Helping Big Brother (Sunset incest thing)

Jul 2nd, 2016
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  1. //The rain-sodden earth clung to my bare feet as I made my way forward. In the distance I could hear a thunderous clamor in the distance. My heart trembled as the sounds of screams and the braying of wild beast filled my ears. Simplistic, unthinking instinct told me to turn back. The way forward would//
  3. "God-fucking-dammit," you grumbled, glaring at the words before you
  4. >Wrong again
  5. >Wrong again, wrong again, wrong again
  6. >Your frown deepened as you stared at the glowing screen not a foot away from your face
  7. >You could SEE the scene
  8. >The words were RIGHT THERE
  9. >All you had to do was reach out and touch them...
  10. >Looking away from your computer screen, you solemnly reach over on your keyboard and begin tapping the backspace button
  11. >And just like that the paragraph was gone; off to the literary graveyard where every written mistake went
  12. >For the past four hours you had been struggling through this scene with no end in sight
  13. >Every time that you thought you had it a minute later you'd find yourself deleting pages worth of work
  14. >PAGES!
  15. >Leaning away from your computer, you ran your fingers through your slightly too long hair
  16. >You closed your eyes, breathing deeply, taking solace in the darkness that your room provided
  17. >You didn't know how long you had been sitting here, you didn't even know what day it was, but you were going to be damned if you weren't going to--
  18. >The silence of the room was broken by a click
  19. >You found yourself turning toward your door as the knob was turned
  20. >A visitor?
  21. >Who could it be?
  22. >Your sleep-deprived mind instantly went to burglars, then to wolfmen, and then to Santa Claus
  23. >...For some reason
  24. >You began to get up to make your way over to your door to see who it was but you were too late
  25. >With little ceremony the door was thrown open, bathing your room in blinding light
  26. >"Motherfucker!" you snarled, covering your face as the illuminating rays did their very best to gouge your eyes out
  28. >"There's my favorite big brother!" a voice chirped as, like the blood-sucker from Stoker's tales, you tried to shield yourself from the light whilst falling back into your chair.
  29. "Fucking, nigger, cunt!"
  30. >"Nice to see you too, bro."
  31. >It felt like an eternity but eventually the light decided that you were no longer to be seen as an enemy
  32. >Slowly, with more than a little hesitation, you removed your hands from your face, mentally preparing yourself to deliver a verbal lashing to the one who had so harshly disturbed your solitude
  33. >Monster or burglar or St. Nick that didn't mean they needed to be without manners!
  34. >At least fucking knock first!
  35. >Your vision, still a bit blurry from staring at a screen for who knows how long, took a few moments to focus in on the lone figure standing at your doorward
  36. >Your sight sharpened as you blinked
  37. >You could see a pair of short-shorts ending in a pair of thick hips and shapely legs
  38. >Traveling upward you could see an exposed navel and smooth stomach that disappeared underneath a slightly too small yet too wide t-shirt
  39. >Hair, a mixture between gold and blood red, was the next feature that caught your eye
  40. >A pair of deep green eyes, which seemed to glow in the artificial light bathing your room, stared back at you as you stared your intruder's eyes
  41. >Half a hundred verbal thrusts came to mind
  42. >You wanted to say something that would cripple her
  43. >A blow so sounding that what you would utter would go down in the history books
  44. >Your chest puffed out slightly and, as you leaned forward in your swivel chair, you opened your mouth to speak
  45. >"Turn off that fucking light, Sunny."
  46. >Your brow furrowed as a giggle escaped your tormentors lips
  47. >"Aw, come on big bro. You spend days held up in here and you can't even say hello to your loving sister?"
  48. >Sunset, your little sister, leisurely made her way into your domain with a sway in her step
  50. >...Days?
  51. "...How long have I been in here?" you asked, honestly not all that eager to hear the answer
  52. >Two days
  53. >Please say two days
  54. >Two days isn't that ba--
  55. >"You've been in here for four days," your little sister said, walking over and plopping down onto your bed
  56. >...Fuck
  57. >That was bad
  58. >A sound of exhaustion escaped your throat as you rubbed your temples
  59. >Sunset said nothing, just staring at you, her bright green eyes narrowing
  60. >You knew what she was going to say
  61. >First, she was going to get up and--
  62. >"Anon--"
  63. "I know, I know," you say, closing your eyes
  64. >The soft patter of your sister's feet could be heard as she made her way over to you
  65. >No doubt she'd have her hands on those hips of her's
  66. >Her nose would be scrunched up just like it always was when she was mad
  67. >"Come on," she said, flicking your ear. "Get up. We need to get you out of this room and get something in that stomach of yours."
