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  1. [b][font=courier][color=Black]-- blueViscar[/color] [color=#0F4D92][BV][/color] [color=Black]began pestering misinterpretedInstrumentalist[/color] [color=#339966][MI][/color] [color=Black]at ??:?? --[/color]
  3. [color=#0F4D92]BV: you would never gue55 what the mailman just brought me![/color]
  4. [color=#339966]MI: yeah, what would that be? some self esteem? or a girlfriend?[/color]
  5. [color=#0F4D92]BV: per
  6. BV: haps
  7. BV: depending on what this game can virtua11y create.[/color]
  8. [color=#339966]MI: oh you got that game everyone won't shut up about
  9. MI: yeah, what was it called again?[/color]
  10. [color=#0F4D92]BV: sburb
  11. BV: i honestly have no idea what its about
  12. BV: but since everyone else was talking about it
  13. BV: i thought i should get it t00.[/color]
  14. [color=#339966]MI: just do what everyone else is doing, yeah
  15. MI: i should probably see about getting it though since like everyone is[/color]
  16. [color=#0F4D92]BV: it would be nice to play with you guys
  17. BV: like some extremely large team that wi11 result in the end of the world
  18. BV: cause we're awesome.[/color]
  19. [color=#339966]MI: are you implying that
  20. MI: it's
  21. MI: ~FATE~
  22. MI: that we play this[/color]
  23. [color=#0F4D92]BV: have you b33n talking to gavin again?
  24. [color=#339966]MI: yeah not really
  25. MI: i just enjoy bothering you[/color]
  26. [color=#0F4D92]BV: we11 everyone has b33n screwing with me and the word fate
  27. BV: you know i hate it
  28. BV: why cant we a11 just be fr33 and shit
  29. BV: no outer gods contro11ing our lives[/color]
  30. [color=#339966]MI: yeah you know i was just messing with you
  31. MI: but i agree it's kind of crazy
  32. MI: maybe i just don't understand it all but yeah[/color]
  33. [color=#0F4D92]BV: but honestly
  34. BV: i cant help but think its a little weird
  35. BV: the one day i mi55 sch00l is the day i get this beta
  36. BV: per
  37. BV: haps
  38. BV: it is FATE
  39. BV: but probably not.[/color]
  40. [color=#339966]MI: yeah probably not
  41. MI: so where can i get this game from?[/color]
  42. [color=#0F4D92]BV: i dunno
  43. BV: i signed up for some beta mailing group
  44. BV: but im not sure they send to deserted islands in the middle of nowhere[/color]
  45. [color=#339966]MI: ehhh yeah probably not
  46. MI: i'll find some way to get it i guess
  47. MI: who else already has it?[/color]
  48. [color=#0F4D92]BV: i have no idea
  49. BV: i've only talked to gavin today
  50. BV: maybe lucas?
  51. BV: isn't his uncle into the gaming industry or something?[/color]
  52. [color=#339966]MI: i don't remember
  53. MI: i'll talk to some other people later and see where i can get the game
  54. MI: but yeah, now i need to go feed my cat and stuff[/color]
  55. [color=#0F4D92]BV: alright
  56. BV: talk to ya later[/color]
  57. [color=#339966]MI: yeah, seeya[/color]
  59. [color=Black]-- blueViscar[/color] [color=#0F4D92][BV][/color] [color=Black]ceased [color=Black]pestering misinterpretedInstrumentalist[/color] [color=#339966][MI][/color] [color=Black]at ??:?? --[/color][/font][/b]
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