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Sep 20th, 2019
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  1. Do you.. do you want me to say it again, Master?
  2. (close/ intimate whisper:) White girls were made for black cock. (/end whisper).
  4. *Moans softly* I can't believe how fast I've fallen for you, Master.
  5. I love the way you treat me. I love the feel of your strong dark hands on my pale face, on the small of my back, in my long silky hair...
  7. Is it time, Sir? Is it time for my breeding? Please... I've been waiting for so long...
  9. *Gasps* It always surprises me whenever you pull it out. It's so much... bigger... so much harder... so much darker... than any pathetic little white cock I've ever seen before... Can I- can I touch it? Please... Master?
  10. (whisper/) Oh fuck... it's so thick.. (/end whisper)
  11. Mmmm... It feels so hard, Master... Does this feel nice? My little fingers working and exploring your powerful cock?
  13. <slow jerking begins> My fingers can't even wrap all the way around... Does it please you, Master? Your little white princess jerking you like this? Your big black cock looks so good in my soft little white hands... it feels so.. so right... I just want to squeeze it and knead it and jerk it forever.. Can I- taste it, Sir? Please? Let me taste it.
  15. Mmmm~ <soft sucking and slurping> Fuck, you're delicious, Master. <more gentle sucking and slurping, soft whimpers>
  17. Do I look pretty, hm? Your little white slut... Her lips stretched around your big black cock? Mmmm~ <sucking/ slurping continues>
  19. (whisper:) You taste so good (/end whisper) <kiss>.
  20. I get it now, Master, I understand. There's nothing that tastes better to an white girl like me than a big black cock. <kiss>.
  22. Are you going to do to me what you did to all the others..? Once you've... impregnated me... Are you going to make me wait, until my belly is swollen and full, then parade me back into my homeland as a common slut? A once proud white princess.. so clearly marked as the property of a black man, a pregnant sow, bred by a big black cock?
  24. Oh fuck, I can't take it... Please... Please fuck me! Please Master, breed me!... Mnnf~ oh God~ yes, yes, please... You feel so good... You're making me feel so- full~
  25. A beautiful white princess, taken by a big, rough, black barbarian... Mmmnn~
  27. OH! Fuck! Yes, YES! Take me, Master, punish your little white fucktoy-
  28. White girls were *made* for black men!
  30. (whimpers/moans)
  32. Please, breed me... Conquer me... Put a black baby in me... flood me with your black seed...use your thick, black cock to end my pure white bloodline... Oh, you feel so good inside me, Master... yes, put your hand in my hair, pull it, put me in my place... This is where I belong, Master- beneath the body of a superior black man! (moans)
  34. I'm ready Sir, my womb is ready to receive your seed.. ALL white wombs were made for superior black seed... White girls were made to birth black babies...
  36. This is the destiny of every pretty little white girl, to be bred by a big strong black man... bred by a big black cock..
  38. <Deep moans and whimpers. Oh, YES, YES! BREED ME, BREED ME MASTER! Please! Fill me with your potent black seed! Cum inside me! Mmmmnnn~ Oh, fuck...
  39. <deep, satisfied sigh> Thank-you, Master...thank you. I am yours. Now, and always... Mind, body and soul.
  41. (close/ intimate whisper:) White girls, are made for black cock. (/end whisper).
  42. <kiss> <3
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