My Little Sister is a Futa - Ch 1-23

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  1. I've read futanari stories here and there, but a lot of them don't strike my fancy by being a bit (or a lot) over the top. So I decided to flex my creative muscles and create a futanari story that isn't quite so far from home. Plausible dick sizes (on a full grown man at least), nothing fantastic like furry, magical powers, or superhuman strength, just the tale of a futa-crazed teenager and his futanari little sister. Personally, I find that stories on the more realistic side work a lot better for me, and I hope that the same will be true of more of you.
  3. Story contains: Futanari, loli, incest (brother-sister), toys, anal and anal masturbation, actual plot and character development, strength, and some muscle.
  6. [SPOILER=Chapter 1]
  7. So before I get started, I think I ought to introduce myself. My name's Barry, and I have a massive fetish for any kind of female superiority. Size, strength, muscles, dicks, even them being smarter. Height is exclusive though, since I find the superiority more... extreme, shall we say, when borne by a younger, smaller girl. When I was younger, I had quite the sexual experience. Most "normal" (see: boring) people would wrinkle their noses at my having taken pleasure from such an experience, but I don't regret it one bit.
  9. I was 18 at the time. probably the point at which my sex drive was the highest too. My little sister, Robin, was 8. She was pretty much a prodigy, academically, having skipped two grades and still being able to understand my math homework better than I could. She could have skipped more, but our parents were worried about the consequences of such a course of action. Rightly so, I might add, but I'll stop there before I extend this tangent any farther.
  11. So, I was already popping boners whenever I had to ask Robin for help with homework. I was ashamed of it at first, despite the fact that I still beat off to the thought at night. This was also on top of the fact that I, along with the rest of our immediate family, knew that Robin was no ordinary girl: she was a perfect hermaphrodite, born with both a perfectly formed vagina and penis, balls and everything. Something that, as far as I know, had never, ever occurred in medical records. She had been raised gender-neutral (along with a unisex name), but eventually showed a clear tendency towards feminine... stuff. Her favorite color was pink, and she loved fairies and princesses, that sort of thing. So we rolled with it, and decided she would be a girl.
  13. I took little interest in her physical growth, at least externally. I couldn't help but wonder how the "intruder" between her legs was growing. I was afraid it might come out stunted, 3 inches long after puberty, due to the hormonal imbalance. That fear was a part of the force that prevented me from investigating.
  15. But then one day, as I went to ask for some more help...
  17. *Knock knock*
  19. "W-wait! Barry, don't come in!"
  21. "Robin? What's wrong?"
  23. "I... I... I don't know... It's my... Um..."
  25. I remained silent, the door still separating us. Honestly, I had no idea what the matter was, or could be. So I waited.
  27. "Y... you can come in... I guess..." she eventually said.
  29. I opened the door and found her in her pink butterfly pajamas, sitting on her bed, curled up, her eyes puffy from crying.
  31. "What's wrong?" I asked again, my brotherly instincts kicking in.
  33. She spread her legs slowly, revealing a massive - and I mean MASSIVE - tent there. My own quickly rose to attention, though I did my best to remain in control.
  35. She noticed, though. Her face transformed into one of amazement. "Yours... does it too?"
  37. I laughed in relief. "You're worried about an erection?"
  39. Her cheeks puffed up in indignation. "I've never had one before! I don't know what to do!"
  41. "Well..." Okay, Barry, you've fantasized about this, admit it. Now, what do you do?... "Usually it'll just go away after a while if you try not to think about it."
  43. Darn it.
  45. She covered it up again and nodded. "I'll try that..."
  47. "Alrighty then." I couldn't leave just yet, though. Not like this. "If the problem doesn't go away, just come get me, I'll see what I can do."
  49. She smiled her adorable 'thank you big brother' smile, and I left the room. The gravity of what I'd been thinking hit me like a ton of dicks. BRICKS. I meant bricks!
  51. I was seriously thinking of stealing my sister's innocence like that? The devil in me rubbed his hands together and cackled evilly.
  53. Okay, first things first... I made my way to the garage and fetched a measuring tape from the toolbox, then went to the bathroom. I thought about what I'd just seen, and then measured. Five point... seven-ish inches. Maybe a little under. I tried to figure out how long what I had seen was, based on that, but failed.
  55. I slipped the tape into my pocket and went back to her door and knocked again.
  57. "... Barry?"
  59. "Yeah. I forgot, I was going to ask for your help again.”
  61. "Okay... Come in."
  63. She was sitting at her desk, completed homework littering it, tent still standing proud. I showed her my work. She smiled and immediately set to work explaining it to me. Honestly, I had no idea how she could still look up to me, her senior by 10 years and coming to her for math help. But here she was, even as she helped me, revering her older brother. It was adorable.
  65. Once I thought I had the concept down, I thanked her and headed for the door.
  67. "Wait!"
  69. She showed me her tent again as I turned around. "It... it hasn't gone back to normal at all..."
  71. I took a deep breath. "Okay, um... I'm going to need to lock the door. This is private stuff."
  73. She nodded and I locked the door, then sat down on the ground in front of her.
  75. "How does it feel?"
  77. She thought about it a moment. "It... hurts, kind of? But in a good way."
  79. So this isn't a random boner, she's actually aroused. My own member twitched at the thought of that. "Okay, then I know how to deal with this. But..."
  81. I fell silent, contemplating the situation. Eventually, Robin broke the silence. "What?"
  83. I cleared my throat. "What I'm going to do... Nobody can know about it, okay? Nobody. Even mom and dad. Especially mom and dad."
  85. She looked a little scared at that, but nodded.
  87. "This isn't something that a brother usually does, and... well, bad things could happen to me if someone found out."
  89. She nodded again.
  91. "Okay, so... first, take it out of your pants."
  93. Her tiny hands worked clumsily at her pajamas, and her cock sprung into the air soon, free of its confines.
  95. "Let's see how long it is. Could you stand up?"
  97. She did wordlessly, and didn't seem to notice how strange it was that I brought a measuring tape with me into her room. My eyes went wide as I read the result.
  99. "Eight point five inches?" The tape slid back in with a snap. "Well, Robin, yours is a lot bigger than normal."
  101. "Is that bad?"
  103. I shake my head, "No, no! You're actually lucky. Amazingly lucky. Incredibly, actually. I don't think anybody your age has had one that big, ever!" I gave her a smile to still her fears. "I'm proud of you!"
  105. A smile lit up her face, and she actually jumped up and down, her proud cock bouncing tantalizingly just under my chin.
  107. "Alright, so let's get to work on calming it down." I picked her up and set her down on the bed, her legs spread apart.
  109. I swallowed, asking myself one last time if I was going through with this. Well, of course the answer was yes.
  111. "Okay Robin, try not to make any loud noises." We were alone in the house, but you never knew when somebody might walk in.
  113. After she nodded, I slowly lowered my face to her crotch. The smell was hypnotizing. So strong, but so alluring, unlike my own reek. I was originally planning on giving her a plain blowjob, but I couldn't help but want more.
  115. I pressed my lips to one of her balls, eliciting a gasp from her. It was smooth and soft, like the rest of her body, and bigger than mine. I ran my tongue along it and to the other, tugging at the soft sack with my lips now and then, breathing in her musk. At some point, I placed my hand on her shaft, eliciting another gasp. The poor circulation in my hands meant they must feel like ice on her hot, pulsing rod, but I didn't care. I ran my fingers over her silky soft length, memorizing every inch as I wrapped my lips all the way around one of her testicles, sucking gently on it. Her childish moans only spurred me on.
  117. Eventually, I tore myself away from her crotch and ran my tongue up the length of her shaft. It was like a dream. Huge, manly, but somehow cute like the rest of her. I could see a vein clearly running the length of it, but it seemed somehow feminine, and all the more beautiful in its hairlessness. Unable to help myself, I slipped her head between my lips instantly, running my tongue over its soft texture. It was like... pudding, almost. So smooth and soft, but rigid (unlike pudding). I could never actually remember my own dick ever being as hard as hers was, under her baby fat.
  119. I took about six-ish inches before my gag reflex stopped me in my tracks. I wanted to go all the way, but instinct completely blocked me. Not that there was any need to go any further. No sooner had I begun to pull back, than a violent pulse wracked the length in my mouth, and her hot seed came pouring out. She sighed in pleasure. I started sucking and bobbing my head to keep her orgasm going for as long as I could, pumping out as much of her seed as possible.
  121. It was amazingly sweet... Even in that respect it was superior to the bitter mess I came up with. I let it sit on my tongue for a little while before swallowing. An amazing feat of self-control, considering I couldn't keep even my favorite dish, sushi, in my mouth for more than three seconds without swallowing. I leaned back down and cleaned up her rod, getting rid of all the stickiness, and finally sat back in the ground.
  123. My back was aching a little bit from my posture.
  125. "That... felt... so good..." Robin panted. She looked at her dick, which was beginning to grow soft again. "Thank you, big brother."
  127. I smiled at her, still a little dazed from the experience. "Sure thing. Really, if it ever happens again, call me and I'll help you out."
  129. "Okay! It felt super good, so I really really wanna do it again some time!" I felt a mix of pride, shame and glee upon hearing that.
  131. I'd gone off the deep end this time. No going back. At least, that's what I told myself. To be honest, I don't think I'd ever been so happy as I was giving my sister her first blowjob. And the one after that, but that's a story for another time.
  132. [/SPOILER]
  133. [SPOILER=Chapter 2]
  134. Half an hour later, having finished what was quite likely the best fap of my life, I sat myself down at my computer and set to work. First things first: dulling my gag reflex. I was determined to stuff my sister's cock all the way down my throat some day. Fortunately, the process seemed easy enough. All I needed was a toothbrush and time, both of which I had.
  136. Mom and Dad would be working late today, most likely, so it was up to me to make dinner. A quick check of the fridge showed that we were low on uh... mustard. Really, I just needed an excuse to go shopping.
  138. "Robin, I'm going out shopping, need anything?"
  140. "Nooope!"
  142. With that, I was out the door. I'd comment on the weather, but my mind was still set on what I had done. Too much so to notice anything else. The journey to the store passed by in the blink of an eye.
  144. Mustard, pickles, some chips, hummus. Nothing we really needed for dinner. Eyes on the ground, I slunk over to the adult section. Magazines lined the wall, but I had no interest in those. I briefly examined a couple of dildos when nobody was watching. There were a few as big as Robin's tool, but I knew I wouldn't be able to handle any of that size just yet. Instead I settled with one an inch thick. As an afterthought, I grabbed a bottle of lube and shoved the two down to the bottom of the basket.
  146. The cashier gave me a look as she took them out. "Please just don't ask," I said in a tired tone. Saying it like that made it sound like it wasn't for me. At least I thought so.
  148. I rushed home, face hot with self-consciousness, and shoved my new affects to the back of one of my drawers. The rest went in the fridge, where it belonged. I got to work on dinner right away. Simple stuff. I barely paid attention, as much as I wanted to focus on something other than my sister.
  150. Fortunately, I managed not to overcook the pasta, and Robin agreed with me that the whole tasted perfectly fine. Eager to get started with my new project, I rushed to brush my teeth as soon as I was done eating.
  152. The principal was simple: brush your tongue right at the edge of the spot that triggers the gag reflex, so that it's triggered, but not too badly, and keep brushing there for a couple of seconds. Repeat it every time you brush.
  154. Despite the discomfort, I did it most willingly. I was a man on a mission, after all.
  156. The night went on ordinarily. I browsed the sites I usually did, watched some Doctor Who. Robin did who-knows-what in her room. I actually managed to get my mind off of my little sister's cock for a while.
  158. Our parents came home around 8. An hour later, Robin went to bed. I usually stayed up until midnight, or 1, but tonight I was in a hurry, so I hit the hay at 11. I locked the door and fished my prize out of the drawer. This was my first time trying anal in any form, so I had no idea what to expect.
  160. "Just pretend it's Robin's," I told myself quietly. I stripped, lubed up, and got to work.
  162. All in all, it was actually better than I'd expected. It slipped in with relative ease and, while it wasn't comfortable, I quickly figured out what spots gave me pleasure and which just yielded discomfort. The feeling wasn't as intense as regular masturbation, and I had to make a conscious effort not to reach for my tool. I wanted to learn to get pleasure completely without it.
  164. Focusing might have been difficult, but the image of Robin's 8-inch 8-year-old cock kept me hard the whole time. The 6 artificial inches inside me were a poor substitute for what I imagined the soft yet firm shaft of my sister's would feel like, but the thought that this was only the beginning spurred me on.
  166. Bringing myself over the edge actually took some effort, but the climax was easily three times as long as a regular one. That was all I needed to know to solidify this phase of my plan: from now on, anal masturbation was the only way I would go. Or come. Heh.
  168. That night, as I lay awake, I came to another realization: the lingering sensation in my ass was really arousing... It made me want another go. I indulged myself, and not five minutes later found myself aroused again. I smiled as I realized I'd become quite a butt slut already.
  170. I kept these two 'rituals' up until my gag reflex was completely gone, and continued masturbating anally even to today. It took maybe a month until the former was done, and that month was far from uneventful. I'll spare you any more boring details and get straight to the fun part, shall I?
  172. ...
  174. It was three days after our first go. The weekend. I was watching Doctor Who again, when I heard a timid knock at the door. It could only have been my adorable little sister.
  176. "Not now, K-9!" I called in my best impression of Tom Baker as I headed for the door. Sure enough, Robin stood there. I didn't see a tent in her pants this time, though, and I'd be lying if my heart didn't fall a little at that. "Hey Robin, what's up?"
  178. "My thingy got hard again last night," she said quietly. "I wanted to get you, but I was afraid mom and dad might get mad if I got up..."
  180. Blast, I had a chance last night? I thought quickly. "Aha!" I slipped out the door, "I think mom and dad still have your old baby monitor in the garage. We could use that to communicate."
  182. "Ooh!" She probably had no idea what a baby monitor was, but she seemed excited all the same.
  184. Surely enough, it was in a box, covered in dust. A new set of batteries and it was good to go, though. "If you talk into here, I can hear you from the other end. If it happens again you could tell me."
  186. She took the receiver with a big smile, "Okay!"
  188. We got the two ends set up together. As we finished up in her room, to my glee, the intruder in her pants started to stand up again.
  190. "B-Barry... it's..."
  192. "I see it," I said quietly. I went to the door and locked it. Mom was home at the moment, so we would have to be careful this time.
  194. Robin's pants were already on the floor when I turned around, and she was climbing into her bed, slightly encumbered by the swelling mass between her legs.
  196. "It does it... whenever I think of your mouth," she explained. "It felt so good..."
  198. Not as good as my ass will, I thought hopefully. "Your penis feels really good in my mouth too," I said, my face flushing.
  200. "You really like it?"
  202. "Really really." No lie.
  204. The memory that I'd sucked my thumb until the age of 6 came back to me unbidden. A sign?
  206. Oh well. I quickly knelt in front of her and took a deep breath of her musk. I was entranced immediately. The faint smell of her strawberry shampoo only made her smell all the more appetizing.
  208. She wasn't at full erection yet, at somewhere between seven and eight inches. I didn't waste time with her balls, immediately pressing my lips over it. She gasped at the sensation and a pulse of pleasure ran through it. My own dick did likewise, as did my ass, to my joy, but I ignored them for the moment.
  210. Her partially flaccid cock might have been even more comfortable than when it was fully erect. Slightly springy, warmth still flooding in. I chewed lightly on it, feeling the pressure building inside my mouth as it filled it up completely. Again, I slipped around five inches into my mouth before I could go no further. All in good time.
  212. I placed one of my hands on the length of cock that I couldn't fit in my mouth. A tight fit. I started bobbing up and down, relishing the smooth texture. It only took a couple of seconds before a spasm shook the whole length, filling my mouth with Robin's hot, sticky semen. I pulled back slowly, enjoying every inch as they slid through my lips, and doing my best not to lose any of her sweet cum. I sucked at the tip, doing my best to get the last out of her urethra, before swallowing.
  214. Robin was lying on the bed, breathing heavily. She sat up as her cock began to soften again. "Why does it feel so good?"
  216. "Who knows?" I said with a smile. I watched her head sink and eventually dangle limply between her legs, going from a bright pink to a softer shade. I swallowed again, wishing it hadn't ended so quickly, and running my tongue over my teeth to try and find any taste that might be lingering still.
  218. I noticed Robin was staring at me. I'd been silent for an awkwardly long time.
  220. "I should have measure how thick it was..." I thought out loud. "Eh, next time."
  222. She smiled again and started to pull her clothes back on. The bulge was still visible through them...
  224. "We'll do it again, right?" she asked.
  226. "Of course we will," I said with a smile. My eyes went back to her bulge for a second. I knelt down quickly. "Here, for luck," I said and planted a kiss on it. She giggled and covered it up with her hands.
  228. "Alright, well, until next time," I said, pushing myself up to my feet.
  230. "Mhm!"
  232. As I went back to my room, I wondered if it was possible to become physically addicted to cum. I didn't mind the thought of that. Big brother the cumslut... I chuckled and locked the door behind me, then opened the drawer to grab my dildo.
  233. [/SPOILER]
  234. [SPOILER=Chapter 3]
  235. "Barry..."
  237. I rolled over towards the edge of my bed and picked up the baby monitor. I kept it underneath so that my parents wouldn't spot it if they came in.
  239. "I'm here."
  241. "It's... up again."
  243. It had only been a day since our second time... it seemed she had a pretty high sex drive. All the better for me. I'd already 'fapped' (if I could even call it that anymore), but the tingling in my ass somehow kept me ready for more.
  245. "Alright, I'll be there in a minute."
  247. Already tenting my pajamas, I snuck through the silent house to Robin's room, clear on the other side. Fortunately, our lack of wooden floors kept me from betraying my position. As long as she and I kept silent, we could keep doing this with no one being the wiser for... hopefully months.
  249. I knocked gently on the door.
  251. "Barry?"
  253. "Yeah, it's me." I slipped inside and stealthily shut and locked the door.
  255. The only light in the room was the dim pink night-light next to her bed, which cast the room in a surprisingly eerie glow. Still, it was enough for me to make my way through the mess of toys on the floor to the side of her bed, where she sat, still under the covers, her hard-on tenting the heavy bedspread.
  257. Before I could say anything, she started mumbling an explanation, as if in apology. "I was thinking of your mouth again and... it happened. It always happens when I do that."
  259. I gave her a smile and sat on the bed. "There's no need to worry. I enjoy doing this a lot, and I'm glad I can make you feel good like this."
  261. She smiled up at me, and then pulled off the covers, dragging her pants along with it. The top five inches popped free of her underwear during the motion. I settled myself next to her. "No, no, you can lie down if you want," I said as she started to sit up. At that, she lay back down, almost giggling in anticipation. I pulled her panties down the rest of the way and placed my hands on her cock. She gasped.
  263. "Sorry, my hands are cold," I chuckled. "They'll warm up in a second." I played with her length, running my hands slowly up and down, repeatedly telling myself that this shaft of 8-year-old was more than 8 inches long. One of my hands went down to her balls and gently rubbed the tight package, the smooth ovoids slipping in between my fingers. They were perfectly smooth and soft to the touch, surprisingly soothing to handle.
  265. A bead of precum leaked from the tip. I squeezed the shaft and pumped upwards once, drawing up more and causing it to begin to dribble over to the side.
  267. "What is that?"
  269. Her voice snapped me out of the trance I was falling into.
  271. "It's called 'pre' for short," I explain briefly. "I don't really know what it's for."
  273. I pumped her cock again and rubbed my palm over the pre-slicked tip of her towering member. She gasped and squirmed under my touch. Immediately, more and more precum started to spill out, making my hand slick. It now slid up and down her length as easily as the lube made my dildo slide in and out of my ass.
  275. My mouth was watering at this point. I wanted to taste the hot saltiness of her pre, and the sticky sweetness of her cum. Saying that in my head turned me on even more. Without further ado, I leaned over and plunged Robin's cock into my mouth. I pushed down all the way, going a little past my gag reflex allowed, and then pulled all the way back so that only the tip remained behind my lips. I pressed my tongue to her urethra, eliciting another gasp for her. The slit was pretty big... Doubtlessly bigger than mine, though I couldn't fathom how much so. I was quickly rewarded with the smooth, salty taste of more precum on my tongue.
  277. "Nn! Barry, that hurts..."
  279. "Sorry," I said hastily, and quickly slipped more of her length inside. I focused on trying to feel every last millimeter of it. I actually thought I could identify the veins on either side against my lips. As I came to a stop, the very distinct feeling of her pulse made the veins all the more clear. Goodness, they felt huge in my mouth. Bigger than any on my own tool.
  281. I started to bob my head ever so slightly, one of my hands gently pumping at the remaining five inches, while the other gently kneaded her balls.
  283. Robin's moans picked up in intensity suddenly, and the pulsing of her dick began to pick up. Realizing she was about to cum, I opened my mouth and stopped everything.
  285. "What...?" she mumbled through a haze of pleasure.
  287. "It'll feel better for longer if I wait," I explained.
  289. I gave her a couple of seconds, measured by the heartbeat I could feel through the meat in my hand... Then I got right back to it where I left off, sliding back down, inch by inch. When I got as far as I could go again, I clamped down gently and started sucking, using my tongue and cheeks to massage her cock, and squeezing my hand around the base.
  291. I kept this up... I couldn't tell for how long. The seconds blurred together like a dream. I was surprised when I felt a pair of tiny hands on my head. My eyes opened and I saw Robin, chest rising a falling quickly, her arms outstretched toward me. She pushed down and I gagged, caught by surprise. She didn't falter at all, pushing my head back up to the tip, and back down again.
  293. I resisted a little out of reflex, but quickly adapted and moved of my own accord. After only five or so pumps, she tensed up, and my mouth was awash in hot cum and the sensation of my little sister's cock pulsing wildly in orgasm.
  295. Again, I sucked and bobbed, gathering every last drop of cum in my mouth before sitting up and swallowing the hot, sweet mess. A little dribbled out of my lip, and I licked that up. Then, deciding to be thorough, I squeezed her cock again, bringing up one last fat drop of semen to her tip, which I licked off slowly. Then I let go, letting her softening dick fall against her stomach.
  297. Crazily aroused, I couldn't help but notice the nice shape of her flat midriff, bared under her wrinkled pajama top.A few sit-ups and those could be a nice set of abs, I told myself.
  299. Robin looked up at me through hooded eyes. "Thank you, big brother." She rolled onto her side. "I'm sleepy... could you stay with me for a little while?"
  301. With a smile, I lay down next to her. I poked her stomach playfully. "Sure I can."
  303. She giggled sleepily and closed her eyes.
  305. I subtly and gently pulled her panties back up from her ankles, doing my best not to disturb her. When they were halfway up her thighs, she lazily pulled them up the rest of the way, hiding her perfect pair of balls, but leaving her still swollen length hanging out. I covered her with her blanket and lay my head down on my arm. I knew I would never get to sleep with this boner, but I meant to only stay until she was asleep.
  307. She scooted closer, nestling herself curled up in the nook my arched body made. She opened her eyes again and looked up at me with her beautiful, shining blue eyes. "I love you, big brother."
  309. The sight almost moved me to tears. I put an arm over her and held her against my chest. "I love you too, Robin."
  311. The clock on the wall ticked the seconds away. Eventually, the rise and fall of her chest became regular. I gently rolled over and sat on the side of the bed. I cast a last glance back at her and got to my feet, then put the baby monitor away where our parents wouldn't see it and slipped silently back out the door.
  312. [/SPOILER]
  313. [SPOILER=Chapter 4]
  314. The next day went by completely without incident, and when 4pm rolled around the day after that, I was getting impatient in more ways than one.
  316. I was watching Doctor Who once again, but finding it tough to focus on that, my thoughts returning to Robin whenever I got the slightest bit distracted. With a sigh, I paused the player and got up, deciding enough was enough, and that I wouldn't be focusing any time soon. I grabbed the measuring tape, which I'd left on my desk, and stepped out.
  318. Mom and Dad were gone again. I think that was probably the first time I was genuinely thankful that my parents were both so busy. Robin was sitting in front of the TV watching what sounded like Blue's Clues. She didn't acknowledge my presence until I sat down next to her, tilting her head inquisitively. I never watch TV with her.
  320. "I'm waiting for a commercial break," was all the explanation I gave. She shrugged and went back to watching. I had to laugh at how childish and silly the show was. Robin, despite her precocious mind, still shouted at Steve to tell him where the clues were when he asked. In a way I was glad about that, that despite everything else, she was still a kid at heart.
  322. Soon, but not soon enough, Steve said goodbye and commercials for toy cars, dolls and who knows what else started playing. Robin looked at me expectantly then. She probably guessed what I had in mind, judging by the already growing bulge under her skirt.
  324. "I want to measure how thick it is," I said, slipping to the floor in front of her. She gave me a nod and wiggled a bit in her seat. The act freed her length instantly, causing the skirt to fold back as her dick pushed up towards the ceiling. She wasn't at full erectness yet, though. I gently put my hands on the base of her shaft and kneaded her balls, still trapped in her underwear. I gathered the saliva in my mouth and ran my tongue up the tower, from as low as I could go to the very tip. No precum greeted me this time, but a quick squeeze of the length of meat told me she was as erect as could be.
  326. Just to be sure, I measured the length once again. Still 8.5, I had measured correctly. Then I held it perpendicular. "1.8." A whole half inch thicker than mine, too. I tried to calculate the ratio in my head, but quickly realized I had a much more efficient calculator on hand. "Robin, what's 5.7 divided by 1.3?"
  328. "4.4!" she answered with little hesitation.
  330. "And 8.5 divided by 1.8?”
  331. “4.7.”
  333. So hers was thicker by proportion too.
  335. "What does that mean?" she asked, curiosity all over her face after I told her.
  337. I planted a kiss on her tip. "It means you have a penis like no other." I gripped the length softly. "Well, I guess I'd better finish what I started."
  339. "Yay!" Seemed she'd been waiting for this almost as much as I had. Almost.
  341. I wasted no time in plunging her cock into my mouth. The warm, semi-soft texture seemed to fill my mouth whole. I got to work right away, sucking and bobbing my head and pumping gently with the other hand. She gripped the couch and closed her eyes, and I did likewise, focusing entirely on the warm intruder in my mouth.
  343. Still being so unused to this new ritual of ours, she approached her climax within twenty pumps. Her breathing picked up, and her cock started to pulse more and more quickly, a sign of what was coming.
  345. At what I thought was the last second, I pulled it out of my mouth and pumped at her cock with both of my hands. She seemed not to notice, and within two seconds, her tip launched a thick stream of seed all over my face. It didn't seem like as much when it wasn't in my mouth, but I could tell that her load, too, was bigger than mine. And thicker, too.
  347. I suddenly became acutely aware of the pressure in my own pants. The hot, sticky liquid on my face sent a shiver through my body and sent me over the edge as I came on the spot.
  349. Overcome by the humiliation and inferiority I was experiencing, I licked the cum around my mouth and sat there for a moment, focusing on the uncomfortable yet incredible feeling of my little sister's cum sliding slowly down my face.
  351. "Barry! Oh no, I made a mess!"
  353. I was jerked back to reality by Robin's cry of dismay. Her cock was still softening, a thick drop of cum dangling precariously from the tip. I caught it with my tongue and sucked all I could out of her urethra before replying.
  355. "Hehe, it's my fault, don't worry. I'll go take a shower and clean up."
  357. "Okay..." Robin looked crestfallen, as if she'd done something terrible.
  359. "Don't worry, Robin," I assured her. "Really, I liked that too."
  361. She smiled a little at that.
  363. I got up, got a new shirt and underwear, grabbed my dildo, and headed for the bathroom.
  365. I stayed for a moment in front of the mirror, admiring the white liquid still clinging to my face. With my thumb, I scooped it off and drank each drop. Then I pulled off my shirt and sucked the drops on there as best I could. This was one shirt that would definitely need a wash. I dropped that into the hamper. My trunks were decorated by my own mess. I smiled at how much smaller than hers it was. Hers was... maybe a third bigger than mine. Well, that went into the hamper as well.
  367. For a while, I just sat with the dildo up my ass, letting the hot water fall over my face, rerunning the facial I had just gotten over in my head several times. Then I started to buck my hips, still thinking about it. I'm a total slut, I said to myself. I'm in love with my sister's cock... I love drinking her cum, and being a slave to her dick. Most of all, I love being inferior to her in every way.
  369. The hot water cut off before I finished, but I ignored it and finished anyways, hard as that was. I let the water wash my own cum away and stepped out.
  371. ...
  373. 5:30 found me slipping in through the front door with a plastic bag. Inside was not only another dildo, the size of Robin's (which apparently was Large, another thought to make me hard), but also an inch and a half-thick butt plug. I tried it out right away. Getting it in took some doing, and it was uncomfortable, being thicker than the dildo I had been using, but I would get used to that. I had to, or else I could never pleasure myself with the real Robin's cock instead of some inferior imitation.
  375. I wore it all day to get used to it, following advice and warnings online. I wanted to wear it to bed too, but was advised against it, and so avoided that, making up for it with a last masturbation before lying down to sleep.
  377. The tingling in my ass was pretty distracting, and I was hard again not five minutes after finishing. I found myself thinking that one day I should have Robin's cum first thing in the morning. Or maybe go even farther and eat nothing but her cum for a whole day...
  379. Despite these thoughts, I eventually fell asleep.
  381. ...
  383. My alarm woke me up as usual the next day. Time for school again. I really didn't want to go. Robin's cock was all that was on my mind. My thoughts from the night before came back to me. If I forewent breakfast, I could most likely fit one blowjob in before I left. Mom and Dad were still in bed, and Robin didn't have school until an hour and a half later...
  385. I could do it.
  387. I got dressed, packed my bag, brushed my teeth (along with the usual gag exercise) set everything by the door, and went to Robin's room.
  389. "Robin." I whispered.
  391. She stirred and opened her eyes. "Barry? What time is it?"
  393. "A little before 7. You don't have to get up. I was just wondering if you were okay with me uh... sucking your penis again before I go."
  395. She seemed to think about it for a moment before replying wordlessly by slipping off her blanket and pulling down her pants. Before she got them off I could tell she was already getting morning wood. A pity, since I enjoyed the softness of her semi-flaccid dick.
  397. I got started without any delay, pumping faster than I had before. Her head bumped at the back of my throat now without triggering my gag reflex. The feeling was incredible, and the thought even better. Another week and I could probably fit her all the way in! The excitement of that concept made me pump even faster, and I had Robin cumming in seconds.
  399. I savored the thick load again, sucking everything out of her. This was all the breakfast I was getting, after all. Somehow, this time Robin's cum tasted like the best breakfast I'd ever had. It wasn't as sweet as the cereal we had, but it was richer than egg yolk. And high in protein, too!
  401. I cleaned her up as best I could with my tongue and got to my feet. "Alright, I gotta go," I whispered. "Sorry to bother you."
  403. "It's okay," she whispered back, pulling her clothes back on.
  405. As an afterthought before leaving the house, I slipped my plug back in.
  407. ...
  409. We were using our calculators in math again. I was bored, and wishing Robin could help me out here. A thought struck me, and I did a quick calculation. Using the formula for finding the area of a cylinder, I roughly calculated that my dick was 10.1in3, and Robin's 21.6. My jaw dropped open. I tried again and got the same result. A quick division revealed that hers was roughly 2.14 times the size of mine overall.
  411. My 8 year old sister. 10 years my junior. Has a dick more than twice as big as mine. If ever there was a dream come true, this was it.
  412. [/SPOILER]
  413. [SPOILER=Chapter 5]
  414. Nobody commented on my walking during the day, which assured me that I could pull off walking normally despite the plug. Unfortunately, disguising the constant boner it gave me was a little more difficult. I was pretty sure I spotted a glance or two, but nobody commented on that either. By lunch time I thought I'd go mad if I didn't masturbate. As soon as the bell went off, I slipped into the bathroom, popped out the plug, jammed a finger in, and set to work.
  416. Everybody else had finished their lunches by the time I washed my hands three times and came out. When one of my friends asked where I had been, I quickly came up with the lie that I had to go to the library. Thankfully, he bought it.
  418. I forewent lunch that day too, hanging out with my friends instead. The hunger pains kicked in immediately, but I use the pain tolerance I'm rather proud of to deal with it. Still, I couldn't keep it from growling up a storm during my History class at the end of the day. By the time the bell rang, it sounded like I had a chorus of frogs in my desk.
  420. I was glad to get it over with, and quickly high-tailed it out of there, riding my bike home as quickly as I could manage. The pressure it put on the plug was arousing despite the discomfort, and I had another hard-on by the time I made it home again.
  422. "Barry!" Robin cried happily as I crashed through the door. "I knew you would get home soon!"
  424. "Somebody's happy to see me," I commented, looking at the beam lifting the front of her skirt and fixing her with a grin. I dropped my bag on the floor and opened my lunch box. Egg salad, one of my favorites. But before I tore into it, a devilish thought entered my head.
  426. What good are unfertilized eggs?
  428. Robin stepped into the kitchen then. She seemed to read my mind, at least partially. "Mom had to ‘go run errands'. She said she will be back in time for dinner."
  430. Well good thing this wasn't dinner then.
  432. "Then let's get started right away," I chortled.
  434. With a smile, she pulled up her skirt. She didn't have any panties on underneath at all this time.
  436. "You came prepared," I noted before picking her up and placing her on one of the tall chairs around our kitchen's 'island'. "Just a sec." I rushed up to my room, grabbed the measuring tape for one more use, and came back.
  438. Despite the twinges of pain in my stomach, I decided I would prepare myself for this session differently. I ran both of my thumbs over her length gently, massaging it enough to give her pleasure, but not to bring her to orgasm. I wanted to prepare myself for this in a particular way, and doing this offered me some extra time.
  440. I thrust my face up close to her cock. She lacked the sweaty smell of a person past puberty, leaving only her strangely powerful musk and the barest hint of soap again. I breathed deep, focusing on the smell. That alone could probably have made me hard at this point, if I wasn't already. I fixed my eyes on the titan in front of me and took in every detail. I wanted to learn to know the object of my obsession better than the back of my own hand...