  68. "I still have a scene to wr--"
  69. >You felt a hand, small and soft and feminine, grab yours
  70. >"You can write your silly words later," she said, tugging at your arm
  71. "Hey, my silly words are what pay for this apartment."
  72. >Sunset, who was a hell of alot stronger than she looked, yanked on your hand hard, nearly sending you sprawling from your chair
  73. >"Don't care. I haven't seen you in days. You're going to get out of this room and you're going to sit down and get something to eat with your little sister," she firmly told you with another tug to your arm. "Now get that butt of yours up and moving."
  74. >You barely had time to save what you managed to write before you're yanked to your feet and all but dragged out of your room
  75. >More light, brighter than what was shining in your room, causes you to squint as Sunset leads you to the kitchen
  76. >Your nostrils flared as the smell of cooking graced your senses
  78. >...Food
  79. >Not packaged, canned, or bagged food
  80. >Real, home cooked food...
  81. >Your stomach growled, causing Sunset to look back at you
  82. >"You must starving," she grumbled as her grip on your hand tightened. "One of these days I'm going to come into your room and you're going to have your head down on the counter passed out--"
  83. "It's not that bad. I had a few snacks in--"
  84. >"--Or WORSE."
  85. >Your mouth snapped shut
  86. >...
  87. "...I'll try to get out of my room--"
  88. >"No you won't."
  89. >...
  90. "...Alright, then you'll get me out of my room more."
  91. >There was a fire in Sunset's eyes as she nodded
  92. >"You're damn right I will," she almost growled, yanking you into the kitchen. "And I fucking mean it this time..."
  93. >On the table was plate upon plate of food
  94. >Pizza, burgers, bacon, anything and everything that you could ever want to eat was sitting out there in front of you
  95. >Beckoning
  96. >Just BEGGING to be eaten
  97. >"Sit. Food. Eat," your sister commanded, roughly forcing you into a chair
  98. >With a huff, she turned around and stuck that big butt of her's out, falling into your lap
  99. >You jumped slightly as her weight hit your thighs
  100. "...Can I help you, sis?"
  101. >She wiggled her hips, getting herself comfortable
  102. >"I'm not letting you get away like last time. You're sitting there and you're going to eat even if I have to stuff all of this down your throat."
  103. >You opened your mouth to ask what she meant when the recollection came to mind
  104. >Last time Sunset had dragged you out of your room and into the kitchen you had grabbed two plates full of ham and cheese sandwiches and dashed back into your room when her back was turned
  105. >After that you had cranked out a short story about a gnome running a circus catering to talking otters
  106. >Surprisingly, it did very well
  107. >You managed to get a pretty penny from your publisher...
  108. >You jumped again as Sunset dropped a plate stacked high with food in front of you
  109. >"Now, before you eat all of this--"
  110. "But--"
  112. >"ALL of it, you need to drink THIS."
  113. >Still looking a tad grumpy, she shoved a glass in your face
  114. >It was a big glass that, strangely enough, gave off an ominous aura that made the hair on the back of your neck stand on end
  115. >In the glass was a thick, green mystery liquid
  116. >A mystery liquid that you were familiar with
  117. >A mystery liquid that you very much didn't care for
  118. >Filled with vitamins and minerals and Satan's ball sweat, Sunset forced you to drink the stuff every time that she managed to drag you out of your room
  119. >And. It. Was. FUCKING. Awful.
  120. >"Don't give me that face. If you didn't stay in that room of yours for days on end you wouldn't have to drink this."
  121. >Your sister lightly tapped the glass against your nose
  122. >"This time I changed around the ingredients a little bit so it shouldn't taste as bad. Now come on, you need drink the whole thing."
  123. >Sunset wiggled around so that she was sitting sideways on top of you
  124. >With her brow still furrowed, she once again tapped the glass against your nose
  125. >She tried to do it one more time but you finally relented, reaching up and plucking the concoction out of her hands
  126. "Alright, alright. Just stop looking at me like that. You remind me of fucking mom..."
  127. >"Someone's gotta watch you, big bro."
  128. >You winced as she flicked your ear again
  129. >"Now drink or I'm gonna shove the glass down your throat."
