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  1. # Tell us a bit about yourself and how you can help out
  2. #### I’m Owen, I’m currently in middle school and I’m 13 years old. I like to play games in my free time and watch YouTube and go in discord a lot. But thing that you really should know about me is that I like to help out. Whether it’s a simple job to do or if it’s something like being staff in a Minecraft or discord server, I don’t care. All I want to do is help grow something, like grow someone’s friend ship by taking there trash and throwing it away for them, or helping out a community like a discord server. What ever it is I’m up for it because I like the feeling of helping out. And I wanna help this server out.
  4. I can help the server by moderating Chat, helping users that need help with something, making sure users have a good time by punishing the users that don’t make that possible. I would make sure that people follow the rules because without them the server would be a disaster. I really like connecting with people so it would be easy for me to help them, and sense I’ve been staff in a lot of different servers before it would be easy for me to do moderating.
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