Maydave the Pedo insults v.3

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  1. May "/o/'s too old for me" Dave
  2. May "Anaconda in my Honda" Dave
  3. May "Here comes the train" Dave
  4. May "Dora, I'd explore 'er" Dave
  5. May "Chloroform GAS GAS GAS" Dave
  6. May "Molest her like Podesta" Dave
  7. May "Thirteen? Give her peen" Dave
  8. May "2nd place but 1st grade" Dave
  9. May ""Pizza" delivery driver" Dave
  10. May "Running in the 90's kids" Dave
  11. May "Short Shifter Kid Fister" Dave
  12. May "If shes 8, she gets laid" Dave
  13. May "She's mature for her age" Dave
  14. May "Underage Shitter Splitter" Dave
  15. May "Death grip around my dick" Dave
  16. May "got the buspass to her ass" Dave
  17. May "she screams like a Ferrari" Dave
  18. May "Angsty like a young teenager" Dave
  19. May "18's too old, watch /o/ fold" Dave
  20. May "/o/'s going down and so am I" Dave
  21. May "Put The Top Gear in her Rear" Dave
  22. May "Candy for the underage Tranny" Dave
  23. May "Wrecking my teams like my teens" Dave
  24. May "put her on my knees in My nisaan" Dave
  25. May "Turning a Shitbox into a rapebox" Dave
  26. May "My cars I zoom, my girls I groom" Dave
  27. May "I drive a shitbox but I fuck hers" Dave
  28. May "Going through youths like deja vu" Dave
  29. May "/mlp/ steals little girls from me" Dave
  30. May "Time flies when you're having fun" Dave
  31. May "Ask For Direction get an Erection" Dave
  32. May "Youd be suprise how young my gf is" Dave
  33. May "I like my age like I like my score" Dave
  34. May "I came inside her in my 458 Spyder" Dave
  35. May "when /o/ lose, young girls I abuse" Dave
  36. May "Double Declutch into a kids crotch" Dave
  37. May "fill her with goo after she turns 2" Dave
  38. May "A cumswap is better than an LS1 swap" Dave
  39. May "I hate Topkek, loli ass i will wreck" Dave
  40. May "There's two types of rims that I like" Dave
  41. May "/o/ are finished, and I might as well" Dave
  42. May "Can't beat /mlp/, but I'll beat to CP" Dave
  43. May "Miata can't score, Kiana and I? Sure." Dave
  44. May "out of the diapers and into my dungeon" Dave
  45. May "Diddle Diddle, my girlfriend is little" Dave
  46. May "/o/ might not finish first, but I will" Dave
  47. May "preteens are sweet; /mlp/ i can't beat" Dave
  48. May "/o/'s year, baby? One I want, maybe..." Dave
  49. May "It's /o/'s year and her preschool year" Dave
  50. May "my tactics suck harder than my daughter" Dave
  51. May "/o/'s had more years than my girlfriend" Dave
  52. May "I hate ponies but I love their audience" Dave
  53. May "Did I say you wouldn't be used? Walrused" Dave
  54. May "In the wake of my ban, I start up my van" Dave
  55. May "back to the Babbies in more ways than one" Dave
  56. May "I'll always circumvent the age of consent" Dave
  57. May "do maydave math 1 + 1 bum is end of whore" Dave
  58. May "If they bleed they're too old for my seed" Dave
  59. May "Tattled on Fabia while touching teen labia" Dave
  60. May "Goodbye Title Racey, Hello John Wayne Gacy" Dave
  61. May "if her age is dubs she's too old for a rub" Dave
  62. May "Take away her lolipop and give her my cock" Dave
  63. May "My engine runs lean so i show them my peen" Dave
  64. May "I filled her with goo and she just said wew" Dave
  65. May "I might hate Awoo~, but at least my gf is 2" Dave
  66. May "There doesn't have to be grass on the field" Dave
  67. May "old enough for ABCs is old enough to please" Dave
  68. May "Old enough to be her father but I'm only 28" Dave
  69. May "My 2007 Peugeot is older than my girlfriend" Dave
  70. May "Title hopes have died, so I will cum inside" Dave
  71. May "I jerked off to Lazytown before it was cool" Dave
  72. May "I'm thinking of the children, Helen Lovejoy" Dave
  73. May "I can't stand DN, so I'll rape a teen again" Dave
  74. May "old enough to walk, old enough for my stalk" Dave
  75. May "Call her Keksandra, 'cause I'm gonna ram her" Dave
  76. May "dont need age of consent to get my dick bent" Dave
  77. May "had a bad gameplan and young girls in my van" Dave
  78. May "/o/ are the best, and my gf has a flat chest" Dave
  79. May "I'm out of the final so she takes it vaginal" Dave
  80. May "Sucking underage teat on my Honda's backseat" Dave
  81. May "[s4s] was mean so I'll stick it in a preteen" Dave
