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  1. <02:34:08> "Governor": https://grandtheftarma.com/topic/83637-report-a-player-t-s-f-williams-t-s-f-l-u-c-i-f-e-r/ do you think i shoud of recived a warning point for this report?
  2. <02:35:16> "Governor": Because i dont think i should of as because i said in the report they wasnt willing to come to ts to resolve and they just sent me 10k for comp and axolotl said you was already compd
  3. <02:36:31> "Governor": Even though it was 1/3 of the price of the gear i dont care about the money its more of the fact they broke rules and dont care and just comped me
  4. <02:37:03> "Governor": and i need someone elses opinion of the warning point becasue i wanna try to talk to axolotl about it
  5. <04:00:25> "Governor": ?
  6. <04:07:11> "Captain America": i would have given you one too
  7. <04:07:17> "Captain America": if that answers your question
  8. <04:07:59> "Governor": Why though it was a valid report
  9. <04:08:28> "Captain America": it is already stated in the report
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