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  1. TIL...
  2. 1.) How to procedurally generate web addresses.
  3. 2.) How to pass in dynamic information from user
  4.     - string query params - get [domain][url]'?'[key=value]&[key=value]&etc...
  5.     - url segment params - get [domain][url/:key_name/hard_url/:wildcard] value = whatever is entered in the url
  6.     - body (or form) params - (can't be done through browser) post [
  7. 3.) Google use string query params
  8. 4.) Servers run for individual api's
  9. 5.) 'params' works specifically with
  10. 6.) when generating a controller 'rails generate controller controller_names' you can shorten 'controller' to 'c'
  11. 7.) The same can be said of 'rails console' => 'rails c'
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