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  1. **IMPORTANT**
  3. Okay, since the massive amount of interest in a list like this I've decided to start hacking up a website that can be used for this. Since I don't have any reliable hosting myself I was hoping if someone who has is willing to host it (it's PHP). For now, I won't incorporate any requests here (or on Google Docs). We have to find a good way to organize this. I have created [/r/nosopa](/r/nosopa) for this. We can discuss ways to circumvent the SOPA bill over there! For now, see this list as outdated but still usable.
  5. [Notice]
  6. As some posters suggested, you can use another DNS server. The two server I'm reasonably certain about are [OpenDNS](http://www.opendns.com/) and [Google DNS](http://code.google.com/speed/public-dns/). Both of them are US based but I think Google will move it's server to Europe if SOPA passes. Instructions for using the both of them are provided on their sites.
  7. [/Notice]
  9. Although the title may suggest otherwise, I'm not kidding. I collected some IP-addresses for you Americans for when SOPA actually goes through congress. Put this list in your hosts file and you can safely browse the web even when the sites are removed from the DNS registrars (which SOPA is all about if I understand correctly). This list is obvious for the less computer literate.
  11.     # SOPA emergency list
  13.     wikipedia.org
  15.     # News
  16.     bbc.co.uk
  17.     aljazeera.com
  19.     # Social media
  20.     reddit.com
  21.     imgur.com
  22.     google.com
  23.     youtube.com
  24.     yahoo.com
  25.     hotmail.com
  26.     bing.com
  27.     digg.com
  28.     theonion.com
  29.     hush.com
  30.     gamespot.com
  31.     ign.com
  32.     cracked.com
  33.     sidereel.com
  34.     github.com
  36.     # Torrent sites
  37.     thepiratebay.org
  38.     mininova.com
  39.     btjunkie.com
  40.     demonoid.com
  41.     demonoid.me
  43.     # Social networking
  44.     facebook.com
  45.     twitter.com
  46.     tumblr.com
  48.     # Live Streaming Content
  49.     stickam.com
  50.     blogtv.com
  51.     justin.tv
  52.     chatroulette.com
  53.     omegle.com
  54.     own3d.tv
  55.     megavideo.com
  57.     # Porn sites
  58.     redtube.com
  59.     spankwire.com
  60.     youporn.com
  61.     motherless.com
  62.     linkindexxx.com
  64.     # Television
  65.     gorillavid.com
  66.     videoweed.com
  67.     novamov.com
  68.     tvlinks.com
  69.     1channel.com
  71.     # Shopping
  72.     amazon.com
  73.     newegg.com
  74.     frys.com
  76.     # File Sharing
  77.     mediafire.com
  78.     megaupload.com
  79.     fileshare.com
  80.     multiupload.com
  81.     uploading.com
  82.     warez-bb.org
  83.     hotfile.com
  84.     gamespy.com
  85.     what.cd
  86.     warez.ag
  87.     putlocker.com
  88.     uploaded.to
  89.     dropbox.com
  90.     pastebin.com
  94. For now, this is just a short list of sites (almost) every redditor uses. If you want a site added and don't know how to find it's IP address, please ask and I will add it.
  96. For every OS the location of the hosts file is listed [here](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hosts_\(file\)#Location_in_the_file_system), open that in your favorite text editor (not Word and companions, but things like Notepad) and copy/paste the above list after the stuff that's already there. If you have any questions, please ask.
  99. [EDIT]
  100. Apparently there are some questions on how to use. You have to edit your "hosts" file. An how-to can be found [here](http://practice.chatserve.com/hosts.html). Copy the above list and paste it in your hosts file.
  102. [EDIT2]
  103. I've posted this list on [PasteBin](http://pastebin.com/Z3jqREE5) for easy copy-paste.
  105. [EDIT3]
  106. And a [Google Docs](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aF-VyYGBsJ_zD1Cfv1bYZDl_nUlWVxFJxn-qS2kVB1E/edit) file. If you want adding privileges, message me.
  108. [EDIT4]
  109. I'm not going to change the list below anymore. The latest versions can be found in the [PasteBin](http://pastebin.com/Z3jqREE5) or [Google Docs](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aF-VyYGBsJ_zD1Cfv1bYZDl_nUlWVxFJxn-qS2kVB1E/edit) files.
  111. [EDIT5]User DontMakeMeDoIt created a program for Windows users to do it easily! Over [here](http://www.reddit.com/r/SOPA/comments/nf5p1/sopa_emergency_list/c38o5d1)
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