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  1. 0:00:
  2. ^It is now the (\d+)(?:st|nd|rd|th) of (\w+), (\d+) years after the fall of the Seleucarian Empire\.$
  4. 4:48 (288 minutes):
  5. ^Cloaked in sorrow, the vermillion moon begins to fade, giving way to the approaching dawn\.$
  6. ^Dawn breaks over the distant horizon, draping the triple rings of Achaea in soft, funereal gold\.$
  7. ^Sinking gracefully within the sky, the silvery moon concedes to the approaching dawn and a brush of aurulent light spreads over the land\.$
  8. ^Stretching in a fiery arc that embraces the world, the triune rings of Achaea blaze in response to the first kiss of dawn\.$
  9. ^Sleepily shedding the vestiges of shadows, the awoken sun slowly rises in the sky, its resplendence unfaltering\.$
  11. 8:48 (528 minutes):
  12. ^Shaking off the final vestiges of slumber, the forlorn sun inexorably rises, its resplendence unfaltering\.$
  13. ^The blazing light of the sun passes briefly behind the triune rings of Achaea, speckling the sky first in obsidian, then silver, then pearly white\.$
  14. ^The glassy obsidian of Achaea's innermost ring gleams with a dark lustre in the swiftly advancing daylight\.$
  16. 12:00 (720 minutes):
  17. ^Poised at the very peak of the firmament, the fiery sun casts its radiant gaze across the land\.$
  19. 15:12 (912 minutes):
  20. ^Silver sparks dance across the heavens as the dazzling orb of the sun rushes past Achaea's three rings, the second brilliantly coruscating at its passing\.$
  22. 18:00 (1080 minutes):
  23. ^Dusk steals silently over the horizon and crimson and ochre engulf the firmament, their seductive tones beckoning the sun to its nightly repose\.$
  25. 19:12 (1152 minutes):
  26. ^The argent radiance of the moon seeps into the sky, waking the stars as darkness descends over the land\.$
  27. ^Seeping into the sky, the bloody moon reluctantly rises, surrounded by tear-like stars as darkness descends over the land\.$
  29. 20:48 (1248 minutes):
  30. ^Stained crimson, Achaea's outermost ring glitters like bloody droplets across the night sky\.$
  31. ^Splashed with the reflected radiance of the stars, Achaea's outermost ring glitters ghostly pale against the night sky\.$
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