  130. >You wet your lips with your tongue as you looked at the glass in your hand
  131. >You tried to swirl the liquid in the glass but it didn't even move
  132. >It was just too thick
  133. >...
  134. >Eww...
  135. "...Well ...Zum Wohl," you said, slapping the glass against the table before bringing it to your lips
  136. >You drank quickly, praying to every deity that you could think of to not taste anything that was passing your lips
  137. >As always, the gods were silent
  138. >Terribly, terribly silent
  139. >"There you go," your sister said, lifting your glass a little higher with her pointer finger. "Drink up. You wanna be big and strong don't ya?"
  141. >Grumble, grumble, fuck you, grumble
  142. >After about a minute of desperately chugging, you finished the vile drink, slapping the cup hard onto the table
  143. "Goddammit," you muttered, sticking your tongue out in distaste. "That never gets any better."
  144. >Your sister, rolling her eyes, reached up and swiped a bit of the green liquid from the corner of your mouth with her thumb
  145. >Bringing the digit to her lips, her tongue flicked out to collect it
  146. >"It tastes fine you big baby," she chided, reaching over and--
  147. >Sweet Celestia above...
  148. >Your stomach sank as she grabbed a pitcher of the demon spunk and refilled your glass
  149. >You tried to scooch away but she held you firmly in place
  150. >"Now, suck it up and drink another cup."
  151. >No
  152. >No
  153. >Fuck that
  154. >Fuck that all the way to fuck you town
  155. >You weren't going to drink anymore of that swill
  156. >You weren't going to--
  157. >"Come on, Nonny," your sister begged. "Just one more cup. Please? For me?"
  158. >...
  159. >You looked up at your sister's bright green eyes
  160. >She was sticking her lip out...
  161. >...
  162. >Why did she have to be sticking her lip out?
  163. >She knew that you couldn't say no to her when she did that
  164. >Somehow, you managed to tear your gaze away from your little sister's face
  165. >You looked down at all of the food that she had spent lord knows how long cooking
  166. >Though you didn't want to, you found yourself reaching for the glass
  167. >You picked it up
  168. >You once again examined the green slime
  169. >And, bringing it to your lips, you drank
  170. >And gagged
  171. >And fucking drank
  172. >Fucking, pissing, shitting, Celestia damned...
  173. >There was a smile on Sunset's face as you drank the swill
  174. >And that smile, that bright cheery little thing, absolutely made drinking this shit, this abomination, worth it
  175. >...
  176. >But you were never going to tell her that
  177. >It took a good deal longer to finish this cup but you eventually managed to choke it down
  179. "I hate you. I hate you so much, sis," you said, quickly setting the glass down and pushing it as far away from you as you could. "Fuck you and the carriage you came on. And fuck the carriage."
  180. >"I love you too, big bro," you heard her say as she wrapped her arms around your head
  181. >The smell of peaches tickled your nose as you took a deep breath
  182. >You closed your eyes and leaned against your little sister
  183. >A hum escaped her throat as she held you close
  184. >You found yourself relaxing even more as she began to run her fingers through your hair
  185. >...Fuck were you tired
  186. >And hungry
  187. >But mostly tired
  188. "Can I eat normal people food now?" you asked, your voice muffled from having your face buried in your sister's breast. "Or are you going to make me eat some protein infused paste or some shit like that?"
  189. >Sunset once again giggled, though this time it sounded a little breathless
  190. >"Yeah, yeah, you can eat all you want," she promised, wiggling her hips once more. "Just give me a minute..."
  191. >If you didn't know any better she was rubbing her boobs against your face...
  192. >...
  193. >Nah...
  194. >You were just imagining things...
  196. _-[OvO]-_
  198. >It was late out
  199. >Not late enough for PM to turn into AM but late enough that the stars were shining and the moon hung high in the sky
  200. >Sure, you couldn't see very many stars and the moon seemed... different...
  201. >They weren't the moon and stars that you grew up with...
  202. >But, nevertheless they were beautiful in their own special way
  203. >Maybe even more so than what you had grown up with
  204. >Your apartment was silent at this time of night, as it should be
  205. >The only sound that you could hear were the ticking of the clock on the way, the sound of your feet sliding against your carpet, and the pounding of your heart
  206. >It had been DAYS since you had last seen your brother
  208. >Yes, your dinner had been nice and yes, it had been nice to hear how he was coming along with that novel or short story or whatever it was that he was writing but it had been DAYS since you had seen him
  209. >Touched him...
