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BlackwingDarkheart May 12th, 2013 14 Never
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  1. I am a 14 year old male teen, whom's voice sounds of that of a premature loud mouthed squeaker on Call Of Duty, living a miserable life. A bisexual confused young child, who finds nothing but hatred and misery in each step he takes. being blammed for every single mistake. My grammar is not perfect, and my life is far from perfection... by 9000%. I hate this life as all it has brought me is shame, misery, scars, cuts, bruises, and wounds, and nothing but enemies. I hide myself in a shell of happiness to not bring others down just because of my less than perfect life. And as you read this... do not judge me because of the way I am. Instead just embrance the fact that there's at least someone being completely honest about how his/her life is and not hide it under a ton of lies. And as you read this and probably start to think "I'll just leave this guy alone." don't judge a book by it's cover, read what's on the inside and try find out about what this book is about and find out if you like it or not. Do not attempt to hurt any of my friends' feeling, every single person on my friendlist is someone I care about, wheather they hate me, or love me dearly, I have the will to sacrfice anything to make my friends happy. Add me if you like, I do accept random friend requests. And do not think that I shall try to drag you down to depression, I try not to bring my problems into others' lives, and I shall try to help in anyway that I possiblely can.
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