Morty Bot

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  1. PREFIX: m_
  3. Alias:
  4.   alias          Manage per-server aliases for commands
  5. Audio:
  6.   audioset       Audio settings.
  7.   audiostat      General stats on audio stuff.
  8.   cache          Cache management tools.
  9.   local          Local playlists commands
  10.   pause          Pauses the current song, `[p]resume` to continue.
  11.   play           Plays a link / searches and play
  12.   playlist       Playlist management/control.
  13.   prev           Goes back to the last song.
  14.   queue          Queues a song to play next. Extended functionality in `[p]help`
  15.   repeat         Toggles REPEAT
  16.   resume         Resumes a paused song or playlist
  17.   shuffle        Shuffles the current queue
  18.   sing           Makes Morty sing one of his songs
  19.   skip           Skips a song, using the set threshold if the requester isn't
  20.   song           Info about the current song.
  21.   stop           Stops a currently playing song or playlist. CLEARS QUEUE.
  22.   yt             Searches and plays a video from YouTube
  23. CustomCommands:
  24.   addcom         Adds a custom command
  25.   customcommands Shows custom commands list
  26.   delcom         Deletes a custom command
  27.   editcom        Edits a custom command
  28. Downloader:
  29.   cog            Additional cogs management
  30. Economy:
  31.   bank           Bank operations
  32.   economyset     Changes economy module settings
  33.   leaderboard    Server / global leaderboard
  34.   payday         Get some free credits
  35.   payouts        Shows slot machine payouts
  36.   slot           Play the slot machine
  37. General:
  38.   8              Ask 8 ball a question
  39.   choose         Chooses between multiple choices.
  40.   flip           Flips a coin... or a user.
  41.   lmgtfy         Creates a lmgtfy link
  42.   poll           Starts/stops a poll
  43.   roll           Rolls random number (between 1 and user choice)
  44.   rps            Play rock paper scissors
  45.   serverinfo     Shows server's informations
  46.   stopwatch      Starts/stops stopwatch
  47.   urban          Urban Dictionary search
  48.   userinfo       Shows users's informations
  49. Image:
  50.   gif            Retrieves first search result from giphy
  51.   gifr           Retrieves a random gif from a giphy search
  52.   imgur          Retrieves a picture from imgur
  53. Mod:
  54.   ban            Bans user and deletes last X days worth of messages.
  55.   blacklist      Bans user from using the bot
  56.   cleanup        Deletes messages.
  57.   editrole       Edits roles settings
  58.   filter         Adds/removes words from filter
  59.   ignore         Adds servers/channels to ignorelist
  60.   kick           Kicks user.
  61.   modset         Manages server administration settings.
  62.   mute           Mutes user in the channel/server
  63.   names          Show previous names/nicknames of a user
  64.   reason         Lets you specify a reason for mod-log's cases
  65.   rename         Changes user's nickname
  66.   softban        Kicks the user, deleting 1 day worth of messages.
  67.   unignore       Removes servers/channels from ignorelist
  68.   unmute         Unmutes user in the channel/server
  69.   whitelist      Users who will be able to use the bot
  70. Owner:
  71.   cogs           Shows loaded/unloaded cogs
  72.   command        Disables/enables commands
  73.   contact        Sends message to the owner
  74.   info           Shows info about Morty
  75.   join           Joins new server
  76.   leave          Leaves server
  77.   load           Loads a module
  78.   reload         Reloads a module
  79.   restart        Attempts to restart Morty
  80.   servers        Lists and allows to leave servers
  81.   set            Changes Morty's global settings.
  82.   shutdown       Shuts down Morty
  83.   unload         Unloads a module
  84.   uptime         Shows Morty's uptime
  85.   version        Shows Morty's current version
  86. Streams:
  87.   beam           Checks if beam stream is online
  88.   hitbox         Checks if hitbox stream is online
  89.   streamalert    Adds/removes stream alerts from the current channel
  90.   streamset      Stream settings
  91.   twitch         Checks if twitch stream is online
  92. Trivia:
  93.   trivia         Start a trivia session with the specified list
  94.   triviaset      Change trivia settings
  95. ‚ÄčNo Category:
  96.   help           Shows this message.
  98. Type m_help command for more info on a command.
  99. You can also type m_help category for more info on a category.
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