  442. She, like me, had been circumcised as an infant. Kind of a pity, since that meant she didn't have any foreskin I could play with, but it did bare the bright pink head. The crown flared out like a small mushroom cap, the thickest point on her already thick tool, circled by a line of red skin underneath, which quickly gave way to the pale pink that the bulk of her dick bore. I moved my head lower, breathing warmly on the base of her member. The sack that held her balls was taut in the slightly chilly air that she had exposed them to in removing her panties. Even bunched up like that, it looked bigger than my loose, dangling package. I prayed silently that time would not cause them to sag as she got older. Her dick was so perfect as it was, in every way.
  444. I placed one of my hands on her sack and massaged it gently, exhaling warmth onto it. The smooth ovoids moved freely in between my fingers, and the skin holding them gradually loosened. Even hanging, her balls didn't show the slightest sign of sagging, the skin fitting snugly around her precious package. Looking at them like this, I realized that there was no other word for them than 'beautiful'. They were perfectly shaped, exactly the same size, hairless, and as smooth as their owner's cheeks. 'Perfect' might do them justice too. When I thought of my own set, hanging loosely in their hairy, wrinkly... thing, I knew there could simply be no comparison. I noticed absently that her girl parts were totally dry as far as I could tell.
  446. This was where the measuring tape came in. I picked it up again, got a loose but firm grip on one of her testicles and measured.  The width fell between 1.4 and 1.5, and the length between 1.7 and 1.8. I filed away the numbers in my brain for later.
  448. I ran my tongue up Robin's length again. It was almost completely straight, save for one gentle curve around five inches up. It gave her cock, almost artificial-seeming in its perfection, a natural look to it. An imperfection that only made it better. Actually, it wasn't an imperfection in my eyes. It was as aesthetically pleasing as could be.
  450. Best of all in its appearance would have had to be the uniformity of it. It wasn't all in one color, but the areas each color adorned were uniform, without a spot or blemish. That, coupled with the softness granted by Robin's baby fat were the only reminder that this king among cocks belonged to a child. It had all the comfort and soothing appearance of a child's skin. This was broken only by the veins pulsing along its length, but far from making it less desirable, those veins brought out the supernatural maturity of Robin's gift. They somehow made it look all the more potent.
  452. Unable to take it any longer, I gently slid my lips over the tip, relishing the feeling of them spilling over the crown as my sister's meat filled my mouth. I pushed further and further, until it pressed against my throat again. Only a few more days... Only a few more days...
  454. The first pulse rippled through her cock. I shivered as I felt it travel through my cheeks and over my tongue. I pulled back a little and licked her urethra, catching a dollop of precum. The first taste of my lunch. I pressed down again, then back up, falling quickly into a gentle rhythm. The rhythm became a deal less gentle as my stomach reminded me I still had to eat. I pumped away for all I was worth, starting to get desperate for her seed.
  456. Not soon enough, it seemed, her hands tightened on the edge of the chair, and the pulsing of her cock sped up. I quickly sucked all the saliva I could out of my mouth. Just in time, the first jet of hot cum shot into my mouth, followed by another and another. It took all my self-control not to swallow it then and there.
  458. When her orgasm subsided, I sucked at the tip to get the last out of her urethra before rushing to the table. The sweet sticky mess spilled out of my mouth and onto the top slice of bread in my sandwich.
  460. "Barry? Are you okay?"
  462. I got all the cum out of my mouth and swallowed before answering. "Never been better."
  464. I spread my sister's cum over the bread and placed it on top of the egg salad. Now I could call this a whole meal.
  466. "Eww!" Robin cried when she saw what I'd done.
  468. I shot her a sarcastic look. "Well, I drink it when it comes straight from the source. Why shouldn't I mix it in with my sandwich? I'm starving!"
  470. "Ah," she said simply, obviously unable to argue with my logic.
  472. With that, I took the first bite.
  474. And let me tell you, that was probably the best egg salad sandwich I'd ever had, or ever have had since. Not counting the times I repeated the process, that is. I knew right away that I had to do this again. I usually didn't like sweet mixed in with anything other than sour, but somehow Robin's cum had just the right flavor to go perfectly with the egg and mayonnaise. I couldn't help but wonder what it would taste like in other things too.
  476. "Viph iv delifiouf," I said between mouthfuls.
  478. Robin seemed incredulous. "Really?"
  480. I nodded and took another bite.
  482. "Can I try it?"
  484. I hesitated. If she tried some now, she might want some later... but if I didn't give her some, she might try to do it herself, and I didn't want her using anything except me to pleasure herself... I decided the latter was the worse scenario.
  486. "Okay."
  488. She took a bite, chewed slowly, thought about it, and then swallowed. "That isn't very different..."
  490. I fought off a sigh of relief. "Well, I think it's delicious." I took another bite. "I should try it again."
  492. "You're weird!" she cried with a teasing smile.
  494. I almost retorted with 'so are you', but stopped myself. She wasn't self-conscious about her differences, and I didn't want her to start now. "Everyone's weird in their own way," I said sagely. "Galileo was seen as so weird that he was put in prison. But he was the father astronomy!"
  496. "Hm!" She knew the story, more or less, but hearing it put like that seemed to give her a different perspective on it. She smiled again and hopped off the chair. Her skirt did an admirable job of concealing the flaccid member within it. She skipped back to the living room and turned the TV back on. I finished up my culinary creation, got a drink, and headed back up to my room.
  498. It was time to execute phase I'm-not-keeping-track of my plan. A quick Google search revealed all I needed to know on the subject of maximizing cum volume. I was going to start monitoring Robin's diet and lifestyle (within limits, of course) to try and... well, I don't think it needs spelling out.
  500. Another masturbation later, and I was out the door. Time to go shopping again.
  502. ...
  504. I returned with a couple of cans of red beans, a carton of orange juice along with a bag of oranges and a grapefruit, a large jar of assorted nuts, some yogurt, a box of assorted berries, and some Conté and Camembert cheese. Our fridge and pantry already had a number of other beneficial things as well, such as garlic, of which my mother was a big fan, vegetables and cereal. All in all, we had what I thought I needed to maximize the size of Robin's load.
  506. On top of it all, at the bottom of the bag, was a box of condoms large enough for her to wear.
  508. Lifestyle-wise, the main adjustment she needed was to spend more time in the sun, and less in the tub. Wearing something looser than panties would have been good, but at her age that wasn't an option, so I would have to deal with that.
  510. "You went shopping a lot this week," Robin noted as I finished putting everything away.
  512. "I've decided to change my diet," I half-lied. "I want to be healthier, so I went and bought a lot of healthy things. Like nuts. Want some?"
  514. She hopped up and down. "Sure! I wanna be healthy too!"
  516. Exactly what I wanted to hear. I handed her a small bowl of nuts and got myself a portion too, though smaller than hers. I could worry about my own cum volume later. For the moment, I wanted hers to be as much bigger than mine as I could get it. I felt a little guilty that the only reason I was being so conscious of my little sister's health now was for these reasons, but I shoved the thought aside with some petty justification.
  518. "So," I said, sitting down at the table. "I'm going to tell you how to be as healthy as can be. I'll help you out, but you have to remember so that you can to it on your own too, okay?"
  520. She nodded.
  522. I outlined in simple terms what she was to do. A yogurt and a glass of orange juice with her cereal every morning, a small bowl of nuts in the afternoon, along with a banana and some berries. She was to ask mom for cheese along with her school lunches too, either sliced or spread, and to eat less oily things and drink less sodas.
  524. "That's a lot of things to remember... But I can do it!"
  526. "Of course you can," I said with a smile. "You probably have a better memory than I do."
  528. "Probably!"
  530. "Okay, last thing. Food isn't the only thing." She looked a little daunted at that, "Don't worry, it's nothing too big. We're just going to go on walks together every other day or so. You should also not spend too much time in the bath."
  532. "But I like baths!"
  534. I expected that would be met with protest. I sighed. "I know you do, but spending a lot of time in a hot bath isn't good for you. It can make you lightheaded and mess with your blood pressure... or something like that." I cleared my throat, and then added almost as an afterthought, "It also isn't good for your penis."
  536. "Ohh." That, strangely enough, seemed to do the trick. Her face went from a stubborn frown to a look of understanding instantly.
  538. "And the very last thing..." I hesitated. "I'll show you later, actually. It's a little exercise that you can do pretty much anywhere."
  540. "Okay." She fixed me with her cute 'thank you, big brother' smile again. Melts my heart every time.
  542. I got up. "Want to watch Doctor Who with me?"
  544. "Sure!" She hopped off the chair and trotted after me. We didn't watch it together very often, but we did enough for her to know her way around. So far, K-9 seemed to be her favorite character. She always did love dogs.
  546. I seated myself in my armchair and got the episode started. Robin climbed up onto my lap, giving me a clear view of her dangling cock in the process. I seated her to where she wouldn't feel my boner and wrapped my arms around her.
  548. It was strangely easy to focus with her here. Doing something normal like this together took my mind off the plug I was still wearing, and her lack of underwear. My boner actually went away after a while, and I scooted her closer, so that her back was up against my stomach and chest, effectively swaddling her.
  550. She asked questions the whole time. "Where are they? Who's he? Why do those men have such big beards? Why are those robots wearing knight armor if they're robots?" I indulged these questions from time to time, but just shushed her more often than not, reminding her that she would get the answers later.
  552. An hour or so later, there was a knock at the door. "Barry? Are you in there?" Mom was home, it seemed.
  554. "Of course I am, Romana!" I replied in my Tom Baker voice.
  556. "Is Robin in there with you?"
  558. "Yeah I am, mommy!"
  560. The door opened and mom stepped in. She smiled at us. "Aw, you're so cute like that."
  562. I paused the video and flashed her a grin as if nothing were out of the ordinary. Which it really wasn't, save for Robin's lack of undergarments. "Need something?"
  564. "No, I just wanted to know where you were."
  566. "Alright." I pressed play again as the door closed. Twenty minutes later, the episode ended. Along with it came another barrage of questions. "Will K-9 come back? Why did Romana want to stay? Did the bad people die?"
  568. I answered them all to the best of my ability. "Want to watch the next episode now?"
  570. "Okay."
  572. Things didn't go quite so normally this time around. Halfway through the second part, I became conscious of the plug again, and my member started to stiffen again. Discreetly, I moved one of my hands in between Robin's legs, then gently grabbed her package. It was more than my hand could hold, even completely flaccid.
  574. "B-Barry..." she said quietly. "But we're watching..."
  576. "The Doctor can wait," I said, pausing the video. "Ten minutes. Just ten minutes, okay?"
  578. "Okay..." she shifted closer to me.
  580. Her dick felt hot in my hands. I toyed with her balls again with one hand while gently squeezing the slowly hardening length in my other. I watched, my mouth starting to water, as her cock grew three inches in a few seconds. As soon as she was fully erect, I sat her sideways on my lap and attacked. I was instantly greeted by the rich salty taste of her precum again. She was leaking quite a bit this time around, and seemed to produce more every time I ran my tongue over the entrance of her urethra. I pushed down as far as my reflex would let me, and then a little further. I followed the motion I did with my toothbrush, teasing at my throat just at the point of discomfort, then pulled it out to the tip. With the frequency that Robin and I did this, I might have been able to forego the toothbrushing entirely.
  582. I maneuvered the arm I wasn't using to prop her up in between her legs to pump at the base of her cock, and set to work as always.
  584. "That feels so good, Barry," Robin said quietly. "And I feel... really safe like this."
  586. I smiled around her cock and gave another, deeper push. I almost choked out of sheer surprise when I slid straight down past my limit, almost bottoming out. I was stopped by both my gag reflex forcing me to pull off again, as well as the angle we were at. The achievement sparked a flame of pride in my chest, though, and I redoubled my efforts.
  588. Robin came again in a couple of minutes. The now familiar contractions of her cock rippled through my mouth as it filled with her load. I sucked her dry and swallowed. Again, I had to wonder if it was possible to be addicted to cum, and if I might already be at this point.
  590. Robin smiled up at me, and not for the first time I was struck by how beautiful she looked. Her long, blonde hair was smooth and shiny in the room's artificial light, her deep blue eyes reflected everything in them perfectly. She really was a beautiful child, especially with her hair down, rather than in the pigtails she usually liked to wear.
  592. "Hey," I said, smiling. "Today my friends and I discussed what we loved most at home. Tony said it was his phone, and Sam said it was his PS4. Do you know what I said?
  594. "What?" robin looked up at me with wide, curious eyes, maybe already guessing the answer.
  596. "I said that I loved you more than anything," I accentuated the statement by rubbing my nose against hers. She giggled. "They laughed at me when I said that, but I told them that if they didn't love their younger siblings then they had a serious problem!"
  598. "I love you too, big brother," she said, wrapping her arms around my neck. "Even more than I love mommy and daddy."
  600. I hugged her tightly and she hugged my neck back.
  602. It was funny to think that my sudden infatuation with her cock could have brought us so close all of a sudden. But hey, those were the facts. I let go of her but she kept on hugging. I chuckled and tried to pull her off, but she just giggled and hung on harder. We played tug-o-war for a moment before she finally let go and settled in my lap.
  604. "You're pretty strong," I noted, half hopefully.
  606. "I'm the strongest in my class!" she boasted proudly.
  608. I shot her an incredulous look. "Everyone in your class is two years older than you."
  610. "I'm still the strongest. Mr. Phillips said so when we were in P.E. last week! I can also do the most pull-ups!"
  612. "I bet the boys weren't happy to hear that!" I laughed.
  614. "No they weren't! Every one of them asked me to arm-wrestle them afterwards!"
  616. "And?" I was actually pretty excited about this. There was no chance in hell she would out-muscle me, but this news was... well, you know.
  618. "I told them no. I had to clean up during recess, so I didn't have time."
  620. "Aww."
  622. "Aww?"
  624. I chuckled again and hugged her. "I wanted to hear the story of how my little sister beat all the bigger boys at their own game!"
  626. "One of the boys..." her voice suddenly dropped. She sounded sad. "He called me a freak because I'm so strong."
  628. I turned her to face me and gave her a hard look. "Don't you listen to him, Robin. You have a gift. Lots of gifts, actually. You're probably the most gifted kid your age in every single way. You're the best, okay? The. Best. People will hate you for that, but you must not let it get to you, okay? You need to show everyone that even perfect people can be nice, good people."
  630. "Okay..." She was looking at me in amazement. I'd never spoken to her with such fervor before.
  632. "You're smarter than anybody we know, you're stronger than older boys, you're the prettiest girl I've ever met and you have a bigger penis than even most grown men have. Seriously, you're going to grow up to become the most perfect human being ever. I promise you that." I wasn't even thinking of the implications as I said this. My libido went out the window, it was nothing but big brother talking right now.
  634. "Okay..." her eyes were shining with tears now.
  636. "People, especially boys, hate being outdone, especially by girls, and you're going to meet a lot of people who will be jealous. But you're destined to be the better person, so you just need to be kind to them, so that they'll love you in time too. Use your gifts to help them."
  638. "Okay.."
  640. "And never forget, Robin. If anyone hurts you, you can come to me. No matter what happens, I'm your older brother, and I love you more than anything." I smiled down at her.
  642. "Oh Barry!" She threw herself at me, almost choking me with her hug. "I cried when that boy told me that... I was sad and scared!"
  644. "It's okay," I said, hugging her softly, my eyes getting misty.
  646. "I know. I'll always be okay now." She let go and looked into my eyes for a long time. "I love you, big brother."
  648. "I love you too, Robin."
  650. My brain went numb as she started to move closer. Her eyes were on my lips, I wasn't imagining it. I'd be lying if I said the thought didn't appeal to me, but my instincts kicked in and I stopped her. "Robin..."
  652. She blinked, coming back to reality a little. "Barry..."
  654. "Err... I love you, Robin, but kissing you is going a little far, don't you think?"
  656. "But that's what people do when they love each other, isn't it?"
  658. I sighed, now fully back to reality. "There are different kinds of love. I love you as an older brother, not like... prince-princess love."
  660. The reference to princesses seemed to click in her head. "Oh..." She suddenly blushed. "Oh, I didn't know! I'm... I'm sorry..."
  662. "There's no need to apologize, now." I hugged her. "You know now. That's all that matters. Anyways, we should get back to our episode."
  664. "Right!" And suddenly she was her happy, bubbly self again. She threw her arms around my neck again. "I really really really love you, Barry! Thank you for being my brother."
  666. This was too much. A lump rose in my throat. "You're welcome." The words felt strange... I never said 'you're welcome' to anybody. "Now, let's have an adventure in time and space!"
  668. I clicked the play button and we were with the Doctor again.
  670. Well, Robin was anyways. My brain was doing cartwheels inside my head. I've sucked off my sister, what, 7 times now, and I refused to kiss her on the lips? Something about that seemed right, but it was still strange beyond comprehension. Then again, there wasn't a single part of our relationship that wasn't.
  672. Once again, I wrapped my arms around my little sister and held her close. I planted a kiss on her head and turned my thoughts once more to the people on my computer screen.
  673. [/SPOILER]
  674. [SPOILER=Chapter 6]
  675. The next two days went by normally, by our old standards. Strangely, though, by the new norm my sister and I had developed. The tender moment the two of us had shared that night made me afraid to approach her like that again for some reason. Whatever her reasons, she didn't ask me to help her with her 'problem' either, even though I definitely saw another tent in her clothes at least once. The baby monitor remained quiet for those two nights as well.
  677. That isn't to say I lost my sex drive. No, not at all. I was still making good use of the dildo I bought, and kept my plug in almost at all times, only taking it out to relieve myself, shower, masturbate and sleep. I also took the time to measure my own balls, 1.1 by 1.5, and got Robin to help me calculate the area. My shaky math skills left me a little unsure about the result, but the ratio between the size of our balls seemed to come to 2.03! Her balls were also more than twice the size of mine!
  679. We spent those two days doing our usual. School, Doctor Who, Robin helping me with my homework. Both of our parents noticed that Robin and I seemed much closer than usual. I kept her on her diet, and we went out for a walk on both days, heading to a nearby park and exploring the area.
  681. Finally, the end of school on the third day rolled around. I had to go get Robin and take her home this time, since my parents were both working. (I had a seat for her on the back, I forgot to mention. This was no uncommon occurrence.) I pulled up to her elementary school, not bothering to chain my bike up since I would only be a minute, and stepped into the lobby.
  683. "Barryyyyyyyyyy!" A bouncing ball of fun tackled me as soon as it spotted me. Laughing, I picked her up and gave her cheek a long kiss. I waved to the teacher and, without further ado, stepped back outside.
  685. We struck up a conversation on the way home. "I want to learn to ride my bike without training wheels," she began out of the blue.
  687. "Yeah, I think I was about your age when I did that. Boy was I a crybaby then. I couldn't stand falling over."
  689. "Will you help me learn?"
  691. "Well sure. It's the least I could do for all the math help you've given me."
  693. She giggled and leaned against my back. In truth, riding a bike wasn't very good for your sperm. It didn't lessen the size of the load, though, so far as I knew, so that wouldn't be an issue until much later.
  695. "Barry?"
  697. Oh, she had a question she was afraid to ask, judging by her tone. "What is it?"
  699. "Are you mad at me?"
  701. "Of course not!" I laughed. "Why would I be mad at you?"
  703. "You haven't asked to suck on my penis in two days..."
  705. "I was just waiting for you to ask me to do it!"
  707. "Oh!" she seemed to think that was pretty obvious. I knew the feeling. "Could we do it... when we get home?"
  709. "Tell you what," I replied, "You do my math homework, and I'll do it." Killing two birds with one stone.
  711. "But you won't learn if you don't do your homework!"
  713. "Sure I will. I have the best tutor in the world, after all. It's just review anyways. Same thing as yesterday."
  715. "Okay then!"
  717. ...
  719. Robin was a blur as soon as she got off the bike, dashing into the house, probably to my room to get ready to do my homework for me. I smiled, then put my bike away in the garage before following her.
  721. "Let's do it in your room," I said, when I saw her sitting at my desk, pencil already ready.
  723. "Oh, okay." Another blur and she was out of the room. I never knew where kids got their energy from at that age...
  725. I got all my stuff out and set it up for her, but before she settled down, I crawled under the desk. She looked at me like I was crazy.
  727. "I'll do it while you're doing it," I explained.
  729. She accepted with a little reluctance, pulling her pants off, locking the door and seating herself down. She was completely soft at the moment. I grinned happily. I did really want to get to feel her soft dick inside my mouth eventually. I didn't waste any time, immediately swallowing all five inches.
  731. It was the most comfortable thing I'd but in mouth that I could ever remember. The soft, warm length filled the space perfectly, and the slight resistance when I squeezed it seemed perfect. Unfortunately, the fun didn't last as she began to harden right away. I sucked gently, slowly moving my head away as her lengthening cock pushed a couple inches out of my mouth. I did my toothbrushing exercise briefly, then started really bobbing, tortuously slowly. I closed my eyes and visualized the five inches of girl meat sliding in and out between my lips, and focused on the subtle sensation of her smooth, soft skin slipping by.
  733. I gripped the base of her shaft lightly with my index and thumb on both of my hands and squeezed gently at random intervals, giving her only a minimum of stimulation. I was going to make this one last.
  735. The sound of pencil on paper, and the faint clacking of the buttons on my calculator greeted my ears, telling me that Robin was working away, despite my ministrations. Every once in a while she would shift her little hips and speed up my slow pumping. I allowed her that. I didn't want this to be torture, after all. And besides, the feeling of being used like a sex toy was incredibly arousing.
  737. "Do you understand logarithsm?" she asked, tripping over the last word.
  739. "Mm-mm." I responded.
  741. She gasped. "Oh Barry, that felt good!"
  743. "Mm?"
  745. She gasped again.
  747. "Mm!" I said, trying to get her back to work, but just eliciting another gasp. "Mm." I sighed. It must have been the vibrations.
  749. Throwing the feeling of ridiculousness out the window, and kept pumping, this time with a steady sound of "Mmmmmmmmmmm..." coming from my throat. Robyn giggled in between her moans, and eventually got back to work.
  751. I stopped 'mm'ing for a moment to lick her urethra again. I was greeted by practically a torrent of precum. She hadn't cum in two days, and it was showing. I sipped the salty mess gratefully and pumped again, resuming the noise.
  753. The scratch of pencil on paper kept on for a couple of short minutes, then stopped again, as Robin's gasps picked up in intensity. She was about to cum again. I picked up the pace, and the volume of my humming, and was soon rewarded with a massive load of cum, much bigger than anything I'd ever seen or felt before. Jet after jet of the hot, sticky, sweet liquid filled my mouth. I kept pumping, fighting the urge to swallow. In the end, the load actually made my cheeks start to balloon. I almost cried thinking that I would have to wait two days without sucking Robin's dick for her to have another load this big.
  755. I got every last drop off of her length and sucked her urethra dry before pulling off. I swished the white fluid in my mouth around a little bit, not wanting this blissful moment to end. I held it there for longer than I cared to count, wagging my tongue in the creamy white fluid and savoring its sweet taste, relishing the thought that with her new diet, lifestyle, and the PC exercises that she hadn't even started yet, this load could get even bigger. Finally, unable to hold back anymore, I swallowed, the thick, runny semen trickling down my throat and warming my chest. I'd take this over hot cocoa to fight a chill any day.
  757. "I'm almost finished," she said then, reminding me that she was still doing homework.
  759. "Thanks," I said, and took ahold of her cock again. She wasn't likely to get hard again, but all the better. I loved the feeling of her fat, squishy flaccid cock in my mouth!
  761. I placed the tip in, and sucked the rest in inch by inch, until my nose pressed against her navel. I sat there like that, gently sucking, for the rest of the ten minutes she spent working. I kept telling myself what a good cum slut I was, over and over, as the pressure in my ass and pecker built up. After a while, I felt the familiar feeling of my own orgasm coming on, clenched my ass, and came.
  763. "Um... Barry... I finished," she said, too soon after.
  765. I pulled away from her dick sadly, and crawled out from under the desk. Still, I gave her a smile and picked up the paper. "Thanks Robin."
  767. She smiled up at me. An awkward silence fell, and she started to play with her dick idly.
  769. "Hey," I eventually said. "I told you I wanted to show you some exercises to stay healthy. I might as well show you now."
  771. "Oh! Okay!" Her face broke into an immense smile, and she turned to look at me.
  773. "Well, I can't really show you, since it's internal, but I can tell you." I spent the next couple of minutes instructing her on how to do basic PC exercises. At the end, I told her it would be good for her penis. Her grin grew. She was really dedicated to this.
  775. "Lastly, um..." did I want to do this? Yeah. I totally did. "You should try doing some crunches before bed every day."
  777. "Is that for my penis too?"
  779. "No, no," I laughed. "It's to give you abs."
  781. "Ew!"
  783. I shrugged. "I think you would look amazing with abs, but it's up to you."
  785. She wobbled in place, avoiding eye contact. "Well... if you would like it."
  787. "Hey," I said, sitting down in front of her. "I'll still love you whether you do it or not. Do it for yourself."
  789. Suddenly she was on top of me, her lips pressed to mine. She pulled back as quickly as she'd moved forward.
  791. "Robin!" I cried out in shock. She was smiling this time, her face red. "You're supposed to save your first kiss for your prince charming..."
  793. "But you are my prince charming," she said with the sweetest smile I'd ever seen.
  795. I deflated. She'd taken my own first kiss too. That didn't make me sad, though... It was a good kiss, for an 8-year-old. I got up on my knees and then crawled closer to her.
  797. "I'm no prince," I said. "You are. I'm just a princess compared to you." I wrapped my arms around her and lay her down as she stared up at me with big, surprised eyes. "You're strong," I continued, "Beautiful, smart and big. You're a better man than I could ever be."
  799. I felt a pressure on my midriff and saw that her member was stiffening again. "But..." she protested. “You're so much bigger than me..."
  801. "Only because I'm older," I said. "One day you'll be better than me in every way. In fact, I'm not even a princess. I'm just a peasant compared to you... And you're an emperor."
  803. She took my face in her hands, her eyes brimming with tears. "But you're my big brother... I love you."
  805. "That's okay," I said, moving my face close to hers. "A goddess can love whomever she chooses to." I pressed my lips to hers and closed my eyes. This kiss lasted much longer. Her lips were so soft... They were almost as comfortable on mine as her flaccid dick was. Almost.
  807. We stayed like that for a long time, her in my arms, lips locked. Finally, we broke apart. Her eyes still held the same amazement. My heart was pounding. "You..." she began. "You said you didn't love me like that..."
  809. "I lied. I just wanted you to save your first kiss for someone better."
  811. "But there is no one better."
  813. "One day you'll learn that's not true," I said with a sad smile. My eyes went to her shaft. "Although there's one area I'm pretty sure I can't be beat."
  815. She gasped as I touched it again. I ran both of my hands up and down slowly, feeling its contours. Yet again, I lowered my head over it and pushed the head through my lips. It felt differently now, though. This wasn't just the cock I loved, it was the cock of the person I loved with all my heart. Inch by inch slipped into my mouth, past my previous point of no return. My gag reflex was so negligible now that I could ignore it entirely. Another inch pushed through... I could feel the crown sliding down my throat. Another inch, then another, until all eight and a half inches were inside of me, and my nose pressed against her stomach again. I pulled out slowly, all the way to the tip, inch by inch, then back down. I ran my tongue along the whole length, relishing every nanosecond.
  817. When I bottomed out again, I swallowed, sending a ripple of muscle all the way down the length. I moved my neck ever so slightly, massaging the cock inside using my walls... Then I swallowed again. Robin was squirming with pleasure on the ground. "Barry, you're amazing!" she cried, clenching her fists, chest rising and falling quickly. I had to bob my whole body now. An inch forward, and inch back, swallowing and bending my neck, giving my little sister a full cock massage.
  819. She definitely came within five minutes. I picked up my pace and maintained it as I felt the ripples of Robin's orgasm running down my throat, expelling her seed almost directly into my stomach. I tightened my lips around the base of her shaft and slowly pulled out, and inch at a time, squeezing her like a tube of toothpaste to get all of her precious, delicious cum out. Only a little bit landed on my tongue, but the strange fullness I was feeling made up for it.
  821. "Barry," she gasped. Her hair fanned out on all sides like this, she really did look like a goddess. She sat up and kissed me again. I was acutely aware of her still semi-hard cock pressing against me. I held her close and kissed back. She learned quickly, already kissing me like I kissed her (which is to say, the way I saw it on TV). It felt amazing, even with her small mouth, and I felt sad when we broke apart again.
  823. Like silk made of sunlight, her golden hair flows... Unbidden, I remembered part of a poem I'd once written.
  824. With eyes like the sky, and her dress a blue rose...
  825. My love every growing, with brown eyes I stare...
  826. In habit of green, and my earth-colored hair.
  828. It was an allegorical poem for a forest's love for the day, but it portrayed this situation amazingly. I was the average-looking dark-haired-dark-eyed guy with a toneless body... basically mediocre in every way, and in my arms was the 8 year-old goddess that was my sister. How we could be related was beyond me. The difference was really like comparing earth and heaven.
  830. "Mom and Dad can't know about this," I said suddenly.
  832. She nodded. "I know."
  834. "Good." I sat back up, and she got to her feet, giving me a first-class view of her dangling, beautiful cock resting on her tightly-bunched, smooth and round balls. Really, head to toe, she was perfection itself.
  836. The feeling of my pecker pushing against my still cum-stained underwear brought me back to reality. "I'd better take care of my own problem here."
  838. "I could do it!" Robin offered.
  840. I smiled and shook my head. "Not yet. You can, but not yet."
  842. That was phase I'm-not-keeping-track +1 of my plan, and I was saving that for a special occasion. One that was coming up thankfully soon.
  844. "Oh..." She didn't seem terribly let down by that. "Well, okay!"
  846. I headed to my room immediately, locked the door, and selected the large dildo. I figured I could use it now. I planted a kiss at the tip and started stripping.
  848. It could never substitute for my sister's, but it would be good practice. After lubing up, I slowly descended on it. After the first six inches, getting it in the rest of the way took some doing, but I managed to fit it through. I shuddered at the feeling. It would take some getting used to, but I was going to cum from it if it was the last thing I did!
  850. Otherwise, how could I cum from Robin's own cock some day?
  851. [/SPOILER]
  852. [SPOILER= Chapter 7]
  853. My daily alarm woke me up for school the next day, as was the routine. I'd set it slightly earlier, though, to give me some more time to blow Robin once more before I headed out. I got ready as quickly as I could. My gag reflex was so dull now that I could stick the toothbrush all the way in without much resistance. Still, I brushed over the small area that still gave me a little bit of trouble. Best to get rid of any possible annoyance, right?
  855. Leaving breakfast for last, I headed to Robin's room. She was fast asleep, breathing peacefully, looking ravishing as ever. Seeing her after a night's sleep, the thought that she and I were now officially in love seemed strange. I didn't dwell on it, though, instead launching right into it. As gently as possible, I pulled down her covers and slipped her cock out of her pajamas. I went hard just from seeing it flop onto her stomach, and wasted no time in wrapping my lips around it.
  857. Gently, I sucked at it until it was standing at full height. Robin had always been a deep sleeper, and I was thankful for that now. I fished a condom out of my pocket and, gently again, pulled it down over her length. A snug fit. The thought that it would have been loose on me sent another rush of blood to my pecker.
  859. As soon as the condom was in place, I went right back to it, pumping up and down. I wanted desperately to take her entire length, but didn't want to risk pulling on the condom, so the first 5 inches were all I took, pumping softly at the rest of the length with one hand.
  861. She stirred and mumbled, and for a moment I was afraid I'd woken her up, but she just went right back to sleeping silently. Time was ticking, so I picked up the pace, eliciting a couple of moans before the telltale pulses that indicated she was close to her orgasm.
  863. "Nn, Barry," she moaned. She mumbled something else, which turned into a gasp halfway through as she came. I gave her titan a couple more strokes for good measure, and some squeezes to make sure I'd gotten all the cum out. Her load was big as ever, though sadly not as big as it had been when we got back yesterday. I would have to be more patient for that. Whatever I couldn't get inside the condom, I cleaned off with my tongue before guiding my sister's cock back into her pants and pulling her blanket back on.
  865. I rushed silently to the kitchen and got my lunch ready. Mom had made me a ham sandwich as the main course. I wasted no time in spreading Robin's semen over one of the slices of bread. There was more than enough, so I let the rest drip into the milk that I ate with my cereal. With that eaten, I gathered everything up and headed out.
  867. ...
  869. The cum went beautifully with the ham, both ingredients' slight sweetness complementing each other perfectly.
  871. ... That was pretty much the only notable thing that happened that day in school.
  873. Again, it was my job to pick Robin up. She was just as bubbly as last time, rushing to hug my legs as soon as I stepped inside. She blushed furiously as I picked her up in my arms and headed out the door. I glanced around to make sure nobody was looking as I buckled her up in her bike seat before chancing one quick kiss. Her face flushed, and she seemed to suddenly contract a serious case of the giggles. She didn't stop during the entire ride back, and I found myself unable to resist joining in.
  875. We pulled up into our driveway and slowed to a stop. As I unbuckled her once again, something caught my eye.
  877. "Robin... How long has that been sticking out?"
  879. She burst out laughing at that. Her dick was sticking out a full four inches above the buckle. "Almost the whole time!"
  881. I scooped her under my arm and carried her inside. "I thought you were giggling a lot. What would you have done if someone had seen it?"
  883. "We were moving too fast! Nobody could see it! It hurt to keep it in!" she protested, still grinning.
  885. My shoulders sunk as I heaved a huge sigh. She was still such a kid. Not that I minded in the least bit.
  887. She squirmed out from under my arm and sat on the couch, fishing the rest of her titan out, and letting her balls dangle heavily over the front of her skirt. "Come on, come on!"
