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  1. LeahofCherem Sundown, when the city really wakes up, when the neon lights flicker and flash on and the streetlights start to bathe the roads in bubbles of yellow and white as the red sun dips below the horizon. East of City N's river, Jaime Knapp finds herself on the way to a promised location.
  2. 18:30 LeahofCherem Several days before, she received a phone call from an agency, a short message, an offer of employment.
  3. 18:31 LeahofCherem "The Abandoned Projects, east of the river. Building 21, fourth floor, center room. Come alone. secure phrase, "How does the wolf sleep?" Response, "With one eye open"."
  4. 18:31 LeahofCherem Cryptic, to say the least? In any case, this agency, "The Guhin Group", had a reputation amongst agents and wetworks for paying very handsomely for information and work.
  5. 18:32 LeahofCherem The projects. Abandoned halfway through, they stand as testaments to a thriving economy... or, the lack of one. With walls made of wood, cardboard, concrete, and insulation, it's a suitably seedy location for a clandestine meeting. There's an elevator shaft, but the only way up is a series of half-constructed stairs.
  6. 18:35 Jamie_Knapp It wasn't the oddest location she'd been to, but it was one of the...dirtier ones. She looked around, always on alert. Starting a new contract always gave her mixed emotions and this time was no different. With one last check of her corners she shrugged inwardly and proceeded up the stairs.
  7. 18:35 LeahofCherem Jaime doesn't have to wait long before a man in a suit shows up. Black hair slicked back, sunglasses, a beauty mark right on the inside of his right brow. He is dressed in a black sports jacket over a dark red turtleneck and black slacks, and his gait is careful and calculated. "How does the wolf sleep?"
  8. 18:36 Jamie_Knapp She eyed him carefully. "With one eye open."
  9. 18:37 LeahofCherem "Liason Officer Kuromizo." He pulls a business card from his breast pocket, a black card with red writing. "You are Knapp." It's more of a statement then a question as he holds the card out.
  10. 18:39 Jamie_Knapp SHe nods curtly taking the card and eying it. "You've heard of me then."
  11. 18:43 LeahofCherem "We have." On one side of the card, there is a number in red. On the other, the silhouette of a wolf's head against a diamond field. "We're contacting you because this situation requires a pair of feet on the ground, and the Group prefers an independent contractor. We understand you don't work salary."
  12. 18:46 Jamie_Knapp "That is correct. I also prefer some information up front."
  13. 18:48 LeahofCherem "Of course. Your job will be straightforward to begin with." Reaching into his jacket, Kuromizo pulls out and hands over a picture, "This man."
  14. 18:48 LeahofCherem In the picture is a man, with pale skin and shoulder-length black hair. A single gray streak dominates one line down the left-hand side, but the roots are salt-and-pepper. The picture is a little blurry, but you can make out a thin mustache and beard, as well as a rakishly opened shirt.
  15. 18:49 Jamie_Knapp She studies the picture for a few moments, taking in the details. "What of him?"
  16. 18:51 LeahofCherem "He calls himself 'Vikator za Reddo'," Kuromizo can't contain the smirk as he pronounces the English. "Or 'Red Viktor'. He is an Overed, we believe Bram Stoker. You know, the ones who pretend to be Jiang-Shi." He shrugs a little. "He's been seen in several places around Japan, and we've tracked him to City N this time."
  17. 18:52 LeahofCherem "You are familiar with the term 'Overed', am I right in presuming this?"
  18. 18:53 Jamie_Knapp She nodded, interested. "Of course. I wouldn't be very good at what I do if I wasn't."
  19. 18:54 LeahofCherem "Good. Now, the job at this time involves the investigation of Red Viktor. His location, his aims, his reason for moving to City N. These questions are of interest to the Group. Others involve his associates, soldiers, backing, et cetera." Kuromizo waves his hand a bit.
  20. 18:55 LeahofCherem "We have reason to believe he is aligning himself with a group of self-proclaimed False Hearts, but that information has yet to be confirmed. Which is why.." And he nods at you.
  21. 18:57 Jamie_Knapp She nodded. "Color me interested. What's your offer?"
  22. 18:59 LeahofCherem "We're prepared to pay 72,000 yen per day, provided you keep records of your daily progress and work." Roughly translated, that's somewhere in the neighborhood of 600$ a day.
  23. 19:02 Jamie_Knapp She held back a grin. "I believe I can work with that. Do you have a deadline on when you need this information, or is it just give you what I find, when I find it?"
  24. 19:06 LeahofCherem "We understand that one cold day will not freeze a river, but we do expect you to report regularly on your progress. Considering the nature of your investigation and the target, we would also prefer to know more, soon. Red Viktor is a dangerous man, and the earlier we can prepare for whatever has brought him to City N, the better."
  25. 19:07 Jamie_Knapp "Understood."
  26. 19:07 LeahofCherem "There is a quick-start bag left for you in the room above this." He points up. "One cell phone, with prepaid minutes. We will contact you through that. A dossier on Viktor, what you need to know to begin. A map of the city's sewers. You will be expected to supply your own weapons and armor, but you will be compensated for ammunition expended if logged."
  27. 19:07 LeahofCherem "There are forms there as well, time sheets and expenses. Copier fees are covered but avoid from abusing it." He rubs his arm, checking a black watch on his wrist. "If you have any questions..."
  28. 19:08 Jamie_Knapp "I know where to call." She said with a nod. "It's been a pleasure."
  29. 19:10 LeahofCherem Kuromizo bows his head a little, "Likewise. We look forward to hearing from you." With that, he takes his leave, heading for the stairs. His pace is slow but it's not long before his footsteps themselves are silent.
  30. 19:11 Jamie_Knapp She waits only a little longer before heading upstairs.
  31. 19:12 LeahofCherem Upstairs, it looks like Kuromizo wasn't lying. It takes a little search, but behind a chunk of insulation is a black drawstring bag. Inside is a black cell phone (dumbphone) and several dossiers. One in full of boring forms, the other has a very conspicuous 'for agent's eyes only' stamped on the front in black.
  32. 19:12 LeahofCherem Finally, there is a waterproof map of the sewers of City N. Neat.
  33. 19:15 Jamie_Knapp She put everything back in the bag. Her curiosity was piqued but she was a professional. She'd wait to inspect everything in a safer location.
  34. 19:18 LeahofCherem With that, the projects are eerily silent. There's the sound of a car starting not too far, and across the river City N is lighting up for the evening. There's a breeze that whistles through the higher floors and the cawing of distant crows, but nothing human in this man-made jungle of iron and wood.
  35. 19:22 LeahofCherem Later, when examined...
  36. 19:22 LeahofCherem The dossier of Red Viktor isn't that impressive: several pages detailing the man's previous run-ins with the law (dating back decades in some cases) and appearances. Serial killer, demagogue, cult leader, all words that apply to Red Viktor. A profile, with another blurry photo. Typical.
  37. 19:22 LeahofCherem Viktor seems to be taller than the average man, according to a written description. His skin is pale, almost ghostly white, and his hair is long for a man, with one carefully-attended streak of white. His nails are long and painted red, and his lips are a vivid crimson. His eyebrows are bushy (but plucked?) and his irises are vivid red.
  38. 19:23 LeahofCherem He dresses in clothing reminiscent of Gothic nobility from Eastern Europe, and speaks with a heavily dramatized accent. Prone to monologues and theatrics, he is nonetheless considered very dangerous, as a charismatic individual and killer.
  39. 19:25 Jamie_Knapp "Why is it always the weird ones? Well, at least he won't be hard to find. People like this Victor didn't really tend to blend in.
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