  210. >Felt those lovely blue eyes of his stare into your green ones...
  211. >That dinner wasn't enough
  212. >Sitting in his lap and letting him feed you bits of his food as the two of you laughed and joked wasn't enough
  213. >Even dragging him to the shower and sneaking a peek while he undressed to shower hadn't been enough
  214. >...
  215. >It was never enough
  216. >You were quiet as you made your way through your house to your brother's room
  217. >Your big brother hadn't slept for days, you knew that he hadn't, and you knew what you had put in that vitamin drink of his would keep him dead to the world no matter what sound you made
  218. >But there was still that thrill of it
  219. >Sneaking into your big brother's room acting like he'd wake up at any moment
  220. >What would he say if he opened his eyes to see you creeping toward his bed?
  221. >Would he start shouting?
  222. >Would he demand to know what you were doing?
  223. >Would he just think that you had had a nightmare and, just like when you were little, had come to sleep with him so that the monsters wouldn't get you?
  224. >Would he wrap those big arms of his around you when you laid down?
  225. >Would he hold you close?
  226. >Would he hold your hand as the two of you fell asleep in each other's arms?
  227. >You stopped mid step as your mind ran with the image
  228. >You'd bet that he'd smile down at you as you nuzzled the nape of his neck
  229. >Sweet Celestia above did you love that smile...
  230. >An ache filled your chest but you quickly shook your head
  231. >You didn't have time get caught up in fantasy
  232. >The night might have been relatively young but you didn't want to waste it staring at nothing in the darkness
  233. >You needed to see him
  234. >You needed to be with him
  235. >Making your way down the hall you see the door to your brother's bedroom
  237. >You could hear your heartbeat getting faster and faster and faster with each step that you took
  238. >You were almost there
  239. >He was right on the other side of the door
  240. >Big brother was there
  241. >He was waiting for you...
  242. >You bit your lip as your hand found the doorknob
  243. >In the silence of the house a click could be heard as you turned the knob, slowly opening the door
  244. "Big bro? Are you awake?" you whispered, poking your head through the door
  245. >When silence answered you you took a step into Anon's room
  246. >His computer was off, thank Celestia, and all was still
  247. >In the corner of the room you could see your brother in his bed
  248. >Though the darkness was thick in the room you could JUST make out the gentle rise and fall of his chest as he laid there
  249. >Like always, his blanket had been kicked to the floor and he was splayed awkwardly
  250. >You took another step forward, your heart racing
  251. "Anon? If you're awake say something."
  252. >Reaching down, you unbuttoned your pants
  253. "Big brother? Nonny?"
  254. >Wiggling your butt you let your short-shorts fall to the carpet
  255. >You tensed, ready to leap out of the room if the sound stirred him
  256. >But your brother was asleep, just lying there waiting for you
  257. >You bit your lip as you rubbed your thighs together, hoping to relieve some of the heat in between your legs
  258. "Anonymous? If you're awake you better tell me."
  259. >After your pants your shirt was next to go as you cautiously made your way to the bed
  260. >You could feel your sensitive nipples rubbing against your bra
  261. >A spike of pleasure made you pause
  262. >You closed your eyes, taking a few deep breaths
  263. >He was right there...
  264. >You could smell the vanilla shampoo that he used from here...
  265. >A whine escaped your throat as you took another step forward
  266. >You were right there at the edge of the bed
  267. >You could see your big brother clearly now, lying spread eagle on the bed wearing nothing but his underwear
  268. >Even in the darkness you could see the outline of a certain something through that thin fabric
  270. >You felt your mouth water as you just stood there for a moment, drinking him in
  271. "Nonny? Big brother?" you whispered, reaching toward your back, trying to find your bra strap. "Anonymous?"
  272. >You winced as a sharp click filled the air
  273. >Though it seemed loud enough to wake the dead your brother didn't move, didn't awaken
  274. >Taking a few deep breaths, you let your bra hit the ground with a thud
  275. >Your breast, fill and heavy and ACHING, sprung free of their confines
  276. >Now you were bare to the world
  277. >Bare for your big brother
  278. >Hard nipples and all
  279. >You found yourself once again rubbing your thighs together once more at the thought
  280. >Now that you were this close you could see that he hadn't managed to kick his entire blanket off the bed
  281. >His left leg was still partially covered
  282. >Leaning over, lifted that small section of the blanket off him and let it fall to the ground, letting you look down on your brother in all of his glory
  283. >Asleep, unsuspecting, wearing nothing but a pair of boxers, and all yours...