  82. May "can't stay Elite so I'll suck this kid's teat" Dave
  83. May "/o/ play like dung, but she's never too young" Dave
  84. May "when the eurobeat stops my girls get the cock" Dave
  85. May "My team can't pass, so I'll put it in her ass" Dave
  86. May "I lost to the foals, 10 year olds are my goal" Dave
  87. May "My team is a folly, but at least I've got loli" Dave
  88. May "rigged it for /o/, near kids my dick will grow" Dave
  89. May "/o/'s tactics were mild while I fucked a child" Dave
  90. May "kicked off of /o/ to the elementary school I go" Dave
  91. May "Give her the meat because /o/ keep getting beat" Dave
  92. May "/o/'s my bitch and so is this six year old girl" Dave
  93. May "Prepare her for trouble, I'm giving her doubles" Dave
  94. May "/o/ have no defense, preteens are my preference" Dave
  95. May "I'm a member of WAT but my member's in her butt" Dave
  96. May "Banned from Summer, I guess I'll just thumb her" Dave
  97. May "Can't manage LS1 Swap, so it's cherries I'll pop" Dave
  98. May "Give preteens the tip cause I let the title slip" Dave
  99. May "It really is a shame /o/ doesn't have a U18 team" Dave
  100. May "I hate dank memes, but preteens are in my dreams" Dave
  101. May "Using Preschool vaginal fluid as my blinker fluid" Dave
  102. May "made /o/ look like a tool on the wat to preschool" Dave
  103. May "/o/'s fuckups are nonsense, unlike Adam Johnson's" Dave
  104. May "My tactics are lacking; young girls I'm attacking" Dave
  105. May "Denmark's my territory, then I mark her territory" Dave
  106. May "Fuck her in the ass after her 3rd grade math class" Dave
  107. May "When she sings nursery rhymes that means it's time" Dave
  108. May "I'm in the penal system, she's in my penile system" Dave
  109. May "she called me a dum dum so I put it in her bum bum" Dave
  110. May "My Twingo won't yield if there's grass on the field" Dave
  111. May "13-year-olds get the dong when my tactics are wrong" Dave
  112. May "i don't use the blinker i go straight for the pinker" Dave
  113. May "they found my NAMBLA membership card in the glovebox" Dave
  114. May "I commit statutory because I can't lead /o/ to glory" Dave
  115. May "It's still not /o/'s year, but I'm still in her rear" Dave
  116. May "Jimmy Saville's my idol, because I can't win a title" Dave
  117. May "Can't get /o/ to win, so I'll rape that preteen again" Dave
  118. May "if she can color inside the line then her body is fine" Dave
  119. May "/o/'s managed by Fabia while I touch that girl's labia" Dave
  120. May "/o/ can't perform, but at least I still have chloroform" Dave
  121. May "Can't grant victory to cars, so I'll put it in her arse" Dave
  122. May "Title chances down the shitter, so call me Gary Glitter" Dave
  123. May "Best pony is whichever one attracts little girls for me" Dave
  124. May "Blew my elite cup chance while a girl messed up my pants" Dave
  125. May "/o/ won't get a star, but I've got young girls in my car" Dave
  126. May "Watch my title chances disappear while I put in her rear" Dave
  127. May "Triggered by [s4s], but at least my GF's got a flat chest" Dave
  128. May "/o/'s best performance is like my girlfriend's grade: 2nd" Dave
  129. May "Oversteering into a corner while a preteen Sucks my Boner" Dave
  130. May "I hate repeating integers, so I'll slide my dick into her" Dave
  131. May "My tactics are like my girlfriends: In an elementary stage" Dave
  132. May "I like girls who are small, because I can't grasp football" Dave
  133. May "/o/'s title hopes have disintegrated; I need to be medicated" Dave
  134. May "My team's not fine or dandy, but I am when I give them candy" Dave
  135. May "I lost to the mares, so I'll rape girls while they're unawares" Dave
  136. May "No chance of a title race, so I'll touch a kid's private place" Dave
  137. May "Triggered by Bateman and Shrek, so I'll get a preteen to give me neck" Dave
  138. May "good thing I'm better at running from the authorities than I am at PES" Dave
  139. May "I started browsing 4chan because I heard it's a place where pedophiles can be without being ridiculed" Dave
  140. May "Twingos' seats fold down to make a bed, but only preteens are small enough to ride me cowgirl with the limited headroom" Dave
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