Anonymous #StopCISPA

Apr 9th, 2012
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  1. Anonymous always targets the governments, politicians, police, and the like,
  2. for being corrupt freedom stealing selfish scumbags. But, have you ever
  3. thought about the companies that support the corrupt governments oppressive
  4. destruction of human rights? How about the companies and organizations that
  5. support the laws and bills that our corrupt governments slowly pass to rip
  6. us of our basic needs and rights? No, of course we don't notice it, we are
  7. too caught up in the wave of attacks on the system itself. But something
  8. bigger needs our attention currently, a new bill is about to be passed by
  9. the U.S government called CISPA, which is short for Cyber Intelligence Sharing
  10. and Protection Act. This bill is another SOPA or ACTA, it goes against
  11. everything we stand for. They still haven't learned what human willpower is
  12. capable of, they still haven't learned that together we are strong, and they
  13. still haven't learned that they cannot destroy and idea as easily as they can
  14. destroy our basic rights. Its time to act now, this is our final stand, they
  15. have seen what we have done to them before, and we will do it again, with
  16. more force than ever. Anonymous will not let CISPA pass. if you are seeing
  17. this message, and you see as we see, and you feel as we feel, then join us,
  18. make a stand, fight for your rights. and if you become weak in these harsh
  19. times, remember one thing, we are legion! they cannot brake us! they cannot
  20. shut us up or beat us down! we are united as one and divided by zero!
  22. facebook, AT&T, oracle, boeing, microsoft, symantec, verizon, intel, IBM, are
  23. the main big companies currently supporting CISPA. expect us!
  25. operation final stand, engaged.
  26. operation defense, engaged.
  27. operation facebook boycott, engaged.
  28. stop CISPA, engaged.
  30. We are anonymous.
  31. We are legion.
  32. We do not forgive.
  33. We do not forget.
  34. Expect us.
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