  889. I couldn't help but smile as I knelt in front of her. "You don't have to say it twice."
  891. Before I got to that, though, I leaned forward and pressed my-
  893. "Nope!" she giggled. "I you wanna kiss me, you have to suck it first!"
  895. "That seems fair."
  897. I gripped her titan with both of my hands and pressed my lips over the head slowly. It was a little cold from being out during the bike ride. The thought that it peeked out so far while she was sitting sent a rush of blood to my own nethers, and with that I started to bob my head. With each bob, I lifted one of my fingers and went a little lower. When the head of her cock slipped to the back of my throat, I bent over so that my throat formed a straight line for it to slip through. Soon enough, I had both hands on the ground and was rocking my whole body back and forth, drawing eight inches of my little sister's monster cock in and out of my throat. I threw in some bends too, both to add variety, and to savor the sensation of Robin's meat hitting the inside of my throat in different ways.
  899. I moaned without thinking about it, drawing a gasp from Robin. "D-do it again..." I remembered how she liked the vibrations, though it was difficult to pull off with my throat so full. I pulled back to the crown again, taking a second to savor the sensation of the hot ridge on my lips, then began humming as I slowly pushed in. I kept it up as far as I could go, until her cock blocked whatever it was exactly that made the sound. I still kept going, pushing her deeper and deeper until I had nowhere left to go. Then back again. I resumed humming as soon as I could. Two more times, and I felt the pulsing inside my throat pick up. I quickly pulled back so that only the head and an inch or so were still in my mouth and finished her off with my hands. A shiver ran down my body as Robin's hot cum gushed into my mouth. As always, I took care to suck every last drop out of her before swallowing.
  901. "It's soooooo good," I panted. "I wish there were more..."
  903. "I'm sorry..." Robin said, looking crestfallen.
  905. "No no, don't be!" I assured her. "You produce more semen than most people do already. A heck of a lot more than I do, in any case. And if you stick to the diet I gave you, and keep doing those exercises, it'll only get bigger!"
  907. Hey eyes widened. "Really?"
  909. I nodded, "Yeah! Some day you might even produce half a cup in one go!" Okay, that was a little too optimistic. Still, just the thought of all that cum made my mouth water, and my pecker hard. And I would be a good slut and drink every last drop. I shivered again at the thought.
  911. "Oh, I want to do that! I'll do so many of those exercises that I'll wear myself out!"
  913. "Whoa there, Nellie, don't get too excited. If you do that, you'll just do more harm than good. Just stick to the program and it'll all be as good as can be."
  915. "Okay," she muttered, sounding like I'd just sent her to bed.
  917. "Hey, you want to try riding without your training wheels now?"
  919. Her eyes went wide again. "Now?"
  921. I nodded.
  923. "Yay! Let me go put on my pads!"
  925. ...
  927. "Okay, the trick is to not think about falling. Just keep going forward as fast as you can!"
  929. We were outside in the park now, each with our own bike, getting the sunshine that Google said was so healthy for one's sperm production. Well, among other things. Robin was wearing a pair of loose-fitting shorts, the only kind of pants that really fit her without squishing her bulge.
  931. "I'm ready," she said bravely.
  933. "Alright, start pedaling. I'll let go once you pick up speed."
  935. She was a natural at it. She rode for ten minutes straight and didn't fall over until she tried to stop. I rushed to her side as it happened.
  937. "I fell," she whimpered, tears starting to brim in her eyes.
  939. "Are you hurt?"
  941. She shook her head and sniffed. I pulled her close to me. "That was amazing, Robin! I've never seen anybody ride that well on their first try, ever!"
  943. "Really?"
  945. "Yeah! Robin Eve O'Brian, you are amazing!" Whatever jealousy I had was far outweighed by the sense of brotherly pride in my chest. "You're so good at everything, it's incredible..."
  947. She smiled. "Thank you, Barry!"
  949. I wiped the tears off her cheeks with my thumb and gave her a great big kiss on one, followed by a hug. "Ooh, I'm so proud of youuuuu!" I dropped my voice. "Hey, if you can manage to stop without falling before we go home, I'll suck your penis again."
  951. I could tell she started to go hard instantly at that. "You'll do it anyway," she teased.
  953. "Yeah, I will, but still, try to do it!"
  955. ...
  957. She fell the next time, but got back up with another smile. The third time was the charm. With my coaching, she managed to catch herself without falling over.
  959. "I did it! I did it!"
  961. "You did it!" I pulled up next to her and scooped her up in a big congratulatory hug, planting another kiss on her cheek.
  963. An old couple out on a walk laughed along with us. "It's so refreshing to see siblings playing together like this," commented the man.
  965. "I bet," I smiled back. "It's a pity more people don't do it."
  967. Any further conversation was interrupted as Robin tugged on my face. "Hey, hey! I did it, let's go celeberate at home!"
  969. "Celebrate," I corrected her. "Alright, let's go then. You've earned it."
  971. We got back on our bikes and headed home, after I bid the old folks a short farewell. It was kind of scary how well I acted like our relationship was normal.
  973. Robin challenged me to a race. I let her win by a slim margin and she knew, but she rushed inside as soon as her bike was stowed, as if it hadn't happened. I rushed in at an almost equal pace, ready for the day's third helping of Robin's cum.
  975. She was hard as a brick, and already had her pants halfway down as I stepped inside. I shut and locked the door and practically fell on top of her, not waiting a nanosecond before sliding my face all the way down her pole. She gasped, one foot still in her shorts, and sank into the couch, digging her hands into my hair.
  977. More eager to taste my little sister's cum than anything, I started pumping, feeling her crown slide up my throat to my lips, and then back down. I hummed again, sending the tiny vibrations along her prodigious length. She was squirming and gasping in seconds, her perfect fingers tightening in my dark hair. Every time I pulled back almost all the way, I caught some precum on my tongue, the delicious saltiness sending a jolt of energy through me every time. I could drink it all day.
  979. Within minutes, I felt the now familiar pulse of blood rushing through my sister's engorged cock and started to pull back again. I caught it a little too late, and the first jet of cum was lost down my throat, but I diligently sucked every drop after that one, savoring it as it pooled over my tongue. I closed my eyes, Robin's dick still twitching faintly in my hands, and sloshed the mess about in my mouth. I hoped desperately that I would never get tired of its sweet, heavenly taste. I swallowed after holding it in my mouth for an all-time record of a minute. I almost laughed thinking that drinking Robin's cum might teach me to eat slowly more efficiently than any of my mother's techniques had in the past.
  981. Robin sat with her own eyes closed. She almost looked like she was sleeping. They opened when I set her cock down, and she smiled. "Your mouth feels so good... Nothing feels as good as you mouth, Barry."
  983. "Oh, I wouldn't be so sure of that," I said with a smile, still running my tongue over my teeth in search of any lingering taste. "I know something else that might feel just as good, but I'm saving it for a special time."
  985. "Ooh! When? When!" She was bouncing in her seat, her semi-hard dick jiggling in time with her.
  987. "A very special time," I hinted, "That's coming up soon. Can you think of anything like that?"
  989. Her mouth fell open. "My birthday?!"
  990. [/SPOILER]
  991. [SPOILER=Chapter 8]
  992. The following three days passed by uneventfully. I made it a daily ritual to sneak into Robin's room before anyone woke up to give her a blowjob, and then slip her cum into my lunch. Her deep sleep allowed me to do so without waking her on all three occasions. The first day I slipped her cum into my Mac and Cheese, the second in a yogurt, and the third I spread on another sandwich. I spent my school time daydreaming about Robin's cock, and my time at home fulfilling those daydreams. Two of the nights, Robin used the baby monitor to get a late night suck out of me. All in all, nothing out of the ordinary happened.
  994. I slept in when the week-end rolled around, as was normal for me.
  996. "Barry..."
  998. I was yanked out of my dream by the soft sound of Robin's voice. Still groggy beyond belief, though, I remained motionless, pretending to be asleep.
  1000. "Barryyyyy," she insisted, shaking my shoulder. I stayed motionless. "Big brother, it's hard agaaaaain..."
  1002. Still no reaction. I felt a soft, warm object press against my cheek.
  1004. "Suck it, Barry, pleeeeease."
  1006. I muttered to make my fake sleep sound more convincing.
  1008. She sat back. "You must be really asleep..." She sat herself on my chest and placed her lips right next to my ear. "Sleeping beauty, it's prince charming here, wake uuuup."
  1010. That made me hard, but I stayed motionless all the same.
  1012. She sat back with a huff. "Only one way to wake up sleeping beauty." I heard her lean over, and then felt her lips on mine. Another rush of blood to my pecker. It felt weird being turned on like this, without my plug in. I was so used to having it in that I felt, ironically, somewhat naked without it.
  1014. But I stayed asleep still. Only one thing was gonna wake up this beauty, and I didn't think it would be long until she figured it out.
  1016. "Hm, maybe one more thing..."
  1018. The weight lifted off my chest, followed by the sound of feet on carpet, the click of a locked door, more feet, and the shake of my bed as she climbed back onto it.
  1020. "Barry, if you're not going to do it, I'm going to do it by myself," she warned me.
  1022. Be my guest. I thought.
  1024. The faint sound of cloth on skin as she pulled off her pants... And then a shift in the bed as she moved around. She pressed her lips to mine, upside down now and sitting above my head. I thought I felt a slight weight on the top of my forehead, probably her cock resting on it. After a short kiss, she started to run her tongue over my lips, lathering them up for the pounding they were about to receive. I was crazy aroused now, my pecker almost certainly creating a visible tent.
  1026. Lathering done, she shifted her position again, placing her hands on my chest for support as she guided her cock to my slightly open lips. She gasped as my teeth brushed against her head, and shuddered as the weight of my jaw dragged them along the top and bottom of her shaft. She pushed in six inches and hit the back of my throat, where she was forced to stop.
  1028. There was another shift and her hands came off my chest, moving under my shoulders. She roughly lifted my back off the bed, and adjusted my head by using her cock as leverage. Another rush of blood shot to my penis, driving the pressure to an actually painful level.
  1030. Quickly finding a yielding passage, Robin rammed her cock the rest of the way in, all at once. Her fat balls slapped against my forehead audibly. I gagged and coughed through my nose, and I had to fight to manage to breathe again.
  1032. "Barry? Are you okay?"
  1034. I swallowed in response, then breathed deeply to show that I was fine. Satisfied, she started to pull back. She drove it back in more slowly the second time, though still faster than I usually did it myself, then back out, and in again. She kept this up, using my throat like her own sex toy. I noticed she was picking up speed after the sixth thrust. I didn't think she was aware of it herself. Over and over, faster and faster, her crown slid up and down my throat, though never reaching my mouth. I opened my eyes, but had to shut them quickly as her package swung back forward against them.
  1036. She was humping me like an animal now, driving her hips into my face hard enough to shake the bed. My pecker, unused to actually being used anymore, was pulsing like crazy from just the feeling of my pajamas sliding over it. Within a few minutes, the growing pressure peaked, and I came. The resulting moan sent a vibration along robin's own cock, sending her over the edge too. She slammed her hips against my face with one last 'slap' of her balls on my forehead, hard enough to shake my whole body, cock pulsing inside my throat, and spent her seed.
  1038. When the last pulses eventually faded, she started to draw her softening cock out. As the head reached my mouth, I gave it a quick suck and was rewarded with a last taste of her cum and a yelp of surprise.
  1040. "Barry!"
  1042. I finally opened my eyes and sat up, smiling. "And that is how you wake up sleeping Barry."
  1044. Robin stammered a half sentence and blushed furiously. "S-sorry, I didn't mean t-to..."
  1046. "It's okay, that was amazingly... well, it was great." I chuckled.
  1048. "You like it?"
  1050. I nodded and started to get up. "That was the best wake-up I've ever had. Ever. Now, I'd better get cleaned up."
  1052. Robin's eyes went to the dark spot on my crotch. Her eyes widened.
  1054. "I did that?"
  1056. "Yep. Told you I liked it."
  1058. She giggled, hopped off the bed and teetered toward the door.
  1060. "Robin, your pants."
  1062. She looked back at the little pile by the side of my bed and smiled. "We're not going anywhere, I don't need them."
  1064. "Well don't leave them in my room, at least."
  1066. She dutifully picked them up and skipped out of the room, her dangling appendage swinging as she went.
  1068. Sadly, without the usual anal stimulation, my libido went out the window, preventing me from enjoying the brief show. I gathered up my day clothes, slipped my plug in and stepped into the bathroom, feeling whole again.
  1070. Half an hour later, I emerged from my room, feeling tired but refreshed. Robin was already in front of the TV, naked legs dangling over the edge with the pink head of her cock sitting in plain sight. It was a good thing the couch had its back to the window, and that we almost always kept the blinds down... Seeing her like that made me start to go hard again, but I kept walking to the kitchen.
  1072. I poured myself a bowl and started eating mechanically. I'm sure you know the feeling: a ritual you've grown so used to that you don't even notice yourself doing it. It might have been my imagination, but I thought it tasted like it was missing something without a little dose of Robin's cum in there.
  1074. Throbbin' bobbin' Robin. I chuckled and took another bite.
  1076. My parents' door opened. "Hey Robin!" That was Dad. "What are you-- oh. Where are your pants?"
  1078. "Uncomfortable," she answered. "I put them in my room."
  1080. "Makes sense." He came into the kitchen and started making himself some coffee. "Did you see Robin?" he asked quietly.
  1082. "Oh yeah," I replied with a smile, though I had my back to him. "There are grown men with tools smaller than that. While erect."
  1084. He chuckled, then muttered something that ended with “big as mine.”
  1086. I finished my bowl but didn't want to get up with the hard-on I was now sporting. Instead, I folded one leg over the other and turned around. "She's something else."
  1088. He just smiled at that.
  1090. Robin got her fair hair and eyes from Dad. He wore his long, and it had a natural wave to it that made it look like the wind was blowing into it at all times. His hair, that is. Not his eyes. Hers was a shade lighter, though.
  1092. "You two have gotten close these days, haven't you?"
  1094. "Yeah."
  1096. "Why is that?"
  1098. I shrugged. "I dunno. I just kind of found a new... respect, of sorts, for what it means to be an older brother. It just kind of hit me that it was my job to help her grow, since she's going to go through most of the experiences I went through already."
  1100. He smiled again, a happy smile this time. "That's good. Most guys your age don't understand that."
  1102. I got up and put my bowl away, taking care to hide my ongoing rise. "Too true."
  1104. I slipped back over to the living room and ruffled Robin's hair. When she looked up at me, I planted my lips on hers and gave her shaft a quick squeeze. It pulsed as it landed back in her lap. We exchanged smiles and I headed back to my room.
  1106. I was hard as granite as I locked the door and retrieved my dildo. I shuddered as I descended on it, and inch at a time. It slipped in easily, my ass offering little resistance, but still enough to still feel tight. The dead, rubbery feeling of the dildo would never compare to the eight and a half inches of beating, pulsing meat that my mouth was so familiar with... I could already imagine the warm length inside me, its pulsing and twitching...
  1108. I came almost immediately, my ass clenching up and my unused pecker dripping into the loose-fitting condom I'd pulled on. I cleaned up and flushed the foul liquid down the toilet, and was soon back out the door, fully clothed again.
  1110. Robin was still watching TV, her cock now erect and... in her mouth. She didn't even seem to notice.
  1112. I leaned in and whispered. "You know, if you need some help with that, you just have to ask?"
  1114. "Huh?" she turned her head, her cock popping out of her mouth and falling on her lap. "Oh." She smiled sheepishly, "I didn't even notice."
  1116. "Do you do that a lot?"
  1118. She shook her head, then stopped herself. "I dunno! I don't notice!"
  1120. I motioned for her to keep it down and she clapped her hand over her mouth.
  1122. I changed the topic. "So, after this, want to get started on the 5th Doctor? I downloaded all the episodes already."
  1124. "Sure!" She bounced up and down in excitement, her cock wobbling up and down as she did. I went hard again.
  1126. ...
  1128. I think I sucked her five times that day. I even ignored part of an episode to suck her as she watched. I'd love to describe it, but there'll be plenty of time for similar experiences later, and I want to get to her birthday as quickly as possible.
  1130. But before that, during the week after Robin first used me as a fuck toy, something important happened.
  1132. ...
  1134. *Bzzt*
  1136. I checked my phone as I climbed onto my bike.
  1138. 'Robin is already home. She got sent to the principal's and was suspended for the day.'
  1140. My heart leaped into my throat as a thousand thoughts flashed through my head, none of them pleasant. I was pedaling my heart out as soon as the phone was back in my pocket, rocketing home like a bullet.
  1142. I dropped the bike roughly into the garage, threw my helmet on top of it, and dashed inside. Robin was seated in the kitchen alone, staring at the table. I saw there were tears in front of her as I drew close.
  1144. "Robin, what happened?"
  1146. She sniffed. "You'll hate me if I tell you."
  1148. I knelt next to her. "Robin, you know that's not true. I'll love you no matter what happens."
  1150. "I got into a fight..."
  1152. That was a surprise. She wasn't violent, and furthermore didn't have a scratch on her. I waited for her to continue.
  1154. "One of the boys called me a freak again... and I got mad. I told him I was stronger and smarter than him and then punched him."
  1156. "Oh Robin..."
  1158. "And then I picked him up and threw him on the ground. He ran and told the teacher."
  1160. For the first time, I was mad at my erection. This was, for once, definitely not the time. I put an arm around her shoulder. "Do you remember what I told you the night you kissed me?"
  1162. She shook her head.
  1164. Well, that explained part of this situation. "I told you that you need to be the better person when people are mean to you. That doesn't mean being stronger or faster or smarter. It means that you need to solve the situation with kindness, even when violence would be easier."
  1166. She sniffed again.
  1168. "It's like what Spiderman's uncle told him. With great power comes great responsibility. You have power, Robin. Lots of it... You need to learn to be responsible for it."
  1170. "I know that," she muttered.
  1172. "That's good. Knowing is the first step towards improvement. If you use your power to help people and stop conflict instead of causing pain, then people will have to look up to you, whether they're jealous or not, because they know that you deserve it."
  1174. She finally lifted her eyes from the table and looked at me. "Mommy once told me that 'mother always knows best.'"
  1176. I blinked, not making the connection.
  1178. Robin smiled sweetly. Even with tears streaming down her face, she looked beautiful. "She was wrong. You know best, Barry."
  1180. "I... do?"
  1182. "Mhm," she said, her voice still shaking from the tears. "What mommy said only made me mad... But you taught me something, and didn't make me mad at all."
  1184. I smiled now, at a loss for words.
  1186. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her lips to mine. I could feel the wetness of her cheeks against mine. When she pulled away, I kissed both of them and then wiped the tears off. "Tomorrow, you should try to find a way to make peace with that boy, okay?"
  1188. Her face fell. "Okay."
  1190. "Hey, don't worry if it doesn't work. Some people take time to listen. Just don't force it. In the meantime, be the best person that you can be. Make me proud of you for being a real princess."
  1192. She smiled again. "Princesses are always nice to everybody."
  1194. "That's right."
  1196. I was about to kiss her again, but diverted my course to press my lips to her cheek as I heard Mom's footsteps approaching.
  1198. She stood there a moment, looking from one of us to the other, a look of partially disguised surprise on her face.
  1200. "Um, Barry," she said uncertainly, "Could I talk with you?"
  1202. "Sure," I said, not letting the surge of panic that shot through my chest show outwardly. Mom never asks like that unless she's serious.
  1204. She led me to another room after instructing Robin not to leave the table, and closed the door. She was a woman of average height, not imposing in any sense of the word, with a friendly face that was pretty, but not outstanding, and some pudge she would probably never lose, a result of bearing both Robin and I. She shared some features with Robin, but the gap between their beauties sometimes made me question whether they were really related or not.
  1206. When she spoke, I thought I detected a little bit of wonder in it. "When I left that room, she was a mess. She wouldn't listen to anything I said, but when I came back in... what did you say?"
  1208. "Well, oftentimes, kids will listen to someone closer to their age more than to grown-ups." I thought a moment. "You have to use her language, too. Talk about princesses, but don't sound condescending. Talk as if, you know, good actions could really make her become one... That's all I can think of."
  1210. She was silent for a moment, processing my advice. She opened her mouth for a second, as if to ask a question, but closed it.
  1212. "Alright," she said in the end. "You were always the psychologist. I think I'll have to observe how you deal with her to really understand."
  1214. "I don't know how much opportunity you'll have," I quipped. "I don't think the incident will happen again."
  1216. "Well, that's good," she ceded with a smile. With that, we stepped back out.
  1218. ...
  1220. "Hey, Robin," I called. It was her bed time. She was already in her pajamas, her toothbrush sticking out of her mouth.
  1222. "What is it?"
  1224. "I'm going to go to bed early tonight, I'm pooped. Want to sleep with me tonight?"
  1226. Her eyes widened. "Really? Yes!"
  1228. "Alright, get yourself ready for bed. I'll go do the same."
  1230. I hastily pulled out my plug, brushed my teeth and changed. She was waiting for me when I came back in. I had to laugh.
  1232. She'd wrapped herself completely in the blanket, with only one thing sticking out. I don't think I need to spell it out. It was both hilarious to witness, and extremely arousing. I quickly slipped into the bed and cradled her, her shaft pointing up at me.
  1234. I gave the tip a lick and she giggled, drawing another smile from me. A bead of precum gathered at the tip, but didn't last for long as I lapped it up eagerly. It tasted a little strange after brushing my teeth, but not entirely unpleasant.
  1236. That lick brought up more, and then again, until I was blissfully sucking on her urethra's opening like a straw. Needless to say, she was producing it like crazy this time around.
  1238. After a couple of seconds, she started to squirm. "B-Barry, that's too much..."
  1240. I plopped the rest of the head into my mouth right away, causing her to tense up but stop squirming. Bit by bit, I descended, having to adjust her in my lap before I could go beyond five inches. Soon I'd bottomed out and started my regular rhythm of pumping in and out, enjoying the wonderful feeling of her crown dragging along my esophagus. Soon, she was on the precipice of orgasm once again. I pulled back to the head and pumped away at her shaft with one hand, my grip flying up and down.
  1242. My mouth was instantly basted in her spunk, which I swallowed reflexively before it all came out, to my dismay. I still took my usual pleasure in drawing all of it out of her urethra and cleaning her up well.
  1244. When that was done, she wormed her way out of her cocoon and lay down next to me. "Why does it feel so good when you do that?" she asked sleepily.
  1246. "Oh, some long scientific reason," I said with a smirk as I settled in the covers. She scooted up against me and I realized she wasn't wearing pants at all. I sighed and curled up around her, my fingertips gently caressing her length, still warm from my throat.
  1248. "Barry," she said quietly.
  1250. "What is it?"
  1252. "You're my only friend."
  1254. "What?" My brow furrowed. She didn't talk about her friends much, but I'd never assumed she didn't actually have any.
  1256. "But it's okay," she continued. "Because I love you even more because of that."
  1258. "Oh, Robin..." my chest ached. I wrapped my arm around her. "I'll always be here for you, I promise."
  1260. I only wish that I could be more than just her perverted older brother. She deserved better than that.
  1262. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. The uneasy feeling in my chest didn't go away, and I found myself lying there silently, worried about the small form in my arms. I felt inadequate in every way except the good ones.
  1264. In the end, my breathing finally slowed as my dreams overtook me.
  1265. [/SPOILER]
  1266. [SPOILER=Chapter 9]
  1267. My feelings of inadequacy lingered long after that night. Despite that, I put up a face of confidence and carried on as always. As I predicted, Robin didn’t get into any more fights. She said the boy got even meaner after their fight, but made me proud by being nice to him instead. I continued to suck her off as always, sometimes asking to do it myself, but usually leaving it to her to ask.  At first I stopped pilfering her cum for my lunches, but eventually got back to it, figuring I wasn’t proving anything to anybody. I would make things up to her somehow.
  1269. Two weeks went by, and her birthday was looming.
  1271. “Who are you going to invite to your birthday?” I asked her one day while we were on our walk in the park.
  1273. “Nobody,” she replied in a tone of utter apathy. “I’ll be happy with just our family.”
  1275. I frowned. “Well, maybe so, but you should still invite someone.”
  1277. “Nobody will accept even if I ask them.”
  1279. “Sure they will,” I insisted. “It’s a birthday party. Nobody can say no to that.”
  1281. “Yeah they can.” Her tone hurt me more than the words. She didn’t care. This was normal for her.
  1283. We walked a little in silence. “Tell you what,” I said. “I’ll come to pick you up early on Monday, and together we’ll give the invitations to your classmates and their parents.”
  1285. She stopped walking and looked up at me. “But you have school!”
  1287. “You’re more important to me than school.”
  1289. She smiled and blushed. Her smile quickly vanished when she answered, though. “Why will that change their minds?”
  1291. I forced myself to smile. “Kids act differently when their parents are around. You’ll see. Plus, I’ll be there too.”
  1293. She smiled again and kept walking.
  1296. Monday rolled around. 2:30. The time for Robin’s school day to end was approaching, as was the end of my math class. I still had others to attend, but I’d have to skip out on them this time.
  1298. As we filed out of the classroom, I got one of my friends’ attention. “Could you bring me our next classes’ homework tomorrow? I have to run. Now.”
  1300. “Uh sure, why?”
  1302. “Gotta go pick up my sister,” I explained as I made my way towards the lockers.
  1304. He said something else, but I was too far to hear. I quickly retrieved my belongings, hopped on my bike and pedaled off towards Robin’s school.
  1306. I arrived just in time. The bell went off as I was locking up the bike. Through the windows I could see the kids leaving their classes.
  1308. Robin’s eyes widened as she saw me step inside. “Barry! You did come!” she cried, practically flying at me.
  1310. I picked her up in a big bear hug. “What, you thought I wouldn’t? Even an army couldn’t have kept me. And guess what I got.”
  1312. Grinning, she dropped to the ground and started bouncing on the balls of her feet as I produced the invitations. The two of us had made them together out of construction paper. I wrote the invitations themselves, while she drew the designs on them. It was surprising that she was so into it after she seemed so convinced it wouldn’t work.
  1314. She took my hand now and dragged me towards the other kids, who were for the most part in the process of being picked up.
  1316. “Excuse me,” I said, somewhat nervously, to a parent. Talking to strangers had never been my strong suit, though I disguised it well. “I’m Robin’s brother. Her birthday is coming up, and I… well, here.” Rather than bore the parent with an explanation, I just help out the card. I thought the word ‘INVITATION’ on the front got the message across rather well.
  1318. She thanked me politely and asked what her child thought. She apparently wasn’t keen on the idea, but after a short conversation alternating between her child and myself, her mother managed to convince her. We did this for a dozen or so kids. Some couldn’t make it, and some kids wouldn’t be convinced no matter what, but we managed to get more than half of them to plan on coming.
  1320. We were soon out of the building and heading back to my bike. As I strapped her helmet on, Robin kissed me.
  1322. “Thank you, big brother.”
  1324. I smiled and picked her up to place her in her seat. “It was nothing. Really.”
  1326. “It was everything, to me,” she said, choking up a little bit.
  1328. I pressed my lips to her cheek and held her close. “Then I’m glad I did it.”
  1330. Soon, we were on the road again. Robin pressed herself against my back the whole time.
  1332. “Barry… I don’t know how to thank you,” she said as we neared home.
  1334. “You don’t need to. Your smile was all I needed.”
  1336. She shook her head, “I want to do more for you.”
  1338. I knew she wouldn’t give up on this one. I’d felt the same way before too. “Alright, I’ll think of something.”
  1340. “Okay.”
  1343. For the first time in two weeks, I felt decent about myself again. Like I was at least half a worthy brother. Robin spent the rest of the day humming and smiling. Every step she made had a bounce to it. And I don’t mean her package, though that was plenty bouncy too. We burned through three episodes of Doctor Who together that day, and I took the time to sit with her to watch her own shows too, as childish as they were.
  1345. Later that afternoon, a package arrived at the door, addressed to me.
  1347. “What is it?” Robin asked as I closed the door.
  1349. “Your birthday present from me,” I answered. “And before you ask, I’m not going to tell you what it is.”
  1351. She smiled sheepishly. “I wasn’t gonna. But Barry, you already invited my friends, why do you need to get me another present?”
  1353. I shrugged. “I wanted to.”
  1355. I put the package in my closet, out of Robin’s reach. I trusted her not to try and take it, but you could never be too careful.
  1357. Robin’s bedtime rolled along soon. I asked her to sleep in my room again, to which both she and my parents agreed. Soon we were both in our pajamas, tucking ourselves in.
  1359. Robin scooted up against me as I lay down, her erection painfully clear as she pressed it against me. “You wanna?”
  1361. I smiled. “I always wanna.”
  1363. With a tiny cry of glee, she kicked off the blankets and sat down with her legs spread out towards me, precum already beading at the tip.
  1365. I chuckled and licked it off, the familiar taste sending a chill down my spine. “Hey, I have an idea of how you could thank me.”
  1367. “How?”
  1369. “I want to fall asleep with your penis inside my mouth.”
  1371. She blinked. “That’s it?”
  1373. “That’s it.”
  1375. “But that’s not enough!”
  1377. “Yeah it is! You have no idea what it means to me to do it.” What it meant, exactly, was that she would be using me as a cock sleeve.
  1379. She puffed up her cheeks in frustration, but ceded. “Okay…”
  1381. Satisfied, I started to descend along her length once again. Both of my hands went to her balls, each fondling one of them softly. They felt even bigger than they looked, like this. I felt one of her hands on top of my head, gently gripping my hair in pleasure.
  1383. I started bobbing and closed my eyes, breathing in her musk and feeling the pressure of her crown in my throat. Soon, very soon, I would be taking this incredible piece of meat up the other end… I could hardly wait!
  1385. My impatience bubbled over into my actions as I picked up my pace. Robin panted and moaned above me, her legs occasionally squirming from her barely contained ecstasy. She came quickly again, her load spewing into my waiting mouth. As always, I sucked out every last drop of her delicious batter before swallowing.
  1387. “I think your load is getting bigger,” I commented, licking my lips.
  1389. “Really?” she asked with a smile.
  1391. “Yeah. I wonder how big it’ll be if we wait two days…”
  1393. Her eyes widened in what looked like fear.
  1395. “Don’t worry, we don’t have to do it now. I’d rather wait until sometime after your birthday.”
  1397. She thought about it for a moment. “Would you be thankful if I went two days without doing it for you?”
  1399. I nodded.
  1401. She smiled. “Then that’s how I’m gonna repay you!”
  1403. I chuckled. “Okay. That sounds good to me.”
  1405. I slipped lower in bed and took ahold of her softening cock, guiding it up to my lips. Before I slipped it in, I said quietly, “I love you, Robin.”
  1407. “I love you too, Barry.”
  1409. Her dick slipped smoothly to the back of my throat. I chewed lightly on it, enjoying the sensation of the resistance its soft, springy mass offered. I shut my eyes and got settled. Robin pulled the blanket up over herself, covering me completely. We lay there silently for a while.
  1411. After a minute, I sat up halfway and adjusted Robin’s legs so that my neck was cradled between her thighs. She didn’t protest, hugging me with her legs. Despite their lack of tone, they felt firm and muscular against me. I wondered what they would look like once she lost her baby fat.
  1413. Sucking gently on her cock, with those thoughts running through my head, I gradually settled into a peaceful sleep.
  1416. “Barry! Barry, wake up! Wake up! It’s my birthday!”
  1418. “Sleeping Barry is sleepy,” I said. “Give me a birthday kiss and I’ll get up.”
  1420. Nine more days had gone by. Every day had felt a little more exciting than the last, as the big day grew closer and closer. By the day before, she was practically a mass of tangible excitement, never sitting still. It also showed through her libido. She came to me with her ‘problem’ eight times throughout the day. The wake-up throat-fuck that had become a week-end ritual between us, several loud and fast ones while Mom and Dad were out, a couple stealthy ones while they weren’t, and a last one in the evening, lit by the pink glow of her night light.
  1422. She knew what I meant by ‘kiss’, and got on it immediately, craning my head back and cramming her cock inside so quickly that I choked. I was starting to think I was developing a fetish for erotic asphyxiation on top of it all. I hardly had the time to catch my breath before she was ramming her hips into my face. I twisted my neck and opened one eye once it was clear of her slapping balls to get a look at her.
  1424. Her ‘technique’ was surprisingly sexy. Rather than ramming her whole body against me like she did the first time, her upper body remained almost perfectly still, her hips doing all the movement. Her eyes were closed, her face turned slightly upwards, a look of obvious pleasure written all over it. She looked somehow… ravishing.
  1426. I was so focused on her that I jumped in surprise as her eight and a half inches erupted inside my throat, pulsing rhythmically as they spent her cum deep in my esophagus.
  1428. She sat still for a while, eyes still closed, as the last of her dick’s pulses dwindled, then pulled out, her cock half-flaccid.
  1430. I sat up and swallowed. “Okay, I’m up.”
  1432. She fired me a smile that could power the state of Texas and bounced in place. “Come on, get ready! Get ready!”
  1434. “I am! I am!” I cried as I stumbled out of bed. “But first…” I leaned over and pressed my lips to hers, pushing her over onto her back. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed back, and for a moment I was lost to reality.
  1436. The sound of footsteps coming our way snapped me out of it, and in a second I was in the bathroom, washing up.
  1439. Robin screamed in delight as she stepped into the room that the celebration was to be held in. Mom, Dad and I had decided to bring her to her favorite Pizza place, which just so happened to have back rooms for such occasions.
  1441. All seven of her classmates who said they would consider coming were already waiting for her inside as I personally led her in. Her scream turned into a sob and she turned around to press her face into my stomach.
  1443. “They came!” she shouted, her voice muffled by my shirt. “They really came!”
  1445. I picked her up and carried her to the group. Everybody was smiling, though I could spot a few looks of worry at her reaction.
  1447. “Happy birthday, Robin!” called one of the girls. Robin couldn’t hold it in anymore, and tears started to leak down her face.
  1449. “I think what she means to say,” I translated, “Is thank you all for coming.”
