Allegiant Travel Co. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00448412900449, 2],["Mobile Mini Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00448324531421, 2],["EnPro Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00448320165, 2],["LionGold Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00448201160512, 0],["Synchronoss Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00447859720039, 2],["Acciona SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00447698188774, 0],["Frasers Commercial Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00447592169478, 0],["Anhanguera Educacional Participacoes SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00447589703909, 0],["Ryland Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00447583251625, 2],["Nippon Shokubai Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00447148364964, 0],["A Schulman Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00446897389691, 2],["Taisei Lamick Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00446721815241, 0],["Hyundai Merchant Marine Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00446665106003, 0],["Gamesa Corp. Tecnologica SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00446605931066, 0],["Kikkoman Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00446361833602, 0],["LivePerson Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00446157171539, 2],["Denki Kagaku Kogyo KK", 'All Holdings', 0.00446026505556, 0],["Hyosung Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00446009245954, 0],["CONMED Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00445996058107, 2],["DGB Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00445713365998, 0],["Arrow Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00445575644933, 0.419316210921],["Analogic Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00445442258649, 2],["Constant Contact Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00445371848211, 2],["Canadian Apartment Properties REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.00445350910305, 0],["Orient Overseas International Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00445345978914, 0],["Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00445165982765, 0],["Lynas Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00444759139407, 0],["Steelcase Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00444566984534, 2],["Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00444438718119, 2],["TrueBlue Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00444371790458, 2],["Safety Insurance Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00444344499652, 0.643925602574],["VirnetX Holding Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0044429379856, 2],["CP ALL PCL (Local)", 'All Holdings', 0.00443393104127, 0],["Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00443304335005, 0],["Elizabeth Arden Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00442900566742, 1.04460951587],["Aoyama Trading Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00442774182302, 0],["Asics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00442483212022, 0],["Diodes Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00442475644885, 2],["Yamaguchi Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00442123195248, 0],["Nippon Paint Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00441982639944, 0],["Mercialys SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00441773039084, 0],["Liquidity Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00441681068257, 2],["Minefinders Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0044167686894, 0],["Endesa SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0044160289176, 0],["Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico SAB de CV Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00441363698018, 0],["Is Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi AS", 'All Holdings', 0.00441314379557, 0],["TFS Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00441221118359, 1.06936740607],["Daicel Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00440813794007, 0],["Hersha Hospitality Trust Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00440710703849, 2],["Lindsay Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00440688551121, 2],["Cogent Communications Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00440680337185, 2],["AK Steel Holding Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00440636054314, 2],["Citizen Holdings Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00440488287006, 0],["MEMC Electronic Materials Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00440478133578, 2],["Shin Kong Financial Holding Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0044039704597, 0],["Pennsylvania REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.00440240832778, 2],["Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00440138117661, 0],["Vector Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00440008848326, 2],["D'ieteren SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0043988905183, 0],["Haynes International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00439482850896, 2],["Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00439257749862, 0],["Indra Sistemas SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00439201030876, 0],["MTS Systems Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00439192503017, 2],["Infinera Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00439068701223, 2],["Taiwan Glass Industry Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00438910036655, 0],["China Agri-Industries Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00438725081688, 0],["BBCN Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00438716211527, 2],["Nippon Paper Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00438559854584, 0],["Sanrio Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00437921134943, 0],["Brooks Automation Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00437760965233, 2],["Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00437642462812, 0],["Mirae Asset Securities Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00437107308663, 0],["Mantech International Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00436947044324, 2],["Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0043688781957, 0],["Heartland Express Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00436769467371, 2],["Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00436669216522, 2],["Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00436438973253, 0],["Yokogawa Electric Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0043603698058, 0],["Holmen AB", 'All Holdings', 0.00435962993793, 0],["Fifth Street Finance Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00435924184784, 2],["Dycom Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00435709829078, 2],["SM Prime Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00435541266701, 0],["Nibe Industrier AB Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00434949362121, 0],["NWS Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00434946895835, 0],["Blount International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00434891569849, 2],["Perseus Mining Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0043488770493, 0],["Exterran Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00434751122002, 2],["Inotera Memories Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00434525158876, 0],["Lancashire Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00434409242152, 0],["Vienna Insurance Group AG Wiener Versicherung Gruppe", 'All Holdings', 0.00434389511615, 0],["Zumiez Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00434220987256, 2],["W&T Offshore Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00434160901138, 2],["Yapi ve Kredi Bankasi AS", 'All Holdings', 0.00433962836559, 0],["Cincinnati Bell Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00433868933474, 2],["Korn/Ferry International", 'All Holdings', 0.00433726513375, 2],["ENTEL Chile SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00433615080957, 0],["Imax Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00433546022776, 0],["Doosan Infracore Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00433499161804, 0],["E.Sun Financial Holding Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00433259923425, 0],["Hino Motors Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00433047814069, 0],["Corpbanca", 'All Holdings', 0.00432944225403, 0],["Cato Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00432850324147, 2],["Huron Consulting Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00432394513178, 2],["Kaiser Aluminum Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00432371609343, 2],["CEC Entertainment Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00432323131027, 2],["Multiplan Empreendimentos Imobiliarios SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0043232022178, 0],["ARC Resources Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00432317755345, 0],["Sterlite Industries India Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00432201832729, 0],["YTL Power International Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00432194433403, 0],["Alexander's Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00432138587028, 2],["BBMG Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0043210317494, 0],["Knoll Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00432053353417, 2],["BroadSoft Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00431849887484, 2],["SS&C Technologies Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00431819243032, 2],["Scientific Games Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00431678400494, 2],["Kenexa Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00431499104544, 2],["Thai Airways International PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.00431489025163, 0],["Meritage Homes Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00431447864061, 2],["Navigant Consulting Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00431129578733, 2],["American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00431122720963, 2],["Calfrac Well Services Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00431008058431, 0],["Seaspan Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00430980926815, 0],["Clearwire Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00430950982139, 2],["Woori Investment & Securities Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00430857601077, 0],["Aquila Resources Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0043085266804, 0],["Kaman Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00430728272901, 2],["Ultratech Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0043060154993, 2],["Micro Focus International plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00430282898518, 0],["Mitsumi Electric Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00430191636039, 0],["Asbury Automotive Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00429740688521, 2],["De La Rue plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00429685989097, 0],["Telekom Malaysia Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00429641590547, 0],["Cabot Microelectronics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00429613046745, 1.14247335152],["Raspadskaya OAO", 'All Holdings', 0.0042914827028, 0],["Pep Boys-Manny Moe & Jack", 'All Holdings', 0.00429137136073, 2],["Waterland Financial Holdings Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0042909153809, 0],["Koppers Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00428501117705, 2],["Papa John's International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00428484164632, 2],["Lattice Semiconductor Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0042841107848, 2],["Franklin Street Properties Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00428402047386, 2],["Liberty Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00428363879515, 0],["Akorn Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00428238061406, 2],["Balchem Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00428059029892, 1.11565648964],["Schindler Holding AG (Registered)", 'All Holdings', 0.0042771267642, 0],["Discovery Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00427710209723, 0],["EXCO Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00427701924799, 1.1224266461],["SEMAFO Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00427621408539, 0],["DFC Global Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00427590735133, 2],["Meridian Bioscience Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00427479213597, 2],["Provident Financial Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.004273371347, 2],["J&J Snack Foods Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00427262462174, 2],["LTC Properties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00427187573754, 1.24849220914],["Nishi-Nippon City Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00426666784347, 0],["Interactive Brokers Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00426652899582, 2],["BlueScope Steel Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00426614982434, 0],["DineEquity Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00426564508901, 2],["Shutterfly Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00426401169172, 1.18760842882],["Electronics for Imaging Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00425900701586, 2],["BlackPearl Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00425840413127, 0],["Gold Resource Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00425697478454, 2],["PH Glatfelter Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00425686613301, 2],["Orbital Sciences Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0042544739816, 2],["Weichai Power Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00425018959884, 0],["Corp Financiera Colombiana SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00424991824526, 0],["La-Z-Boy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00424976388569, 2],["Advantech Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00424940020616, 0],["KapStone Paper and Packaging Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00424864656594, 2],["St. James's Place plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00424715536288, 0],["Zeon Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00424671132657, 0],["JSW Steel Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00424641530211, 0],["Clearwater Paper Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00424476399328, 2],["Sociedad Matriz SAAM SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00424441713174, 0],["Hilltop Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00424430266486, 0.602404727708],["Aircastle Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00424256373263, 2],["Capital Property Fund", 'All Holdings', 0.00424084013713, 0],["InterMune Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00424053476828, 1.09068392347],["Park24 Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0042392119781, 0],["Tsumura & Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0042389652868, 0],["SFA Engineering Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00423699175141, 0],["Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00423501820704, 0],["Minebea Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00423472217461, 0],["Aegion Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00423246049969, 2],["Cubic Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00422861128539, 2],["CapitaMalls Asia Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00422828341936, 0],["Exelixis Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00422804897671, 2],["Mitsubishi Logistics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00422492832133, 0],["Total Access Communication PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.00422293005209, 0],["Xinyi Glass Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00422290538205, 0],["Stratasys Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00422157513048, 2],["Huaneng Power International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00422038902979, 0],["Investec Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00422009298739, 0],["Kamigumi Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00421927886974, 0],["UOL Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00421804535526, 0],["Nelnet Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00421741975683, 2],["Tata Power Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00421728057452, 0],["GS Yuasa Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00421703387076, 0],["Siam Commercial Bank PCL (Local)", 'All Holdings', 0.00421656513325, 0],["Solar Capital Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00421500837228, 2],["International Speedway Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00421454882226, 2],["Rexel SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00421414742645, 0],["Brookline Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00421353413543, 0.868318409071],["Cityspring Infrastructure Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00421335796825, 0],["Hyundai Securities Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00421123629224, 0],["Israel Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00420995341335, 0],["Financial Engines Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00420938100166, 2],["Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00420580870178, 0],["Freescale Semiconductor Holdings I Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00420505549669, 2],["Hopewell Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00420353896202, 0],["AES Gener SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0042033909351, 0],["Embraer SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00420329225046, 0],["American Assets Trust Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00420268524567, 2],["CYS Investments Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00420209326908, 1.92050613876],["Adani Enterprises Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00420097315496, 0],["Ceradyne Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00420096041018, 2],["Investors Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00420081937135, 2],["Longfor Properties Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00419904878972, 0],["Hanwha Chem Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00419823463263, 0],["Magnum Hunter Resources Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00419532244361, 2],["California Water Service Group", 'All Holdings', 0.00419481985871, 2],["Mediclinic International Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00419024100921, 0],["CreXus Investment Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00418869054007, 2],["Dongbu HiTek Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00418715701023, 0],["PacWest Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.00418324552984, 2],["Polskie Gornictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00418246928983, 0],["NBT Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00418139881572, 2],["Wright Medical Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00418026592505, 2],["AAR Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00418022313596, 2],["Newcastle Investment Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00417966936773, 2],["Graphic Packaging Holding Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00417854711327, 2],["Harleysville Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00417698609483, 2],["ATMI Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00417559532342, 2],["NTN Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00417375986444, 0],["ION Geophysical Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00417285956744, 1.0859351649],["Nobel Biocare Holding AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00417247687484, 0],["CPFL Energia SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00417198341629, 0],["Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00417092286033, 2],["Genius Electronic Optical Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00417062640238, 0],["Rofin-Sinar Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00416965115742, 2],["Cousins Properties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00416962195145, 2],["LG Uplus Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00416949144205, 0],["AMCOL International Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00416940935911, 2],["Hotai Motor Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00416889928765, 0],["McGrath Rentcorp", 'All Holdings', 0.00416876501578, 2],["Newpark Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00416873965861, 2],["Greenlight Capital Re Ltd. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00416869890601, 2],["Alliance Financial Group Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0041669007606, 0],["Hyundai Mipo Dockyard", 'All Holdings', 0.00416339714777, 0],["Digital River Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00416076475486, 2],["Swire Properties Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00416028828455, 0],["Yandex NV Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00415957274939, 0],["Tennant Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00415661581802, 2],["Great Wall Technology Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0041551067964, 0],["Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0041550574486, 0],["Arthrocare Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0041543177541, 2],["Evercore Partners Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00415398085464, 2],["Air China Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00415310820588, 0],["Shinsegae Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00415300950981, 0],["EDP Renovaveis SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00415296016177, 0],["Tompkins Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0041495521091, 0.501568704075],["Shanghai Industrial Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00414945643648, 0],["Meritor Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00414851480555, 2],["Insperity Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00414794492148, 2],["Contact Energy Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00414565658977, 0],["Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00414464718672, 2],["Brisa Auto-Estradas de Portugal SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00414395405027, 0],["WD-40 Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00414216430308, 2],["Duratex SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00414190605912, 0],["ABIOMED Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0041393877404, 2],["Reunert Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00413272699221, 0],["TETRA Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00413046041523, 2],["Western Alliance Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.0041278615211, 2],["Yamato Kogyo Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00412631140016, 0],["China Vanke Co. Ltd. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00412562048459, 0],["Bank Sarasin & Cie AG Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00412455943354, 0],["Navigators Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00412384041283, 0.806495973563],["National Financial Partners Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00411775244937, 2],["Cheil Worldwide Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00411567611378, 0],["Monolithic Power Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00411476673443, 2],["ZTE Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00411362798928, 0],["Charming Shoppes Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00411106320571, 2],["Otter Tail Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00411090606091, 2],["Amtrust Financial Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00411075367116, 2],["Amkor Technology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0041106683057, 2],["Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00410953171131, 0],["Ambuja Cements Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00410881609251, 0],["Agile Property Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00410861868023, 0],["Korean Air Lines Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00410824853194, 0],["Sykes Enterprises Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00410639027472, 2],["China Resources Cement Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00410553410157, 0],["Interline Brands Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00410057762818, 2],["Guangdong Investment Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0040994635868, 0],["LG Innotek Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00409850118032, 0],["Cosmo Oil Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00409840247184, 0],["Employers Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00409748491527, 2],["Centamin plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00409682313316, 0],["Neste Oil Oyj", 'All Holdings', 0.00409484895173, 0],["Comstock Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00409414377331, 2],["Boston Private Financial Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00409343478217, 2],["Sonic Automotive Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00409078630167, 2],["Philex Mining Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00408974071561, 0],["Stepan Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00408783867062, 2],["Shanghai Electric Group Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00408470645313, 0],["Wabash National Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00408317409475, 2],["NuVasive Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00408239352804, 2],["Enerflex Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00408228801216, 0],["Yamaha Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00408204123171, 0],["Kinden Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00408157234848, 0],["Horace Mann Educators Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00408117976325, 2],["Tim Participacoes SA ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.00408095539608, 0],["Yushiro Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00407856161247, 0],["Oxford Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00407838469462, 2],["Charter Hall Office REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.00407814208203, 0],["NIC Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00407518539119, 2],["KCC Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00407431693282, 0],["Sesa Goa Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00407138018249, 0],["Soho China Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00406957863676, 0],["Jaiprakash Associates Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00406952927923, 0],["Opko Health Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00406786979462, 2],["Golden Eagle Retail Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00406678992793, 0],["Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00406644808042, 0.727682187532],["KGI Securities Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00406577809109, 0],["DexCom Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00406533031061, 2],["Pinnacle Entertainment Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0040631515601, 2],["Zhaojin Mining Industry Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00405901599905, 0],["Gerdau SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0040582015794, 0],["Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00405746119658, 0],["Cia Sud Americana de Vapores SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00405718972256, 0],["Netscout Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00405696648503, 2],["Shimao Property Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00405677017147, 0],["RTI International Metals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0040545786674, 2],["Dynavax Technologies Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00405441199072, 2],["New Hope Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00405348778719, 0],["Daewoo International Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00405227848146, 0],["Ascott Residence Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00405217976248, 0],["Seaboard Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00405191160633, 2],["Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0040515874481, 0],["BGC Partners Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00405127861128, 0.836548532872],["Colgate-Palmolive India Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00405109385218, 0],["SSAB AB Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00405052621617, 0],["China Taiping Insurance Holdings Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00404484981527, 0],["Resources Connection Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00404385234894, 2],["Redwood Trust Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00404258387682, 1.26188744874],["American States Water Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00403918458296, 2],["City Lodge Hotels Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0040380627168, 0],["Nanto Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00403781591123, 0],["Spansion Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00403699913358, 2],["Astec Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00403677560565, 2],["K's Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00403594018424, 0],["Pick n Pay Stores Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00403401508759, 0],["Momenta Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00403368243836, 2],["Berjaya Sports Toto Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00402707973278, 0],["Teco Electric and Machinery Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00402564822226, 0],["Circle K Sunkus Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0040254260909, 0],["Steiner Leisure Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00402341241235, 2],["Silvercorp Metals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00402295795698, 0],["Orthofix International NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00402195456398, 2],["Toho Co. Ltd./Kobe", 'All Holdings', 0.00402034171972, 0],["LSB Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00401992326142, 2],["ACCO Brands Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00401538410725, 2],["Nine Dragons Paper Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00401466492428, 0],["Paramount Resources Ltd. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00401454151486, 0],["Capstone Mining Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00401172777055, 0],["RealPage Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00401158845737, 2],["Lion Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00401150563207, 0],["Interval Leisure Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00401150216648, 2],["Telefonica Czech Republic AS", 'All Holdings', 0.00401083921593, 0],["Deltic Timber Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00400924840537, 2],["KB Home", 'All Holdings', 0.00400916981455, 2],["Braskem SA Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00400908678343, 0],["Techtronic Industries Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00400814885891, 0],["IOOF Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00400772926044, 0],["Aeon Credit Service Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00400585340351, 0],["Celtic Exploration Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00400494015444, 0],["Associated Estates Realty Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00400419342421, 2],["NV Bekaert SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00400358261848, 0],["Arkansas Best Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00400227812108, 0.733096998281],["Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00400113904307, 0],["AVX Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00399905480875, 2],["Light SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00399874481949, 0],["Accretive Health Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00399782110618, 2],["Computer Programs & Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00399495687335, 2],["Comtech Telecommunications Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00399463638432, 2],["Toda Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0039943759445, 0],["Unisys Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00399281628232, 1.14554371228],["SY Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00399238912615, 0.428940155435],["Hyundai Development Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00399015512522, 0],["Cia Energetica de Minas Gerais ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.00398948867633, 0],["Ushio Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00398810640868, 0],["American Public Education Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0039879237268, 2],["Infinity Property & Casualty Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00398739394859, 2],["Amil Participacoes SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00398724248917, 0],["BlackRock Kelso Capital Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00398494595263, 2],["Mabuchi Motor Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00397423412193, 0],["Hanjin Shipping Holdings Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00397381449069, 0],["LogMeIn Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00397243347153, 0.986909681183],["OpenTable Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0039722584172, 2],["Idenix Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00397135579076, 2],["Northam Platinum Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00397100048251, 0],["Belo Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00396928665132, 2],[" Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00396845129151, 2],["Corp Financiera Alba", 'All Holdings', 0.00396806303346, 0],["KAR Auction Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00396741977397, 2],["Exponent Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00396666527418, 2],["Parker Drilling Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00396576897838, 2],["SP AusNet", 'All Holdings', 0.00396549583483, 0],["Cantel Medical Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00396403006411, 2],["Dainippon Screen Manufacturing Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00396317546917, 0],["On Assignment Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00396299966861, 2],["Seino Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00396231150007, 0],["Turkiye Vakiflar Bankasi Tao", 'All Holdings', 0.00396122536504, 0],["Aksigorta AS", 'All Holdings', 0.00395907777187, 0],["Generac Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00395837225891, 2],["Idea Cellular Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00395715233449, 0],["Autobacs Seven Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0039562883534, 0],["Biglari Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00395598888245, 2],["Cambridge Industrial Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00395389388254, 0],["BioMerieux", 'All Holdings', 0.00395374577051, 0],["Aeci Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00395174625312, 0],["Hyundai Elevator Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00395174625312, 0],["Nippon Kayaku Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00395036386535, 0],["Post Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00394837039399, 1.38300326853],["Celesio AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00394833964674, 0],["Seabridge Gold Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0039453773586, 0],["Lotte Confectionery Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00394535267278, 0],["NGK Spark Plug Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00394476021269, 0],["Ethan Allen Interiors Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00394456924259, 2],["Yamazaki Baking Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00394330374488, 0],["True Religion Apparel Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00394166093984, 2],["RPC Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00394025652637, 1.06804683026],["iRobot Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00393633039778, 2],["Hercules Offshore Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00393626289347, 2],["Hanger Orthopedic Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00393408938502, 2],["Newport Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00393080950734, 2],["Mpact Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00393009656801, 0],["Quanex Building Products Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00392931668927, 2],["CJ O Shopping Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00392878817161, 0],["Oritani Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00392787619426, 2],["Community Trust Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00392726444311, 0.648684286481],["Rambus Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00392504344088, 2],["Abaxis Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00391929224908, 2],["S1 Corp./Korea", 'All Holdings', 0.00391861710671, 0],["MGM China Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00391817273436, 0],["Fibria Celulose SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00391535836562, 0],["Auriga Industries Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00391466711437, 0],["Texas Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00391299751995, 2],["Rural Electrification Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0039100505153, 0],["G&K Services Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00390844705381, 2],["Dorman Products Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00390770264584, 2],["Paladin Energy Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00390661889382, 0],["Novatek Microelectronics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00390656951777, 0],["Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00390377976202, 0],["Porto Seguro SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00390261941586, 0],["Pegasystems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00389821303146, 2],["HeartWare International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00389805082565, 2],["OYO Geospace Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00389773502253, 2],["Churchill Downs Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0038971240312, 2],["Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank", 'All Holdings', 0.00389341060127, 0],["Sonus Networks Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00389327592145, 2],["First Commonwealth Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00388703654659, 2],["Innospec Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00388672979748, 2],["FHB Mortgage Bank plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0038857817035, 0],["Trinidad Drilling Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00388568294666, 0],["Wacker Chemie AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00388452255214, 0],["iStar Financial Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00388244366964, 2],["Albany International Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00388189156056, 2],["HRT Participacoes em Petroleo SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0038797328058, 0],["Huabao International Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0038797328058, 0],["Telkom SA Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00387909087702, 0],["S&T Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0038789497611, 2],["Clayton Williams Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00387739650108, 2],["AZZ Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00387627709014, 2],["Ameristar Casinos Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00387611691513, 2],["Sterling Financial Corp./WA", 'All Holdings', 0.00387589534338, 2],["Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00387402448073, 1.27198117818],["Pinnacle Financial Partners Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00387167254493, 2],["Chemical Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00386973048337, 2],["Cohen & Steers Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00386811851131, 2],["Walter Investment Management Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00386784120167, 2],["Saul Centers Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00386435598775, 0.824166997605],["KBW Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00386085855906, 2],["Urstadt Biddle Properties Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00385907354128, 0.557760980679],["Takara Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00385654869927, 0],["Career Education Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00385539788212, 2],["Ayala Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00385417836944, 0],["Verint Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00385321241397, 2],["Senshu Ikeda Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0038503512471, 0],["Harmonic Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00384973345042, 2],["Haseko Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00384812903155, 0],["Kirkland Lake Gold Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00384701791952, 0],["ICU Medical Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00384696272094, 2],["Astra Agro Lestari Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00384637594238, 0],["Team Health Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00384409590699, 2],["Lumber Liquidators Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00384379592473, 2],["Exact Sciences Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00384338197606, 2],["Intime Department Store Group Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00383909190452, 0],["Centro Retail Australia", 'All Holdings', 0.00383822768853, 0],["K12 Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00383803172321, 1.09092608796],["Aurizon Mines Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00383637579134, 0],["Citizens Republic Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0038359591547, 2],["Ssangyong Motor Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00383573379847, 0],["ServiceSource International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00383396550025, 2],["Bajaj Holdings and Investment Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00383207935943, 0],["American Science & Engineering Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00382905258367, 2],["China Longyuan Power Group Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00382785696253, 0],["Itochu Techno-Solutions Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00382733841973, 0],["Stage Stores Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00382652303191, 2],["Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00382368391005, 0],["CSR Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00382170848661, 0],["Rogers Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00381917786785, 2],["MedAssets Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00381260615527, 2],["Heckmann Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00381144533801, 2],["American Greetings Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00381072070367, 2],["Datang International Power Generation Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00380849761137, 0],["NorthStar Realty Finance Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00380642612148, 2],["Bank of Baroda", 'All Holdings', 0.00380639865027, 0],["Novolipetsk Steel OJSC", 'All Holdings', 0.00380620110047, 0],["Optimer Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00380436933851, 2],["Daum Communications Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00380311437313, 0],["Nippon Sheet Glass Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00380116355015, 0],["Shimachu Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00380116355015, 0],["Macronix International", 'All Holdings', 0.00379978068297, 0],["Hoshizaki Electric Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00379871883555, 0],["First Financial Corp./IN", 'All Holdings', 0.00379812227616, 0.556092773752],["Samsung Card Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0037972124894, 0],["Banco Comercial Portugues SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00379711371242, 0],["Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00379466897503, 0],["Nomura Real Estate Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00379363180955, 0],["Universal Forest Products Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00379310614339, 2],["comScore Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00379292848956, 2],["Pick'n Pay Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00379165624941, 0],["IPC The Hospitalist Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00379126864637, 2],["Sabra Health Care REIT Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00379108645979, 2],["Bankers Petroleum Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00379091541204, 0],["TTM Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00378898745631, 2],["Tongaat Hulett Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00378750754386, 0],["Endologix Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00378583904539, 2],["Park Electrochemical Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00378537178971, 2],["State Bank of India", 'All Holdings', 0.00378412434393, 0],["ExlService Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00378073727506, 2],["NACCO Industries Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00378053672898, 2],["Standard Microsystems Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00378040937651, 2],["Dongyue Group", 'All Holdings', 0.00377992617598, 0],["First Potomac Realty Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00377901144277, 2],["Walsin Lihwa Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0037775060372, 0],["United States Cellular Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00377489080915, 2],["Grand Canyon Education Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00377309515785, 2],["Yuhan Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00377009736524, 0],["Universal Health Realty Income Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00376857030299, 0.776288437881],["Mongolian Mining Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00376723264487, 0],["Home Bancshares Inc./AR", 'All Holdings', 0.00376705755449, 2],["Crosstex Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00376463777608, 2],["NovaGold Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00376449138613, 0],["NPS Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00376302609374, 2],["Bio-Reference Labs Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00376297261261, 2],["Knology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0037521831142, 2],["EcoRodovias Infraestrutura e Logistica SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00375211846248, 0],["China Railway Construction Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00374883377483, 0],["Independent Bank Corp./Rockland MA", 'All Holdings', 0.00374814494331, 2],["Hyundai Glovis Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00374796937922, 0],["Vukile Property Fund Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00374540087924, 0],["China Everbright Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0037437214672, 0],["Ardea Biosciences Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00374270823102, 2],["Sawai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00374083187539, 0],["Piper Jaffray Cos.", 'All Holdings', 0.00374009523086, 2],["Retail Opportunity Investments Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00374006712913, 2],["Lithia Motors Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00373971517741, 2],["Main Street