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  1. "I think [Ruby on] Rails has tapered out a little bit lately. Maybe the new version that they're coming out with –
  2. the one that's actually fast (laughs) – maybe that will be interesting. But there are performance issues with the
  3. scaffolding and stuff, and they recognise that, which is why the new build will be better. But I've never been a huge
  4. fan of code generation, to be honest – it's building apps that have already been built.
  6. The scaffolding, well, it looks good in a screencast, but for real-world use the scaffolding just wasn't interesting to
  7. me. And I think many other people have come to that same conclusion: 'OK, the scaffolding is cute, but we need something
  8. real.' Ruby as a language is great, I think it's a really clean and nice language. There just aren't that many people
  9. who know it well.
  11. A lot of people went to Ruby on Rails because they got sucked in by the screencast and the 'hey, you can build an app in
  12. 10 seconds' factor. But when they needed to do something real, they thought, 'Oh crap, I don't know Ruby very well!'"
  14. -- Rasmus Lerdorf (creator of PHP)
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