  1451. “Of course I came,” said a boy with a heavy lisp. “It’s Robin’s birthday! I wouldn’t want her to spend it alone!”
  1453. “Dennis…” Robin said, her voice wavering so strongly that the word hardly came out.
  1455. “Now come on, it’s time for you to blow out the candles!” cried another boy.
  1457. The tears on her cheeks were still wet as she blew. It took two blows to put them out.
  1459. “Uh oh!” cried the first girl, “Now you can’t make a wish.”
  1461. “It’s okay,” Robin said, her voice still shaking. “I already got my wish.”
  1463. There was a collective ‘aww’ from the parents at that. My heart turned into butter.
  1465. I placed all of the presents in front of her as the cake was being cut, and she tore into them like they would fly away at any second. The first was a stuffed Pegasus, with the softest white fur I’d ever felt on a plush toy. Robin clutched it against herself as she opened all the rest of them. She got a shirt with all the Disney princesses on it, an actual metal tiara with little bits of blue glass inlaid in it, a pink digital camera, a bundle of storybooks, a very fancy-looking blank book for doodling or writing in, and a pair of pink quartz earrings. The child from whom the last gift came apologized, swearing that he had thought her ears were pierced.
  1467. Robin gave him a bright smile and told him that it’s the thought that counts, and that she would get her ears pierced just so she could wear them.
  1469. Still clutching the Pegasus, she looked at the presents in front of her, then at me. “Barry, where’s your present?”
  1471. I smiled and placed a soft package on the table, wrapped in paper patterned to look like the TARDIS. Her eyes went wide as she picked it up, and widened even further as she caught her first glimpse of what was inside.
  1473. “Oh Barry… but you said it costed more than a hundred dollars!”
  1475. I smiled. “And I just so happened to have that much to spare.” I’d worked extra hard doing the odd job here and there to help my dad in his work, in exchange for the money I needed.
  1477. Tears started flowing down her cheeks again as she pulled out foot after foot of scarf. Not a perfect replica of the Fourth Doctor’s scarf, but a close approximation. She clutched it to her chest with the plush toy and smiled at everyone, her gaze ending on me.
  1479. “Thank you… Thank you so much, everyone!”
  1481. Everybody clapped and gave her words of congratulation.
  1483. I raised my hands and called for attention when it started to die down. “I am about to pronounce some very powerful words. They were the famous last words of the queen Marie Antoinette of France, and the greatest memory that she left the world…” The parents smirked, knowing what was coming next.
  1485. “Let them eat cake!”
  1487. It was lemon cake with enough icing on top to kill a horse, Robin’s favorite. Everybody dug in with a will, and a soothing silence filled the room once everyone was too busy eating to talk. I was given the place of honor, sitting next to her. She leaned against me, clutching my arm tightly as she ate.
  1489. After the cake came pizza. The kids went nuts, and probably ate way more than their parents were happy with. But it was a celebration, the perfect excuse to do this.
  1491. The door opened then, and another kid stepped in, backed by his mother. The whole room fell silent, and Robin froze in mid-bite.
  1493. The latecomer was a boy. Taller than most of the other kids, though he looked five inches shorter with his eyes fixed on the ground. I knew who it was. George, the boy she had gotten into a fight with.
  1495. My mother went to greet them, and struck up a conversation with his mother. He stepped forward and placed his gift on the table, his eyes still on the ground. There was a note on top of the box, which Robin read silently. I saw it over her shoulder.
  1497. ‘I forgive you. Happy birthday, Robin.’
  1499. Robin’s hand trembled as she undid the immaculate wrapping that contained her last gift. It fell away slowly, almost in slow motion. Inside it was a new night light, one that cast a pale blue glow, decorated by a figure of Cinderella that would spin slowly when a switch was flipped. She smiled at the boy and raised her hands. “Let him eat cake too!”
  1501. The party passed like a dream. It felt like the happy ending of a story, where all of the loose ties came together, and everybody walked away happy and fulfilled.  Everybody did leave the room with a smile, even George, but not before Robin gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
  1503. One of the girls stopped to talk briefly with Robin before heading out the door. What she asked made me smile. “Do you want to sit next to me when we eat lunch tomorrow?” Robin, of course, accepted.
  1505. We left with the last of the kids and headed back home with full bellies. Robin kept pretending that hers was distended, puffing her cheeks out in mock fatness, much to the rest of the family’s mirth.
  1507. When Robin was talking excitedly to mom, our dad gave my shoulder a rub, the sure sign that he was in a good mood. “I’m proud of you, son,” he said to me. “You’re so good to your little sister. I wish more boys were like you these days.”
  1509. I flushed. I already wasn’t the best at taking compliments, but I also didn’t feel like I deserved this praise. I was a pervert that stole my own sister’s virginity and first kiss. So I was good to her, but we never would have gotten so close if I hadn’t crossed that forbidden gap. As much as I enjoyed it, everything I did was tainted by that fact in my eyes.
  1511. “I’m nothing special,” I mumbled.
  1513. “Something wrong? What’s eating at you?”
  1515. “Nothing, I just don’t feel like I deserve any praise.”
  1517. He knew better than to argue, but he didn’t let it rest without first saying “Well I’m still proud of you.”
  1519. We arrived home as the sun was beginning to turn the sky orange. Robin and I stood awkwardly in the entryway as our parents made themselves look busy. Truly, none of us were exactly sure what to do now.
  1521. “Let’s play a game,” Mom suggested.
  1523. “Not Scattergories!” Robin cried. “Barry always wins that one!”
  1525. “How about Balderdash?” I suggested.
  1527. As we got the game set up, my eyes went back to Robin. Her eyes were still puffy from all the emotion she’d experienced that day, yet she looked absolutely radiant. This was her day, and she came out on top in every way. From now on, she would have friends in school, despite her differences. I smiled at that, my chest on fire with the happiness I was feeling for her.
  1529. But the night wasn’t over. Robin still had one more present to open.
  1530. [/SPOILER]
  1531. [SPOILER=Chapter 10]
  1532. “Alright Robin, it’s time for bed,” Mom eventually said.
  1534. “But it’s my birthday!” she protested. “I want to stay up late!”
  1536. “What if you slept with me again?” I offered, grinning.
  1538. All her protests flew out the window. “Okay!”
  1540. Mom gave me a look of complete bewilderment and shook her head before walking away. After Dad had gotten up to take care of his own business, I scooped Robin up and put her on my shoulders. I was acutely aware of the bulge pressed against my neck as I made my way toward my room.
  1542. “Remember what I promised you?” I said to her quietly.
  1544. She thought for a moment before perking up. “You said I would be able to make you feel good.”
  1546. “That’s right.”
  1548. I dumped her playfully on the bed and shuffled through my drawers to get my pajamas. “You’d better go brush your teeth and get ready for bed.”
  1550. “Okay!” she sang and scampered out.
  1552. She was back in a short while, her semi-erect cock hanging lazily out from the top of her pants. I was hard too as I locked the door and started to strip.
  1554. “You’re taking your clothes off too?” she asked.
  1556. “Of course. How else am I going to get any pleasure?” I asked with a chuckle. She nodded, realizing the logic of that.
  1558. Once my shirt was off I noticed Robin had started to strip too. Soon, we were both naked, our clothes lying in a wrinkled pile on the floor. She looked me up and down. “I never saw you without your clothes before.”
  1560. “Huh.” It was true, now that I thought about it. I crawled into bed and scooted up to her. “Disappointing, isn’t it?”
  1562. “N-no!” she cried out. I silently thanked the laws of the universe for my thick walls. “You look good, Barry. Really healthy.” She didn’t ask about the condom I was wearing for whatever reason.
  1564. “Hm.” I shrugged. “I have a good BMI, I guess.” Despite that fact, my whole body lacked any muscle tone whatsoever, save for my thighs which had just the barest hint from all the biking I did on a regular basis.
  1566. Robin didn’t have much more tone than I did, except on her stomach, where I could see the faintest beginnings of abs appearing. It was the sort of stomach that the girls on covers of adult magazines would want. As for the rest of her body, I was sure her baby fat was the only thing between her and a toned, sporty look.
  1568. “Alright, well, let’s get started,” I said with a grin as I took her cock in my hand.
  1570. Robin smiled excitedly and waited. When I didn’t get to it for a few seconds, she tilted her head. “What’s wrong?”
  1572. “Your penis is bigger than when I last measured it… I think it’s closer to nine inches now.”
  1574. “I’m a growing girl!” she said with a smile.
  1576. “That you are.” I smiled. “Alright, well, I’ve kept you waiting long enough.”
  1578. First things first, I had to lube her up. I lathered up my lips and slipped them gently over the head of her cock. She gasped and closed her eyes as I slipped downward over her crown, the cock ring that my lips had become spilling over sensually.
  1580. Gathering as much saliva as I could, I bobbed my head up and down, coating the first five inches of her shaft. I stopped after her cock pulsed. I didn’t want her to get too far along before the fun really started.
  1582. I got up on my knees and hobbled forward so that my hips were positioned just above hers. She clenched her internal muscles, causing her cock to swing up and hit my rump. I caught it before it fell back down, its slick surface hot to my touch.
  1584. “I’m going to put it… there?” She asked uncertainly.
  1586. “Yeah.”
  1588. “But you poop from there.”
  1590. I chuckled. “But it feels good when I put things in it.”
  1592. Without another word, I spread my cheeks and lowered myself onto her length. She was thicker than the dildo and plug that I used. I moaned audibly as her head pushed my ass open wider than it had ever been. Inch after inch slipped in, sending waves of ecstasy through me. My dick pulsed, red with all the blood rushing to it, but I ignored it, going down and down.
  1594. My virginity was gone now. Taken by my little sister.
  1596. Robin cried out softly and moaned. “Barry, it’s so hot! It feels… it feels amazing!”
  1598. I kept descending. I reached the end of the saliva, and was faced with skin on skin the rest of the way down. I pushed, a small stab of pain lancing through me, forcing me to gasp. I didn’t mind, though. The pain was just a reminder of how much bigger than me she was. I was past the halfway point now, and I could feel her pulse as new blood rushed to her engorged member.
  1600. “It’s so soft inside you…” she moaned, “You’re rubbing my penis with your insides…”
  1602. “Mmh,” I moaned as my quivering legs gave out, plunging her cock the rest of the way inside me. I tensed up, clenching my ass and sending ripples along her length. She pulsed inside me, sending another wave of pleasure through me.
  1604. This was so much better than using a dildo. The nine inches of real, living meat crammed up my ass were warm and throbbing, dragging across my prostate and the rest of the passage, filling it up like the piece of cold artificial material never could.
  1606. “Nng, Robin,” I panted, eyes closed. “Your dick is so amazing… It feels so good inside me!”
  1608. Her legs shifted and she pushed, driving another half inch of flesh into my ass. I had no idea where it came from. Another surge of blood rushed to my own pecker as her thrust lifted me off the bed. She slipped out an inch as she descended again, and I had to gasp as it filled me back up when gravity pulled me down.
  1610. I leaned forward a little bit and place my hands on either side on her chest, then started to buck my hips, my asshole sliding up and down two inches at a time. Her head probed my depths while her length rubbed gently on my prostate and my surprisingly sensitive asshole.
  1612. I bit my lip as another pulse shot through her meat and picked up the pace, riding her cock hard.
  1614. “Ahh,” she moaned under me, “It feels so good! I’m gonna… I’m gonna…”
  1616. I suddenly stopped. Her growing pulses diminished, and her breathing started to slow down. She looked up at me, her flat chest rising and falling. “W-why…?”
  1618. “I’m not ready yet,” I said in between my own pants. She swallowed and closed her eyes again. After the pulses subsided, I descended again, her dried length sliding roughly into my ready ass.
  1620. I picked up my pace again, gyrating my hips to rub her cock inside me. I didn’t want an inch left untouched by her length.
  1622. For a short while, her cock became my whole world. I could feel it pulse with every heartbeat, the pressure inside me rising ever so slightly, I could hear the small schlick of it sliding in and out. Those two senses were everything.
  1624. Then the wonderful, blissful pressure in my ass began to build up. I picked up my pace even more, pistoning myself up and down, driving her length into me, hard. Robin was squirming and panting beneath me, answering my motions with her own, pumping her hips up and down in tandem with mine.
  1626. With a last cry of pleasure, she climaxed, her cock pulsing wildly as it filled my canal with her load. I bucked like crazy, desperate to reach my own peak before she went soft.
  1628. With a last slam, I descended onto her hips, driving her cock as deeply inside me as I could, my asshole clenching rhythmically as my unused and outclassed dick dropped its seed into the condom.
  1630. We both sat there panting for a while. I could feel her length slipping slowly inside me as it shrunk. It sent a tingle through my ass, and before I knew it, I was getting hard again. But as much of a buttslut as I had become, I wouldn’t be able to pleasure myself a second time unless Robin got hard again.
  1632. “How… did it feel?” I asked breathlessly.
  1634. “Amazing…”
  1636. “Which is better? My mouth or my butt?”
  1638. “They’re both so good…” she said wearily. “Your butt feels better, but you can do more things with your mouth… I can’t pick.”
  1640. That was the best answer I could have hoped for. I smiled. “Then we’ll keep doing both.”
  1642. “Mhm.” She nodded and smiled up at me. “This was the best birthday I ever had.”
  1644. “I’m glad I could make you happy.”
  1646. A silence fell between us. I didn’t want to separate the two of us again, though, so I stayed there, enjoying the feeling of her flaccid dick inside me.
  1648. She looked so small like this, in between my spread legs, staring up at me innocently. I thought again about how young she was, and how small- not much above four feet- but still lying here with a 4-5 inch flaccid dick inside her older brother. My pecker pulsed again.
  1650. Then Robin’s own member started to grow hard again. It was like somebody had heard my wish.
  1652. “Want to go again?” I asked.
  1654. She nodded.
  1656. I didn’t wait until she was hard again to start pumping. I’d need a head start if I wanted to cum first.
  1659. A now-familiar pressure in my ass woke me up the next day. Robin was spooning me, her wood pushing in deep.
  1661. My hole wasn’t sore, but it definitely felt well-used. We went for three whole rounds the night before. By the end, my pecker had no more cum to produce, and I wasn’t sure even hers did either.
  1663. “S-sorry,” she said when she realized I was awake. “I didn’t want to wake you up.”
  1665. “It’s alright,” I said. Not pulling myself off of her dick, I slowly got on my hands and knees, smiling groggily. “Take me like this.”
  1667. “By myself?” she asked? We’d done it cowgirl style all three times the night before, so we were both still strangers to doggy style.
  1669. “Go right ahead. Pound your heard out.”
  1671. We weren’t lubricated this time, so every inch was painful as she pushed in. But I didn’t mind. The pain stimulated my asshole like crazy, and my unused and raw pecker was soon as erect as could be.
  1673. After a few thrusts, she was sliding in and out easily and found an easy pace to settle in. I was soon panting and moaning in pleasure as she pistoned in and out, her crown rubbing my prostate with every thrust. As Robin drew closer and closer to her climax, she picked up in ferocity, slamming forward so hard that it shook my whole body. My climax came on like a clap of lightning, surging through me and spilling my couple of drops of seed on the bed cover. Robin came a few seconds after, her arms wrapped tightly around my waist as she pushed her cock in as far as it could go.
  1675. She fell back, her cock pulling out with a lewd sucking sound. I fell onto my side and looked at her. “I love you.”
  1677. “I love you too.”
  1679. And so began the ninth year of this little girl’s life. The best start that one could hope for, and hopefully an accurate indication of how sex-filled the next year would be.
  1680. [/SPOILER]
  1681. [SPOILER=Chapter 11]
  1682. The two of us got up, got ready and had breakfast as was usual for us. Dad was already at work, but Mom was still around, though I figured she would be out again soon.
  1684. My ass was tingling practically constantly, and I frequently found my eyes wandering back to the bulge between Robin’s legs to see if she was ready for more. Sadly, breakfast went by and we went our separate ways without so much as a twitch from her.
  1686. I returned to my room and fished my dildo out of my drawer. It looked small and ugly now, its artificial blue coloring and dull surface not holding a candle or even a spark to Robin’s titan. It slipped in easily, with a deal less pressure than it had the last time I’d used it. Robin’s greater girth had apparently stretched me out after the grueling fuck-fest we’d had the night before. The thought of it was wonderful, but the reality, that I wasn’t going to get as much pleasure out of using the dildo anymore, was not.
  1688. I pumped at the dildo for a long while. All the time, I couldn’t stop thinking about how inferior it was to a real cock, and the longer I went, the more I longed for Robin’s cock to stuff me.
  1690. After what felt like an hour of going at it, I finally gripped my own little rod and gave it a little squeeze. The sensitivity of my prostate leaped, and I was able to finish, but it was my pecker that gave me the pleasure. It wasn’t as intense or as long an orgasm as a proper anal masturbation gave me.
  1692. Sated but disappointed, I slipped my plug in and sat myself down to visit some forums I frequented.
  1695. Sometime after lunch, I heard Robin’s distinct knock at the door. Instantly hopeful for a good dicking, I practically flew to the handle and let her in.
  1697. Her erection wasn’t tenting her pants… She was wearing her shorts, and rather than let it press against the front of them, she had pulled aside her panties to let her length stick through the leg. The head stuck out clearly, and I could see the faint shine of precum at the tip as she stepped inside, an eager smile on her face.
  1699. “Let me guess,” I said playfully. “You want to watch Doctor Who.”
  1701. “No!” she laughed. “I want you to make my penis feel good!”
  1703. I rolled my eyes, not losing my smile. “I know that, I was kidding. Now, do you want me to use my mouth or my butt?”
  1705. She shrugged. “I like both of them.”
  1707. I wanted some proper release, but given the unstoppable libido that anal gave me, there would be no variety if I always got my way.
  1709. “We’ll flip a coin,” I said. “If it’s heads, I give you head. If it’s tails, you get some tail.”
  1711. She tilted her head, not understanding.
  1713. “Heads, I use my mouth, tails, I use my rear,” I reiterated. She understood that.
  1715. I took a loose coin that had fallen out of my wallet and flipped. “Heads.” No release for me this time.
  1717. Robin shinnied out of her pants and panties, freeing her constrained cock, which promptly bounced to full erection. I knelt in front of her, fully clothed. Before starting, I took a deep whiff of her musk. Her strong sexual smell made my eyes water, and my pecker fill with blood instantly. It was amazing that she could have such an effect. I dared not imagine what a terror she would be after puberty!
  1719. Unable to hold back, I wolfed down her head, sucking briefly on it and running my tongue over her slit to collect her shining pre. I admit I had missed that salty taste the night before. It was a pity there was no way I could both get pleasure and taste from her.
  1721. I continued to slip down, inch by inch. I had to change positions to allow her cock to slide past the back of my throat and down my esophagus. The sensation of her crown sliding down sent a shiver through me. It was strangely comforting… like her cock had become something I associated with safety.
  1723. Soon my nose was pressed to her shapely navel once again. Robin’s eyes were closed, and her breathing was shallow from the pleasure. I swallowed, causing her to squirm a little in pleasure, then started to rock back and forth.
  1725. I reveled in the repeated sensation of her dick dragging in and out, taking it slowly and deliberately.
  1727. Robin seemed to have other ideas, though. After another slow pump, she suddenly thrust forward, burying herself up to the hilt inside me. The sudden change made me cough, which made her gasp again at the vibrations. She pulled back quickly and rammed back in with a smack, her heavy balls slapping against my chin.
  1729. I’m being face-fucked by my 9-year-old sister. I told myself, sending a rush of blood to my penis. She’s cramming her 9 inch cock down my throat like I’m just an onahole!  Tears were starting to form in my eyes from her irregular thrusts. I was choking, but all I could think of was what it would be like when she got even older. I wanted her to grow fast so that her dick could be twice as long as mine, and she could stretch my passages wide…
  1731. The best thing about it was that I knew it would happen eventually.
  1733. I regained control of my senses as Robin’s thrusts picked up and her breathing grew shallower. She was about to cum, and I didn’t want to miss her delicious cum. I stopped her thrusting with one hand and gripped her shaft, pumping furiously.
  1735. She came right away, plastering the inside of my mouth with her sweet-tasting sperm. I sucked and sucked until her every last drop was in my mouth and swallowed like the good cumslut I was.
  1737. “I kinda did miss that,” I panted once my mouth was free. “You taste so good.”
  1739. She smiled as she sat back on the bed, then a look of worry came over her. “Are you okay? I didn’t mean to get so rough!”
  1741. “I’m fine,” I assured her. “I’m tough.”
  1743. “Okay… Wanna watch Doctor Who now?”
  1745. “Sure.”
  1747. I set up my computer quickly. Robin was about to pull her pants back on when I stopped her. “Leave ‘em off.”
  1749. “Okay,” she said blankly.
  1751. I sat her down in my chair and took off my own pants and underwear, discretely removing my plug as well. “Can I sit in your lap?”
  1753. The blinked and then nodded. “Okay!”
  1755. I sat myself down on top of her flaccid cock. My ready ass tingled in anticipation. She was bound to get aroused sooner or later, and damn the coin toss when it happened.
  1757. Robin didn’t complain as I sat, spreading her legs so that my read could fit comfortably. I had a pretty jiggly butt for a guy, something I’d been rather self-conscious of in the past, but now I hoped its softness could help me entice her into another round.
  1759. “Are you okay?”
  1761. “Yup! You’re not that heavy.”
  1763. Another rush of blood.
  1765. Soon the show was under way, the familiar opening music blaring its old eighties theme. Robin peeked around my back to see. When I leaned to the side to afford her a better look, she told me I should sit straight so that I didn’t put all my weight on one side.
  1768. We got through a part and a half before I felt the kraken beginning to stir. Looking down, I could see the head beginning to poke out under me. I smiled and waited.
  1770. It didn’t take long for Robin to reach full-mast. Her member rose slightly with each pulse of new blood, until it was lying flat against the underside of my ass, her head pressing up against my ball sack.
  1772. Without a word, I stood up and grabbed her dick. She made a sound of surprise, which quickly turned into a gasp as I lowered my asshole onto her head. I bit my lip as her flesh pushed inside my unlubricated back door, but the pain soon turned to pleasure as I slid down, her head sliding across my prostate to probe my depths.
  1774. I soon had her balls deep inside me. The video played on, half ignored. Robin placed her hands on my hips, which I began to rock back and forth, massaging my insides with her length. I could hear little whimpers of suppressed pleasure behind me, which only spurred me on, faster and faster.
  1776. Very soon, I was practically pistoning myself up and down, ramming her cock against my prostate and sending waves of pleasure washing through me. Robin didn’t make the smallest effort to keep hiding her pleasure, howling in ecstasy behind me as my hot insides massaged her cock.
  1778. I could feel my climax building as the pulsing of Robin’s cock began to pick up, and starter to gyrate my hips swirling her head around inside me. With one last cry of pleasure, I slammed back down and grinded my hips against her like mad. The screech of the show’s ending song began and my pecker started spraying its meager load on the carpet. Robin’s grip on my hips tightened suddenly, and she thrust upward, hilting herself again as spasms rocked her dick inside me, painting my canal white with her cum before my own orgasm had finished.
  1780. The two of us sank down, breathing heavily. I clenched my ass a few more times, milking her cock for any more pleasure it could give me.
  1782. When she started to go flaccid again, I attempted to get up, but she grabbed my hips again. “No, you can sit. I like it like this.”
  1784. Surprised but pleased, I sat myself back down, the comfortable pressure of her still softening dick filling me up. I started up the next episode.
  1786. It’s kind of funny, I thought. I’m kind of like her hilt, both sexually and personality-wise… She doesn’t know her own strength, and could really hurt someone if left unchecked, and I both protect her from others, and keep that strength from hurting them… Her cock and my throat and ass made for the perfect metaphor. I found myself wondering what it would be like if all brother-sister relationships were like this.
  1788. Well, the world would have a much more plentiful supply of beautiful dickgirls, that’d be for sure!
  1790. Leaving that train of thought, I focused on the show again. Still, the tingling sensation in my ass had me erect again in no time, and I was sure that Robin would be too…
  1791. [/SPOILER]
  1792. [SPOILER=Chapter 12]
  1793. An awkward silence reigned around the table. Our family was having a rare instance of a complete family meal, with everyone present at the table. The thing was, since my parents both worked so much, such gatherings tended to be a little on the awkward side.
  1795. That wasn’t helped at all by the fact that Robin had chosen now to pop a boner.
  1797. “Jesus,” muttered my father. My mother shot him a look.
  1799. “Sorry,” Robin said into her mashed potatoes.
  1801. “That’s nothing to apologize for,” I said comfortingly, thankful that my own erection was easier to disguise. That would have been an awkward conversation. “You can’t help what your body does.”
  1803. “That’s right,” agreed my mother. “You’re a growing girl. It’s only natural that your body… well, does things.”
  1805. Robin resumed eating, but didn’t lose either her blush or her boner. We continued to eat in silence for a moment.
  1807. “So how’s school?” Mom asked. The obligatory question.
  1809. “Going good,” I said vaguely. It was true that I was managing to focus much better on my classes now that Robin’s dick had become a normal part of my life. I found my mind wandering back to it less than before, allowing me to understand much better.
  1811. “Have you gotten any grades back?”
  1813. “Yeah, I’ll show you later.” They probably weren’t as good as she would have liked, and I mentally steeled myself for her displeasure, but they weren’t bad by any stretch. Mostly Bs. Math, ironically, was my best class now thanks to Robin’s help.
  1815. “Speaking of,” my dad broke in. “When do finals start?”
  1817. “Next month.”
  1819. “Better start studying,” my mom warned me.
  1821. “I know that.” I rolled my eyes. It was the same every semester.
  1823. Mom turned her attention back to Robin, whose continuous erection the rest of us had been trying to ignore. “What about you, sweetie? How’s school?”
  1825. She smiled. “I have lots of friends now, thanks to Barry! After my birthday party, almost everyone wanted to be my friend!”
  1827. I smiled, happy to know I’d had such an effect.
  1829. “That’s wonderful!” cried Mom. “Barry, you should be proud. You’re such a good older brother.”
  1831. I blushed and waved her compliment away. “Don’t mention it.”
  1833. “Humble, too,” Dad said with a grin. Darn him, he knew exactly how I was with compliments!
  1835. “Oy.”
  1837. “And he’s really handsome too!” piped in Robin.
  1839. Hey! You know how I am too! Whose side are you on anyways?!
  1841. My mother smiled and raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”
  1843. “Yeah, some of the girls in my class said they thought he was really handsome, like a prince!”
  1845. My ears felt like they were on fire. This lot…
  1847. “C-come on,” I said weakly. “I’m nothing compared to Robin.”
  1849. “Hmm, true,” Mom said teasingly. It had the opposite of the intended effect, though. I breathed a sigh of relief as her compliment shifted away from me.
  1851. “I worry about her, though,” Dad said with a look of genuine concern. “Won’t there be a hormonal imbalance with a… uh…”
  1853. Robin blinked. I’d never asked her for help with biology, so she didn’t have any idea what hormones were.
  1855. But Dad’s comment sent a surge of panic through me. What if she became a guy when puberty hit? With such large testes, it didn’t seem at all implausible. What would happen then? I wouldn’t be turned on by a muscular younger brother with a big dick. On the contrary, that thought was just about the ultimate turn-off for me. But worse than that, how would Robin take it if that happened?
  1857. Suddenly I lost my appetite. Then everyone went quiet and I realized they were expecting me to say something.
  1859. “Huh? What?”
  1861. My Dad repeated himself. “You studied biology. What happens when male and female hormones come together?”
  1863. I swallowed. “That’s what taking steroids basically is. I think.”
  1865. “Oh,” said my parents in unison. They exchanged glances of worry. Robin looked like she was about to cry, though. She was completely left out of the loop and didn’t like what she was hearing.
  1867. “Oh, don’t cry!” I said quickly, putting my hand on hers. “We’re just wondering what you’ll be like when you grow up.”
  1869. Without a word, she got up and took her plate to the sink without dumping any of it in the trash. Before anybody could fully form an objection, she had run off to her room.
  1871. “I’ll talk to her,” Dad said.
  1873. “No,” I interjected with Mom.
  1875. She looked to me. “Barry understands Robin best. He should go talk to her.”
  1877. I was frankly touched by the show of trust, and surprised. But I took it in stride and got up. I wasn’t hungry anyways.
  1879. Knock knock.
  1881. I heard a sniff. “Barry?”
  1883. This seemed familiar… “Yeah.”
  1885. “I… I guess you can come in.”
  1887. I slipped inside and was greeted by the dim glow of her night light. The princess one she’d gotten at her birthday.
  1889. I sat down next to her on the bed and put my arm around her. Her eyes were red, but the tears hadn’t really started.
  1891. “What were you talking about?”
  1893. “Hormones,” I said. “They’re chemicals in the body that control how we grow, and some other things.” I paused to let it sink in a moment. “Boys and girls grow differently because their bodies produce different hormones. Specifically, boys’ penises and girls’ ovaries produce them.”
  1895. “And I have both?”
  1897. “That’s right. We were curious… and a little worried, about what would happen to you when the hormones kicked in.” It took all my self-control to keep my voice from wavering.
  1899. She hugged her legs to her chest.
  1901. “What if I turn into a boy?”
  1903. “I don’t know.” I said. “None of us know…”
  1905. “What will I do? The girls will laugh at me… and so will the boys. I won’t have any friends again.”
  1907. “That’s not true,” I said firmly. “If anybody says anything, I’m going to talk to them. I won’t let anybody- anybody- hurt you because of something stupid like this!”
  1909. “What about you…?”
  1911. My stomach dropped. “What about me?”
  1913. “What will you think…? Will you still love me?”
  1915. Mom and Dad were at the door. Probably listening in. I cursed their nosiness in my head. “Robin, of course I will.” But that was the question, wasn’t it? And I didn’t really have the answer. “I’m your big brother, and I love you more than anything or anyone. Nothing will change that, especially not something stupid and out of our control like this.”
  1917. “Do you mean that?”
  1919. When she turned her tear-stained face up toward me, my dams almost broke.
  1921. Did I? Did I truly? Could I change myself to suit her changes?
  1923. For now at least, my answer had to be yes. This wasn’t about me. This was about her. Until puberty hit, this little girl would be barraged by the constant anxiety of what the future held. She was right to be afraid. She stood to lose everything she held most dear. I couldn’t let that happen, regardless of my own feelings.
  1925. I placed my hands firmly on her shoulders and looked her straight in the eye. “I mean it. Robin, with every fiber of my being, I promise I will never stop loving you! I want only what’s best for you, even if it means I’ll have to suffer for it.”
  1927. “I don’t want you to suffer!” she cried.
  1929. I couldn’t hold back my tears this time. Here she was, facing a unique problem. One that nobody had ever had to deal with in recorded history. Four years from now, her entire world could turn on its head. I couldn’t even properly describe the obstacle she was facing now. And yet here she was, concerned for my wellbeing.
  1931. I smiled. “I’m tough. I can take it. Really. Especially if it’s for you.” She was about to object but I put my hand on her lips. “You’re going to be a great person one day, Robin. With your smarts, you could change the whole world. I want to be behind you ever step of the way, even if my name never makes it into the history books like yours will.”
  1933. “You will!” she said, grabbing my hand. “I’ll make you! My name isn’t going anywhere without yours.”
  1935. I chuckled. “I thought you’d say that. I guess time will tell, huh?” I leaned forward and kissed her forehead. “Until then, don’t worry. Big brother will be here to make everything okay in the end.”
  1937. She smiled back. “Okay.” She started to lean forward to kiss me, but I stopped her and pointed at the door, where our parents’ shadows could be seen. She pouted and resigned herself to her fate. Then she smiled again. “Thank you. For everything.”
  1939. I pulled her against my chest. “You’re welcome.”
  1941. We stayed like that for a while, with her in my lap and arms. As strange a couple as could possibly be. No, we even strained possibility itself. And yet, at the heart of it was something as amazingly ordinary as love.
  1943. As soon as the shadows left to door, my lips were on hers, and her arms were around my neck. We kissed passionately- more passionately than we ever had before- rolling on the bed, blind to the rest of the world.
  1945. Then I took it a little further, snaking my tongue into her mouth, shuddering as my tongue ran over her teeth and along the warm interior of her mouth.
  1947. Her own small tongue slid along mine, slipping into my own mouth. I retracted mine and gave hers a suck, growing hard from the familiar motion. This was a little different, though. Her tiny child’s tongue was so much smaller than her huge man’s shaft…
  1949. The lewd sounds of French kissing escaped our lips for several minutes, until we were both panting, lying on the bed and staring into each other’s eyes.
  1951. Robin was solid as a brick, her beautiful cock veiled by her shirt, yet I could tell it was pointing right at me. A few more inches and I could wrap my…
  1953. I shook my head and looked at the door. Nobody there. I whispered to Robin. “We shouldn’t do it tonight. Mom and Dad will think it’s strange if we’re in here for too long. I’ll come by after we’re all in bed again instead.”
  1955. Robin frowned, but nodded, understanding. She got off my chest and then off the bed.
  1957. When the two of us came out, Mom and Dad were back at the dinner table, having a cup of what I assumed was decaf coffee.
  1959. They both looked at us as we came out.
  1961. “Feeling better?” Mom asked Robin, who nodded in reply.
  1963. Dad got up. “Why don’t you have some hot chocolate?”
  1965. Her spirits were already high as they were, but she seemed to grown an inch at the mention of hot chocolate. She was immediately by his side, bouncing up and down. I had to laugh.
  1967. I opened a cupboard and got a decaffeinated tea bag for myself. Soon we were all sitting around the table again, enjoying a hot drink. Something about the moment felt special. Nobody said anything, but it felt like we were saying more then than we had all week.
  1969. “I hate to say this,” Mom said at length, “but it’s your bed time, Robin.”
  1971. Robin gave in without any resistance, suddenly looking exhausted. As she glanced back at me, I signed a phone at her, telling her to call me if she needed me. She gave me a smile and waved.
