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  1. Basic short burst dodging mechanic
  3. Blocking mechanic
  5. Setting keybinds to drinking potions and equipping swords
  7. Weapons need to be able to have their own effects such as frost bite slowing players down on a combo hit or fire sword burning players on a combo hit, or venom sword poisoning players on a combo hit (combo hits are like a special hit after for example you land 3 hits on someone the 4th hit will be a combo hit and a cool animation)
  9. Better ui for shops and weapons I.E. Sword shop also has a description on what special buffs the sword has, potion descriptions and what they do, aura can have small buffs instead of just cosmetics
  11. You need custom animations for the each weapon instead of the same basic animation
  13. Hit effects when landing hits
  15. Something when you hover over the one of the three buttons on the right it text appears next to it stating what it does
  17. Larger maps, maps with terrain, better looking maps
  19. Better looking auras
  21. If someone tries to buy something and they dont have enough currency notify them with a popup or some kind of notice
  23. If someone buys something notify them with some popup or some kind of notice
  25. Play a sound when someone hovers over a button
  27. Better/larger lobby, have some minigames in lobby, one could be a dueling arena with dissapearing floors, and you can have an obby course that can give you gold for finishing it
  30. Consider combining potions and auras into one store then creating a new button for inventory to equip auras, potions, weapons ext from it rather then from their shops, this is more convienent and easier on the player
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