Capital Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00373847393908, 2],["Fosun International Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00373828803079, 0],["Banco Espirito Santo SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0037359911486, 0],["Fuji Electric Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00373455867828, 0],["Greatbatch Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00373375915012, 2],["Poly Hong Kong Investments Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00373265694315, 0],["MMC Corp. Bhd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00373243466188, 0],["Rubicon Minerals Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00373157023362, 0],["Chicony Electronics Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00373110097185, 0],["Homeserve plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00373085399176, 0],["First Majestic Silver Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00373080459573, 0],["Radian Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00372863070517, 2],["Team Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00372754218613, 2],["Kronos Worldwide Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0037274871142, 2],["Sapporo Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00372601315375, 0],["Sumitomo Forestry Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00372443246027, 0],["GeoResources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00372367013658, 2],["Altra Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00372214940998, 2],["Advanced Energy Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00372092194631, 2],["KWG Property Holding Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00371991263309, 0],["Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00371923644446, 2],["Rush Enterprises Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00371416924758, 2],["PennantPark Investment Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00371268996306, 2],["Rengo Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00371223128883, 0],["Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00371195959893, 0],["Lojas Americanas SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00370971197592, 0],["Tata Chemicals Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00370971197592, 0],["Sun Hydraulics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00370869879338, 2],["Flotek Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00370791619345, 2],["Fielmann AG", 'All Holdings', 0.00370743964194, 0],["Ascent Capital Group Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00370665401296, 2],["Arctic Cat Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00370648561619, 2],["Customers Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00370627877107, 0],["Rigel Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00370521527232, 2],["Aygaz AS", 'All Holdings', 0.00370447571018, 0],["Ryohin Keikaku Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00370398171958, 0],["Nabtesco Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00370311723469, 0],["Cal-Maine Foods Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00370044867328, 2],["SkyWest Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00369921434882, 2],["Metropolitan Bank & Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00369859718567, 0],["Columbia Sportswear Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0036983390325, 2],["Sumida Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00369817728802, 0],["Turk Hava Yollari", 'All Holdings', 0.00369691759263, 0],["Jiangsu Expressway Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00369674469297, 0],["OraSure Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00369250890942, 2],["Quantum Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00368915105119, 2],["Encore Wire Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00368914334497, 2],["Patriot Coal Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00368849715543, 2],["Ebara Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00368807492212, 0],["Measurement Specialties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00368700169098, 2],["Horsehead Holding Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00368692485507, 2],["Micrel Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00368505563027, 2],["Ruby Tuesday Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00368337497566, 2],["Nichirei Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00368239378183, 0],["Cimpor Cimentos de Portugal SGPS SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00368130694653, 0],["Green Dot Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00367986903896, 2],["Fred's Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00367663801262, 2],["Sauer-Danfoss Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00367431972791, 2],["eHealth Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0036720312438, 0.660072066748],["Griffon Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00366659051174, 2],["TrustCo Bank Corp. NY", 'All Holdings', 0.00366626094035, 2],["Capella Education Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00366617095416, 2],["Brightpoint Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00366010035721, 2],["Societe de la Tour Eiffel", 'All Holdings', 0.00365979198778, 0],["Gorman-Rupp Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00365512835223, 2],["Vera Bradley Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00365377852296, 2],["Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00365364113202, 0],["Quidel Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00364699304559, 2],["Tele Norte Leste Participacoes SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00364543985549, 0],["City Holding Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00364321026876, 2],["TNS Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00364304026064, 2],["Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00363901580896, 2],["Medidata Solutions Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00363812178354, 2],["Hercules Technology Growth Capital Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00363752244093, 2],["Ito En Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00363595384852, 0],["Forestar Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00363434777005, 2],["Chesapeake Lodging Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00363410068652, 2],["AMERISAFE Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0036333356334, 2],["Drew Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00363255199093, 2],["Colony Financial Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0036318549401, 2],["Leap Wireless International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00363101507737, 2],["China Railway Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0036303708413, 0],["Chorus Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00362960502498, 0],["Investment Technology Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00362876251445, 2],["Israel Discount Bank Ltd. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00362706052879, 0],["Standex International Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00362690165337, 2],["Bumi plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00362656645014, 0],["Century Aluminum Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00362603389864, 2],["Adcock Ingram Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00362585003508, 0],["Materion Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0036246422685, 2],["Advance America Cash Advance Centers Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00362154639116, 2],["Trimas Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0036193776544, 2],["H Lundbeck A/S", 'All Holdings', 0.00361737648464, 0],["ViewPoint Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00361315995958, 2],["Accelrys Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00361099911523, 2],["HEICO Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00360796095109, 0.671909747864],["Formosa Taffeta Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00360588875431, 0],["Virtus Investment Partners Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00360558766275, 2],["Skyworth Digital Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00360292412941, 0],["Maidenform Brands Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00360114959117, 2],["Talaat Moustafa Group", 'All Holdings', 0.00360028065514, 0],["TPC Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00359870417781, 2],["Emeritus Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00359815624191, 2],["Tryg A/S", 'All Holdings', 0.00359600659261, 0],["Egyptian Kuwaiti Holding Co. SAE", 'All Holdings', 0.00359284425337, 0],["LoopNet Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00359281218712, 2],["Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00359186116382, 2],["Enka Insaat ve Sanayi AS", 'All Holdings', 0.0035906454258, 0],["Indian Oil Corp. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00359037365982, 0],["H&E Equipment Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00359034428301, 2],["Isramco Negev 2 LP", 'All Holdings', 0.00358990424546, 0],["Triangle Capital Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00358785913519, 2],["Sul America SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00358735951666, 0],["Global Cash Access Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00358601736896, 2],["Silicon Image Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00358600217957, 2],["Gabriel Resources Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00358563008081, 0],["Capcom Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00358399946355, 0],["Komeri Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00358078762379, 0],["Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00357834166834, 0],["Superior Industries International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00357721786251, 2],["PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00357674834192, 2],["Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00357658748979, 0],["iGATE Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00357629333041, 2],["Ceva Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00357533796339, 2],["Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00357428193352, 2],["Lone Pine Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00357384755037, 2],["Investors Real Estate Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00357239232191, 1.18807919566],["Duff & Phelps Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00357025435075, 2],["Cornerstone OnDemand Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0035700847675, 2],["Neurocrine Biosciences Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00356862222256, 2],["Kforce Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00356844130285, 2],["HFF Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00356736009062, 2],["CIRCOR International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00356261306321, 2],["Maxwell Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00356240720184, 2],["RealD Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00356176195729, 2],["Goodman Fielder Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00355884765222, 0],["CITIC Securities Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00355882294442, 0],["Foxconn International Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00355845232726, 0],["Weis Markets Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00355666866339, 2],["Quiksilver Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00355425315382, 2],["Tosoh Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00355402960464, 0],["Bridgepoint Education Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00355380968168, 2],["Consolidated Communications Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00355314583295, 2],["DTS Inc./CA", 'All Holdings', 0.00355288283249, 2],["Goodrich Petroleum Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00355217749169, 2],["Oriental Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00354959758059, 2],["Pioneer Drilling Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00354686665352, 2],["Basic Energy Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00354403209404, 2],["Suzuken Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0035439485937, 0],["Quaker Chemical Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00354372578275, 2],["Banca Carige SPA", 'All Holdings', 0.00354167539223, 0],["Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00354130475967, 2],["Neenah Paper Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00354127415103, 2],["Ixia", 'All Holdings', 0.00353998994666, 2],["Stewart Enterprises Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00353807587653, 2],["Greenbrier Cos. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00353763760272, 2],["Indosat Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00353621471834, 0],["CSG Systems International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00353614456624, 2],["Awa Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00353609117289, 0],["Lennar Corp. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00353539906638, 2],["Higher One Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00353349903357, 2],["Sapporo Hokuyo Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00353273072311, 0],["Standard Pacific Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00353260955235, 2],["WesBanco Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00353237148034, 2],["Nippon Chemiphar Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00353105048847, 0],["Gerdau SA ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.003530704557, 0],["Douja Promotion Groupe Addoha SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00352966676094, 0],["Mueller Water Products Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00352837457191, 2],["Landauer Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00352531655388, 2],["Resolute Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00352488484262, 2],["Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00352477426041, 0],["Forrester Research Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.003523763389, 2],["Tesco Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00352310606981, 2],["ING Bank Slaski SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00352114191375, 0],["ICF International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00352111483328, 2],["Omnicell Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00352003917175, 2],["Vaalco Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00351754568559, 2],["Diamond Foods Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00351752051711, 2],["Strabag SE", 'All Holdings', 0.00351167790188, 0],["Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00351146802235, 2],["Anta Sports Products Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00350485775502, 0],["Merit Medical Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00350186203912, 2],["Shiga Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00350164532991, 0],["Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00350122524179, 0],["State Bank Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00349856801138, 2],["Ferro Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00349578529016, 2],["Invacare Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00349472634577, 2],["AVANIR Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0034938374654, 2],["Skechers U.S.A. Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00349188396299, 2],["DigitalGlobe Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00348869575563, 2],["Cia de Transmissao de Energia Electrica Paulista Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00348726325844, 0],["InfoSpace Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00348660753514, 2],["Azbil Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00348573111966, 0],["Premiere Global Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00348438823715, 2],["Maiden Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00348435150197, 2],["77 Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00348318578039, 0],["GeoEye Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00348298232063, 2],["OPNET", 'All Holdings', 0.00348114010958, 2],["Encore Capital Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00348084599909, 2],["Samsung Fine Chemicals Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00347821861904, 0],["Rentech Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00347725769903, 2],["Sumitomo Bakelite Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00347601921104, 0],["Tutor Perini Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00347387255157, 2],["Kelly Services Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00347203143571, 2],["Nevsun Resources Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00347184277643, 0],["Dynex Capital Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00347127380713, 2],["RailAmerica Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00346969232973, 2],["US Ecology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00346739493668, 2],["NongShim Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00346524442215, 0],["Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00346381105853, 0],["American Vanguard Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00346336364128, 2],["Super Micro Computer Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00346293209521, 2],["PICO Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00346057094325, 2],["Suzano Papel e Celulose SA Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00345988164089, 0],["Amerigon Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00345945385901, 2],["OfficeMax Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00345747253546, 2],["Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone", 'All Holdings', 0.00345311010821, 0],["Aerovironment Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00345303544457, 2],["Meadowbrook Insurance Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00345273700628, 2],["Blue Nile Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00345218752553, 2],["Pilgrim's Pride Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00345029960144, 2],["TeleTech Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00344969092843, 2],["Rex Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00344913373335, 2],["StarHub Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00344740117928, 0],["Cascade Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00344482877061, 2],["Coresite Realty Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00343932997645, 2],["G-III Apparel Group Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00343747578741, 2],["Eva Airways Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00343566180389, 0],["Badger Meter Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00343419034274, 2],["Quicksilver Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00343304461546, 2],["Astral Foods Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00343222643191, 0],["Energy Resources of Australia Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00343210285687, 0],["Tredegar Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0034302208792, 2],["Conceptus Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00342975414792, 2],["Banco Espanol de Credito SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0034254791834, 0],["FelCor Lodging Trust Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00342240181665, 2],["Citizens Inc./TX", 'All Holdings', 0.00342136741378, 2],["Tootsie Roll Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00342101066782, 2],["Smith & Wesson Holding Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00341999621951, 2],["Power-One Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00341693335593, 2],["Glory Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0034145548445, 0],["rue21 inc", 'All Holdings', 0.0034143893824, 2],["Education Management Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00341193316487, 2],["John Bean Technologies Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00341162109044, 2],["Sequenom Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00340921112439, 2],["Titan Machinery Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00340722685, 2],["Movado Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00340702114175, 2],["Essar Energy plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00340476719436, 0],["Fuel Systems Solutions Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00340230502111, 2],["Triple-S Management Corp. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00340133135377, 2],["United Online Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00340064391111, 2],["STEC Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00339790546987, 2],["Black Box Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00339720464024, 2],["RadioShack Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00339633226083, 1.4511277886],["Sonic Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00339467846891, 2],["Flagstone Reinsurance Holdings SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00339071839702, 2],["Lexicon Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00339069140671, 2],["America's Car-Mart Inc./TX", 'All Holdings', 0.0033891445646, 2],["Central Vermont Public Service Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00338824503482, 2],["Hot Topic Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00338698646116, 2],["Sun International Ltd./South Africa", 'All Holdings', 0.00338343627341, 0],["Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00338303085539, 2],["FBL Financial Group Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00338241097422, 2],["Denny's Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00338112335143, 2],["OCZ Technology Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00338104759545, 2],["JAKKS Pacific Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00337922060221, 2],["COMSYS Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00337822079035, 0],["Global Power Equipment Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00337714002066, 2],["CSR Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00337317827325, 0],["Energy Partners Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00337257713183, 2],["Solazyme Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00337197832992, 2],["Kaneka Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00336731998132, 0],["Blyth Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00336454245693, 2],["Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00336131329616, 0],["Entropic Communications Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00336020648784, 2],["ArcelorMittal South Africa Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00335557844103, 0],["Move Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00335528639432, 2],["Primoris Services Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00335509858088, 2],["Birchcliff Energy Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00335352672878, 0],["Dime Community Bancshares Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0033484071069, 2],["Accuray Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00334731468563, 2],["HealthStream Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00334731082949, 2],["Getty Realty Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00334530835245, 2],["Achillion Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00334518835778, 2],["Dice Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.003344348621, 2],["Checkpoint Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00334419686937, 2],["Genomic Health Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00334206780424, 2],["AAON Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00334019845558, 2],["SCBT Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00334008639875, 2],["Layne Christensen Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00333942607946, 2],["Safeguard Scientifics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00333916521791, 2],["PROS Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00333853166394, 2],["Chesapeake Utilities Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0033375748664, 2],["Astronics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00333708648599, 2],["DXP Enterprises Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00333624537252, 2],["Kokuyo Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00333587665918, 0],["Core-Mark Holding Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00333216567686, 2],["Boyd Gaming Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00333145362597, 2],["Comfort Systems USA Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.003329399356, 2],["Gulf Island Fabrication Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00332902506769, 2],["Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated", 'All Holdings', 0.00332849607299, 2],["Consolidated Graphics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0033268784613, 2],["Wausau Paper Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00332644746011, 2],["Sandy Spring Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00332629207273, 2],["Heidrick & Struggles International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00332610583465, 2],["Applied Micro Circuits Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00332447233498, 2],["Interactive Intelligence Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00332424390314, 2],["Natus Medical Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0033212028219, 2],["MPX Energia SA", 'All Holdings', 0.0033210935559, 0],["Wilshire Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0033199855668, 2],["Electro Scientific Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00331619585733, 2],[" Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00331414106149, 2],["Callaway Golf Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00330938604788, 2],["Beneficial Mutual Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00330556471325, 2],["Builders FirstSource Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00329760661074, 2],["Berkshire Hills Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00329444034338, 2],["Amedisys Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00328743803968, 2],["Select Medical Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0032868295921, 2],["CJ Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.003286333976, 0],["Spartan Stores Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00328526128163, 2],["EW Scripps Co. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00328511676901, 2],["Ormat Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0032843896679, 2],["Lotte Chilsung Beverage Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00328408414915, 0],["Ennis Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00328037799889, 2],["Resource Capital Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00327740648596, 2],["Kemet Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00327695660557, 2],["LTX-Credence Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00327532246729, 2],["Chiquita Brands International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00327410531045, 2],["Kudelski SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00327392269807, 0],["Tejon Ranch Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00327253400471, 2],["Renasant Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00326850884068, 2],["Federal-Mogul Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00326782595208, 2],["Avid Technology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0032660098262, 2],["Protalix BioTherapeutics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00326303753433, 2],["Emergent Biosolutions Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0032604182434, 2],["Endeavour International Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00325901455106, 2],["Nash Finch Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00325688166511, 2],["Lakeland Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00325530122185, 2],["EnergySolutions Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00325312339519, 2],["Kennedy-Wilson Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00325202302024, 2],["West Coast Bancorp/OR", 'All Holdings', 0.00325155360171, 2],["Flagstar Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00324904541433, 2],["Neutral Tandem Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00324804735366, 2],["Wet Seal Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00324702773667, 2],["QLT Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00324323911218, 0],["Flushing Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00323907060344, 2],["Intermec Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00323855942337, 2],["Trex Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00323805845272, 2],["Gibraltar Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.003237677279, 2],["United Fire Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00323690540121, 2],["Leapfrog Enterprises Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00323687862823, 2],["Brown Shoe Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00323581406077, 2],["Dole Food Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00323579795157, 2],["AFC Enterprises Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00323486407051, 2],["Extreme Networks", 'All Holdings', 0.00323455799487, 2],["DuluxGroup Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00323451083072, 0],["OSX Brasil SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00323367013712, 0],["Viad Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00323317146271, 2],["JD Group Ltd./South Africa", 'All Holdings', 0.00322595546109, 0],["Tokyo Steel Manufacturing Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00322578237383, 0],["Corvel Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00322087353865, 2],["ICG Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00322022597129, 2],["Atlantic Tele-Network Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00321885504941, 2],["Rudolph Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0032182937008, 2],["Staar Surgical Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00321760619525, 2],["Petroquest Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00321066868148, 2],["Mercury Computer Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00320954573547, 2],["GenCorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00320686394985, 2],["China Southern Airlines Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00320669289926, 0],["Quad/Graphics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00320654877825, 2],["Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00320575438144, 2],["Mercer International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.003205740994, 2],["Photronics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00319623602873, 2],["Higo Bank Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00319603506853, 0],["MISUMI Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00319484810136, 0],["Universal American Corp./NY", 'All Holdings', 0.00319473727987, 2],["National Healthcare Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00318917904345, 2],["eResearchTechnology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00318794485344, 2],["InnerWorkings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00318755365146, 2],["Smart Balance Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00318752097565, 2],["ISTA Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00318608278333, 2],["Harte-Hanks Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00318420323262, 2],["BPZ Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00318418190241, 2],["NTELOS Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00318314262055, 2],["Simmons First National Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00318241444102, 2],["PharMerica Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00318228804762, 2],["Middlesex Water Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00318216483105, 2],["Inter Rao Ues OAO", 'All Holdings', 0.00317578199659, 0],["EPIQ Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00317503227904, 2],["1st Source Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00317457389647, 2],["Pendrell Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00317412935568, 2],["Curis Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00317298702673, 2],["Ameris Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.00317263279976, 2],["TICC Capital Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00316849120471, 2],["Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00316705635327, 2],["Hawkins Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00316448572666, 2],["Taiwan Business Bank", 'All Holdings', 0.00316334282854, 0],["Celadon Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00316141538733, 2],["Sycamore Networks Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00316094292076, 2],["Affymax Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00315871991558, 2],["Net 1 UEPS Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00315839926271, 2],["Spectranetics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00315825289243, 2],["Banner Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00315655748976, 2],["Cost Plus Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00315555830879, 2],["ExamWorks Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00315499801302, 2],["Myers Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00315475701073, 2],["AVEO Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00315420261418, 2],["Internap Network Services Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00315012347742, 2],["Capstone Turbine Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00314769140864, 2],["Apogee Enterprises Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00314508163414, 2],["Nanometrics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00314424854543, 2],["ZIOPHARM Oncology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00314296384734, 2],["Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00314218000035, 2],["Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00314159608563, 2],["Modine Manufacturing Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00314140046381, 2],["Campus Crest Communities Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00313558918467, 2],[" Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00313369017395, 0],["Overseas Shipholding Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00313204636999, 2],["Caribou Coffee Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0031297864517, 2],["Ensign Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00312846766889, 2],["Zoltek Cos. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00312384497558, 2],["MYR Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00312347799939, 2],["Flow International Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00312334773071, 2],["Central Garden and Pet Co. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00312258745105, 2],["Matrix Service Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00312085219286, 2],["Perficient Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00311746540098, 2],["Central European Distribution Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00311727271866, 2],["Assisted Living Concepts Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00311541715411, 2],["Tornier NV", 'All Holdings', 0.00311110275431, 2],["National Presto Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00310996911085, 2],["BioScrip Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00310593812763, 2],["Mistras Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00310548126083, 2],["Bravo Brio Restaurant Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00310538956968, 2],["Immunomedics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00310325797175, 2],["Arqule Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00310294567543, 2],["Methode Electronics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00310283696176, 2],["Standard Motor Products Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00310234445899, 2],["Siam City Cement PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.00309955867402, 0],["Marten Transport Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00309907599677, 2],["Noranda Aluminum Holding Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00309870173687, 2],["Omnova Solutions Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00309868993485, 2],["First Busey Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00309772194154, 2],["Bebe Stores Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00309424441058, 2],["SJW Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00309375530254, 2],["Corinthian Colleges Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00309298475766, 2],["Multi-Fineline Electronix Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00308798991415, 2],["Oplink Communications Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00308737120049, 2],["Star Scientific Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00308641611914, 2],["Conn's Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00308566666932, 2],["Venoco Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00308470454817, 2],["Excel Trust Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00308431393409, 2],["IXYS Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00308371655035, 2],["Iridium Communications Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00308085808501, 2],["US Physical Therapy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00308061794945, 2],["ATP Oil & Gas Corp./United States", 'All Holdings', 0.00307807109722, 2],["Keryx Biopharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00307734750793, 2],["Epoch Holding Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00307263166447, 2],["Southside Bancshares Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0030725592593, 2],["Washington Trust Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00307171422871, 2],["Fabrinet", 'All Holdings', 0.00306853746189, 2],["Atrion Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00306729453079, 2],["Keynote Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00306672322617, 2],["First Merchants Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00306297692914, 2],["Exar Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00306211871501, 2],["Cal Dive International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00306147363467, 2],["Cass Information Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00306124256766, 2],["Rockville Financial Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00306088484481, 2],["Phoenix Cos. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00305948459309, 2],["MIPS Technologies Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0030585730311, 2],["Standard Parking Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00305711148637, 2],["Showa Shell Sekiyu KK", 'All Holdings', 0.0030556042333, 0],["Federal Signal Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00305550512068, 2],["Metropolitan Health Networks Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0030525002907, 2],["GAMCO Investors Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00305129703637, 2],["OneBeacon Insurance Group Ltd. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00305077201603, 2],["Connecticut Water Service Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0030505936043, 2],["Zep Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00305024881095, 2],["Winthrop Realty Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00304927004124, 2],["Kadant Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00304898335572, 2],["Depomed Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00304760122471, 2],["Provident New York Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.00304517334851, 2],["Rentrak Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00304468236928, 2],["TowneBank/Portsmouth VA", 'All Holdings', 0.00304339828459, 2],["Vonage Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00304315449647, 2],["MCG Capital Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00304020428621, 2],[" Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0030400844342, 2],["Body Central Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00303883847076, 2],["Universal Technical Institute Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00303752690254, 2],["Sunrise Senior Living Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00303653312253, 2],["AMAG Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00303609093736, 2],["Affymetrix Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00303188016796, 2],["GSI Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00302913622251, 2],["Air Transport Services Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00302769546261, 2],["Bancorp Inc./DE", 'All Holdings', 0.00302744008873, 2],["PetMed Express Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00302697519437, 2],["Columbus McKinnon Corp./NY", 'All Holdings', 0.0030245238218, 2],["Cumulus Media Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00302116329191, 2],["FreightCar America Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0030196385144, 2],["Barnes & Noble Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00301897748072, 2],["Merge Healthcare Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00301807990795, 2],["Kite Realty Group Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00301552996488, 2],["VASCO Data Security International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00301340746013, 2],["Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00301326035995, 2],["INTL. FCStone Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00301166631747, 2],["Singapore Post Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0030095425277, 0],["GP Strategies Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00300605851941, 2],["Calamos Asset Management Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00300576000082, 2],["Commercial Vehicle Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00300569371378, 2],["Callon Petroleum Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00300373960349, 2],["Accuride Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00300357479313, 2],["Aceto Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00300225925921, 2],["Berlian Laju Tanker Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00300100746467, 0],["Hudson Pacific Properties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00300043589308, 2],["Cemex SAB de CV ADR", 'All Holdings', 0.00299967152658, 0],["MModal Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00299802228212, 2],["REX American Resources Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00299754123823, 2],["National Western Life Insurance Co. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00299730514287, 2],["MoneyGram International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00299407243969, 2],["Orascom Telecom Media And Technology Holding SAE GDR", 'All Holdings', 0.00299363501435, 0],["Central Pacific Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00299335506691, 2],["Kensey Nash Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00299129806197, 2],["Nutrisystem Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00299030031686, 2],["Powell Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00298905125933, 2],["Integrated Silicon Solution Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00298552699986, 2],["Globecomm Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00298506387681, 2],["XO Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00298171688997, 2],["Vanguard Health Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00298054499578, 2],["AngioDynamics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00297945028666, 2],["USANA Health Sciences Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00297806589111, 2],["Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works", 'All Holdings', 0.00297772691831, 0],["Bancfirst Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00297732964879, 2],["AG Mortgage Investment Trust Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0029765057733, 2],["United Community Banks Inc./GA", 'All Holdings', 0.00297489343379, 2],["Eagle Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00297248921604, 2],["Daktronics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00297090569425, 2],["Unitil Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00296951468762, 2],["Multimedia Games Holding Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00296829213282, 2],["Progenics Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00296808190299, 2],["Antares Pharma Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.002968044216, 2],["Cedar Realty Trust Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00296678238073, 2],["Shoe Carnival Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0029661753, 2],["Great Southern Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00296526853683, 2],["Sciclone Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00296393268099, 2],["Calavo Growers Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00296194500889, 2],["LB Foster Co. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00296066976091, 2],["Hanmi Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00295824389607, 2],["NVE Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00295677769997, 2],["Quality Distribution Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00295344093886, 2],["USA Mobility Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00295217134187, 2],["8x8 Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00295203829733, 2],["Cardinal Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00295065631184, 2],["Alliance One International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0029487539461, 2],["Electro Rent Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00294652281625, 2],["Susser Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0029450890476, 2],["Cell Therapeutics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00294134942068, 2],["PHI Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00294052570398, 2],["Virginia Commerce Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00294042603142, 2],["CBIZ Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00294039833199, 2],["CTS Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00293994787531, 2],["Triangle Petroleum Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00293943384556, 2],["Houston Wire & Cable Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00293908669349, 2],["Billabong International Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0029390057112, 0],["Kopin Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00293705009272, 2],["KIT Digital Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00293552320348, 2],["LHC Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00293547529654, 2],["MannKind Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00293134528924, 2],["Journal Communications Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00293126536788, 2],["General Communication Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00293046456408, 2],["Universal Electronics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00293040076309, 2],["Winnebago Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0029299414411, 2],["OceanFirst Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00292992191479, 2],["MAP Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00292945419143, 2],["Digi International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00292884410685, 2],["Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00292789548834, 2],["Pantry Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00292769863498, 2],["Capital Senior Living Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00292721206395, 2],["FBR & Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00292245803426, 2],["MVC Capital Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00291936146137, 2],["Dynamic Materials Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00291842326673, 2],["Obagi Medical Products Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00291830542461, 2],["Vical Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00291772325231, 2],["SPS Commerce Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00291747598779, 2],["Green Plains Renewable Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00291733884561, 2],["Olympic Steel Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0029137311278, 2],["Virtusa Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00291243439467, 2],["Silicon Graphics International Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00291158224067, 2],["CRA International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00291141398944, 2],["FX Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00291132203024, 2],["Revlon Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00291095986975, 2],["Unilife Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00290856528874, 2],["GFI Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00290826011835, 2],["Speedway Motorsports Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00290716091283, 2],["Inphi Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00290698244209, 2],["Sterling Bancorp/NY", 'All Holdings', 0.00290596088875, 2],["Formfactor Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00290389960975, 2],["Cavco Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00290361464477, 2],["Golub Capital BDC Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00290294389776, 2],["Universal Stainless & Alloy", 'All Holdings', 0.00290252292061, 2],["Rouse Properties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00290200544058, 2],["Multi-Color Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00290188872934, 2],["Santarus Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00290175794005, 2],["Array Biopharma Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00290110808017, 2],["WSFS Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00290011784806, 2],["StellarOne Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00289933674157, 2],["QuinStreet Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00289681357636, 2],["Union First Market Bankshares Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0028959988579, 2],["Celldex Therapeutics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00289499453591, 2],["CIBER Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00289381945579, 2],["Actuate Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00289317594197, 2],["Saba Software Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00289274201239, 2],["RealNetworks Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00289024560322, 2],["Cowen Group Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00289003056713, 2],["SureWest Communications", 'All Holdings', 0.00288768559951, 2],["Systemax Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00288763587071, 2],["Netspend Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00288657453413, 2],["Swisher Hygiene Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00288572618963, 2],["BKW SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00288342917878, 0],["Inter Parfums Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00288279739014, 2],["Transcend Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00288178236508, 2],["CapLease Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00287670856668, 2],["Bryn Mawr Bank Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00287613246973, 2],["Mission West Properties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00287586678819, 2],["Vantage Drilling Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.002875183509, 2],["Dolan Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00287452429911, 2],["Univest Corp. of Pennsylvania", 'All Holdings', 0.00287354581453, 2],["Town Sports International Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00287278873072, 2],["Vocus Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00287176891358, 2],["Navidea Biopharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00286966296431, 2],["Monmouth Real Estate Investment Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00286946699288, 2],["Symmetricom Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00286865721892, 2],["Dawson Geophysical Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00286703948313, 2],["Gentiva Health Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00286464193493, 2],["Anaren Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00286452816574, 2],["NewStar Financial Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00286407944705, 2],["Abraxas Petroleum Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00286329963825, 2],["Libbey Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00286207088019, 2],["Uranium Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00286162806318, 2],["Insteel Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00286156198122, 2],["Douglas Dynamics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0028583457532, 2],["CDI Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00285787023177, 2],["Taser International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00285776849645, 2],["Hyundai Securities Co. Ltd. Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00285746958149, 0],["Golden Minerals Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00285544719898, 2],["TMK OAO", 'All Holdings', 0.00285435135579, 0],["Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00285361072642, 2],["Taylor Capital Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00285263582816, 2],["American Software Inc./Georgia Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00284852569843, 2],["American Railcar Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00284829588065, 2],["American Reprographics Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00284759620738, 2],["HickoryTech Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0028475857611, 2],["Royal Bafokeng Platinum Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00284328889829, 0],["Warren Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0028432814171, 2],["Hudson Valley Holding Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00284249135164, 2],["Fluidigm Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00284101568084, 2],["Headwaters Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00284079471586, 2],["Alamo Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00283963334202, 2],["Zygo Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00283730763274, 2],["Graham Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00283667130234, 2],["Capital Southwest Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00283520174345, 2],["Sangamo Biosciences Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00283508773945, 2],["Global Indemnity plc", 'All Holdings', 0.0028337380842, 2],["Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00283368562402, 2],["FuelCell Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00283358365594, 2],["Harvest Natural Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00283336495818, 2],["PMFG Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00283153157165, 2],["Northfield Bancorp Inc./NJ", 'All Holdings', 0.00283139167711, 2],["SunPower Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00282864373941, 2],["Republic Bancorp Inc./KY Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00282601069915, 2],["Furmanite Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0028236676569, 2],["General Moly Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00282351731296, 2],["Agilysys Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00282223666209, 2],["Marcus Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00282217375362, 2],["Shenandoah Telecommunications Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00282100097464, 2],["DDi Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00281990427353, 2],["Cohu Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00281917185097, 2],["Mitcham Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00281911393844, 2],["Camden National Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00281821617962, 2],["Limelight Networks Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00281631232522, 2],["Symmetry Medical Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00281569731238, 2],["Carrols Restaurant Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00281473413874, 2],["Thermon Group Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00281470052642, 2],["Agree Realty Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00281054416094, 2],["Stewart Information Services Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0028103474815, 2],["Kirkland's Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00281013785654, 2],["Medallion Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00281013422274, 2],["Digital Generation Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00280797119612, 2],["Trico Bancshares", 'All Holdings', 0.00280679542629, 2],["Aeroflex Holding Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00280645838834, 2],["Hawaiian Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00280512249815, 2],["World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00280476569986, 2],["Saia Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00280416974839, 2],["Mosenergo OAO", 'All Holdings', 0.00280386268091, 0],["VOXX International Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0028033980082, 2],["Perry Ellis International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00280084226197, 2],["Healthways Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00280001101095, 2],[" Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00279963444918, 2],["First Connecticut Bancorp Inc./Farmington CT", 'All Holdings', 0.00279888654837, 2],["Citizens & Northern Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00279872983653, 2],["Metalico Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00279866965008, 2],["Glu Mobile Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0027986383077, 2],["SurModics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0027965792447, 2],["Responsys Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00279650043413, 2],["M/I Homes Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00279328281576, 2],["IRIS International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00279149763711, 2],["Roadrunner Transportation Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00279057665466, 2],["One Liberty Properties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00278971767495, 2],["Parkway Properties Inc./Md", 'All Holdings', 0.00278961183545, 2],["Anika Therapeutics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00278791658294, 2],["Twin Disc Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00278697219905, 2],["Village Super Market Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00278511567696, 2],["SeaBright Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00278454309252, 2],["Beazer Homes USA Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00278383968251, 2],["ModusLink Global Solutions Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00278249577329, 2],["Michael Baker Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00278105578483, 2],["Cynosure Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0027804934158, 2],["MPG Office Trust Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00278016112714, 2],["Active Network Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00277830571159, 2],["AMN Healthcare Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00277410107303, 2],["Destination Maternity Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00277230286898, 2],["Deltek Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00277028183954, 2],["Cbeyond Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0027692306643, 2],["York Water Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00276908052864, 2],["Axcelis Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00276807296036, 2],["Exide Technologies", 'All Holdings', 0.00276794758199, 2],["Medifast Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00276767002324, 2],["TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0027654411428, 2],["State Auto Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00276543364731, 2],["Panhandle Oil and Gas Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00276538299596, 2],["First Interstate Bancsystem Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00276424299843, 2],["AEP Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00276351093627, 2],["CoBiz Financial Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00276256263797, 2],["STAG Industrial Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00276194868469, 2],["Southwest Bancorp Inc./Stillwater OK", 'All Holdings', 0.00276173313078, 2],["Cray Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0027616322815, 2],["O'Charleys Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00276161592756, 2],["Territorial Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00276090044208, 2],["Lakeland Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00276050022397, 2],["Seacoast Banking Corp. of Florida", 'All Holdings', 0.00275986923236, 2],["Gladstone Commercial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00275969887809, 2],["West Bancorporation Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00275744360847, 2],["Paramount Gold and Silver Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00275595833589, 2],["Zagg Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00275546952814, 2],["AM Castle & Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00275496981704, 2],["Republic Airways Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00275471996128, 2],["Stoneridge Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00275204445133, 2],["Rosneft Oil Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00274980359314, 0],["RAIT Financial Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00274916744772, 2],["James River Coal Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00274786976884, 2],["Pacer International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00274726942353, 2],["Penn Virginia Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00274693188509, 2],["Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00274628928931, 2],["Rubicon Technology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00274609099074, 2],["Bolt Technology Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.002745783889, 2],["Computer Task Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0027452746266, 2],["Miller Industries Inc./TN", 'All Holdings', 0.00274223494006, 2],["Callidus Software Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00274110987358, 2],["SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0027389603593, 2],["Genco Shipping & Trading Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00273888994282, 2],["Demand Media Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00273745208128, 2],["Cerus Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00273693713034, 2],["Westfield Financial Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00273678175905, 2],["Washington Banking Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00273636811679, 2],["Magnachip Semiconductor Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00273615595745, 2],["KVH Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00273549903517, 2],["Consolidated-Tomoka Land Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00273529005554, 2],["United Financial Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00273481439935, 2],["LeCroy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00273347397286, 2],["Lydall Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00273277138875, 2],["Mindspeed Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00273249880488, 2],["Cadence Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00273158224039, 2],["Geron Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00273092303965, 2],["MainSource Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00272884843617, 2],["Openwave Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00272465740253, 2],["Hovnanian Enterprises Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.0027243766359, 2],["Cogdell Spencer Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00272414084631, 2],["AXT Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00272408769142, 2],["Carmike Cinemas Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00272376058422, 2],["NN Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00272349390081, 2],["Centerstate Banks Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00272184404912, 2],["First Community Bancshares Inc./VA", 'All Holdings', 0.00272081615405, 2],["AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT", 'All Holdings', 0.00272076633274, 0],["Supertex Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00271996475978, 2],["PLX Technology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00271963083468, 2],["CAI International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0027189320899, 2],["Hooker Furniture Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00271881646525, 2],["RPX Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00271823879585, 2],["Almost Family Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00271820290445, 2],["FXCM Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00271698509387, 2],["National Bankshares Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0027164378617, 2],["Datalink Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00271537020044, 2],["Repligen Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00271509419822, 2],["Talbots Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00271283983278, 2],["Carriage Services Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0027122264907, 2],["Met-Pro Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00271192527127, 2],["Calix Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00270944781307, 2],["Providence Service Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00270910774641, 2],["Oclaro Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00270827768279, 2],["Lionbridge Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0027076654701, 2],["National Interstate Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00270727338092, 2],["Summit Hotel Properties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00270618865961, 2],["hhgregg Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00270227546235, 2],["Nature's Sunshine Products Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00270129318205, 2],["SciQuest Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00270045651557, 2],["Furiex Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00269960212817, 2],["NCI Building Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00269938154556, 2],["Alphatec Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00269920776001, 2],["Walker & Dunlop Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00269881475451, 2],["CryoLife Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00269726453746, 2],["Bank Mutual Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00269661005525, 2],["Zix Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00269551463018, 2],["Envestnet Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00269547691952, 2],["Ameresco Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0026951679646, 2],["Towerstream Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0026948771833, 2],["Lumos Networks Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00269477086634, 2],["IntraLinks Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0026946345625, 2],["German American Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00269453733241, 2],["Orion Marine Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00269372178005, 2],["Hyperdynamics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00269357934219, 2],["Presidential Life Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00269344667276, 2],["Richardson Electronics Ltd./United States", 'All Holdings', 0.002693193374, 2],["Famous Dave's Of America Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00269155294853, 2],["Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00269111904463, 2],["XOMA Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00269008153546, 2],["Financial Institutions Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00268790905094, 2],["Cenveo Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00268745515183, 2],["Kohlberg Capital Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00268736814309, 2],["Wave Systems Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00268553981958, 2],["Infinity Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00268517065541, 2],["Black Diamond Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00268414585404, 2],["Telemar Norte Leste SA Prior Pfd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00268348291136, 0],["AVI BioPharma Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00268345591214, 2],["Telular Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0026810887011, 2],["FSI International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00267983466469, 2],["OmniAmerican Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00267789612629, 2],["Steinway Musical Instruments Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00267580718414, 2],["John B Sanfilippo & Son Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00267359305353, 2],["Metals USA Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0026723251372, 2],["American Superconductor Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00267010780823, 2],["Hackett Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00266988721064, 2],["Cambrex Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00266969432965, 2],["First of Long Island Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00266709712992, 2],["Pericom Semiconductor Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00266617838269, 2],["Park-Ohio Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00266499382295, 2],["Savient Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00266495406494, 2],["X-Rite Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0026639451191, 2],["MarineMax Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0026633739652, 2],["Diamond Hill Investment Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00266231457952, 2],["PROLOR Biotech Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00266176068994, 2],["Westwood Holdings Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0026605447658, 2],["Cache Logistics Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00265919497699, 0],["Corcept Therapeutics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00265864317357, 2],["Seachange International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00265777734429, 2],["Delek US Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00265665274057, 2],["ADA-ES Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00265627832641, 2],["Nutraceutical International Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00265531684389, 2],["Delcath Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00265379964196, 2],["Northwest Pipe Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00265346157648, 2],["Vascular Solutions Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00265332889479, 2],["ESSA Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00265323006508, 2],["Metro Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00265207364224, 2],["Unifi Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0026519125607, 2],["Palomar Medical Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00265144294747, 2],["Peoples Bancorp Inc./OH", 'All Holdings', 0.00265044419407, 2],["Heritage Financial Corp./WA", 'All Holdings', 0.00265031946333, 2],["Young Innovations Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00264927299602, 2],["Imation Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00264739725499, 2],["Mac-Gray Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00264646165341, 2],["Hudson Highland Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00264642552888, 2],["Haverty Furniture Cos. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00264630306897, 2],["Central Garden and Pet Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00264536610185, 2],["Oncothyreon Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00264455886352, 2],["Center Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00264449229413, 2],["ShoreTel Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00264295937757, 2],["RTI Biologics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00264267492292, 2],["PDF Solutions Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00264106429717, 2],["Suffolk Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.00264086481455, 2],["First Financial Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0026405769505, 2],["Ruth's Hospitality Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00263998986175, 2],["Echo Global Logistics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00263871116881, 2],["Ipass Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00263868185971, 2],["Five Star Quality Care Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00263856848571, 2],["Vishay Precision Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00263850804986, 2],["Barrett Business Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00263815384109, 2],["Intevac Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.002637944133, 2],["Medley Capital Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00263656773655, 2],["Terreno Realty Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00263566187537, 2],["American Woodmark Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00263502865751, 2],["Sagent Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00263372223096, 2],["Stein Mart Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00263357113963, 2],["Pain Therapeutics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00263323805692, 2],["BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00263290156587, 2],["Global Geophysical Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00263161126455, 2],["Zipcar Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0026313502047, 2],["Great Wolf Resorts Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00263056997791, 2],["CNB Financial Corp./PA", 'All Holdings', 0.00262926649163, 2],["Oil-Dri Corp. of America", 'All Holdings', 0.00262926194749, 2],["OncoGenex Pharmaceutical Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00262860418188, 2],["Schawk Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0026258533703, 2],["Schiff Nutrition International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00262524149582, 2],["Heartland Financial USA Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00262452010539, 2],["Harris & Harris Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00262146934904, 2],["Guaranty Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.00262035646632, 2],["Novavax Inc. Private Placement", 'All Holdings', 0.00261722774647, 2],["Chindex International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00261675945901, 2],["Uranerz Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00261637228646, 2],["Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00261628253691, 2],["Echelon Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00261517872949, 2],["Spartech Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0026150860259, 2],["Bank of Marin Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.00261489584714, 2],["Pike Electric Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00261296406254, 2],["Tuesday Morning Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00261211313846, 2],["National Beverage Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00261114428722, 2],["Hurco Cos. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00261042446389, 2],["Arbor Realty Trust Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00261010658698, 2],["Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00260978780098, 2],["Doral Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00260935313372, 2],["Benihana Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00260843062884, 2],["LSI Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00260831156649, 2],["Ingles Markets Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.002607586058, 2],["Pacific Continental Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00260508301032, 2],["Pozen Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00260453359215, 2],["SWS Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.002604381809, 2],["Casella Waste Systems Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00260342884598, 2],["CSS Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00260333318601, 2],["Baldwin & Lyons Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00260219049081, 2],["McClatchy Co. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00260076694605, 2],["Artio Global Investors Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00259956562061, 2],["Travelzoo Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00259936180168, 2],["Heritage Commerce Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00259915298375, 2],["Enterprise Financial Services Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00259730542924, 2],["Aegerion Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00259641925468, 2],["Gladstone Capital Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00259501659573, 2],["Oppenheimer Holdings Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00259420449207, 2],["Hansen Medical Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.002593847066, 2],["American Safety Insurance Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00259292271037, 2],["International Shipholding Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00259259368656, 2],["Penns Woods Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00259233987451, 2],["Chaoda Modern Agriculture Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00259120134403, 0],["USEC Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00258943545426, 2],["First Defiance Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0025894131859, 2],["Gladstone Investment Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00258928434753, 2],["Targacept Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00258867355767, 2],["West Marine Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0025868523172, 2],["Dyax Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00258662781441, 2],["Big 5 Sporting Goods Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00258647011704, 2],["Crimson Exploration Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00258571684999, 2],["1st United Bancorp Inc./Boca Raton", 'All Holdings', 0.00258556210628, 2],["Evolution Petroleum Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00258550166306, 2],["Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00258544076536, 2],["Isle of Capri Casinos Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00258489041342, 2],["Kimball International Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00258439164217, 2],["Amicus Therapeutics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00258248426291, 2],["First Bancorp/Troy NC", 'All Holdings', 0.00258086341569, 2],["EnerNOC Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00258020466784, 2],["Willbros Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00257922506544, 2],["Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc./DE", 'All Holdings', 0.00257863971162, 2],["Merchants Bancshares Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00257858199424, 2],["Mattson Technology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.002577255174, 2],["Ultra Clean Holdings", 'All Holdings', 0.0025769168217, 2],["United States Lime & Minerals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00257684206148, 2],["Gastar Exploration Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00257491578849, 2],["Encore Bancshares Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00257441632408, 2],["BofI Holding Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00257344875216, 2],["Chatham Lodging Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00257267751081, 2],["Aviat Networks Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00257242255094, 2],["Home Federal Bancorp Inc./ID", 'All Holdings', 0.00257055488576, 2],["Citi Trends Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00257032264845, 2],["Vicor Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00256964297868, 2],["ESB Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.002569358476, 2],["Spartan Motors Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00256904011455, 2],["IDT Corp. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00256854314301, 2],["Omeros Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00256827204673, 2],["Sun Healthcare Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00256709358262, 2],["Bel Fuse Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00256593647591, 2],["Casual Male Retail Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00256573968566, 2],["Ames National Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00256434147244, 2],["Donegal Group Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00256245786555, 2],["Park Sterling Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00256131369934, 2],["Dusa Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00256071059641, 2],["Intersections Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00256051084963, 2],["Anadigics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00255918761008, 2],["Genie Energy Ltd. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00255852814762, 2],["Kenneth Cole Productions Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00255650180546, 2],["Heritage-Crystal Clean Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0025556505435, 2],["Maxygen Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00255560486709, 2],["Weyco Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00255549510734, 2],["EMC Insurance Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00255546601986, 2],["Seneca Foods Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00255350238357, 2],["Orexigen Therapeutics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00255339830446, 2],["Natural Gas Services Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00255313969731, 2],["Edelman Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00255264270757, 2],["FalconStor Software Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00255230751756, 2],["Midas Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00255219275753, 2],["Ampco-Pittsburgh Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00255184484129, 2],["PRGX Global Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00255153192095, 2],["LMI Aerospace Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00255149306155, 2],["Sigma Designs Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00255129194704, 2],["Landec Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00255073518887, 2],["DSP Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00255071041879, 2],["Digimarc Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00255047385315, 2],["STR Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00254972143266, 2],["Rockwell Medical Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00254824613023, 2],["Physicians Formula Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00254653970902, 2],["Entercom Communications Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00254623973816, 2],["Cherokee Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00254394609047, 2],["Macatawa Bank Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00254195649525, 2],["Gleacher & Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0025418774112, 2],["US Global Investors Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00254061320085, 2],["Saga Communications Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00254007415479, 2],["Primus Telecommunications Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00253993871141, 2],["Samart Corp. PCL", 'All Holdings', 0.00253941900849, 0],["Rochester Medical Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00253918377287, 2],["Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00253912923181, 2],["Astex Pharmaceuticals", 'All Holdings', 0.00253670760161, 2],["Exactech Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00253643739448, 2],["Westmoreland Coal Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0025327360625, 2],["Allos Therapeutics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.002530474387, 2],["Sterling Construction Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00252964829982, 2],["TravelCenters of America LLC", 'All Holdings', 0.00252927582148, 2],["Lincoln Educational Services Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00252850836511, 2],["Tenaris SA", 'All Holdings', 0.00252797702834, 0],["Radisys Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0025273395653, 2],["GTx Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00252698072063, 2],["Rimage Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00252684618221, 2],["Innodata Isogen Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00252680345716, 2],["Alaska Communications Systems Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00252659483161, 2],["Northrim BanCorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00252639847805, 2],["Chelsea Therapeutics International Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00252633007245, 2],["KMG Chemicals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00252512126871, 2],["Monarch Casino & Resort Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00252457197663, 2],["Sun Bancorp Inc./NJ", 'All Holdings', 0.00252300386552, 2],["Skilled Healthcare Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00252236207464, 2],["Kaiser Federal Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00252219389982, 2],["Medtox Scientific Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00252212299366, 2],["Jamba Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0025218232332, 2],[" Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0025218039158, 2],["Arlington Asset Investment Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00251917310534, 2],["Epocrates Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00251852108187, 2],["Cross Country Healthcare Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00251755702167, 2],["Ducommun Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00251742975283, 2],["Mercantile Bank Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0025152714041, 2],["Dynamics Research Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00251494209418, 2],["A123 Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0025138623468, 2],["Convio Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00251372689525, 2],["Thomas Properties Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00251282805038, 2],["Strattec Security Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00251232715095, 2],["Omega Protein Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00251198829352, 2],["Indiana Community Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.0025114458029, 2],["TeleCommunication Systems Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0025110655818, 2],["Transact Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00250973969162, 2],["Cardiovascular Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00250933265116, 2],["Gordmans Stores Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00250845106977, 2],["First Bancorp Inc./ME", 'All Holdings', 0.00250276017901, 2],["Adams Resources & Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00250213881286, 2],["ORBCOMM Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.002501561537, 2],["THL Credit Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0025009244872, 2],["NGP Capital Resources Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00249771854205, 2],["Kansas City Life Insurance Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00249672625336, 2],["Geeknet Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00249628556373, 2],["Premier Exhibitions Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00249617601626, 2],["Preformed Line Products Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00249521167918, 2],["Immersion Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00249457871107, 2],["Sealy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0024942582493, 2],["Marlin Business Services Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00249417256551, 2],["XenoPort Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00249201273751, 2],["Trius Therapeutics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00249115225795, 2],["Synergetics USA Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00249094497895, 2],["TGC Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00249004063221, 2],["Consolidated Water Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00248856694528, 2],["First Philippine Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00248832402437, 0],["Discovery Laboratories Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00248803056199, 2],["Harvard Bioscience Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00248740326545, 2],["Fox Chase Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00248723098602, 2],["Artesian Resources Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00248652823071, 2],["Limoneira Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00248584002034, 2],["Chase Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00248067022549, 2],["Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00248039794295, 0],["LIN TV Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00248027952232, 2],["AH Belo Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00247985404412, 2],["MoSys Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00247907740897, 2],["Willis Lease Finance Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00247869579582, 2],["Bassett Furniture Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00247746413081, 2],["Cytori Therapeutics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00247648497851, 2],["CardioNet Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00247615882121, 2],["Cytokinetics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00247581879911, 2],["Endocyte Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00247502260998, 2],["Warwick Valley Telephone Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00247456076052, 2],["SIGA Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00247409050089, 2],["Inventure Foods Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00247350818739, 2],[" Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0024729615575, 2],["Guidance Software Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0024729554207, 2],["Emcore Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00247192966386, 2],["Pervasive Software Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00247052092052, 2],["Argan Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00246955220794, 2],["Anacor Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00246935832879, 2],["Courier Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00246856440073, 2],["MELA Sciences Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00246843098067, 2],["Pacific Mercantile Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.00246823573727, 2],["American National Bankshares Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00246759159253, 2],["Double Eagle Petroleum Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00246752681434, 2],["UMH Properties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00246739248479, 2],["Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00246637833222, 0],["Fisher Communications Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00246453155105, 2],["Alon USA Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00246293481134, 2],["Delta Electronics Thai PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.00246281143324, 0],["Senomyx Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00246233248096, 2],["Thai Stanley Electric PCL", 'All Holdings', 0.00246196924448, 0],["Motorcar Parts of America Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00246174606038, 2],["First Marblehead Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00246063617773, 2],["ZaZa Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0024599936128, 2],["AtriCure Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0024574590292, 2],["Preferred Bank/Los Angeles CA", 'All Holdings', 0.00245740311409, 2],["First Financial Northwest Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00245620821095, 2],["Westell Technologies Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00245510376931, 2],["TeleNav Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00245439664333, 2],["Eastern Insurance Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00245368428833, 2],["Cache Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00245354677231, 2],["GSE Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00245318377527, 2],["Bon-Ton Stores Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00245315127145, 2],["Utah Medical Products Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00245292533574, 2],["Amyris Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00245232526448, 2],["Alliance Financial Corp./NY", 'All Holdings', 0.00245225457421, 2],["Cadiz Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00245056414144, 2],["Zale Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00245028456137, 2],["Biolase Technology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00244909236626, 2],["Cel-Sci Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00244887279289, 2],["CalAmp Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00244859753046, 2],["Pacific Biosciences of California Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00244843546423, 2],["BankFinancial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00244710188184, 2],["PC Mall Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00244688117095, 2],["Online Resources Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00244670410209, 2],["Sierra Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.00244664159381, 2],["AuthenTec Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00244500228253, 2],["Midway Gold Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00244472929069, 2],["PC-Tel Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00244456290424, 2],["Novatel Wireless Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00244447152804, 2],["SRS Labs Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00244440720101, 2],["Superior Uniform Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00244369596614, 2],["Syntroleum Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00244215324846, 2],["Valence Technology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00244171204884, 2],["MaxLinear Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00244127971369, 2],["Tat Hong Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00244126079539, 0],["ePlus Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00244104354305, 2],["Bridge Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00244088624742, 2],["Ultralife Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00244072986095, 2],["Lifetime Brands Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00243896800897, 2],["Gramercy Capital Corp./New York", 'All Holdings', 0.00243890777265, 2],["ID Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00243867250994, 2],["Luby's Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00243859067941, 2],["Energy Recovery Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00243849634696, 2],["Miller Energy Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00243672653014, 2],["Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00243563181323, 2],["Bakrie Sumatera Plantations Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00243548900623, 0],["Hill International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00243547337909, 2],["PDI Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0024349842105, 2],["LCA-Vision Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00243480918257, 2],["National Research Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00243444571525, 2],["First Pactrust Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00243327688958, 2],["Hardinge Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.002430643497, 2],["BlueLinx Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00242987086545, 2],["Red Lion Hotels Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0024297840324, 2],["Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00242888137679, 2],["Rosetta Stone Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00242884500685, 2],["Houston American Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00242876476564, 2],["AKR Corporindo Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00242850330473, 0],["Marchex Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00242835674003, 2],["Solta Medical Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00242756137313, 2],["Delta Natural Gas Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00242735883735, 2],["Winmark Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0024272983721, 2],["Fuel Tech Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00242729246196, 2],["Franklin Covey Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00242642207968, 2],["TRC Cos. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0024243460211, 2],["K-Swiss Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00242308987923, 2],["Daily Journal Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00242138251155, 2],["Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00241989836237, 2],["Uranium Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00241974492347, 2],["Patriot Transportation Holding Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00241859560754, 2],["PC Connection Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00241767747105, 2],["BRT Realty Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00241755153686, 2],["Psychemedics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0024175031181, 2],["National American University Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00241716373204, 2],["CREDO Petroleum Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00241673955592, 2],["LoJack Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00241652178473, 2],["Nicholas Financial Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0024158621056, 2],["Metabolix Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00241467481703, 2],["Stanley Furniture Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00241403604853, 2],["Enzo Biochem Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0024133795481, 2],["Pulse Electronics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00241303083868, 2],["Lawson Products Inc./DE", 'All Holdings', 0.00241277555774, 2],["USA Truck Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00241258619966, 2],["Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.0024109146934, 0],["HKT Trust / HKT Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00241071650781, 0],["Crawford & Co. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00241018545934, 2],["Biotime Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0024098917593, 2],["Nabi Biopharmaceuticals", 'All Holdings', 0.00240881311465, 2],["Coldwater Creek Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.002408805613, 2],["PowerSecure International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00240876878673, 2],["Asta Funding Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00240743530986, 2],["Perma-Fix Environmental Services", 'All Holdings', 0.0024072077591, 2],["Gaiam Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00240690723734, 2],["Cutera Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0024059981691, 2],["JMP Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00240577061759, 2],["Innovative Solutions & Support Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00240564627121, 2],["Einstein Noah Restaurant Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00240550919463, 2],["Globalstar Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00240530551194, 2],["Shiloh Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0024046744587, 2],["Orion Energy Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00240284289876, 2],["KEYW Holding Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00240164398095, 2],["Theragenics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00240148962629, 2],["Dex One Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00240137459908, 2],["Reis Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00240108930417, 2],["Furniture Brands International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00240023841951, 2],["Smith Micro Software Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00240014635201, 2],["CAMAC Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00239941708577, 2],["MTR Gaming Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00239828726627, 2],["Peapack Gladstone Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00239819906293, 2],["Union Drilling Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00239764188113, 2],["AT Cross Co. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00239756981799, 2],["QuickLogic Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00239742614633, 2],["US Energy Corp. Wyoming", 'All Holdings', 0.00239698012736, 2],["Joe's Jeans Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0023969173846, 2],["Intervest Bancshares Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00239625517506, 2],["Female Health Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0023957536865, 2],["New York & Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00239522037119, 2],["Imperial Sugar Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00239419556738, 2],["Alico Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00239383911332, 2],["Bisi International PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00239322627293, 0],["Rick's Cabaret International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0023932182733, 2],["TF Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00239298253118, 2],["Magnetek Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00239213526794, 2],["Filinvest Land Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00238943580338, 0],["Mattersight Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00238909606405, 2],["Bridge Capital Holdings", 'All Holdings', 0.00238879121042, 2],["Johnson Outdoors Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0023880069104, 2],["MOCON Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00238782004219, 2],["Pacific Sunwear of California Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00238771774204, 2],["CyberOptics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00238766841062, 2],["Delta Apparel Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00238764658658, 2],["Cape Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00238524070702, 2],["Zalicus Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00238497154231, 2],["American Pacific Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00238454051468, 2],["Life Partners Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00238445549125, 2],["Mitel Networks Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00238306806107, 2],["VSE Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00238208528587, 2],["Agenus Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00238208142114, 2],["AV Homes Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00238191432868, 2],["RigNet Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00238008153606, 2],["Valuevision Media Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00237931904477, 2],["Osiris Therapeutics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0023790428289, 2],["Transcept Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0023788059424, 2],["Resource America Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0023787118243, 2],["Biosante Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00237768516283, 2],["Provident Financial Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00237635340924, 2],["Archipelago Learning Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00237564729173, 2],["Albany Molecular Research Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00237564342695, 2],["Bank of Kentucky Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00237352825028, 2],["Capital City Bank Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00237252658414, 2],["Orchids Paper Products Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00237244906063, 2],["WSP Group plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00237144920281, 0],["PAR Technology Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00237126165337, 2],["Ambassadors Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00237057939856, 2],["Morgans Hotel Group Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00237015767771, 2],["US Home Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00237004968982, 2],["Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00236975528061, 2],["Galena Biopharma Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00236962183019, 2],["Tower International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00236893320719, 2],["QAD Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00236822162136, 2],["Lifeway Foods Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00236765371592, 2],["Sparton Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0023672088031, 2],["Build-A-Bear Workshop Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00236686119333, 2],["Thaicom PCL", 'All Holdings', 0.00236651886127, 0],["GSI Technology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00236621371538, 2],["Medical Action Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00236569400451, 2],["Aware Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00236521998946, 2],["BankAtlantic Bancorp Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00236518043135, 2],["TheStreet Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00236493785364, 2],["Orbitz Worldwide Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00236457955679, 2],["Nexstar Broadcasting Group Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0023635690035, 2],["Century Bancorp Inc./MA Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00236310271591, 2],["Franklin Financial Corp./VA", 'All Holdings', 0.00236050481876, 2],["Identive Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00236007263011, 2],["Gray Television Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00235901182227, 2],["Universal Insurance Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00235884426623, 2],["RadNet Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00235854871267, 2],["Zogenix Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00235853529908, 2],["Biospecifics Technologies Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0023584755063, 2],["Viasystems Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00235818609092, 2],["Marine Products Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00235643981856, 2],["Outdoor Channel Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00235564159173, 2],["Intiland Development Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00235539441772, 0],["Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00235510822716, 2],["Learning Tree International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00235478766246, 2],["Meta Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00235434660143, 2],["SI Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00235304751493, 2],["Ramayana Lestari Sentosa Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00235227258503, 0],["Overhill Farms Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00235069600843, 2],[" Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00234952059144, 2],["Kid Brands Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00234940123074, 2],["Entravision Communications Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00234863231966, 2],["Digirad Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00234534431141, 2],["Edgewater Technology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00234531179952, 2],["Rocky Brands Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00234516038046, 2],["Penford Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00234476478089, 2],["Public Bank Bhd. (Local)", 'All Holdings', 0.00234424491222, 0],["Dot Hill Systems Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00234333971001, 2],["School Specialty Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00234259125036, 2],["Collectors Universe", 'All Holdings', 0.00234252463466, 2],["Apricus Biosciences Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0023422440756, 2],["Sucampo Pharmaceuticals Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00234176616987, 2],["PMC Commercial Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.002341736386, 2],["Bsquare Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00234169773518, 2],["Boingo Wireless Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00234157723554, 2],["LS Starrett Co. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00233979815672, 2],["Parlux Fragrances Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0023395369214, 2],["Christopher & Banks Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00233885734507, 2],["Ramtron International Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0023386654538, 2],["AmeriServ Financial Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00233825279634, 2],["Astronics Corp. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00233797314395, 2],["MidWestOne Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0023374004244, 2],["Navarre Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00233643368845, 2],["NewBridge Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.00233612743369, 2],["Maui Land & Pineapple Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00233609310223, 2],["Isramco Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00233597669352, 2],["KV Pharmaceutical Co. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00233580026152, 2],["GMX Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00233562132847, 2],["CompuCredit Holdings Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00233561428028, 2],["MidSouth Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00233495811603, 2],["SL Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00233489377277, 2],["Horizon Bancorp/IN", 'All Holdings', 0.00233473348299, 2],["Gevo Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00233393180584, 2],["CalComp Electronics Thailand PCL (Foreign)", 'All Holdings', 0.00233361545045, 0],["Cleveland Biolabs Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00233335248745, 2],["TranS1 Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00233303031516, 2],["Verenium Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00233279158465, 2],["Concurrent Computer Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00233194806915, 2],["Republic First Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0023314003516, 2],["Zorlu Enerji Elektrik Uretim AS", 'All Holdings', 0.00233076601671, 0],["Mediware Information Systems", 'All Holdings', 0.00233070007245, 2],["Farmer Bros Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00233054569258, 2],["Nautilus Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00233039836092, 2],["Bakrie and Brothers Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00233017134992, 0],["First Gen Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00233007223871, 0],["Opnext Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00232935953493, 2],["Norwood Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00232886888261, 2],["Evolving Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00232816723519, 2],["Urstadt Biddle Properties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00232617778802, 2],["Xerium Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00232576352713, 2],["Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00232342892545, 2],["PAM Transportation Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00232305217759, 2],["Bar Harbor Bankshares", 'All Holdings', 0.00232291984965, 2],["First United Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0023227916143, 2],["Lee Enterprises Inc./IA", 'All Holdings', 0.00232278911325, 2],["Strategic Diagnostics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00232236825546, 2],["Bangkok Expressway PCL", 'All Holdings', 0.00232224238158, 0],["Market Leader Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00232206949393, 2],["Network Engines Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00232192761624, 2],["Tecumseh Products Co. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00232051611255, 2],["Amtech Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00232042993974, 2],["Manila Water Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00232038400869, 0],["Bakrie Telecom Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00232001233316, 0],["Alliance Bancorp Inc. of Pennsylvania", 'All Holdings', 0.00231994859947, 2],["Codexis Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00231973964715, 2],["Flexsteel Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00231922238173, 2],["Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00231918463838, 2],["Coleman Cable Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00231899865003, 2],["LodgeNet Interactive Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00231837270088, 2],["Dynegy Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00231819762594, 2],["Covenant Transportation Group Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00231809167147, 2],["Hallmark Financial Services", 'All Holdings', 0.00231765739427, 2],["Powerwave Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00231740455835, 2],["Myrexis Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00231696095827, 2],["Firstbank Corp./Alma MI", 'All Holdings', 0.00231691502938, 2],["Heelys Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00231626975068, 2],["Radio One Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00231566244205, 2],[" Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00231539573529, 2],["Home Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00231421749429, 2],["Asset Acceptance Capital Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00231367543869, 2],["EnteroMedics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0023116947927, 2],["Gajah Tunggal Tbk PT", 'All Holdings', 0.00231099290937, 0],["Ampio Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00231082736196, 2],["CFS Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00231075664866, 2],["Thai Vegetable Oil PCL", 'All Holdings', 0.00231067078362, 0],["Insmed Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00231046151712, 2],["Baltic Trading Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00231041354118, 2],["Wincanton plc", 'All Holdings', 0.00230906015133, 0],["Hampton Roads Bankshares Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00230758590686, 2],["Griffin Land & Nurseries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00230728622566, 2],["Synear Food Holdings Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00230727605935, 0],["Emira Property Fund", 'All Holdings', 0.00230695393085, 0],["Aastrom Biosciences Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00230674416141, 2],["Middleburg Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00230567071758, 2],["Frequency Electronics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00230562910765, 2],["Codorus Valley Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00230558295019, 2],["MEMSIC Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00230402860033, 2],["Durect Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00230211862506, 2],["UQM Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00230105562924, 2],["Official Payments Holdings Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00230086940575, 2],["Anthera Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00230075139595, 2],["Investors Title Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00229911653625, 2],["Hingham Institution for Savings", 'All Holdings', 0.00229891985244, 2],["LNB Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00229880752662, 2],["Century Casinos Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00229813902819, 2],["THQ Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00229794643679, 2],["Crawford & Co. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00229793256657, 2],["Orrstown Financial Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00229737730255, 2],["Hubbell Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0022967601901, 2],["Bluegreen Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00229589204738, 2],["Stratus Properties Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022950498245, 2],["Omega Flex Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00229463803512, 2],["SA Corporate Real Estate Fund Nominees Pty Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00229424205393, 0],["Research Frontiers Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00229419395702, 2],["Lannett Co. Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022931877876, 2],["Escalade Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00229255270591, 2],["Hemispherx Biopharma Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00229042780175, 2],["First Ship Lease Trust", 'All Holdings', 0.00229012857938, 0],["Shore Bancshares Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00228936273085, 2],["Independence Holding Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00228914830656, 2],["Waterstone Financial Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00228892046644, 2],["ENGlobal Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022879126931, 2],["Parkervision Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00228777671628, 2],["Harris Interactive Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00228773123907, 2],["Precious Shipping PCL", 'All Holdings', 0.00228742754176, 0],["Crexendo Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00228731284856, 2],["Transwitch Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00228720574962, 2],["United Community Financial Corp./OH", 'All Holdings', 0.00228594352635, 2],["VIST Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00228571477499, 2],["Numerex Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00228563450734, 2],["Comverge Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00228496735296, 2],["First Acceptance Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00228378061604, 2],["ReachLocal Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00228343225732, 2],["Ceco Environmental Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00228278147154, 2],["Solitario Exploration & Royalty Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00228172934307, 2],["Complete Genomics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00228161337457, 2],["Pulaski Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00228157130756, 2],["Capital Trust Inc./NY Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00228077044183, 2],["Culp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00228061240597, 2],["GenVec Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00227941155895, 2],["Commercial National Financial Corp./PA", 'All Holdings', 0.0022784374174, 2],["Frisch's Restaurants Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00227737641013, 2],["Craft Brew Alliance Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00227666581123, 2],["C&F Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00227625900705, 2],["Roma Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00227471501231, 2],["Orchard Supply Hardware Stores Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00227459222015, 2],["Community Bankers Trust Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00227321876474, 2],["Alliance HealthCare Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00227308869556, 2],["Acura Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00227300819818, 2],["TechTarget Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00227196332265, 2],["Cheviot Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00227185212683, 2],["Eastern Virginia Bankshares Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00227164701707, 2],["Vision Sciences Inc./DE", 'All Holdings', 0.0022716254146, 2],["BioClinica Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00227065989659, 2],["Alexza Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00227012051537, 2],["Reading International Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00226934577902, 2],["MutualFirst Financial Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00226926414397, 2],["Columbia Laboratories Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00226856990431, 2],["NAPCO Security Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00226789544704, 2],["LRAD Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00226755025913, 2],["Active Power Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022663893979, 2],["Performance Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00226622112393, 2],["Pixelworks Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00226610969923, 2],["Icad Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00226586865796, 2],["Satcon Technology Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022649774863, 2],["American Apparel Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00226488516272, 2],["Broadwind Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00226390484882, 2],["Integrated Electrical Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00226383276349, 2],["Citizens South Banking Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00226371406143, 2],["Media General Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.0022632701791, 2],["First South Bancorp Inc./Washington NC", 'All Holdings', 0.00226228599578, 2],["NeoPhotonics Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022617168148, 2],["dELiA*s Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022613388764, 2],["ECB Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00226007339434, 2],["Pinnacle Airlines Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022593573095, 2],["Repros Therapeutics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00225909193258, 2],["HF Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00225885861905, 2],["StarTek Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00225851456096, 2],["Document Security Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00225828374854, 2],["New Hampshire Thrift Bancshares Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00225780825183, 2],["Hutchinson Technology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00225779892836, 2],["Dixie Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00225634355497, 2],["Nanosphere Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00225580870402, 2],["Tatung Co. Ltd. GDR", 'All Holdings', 0.00225553420356, 0],["Ikanos Communications Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00225522314153, 2],["Skyline Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00225438697967, 2],["Salem Communications Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00225346463009, 2],["Ohio Valley Banc Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022526104999, 2],["MGP Ingredients Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00225181481107, 2],["Sypris Solutions Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00225035100361, 2],["NCI Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00224989914842, 2],["US Auto Parts Network Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00224929879657, 2],["HopFed Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00224801053874, 2],["Books-A-Million Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022479461826, 2],["Planar Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00224777358075, 2],["Heska Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00224658651479, 2],["Plug Power Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00224657309774, 2],["Stereotaxis Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00224644688651, 2],["Dover Motorsports Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00224567256275, 2],["Primo Water Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022451988715, 2],["Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00224512200748, 2],["Daxor Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022450139885, 2],["Celsion Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00224401020663, 2],["Arrowhead Research Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00224384374326, 2],["Trans World Entertainment Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00224364544255, 2],["Emerson Radio Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00224335617805, 2],["Lime Energy Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022431890322, 2],["CytRx Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00224308146756, 2],["Hastings Entertainment Inc./United States", 'All Holdings', 0.00224263983824, 2],["Cambium Learning Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00224232965137, 2],["Yadkin Valley Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00224218047051, 2],["Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00224151143009, 2],["Newtek Business Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00224115234917, 2],["Unity Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022409922522, 2],["Standard Register Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00224058609684, 2],["Virco Manufacturing", 'All Holdings', 0.00224043782502, 2],["Microvision Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00224040712456, 2],["Gain Capital Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00223993320015, 2],["Ameriana Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.00223945995746, 2],["United Security Bancshares/Thomasville AL", 'All Holdings', 0.00223944790466, 2],["BancTrust Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00223932737665, 2],["QC Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00223837816049, 2],["SuperMedia Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00223702687698, 2],["Old Second Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022350959124, 2],["BioMimetic Therapeutics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022348646327, 2],["Idera Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022345221475, 2],["MBT Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00223310831298, 2],["Cosi Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00223075433765, 2],["Looksmart Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00223041412337, 2],["CombiMatrix Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00222939507084, 2],["Pzena Investment Management Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00222931570245, 2],["Rainmaker Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022287282849, 2],["Eastern Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00222735513928, 2],["Synthesis Energy Systems Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00222693282449, 2],["Gaming Partners International Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00222639111478, 2],["Video Display Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00222634563114, 2],["StemCells Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00222570522107, 2],["GTSI Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00222566701475, 2],["Gasco Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00222529996108, 2],["Meru Networks Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00222464886077, 2],["Ditech Networks Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00222379649325, 2],["Canterbury Park Holding Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00222245767249, 2],["Clifton Savings Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00222229825089, 2],["Hawthorn Bancshares Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00222227141529, 2],["Farmers Capital Bank Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00222221546989, 2],["Empire Resorts Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00222187070051, 2],["Cardica Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022213619605, 2],["Hooper Holmes Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00222112908154, 2],["Southern Community Financial Corp./NC", 'All Holdings', 0.00221981094792, 2],["Duckwall-ALCO Stores Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00221862198615, 2],["iGO Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00221822945521, 2],["WebMediaBrands Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00221820079998, 2],["Barnwell Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00221803273476, 2],["First M&F Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00221745803763, 2],["Frozen Food Express Industries", 'All Holdings', 0.00221741073368, 2],["Wayne Savings Bancshares Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00221738253324, 2],["Ocean Power Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00221641348329, 2],["BCSB Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00221622426699, 2],["Fortegra Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00221559998908, 2],["North Valley Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.00221557701928, 2],["Key Technology Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022151344523, 2],["QAD Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00221469916244, 2],["Oneida Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00221317996558, 2],["Autobytel Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00221295254045, 2],["Bel Fuse Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00221291228619, 2],["Network Equipment Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022127098777, 2],["WSB Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00221177129237, 2],["Bovie Medical Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00221127345698, 2],["Penson Worldwide Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00221126458736, 2],["Reliv International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.002211085603, 2],["Old Point Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00221082110628, 2],["Consumer Portfolio Services Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00220906127791, 2],["Citizens Holding Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00220870649128, 2],["Hollywood Media Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00220842016007, 2],["American Independence Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00220826482701, 2],["BSD Medical Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00220810517277, 2],["Rodman & Renshaw Capital Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00220798509091, 2],["Sharps Compliance Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00220633282482, 2],["Lakes Entertainment Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022059270919, 2],["Oilsands Quest Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00220591435588, 2],["HKN Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00220583793977, 2],["Altair Nanotechnologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00220553909806, 2],["Verso Paper Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00220520432233, 2],["Clean Diesel Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00220449315047, 2],["DynaVox Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00220430915987, 2],["Institutional Financial Markets Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00220329118324, 2],["Heritage Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00220315540735, 2],["RGC Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0022027633173, 2],["Intellicheck Mobilisa Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00220272056035, 2],["Independent Bank Corp./MI", 'All Holdings', 0.00220180901774, 2],["Charter Financial Corp./GA", 'All Holdings', 0.00220172646026, 2],["Entremed Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00219994271468, 2],["Hallwood Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00219971118884, 2],["ARCA Biopharma Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00219794471989, 2],["Teche Holding Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00219756581625, 2],["Peoples Financial Corp./MS", 'All Holdings', 0.00219715689107, 2],["Premierwest Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.00219695811418, 2],["Pure Cycle Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00219663447608, 2],["Information Services Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00219613616847, 2],["Presstek Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00219598333279, 2],["United Bancorp Inc./Martins Ferry OH", 'All Holdings', 0.0021955841858, 2],["Cornerstone Therapeutics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00219534856381, 2],["Spark Networks Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00219521483235, 2],["GeoGlobal Resources Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00219519026942, 2],["Colony Bankcorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00219439811435, 2],["Jefferson Bancshares Inc./TN", 'All Holdings', 0.00219392436717, 2],["Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00219379313706, 2],["Hoku Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00219365622103, 2],["Wireless Telecom Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00219360527552, 2],["Fidelity Southern Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00219310628212, 2],["ZipRealty Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00219220381677, 2],["Firstcity Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.002191569952, 2],["Authentidate Holding Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00219105094184, 2],["ThermoGenesis Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00219101796352, 2],["Vestin Realty Mortgage II Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00219065906829, 2],["United Security Bancshares/Fresno CA", 'All Holdings', 0.00218958601981, 2],["Royal Bancshares of Pennsylvania Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218924395378, 2],["Retractable Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218867786119, 2],["Motricity Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218836763578, 2],["Spire Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218802716085, 2],["Innotrac Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218789183507, 2],["Zhone Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218727297496, 2],["Supreme Industries Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00218691521383, 2],["California First National Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.00218672348285, 2],["Superconductor Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218656200118, 2],["Sport Chalet Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00218616898638, 2],["Lantronix Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218579757798, 2],["Harleysville Savings Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218572661687, 2],["ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218548052731, 2],["Landmark Bancorp Inc./Manhattan KS", 'All Holdings', 0.00218487849432, 2],["Mannatech Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218461238956, 2],["Jones Soda Co. Private Placement", 'All Holdings', 0.00218439768611, 2],["MetroCorp Bancshares Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218405038486, 2],["Ampal American Israel Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00218313675609, 2],["Geokinetics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218311719618, 2],["Biodel Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218292910258, 2],["GeoMet Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218247513027, 2],["Riverview Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218225405741, 2],["PGT Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218223904629, 2],["Auburn National Bancorporation Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218169000269, 2],["BTU International Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218160152791, 2],["Alimera Sciences Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218097515325, 2],["Selectica Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218063148834, 2],["Management Network Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00218033604093, 2],["Continental Materials Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217982179364, 2],["CIFC Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217942172201, 2],["American DG Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217912172491, 2],["Telik Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217908942802, 2],["American River Bankshares", 'All Holdings', 0.00217858200255, 2],["Premier Financial Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0021782517549, 2],["PostRock Energy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217772044687, 2],["21st Century Holding Co.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217758034156, 2],["Tower Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217741498994, 2],["Ascent Solar Technologies Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217648406145, 2],["Universal Travel Group", 'All Holdings', 0.0021757089306, 2],["First Capital Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217530976497, 2],["IVAX Diagnostics Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217527519334, 2],["Westinghouse Solar Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217471999992, 2],["Peoples Bancorp of North Carolina Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217462856693, 2],["NASB Financial Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217447799814, 2],["Porter Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217444547346, 2],["Prudential Bancorp Inc. of Pennsylvania", 'All Holdings', 0.00217439088657, 2],["Crystal Rock Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217392371348, 2],["Forward Industries Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217377564635, 2],["Tri-Valley Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217363326531, 2],["QCR Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217325365813, 2],["Somaxon Pharmaceuticals Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217312173943, 2],["Mid Penn Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217283743177, 2],["PURE Bioscience Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217283674943, 2],["AspenBio Pharma Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0021726472867, 2],["ProPhase Labs Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217249467021, 2],["Northeast Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.00217221809532, 2],["Transcontinental Realty Investors Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217209095269, 2],["Summit Financial Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217189557602, 2],["United Bancshares Inc./OH", 'All Holdings', 0.00217163651416, 2],["Arotech Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217111929975, 2],["Cascade Microtech Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217104628922, 2],["SPAR Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217101922301, 2],["Fauquier Bankshares Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0021708370378, 2],["Union Bankshares Inc./Morrisville VT", 'All Holdings', 0.00217071967501, 2],["Savannah Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00217017744027, 2],["Salisbury Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216989563261, 2],["GreenHunter Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216953581013, 2],["National Security Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0021695167045, 2],["Cubic Energy Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.002169341797, 2],["1st Constitution Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.00216929039374, 2],["PrimeEnergy Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216899880523, 2],["Energy Transfer Equity LP", 'All Holdings', 0.00216884823448, 2],["Evans Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.002168839364, 2],["North Central Bancshares Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216848932093, 2],["Community Bank Shares of Indiana Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216846543884, 2],["First Citizens Banc Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216840880416, 2],["Central Bancorp Inc./MA", 'All Holdings', 0.00216827233502, 2],["Northeast Community Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216785451175, 2],["PMI Group Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216775648131, 2],["Dial Global Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216759431023, 2],["Severn Bancorp Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216720150572, 2],["Entertainment Gaming Asia Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.0021671237181, 2],["Bowl America Inc. Class A", 'All Holdings', 0.00216698292703, 2],["PVF Capital Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216695836251, 2],["Jeffersonville Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.0021668273517, 2],["Sport Chalet Inc. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00216676343843, 2],["Innovaro Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216671248976, 2],["Berkshire Bancorp Inc./NY", 'All Holdings', 0.00216669042717, 2],["Southwest Georgia Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216664516473, 2],["Timberland Bancorp Inc./WA", 'All Holdings', 0.00216648572264, 2],["WVS Financial Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216642294656, 2],["Supertel Hospitality Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216639610751, 2],["Educational Development Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.002166378139, 2],["Affirmative Insurance Holdings Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216637518215, 2],["Glen Burnie Bancorp", 'All Holdings', 0.0021662892062, 2],["Bridgford Foods Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.0021662603201, 2],["KV Pharmaceutical Co. Class B", 'All Holdings', 0.00216621642231, 2],["Koss Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216618685385, 2],["Digital Ally Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216618435191, 2],["NeurogesX Inc.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216616615593, 2],["Shufersal Ltd.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216611133083, 0],["Qualstar Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216610565431, 2],["Halcon Resources Corp.", 'All Holdings', 0.00216606380356, 2],["Gerber Scientific Inc. CVR", 'All Holdings', 0.00216606266631, 2],["Avigen, Inc. Escrow", 'All Holdings', 0.00216606243886, 2],["First Security Group Inc./TN", 'All Holdings', 0.00216606243886, 2],["Petrocorp Inc. Escrow", 'All Holdings', 0.00216606198396, 2]
  26.            ]);
  28.             // Create and draw the visualization.
  29.             var treemap = new google.visualization.TreeMap(document.getElementById('visualization'));
  30.             treemap.draw(data, {
  31.                 minColor: 'green',
  32.                 midColor: 'white',
  33.                 maxColor: 'blue',
  34.                 minColorValue: 0,
  35.                 maxColorValue: 2,
  36.                 headerHeight: 0,
  37.                 fontSize: 10
  38.             });
  39.         }
  41.         google.setOnLoadCallback(drawVisualization);
  42.     </script>
  43. </head>
  44. <body style="font-family: Arial;border: 0 none;">
  45. Bold blue = TSM, Bold green = TWSM, White = evenly split
  46. <div id="visualization" style="width: 960px; height: 960px;"></div>
  47. </body>
  48. </html>
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