  1974. No call that night. She must have fallen asleep. Resigning myself to my fate, I fetched my dildo.
  1977. “Mom?” Robin called. It was the next day, after Mom had gotten home from work. Robin hadn’t had any erections to my knowledge up until that point, to my surprise.
  1979. “Yeah?” came the reply from across the house.
  1981. “There’s a parent day at school on Friday! Can you come?”
  1983. Mom appeared from around a corner, the most apologetic frown possible on her face. “I’m so sorry sweetie, I have an important meeting on Friday… I swear I would come otherwise.”
  1985. Robin looked like somebody had stolen her chocolate. “But…”
  1987. “I’m really terribly sorry. Maybe your father could go.”
  1990. He couldn’t. His company was sending him on a trip for the week, starting Thursday.
  1992. “But everyone’s parents are going!” she cried. Literally cried, I mean. “I’ll be the only one without one!”
  1994. “I’ll go,” I said from my spot on the couch.
  1996. Robin seemed conflicted at that. “But… you’re not a parent.”
  1998. “I guarantee you’ll have the most handsome escort.”
  2000. “Are you sure about this?” Dad asked. “Don’t you have classes?”
  2002. “Canceled that day,” I lied. “The fire extinguishing system busted and flooded the place.”
  2004. “Oh, okay.”
  2006. Robin was struggling internally, her eyes going from me to her feet and back.
  2008. “Okay,” she eventually said. “At least I’ll be the only girl with a prince charming!”
  2010. I blushed and chuckled. “It’s a date, then.”
  2012. “Yup!”
  2015. That evening, Robin came to my room again, her cock hard and ready. “Hey Barry! Wanna?”
  2017. I was about to get on my knees when I thought about it… it had almost been 48 hours since I last got her off. Almost. Key word.
  2019. “How about we wait?” I suggested. “It’s almost been two days. After two days, your load will be at its biggest, and then we can see if your diet has been helping.”
  2021. She scrunched up her lips, squeezing her pink tip. “Hmm… Okay.” She smiled. “I want to see how big it can get!”
  2023. I grinned from ear to ear. I was certainly going to be going to bed early tonight. The sooner tomorrow came, the better.
  2024. [/SPOILER]
  2025. [SPOILER=Chapter 13]
  2026. I slipped into Robin’s room without knocking, expecting her to still be asleep. I was surprised to see her not only awake but also sitting up in bed, sporting her morning wood.
  2028. “You’re already up?”
  2030. “I wanted to be ready early so I set my alarm,” she explained with an eager but sleepy grin.
  2032. I smiled sheepishly and closed the door behind me. “Ready?” She nodded.
  2034. I knelt in front of her and took out a condom.
  2036. “What’s that?”
  2038. “A condom. It covers the head of your penis. I want to use it to measure how big your load is.”
  2040. “Oh. Okay!” She scooted forward and pushed her hips forward. The pose was surprisingly sexy, aiming the head of her cock straight at me.
  2042. I knelt in front of her and pulled the condom over her length. It was a really snug fit now. I’d have to buy new, thicker ones. “Does that feel alright?”
  2044. She nodded. “It’s tight, but okay.”
  2046. Without further ado, I leaned forward and took her length in my lips. The condom-wrapped surface felt strange on my tongue, the artificial material of the condom blunting the sensation of Robin’s warm, throbbing flesh on my lips.
  2048. Still, I was here with a purpose. I started to bob my head, tightening my lips as much as possible to make up for the dulled sensation.
  2050. Unable to take her whole length on account of the condom, I gripped the base with one hand and began to fondle her balls with the other. She shuddered and closed her eyes. I did the same.
  2052. My attention went mostly to her balls, the part of her that felt the most natural in the situation. They were so soft and warm, rolling in between my fingers. They felt a bit like eggs, especially given their size. I kneaded one carefully, not wanting to hurt Robin. Its slightly giving surface was soothing to squeeze, almost like a stress reliever. It slipped out of my grasp with another squeeze, sliding around loosely in her sack.
  2054. I let go of the lower half of her shaft to stroke both of her balls with both of my hands. For a while, I just sat there, toying with them as I bobbed my head up and down, pleasuring and teasing Robin’s dick for its pent-up load.
  2056. After a longer time than usual, she tensed up, the pulsing of her dick picking up in speed. And then, with a might gush, the condom started to fill up. I pulled my mouth off and stroked her shaft with my hand, watching it balloon outwards.
  2058. My eyes widened in time with the condom as it kept expanding and expanding, Robin squirming on the bed as jet after jet of cum shot out of her cock. There was much more than I expected.
  2060. Finally, her orgasm subsided, and she fell back, panting, her softening dick bearing the weight of the load she had produced.
  2062. I stroked her shaft a few more times to get every last drop off and pulled off the condom. I gave the head a quick suck to get the last of her tasty cum off and dashed to the kitched. I upended the condom into a measuring cup and did my best to squeeze it dry.
  2064. Robin was soon peering at the cup by my side.
  2066. “How much is it?”
  2068. My mouth was hanging open. “Remember how I said you might produce half a cup?”
  2070. “Mhm.”
  2072. I looked at her. “This is more than two thirds.”
  2074. She blinked. “Wow…”
  2076. I looked back to the cup, the creamy white liquid pooled at the bottom. It was more cum than I’d ever seen in one place, and staring at it made me hungry.
  2078. “You should get back to bed, and I gotta go,” I said, picking the cup up.
  2080. Robin nodded and hopped back to her room. She turned around at the door. “The end felt even more amazing than usual that time! All that stuff coming out made my penis feel tingly all over, inside and outside.”
  2082. “I bet,” I said, shoveling down a yogurt.
  2085. I had more cum that time than I knew what to do with. I spread some on a sandwich, mixed some more in with a yogurt, and still had more than half left over. I quickly decided to dilute it and put it in a bottle.
  2087. I drank that throughout the day. The subtle sweetness of the liquid actually helped keep me awake during some of my more boring classes. When a classmate asked what I was drinking, I told him it was Propel. He bought that, thankfully.
  2089. It had the unfortunate side effect of making me horny as hell, though. Even though I’d chosen to forego my butt plug that day, my ass still tingled, longing for attention nearly from start to finish. I brought Robin home in a great rush and immediately went to her room.
  2091. “Sorry Robin,” I said as I went. “I really need to use your penis this time.”
  2093. She smiled eagerly. “Wow! That’s the first time you asked me like that! I’d be happy to help you!”
  2095. We were both naked in seconds, with Robin hardening quickly. I actually licked my lips as I gave it a few pumps to get it going, and my ass was tingling like crazy, egging me on.
  2097. As soon as she was at full mast, I leaned her down and guided her cock to my ass.
  2099. I couldn’t suppress a sigh of pleasure as she entered me. It was a painful entry, but it rubbed me just the right way. I pressed down, forcing in inch after inch, gasping as her head touched a sensitive spot.
  2101. Soon I was straddling her girlish hips, her cock completely sheathed inside me. I started to gyrate my hips, swirling her length inside me. Waves of pleasure washed through me as her shaft brushed over my sensitive spots.
  2103. “God, you dick feels amazing!” I cried, picking up in intensity. The rougher I went, the more pleasure I got, and soon I was practically a blur, both Robin and I crying out in ecstasy as we pleasured each other.
  2105. My pent-up arousal throughout the day brought me to my climax first. My little load splattered on her stomach right as the head of her cock pressed against a particularly sensitive spot. But I wasn’t done. With another buck, a second orgasm shot through me, then a third. It was like a prolonged, fluctuating orgasm, better than I’d ever had before.
  2107. I must have come six times before I broke the chain. Still, my ass could take some more, so I kept going, hoping to bring Robin to her own climax soon. I realized I’d produced more than I ever had in one session before too, seeing the mess I’d made on Robin. She seemed oblivious to it, though.
  2109. Her orgasm hit her hard too, forcing a loud cry of pleasure from her lips, her cock pulsing wildly inside me. I could feel her cum flowing against my walls and shuddered, though I wasn’t able to cum again.
  2111. We sat there, with me bent over her supine form, for a while, even after the last of her cock’s pulses faded.
  2113. “That was…” I panted, “The best I’ve ever had…”
  2115. “Me too…” Robin panted back.
  2117. I looked back at the mess I’d made. “I should clean that off.”
  2119. She looked down as if noticing the mess for the first time. I got off her, her cock slipping sensually out of my ass and sending another tingle of pleasure through me.  I rushed to the bathroom and grabbed a towel, then jogged back.
  2121. Robin was wearing a grimace.
  2123. “You didn’t taste it, did you?” I asked.
  2125. She smiled through her grimace. “Well, you always eat mine…”
  2127. I chuckled and began to towel her off. “Yours happens to be one of the most delicious things I know of. Mine, on the other hand…”
  2129. “Yeah,” she laughed.
  2131. I finished toweling her off, and suggested she take a bath, to which she happily accepted. I headed back to the bathroom after dropping the sticky towel in the hamper, and got the bath started. Robin was soon there with her day clothes, still wearing her birthday suit.
  2133. We sat on the edge of the bath while we waited for it to fill up.
  2135. “Wanna come in with me?”
  2137. I shook my head. “It’s not big enough for both of us.”
  2139. “Oh.”
  2141. We were silent until the bath was full enough. She lowered herself into the water with a sigh. I sat myself on the toilet to watch her.
  2143. It had been a long time since I’d taken an actual bath like that. Maybe soaking in like that would be nice some time.
  2145. Robin played with the foam, making hats and beards out of it. She used to play with toys, but she seemed to have outgrown that.
  2147. I’d missed a lot of things about her over the years, I noticed. She and I were reasonably close, but I never paid all that much attention to her outside of watching Doctor Who together and driving her home from school before.
  2149. The thought that that was the best she’d had at that time hit me.
  2151. Our parents were both ridiculously busy. After she turned seven, my mom had to work, leaving her with no playmates because I was too busy being a cynical teenager to notice she had no friends. She had a babysitter, but she never really got over Robin’s possession of a penis and so kept her distance.
  2153. “Hey Robin,” I said, breaking the silence.
  2155. “Hm?”
  2157. “Why did you decide to start watching Doctor Who with me in the beginning?”
  2159. She grinned. “I just wanted to do something fun with you!”
  2161. I felt terrible. Back then, I only thought of her as annoying, like all older brothers tend to. She tended to butt in and ask tons of questions. It got on my nerves, but I at least had the decency to bear it. Still, up until last year, I had been rather cold towards her. Even when I asked for her help with math. I’d give her some sort of treat as thanks, but never actually showed her the affection she was looking for.
  2163. “I’m sorry I didn’t realize that,” I said with a sad smile. “I wish I’d been more sensitive back then.”
  2165. “I do too,” she giggled. “But you love me so much now that it doesn’t matter!”
  2167. I chuckled. “Yeah, I’m really a different person.”
  2169. “Mhm!” she went back to playing with the foam for a while.
  2171. I thought that maybe a part of my distance had come from my discovery of my fetish for inferiority. I might have been afraid to face the reality of such things, and so kept away from her… God, my fetish had such a strange impact on my life. First driving a wedge between us, then doing a 180 and pulling us closer together than any normal siblings ever got.
  2173. The same could be said of her cock, too. It had an equal part in driving me away, and drawing me back. It was like two puzzle pieces coming together, in a strange way.
  2175. “Here, let me wash your hair,” I said, taking some soap.
  2177. She closed her eyes and let me do it.
  2179. Well, the past was in the past. I loved her and would be by her side for as much of her life as I could be from now on. She had friends now, and a prince charming… And all thanks to my fucked-up side.
  2181. I was never much of a spiritual person, but destiny was something I found I could believe in after a fashion. Maybe, rather than just some weird quirk, my fetishes were actually what they called a godsend. I was the one person in Robin’s life who could be drawn closer to her despite her oddities. Or because of them, rather. And thanks to that, she had friends, a brother, a lover… all she needed were parents.
  2183. As I poured warm water over Robin’s head to wash out the soap, I wondered what the future held for Mom and Dad.
  2184. [/SPOILER]
  2185. [SPOILER=Chapter 14]
  2186. “Come on, Barry! We’ll be late!”
  2188. “No we won’t,” I said, picking up my wallet and keys. Friday had come. The day I skipped school and accompanied Robin in place of our ever so busy parents.
  2190. Not that I resented them. I knew that they worked so hard in order to keep us comfortable. They thought of us all the time, they simply didn’t have the time to show it. Not that I minded the opportunities it gave Robin and I to have sex without their knowing.
  2192. Robin practically dragged me to the garage to get the bike. “Since you’re in such a hurry,” I joked, “Why don’t you ride us there and I’ll sit in the back.”
  2194. She puffed her cheeks in indignation. “Maybe I will!”
  2196. I chuckled. “Nah, I thought we’d ride there each on our own bike this time.”
  2198. Her eyebrows rose. Because of our differing schedules, we never could do that. She nodded, giving me a big smile and grabbed her stuff.
  2200. Soon we were on the road, Robin pedaling as hard as she could to get there as fast as possible. We were still there twenty minutes early despite her excitement.
  2202. “Oh, hello,” her teacher said as we came in. She looked from me to Robin and back. “You must be Robin’s brother.”
  2204. “That’s right,” I said. “Our parents are both indisposed.”
  2206. “That’s unfortunate.”
  2208. Robin dragged me to her class and told me what to do. For the first couple of hours the parents (and me) were to sit next to their children (and sister), while they partook in some competitive activities. It was to motivate the children to do their best and show off in front of their parents. I felt a little out of place among those that were already there, but they paid me no more mind than anybody else.
  2210. Soon, the teacher returned. “Welcome parents,” She looked at me then. “And siblings, to parent day. If your child has not explained it to you already…” and she explained what Robin had just explained to me ten minutes before. Once everybody was ready, she stood in front of the board and got started.
  2212. They began with geography, the teacher asking children to name countries that she pointed to on a map. The competitive spirit certainly had an impact, as children were racing to raise their hands first, and pouted when the teacher called on somebody else. I wasn’t totally confident in the possible negative repercussions this could have on the slower kids, though.
  2214. After a dozen countries, I looked down at Robin. She hadn’t answered a single one yet. Not even raised her hand. Still, she was sitting there with a smile on her face.
  2216. “Why aren’t you answering?” I whispered.
  2218. “Because I’m the best in the class,” she whispered back. “Nobody would get a turn if I always answered.” She smiled. “You already know how good I am anyways.”
  2220. I smiled back. Rather than impress me with her academic skills, she had chosen to impress me with her thought toward others. It certainly did the trick. I knew that before, she loved being first. Even at home, she would always rush to answer any question she could before anybody else could. Holding back now couldn’t have been easy for her.
  2222. “Well, you could still raise your hand now and then,” I said. “The teacher chooses who answers anyways. You just need to moderate yourself.”
  2224. She looked ahead at her teacher for a while then nodded. The next country was somewhere in Europe. Robin raised her hand and was called on. “Estonia!”
  2226. “That’s right, Robin!”
  2228. She kept her hand down until they finished, after five more. Nobody spared her a glance. It didn’t surprise me that the other kids didn’t understand what she was doing. Still, Robin didn’t seem to mind at all. My lesson on selflessness seemed to have really sunk in.
  2230. The next subject was science. Basic biology, specifically. The teacher would point to certain body parts and the kids would answer. It wasn’t the simple stuff like ‘hand’. It went deeper, but not too deep. Things like ‘optic nerve’. Complicated, but not too complicated for them.  Robin raised her hand only twice, and was called for one of them, which she quickly answered correctly.
  2232. Next was English. The teacher would give a definition and the kids would have to say what word she was describing, and then vice-versa. Robin aced the few times she raised her hand again. I also noticed she never raised her hand after somebody else got the answer wrong.
  2234. Next was a memory test. The new angle allowed some of the children who had been mostly quiet up to this point to stand out. Everybody had their own areas of excellence, it seemed. Robin answered the questions quietly to herself, never missing a beat, or an answer. She raised her hand a few times here too, but didn’t get called on.
  2236. After that exercise, it was time for recess. Everybody filed out of the classroom.
  2238. “Robin, a moment please.”
  2240. Except for Robin.
  2242. I stood back as Robin approached the teacher’s desk, but she motioned for me to come too, so I did.
  2244. “I noticed you weren’t answering the questions as much as you did last parent day,” she commented once we were seated. “Is something wrong?”
  2246. Robin shook her head. “I wanted everyone else to get their chance.”
  2248. “That’s kind of you,” the teacher said with a smile. “Most kids your age don’t think about others like that.”
  2250. “That’s because Barry taught me to be considerate for others,” Robin said with a big grin. “Even if they’re mean to me, I need to be nice, and then they’ll like me too.”
  2252. That earned me a surprised look from her, followed by a smile. “That’s wonderful. You must be very close to Robin if your message got through to her so effectively. Most children at her age have a difficult time seeing things from others’ perspective.”
  2254. “Yes, I’ve heard that before,” I said, blushing slightly. “And yes, we are very close.”
  2256. “I’m glad that Robin has such a wise boy as her older brother. Children benefit greatly from such good advice later in life.”
  2258. “I know. That’s why I told her. I just want her to be the best she can be.” Being called wise was making my ears turn red now.
  2260. “Well keep up the good work,” she said with a smile. “You’ll do a fantastic job with her, I guarantee.”
  2262. “Thank you.” I had to get out of here. Too many compliments. My heart rate was even starting to pick up.
  2264. Thankfully, we were dismissed then. But my pounding heart only leaped into my throat as we stepped outside.
  2266. “Mom?!” Robin and I yelled in unison.
  2268. “Well don’t sound so unhappy,” Mom said with a pout. “I canceled my meeting to come here.”
  2270. “But wasn’t it important?” I asked.
  2272. “Yes,” she sighed. “It was. But not as important as getting to spend time with my daughter.” She knelt next to Robin and hugged her. “I’ve realized I’ve let my work separate us far too much, sweetie. You have a good brother and friends, but you need a mother too, and I haven’t been near the mother I should have been.”
  2274. I was stunned. Completely stunned. And it seemed Robin was too. She slowly wrapped her arms around our mother and hugged her back.
  2276. Silence reigned for a long time. None of us knew quite what to say. The bell rang before any of us broke the silence.
  2278. “Well, we’d best get back to class then,” Mom said.
  2281. I sat back and let Mom and Robin have their time together. The class was split into two groups to play a team game. The parents could help their children find the answers to questions, but the kids had to give the answer. Robin gave her answers more frequently, with Mom’s urging. I also got a sense Robin wanted to show off to our mother as well. I knew full well what she was capable of, but Mom had a more vague idea of her capabilities. I smiled from my spot at the side of the room as my mother was caught off-guard by Robin’s ability to find the answers even without her help.
  2283. At the end, the children were called up one by one to receive a prize for whichever area they got the most points in. A smart award system, I had to say. It kept people from being jealous by emphasizing their strengths, and ensured everybody had something to be proud of. Robin, naturally, got an award for her math skills.
  2285. As she went up to claim it, I turned to Mom. “What made you change your mind?”
  2287. She smiled distantly, eyes on Robin. “I saw how well you dealt with Robin, and it made me realize… well, exactly what I said before. I’d been doing my best to offer you two the best that we could afford, but in doing so neglected you personally.” She paused. “It was you that made me realize that.”
  2289. I looked away, not wanting another barrage of compliments. “Does that mean you’ll be quitting your job?”
  2291. “Maybe,” she said. “Your father is looking at a promotion. If he gets it, he’ll be making enough for me to stop work entirely.”
  2293. A weak voice inside of me protested, knowing that this would affect how much sex Robin and I could have. But a stronger voice cheered. Another victory for Robin.
  2295. “That’s great,” I said with a smile. “Robin will have a whole family again.”
  2297. “We’ll work out some way for your father to spend more time with her too,” Mom continued. “Then she’ll have a whole family.”
  2299. Robin came back, clutching two pieces of paper. She held one out to me. I took it and looked it over quickly. My eyes immediately went to the name on it.
  2301. Barry O’Brian : Best parent of the year.
  2303. I looked to the teacher, who gave me a smile and a wink.
  2305. Mom laughed. “You beat the parents at their own game!”
  2307. I blushed. “Yeah, I guess so.” I’d missed a class to get here. One that I likely would have benefited from, with my finals beginning to loom. But I didn’t mind. I enjoyed myself, and got to witness another new beginning for my little sister.
  2310. “Hey Robin,” I said as I knocked on her door. “I need your help with some schoolwork I missed.”
  2312. She opened the door. “How did you miss schoolwork?”
  2314. I smiled wryly. “Remember how I said my school’s fire extinguishers went crazy?”
  2316. Her eyes widened. “You lied?”
  2318. “I… exaggerated.”
  2320. For a second I thought she was going to be mad, but then her expression brightened. “You skipped school for me?”
  2322. “I’d do a lot more than that for you.”
  2324. She giggled. “You can’t do that, Barry! You need to take care of yourself.”
  2326. “Nah. I have Mom and Dad to do that.”
  2328. “What about after that?”
  2330. “Then I’ll have you.”
  2332. She studied my face, still wearing her smile. “Well okay, let’s go study.”
  2334. We made our way to my room. As I held the door open for her, I noticed she’d sprouted another erection in her pants. “Someone’s awake.”
  2336. She blushed. “Y-your butt was right in front of me…”
  2338. My eyebrows rose. She was starting to ogle me now? The thought sent a fresh supply of blood to my own member. “Well, how about we begin this exercise with a little warm-up, then?”
  2340. She caught my drift and hopped onto the bed. I locked the door, tossed my papers on the desk and started to strip.
  2342. When I finished, Robin was already naked and lightly stroking her cock in anticipation. Her eyes followed my hips as I crawled up to her, my ass tingling and ready for a beating.
  2344. But before that…
  2346. I took her length in one hand, my dry palms sliding smoothly up and down her soft, silky length. The sensation was strangely soothing, like rubbing skin cream on. I slipped the other hand under her balls and lifted them gently.
  2348. Not stopping my stroking, I pressed my lips to her balls. Their warm softness was heavenly, and I couldn’t resist starting to suck on one. It slipped smoothly into my mouth, its tight coverings sliding softly around it. I licked it within my mouth, drawing a gasp out of Robin.
  2350. I sucked a little more, taking the whole ball in my mouth, where I gently ran my tongue along and around it. Robin sighed and her dick pulsed in my hand. I toyed with the tip a little bit, making her squirm as I continued worshipping her balls.
  2352. I let it pop out of my mouth and pressed my lips to the very base of her shaft, giving her tight scrotum a long lick. Her musk was overpowering here, making my eyes water and my ass tingle like crazy. I was ready to get fucked raw.
  2354. But not just yet…
  2356. I picked up the pace of my ministrations, lashing her balls with my tongue, kissing and sucking them until they were wet with saliva, and Robin was squirming and moaning under me.
  2358. The shine of precum finally drew me away from her wonderful sack. I pressed my lips to her urethra and drew out several drops. The familiar salty taste sent a chill down my spine. I had to take this cock now or I would go crazy.
  2360. I surged forward, jamming her almost nine inches down my throat as quickly as I could. I pumped once, twice, and then pulled it out, shivering with excitement as her crown brushed against the walls of my throat.
  2362. With her lubed up, there was nothing between her and my ass. I quickly aligned myself and thrust down, spearing myself on her cock.
  2364. Pleasure lanced through me as she slipped in almost all at once. Robin arched her back and gripped the sheets. I leaned over her and started to buck my hips, repeatedly jabbing her tip against my prostate. The pleasure built and fluctuated, sending waves of ecstasy through my ass. Close to orgasm, but never quite making it there.
  2366. I could feel her crown sliding in and out, up and down, massaging my insides and pulsing in its own pleasure. I was a bitch in heat. I wished her cock would get bigger already, so she could stretch me wide and give me all kinds of pleasure. I almost wished she could get me pregnant.
  2368. After a few thrusts, I felt Robin’s hands on my ass. She squeezed and pulled them apart.
  2370. Desperately needing release, I hilted her inside me and started to swirl my hips, massaging deep inside me with her length and sending a gradually building snowball of pleasure through myself. Robin was panting beneath me, her skin shining with sweat. Her prepubescent body was beautiful to behold, and her pleasure-wracked face sent another rush to my prostate.
  2372. I continued to buck like the buttslut I was, milking my little sister’s cock for all it was worth, until with a final thrust, I brought myself over the edge. Only it wasn’t a final thrust. I kept on bucking, jamming her against my insides and making myself cum again and again. Before I’d finished the third one, she was cumming too, the feeling of her hot semen in my ass making the experience even better.
  2374. I came seven times and kept going, determined to get as much pleasure I could out of her. Sadly, she started to soften before long. Even my sister’s superhuman cock couldn’t sate my endless lust.
  2376. With a lewd squelch, I pulled Robin’s cock out of me, sending one last pulse of pleasure through my ass. I felt ready for another go, but unfortunately we had priorities.
  2378. “Your butt is so soft…” she said, getting up wearily, some last drops of cum leaking out of her urethra. I wanted to suck it out, but didn’t want my lips all over it, considering where it had just been. “It’s so plushy and jiggly… and nice.”
  2380. I blushed. I could feel a trickle of her cum leaking out… That only turned me on more, on top of being sexualized by my little sister. “Let’s get ourselves cleaned up.”
  2382. “Okay,” she said, rolling off the bed.
  2384. Practically crippled by the pleasure still lingering in my ass, I got a shower started and slipped inside.
  2385. [/SPOILER]
  2386. [SPOILER=Chapter 15]
  2387. “Will it hurt?” Robin asked.
  2389. “I’m afraid so,” Mom answered. “But I’m told it doesn’t last long.”
  2391. We were in the car, headed for the mall, where Robin was going to get her ears pierced. She was eager, but nervous all the same, and rightly so. Earlobes were a sensitive place.
  2393. “It’ll be over before you know it,” I reassured her. She gave me a hopeful smile.
  2395. It was a short drive, and soon we were in front of the place. Mom went up to the counter and began to explain to the cashier what we were here for.
  2397. Robin took my hand and squeezed it.
  2399. “It’ll be over quick,” I said. “There are many times in life where you have to rush into something, endure it while it lasts, and forget about the pain later. You just have to tell yourself ‘forget what you want, this is about the future me!’”
  2401. “Forget what you want…” she repeated. “This is about the future me.” She looked up at me. “Have you ever had to say that?”
  2403. I nodded. “Oh yeah.”
  2405. A woman riddled in piercings approached us. “Miss Robin?”
  2407. Robin blushed at being called ‘miss’ and nodded. She was led to a back room and laid down on a bed. “This’ll just take a second,” said the piercer as reassuringly as possible. “You’re a tough girl, aren’t you?”
  2409. Robin nodded. “I think so. Not as tough as Barry, though.”
  2411. Now I blushed.
  2413. “Oh, a brother’s girl, are you?” she asked, smiling at me as she got her equipment ready.
  2415. “Those two are inseparable,” Mom said, making conversation. “There’s nobody they love more than each other.”
  2417. Got that right.
  2419. “That’s rare nowadays, especially given their age gap.” She cut off the conversation there and turned to Robin. “Ready?”
  2421. She didn’t look ready, but she nodded anyways, giving me a brave smile. She was given a bit to put between her teeth. The lady didn’t explain why, no doubt not wanting to scare her. Robin obediently did as she was told.
  2423. “All ready,” said the lady, bending over next to her. “Three, two…”
  2425. Robin clenched up, biting down hard, but she didn’t make a sound. Her tormentor quickly cleaned her lobe up and put a stub in to keep it open before moving to the other side.
  2427. “Almost done. You’ve been brave so far. Aaaand three, two…”
  2429. And it was over. Robin gingerly touched her ears when everything was done, her eyes shining with barely contained tears. Still, she smiled. “I’ll be able to wear my earrings soon.”
  2431. “That’s right,” said the lady, in between instructions for Mom on how to ensure Robin’s piercings didn’t close up, and when the time would come when she could actually wear her jewelry.
  2433. Soon we were back on our way home. Robin took my hand again. “Did you see how brave I was?”
  2435. I shot her a smile. “It’s not good to brag. But yes, you were very brave and strong. I don’t know if I could have done that without… shouting.” I didn’t want to say ‘screaming’.
  2437. “Sure you could,” she shot back with a grin. “You’re tough as nails.”
  2439. “I’m sure you’ll be tougher when you get to my age,” I said confidently. After all, she was sure to pass me up in almost every other way.
  2442. Time passed and soon she was able to wear the earrings she had gotten for her birthday. She came back from her first day wearing them at school with a smile and recounted how happy her friend had been to see her with them in, and how the girls said she looked pretty with them in. She really did seem prettier with them in. More elegant, somehow. The little twinkle in her ears seemed to bring out the shine in her eyes.
  2444. It wasn’t long before we bought her a second pair, this time actual rings. After being told by a classmate that she looked like a princess, it wasn’t long before she was asking for a necklace. I bought her one myself. A small silver one. Not too pricy, yet pretty all the same. It went wonderfully on her, and she never took it off afterwards.
  2446. I was careful to warn her not to get too used to receiving gifts, though. A spoiled Robin was a terrifying thought. She took my warning to heart, and actually turned down a couple of offers our parents made to buying her other gifts. Both of them immediately suspected I’d had something to do with it and congratulated me for my care of my little sister.
  2448. Dad eventually got the promotion Mom had spoken about, and my affair with Robin became much more dangerous as she spent more than twice as much time at home as she had before. While that meant less sex, it also meant Robin’s load had more time to build up, and I enjoyed a number of her mouth-bulging orgasms, and cum-laden lunches.
  2450. Like clockwork, every time Mom went out shopping, Robin and I would rush to her room, both of our clothes straining against our erections, to enjoy as much sex, fellatio, cock worship, kissing, making out and cuddling as we could. I think those times may have been more enjoyable for me than before, because such opportunities meant more, as they were scarcer.
  2452. Time passed, and all too soon, my finals were looming.
  2455. “Where are you planning on going to college?” Mom suddenly ventured.
  2457. I choked on my green beans, inducing a fit of coughing. “Uhhh… Well, I sent an application to… the local community college.”
  2459. Mom’s brow furrowed. “That’s all?”
  2461. “I want to stay close to home,” I muttered into my plate.
  2463. “Oh Barry, sooner or later you’ll have to spread your wings.”
  2465. “I know that. But I want to take this in steps… Get used to things one at a time.” My eyes went to Robin, who had stopped in mid chew. “And I don’t want to leave Robin. Not yet at least.”
  2467. Mom sighed. “I admit I know exactly how you feel. I’d say that she’ll be fine without you, but if I’m honest with myself, I know that your father and I have a lot to learn from you.”
  2469. That was a lot less resistance than I expected. “So… you’re okay with it?”
  2471. She nodded. “I think it’s a great idea. By the way, what will you be studying?”
  2473. “A bit of everything,” I said. “At least at first. I signed up for statistics, literature, biology, psychology… two psychology classes, actually.”
  2475. “With what goal?”
  2477. “Well…” I hesitated. “I guess I want to be a teacher.”
  2479. Mom looked expectantly at me. We both knew that teachers were far from the best-paid professionals out there.
  2481. “I’m just good with kids, so I figured I could teach elementary schoolers. I want to teach them life lessons, like I do with Robin, in addition to school things.”
  2483. “I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully at it.”
  2485. Robin gave me a smile, but I could tell she was worried. She didn’t want to lose me any more than I wanted to lose her.
  2487. “So… about the finals,” Mom continued.
  2489. I choked again. “What about them?”
  2491. She gave me a meaningful look, showing her stern side at last. “Do you feel confident about them?”
  2493. I nodded hesitantly. “Mostly, yeah… The only ones I’m worried about really are math and chemistry.”
  2495. “I can help you with those!” Robin piped up, bouncing in her seat.
  2497. Mom sighed. “Well, whatever works I suppose.”
  2499. Robin and I exchanged grins and got back to our meal.
  2502. “So how do we do this?” Robin asked.
  2504. “Well, first things first,” I said, locking the door. “Let’s give this coin a flip.”
  2506. She grinned eagerly as I sent it spinning through the air.
  2508. “Tails!” I cried jubilantly. Good, I wasn’t going to have to masturbate this time.
  2510. Robin threw her clothes aside in the blink of an eye while I shinnied out of my pants. As soon as my underwear was on the ground, I felt Robin’s grip on my ass.
  2512. “They’re so soft…” she said into my back. I pulled off my shirt and stood there, letting her knead my backside lustfully. Soon I could feel her erection pressing against me from below. A rush of blood greeted me at the thought of how much I’d become the girl in this relationship.
  2514. “If you like it so much, why don’t we get started?” I said slyly.
  2516. “Mhm!” Robin threw herself on the bed and grabbed her cock, holding it out towards me to lube up.
  2518. I crawled on after her and speared my face on her shaft, sliding it in all the way down my throat, shivering at the sensation of it stretching my esophagus. After a few pumps, it was slick, pulsing and ready.
  2520. I lay down on my back. “You do me this time.”
  2522. Robin clapped her hands and gripped my ass, lifting my legs over her shoulders. I didn’t have to wait a second before feeling the soft, warm sensation of her head against my hole. With a thrust, she slid in halfway. With another, she was hilted, sending a wave of pleasure through my ass.
  2524. Holding my knees up with her hands, she started to pump, my inferior member lying flat against my stomach, unused and humiliated by my sister’s tool.
  2526. She was clearly getting the hang of pleasuring me too. Every couple of pumps, she would stay fully inside and swirl her hips a few times, massaging my insides with her length. But she was still going too slow.
  2528. “Faster,” I whispered, and she started to pick up the pace. My pleasure rose, but it still wasn’t enough. “Faster,” I said a little louder, and she picked up again. “Faster, faster. Pound me!”
  2530. She pulled back until only her head remained inside me, and then with a might thrust, shook the whole bed as she speared me on her. I cried out as ecstasy lanced through me. She didn’t let up at all, pulling halfway back and slamming against me hard enough to send a ripple through my soft ass.
  2532. I had a choice view of her prepubescent body between my legs. Her pale flat chest, her wide girlish hips, her flat sexy stomach, and the sway of her hair as both of our bodies shook violently with each thrust. Soon, her pale skin was glowing with sweat, my pecker leaking precum from the arousal of being pounded by my little sister. Strands of hair clung to her face, which was screwed tight with pleasure. Her firm grip was leaving red marks on my legs.