  284. >Licking your lips, you crawled into your big brother's bed
  285. "Anon. Anon~"
  286. >Up and up and up you went
  287. >You crawled up his legs, over his body, past his chest, until you were staring at his face
  288. >He looked peaceful, almost happy even
  289. >His mouth was opened partially, he needed to shave, and his hair was starting to get so long that soon it was going to cover his eyes
  290. "Anonymous~"
  291. >He was handsome, beautiful, perfect
  292. >Your hands reached up and cupped his face
  293. "Nonny," you whispered, leaning forward until your noses were touching
  294. >His scent was filling your nose now
  295. "Brother."
  296. >It was driving you nuts, further stiffening your already hard nipples and turning the heat in between your legs into an inferno
  297. >Your nose brushed past your brother's as you leaned down and pressed your lips against his
  298. >Your breath hitched as your hips bucked as your lips connected
  299. >It had been four days
  300. >Four long, HARD days
  301. >You need this
  302. >You need HIM
  304. "You better not be awake," you murmured, giving him another peck as one of your hands reached up to tuck a lock of his hair behind his ear
  305. >You kissed him again, with a little more vigor this time
  306. "If you thought I was pissed off this morning then you haven't seen anything if you're just faking..."
  307. >A breathy, quiet groan escaped your lips as you let your tongue dip into your big brother's mouth
  308. >It was getting hard to control yourself now
  309. >You wanted to tear his undies off, you wanted to hear the whole town hear your screams of pleasure as you had your fill
  310. >But you controlled yourself
  311. >You didn't want to rush this...
  312. >You had all the time in the world...
  313. >Teasing Anon's tongue with your own you grinded yourself against his leg, shivering as another wave of pleasure made your toes tingle
  314. >One of your hands released his face to grope one of your breast, squeezing one of your nipples
  315. "Oh f-fuck," you growled as you broke the kiss, breathing hard
  316. >Straddling your brother, you grabbed both of his hands and put them against your chest
  317. >You closed your eyes, imagining that each time you used your hands to make his squeeze your tits that your brother was doing it himself
  318. >At first he'd be gentle, not wanting to hurt you
  319. >But, after you called him a pussy and say that you were made of glass, you were sure he'd squeeze and tug and pinch harder and harder until you wouldn't know what to do with yourself
  320. >A moan escaped your lips as you found the outline in his boxers and started to lightly grind yourself against it
  321. >Though each time you did so your chest would heave and your toes would curl you continued to keep your eyes closed
  322. >You forced Anon's hands to squeeze your full breast a little harder
  323. "A-Ah~"
  324. >He'd no doubt gently tease you as you groaned and squirmed on top of him
  325. >It wouldn't quite be dirty talk per se, not with your brother's vocabulary and sense of humor, but it would nevertheless leave you red-faced and short of breath and wanting more
  327. >You bit your lip hard enough to nearly draw blood as you imagined all of the things that he'd say
  328. >As you did that you used your brother's hands to roughly pinch your achingly hard nipples
  329. >"Hmmm~"
  330. >You twitched as the tips of his fingers traced your areolas with the lightest of touches
  331. >Then, almost as if by accident, one of his fingers would brush against the sensitive nubs of flesh
  332. >Your hips bucked wildly as you threw back your head and moaned
  333. "F-Fuck~"
  334. >You could feel his thumb gliding along the tip of your nipple as his pointer finger rubbed around it
  335. >His touch was still gentle but not as gentle as it had been a second ago
  336. >Whining, you grinding yourself a little more firmly against your brother's slowly growing length
  337. "A-Anon--haa~ S-Stop--"
  338. >Your breathing hitched as he took your nipples in between his thumbs and pointer fingers and began to gently pull
  339. >Your eyes shot open and you went ramrod stuff
  340. >You could feel a wetness trickling down your thigh
  341. >Not yet!