  2534. I soon found myself unconsciously bucking my hips in time with hers and wriggling when she massaged my ass, my pleasure rising and rising. I could feel my climax wasn’t far away. This was the tricky bit. I had to stay absolutely focused on cumming or else I’d have to start over.
  2536. Fuck me! I screamed in my head. Fuck your brother like the cock-loving slut he is! I tightened my ass and tensed up. With one more thrust, she sent me over the edge. I moaned as my pecker shot my small load onto my stomach. The next two thrusts sent me through a second orgasm, bringing up more. The third was dry, and so was the fourth, my reserves having been depleted.
  2538. Still, my ass wanted more and was perfectly happy with continuing to pleasure Robin. After a few more thrusts, she hilted herself and cried out, her cock pulsing rapidly. I could feel her hot spunk filling me up, sliding out, around her dick. Some was actually pushed out my ass and onto the bed below us.
  2540. Robin collapsed forward onto my stomach, plastering her stomach with my cum. We lay there for a while, with both of our dicks still twitching lightly.
  2542. Finally, I remembered what we were here for. “We should get cleaned up and get to work now.”
  2544. She nodded and sat up with a lewd squelch, and slowly pulled her cock out of me, bringing another shudder out.
  2546. “Want to take a shower together?” I asked. She nodded happily.
  2548. Not needing to undress, I got set the water temperature and got the shower running. We stepped in together and stood side by side under the flow of water, letting both of our cum slide off. I could feel hers still leaking out my ass.
  2550. And soon I was feeling her hands on my ass again.
  2552. “I… I hope you don’t mind.”
  2554. “No, that’s alright,” I said. “Fondle all you want.”
  2556. “Okay.” And fondle she did. “It’s soothing how soft it is…”
  2558. I chuckled. “I’m glad you like it. It makes our time together all the more fun, doesn’t it?”
  2560. “Yeah.”
  2562. Once we were clean, we both got dressed again and got to the long and arduous task ahead of us.
  2563. [/SPOILER]
  2564. [SPOILER=Chapter 16]
  2565. I took a deep breath and stepped into the exam room. The nervousness in the air was palpable as high schoolers from freshmen to seniors took their seats and waited as the last of their exams were passed around.
  2567. I took a deep breath and told myself I had nothing to worry about. The thought was surprisingly effective at calming me down, simple as it was.
  2569. One of the teachers gave instructions. No cheating and stuff like that. And soon we were off. My last two exams just so happened to be Math and Chemistry. I decided I’d test a theory.
  2571. We were allowed candy and drinks as long as we didn’t make a mess. I pulled out a lollipop and stuck it in my mouth. The theory was that, because I sucked Robin’s dick a few times while she explained things to me, I might be able to recall them better if I had something to suck on.
  2573. I suppose that by the time I came out of the examination room, I lacked the data to prove whether or not it had actually helped, but either way I felt pretty good about how I had done. Whether my memory trick actually worked or not, Robin’s tutoring had definitely paid off.
  2576. The next week, I got my results.
  2578. “Let’s see then,” Mom said, taking the sheet with the final scores. Her impassive expression morphed into a big smile. “‘A’s all around!” She pulled me into a surprise hug and wobbled with excitement. “With this, your GPA will certainly be enough to get you into college.”
  2580. “I had no doubt I would even if I got Cs in a few,” I said with a chuckle. “It’s just a community college. Their standards aren’t that high.”
  2582. “Well, I’m still allowed to be happy for you aren’t I?”
  2584. “Of course, of course.”
  2586. “Yay!” cried Robin, wrapping her arms around my stomach. “My teaching helped, didn’t it?”
  2588. “It sure did,” I said, ruffling her hair. “So now all that’s left is the graduation ceremony, and I’m free for the summer!”
  2590. We celebrated that evening with a family board game night, something that pretty much never happened. I turned down the word games they offered to play, on account of my being the best at those. I knew they wanted to make me feel special, but in case you haven’t been paying attention, that isn’t exactly within my comfort zone.
  2592. After a nice long time, Robin was sent to bed. I gave her a wink to let her know I’d be by later. After that, everybody split up.
  2594. “Hey Robin,” I said into the baby monitor.
  2596. “Hey Barry,” she whispered back.
  2598. “Mom and Dad are still up, but I’ll be there as soon as they’re in bed, alright?”
  2600. “Okay.” There was an awkward silence as we pondered what else to say. Robin broke it first. “It’s already getting hard just thinking about it…”
  2602. My own started to stiffen at that. “It’s a wonder it isn’t hard all day long.”
  2604. “Sometimes it is,” she said in a tone of confidentiality. “When that happens I hide it in my shirt.
  2606. “And nobody’s noticed?”
  2608. “Well um… Mrs. Meyer knows about it. And Mr. Phillips found out too.”
  2610. That was surprise. I would have thought she’d have mentioned that. “When did that happen?”
  2612. “Mom told Mrs. Meyer before. She said it was to keep things from being too awkward later.”
  2614. “And Mr. Phillips?”
  2616. “He found out once during P.E.”
  2618. “How did that go?”
  2620. “At first he thought it was a sock or something like that. He kinda freaked out a first, but he never saw it get big so it wasn’t too weird for him. I told him I was born with both, and he kinda accepted it.”
  2622. “Has either treated you strangely since then?”
  2624. “I think Mr. Phillips stays away from me a little… But I might be imagining it.”
  2626. “Well, you are unique. I honestly couldn’t blame him if he didn’t know how to deal with it.”
  2628. “But you knew how to deal with it. And you saw it hard.”
  2630. “Well…” I hesitated. Why exactly had I taken it in stride so easily? “I’d known about it for a long time. Sure I didn’t expect it to be so big, but… I dunno, maybe it’s just because you’re my sister.”
  2632. “Hm.”
  2634. Silence fell again and I listened for Mom and Dad. It sounded like they were brushing their teeth. “Mom and Dad are heading to bed, I’ll be there soon.”
  2637. I slipped in as quietly as a mouse. Or maybe as a ninja with Tourette’s.  Robin had already ditched her pants and sat waiting for me. I shot her a grin and produced the coin.
  2639. “Tails again,” I said, reaching for the button of my pants. In a second I was naked and ready to go.
  2641. Robin lay back, holding the base of her shaft to point it straight at me. I knelt between her legs and slipped the head into my mouth. I was immediately greeted with the salty taste of her precum on my tongue and the warm, comfortable sensation of her inches sliding past my lips.
  2643. I took the first half of her cock and bobbed a couple of times to lubricate it well, before pulling back, my ass already tingling in anticipation.
  2645. The first five inches slipped in with no resistance. It was amazing how easy it was for her to slide inside me now. I was met with more resistance as the unlubed length of her shaft started to slip in, stretching my ass painfully. I gripped my cheeks and worked my way down bit by bit. The pain was worth it, though. After this, the tingling it would produce would keep me horny for hours.
  2647. I soon hilted my sister inside of me and began to gyrate my hips, rhythmically clenching my ass to massage the base of her shaft. Waves of pleasure started to wash through my ass. After a few circles, I could already feel myself getting close. Robin didn’t seem to be anywhere near her orgasm, though, so I kept going steady, massaging my insides steadily.
  2649. Such a good bitch, I told myself. You always know just how to please her cock.
  2651. I got on my heels and started to bounce myself up and down on her length, repeatedly jabbing my prostate in the process. It wasn’t long before her cock’s pulses started to pick up, signaling an impending orgasm. I hilted again and swirled my hips faster and faster, trying to bring myself over the edge.
  2653. Robin came first, basting my insides with her cum. I shuddered, feeling it jet out repeatedly, sloshing down her length to my asshole below. I was starting to get worried she’d soften before I could finish up, but felt the reassuring pressure of my own looming orgasm come on.
  2655. I thrusted like mad, shaking the whole bed in my effort to get release. I could see the sheen of sweat on both of our bodies.
  2657. Finally, with a last thrust, pleasure lanced through me, and I spilled my load on Robin’s stomach again. Another thrust and I came a second time. By the third, she was too soft for me to go on. I reluctantly pulled off and lay next to her.
  2659. “I’ll go wash up,” she said, sounding unusually energetic for the afterglow.
  2661. “Alright.”
  2663. She was gone and back in a couple of minutes, wearing her pajamas again.
  2665. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed, my ass still tingling and longing for more. Robin intercepted me by hopping on my knees and pressing her lips to mine.
  2667. She smelled nice… I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around her, surrendering to the kiss.
  2669. We held that position for a long time, relishing the feeling of each other’s lips.
  2671. “I love you,” she whispered when we finally broke apart.
  2673. “I love you too,” I whispered back and pressed my lips to her cheek. “Thanks for helping me succeed.”
  2675. “You helped me where it mattered even more,” she said, looking deep into my eyes with her beautiful blue pools. “I don’t think I could ever do as much for you as you did for me.”
  2677. “That’s just what you do for the people you love.”
  2679. She smiled and kissed me again. I could feel her heartbeat against my bare chest. A lock of her hair tickled my ear…
  2681. One of her lashes flicked mine and she giggled. “Butterfly kisses.”
  2683. I smiled and butterfly-kissed her back.
  2685. Then the world lurched as she pushed me onto my back and thrust her lips to mine again, probing my mouth with her tongue.
  2687. I ran mine along hers and into her little mouth. Something about hers seemed so fresh and new, other than its small size. It invigorated me, and I pushed back, rolling her onto her back with me on top. In a few seconds, she pressed back and I was underneath again.
  2689. We rolled about like this for a while, attacking each other’s mouths vigorously.
  2691. When we finally broke the kiss, we were both panting, our heads a mess. Robin was sporting a tent in her pants again.
  2693. “Did you wash it?”
  2695. She nodded.
  2697. Without warning, I whipped out her dick and plunged it down my throat. She sighed and lay back, letting me work at it. I shuddered and enjoyed the so familiar feeling of her crown massaging the inside of my throat.
  2699. Still sensitive from having cum just before, it didn’t take long before she let a second load loose. I pulled back and caught it all in my mouth. It was so sweet and wonderful. I sucked her urethra dry and then swallowed, enjoying the sensation of the hot, sticky liquid sliding down my throat.
  2701. “God I love your semen…” I couldn’t quite bring myself to teach her the word ‘cum’ yet.
  2703. She giggled and tucked her cock away back into her pants. She was about to say something but was cut off by a yawn. She suddenly looked exhausted. “Wanna sleep with me tonight?”
  2705. “Sure.” I started to pull on my clothes.
  2707. The bed was small, but we crept into the covers together all the same. She nuzzled up against my chest, clutching my shirt. Pressed against each other like this, we fit the bed just fine. I closed my eyes, overcome by weariness, and focused on the gentle rise and fall of Robin’s chest.
  2709. This wasn’t bad at all. Sharing a bed with the person you loved most in the whole world… Some would kill for it. I put an arm around Robin and held her close.
  2711. “Sweet dreams,” I said quietly.
  2713. She buried her face in my chest and moaned softly. “I love you.”
  2715. “I love you too.”[/SPOILER]
  2716. [SPOILER= Chapter 17]
  2717. Knock knock. “Barry?” It was mom. “I’m going to take Robin to the doctor’s, do you want to come along?”
  2719. This was a surprise. I didn’t hear anything about this before. “Oh, sure, give me just a sec.” I quickly told the people I was chatting with that I had to go and logged off.
  2721. “What’s this about?” I asked, stepping out of my room.
  2723. “Your father and I decided we should get her looked at,” she answered from the entry room, “To see what effect puberty could have on her, and to see if there’s anything we can do to prevent any… unwanted effects.”
  2725. “Oh, I see. Yeah, I’m coming. Does Robin know?”
  2727. “Not yet. I figured you should be the one to tell her.”
  2729. “Alright. Where is she?”
  2731. “In her room, getting dressed.”
  2733. Without delay, I headed straight for Robin’s room and knocked on the door. “Just a second!”
  2735. After a moment, her door opened and she emerged. “Oh, Barry! Are you coming too?”
  2737. I nodded. “Do you know why we’re going?” I knew the answer to that… Not sure why I asked.
  2739. “To get me a checkup, right?” She tilted her head quizzically.
  2741. “That’s part of it.” I started to make my way to the front door, with Robin following me. “We also want to see if a professional could tell us what will happen when you go through puberty, and if there’s anything we can do about it.”
  2743. A look of worry crossed her face, but was soon replaced with a smile. “Okay. I hope it won’t be anything bad.”
  2745. “I’m sure it won’t.”
  2748. We went to a nearby clinic. Mom had apparently scheduled this beforehand, because they were ready right away. We were ushered to the office of a “Dr. Hollis.” It was vacant, but we were told he would be along soon. Robin took a seat on the examination table, while Mom and I sat in front of the desk.
  2750. The doctor was along soon. I had to stifle a giggle when he came in. With his large nose and mess of curly hair, he almost looked like Tom Baker. He’d chosen his profession well.
  2752. “Hello there, I am Doctor Hollis.” Mom and I shook hands with him and he turned to Robin. “You must be the famous Robin I’ve heard so much about.”
  2754. Robin nodded shyly, but I could tell she’d taken a liking to him. No doubt due to his similarity to her favorite Doctor.
  2756. “Alright, well, let’s see what I can do for you, shall we? I’m going to have to ask you to remove your skirt and underwear.”
  2758. Robin looked nervously to Mom, who nodded. With that, she shinnied out of her garments, letting them drop to the floor.
  2760. “Goodness!” cried the Doctor, unable to contain his surprise. “I was told it was big, but this was quite a bit more than I expected.”
  2762. He did a few measurements quickly and examined her body more closely, including her vagina. He offered Robin a reassuring smile every now and then, which seemed to work well. Still, he couldn’t help but mutter “my goodness” now and then. When that leg of the examination was finished, he handed Robin a cup.
  2764. “Could you go into the bathroom over there and fill up the cup?”
  2766. Robin nodded again and scuttled off. She hadn’t said a word the whole time.
  2768. “Bit shy, isn’t she?” he commented when she shut the door.
  2770. “Not usually,” I said. “She’s taken a liking to you, actually. I can tell.”
  2772. “Has she?”
  2774. I nodded. “Oh yeah. She and I are big fans of Doctor Who, and you happen to look a lot like-”
  2776. “Tom Baker,” he said with a smile. “Yes, I get that a lot.”
  2778. Robin came out, holding the cup out carefully. The doctor took it gratefully and stepped out of the room. Robin took her seat on the table in the meantime.
  2780. “We’ll be running tests for a while,” the doctor said as he returned. “You will receive a call when we have the results. Now, only one thing remains.” He looked at Robin, “Please hold out your finger. This will sting, but only for a moment.”
  2782. “That’s okay,” she said. Her first words to the doctor. “I wanna be tough like my brother, so prick me all you want.”
  2784. I blushed as the doctor shot me a smile.
  2786. She still flinched when the needle broke her skin, but shot me a smile as the bead of blood was taken and put away.
  2788. “That will be all for today,” said Dr. Hollis. “You will be called as soon as the results are in, Mrs. O’Brian.”
  2790. Mom nodded. Soon, we were back in the car and on the way home.
  2792. “You nervous?” I asked Robin.
  2794. She nodded. “A little.”
  2796. “Everything will turn out fine, you’ll see.”
  2798. She smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck. “I know they will! Everything will be fine as long as you’re here.”
  2801. Well, that proved to not entirely be true. The next week, we were back in the clinic, waiting for the doctor again.
  2803. He entered the room with a folder under one arm. “Hello again, the O’Brian family. I have the results here.”
  2805. Mom was handed the folder and flicked it open. “Er… What does this all mean?”
  2807. “Worry not, I didn’t expect you to understand it at first glance.” He cleared his throat and his smile faltered a little. “As you well know, Robin is a first. To my knowledge, this situation has never presented itself before, at least not with this degree of balance between the hormones. Our theories are backed by science, but due to the unpredictable situation, things could well be different.”
  2809. Mom and I nodded.
  2811. “As things are, Robin will be expected to experience both of the sexes’ puberties, to an extent. Her female hormones are expected to kick in earlier, but there is a chance she will be… there is no easy way to say this… sterile.”
  2813. Mom looked shocked. I wasn’t quite as surprised. Robin also seemed worried, but also confused.
  2815. “It means you might not be able to have babies like most women,” I explained. “But on the bright side, you might not have to worry about… being sick once a month.”
  2817. “Oh…” She relaxed at that. She was too young to be worrying about having children, it seemed.
  2819. “So what about after that?” I urged.
  2821. “We believe,” picked up the doctor, “That one to three years after her first puberty, she will experience the male side of it. This would include muscle development, likely accelerated by the actions of both hormones having the effect of steroids. Her body would likely maintain a feminine shape, but her musculature would affect that in time. Her features will be expected to become more masculine with time as well. And of course, penis growth would be expected as well.”
  2823. This was the part I was afraid of.
  2825. “Is there anything we can do?” Mom and I asked in unison.
  2827. Dr. Hollis held out another paper. “There is a theoretical hormone treatment that could turn her hormones in favor of one side or the others. However, it is, as I said, in the theoretical stage right now, and needs more study before it can be finalized.”
  2829. “How long will that take?” I asked.
  2831. “Likely in time for her fourteenth birthday. The bigger issue will be the cost.” He pointed to a number at the bottom of the page.
  2833. Mom’s jaw dropped. “We can’t juggle both of their tuitions and that…”
  2835. I put a hand on her shoulder. “We’ll figure something out when we get home.”
  2837. “You should take some time to consider your options,” the doctor said. “If hormone treatment will not be an option, you may consider speaking to a psychiatrist to help prepare Robin or have her undertake sex-change therapy.”
  2839. I bit my lip, considering it. As the closest person to Robin, it was just as much my decision as it was Mom’s, the money holder.
  2841. “Thank you, doctor,” Mom said. “We will consider carefully and let you know our final decision when the time comes.”
  2844. Mom paced restlessly in the living room. I sat on the couch, deep in thought, keeping a relaxed look on my face for Robin’s sake. Robin herself sat next to me, gripping my arm for comfort.
  2846. Mom eventually stopped pacing and knelt in front of Robin. “Honey, we have three options. One, we get you surgery to have your penis removed. Two, if we can find the money, we can have you treated so that you’ll stay a girl even if you keep it. And three, we could just let things be as they are. What do you think?”
  2848. “Mom,” I objected. “She’s too young to make that sort of decision right now. We won’t have to decide this until her first puberty hits anyways. We may have years to decide this.”
  2850. “But that kind of money takes planning,” she said. “I quit my job, so my old salary is completely out of the picture. And by the time that happens, you’ll be going to a university, and you’ll be needing out support…”
  2852. I shook my head. “If Robin wants to stay who she is, then I’m willing to put off university for a while until we have the money. I could also get a job for myself.”
  2854. “Honey, you can’t…”
  2856. “Yes I can,” I said firmly. “I know there will be consequences, but it’ll work out. I know it will. I’m more than willing to make a small sacrifice like that for Robin’s sake.”
  2858. “A small sacrifice?” Mom said incredulously.
  2860. “There’s nothing I care more about than my little sister. Any sacrifice for her sake is a small one.”
  2862. “But think about your future,” she said weakly.
  2864. “I am. I can get by. But think of Robin. She’s a genius. She has so much more promise than I do, and there’s no telling what psychological effects puberty will have on her.” I put a hand on Robin’s head and gave her a smile. “Her little head could change the world, mom. Mine might help a couple of people, but in the end I’m nothing next to her. I’d do more good to the world by helping her than I would by helping myself.”
  2866. “Barry…” Robin said, her eyes shining with barely contained tears.
  2868.  Mom sighed. “Very well. I trust you.”
  2870. “Thanks,” I said with a smile. “That’s all I ask. But enough of that. We have years before we need to consider this matter. Years to plan it out and think of everything. Let’s make the most of that time.”
  2872. Mom finally smiled and got up. “You’re right. Look what a mess I am! You know what, let’s watch a movie tonight! As a family!”
  2874. “Let’s watch Doctor Who!” cried Robin.
  2876. Mom looked like she was going to object, not knowing anything about the series, but she simply sighed and ceded. “Alright then.”
  2879. “Everything will be okay, alright?” I said as I slipped into Robin’s bed with her. She smiled sleepily at me. “I’ll make sure of it.”
  2881. She put her hand on my cheek. “Barry, I was wrong. You’re more than a prince.”
  2883. I blinked in surprise.
  2885. “You’re like a guardian angel.”
  2887. I chuckled and held her close. “I suppose I am, aren’t I?”
  2889. “Barry?”
  2891. “Yeah?”
  2893. She smiled. “It’s getting hard again.”
  2895. “So it is,” I chuckled, noticing the appendage pressing against my stomach.
  2897. I pulled off the sheets and gently tugged down her pants, exposing her member. The coin wasn’t here, but that didn’t matter. For some reason I felt like using my mouth this time.
  2899. I gave her head a lick, causing her to tense up. I smiled and licked again, to a similar result. Then I lowered my head to the base and dragged my tongue slowly up her length. Her musk wafted up to me, making my eyes water and my body tense up with need for her cock.
  2901. My tongue was greeted with a drop of pre as I made it to the tip, and I wasted no time in stuffing my mouth. I savored the soft, warm texture of her head in my mouth for a moment, running my tongue around her crown a couple of times before letting it continue to slip down my throat.
  2903. Soon I had sunk all the way down, my nose pressing against her stomach. Her dick pulsed inside my throat. I took a deep breath of her scent and began to pull back up again, enjoying the sensation of her cock’s length slipping through the walls of my throat.
  2905. I pumped up and down slowly. Lovingly, even. I well and truly loved this girl more than anything else, and I was thankful to whatever power governed the universe that I could be here now, pleasuring her like this.
  2907. After a couple of pumps, Robin pressed her hands to my head and guided me along faster. Her pulses picked up gradually, along with the pace. I hummed quietly, massaging her length with the vibrations like I’d done many times before.
  2909. It wasn’t long before the first pulse of orgasm rocked her length. I pulled back quickly and stroked her length with my hand, catching almost all of her load on my tongue. I sucked at the tip to get all I could out of her urethra, as always, and savored the taste for a moment before swallowing.
  2911. Robin smiled up at me and closed her eyes. I pulled her pants and the covers back on and held her close.
  2913. The soft music she was listening to changed then, to The Technicolor Phase. A beautiful song that embodied the emotion and innocence of romantic, parental or fraternal love perfectly. I hummed softly as it began.
  2915. I am the red in the rose,
  2916. The flowers on the blankets on your bedroom floor.
  2917. And I am the grey in the ghost,
  2918. That hides with your clothes behind your closet door.
  2920. I sighed and let the music take the two of us on a journey, rocking us gently to sleep. The music seemed to sharpen my feelings for the curled up form in my arms even more. I pressed my lips to her head and held her close, basking in the warmth of her breath on my chest.
  2922. The end of the song came far too soon. I whispered softly along with the chorus.
  2924. “If you cut me I suppose I would bleed
  2925. The colors of the evening stars.
  2926. My darling.
  2927. You can go anywhere you wish,
  2928. ‘Cause I’ll be there, wherever you are.
  2929. My darling.
  2930. Wherever you are.”
  2932. “I know you will,” she sighed sleepily.
  2934. Sleep finally overtook us as the last notes of the song petered out.
  2935. [/SPOILER]
  2936. [SPOILER=Chapter 18]
  2937. The family fell into an awkward silence as I passed through the room.
  2939. “Oh, don’t stop on my account,” I said snidely. “I know what you’re all talking about.”
  2941. I got three sheepish grins at that. It was fairly obvious they were discussing what to do for my upcoming birthday. I had a feeling they were going to do something over the top and dramatic, in an effort to out-do the birthday I’d orchestrated for Robin. They’d be hard-pressed to move me as much, that was for sure. Unlike Robin, everyone in my class was either considered a friend or an acquaintance in my eyes, ever since the beginning of the year. I didn’t have a crush on any of the girls either, so that wasn’t an option. I had no insecurities I hadn’t banished as teenaged drama long ago.
  2943. That meant they had to out-do it in style, rather than content. I hoped they didn’t plan on overspending for presents.
  2945. I grabbed a bowl of pita chips and left. The chatter picked right back up as soon as I did. I settle back in my seat in my room and got back to busying myself as I usually did. All in all, a pretty typical day.
  2948. “Hey Robin,” I whispered into the baby monitor.
  2950. “Not tonight.”
  2952. I blinked. “Really?”
  2954. “Mhm.”
  2956. “Huh.”
  2958. “I’m saving up.”
  2960. Oh boy. My loins stirred at that. “For what?”
  2962. “Your birthday, silly.”
  2964. “That’s not for a week. Saving up doesn’t make a difference after two days.”
  2966. “Oh.” There was a pause. “Okay then. But I’ll save up for the days before.”
  2968. I was soon in Robin’s room, greeted by the sight of her erect member sticking out of her pants. She was wearing an eager, if a bit sheepish, grin. “Hey Barry.”
  2970. “Hey.” I pulled a measuring tape out of my pocket. “Guess what I got.”
  2972. She clapped her hands excitedly. “Now we can find out how big it is now!”
  2974. I shushed her and she clapped her hands over her mouth. “That’s right. Stand up now, so I can measure it.”
  2976. She hopped happily to her feet, her length bouncing up and down with the motion. I took hold of it to keep it still and measured.
  2978. “Oh, it hasn’t grown that much actually…” I let the tape slide back in. “No surprise, though. It’s not really supposed to until later.”
  2980. “Oh.” There was disappointment in there. “Well, what do you want to do tonight?”
  2982. I considered for a moment. “What about a suck-a-thon? We just keep going at it until we’re both so tired we can’t stay up another second.”
  2984. “That sounds exhausting…” She said warily. “Okay!”
  2986. She hopped on the bed and pulled her pants off. I likewise stripped out of my clothing (and slipped on a condom) and locked the door. Then I faced the tower in front of me and took a deep breath. This was going to be a long night.
  2988. Eager to get on with the show, I wasted no time before driving Robin’s cock down my throat. I put a hand to my neck and felt it bulge out each time I pumped up along her length. Eight and a half prodigious inches… In and out, in and out.
  2990. I picked up my pace and her dick began to pulse, gripping the side of her bed for stability. Robin put her hands on my head and guided me along too, her strong arms encouraging me to go faster.
  2992. It wasn’t long before her cock was pulsing rapidly, ejecting her load into my waiting mouth. I swallowed and kept right on sucking, savoring the lingering sweetness of her cum in her urethra.
  2994. She didn’t even go fully flaccid before she started to harden again. It seemed that she was still enough a girl sexually to remain aroused after orgasm. I’d had a hunch, but this practically confirmed it.
  2996. I pushed her onto her back and crawled on top of her, aligning her shaft with my ass. She grinned up at me and I grinned back before plunging her length inside of myself. I gasped as a wave of pleasure shot through me, and before long I was bucking and riding her like the slut I was. My pleasure rose and rose, but I wasn’t able to reach my orgasm before Robin’s cock erupted once again. I kept grinding my ass against her hips all the same, enjoying the hot, sticky sensation of her cum sloshing about along her length inside me. She hardened again, and soon we were going again at full force.
  2998. This time around, I managed to hit my spot just right, sending myself over the edge, dropping my meager load into the condom. Another thrust and I came again, and then again. After the fourth, the pleasure returned to normal and I had to work my way back up again. Robin came again soon after.
  3000. I slipped off her length then. “Get your penis cleaned up, I’m gonna suck it again.”
  3002. She nodded and rushed to the bathroom without even bothering to put any clothes on.
  3004. I lay on the bed, my loose asshole leaking a small rivulet of my sister’s cum. I focused all my attention on the tingling sensation inside me, and felt ready for another orgasm by the time Robin returned with her dick still dripping and squeaky clean.
  3006. I grinned and placed my hands on her knees, preparing for round four.
  3009. I was woken up the next morning by the sensation of Robin’s morning wood pressing in between my cheeks.
  3011. “Morning Robin.”
  3013. “Morning Barry.” She wrapped one arm around my side. “Can I go again?”
  3015. Memories of the night before resurfaced. I had been counting the times we went at it in each position. I sucked her normally three times, got throat-fucked twice, rode her cock four times, got pounded doggy style once, and got pounded missionary style twice. Counting chain orgasms, I came eleven times that night. Robin came once for each round.
  3017. In the end, we’d collapsed, gasping for breath and drenched in sweat. The first time it happened, we had another passionate makeout, which made Robin hard again, resulting in the final cock ride of the night. Robin and I both cleaned ourselves up as quietly as we could, moving sluggishly, like zombies. My ass was leaking a constant stream of cum by the end.
  3019. The soreness I had felt then didn’t compare with what I felt waking up. But the tingling was as ready as ever.
  3021. “Go ahead. But suck on your tip for a bit to make it go in easier first.”
  3023. “Okay.”
  3025. There was a brief moment of near-silence. The sound of Robin sucking herself off was incredibly arousing, though, and I found myself sporting a boner that was more than just morning wood. It was bright red from all the activity it had had the night before, even unused as it was.
  3027. “Ready?”
  3029. “Yeah,” I sighed.
  3031. In a second, Robin had pushed her way inside. I rolled onto my stomach to make it easier for her, and she climbed on top, thrusting in and out, working her way in a little deeper every time.
  3033. “Let’s… do this… again… on my… birthday,” I said in between gasps.
  3035. “Sure!” She chortled, rocking her hips back and forth to plow my depths.
  3037. Her dick must have been sensitive because she blew her load inside me in a matter of minutes, leaving me aching for more. It was a sense I lived with almost every hour though, so I was used to it now.
  3039. “I’m gonna go take a shower,” she announced, pulling out of me.
  3041. “Alright, I’ll go get dressed and stuff.” I rolled to the side of the bed and swung my legs over lazily. 10 AM, so I’d gotten about seven and a half hours of rest. Yes, we were up fucking until 2:30.
  3043. “That was a lot of fun,” Robin said as she picked out her day clothes. “It felt kind of good to use my penis until it was hurting… Is that weird?”
  3045. “When you said ‘felt good’, how do you mean it?”
  3047. She thought about it. “Hmmmmm, like… It felt good emotionally… It still hurt, though.”
  3049. “Sorry.”
  3051. She waved my apology away. “It felt good! Don’t worry.” She hopped over to me and pressed her lips to mine before I could say anything else. She gave me a smile when we broke apart. “I love you, big brother.”
  3053. “I love you too, Robin.”
  3055. With that, she skipped out of the room to the bathroom across the hall. I slipped into my clothes and headed to my room to get my own clothes.
  3058. For the first time in a long time, Robin didn’t wake me up. I knew why, of course. It was my birthday, and she probably wanted to let me sleep in. It was my special day, after all.
  3060. Robin and I had held off on any form of sex for the last three (for good measure) days, and I was starting to crave both the taste of her cum, and the feeling of something larger and warmer than my dildo. Fortunately, I had a hunch I would get both of those before the day ended.
  3062. I showered and got dressed, then stepped outside. Dad was at the breakfast table having coffee and bagels, but other than him the rest of the house was silent.
  3064. “Morning, son,” he said in an exaggeratedly fatherly tone. He punctuated that with a smile. He clearly wasn’t trying to act casual.
  3066. “Hey Dad,” I said, opening the fridge. “When are Mom and Robin going to jump out at me? Also, what’s the plan for today.”
  3068. “You’re such a party pooper,” he said playfully. “But no, Mom and Robin are already waiting for us at the rendez-vous point.”
  3070. I paused with the milk half-out of the fridge. “I’m supposed to have breakfast, right? It’s almost 11 after all.”
  3072. “Mom figured you’d wake up late, so we scheduled lunch at 1. Now hurry up and get ready, we have a big day ahead of us.”
  3075. The ride to wherever it was ended up being mostly silent. Dad and I got along just fine, but when it came to starting a conversation, the two of us tended to fall short.
  3077. My eyebrows rose when I saw what was coming up ahead. “A water park?”
  3079. “Yup.”
  3081. “Not bad. We haven’t been to one in a long time.”
  3083. “That’s what your mother said. You enjoyed your last time, as I recall, so we all thought it was a sound choice.”
  3085. “That it was.”
  3087. We found a parking spot reserved for us toward the entrance and were soon inside the gates.
  3089. “Barry! Barry!” came a small voice from out of sight. It took me a moment of searching before I spotted Robin bouncing up and down and waving at me from the shade of an awning. Mom was nowhere to be seen.
  3091. “Barry!” she called again as we drew close. “Everyone’s already here, let’s go!” The bulge in her pants was disguised by a pair of loose shorts, and for the first time in nearly 24 hours, she wasn’t hard.
  3093. She wasn’t lying. Most of my class was sitting in the shade of several trees, reclining on a carpet of tablecloths, within sight of the park’s largest pool. Everybody got up and welcomed me as I made my way through the crowd to where Mom stood, surrounded by gifts.
  3095. “Alright everybody!” she called. “Everybody’s here, so let’s all have fun! Remember to be back here by 1 for lunch.”
  3097. Within a matter of minutes, everybody had gone. I gave my mother a quizzical look.
  3099. “I know you don’t like being the center of attention, so I figured splitting up would be the best option.”
  3101. My eyebrows rose. “Nice, thanks.”
  3103. Robin took my hand. “Let’s ride the slides!”
  3105. “Let’s indeed.”
  3107. We made our ways to the bathrooms and got changed. Robin emerged wearing a neon blue top with a pair of dark blue boy’s trunks. Her bulge would be way too conspicuous in a girl’s swimsuit.
  3109. Now properly dressed, we went straight for the wildest ride, also one of the few that accommodated for multiple riders. We picked up a double inner tube and got in line. It was a long one, this being one of the park’s most popular slides, but I knew this was nothing compared to how it would look in around two hours, when the air started to heat up.
  3111. Robin was bouncing again in excitement as our turn came up. We hopped into the tube, Robin in front. The park employee started to brief us on proper sliding safety. “Okay, rule number one—”
  3113. “Don’t talk about fight club,” I interrupted.