  343. >You could feel Anon's cock hardening underneath you as you desperately tried to keep yourself from tittering off the edge
  344. >You could feel it twitching gently as it grew inch by mouth-watering inch
  345. >The heat between your legs was overwhelming now, and your panties were soaked beyond imagining
  346. >That was more than enough foreplay
  347. >You needed him now
  348. >NOW
  349. >Red-faced, sweaty, and wild-eyed, you quickly lifted yourself off of your brother's lap
  350. >With practiced ease you slipped a hand into his boxers and pulled out his semi-hardened member
  351. >The sight of it brought a longing in you that nearly made you foam at the mouth
  352. >You wanted this
  353. >You needed this
  354. >You wanted him
  355. >You needed him
  356. >Letting go of Anon's other hand you very nearly tore your panties off to reveal your glistening slit
  357. >Straddling him once more you slapped his cock against your inner thigh as you stroked him
  359. "F-Fucking big brother," you murmured breathlessly, your eyes slowly closing as you listened to the sweet, wet sound of his flesh hitting yours. "F-Fucking making me wait for this for four fucking d-days..."
  360. >You could feel him twitching in your hand as his cock continued to swell and swell until it stood proudly in its full glory
  361. >You found yourself smiling as you cracked open an eye to see it
  362. >Just like the rest of your brother it was perfect
  363. >Long, thick, veiny, with a fat mushroom head that made a girl's mouth water
  364. >Running down this impressive length, barely visible in the darkness, was a bead of pre
  365. >You grinned at the sight, your mind becoming a haze of lust and want and need
  366. >While at any other time you would have LOVED to have been between his legs tasting him you were too riled up
  367. >You needed to feel him inside of you
  368. >You needed to feel full
  369. >Scooching yourself forward, you pressed your brother's cock against your swollen lips
  370. >The moan that escaped your throat was louder this time as you gently grinded yourself against him
  371. >You could feel his tip rubbing against your stomach, just above your belly button
  372. >The heat coming off of him was incredible
  373. >You needed this inside of you
  374. >You needed him inside of you right now
  375. >Staring down at your brother's peaceful, sleeping face you grabbed the base of his cock
  376. >Breathing hard, you lifted your hips and positioned him right above you
  377. "F-Fuck~" you cooed, rubbing his tip against your opening. "Fucking, fucking, fuck~"
  378. >Your legs twitched as you felt his fat tip slide against your clit, and it was a miracle that your body just didn't to limp
  379. >You applied a little pressure, allowing his head to push apart your awaiting lips
  380. >You began to take deep, deep breaths as you rocked your hips
  381. >Anon was twitching in your hand
  382. >You could feel his pre against your hand as you gave him a few more quick strokes
  383. >More pressure was added, and then more
  384. "Come o-on... g-get in there you--ah~"
  386. >Your eyelids fluttered shut as you felt your big brother's head finally slip inside of you
  387. >You were forced to lean forward, using your arms as support as you panted like a mare in heat
  388. >Though it was just the first inch, it felt like your bro had already filled you completely
  389. >He just felt so big
  390. >So THICK
  391. >It made you wonder how you'd ever be able manage to get such a thing all the way in you
  392. >You gently raked your nails against Anon's chest as you forced a little more of him inside of you
  393. >Stretching you and filling you up in ways that you've never felt before
  394. >Flash hadn't been like this...
  395. >No boy that you had been with had been like this...
  396. >No stallion that you had been with had been like this...
  397. >No one could make you want it this bad...
  398. >No one could make you feel this FULL...
  399. >This complete...
  400. >You paused, taking few deep breaths as your womenhood gently squeezed Anon's length, before you impale yourself a little more
  401. "Just a few m-more inches," you told yourself as sweat poured from your face. "Just a f-few--oh my f-fucking Celestia..."
  402. >Your eyes crossed as Anon twitched inside of you, making you go ramrod stiff
  403. >Your nail racked his chest a little harder as you let out another needy whine
  404. >Just a few more inches...
  405. >Just a few more inches...
  406. >Just a few--
  407. >Your eyes opened once more as you felt your rump hit your big, big, BIG brother's thighs
  408. >Looking down, you could see that every single inch of him was inside of you
  409. >Almost dumbfounded, you found yourself smiling stupidly at the sight as you rocked your hips
  410. >Another wave of pleasure wracked your body, making your heart flutter
  411. >You could feel every single vein, every single bump, every single grove
  412. >He had filled you completely
  413. >He had made you whole
  414. >Lifting yourself an inch or two off of him you slammed yourself back down
  415. >The sound of your ass hitting his pelvis and your moaning filled the air
  416. >It was a pure sound, a wonderful, wet, lewd sound
  417. >You needed to hear it again
  419. >And again and again
  420. >An image came to your mind unabated as you began to raise yourself back up
  421. >Anon, looking up at you as you looked down at him
  422. >Biting your lip, you slammed yourself back down
  423. "A-Aha~"
  424. >Reaching down, you pawed around desperately for one of his hands
  425. >Grinding yourself against his twitching, fat cock, you quickly snatched one of them up and placed it against your chest
  426. >The two of you would be naked
  427. >You, nervous as to what your brother would think, would shyly hide yourself with your hands
  428. >Though you knew you were beautiful, and had been told you were beautiful, you would still feel self-conscious in front of someone like him
  429. >You lifted yourself up a few more inches and slammed yourself down so hard that the bed creaked as you began to increase your pace
  430. >Anon would laugh at you and pull you close, enveloping you in those big, strong arms of his
  431. >You lifted yourself off of your brother a little more, screaming as you slammed yourself back down
  432. >He would tell you that you were beautiful
  433. >He would say that you didn't need to hide a thing from him
  434. >He love you
  435. >All of you
  436. >The smell of sweat and sex was thick in the air as your pace became frenzied
  437. >You would smile and nuzzle your cheek against your big brother's neck as he told you this
  438. >Your smile would widen when you felt him hardening against your leg
  439. "F-fucking fucking, fuck, fuck, fuck!"
  440. >You'd run a finger across his length, listening in delight as he gasped
  441. >You bit your lip hard enough to taste blood as you rode Anon harder and harder and harder, lifting of of him until only his fat, delicious tip was inside of you before slamming back down
  442. "Oh my fucking Celestia, ohmyfuckingCelestia!"
  443. >Your fingers would wrap around his thick shaft as you'd look up at him
  444. >His cock would jump in your hand, and you'd be able to see the hunger in his face
  445. >You could imagine, with the sharpest clarity, those blue eyes of his drinking in your body
  446. >They were pretty eyes
  448. >Mom's eyes, but with a strength in them that reminded you of dad before he passed away
  449. >There was a thin sheen of sweat coating your body now as you continued to ride your big brother
  450. >Your fiery red hair was flying all around you now
  451. >Your back was arched, and your breasts were bouncing
  452. >With each breath you took you could almost TASTE your brother's musk and your arousal
  453. >You were close...
  454. >Get a little more...
  455. >Just a little more...
  456. >Your mind went back to the little scene in your head
  457. >Your smile was widening as Anon's gaze roamed over your breasts, your flat belly, your legs and hips, until they settled on your womenhood
  458. >You'd be, of course, wet
  459. >His member would jump in your hand again, getting bigger and bigger until you would have trouble wrapping your hand around it
  460. >One of you would try to make a joke about something or another but then you would both just stop
  461. "Come o-on! Almost... almost!--"
  462. >Anon's eyes would flick to your face until they settled on your lips
  463. >Your heart would be pounding in your chest as you'd lean up toward him, puckering your lips as you got on your tippy-toes
  464. >You'd stare into those deep, lovely blue eyes of his as he'd lean down, his arms still--
  465. "FUCK!"
  466. >Anon twitched as your nails roughly dug into his chest, drawing blood as you threw back your head and screamed
  467. >You managed to hilt Anon one last time before stars exploded across your vision
  468. >His lap was soaked as you furiously bucked against him
  469. >Your body was shaking, your eyes were rolling in your skull as your back arched
  470. >You could feel your inner walls squeezing the monster inside of you hard as you could
  471. >You couldn't think
  472. >You couldn't breath
  473. >All you could focus on was the pillar of pleasure inside of you, twitching as you did your best to make him release inside of you
  474. >When it was over, when you came down from sweet, sweet release, you found that you were laying on top of your big brother
  476. >You were breathing hard, sweat was making your hair stick to your forehead, and you were smiling like an idiot
  477. "Fucking... finally," you panted, looking up at your brother's face just to make sure that he was still asleep. "After... four... days... I get--"
  478. >Your eyes widened as you felt your big brother twitch inside of you
  479. >He was still hard...
  480. >He hadn't cum yet...
  481. >He hadn't filled you up, made you his...
  482. >You found yourself smiling as you once again began grinding into his lap
  483. "We're... not done... yet," you said, struggling you pick yourself off of his chest. "Four days... I need... more. MORE."
  484. >The fire came back into your belly, making your belly heave and your legs weak, as you leaned up and kissed your brother once again
  485. >You moaned into his mouth as you lifted yourself up until half of his length was inside of you and then you slammed down
  486. "We're not... going to stop... until you're-- fuck~!... fucking balls are... empty... big bro..."