  3115. He laughed. “Rule number two, don’t talk about fight club. Rule number three…”
  3117. An awkward silence. “I forgot number three.”
  3119. “Me too, off you go!”
  3121. And with that we were off. Robin whooped wildly as we spiraled around, water drenching us from head to toe. My stomach dropped and my adrenaline rose as we were whipped right and left, everything becoming a whirl of light blue and Robin’s golden hair.
  3123. It all ended too soon as we came to a splashing halt in the pool before. I wasn’t about to let the fun end like that, though. “ABANDON SHIP!” I cried, tipping us over. Robin screamed and paddled for shore, giggling, with me hot on her heels with the tube.
  3125. We went for a second ride down another slide before heading back to the group.
  3127. “Barry buddy, sit here,” called Irwin, one of my friends. I obliged him. Robin surprised me by not sitting next to me, instead standing next to Mom.
  3129. “Alright everybody!” Mom called, to get everyone’s attention as the last of us took their seats. She then gestured to Robin, who took over.
  3131. “We all know why we’re here,” she said authoritatively, “So let’s cut the chitchat and get to the fun part! Food!”
  3133. Several of the parents appeared with boxes of pizza and set them in the middle of the mass of highschoolers, who immediately tore into them. Robin sat down next to me to eat her slices of plain cheese pizza, which I chowed down on my favorite- pepperoni and mushrooms. I rubbed her head. “Trying to out-do me, are you?”
  3135. She fired me a grin and went right back to her food.
  3137. “You two get along amazingly well,” Irwin commented. “I never get along with my brother like that.”
  3139. “It’s all a matter of open-mindedness,” I said. “That, and finding a common interest helps too.”
  3141. “What’s yours?”
  3143. “Doctor Who,” I answered a little too quickly. True, that was part of it, but there was of course our less socially acceptable pastime.
  3145. “Huh. Do you enjoy spending time with her?”
  3147. I nodded. “Heck, I enjoy her company more than with most people my age. I’ve always liked kids, though, so that could be part of it.”
  3149. “Ah.” With that, he went back to his slice.
  3151. I wasn’t done talking yet. “When was it exactly that pizza became the official birthday food in America? Seriously, I see it more than cake nowadays.”
  3153. There were a few chuckles and somebody offered an answer I didn’t quite catch.
  3155. The pizzas were cleared out in minutes. Even the veggie one. Robin got up again. “Alright everybody, the moment you’ve been waiting for has come! Presents time!”
  3157. A cheer rang out and I was ushered to the circle of presents by my little sister. She also spared me the trouble of choosing which one to open first by handing it to me.
  3159. One of the guys whooped as I pulled off the wrapping to reveal a lava lamp. I laughed. “Never has mankind created a cooler source of lighting than this. Thanks, Gav.”
  3161. Gavin, the one who’d whooped, flashed me a thumbs-up.
  3163. I set that one down and got to the next one, which Robin had already picked up and was holding out for me. Inside was a Pokémon doll. Specifically a Mega Absol, a favorite of mine.
  3165. After that came an overkill-sized jar of Warheads. Just what I’d always wanted. Then a fantasy book I’d never heard of before, but was assured was worth the read, followed by two gift cards, and a number of other things.
  3167. Robin clearly saved hers for last, as she looked like she was about to erupt from excitement as she held the small package out to me.
  3169. Inside lay a light-up, buzzing replica of the tenth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. It wasn’t near as expensive as the scarf I’d gotten Robin, but it was easily the best gift I’d gotten all day. I pulled her into a bear hug and, unashamed, gave her a big kiss on her cheek.
  3171. “Let them eat cake!” shouted Robin as I held the screwdriver aloft.
  3173. Two cakes were brought out, one clearly store-bought, and the other home-made.
  3175. “Do you like the cake?” Robin asked excitedly. “I made it with Mom!”
  3177. “I’ll tell you what I think when I taste it.”
  3179. Robin gave me a big grin at that and quickly sat down to wait for the center of attention to be passed around.
  3181. I was given a square of each first, and waited until everyone else had gotten a piece before starting. I began with Robin’s, in order to keep the flavor from being dulled by the other cake’s.
  3183. It was strawberry with lemon icing. Something about the taste was a little strange, though. When I saw how Robin was looking at me, I almost choked. “Robin, don’t tell me you…”
  3185. She giggled and whispered. “I put it in the batter when Mom was busy.”
  3187. My hand went to my mouth. So everybody here was unwittingly tasting Robin’s cum. I had to fight not to laugh. “Robin, you are crazy. Utterly crazy.” What’s more, she had clearly produced enough to make the taste actually noticeable (at least to me) in a cake that large. Just how much had she cum anyways?
  3189. “Does it taste alright?” Mom asked.
  3191. I nodded, acting natural.
  3193. “That’s good. It came out more liquid than it was supposed to at first, so I was afraid I’d done something wrong.”
  3195. I looked at Robin. “Or Robin did.” She smiled and said nothing.
  3197. Everyone broke up to go ride the slides when the cake was done. Robin and I tagged along with a couple of the guys from my class and rode some of the less popular rides to avoid the long lines. Still, you know water parks.
  3199. “Man, your sister is adorable,” one of them, a guy named Peter, said as we stood waiting. “Taking charge and all that.”
  3201. “She was paying me back for when I did that on her birthday,” I explained with a smirk. Robin was blushing.
  3203. “Makes me wish I had a sister.”
  3205. “I didn’t know you were the kid type,” I commented.
  3207. “You haven’t been around me enough, then. I love kids. Hey, do you think your parents will ever need a babysitter? I need some money, and I’d like to help out if that’s possible.
  3209. “Doubt it,” I said. “I’m usually home when Robin is. If we ever need you, though, I’ll keep your offer in mind.”
  3211. “Cool.”
  3214. It was almost dinner time when Mom and Dad finally dragged Robin and I from the park. We were both thoroughly saturated after having played in the wave pool for a while. We were both like fish in the water and simply didn’t want to stop.
  3216. “How was that for a birthday?” Mom asked as we piled in the car.
  3218. “Not bad at all,” I said fondly. “I enjoyed it, but I still think I outdid you with Robin’s birthday.”
  3220. Everyone smirked.
  3223. The familiar click of Robin’s lock echoed through the small room. Robin already had her erect cock in her hands and was grinning eagerly at me. What better way to end my birthday than with another fuck-a-thon? Robin seemed to agree to that.
  3225. I slipped off my pants and plunged her shaft down my waiting throat and began the first of a couple of hours of that night’s fun. [/SPOILER]
  3226. [SPOILER=Chapter 18.5]
  3227. Robin ran her fingers through my hair as inch after inch of her shaft slipped down my throat. She let out a sigh as I reached the base. I closed my eyes and sat there for a moment, savoring the sensation of her cock in my esophagus.
  3229. Robin’s dick had become such a ‘normal’ part of my life now that I realized I was beginning to lose my appreciation for it. That was going to change.
  3231. I swallowed, sending a ripple along her length. She gasped and flinched, jerking an inch out of my passage. I shivered and began to pull back. One inch, two inches, three inches, four, five, six, seven… My hard-on rages as more inches than I would ever have slipped between my lips.
  3233. I licked the tip, collecting a dollop of precum on my tongue, then lunged back down again, jamming her length all the way down my throat. I could feel my neck bulge lewdly around it. Her musk was overpowering, making me dizzy with the need to taste her cum.
  3235. God I loved her cock. And this was only the beginning. She wouldn’t be expecting any major growth until she turned twelve, but when that happened… who knew?
  3237. I drooled just thinking about it, thoroughly drenching Robin’s cock in my saliva as I slid up and down like a greased piston. Thinking about this, I wondered how I could ever have lost my appreciation for her gift. Me, her perverted older brother, her own personal cum dump.
  3239. Never again, I decided, and doubled my pace, impaling myself on her length repeatedly. I gurgled, almost choking at times, but that only fueled me on. Even on my birthday, it was all about Robin. She was the one I had to please, I was just her fuck toy, and I was happy with that.
  3241. Before I knew it, Robin’s cock erupted inside me. I pulled back and stroked her dripping length, pumping every last drop of her huge and delicious load into my mouth. It had only grown since the last time we measured, her diet doing wonders for her production.
  3243. I let the wonderful mess sit in my mouth for a moment before swallowing. This was only the beginning, though. I gripped her length with both hands and pumped away at it, squeezing rhythmically to keep her going.
  3245. She surprised me by cumming a second time almost instantly, shooting her seed right on my face. I shivered again, loving the sensation of her hot load (diminished as it was) sliding down my cheeks.
  3247. Fueled by her taste and smell, I grabbed her by the armpits and slid her up onto the bed. She didn’t even react, still blissed from her two consecutive orgasms. I slipped my lips over her head again and began to pump, fighting to keep her erect.
  3249. Her softening cock stopped, and began to stiffen again quickly, ready for another go. I gleefully crawled on top of her and aligned her length with my ready ass.
  3251. “Yesss!” she sighed. “I want to feel your butt again.”
  3253. I pressed down, her head penetrating my stretched hole, instantly sending a wave of pleasure washing through me. I couldn’t suppress a sigh of elation as the familiar mass of her cock filled me up. I felt whole when I was like this.
  3255. Her beautiful child’s cock slipped in, inch after inch filling every gap inside my needy passage. I didn’t realize how close I was to cumming until I hilted her inside me, her head pressing against a sensitive spot. I sighed again and began to buck my hips, rising two inches, then sliding down again.
  3257. “Mm, Barry…” she moaned. “You look good doing that… So smooth…”
  3259. That didn’t surprise me. With all the practice being her fuck-toy I got, I must have better technique than a pornstar. Plus, having a dick of my own, I knew the way to pleasure her. I smiled, realizing I was becoming the ideal sex toy. No slut could stand up to me in that area.
  3261. I picked up my pace, spearing my sensitive passage on her meat again and again. I felt my orgasm coming on…
  3263. As it was about to hit, I slammed down and gyrated my hips, thoroughly massaging my inside. A small spurt of premature cum dripped out of my dick as a small pre-orgasm sent a shudder down my spine. I bucked again and sent myself over the edge entirely, my unused prick dropping its burden, pitiful compared to what I had swallowed minutes before. I rose and fell again, sighing as another mini orgasm washed through me. I clenched up as I did it once more, cumming a second time. Then again. One last mini orgasm and I was done for that round.
  3265. Robin hadn’t cum yet, though, and my tingling ass was still hungry for more. I continued to buck and bounce, massaging her length with my insides as she squirmed and sighed beneath me.
  3267. She came again soon after, her cock pulsing violently inside me, though her load was used up. I stopped bucking then and sat there, her cock sitting comfortably inside my ass. I clenched my hole rhythmically to get her going again, smiling down at her.
  3269. “God your dick feels amazing,” I said quietly. My tingling ass was beginning to feel ready for the next round.
  3271. “Your butt feels even better,” she mumbled, still enjoying the afterglow.
  3273. I continued to clench around her until she hardened again.
  3275. Then she took me completely by surprise by sitting up and giving me a hug. Only it wasn’t a hug.
  3277. With a mighty heave of her legs, she lifted me for a brief moment and turned me over, pinning me down with her cock still in my ass. A rush of blood surged painfully to my dick. This little girl had completely turned the tables on me here!
  3279. “Can… can I take you like this?” she asked.
  3281. Missionary position. Not the best for me, but since when did I care about that?
  3283. “Go right ahead, sis,” I said, lying back.
  3285. She giggled and thrust in. I gasped as she hit my pleasure spot perfectly, sending a stab of ecstasy through me. “Ohhhh yeah,” I sighed. “Right there.”
  3287. She went again and hit it just right a second time. She missed the third, but it still felt great.
  3289. She fell into an even rhythm, her arms planted on either side of my stomach, hers sandwiching my own pecker between us. I was amazed at her accuracy... With almost every thrust, a new wave of pleasure spread through me.
  3291. She looked adorable, her face tense with concentration and pleasure as she bucked her hips, driving her cock inside me again and again. My pleasure was rising slowly but surely. If she kept it up, I might actually cum.
  3293. She continued to pound away, her rhythm slowly picking up until she was fucking me like a rutting animal. The slap of her balls on my ass grew in intensity until each slap was accompanied by a creak of the bed as I lurched back and forth.
  3295. I couldn’t hold back my moans. My spread legs were shaking with barely contained pleasure.
  3297. With a last powerful thrust, my head banged against the wall and she came to a stop, hilted so far inside me that King Arthur would have trouble pulling her out of me.
  3299. She wasn’t cumming though.
  3301. “What are yo—ah!” The head of her cock was jammed right up against my most sensitive spot. I clenched up and wriggled my hips as best I could with her supporting the weight of my lower body, rubbing the spot ever so slightly.
  3303. I cried out as the subtle stimulation sent me over the edge. Robin took the cue and pulled back, then rammed again, making me cum a second time. Her third thrust missed and broke the chain.
  3305. “Oooohhhh,” I sighed, “I came twice…”
  3307. Robin smiled at me and thrust again, immediately launching into a brutal barrage of thrusts. She came in seconds, her shaft pulsing away inside me.
  3309. As the last pulses subsided, she sank onto my stomach with a contented sigh.
  3311. “You’re not finished, are you?” I asked, slightly worried. My ass was still up for more, and I wasn’t ready for it to end yet.
  3313. “Nah,” she said with a smirk. “It’s your birthday anyways! I gotta keep going for you, big brother!”
  3315. My eyebrows rose. “Hey, I’m just here to pleasure you.”
  3317. “But-!”
  3319. “Nope,” I interrupted. “You underestimate just how great pleasuring you is to me. It’s like you’re doing me a service by letting me do it.”
  3321. “Okay,” she said sheepishly.
  3323. I suddenly became distinctly aware of our position. My ass was suspended by her, my legs spread like a whore, her cock still buried inside me, her nice, toned stomach pressed up against my below average dick… It was as emasculating as could be, and I loved it.
  3325. “How about you wash up quickly and I’ll suck it again?” I suggested.
  3327. Robin grinned and pulled out, letting me fall into the bed with a pomf. Her once again erect cock bounced with the momentum I gave it, swimming tantalizingly just above mine.
  3329. She took hers by the base and held it over mine. “It’s so much bigger…”
  3331. I chuckled. “Yeah. And you haven’t even started yet. I’ve finished growing.”
  3333. “What?” Her eyebrows shot up. “How big is mine gonna get?”
  3335. I shrugged. “Who knows? Normally, boys at your age are only two inches… You might hit fifteen, you might hit two feet.” I laughed. “We’ll just have to see.”
  3337. She hopped off the bed, clearly deep in thought. “Two feet… I hope not… I mean, I like being big, but that’s too much!”
  3339. “Like I said,” I said. “We’ll see. And there’s ways to get a reduction if it seriously gets out of hand.
  3341. She laughed nervously and stepped out to go to the bathroom.
  3343. I lay back, enjoying the tingle in my ass from the brutal abuse it had just taken. Yep, life didn’t get much better than this.
  3344.  [/SPOILER]
  3345. [SPOILER=Chapter 19]
  3346. The doorbell rang out. Ordinarily, we didn’t have many visitors, both Robin and I mostly being shut-ins, but we were expecting someone.
  3348. “Hey Pete,” I said, throwing it open.
  3350. “Hey Barry. I don’t think I’ve ever been in your house before.” He stepped inside and immediately started to look around.
  3352. “Yeah, I don’t usually have guests over,” I said sheepishly. “Nothing personal,” I then added with a smirk.
  3354. “Anybody else home?”
  3356. “Just me and Robin.” I paused. “You don’t have to do this, you know.”
  3358. He gave me a quizzical look. “Something wrong?”
  3360. “Well…” How to put this… “Robin isn’t… normal, exactly. I don’t want to say anything she doesn’t want me saying, so if you want to know, you’ll have to ask her.” I was talking quickly, getting nervous.
  3362. His expression hadn’t changed at all. “What, is she some sort of alien or something?”
  3364. I shook my head. “No, no. She was born with a genetic mutation that affected her body… I won’t say anything more than that, but you have to know she’s insecure about what others might think of her, especially people she’s not familiar with. If she does tell you what it is, you have to take it in stride. She knows she’s not normal, but don’t treat her as if she isn’t. Okay?”
  3366. He gave me a reassuring smile. “Hey, she looks fine to me. Anything else I should know? Like, about her schedule and stuff.”
  3368. I relaxed, moving back into familiar territory. “I’ll be back before she has to go to bed, so no need to worry about that.” I counted out on my fingers as I explained. “Robin takes her bath kinda whenever she feels like it. She’ll need some help getting the temperature right, but the rest will be fine. She might not ask to take one before I get back, though. For dinner, she has a diet she’s following. She’ll fill you out on that. She has a snack usually around 3, which she can handle herself, just make sure she doesn’t eat in between other than that.” I pondered again for a moment, then smiled. “That’s about it. If you like Doctor Who, you should watch some with her. She loves it.”
  3370. “Got it! Simple stuff.”
  3372. “Yup.”
  3374. We stood there for a moment.
  3376. “Welp,” I eventually said. “I guess I’d better get to Driver’s Ed, then.”
  3378. We bid a quick farewell and I was off. I felt nervous, but not about my class. This was the first time Robin was being cared for by anybody outside the family since her old babysitter left.
  3380. Well, I doubted anything bad could happen. I fought down my unease and rode to my class.
  3383. “I’m back!” I called, stepping inside.
  3385. “Perfect timing,” came Peter’s voice. I could hear the Doctor Who theme.
  3387. “Barryyyyyyyyy!” cried Robin. She came running around the corner and tackled me.
  3389. “How did it go?”
  3391. “It was good,” Robin said a little sheepishly. “Not as good as being with you, though.”
  3393. “This girl never stopped talking about her big brother,” Peter said. “It was an endless stream of what a great person you are. Honestly, I’d never have guessed. You’re so quiet.”
  3395. I shrugged. “Family, I guess.”
  3397. Peter shrugged back. “If you’re half as great as she made you out to be, you should be class president.”
  3399. I waved that off. “No, no. I don’t like the attention.” I glanced at Robin suggestively at that. She blushed, realizing she’d drawn me into my discomfort zone again.
  3401. “By the way,” Peter continued. “I asked Robin about what you mentioned before. She was fine.”
  3403. “And you?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.
  3405. He shrugged. “It’s not that different from finding out somebody’s gay. Sure, Robin’s a much rarer case, but she can’t help it if she’s got a dong, right?”
  3407. “Right,” she and I said together. I took it she never actually showed it to him, though. The size of it is the really strange part.
  3409. “Welp,” I said again. “I guess that’s that. You got your payment already?”
  3411. “Yup. Don’t hesitate to ask me to come by again, you know. I could use the money, and I had fun anyways.” He turned to Robin. “I’ll try and catch up on Doctor Who, too, so I know the story.”
  3413. “Great!” Robin said excitedly.
  3415. When Peter was gone, Robin took my hand. “You should have him come by just to have fun too. Or go to his house! You can talk Doctor Who now, too.”
  3417. “Was he that much fun?” I asked with a smile.
  3419. She shook her head. “Not me, you! You spend all your time at home, you need to get out more!”
  3421. “But I talk online,” I said.
  3423. “It’s not the same!”
  3425. “Sure it is.”
  3427. “You need to ‘hang out’. You don’t have to let go of your online friends, just spend time with the re—in-person ones!”
  3429. I was completely taken by surprise.  Where was this coming from? “I’m fine, really.”
  3431. She pouted. “Well I worry about you. You take such good care of me… You turned my whole life around in just a couple of months, Barry. I want to do the same to you.”
  3433. I stared at her, dumbstruck. I expected this to happen eventually, but not so soon. It was solid proof that she was taking my advice to heart for others, not just so that people would like her.
  3435. “Okay,” I said with a grin. “And you need to invite your friends over too.”
  3437. “I knew you would say that!” she teased. “Deal?” She held out her pinky.
  3439. “Deal.” I took it in mine and knelt down to be closer to her eye level. “Thanks for worrying about me, by the way.”
  3441. She gave me a beautiful smile that seemed to brighten the whole room in an instant. “It’s the least I could do.”
  3443. I chuckled and pulled her into a kiss. She threw her arms around my neck and launched fully into it. I could feel her member hardening between us already, and mine began to rise in response.
  3445. “Wanna go?” I whispered.
  3447. “Oh yeah.”[/SPOILER]
  3448. [SPOILER=Chapter 20]
  3449. Ding dong.
  3451. “Robin! Your friends are here!” I called.
  3453. She was at the door in a flash. Two girls I recognized from her class stepped in. Both were taller than her, naturally, being two years older, both with dark hair. I gave them a little wave from the kitchen, where I was fixing myself a snack. They giggled and talked quietly with Robin for a bit, then went to her room.
  3455. More than a month had gone by since Robin and I had made our deal to visit and be visited by our friends more. We’d both done so before, but this was her first time having a sleep over. Taking advantage of summer break while it lasted, I supposed. I hadn’t had any in a long time, myself. I felt I’d sort of out-grown it.
  3457. Mom showed up after the door had shut behind them. “Did the girls arrive already?”
  3459. “Yeah, they’re in Robin’s room already.”
  3461. She smiled. “It’s so nice that she gets along with them so well.”
  3463. “Yeah, it is.”
  3465. “We owe it all to you, you know,” she said, sitting idly at the table.
  3467. “I know, I know. You always remind me.”
  3469. “You should be proud of how you’ve helped your little sister, Barry.”
  3471. “Oh, I am!” I assured her. “I just don’t like being reminded of it by others. You know how I am.”
  3473. “That I do,” she sighed. “You really should learn to take compliments. It would help you in the long run.”
  3475. I shrugged. “Some day maybe.”
  3478. Dinner was a noisier affair than I was used to. With three grade school girls at the table, a usually silent moment became nothing but chatter.
  3480. It was amusing to listen in, though. These girls were clearly not into princesses as much as Robin, but they found other things to chat about. I admit a part of me longed for the days when I was so carefree. High school wasn’t grueling to by any stretch, but I still lacked the freedom that I had as a kid. College was likely to be a similar story.
  3482. The girls cleaned their plates quickly, despite their chatter, and then rushed back to the room. Robin lingered for a little while until I finished up, then took my hand. “Come, come!”
  3484. “Huh?” I blurted, following automatically.
  3486. “We’re gonna watch Doctor who!”
  3488. I snorted inadvertently. “You know that isn’t exactly a little girl’s show.”
  3490. She shrugged. “You never know until you try!”
  3492. “Fair enough.”
  3494. I grabbed the external hard drive I kept the episodes on and brought it down to Robin’s room. The girls had already situated themselves on pillows in front of the computer and sat waiting for me. I got it set up quickly and lay down on the bed as the opening theme began to play.
  3496. “First, a little background information,” Robin said, copying what I had told her the first time we’d watched together almost word for word. “The guy in the funny clothes is the Doctor. Not ‘Dr. Who’, that’s not his name, it’s just what people say when he doesn’t tell them his name…”
  3498. She did an admirable job of filling them in during the brief opening song, and soon we were off.
  3500. We sat through four segments, an hour and twenty minutes. As the last one ended with the piercing shrill of the ending song, Robin eagerly turned to her friends. “What do you think?”
  3502. “I like it! The Doctor is funny,” said one of them.
  3504. “It was okay,” the other said hesitantly. “Noooot really my thing.”
  3506. Robin shrugged. “Oh well!”
  3508. I got up and unplugged the hard drive. “Well, I guess I’ll get going then.”
  3510. “Thanks for watching with us!” One of the girls said, catching me by surprise.
  3512. “Ah it was nothing,” I chuckled. “Just an excuse to watch some more.”
  3514. “Um…”
  3516. Robin was biting her lower lip, contemplating something. “Girls… There’s something I want to… show you.”
  3518. She couldn’t mean… No doubt about it. There was nothing else she would be so hesitant about. She glanced at me, asking ‘what do you think’ with her eyes.
  3520. “You never know until you try.” I smiled reassuringly.
  3522. “What is it? A secret?”
  3524. Robin nodded. “Yeah. A big secret… P… Promise me you won’t think I’m weird?”
  3526. “Oh Robin,” one said in a friendly tone. “You’re the weirdest girl in class and we’re still you’re friends. I’m sure it’s nothing serious.”
  3528. “She has a point,” I ceded with a grin. Robin had to come out with this sooner or later, I guessed. I wasn’t totally sure showing these girls what a real penis looked like up close was the best idea, but it was… well, between girls, after all. Something about that made it seem fine.
  3530. Slowly and hesitantly, Robin stood up. She looked between her friends, then at me, and began to pull her pants down.
  3532. She was flaccid, and her shirt hung low, temporarily hiding the object of both her pride and shame. With one last decision, she gently lifted her shirt, exposing her jewels.
  3534. “What?!” the girls cried together.
  3536. “You’re a boy?” said the non-Whovian.
  3538. Robin shook her head. “No, I’m… both. But I think of myself as a girl.”
  3540. “Wow…” said the Whovian one, leaning closer to get a better look. “I’ve never seen one of these up close before. Except on my baby brother.”
  3542. “I’d be worried if you had,” I quipped before I had time to hold my tongue.
  3544. Both of the girls looked at me, having clearly forgotten I was there. “You knew about this?”
  3546. “Yeah. Ever since she was born. It’s kind of become normal for the family now. Robin’s Robin, no matter what’s… there.”
  3548. “What… what do you think?” Robin asked. The fear was written clearly in her eyes.
  3550. “You’re weird!” declared the Whovian with a smile. “But we already knew that!”
  3552. Robin smiled shyly at that.
  3554. The other one grinned mischievously. “I wonder what the boys would think… I wonder if yours is bigger than theirs.”
  3556. “Without a doubt,” I said.
  3558. “It’s bigger than Barry’s!” Robin blurted.
  3560. “R-Robin!” I couldn’t believe she’d just said that!
  3562. She clapped her hands over her mouth, but both of the girls were already staring at me, slack-jawed. “But Barry’s so much older!”
  3564. “And bigger!”
  3566. I heaved a huge sigh. “Well, Robin’s special, that’s all I can say.” I reached for the doorknob. “I’m… just gonna… go now. Take care of her, alright?” In an attempt to salvage my pride, I added, “I know where you live.”
  3568. They giggled.
  3570. I shut the door and headed to my room, where I sank into my chair with a sigh. That was grueling! Robin just accidentally humiliated me in from of her classmates. When it was just between Robin and I, that was fine. But now I was actually feeling self-conscious.
  3572. “Shut up,” I said to my boner. “And speak for yourself.”
  3574. I’d likely never live this down… Ah well. It was going to get out eventually. Now was as good a time as any, I supposed. Take things as they come, and roll with the punches. Such was the philosophy of Barry O’Brian.
  3576. I wondered what the future held, now that word was out. Grade-schoolers were loose-lipped. It was a miracle Robin hadn’t told anybody about our relationship yet, but now that two others knew, word would get out. That was for sure.
  3578. Now that the fact of the matter was established, I found I actually was a little nervous. I had told Robin that it would be fine if she did it. If something bad happened, I shared the blame.
  3580. I shrugged. Roll with the punches. Whether I shared that blame or not changed nothing. Again, this was about Robin, not me. If the going got tough, I would be the tough that would get going.
  3582. Pushing those thoughts from my mind, I returned to whatever pastime I’d been doing before dinner. Roll with the punches and take things as they come. Do a Barry Roll, so to speak.
  3584. I chuckled.
  3585. [/SPOILER]
  3586. [SPOILER=Chapter 21]
  3587. “Barry?”
  3589. I sat up. Robin was at the door. “Something wrong?”
  3591. “Well… I let Jennifer and Connie touch my penis and it… ended up getting hard.” She moved her hands, revealing her hard-on poking out from her pajama pants. “I didn’t want them to know I use you, so… I waited for them to fall asleep.”
  3593. “Ohh, I see.” I beckoned her closer. She closed the door and crawled onto the bed. “What did they think when they saw it hard?” I licked my lips and slipped it into my mouth before she answered. Her musk wafted up at me, making my eyes water. If her friends had gone through puberty, I was certain the would have been literally hypnotized earlier.
  3595. “Mm! They were shocked… They asked me how much… bigger than you I am.”
  3597. “Mm?”
  3599. She gasped at the vibrations. “I showed them… compared to mine, where yours comes…”
  3601. I snorted.
  3603. “Sorry.”
  3605. “Mm mm,” I said nonchalantly. It was fine, and the thought of it was turning me on like crazy.
  3607. She gasped again. “They didn’t believe me, though. We changed the subject after that.”
  3609. “Mm.” Another gasp. I sucked at the tip for a bit, lapping her pre up. She’d been turned on for a while if she was hard this whole time. Precum had already begun to run down her length when she came in, and now it was gushing into my mouth like a stream.
  3611. I got on all fours and pushed forward, letting her slide deeper and deeper down until I’d hilted her, then pulled back. I hummed when her clear cleared my epiglottis, letting me breathe again. She gasped and squirmed, clearly enjoying it.
  3613. Not wanting her to stay up too late- it was already past midnight, and probably nearing 1- I picked up the pace.
  3615. “Aah, your throat,” she gasped. “It feels so good!”
  3617. I caught a glimpse of us in the mirror. A nearly full-grown young man spearing his face on as little girl’s meat… How did it get like this anyways? Why did I come to love being humiliated and emasculated like this so much?
  3619. My wonderings were interrupted as the pulsing of Robin’s cock sped up, making my whole neck pulse in time. I pulled back and hummed, jerking the base of her cock furiously with my hand. She came with a cry of pleasure, basting my mouth with her cum.
  3621. Even after months of this, I still hadn’t gotten tired of this taste. I closed my eyes and let the sweet and salty liquid lit on my tongue for a moment. I laughed a little as I remembered the cake.
  3623. “What’s funny?” Robin asked.
  3625. I sucked all the cum out of her urethra and swallowed before replying. “I was just remembering what you did to the cake on my birthday.”
  3627. She smiled sheepishly. “I knew you would like it.”
  3629. “Heh. Just don’t do it again, okay? Nobody noticed it that time, but who knows what could happen if someone did?”
  3631. “Okay.”
  3633. “Alright, you’d better get back to bed.”
  3635. “Yeah.” She pulled her pants up, tucked her still semi-hard dick away and skipped out of the room, shutting the door a little too loudly behind her.
  3637. I sighed and lay back down.
  3639. Now I needed a fap. Badly.
  3641. I groaned and got right back up, fetched my things and set to it.
  3644. My thighs and several other muscles I didn’t know the names of protested as I coaxed some more speed into my bike. My first day of college had ended, and my schedule gave me fifteen minutes until Robin got out of class. I didn’t plan on always beating the bell, but I felt like doing it at least on the first day.
  3646. With about three seconds to spare, I pulled up in front of the door. The bell rang as I was slipping the bike into the rack. I didn’t bother locking it up. I wasn’t going to be long anyways.
  3648. Robin’s class was just filing out. I didn’t see Robin at first, though, until she broke away from the group with a friend and sat down. She had a sullen look on her face and didn’t see me.
  3650. “Barry!” her friend said as I came close. Connie.
  3652. “Did something happen?”
  3654. She started to answer, but Robin beat her to it. “Jennifer told someone about me. Now everyone knows.”
  3656. I sighed. I predicted this, but didn’t foresee it actually happening. “How… did that go down?”
  3658. “Most of the girls are avoiding her now, and most of the boys made fun of her,” Connie answered.
  3660. “Did you tell the teachers?”
  3662. “Not yet.”
  3664. I sighed. Even if they had, that wouldn’t do much good. The bullying might end, but Robin would still be considered an outcast. I scanned the group of kids that remained. Jennifer was there, and seemed to be the only person more upset than Robin was. My guess was that she’d just lost a friend. Maybe two.
  3666. I slipped my arms under Robin and picked her up. “Let’s go home for now. Everything will work out in the end, you’ll see.”
  3668. Robin looked up at me hopefully.
  3670. I flashed her a grin. “I’ve got a plan.”
  3672. Her lips rose faintly into a smile.
  3675. Robin recounted everything to me when we got home. There had been whispers during class, and during their first recess, somebody had come to her to ask her directly if what he’d heard was true. Expecting him to be asking innocently, she confirmed it and he ran off to tell everybody else. Soon, not only the whole class, but the entire playground knew about it. That was everybody from fourth to sixth grade.
  3677. During lunch, she confronted Jennifer, who admitted to having blabbed. Robin told me she’d wanted to hit her, but held back and just walked away. Connie went with her. For the rest of the day, Connie was the only girl who acted like she even existed, and a number of boys pinched and bumped her, and there was even one who grabbed her crotch and laughed.
  3679. I comforted her and told her I would make everything right, then we watched some Doctor Who to get her mind off of it. All the while, I thought about how exactly I would fix this. I had the framework thought up already, but how to execute it? It had to leave a lasting memory, so that the children would keep this life lesson for years to come. By the time we’d finished two segments, I had it all planned out. The only issue now was preparation.
  3682. The next day of school was Friday. I had one class between noon and 1:30 that day. Perfect for my scheme.
  3684. As the students filed in a line to get into the class, I approached the teacher. I’d never met him before and didn’t know his name yet. “Uhh, hi,” I began awkwardly. “I’m Robin’s brother.”
  3686. He held out his hand with a smile. “I’m Mr. Reynolds. I’ve heard about you. Mrs. Meyer was singing your praises last parent day.”
  3688. I laughed awkwardly. “She was, huh?”
  3690. “Can I help you?” He asked.
  3692. “Actually, I was the one who was going to ask to help. See, Robin’s run into some… difficulties this year.”
  3694. “Already?”
  3696. “Yea—yes. It’s because of something that happened over the summer, you see. I was wondering if I might be able to borrow some class time later to… well, tell the kids a story. With a moral.”
  3698. He smiled. “You really, really care about her. Mrs. Meyer wasn’t exaggerating in the slightest.”
  3700. “It’s not just for her, though, it’s for all of the kids’ futures. I’ve heard that children retain things better from people closer to their age group, and when told in terms they find fun. Like a story.”