  487. >For one horrible, heart-stilling, wonderful moment you could have sworn that Anon's eyes opened slightly after you had said this
  488. >Your eyes widened
  489. >He was going to wake up
  490. >He was going to see you riding him
  491. >He was going to smell the sex in the air
  492. >He was going to see the hunger in your eyes
  493. >You froze, eyes as wide as dinner plates as Anon, with a sleepy grumble, rolled his head to the side
  494. >Still asleep...
  495. >He was still asleep...
  496. >Relief washed over you as you took in a shaky breath, but in the pit of your stomach you couldn't help but feel something else
  497. >With his length still buried in you where it belonged, you leaned back, placing a hand over your pounding chest
  498. >Whoo...
  499. >That was a close one...
  500. >A bemused smile graced your lips
  501. >Leaning forward, you placed a gentle kiss on his lips
  502. "Maybe another time, big bro," you muttered hopefully. "Maybe another time..."
  504. <[0v0]>
  506. >It was a simple breakfast this morning, just a dry bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice
  507. >You would have usually went out of your way to make something special for both you and your big bro, since it was the weekend and all, but it had been a long, long, LONG night
  508. >Just like you your big bro had been awfully... backed up, so it had taken a while to get that monster of his to stand down
  509. >The effort had left you very sore and more than a little exhausted
  510. >Like, like any little sister that wanted to look after her big bro, you were happy to do it
  511. >You smiled as you wiggled your hips, quietly savoring the pleasant ache in between your legs
  512. >More than ha--
  513. >"Mornin', sis."
  514. >You looked up from your Pony-O's to see your brother, shirtless and with bags under his eyes, making his way into the kitchen
  515. >Your eyes flicked down to his chest, wincing slightly when you noticed that your scratching had left ugly red lines
  516. >...Oops...
  517. "Shouldn't you be asleep?" you asked, dipping your spoon into your bowl. "And what the heck happened to your chest?"
  518. >Frowning, your brother looked down at the scratch marks that you had given him
  519. "...You know what? I have no idea," he said, sounding puzzled. "I just kind of woke up and it was there..."
  520. >He touched the scratches before he shook his head
  521. >"There was probably just something on my bed that cut me up when I was rolling around last night."
  522. >Hah
  523. >Something was rolling the SHIT out of you last--
  524. >"It doesn't matter. I'll make sure to look for whatever it was later. Now, how about the two of us go and watch a movie today?" he chirped, a smile on his face. "I managed to finish the last bit of that short story and I'd thought the two of us could go celebrate."
  525. >You wanted to yell at him
  526. >He needed to get back to bed
  527. >He needed to get some more sleep
  528. >But that smile on his face, and the way that his too long, messy hair teased the edges of his face...
  529. >Getting out of your chair, you hopped over and pulled your brother into a hug
  531. >"What the hell's gotten into you, sis?" your big bro asked with a laugh, wrapping his big, strong arms around you
  532. >You smiled, taking a deep breath
  533. >Though you had been extra careful when cleaning him up you could still smell yourself on him
  534. >He was still marked as yours...
  535. >Sensing that your mind was about to get into unsavory territory, you looked up at your brother and give him your best, brightest smile
  536. "I just wanted to give my brother a hug, you dork," you told him, leaning up on your tiptoes so that you could rub your nose against his
  537. >This caused him to laugh even more as he leaned away from you
  538. >You stubbornly followed, backing him up until you had him pressed up against one of the kitchen walls
  539. >...
  540. >You could do it now...
  541. >Just a simple kiss on the lips...
  542. >A hand against his thigh...
  543. >It wouldn't be that hard...
  544. >You were SURE you could do it if you tried...
  545. >Convince him...
  546. >You could take him right now if you wanted...
  547. >Eyes shining, you give Anon an eskimo kiss before burying your face into his chest
  548. >Anon, still smiling, tightened his grip on you
  549. >"You're the biggest weirdo in the world; you know that right?"
  550. >You took another deep breath
  551. "Says the guy that doesn't leave his room for days."
  552. >"That's not weird; that's productive," your brother said, giving you a peck on the forehead. "Now go and get your shoes on. We're going to have a brother-sister day and you're going to enjoy it."
  553. >You nuzzled yourself closer to your big brother, want and need and happiness making you squirm against him
  554. "Alright. It's a date."
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