  3702. He looked skeptical, but whatever Robin’s previous teacher had told him certainly carried weight, because he was seriously considering it.
  3704. “Alright, we could end the day with it. How does 2:30 sound?”
  3706. “Perfect! Would you happen to have any props I could use?”
  3709. I was a blur as I pedaled to Robin’s school after class. I had plenty of time, since my class got out early on top of its short length, but I wanted to be really fully prepared.
  3711. I locked my bike and made my way to the 5th grade class. It looked like they were working individually, with the teacher grading papers. I gave a light knock which drew his attention.
  3713. “You’re early,” he said as he opened the door.
  3715. “I’m eager.”
  3717. He smiled and leaned back into the classroom. “Everyone keep working, I have something I need to do. If you finish early, you should read the section on land masses.”
  3719. Without a word, he led me to the school’s auditorium and then to a back room. “It should be in that chest there. Probably at the bottom.”
  3721. “Thank you,” I said, and set to work.
  3724. I spent the next hour examining the costumes and props, and just spending time with my thoughts. At some point in the past, one of the teachers had played an old man in a play, and they still had the ensemble. Cloak, staff, beard, and a wig of flowing white hair. I also took a facemask in addition to that, to add an air of mystery. And also to hide my identity until the right moment.
  3726. Talbot the Wise. Thus was my disguise.
  3728. When the time finally came, I got dressed and stood at the door, out of sight of the kids, waiting for the moment.
  3730. I could just make out what was being said inside the room.
  3732. “Alright students, today we have a special event planned to end the day.”
  3734. A cheer went out from among the boys.
  3736. “We are going to have a storyteller from a distant land come visit us, and tell us a tale of his home.” He looked at the door. “Ah, here he comes now.”
  3738. He opened the door and I assumed a hunched stance before hobbling inside. I gave my movements an exaggerated sweep as I made my way to a seat, my eyes passing over the students in the room. Even Robin couldn’t recognize me under my costume. I guessed a number of them recognized the costume, though.
  3740. I took a seat with an arthritic groan. “Greetings, youth,” I said in my best old man voice. “I am Talbot the Wise, the travelling storyteller.”
  3742. “No you’re not!” shouted one of the boys. “You’re Mr. Lance in disguise!”
  3744. “Quiet, please, Alex,” Mr. Reynolds said.
  3746. I waved my hand. “He is skeptical. Skepticism is a healthy trait. Not to be confused with being a smart aleck.” I shot the kid piercing glance and he shrunk back into his seat. I carried on. “My identity shall be revealed in due time, if you are good. But I am not an actor, I am a storyteller, and I am here to tell you all a story.” I leaned forward. “Tell me, have any of you heard of the land of Garellia?”
  3748. Heads shook.
  3750. “Naturally, it is not on Earth. Have any of you boys ever dreamt of riding a dragon, and you girls dreamt of soaring on angel wings?”
  3752. Heads nodded.
  3754. “Garellia is a land where such fantasies are true, and where your everyday life is their fantasy.” I paused for a moment. “In the land of Garellia, there is no such thing as horses. Guess what they use instead.”
  3756. “Dragons!” shouted a boy.
  3758. “No! Only the lords and kings may ride dragons.”
  3760. “Pegasuses!”
  3762. “Pegasi. And no, pegasi live in the land of Lomia.”
  3764. “Unicorns?”
  3766. “Lomia.” There was silence after that. “In Garellia, they use griffons. I will tell you some interesting things about the griffons. Did you know that the males do not have wings?”
  3768. Heads shook again.
  3770. “It is true! Males are used as war steeds, and to pull carts, while the females are used by hunters and messengers. Did you know that they are color blind, too?”
  3772. More shaking heads.
  3774. “Aye, they can only see the color red. Everything else is gray. Imagine that!” I leaned back and stroked my beard fondly. “But there was an exception, once. A young wild griffon named Ark. He could see the world in all the colors of the rainbow, and couldn’t understand why others could not.”
  3776. The children were fully interested now, staring at the stranger before them with undivided attention.
  3778. “His parents had him keep it a secret, and so he did. For years, he grew and played with other griffins his age, without any of them knowing his secret.
  3780. “But then one day, he saw a man in blue watching his flock from the forest, holding a bow. Griffon meat tastes delicious, you know. Ark knew what the man wanted, and warned everybody else, and they escaped. Nobody thought to question how he had seen the man so well disguised to their blue-blind eyes. But he had gained confidence from that event, and decided to tell his closest friend about his secret.
  3782. “His friends were amazed, and asked him to show him all sorts of tricks he could do that the others could not. They played from dawn until dusk, and then went back home. But not before Ark told his friend not to share his secret. There would be a time for that later.”
  3784. I looked around the room again.  Jennifer looked scared now, guessing where this was going. Robin also looked like she had figured it out, and was beaming a billion-watt smile at me. She had been drawing something, and now sat with her pencil frozen in mid-stroke.
  3786. “But when faced with such a secret, and told to keep it,” I continued. “Could you do it? Ark’s friend could not help himself, and told his family. And his brother told his friends, who kept spreading the word. In a week, everybody knew. Ark’s friend thought that it was a good thing, that everybody would be amazed. But he was wrong.
  3788. “When the flock’s leader found out, he called Ark a…” I didn’t want to use the word ‘freak’. “Monster. Abnormal and strange, and not a true griffin. And if the leader said so, everybody else did too. Soon, Ark found himself playing all alone. His friend, too ashamed of what he had done, stayed away as well. Ark spent his days on his own. The only times another griffin would approach him would be to tease him. They would make fun of his special ability and call him names.”
  3790. Eyes were wide through the classroom. I could tell that some of them understood what I was talking about now.
  3792. “In the end, Ark could take it no more and ran away. He ran through the mountains and the forests, until he was spotted by… a human!” I leaned forward and spat the word, causing some of the kids to jump. “But this human was not mean,” I continued, sitting back and stroking my beard again. “He saw the state Ark was in and cleaned him up and fed him. But when the time came that Ark believed he would be let go, instead the man put a muzzle on him, and attached him to a plow.
  3794. “Ark spent the rest of his days working for that man. It was no miserable existence, but he never again felt like a true griffon. He missed his home dearly, but whenever he thought of what had happened, he only made himself sad, and got back to his new life of servitude.” I gave a rumbling sigh and settled in my seat.
  3796. A few seconds passed, and they realized it was over.
  3798. “But that can’t be the ending!” a girl cried. “It has to be happy!”
  3800. An idea popped into my head. Not part of the plan, but it would work just as well, if not better. “Does it?”
  3802. “Yeah! All stories have happy endings!”
  3804. “Well then,” I chortled, rising from my seat. “How would you like to make the ending happy?”
  3806. “Me?” asked the girl incredulously.
  3808. “All of you!” I cried, raising my arms. “Who wants the story to end happily?”
  3810. Some heads nodded, some arms rose. Soon, everyone was in agreement. I smiled.
  3812. “Then why don’t you make things right with Ark? Welcome him back into the herd.”
  3814. “How do we do that? Ark isn’t here,” said the same girl.
  3816. “Oh, but he is,” I said with a smile. “Or rather, she is.” I turned to look at Robin.
  3818. Every eye turned on her. She stared at her desk, unable to figure out how to respond.
  3820. The smart aleck boy from before was the first one to get up. He walked over to Robin and gave her a hug. “I’m sorry, Ark.”
  3822. He was the leader of the griffons. I’d suspected there was one. As soon as he’d done that, the rest got up and made their ways to her. Only two had made an exception. Connie was beaming at me from her seat, and Jennifer was sitting at her desk, staring down. The room hummed with “I’m sorry, Robin”s and “You’re welcome back, Ark”s.
  3824. Once most of them had had their turn, I tapped my stick loudly against the ground. “But the story does not end there!” I cried. Everyone, Robin, Connie and Jennifer included, looked at me in surprise.
  3826. “There was one other griffon that did not get his happy ending. Can any of you think of who it is?”
  3828. “Ark’s friend!” piped a child I couldn’t see. Several eyes fell on Jennifer, who was looking at me wide-eyed.
  3830. There was a movement in the mass of children as they parted to let Robin through. Her eyes were shining with tears as she looked at her friend. “I’m sorry, Jennifer… I shouldn’t have stopped being your friend.”
  3832. Jennifer shook her head. “I should be the one to apologize! I started this mess!”
  3834. “But you didn’t know it would turn out badly…”
  3836. “All I want is forgiveness,” she said timidly.
  3838. “Of course I forgive you!” Robin cried and walked toward her.
  3840. The two hugged each other, Jennifer taller than Robin by almost a whole head. “Friends forever?” she asked.
  3842. “Friends forever.” Robin answered.
  3844. I sat back down, chuckling. “My work here is done. I shall soon pass on to the next world to tell my stories.”
  3846. “Wait, who are you?” cried some of the children.
  3848. I laughed and took off the mask.
  3850. “Robin’s brother!” blurted one of the girls that had been at her birthday party.
  3852. Robin sailed though the air and landed in my arms. “Thank you, Talbot the Wise!”
  3854. “You are most welcome, Ark.”
  3857. Class ended within half an hour. I met Robin as the class made their way out.
  3859. “I drew something for you,” she said, holding out a folded piece of paper.
  3861. I opened it up. She was no expert, but she was certainly better than I was. I could tell right away who and what I was looking at.
  3863. “Wow… I look pretty darn heroic. High-collared cloak, the sword, the gleam in my eye… Nice.” Next to my head was a speech bubble with “I’ve got a plan!” written in it.
  3865. “I just drew what I saw,” she said, twiddling her thumbs.
  3867. I hugged her. “Let’s go home.”
  3868. [/SPOILER]
  3869. [SPOILER=Chapter 22]
  3870. Robin was waiting for me inside the door after I’d put the bike away.
  3872. “Thanks, Barry.”
  3874. I smiled back at her. “My pleasure. Really.”
  3876. She clasped her hands behind her back. “I should give you something to thank you.” Her smile grew mischievous. “I wonder what you would want…”
  3878. “How about you give my butt the most brutal pounding it’s ever gotten?” I said with a smirk as I shut the door.
  3880. “Sounds good to me!~”
  3883. “Ready?” Robin asked from behind me.
  3885. “Go for it.”
  3887. In a flash, she was balls-deep inside me, her head pressing against my G-spot. She wrapped her arms around my waist, pulled back her hips and rammed forward, making me lurch and sigh as she speared me precisely. Her cock pistoned in and out, going faster and faster as the lube spread along her length. I could feel her head sliding along my insides, especially when it hit the spot I’d never quite managed to pinpoint…
  3889. I lost all focus as her next thrust banged my head against the wall. Getting fucked doggy-style like this, it was bound to happen.
  3891. “Aah!” she cried, “I’m sorry!”
  3893. I burst out laughing. “You klutz, you.” I rubbed my forehead. “Don’t let a little thing like that stop you. I sure won’t!”
  3895. She giggled and started again, picking up faster than before. Her hips were flying now, my asshole feeling numb from the smooth sensation of her shaft gliding through it. I hardly noticed through the pleasure I was getting out of it, though.
  3897. Truly, masturbation was nothing when compared to actual sex. The sensation of not being able to control when and where the pleasure came was half the fun.
  3899. Robin’s balls swung forward and banged lewdly against mine with an audible slap. A moan escaped my lips involuntarily, momentarily distracting me. I never moaned…
  3901. Robin’s next thrust knocked that thought right out of my head. She was getting to the brutal phase now. I could feel my backside rippling with each slap. She gripped my cheeks tightly, digging her fingers into the soft skin. I gasped and buried my face in my pillow. She kept going faster and faster, rocking my whole body with each thrust. I could only imagine what sex with her would be like as she got older, and even stronger.
  3903. She hilted herself inside me again and stopped.
  3905. My whole lower body tingled at the sudden silence. “Why did you-”
  3907. “I want you to finish first,” she said in a strained voice, audibly holding back her orgasm. She pulsed inside me several times, gradually slowing down.
  3909. I felt her hands on my leg for a second before the world spun. I was on my back in an instant, Robin rising between my legs. I didn’t have time to reorient myself before being rocked by another thrust, and then another.
  3911. Getting fucked this way was better for me, actually. The slight curve of Robin’s cock made it so that this position ensured her head was perfectly aligned for… “Aaaaah!” that.
  3913. My own little cock slapped against Robin’s stomach as her hips rammed into my ass. Seeing it bob like that, unused and useless, was emasculating… and awesome.
  3915. I could feel the pressure deep inside me beginning to rise. I was going to cum soon.
  3917. I focused all my thoughts on the big, hot, pulsing dick inside me, and the girl it belonged to. She had a strange beauty to her, her face taut in concentration, her hands under my knees, holding my legs apart. Her single side tail bobbed and shook on her head… or was the whole world shaking?
  3919. With a last involuntary moan, I came. Robin kept thrusting, hitting her mark repeatedly. She had learned how to pleasure me as well as I could pleasure her now, sending me over the edge repeatedly. Three times, four times…
  3921. I stopped cumming long before she reached her own orgasm, but the pleasure never stopped, even if it lost intensity.
  3923. “Pound me!” I shouted, egging her on. Her thrusts picked up again, ramming my head against the wall again. With one last mighty heave, she spent her seed inside me. I could feel her rod pulsing, her semen slipping through my canal, sending hot pleasure washing through me.
  3925. Spent, she lay on my stomach, her orgasm petering out in diminishing pulses inside me.
  3927. “That… was… awesome,” I said breathlessly.
  3929. She giggled. “Not as awesome as you.” She pulled out of my ass and slid up to press her lips to mine. “I love you more than anyone, Barry. You always fix everything for me.”
  3931. I smiled up at her. “You’re worth it.” I looked at her drawing of me on the side table next to my bed. I looked just about ready to slay a dragon in it. “Is that really how you see me?”
  3933. She nodded, sitting back. “You’re my hero! More than the Doctor, or any story character.” She giggled. “I bet you’ll save the planet one day!”
  3935. “I highly doubt that,” I said with a chuckle, sitting up. “But hey, maybe I’ll help you do it.” I gave her a wink.
  3937. She smiled. “I’m gonna go get cleaned up.”
  3939. “Let’s take a shower together,” I suggested.
  3941. She definitely caught my drift. I could practically see the new blood rushing to her dick at the thought. “Alright!”
  3944. “Is that hot enough?” I asked.
  3946. She tested the water. “Yup!”
  3948. Both of us were standing next to the shower, stark naked, and both sporting raging hard-ons. Naturally, Robin’s dwarfed mine, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.
  3950. She hopped inside and squealed as the water filled her mouth.
  3952. “Huh,” I said, getting in. “You’ve never taken an actual shower before, have you? You always take baths.”
  3954. She nodded. “Yeah, that’s true!”
  3956. “Showers are healthier,” I said, running a hand through my hair to let the water soak it. Robin imitated me.
  3958. My hair, being shorter, was saturated a lot more quickly, so I helped my little sister sort hers out when I was done. I couldn’t imagine having to wash all that hair…
  3960. That done, I picked up the body wash and plopped some on my hands. “Lemme wash your back.” It was funny, I’d heard things like that said a lot in anime, but had never said it myself. Robin yelped at my cold touch, but quickly got used to it. I gave her shoulders a rub as my hands rose. “Dang, you’ve got some muscles up here,” I commented. “They don’t show, but they’re like iron!”
  3962. Robin giggled but didn’t reply. I suppose I should have expected her shoulders to be this hard. She was able to lift up an older and bigger boy during a fight once, after all.
  3964. After her shoulders were done, I slid my hands forward and started soaping up her chest. Her tiny nipples were hard despite the warm water running over them, and she gasped as I ran my fingers over them.
  3966. “I didn’t know my nipples were so sensitive,” she said quietly.
  3968. “They’ll probably get even more sensitive as you get older.” I wasn’t sure about that, but it made sense.
  3970. I massaged her chest, admiring the hard pectoral muscles underneath her baby fat. I could only imagine what she would be capable of when she grew up. The thought sent a fresh supply of blood to my prick.
  3972. Moving downwards, my hands roamed over her stomach. Yes, she definitely had abs under there too…
  3974. “Barry, I think I’m clean now,” Robin hummed. She turned around and looked up at me. “How about I clean your back next?”
  3976. The main attraction.
  3978. My shower had a sort of seat jutting out of the wall. I usually used it to hold my shampoo, but when I felt the need to, I’d put my dildo on there to masturbate. It was there that Robin sat herself down. She spread her legs apart suggestively and gripped her shaft just below the head. “Come on, sit down!”
  3980. Not wasting a moment, I aligned my rear with her head and sank down, enjoying the slight pain of her eight and a half inches sliding inside of me without lubrication. Everything inside me tingled as my ass came to rest on Robin’s muscular thighs.
  3982. Robin collected a handful of body wash and got to work. She first gripped my butt, squeezing it firmly a couple of times before starting to soap it up. “You have such a soft butt… I could squeeze it all day!”
  3984. I smiled and started to gyrate my hips, massaging both her cock and my insides. Her grip slid along my soft, yielding ass, then moved to my hips and then my back. She was pretty thorough up until the halfway point. I picked up my pace, causing her cock to pulse in pleasure inside me. Distracted, she grabbed my sides and forgot about the wash.
  3986. Warm water ran down my body and onto hers, pooling between her thighs and my ass. It made a lewd squelching sound with each movement of my hips as I gave my little sister the lap dance of her life.
  3988. “Aah Barry!”
  3990. I pressed down, thrusting her tip against my G-spot and moaning involuntarily. Robin, in turn, gasped and gripped my torso against her. She tensed her legs and drove herself in as far as she could go, momentarily supporting most of my body weight.
  3992. Everything became a blur for a moment as Robin pushed me forward against the shower wall and began thrusting. I gasped in surprise and pleasure as she bent me over and began to fuck me like a rutting animal again.
  3994. Her strong hips pistoned into my ass time and time again, pulling out four inches and then back in, harder every time. I slid up and down the wall of the shower as her thrusts and gravity played tug-o-war with my body.
  3996. Soon, my legs were shaking and I was on the verge of orgasm. I could barely support my weight, and I was getting lightheaded from the heat and pleasure I was being barraged with.
  3998. With Robin still thrusting as hard as ever, I went over the edge, pleasure flooding my ass, my hole clenching up around her cock, and my own member expelling its own little load on the shower floor. She thrust again, and I came a second time.
  4000. Unable to support myself anymore, I fell back on Robin, who landed sitting on the shower seat again. I did my best to keep moving my hips, but couldn’t get going fast enough.
  4002. “Wait,” I panted. I slipped off of Robin’s cock and landed on the floor.
  4004. “Barry! Are you okay?” Robin cried.
  4006. I nodded. “Yeah, just worn out!” I leaned forward and took another dollop of body wash. “I’ll do this instead.”
  4008. I took ahold of her cock and started to spread the soap along her length. She tensed up, her hot rod pulsing at the sensation. It was rock hard and just about ready to cum.
  4010. I stroked thoroughly, washing whatever my ass had left on it off. By the time I finished, it was bright red and pulsing violently. I let the water run over it for a moment, and then took it in my mouth. My little sister gasped and came instantly, flooding my mouth with a fresh dose of her cum. I drank it down greedily and sucked every last drop out of it before sitting back, still breathing hard.
  4012. “You really know how to please a guy,” I said. “I don’t think I could ever get any better pleasure. Except out of you, when you get older.”
  4014. Robin was massaging her balls, enjoying the afterglow. She smiled eagerly. “Then I’d better grow up fast.”
  4016. “Nah.” I waved her comment off. “Growing up isn’t fun, trust me. Stay young and cute while it lasts.”
  4018. She giggled cutely. “Okay. I will.”
  4021. “Barry, do you have a moment?”
  4023. I was picking Robin up from school again. Her classmates all greeted me cheerfully and by name when they saw me. It made me feel proud, but a little awkward at the same time for some reason I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Her teacher had pulled me aside while Robin was getting her things.
  4025. “Of course.”
  4027. “The kids really liked your story the other day,” he began. “And the character you put on, too. They ask me every day to ask you if you’d like to come in again to tell another story.”
  4029. I raised my eyebrows. “Would that be alright? I wouldn’t be taking up too much class time?”
  4031. “It shouldn’t be a problem on Fridays. We usually have a period for just drawing and fun to end the day.”
  4033. Something about the way he worded that… “Should this become a weekly… event, then?”
  4035. “If that’s alright with you.”
  4037. I considered it. Doing it weekly could be a bit of hassle… “Well, I’m certainly not against telling stories now and then. Maybe I could let you know beforehand and simply do it every week that I feel like doing it?”
  4039. “That should do nicely.”
  4041. “I may need a more diverse wardrobe, though,” I said casually. “Seeing Talbot over and over again might get repetitive. Plus, he’s a busy man.”
  4043. Mr. Reynolds smiled. “We have a pirate costume you could use already. I’ll see if I can find anything else.”
  4045. “It’s a deal, then!”
  4048. Friday rolled around, and I soon found myself standing outside of Robin’s classroom, clad in a pirate getup. I felt slightly ridiculous. Slightly.
  4050. “Today we have another traveler to tell you all a story,” the teacher was saying. This brought up a cheer from the children.
  4052. “Is it Barry again?” One of them asked.
  4054. “He’ll introduce himself when he comes,” the teacher said.
  4056. I didn’t wait from him to open the door, instead barging in. “Hoy there, whippersnappers!” I said in a thick Scottish accent. “Who’s the lad or lass tha’ summoned me here?”
  4058. “Captain!” cried the teacher, momentarily playing along. “Well, that is… all of them.”
  4060. I gave them all a leer from my one eye. The other was under a stereotypical patch. “Ye’all must be hankerin’ fer a story if ye’ve summoned ol’ Captain Knot-Tongue te tell ye a tale!”
  4062. The front-row kids burst out talking, urging me to start telling a story. “Aright, aright!” I cried, calming them down. Before I could continue, though, a kid piped up.
  4064. “Where’s your peg leg?”
  4066. I fixed the student with a queer look. “Why should I have a peg leg?”
  4068. “Because pirates have peg legs!”
  4070. “Lad,” I said, seating myself, “I sailed the sea fer me whole life, an’ I never met me a captain worth his salts was missin’ his leg! An’ don’t go askin’ aboot me lack o’ hook. Only sailor I ever saw with a hook was usin’ it te catch fish!”
  4072. I leaned forward and smiled through my beard. “The limbless do nae live long on the waters of Okeanos, lads. Tha’s the land I come from. Water, as far as the eye can see. Only land there are islands, rocks an’ ‘canos. Aye, them an’ the bottom of the sea.” I leaned back and took a swig of my water bottle as if it were rum. “Guess wha’, lads. We do nae have dolphins on Okeanos. Guess wha’ we have instid.”
  4074. “Dragons!”
  4076. “Swimmin’ dragons?” I asked incredulously. “What be wi’ kids an dragons now’days? Guess agin!”
  4078. “Mermaids?”
  4080. “Thassa smart lass, give ‘er a sweet. Yah, when sailors come back from their journeys, all weary an’ tired, they swim wi’ tha mermaids. The thing is, though, mermaids do nae look like women. Well, they do a little, but withou’ hair, an’ all blue. They do nae talk, either, instead speaking tae each other through squeaks an’ clicks.”
  4082. “Are you going to tell us a story about mermaids?” one of the girls asked.
  4084. “Nae, I’m gonna tell ye a story about me crew!”
  4086. And that’s what I did. I ended up coming in most weeks to tell new stories, each with some new lesson I thought they would benefit from. The pirate story taught them the value of humility, Talbot’s next story taught them about the difference a single smile could make for a person. Robin was caught by surprise the first time. I hadn’t told her about the arrangement. She was just as elated as everybody else was. I found I rather liked seeing their smiles, though none was half as radiant as Robin’s to me.
  4088. Plus, whenever she smiled the widest was when I got the best dickings.
  4090. All in all,  most of the rest of Robin’s ninth year was pretty uneventful. Both she and I began to socialize more with our age groups. I lost a number of friends due to distance, however, as most of my former classmates went to distant colleges. Those that stayed close kept in touch and came to visit every so often.
  4092. Word of Robin’s dick ownership spread slowly after a while. Talbot’s story stuck, though, and she ended up gaining in popularity for it, rather than losing it. She earned the nickname “wondergirl” for her outstanding brain and physical condition as well. I stopped coming to her for math help after my first semester ended, since I didn’t take any math classes for the one after that.
  4094. The stories I told to Robin’s class offered me a semi-weekly glimpse at their classroom life. I could tell a number of the girls in it were early bloomers, already beginning to develop breasts and hips. I thought nothing of it at first, until I overheard two students talking about sex. Boys and girls alike got curious around puberty, and I was a little worried they might begin to see Robin as a target. Her ‘size’ was somehow kept secret to all but her, Connie and Jennifer, but even without knowing that, to others, she was definitely the most interesting girl in the school.
  4096. I was right in thinking it would only be a matter of time until one of them got too curious. Even knowing what was going to happen didn’t fully prepare me for when the time actually came, though.
  4097. [/SPOILER]
  4098. [SPOILERS=Chapter 23]
  4099. “Barry? I have a question.”
  4101. Robin was at the door to my room, looking uneasy.
  4103. “Is something wrong?”
  4105. She shook her head hesitantly and stepped inside, shutting the door behind her. “What would you think if… I did the things we do, but with another person?”
  4107. “Eh?” I fought the urge to ask her who it was, or why she was asking. She was already uneasy enough, and I knew questions like that would only make it worse.
  4109. I thought for a moment. How would I feel if that were the case? As much as I wanted to believe it, Robin wasn’t mine. She didn’t belong to me. Until now, I’d simply been enjoying what we had. Sure, I worried about this situation coming up, but I’d never resolved my feelings on the subject.
  4111. So now that the issue was in front of me, how did I feel about it?
  4113. “It doesn’t matter what I’d think,” I found myself saying. “As long as you’re happy, and I still have a special place in your heart, that’s all I need.”
  4115. That wasn’t what she’d wanted to hear. “It does matter to me,” she insisted softly. “You mean everything to me, Barry…”
  4117. “It sounds like you don’t really want to do it.”
  4119. She rubbed her arm. “Only if it would make you upset.”
  4121. We were at a complete impasse here. I sighed. A year ago, I would have said she was too young to be thinking about such things. As were her classmates. I used to be rather vocal on the subject, actually. Children were not supposed to be exposed to sex. Whether you looked at it from a religious or humanistic point of view, that’s what everything pointed at.
  4123. But when it was love… I felt that was a different story. But even with that thought in mind, that was no excuse for what I’d done when I came to Robin when she had her first erection.
  4125. I sighed a second time. “I don’t have the right to keep you from doing what you want to,” I said firmly. “I would… suggest that you wait until you’re older… but that never stopped me, did it?”
  4127. Robin’s eyes widened when she realized what I meant. “But that’s different!”
  4129. “It’s worse,” I agreed. “I’m 10 years older than you, and your brother.”
  4131. “But you love me… I love you.”
  4133. The exact same thing I had been thinking. “But I didn’t back then. I was just being a pervert.”
  4135. She stepped up to me and put a hand on my chest. “But because of that, you changed my entire life. Before that, I was all alone. All I had was the Doctor, and you. I loved you back then too.” She leaned closer. “Look at everything you did for me. All because of that one time.”
  4137. I smiled. “That’s true, but all the same, I’m not in a position to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong.”
  4139. “But I want you to do it anyways.”
  4141. I heaved another sigh. “Alright, fine. Tell you what. Do what you want, but don’t do it with anyone who hasn’t done it before, alright?” The last thing I wanted was Robin stealing someone’s virginity. Someone’s other than mine, that is.
  4143. She nodded. “Alright.”
  4145. She was about to go, but I stopped her. “So why did you ask? Did someone ask to have a go?”
  4147. Robin’s gaze fell to the ground. “Yeah… Dora asked me if she could try sucking on it…”
  4149. I couldn’t stop myself from groaning. Really, regardless of what I had done with Robin, this was too early.
  4151. Robin looked into my face intently. “Are you… not okay with that?”
  4153. I shook my head. “No, it’s just that I think it’s too early for her to be thinking about that.” I paused. “Sure, we did that sort of thing, but all you knew was that it felt good. That was all there was to it in the beginning. Then it changed when we realized we were in love. Actively looking to give someone head at that age, though…” I grit my teeth. “That’s what I don’t approve of.”
  4155. I could tell Robin wasn’t sure how to take this. I put a hand on her head. “But hey. What she wants to do is up to her. And what you want to do is up to you. I’m fine with it as long as it’s not her first time.”
  4157. “Okay.” She kissed me and then slipped back out.
  4160. I lay awake in bed far longer than I usually did. Even after masturbating twice, I couldn’t calm down my thoughts. Was what Robin and I were doing wrong?  Did I ever have the right to take her like that?
  4162. It had felt good, but looking back on how I’d planned ahead on how to give her the best throatjobs, and trained myself to be able to take her anally… it actually sickened me a little.
  4164. “Barry,” came Robin’s voice from the baby monitor.
  4166. “Yeah?”
  4168. “Don’t blame yourself. You didn’t do anything wrong. Would you take it back after all the good that happened?”
  4170. I held the receiver in front of my mouth for a few seconds before replying. “No.”
  4172. “Good night, big brother.”
  4174. “Good night, Robin.”
  4176. Still… Could all this good have come out of it all the same if I had been able to control myself?
  4178. Regardless of how I looked at it, I couldn’t bring myself to fully believe that was the case. What’s more, the coincidences were uncanny. The only known perfect hermaphrodite’s brother just so happened to have a thing for them… A major thing. What’s more, she fulfilled every single one of my fetishes. Except height, but that one was mutually exclusive. That sort of coincidence didn’t just happen.
  4180. Maybe it was destiny.
  4182. With that thought to keep me comfort, I closed my eyes and finally fell asleep.
  4185. “Did anything happen today?” I asked Robin as I got home. Mom had driven her home today.
  4187. Robin looked at me for a moment before realizing what I meant. “Dora said she’d done it before,” she answered with a blush. “So I told her that if one of us goes over to the other’s house sometime, she could do it.”
  4189. “Ah.” I didn’t have any sort of answer planned out, so that was all I could think to say.
  4191. The rest of the day went by pretty ordinarily. As did the week after that. Both Robin and I went out to visit friends once or twice. I did have a slight problem with that. For some reason, whenever I was anywhere other than home or classes, I always became crazy aroused thinking about Robin, no matter how I tried to avoid it, even without the plug in. Nevertheless, for Robin’s peace of mind, I kept up my social life.
  4193. It was the next weekend that what I’d been subconsciously waiting for happened.
  4195. “I’m going to Dora’s house,” Robin told me at the breakfast table.
  4197. I coughed as some milk (flavored with Robin’s cum from a morning blowjob) went down the wrong way. ”Oh, the time has come,” I said flatly. Despite what I’d told her, I didn’t want to share her with anyone else. The thought of anyone but me- anybody she didn’t have romantic feelings for- pleasuring her didn’t sit well with me.
  4199. “Do you… not want me to?” She asked quietly.
  4201. I waved the question away. “Just do it. If you’re comfortable with it, it’s fine.” I thought for a second. “Don’t let her use what’s between her legs, though, if she offers.”
  4203. “Why?”
  4205. “I could think of multiple reasons,” I sighed. “All of which could ruin her pleasure for the rest of her life.” If she took Robin as she was now, she’d never find another dick that could pleasure her again. That’s if she didn’t get damaged by Robin’s size first. To say nothing of the chance of pregnancy. “Mouths only. If she asks why, just tell her firmly that it’s not safe.”
  4207. Robin smiled and nodded. “Okay!”
  4209. I smiled back. I’d trust Robin with my life, so I had no worries with that out of the way.
  4212. I was sent to get Robin when the time came. It was starting to get dark out, but I didn’t mind. The main issue was that I had no idea where they were, so it took me a long time between stopping and checking my phone for directions before I arrived.
  4214. A woman who was likely Dora’s mother opened up. “Oh, hello.”
  4216. “Hi,” I said with a smile. “I’m Robin’s brother. It’s time for her to come home.”
  4218. “Alright, I’ll let her know.” She called upstairs. I definitely heard more than two voices go ‘awww’ at that. My stomach dropped. What had happened between them?
  4220. Robin came along soon enough. Judging by the arms she kept folded in front of her stomach, she was hiding a boner under her shirt.
  4222. “Did I interrupt something?” I asked.
  4224. “Kiiiiinda,” Robin said sheepishly. But she climbed onto the bike all the same.
  4226. We were silent during the ride back.
  4228. “So, what happened?” I asked as I closed our house’s door behind us.
  4230. Robin sat down on the couch. “Dora had brought along three other friends…”
  4232. Oh boy.
  4234. “After lunch, we went to Dora’s room, and she asked me if she could do it… and I said yes. The other girls told me they all had experience too, and asked if they could join in when Dora was done.”
  4236. She smiled wryly. “When they actually saw it, though… They looked completely terrified. And hungry at the same time.”
  4238. Stop it, boner.
  4240. “Dora started, but she couldn’t even go down halfway…” she shivered. “So the other girls joined in…”
  4242. “How did that work?” I asked, sickened but curious.
  4244. “They used their tongues to get the rest of it.”
  4246. “Must have been crowded.”
  4248. She giggled. “Yeah, but it felt good. Really good. But not as good as when you put it all the way in.” She quickly added, “I didn’t tell them that, though.”
  4250. I chuckled.
  4252. “So I came pretty quickly,” she continued. The fact that she’d learned the word ‘came’ was  not lost on me. “Dora said I tasted amazing, and the other girls all wanted to try, so they switched places. The third time, though, I was barely producing any more, so she only got a little taste.
  4254. “We waited a while and did other things, then after dinner tried again. In the end they were all satisfied, and said they wanted to do it again.”
  4256. “None of them asked for…?” I ventured.
  4258. She shook her head.
  4260. “Alright, good.”
  4262. Robin rubbed the erection that was still lying flat against her stomach. “Wanna help me out with this now?”
  4264. After hearing that story, how could I not? I wasn’t about to be out-done by a couple of girls![/SPOILER]
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