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Jul 26th, 2012
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  1. <%eOut> who's soultan? the guy always hitting on rey?
  2. <%eOut> from the pics on his smogon wall, I'd think he was gay
  3. <%eOut> fishy's the only girl he ever saw spray
  4. <%eOut> and we know what he's doing when he has to go pray
  6. <soultan> eo ut mortus you hurt my little xtranus' feelings
  7. <soultan> that was a war declaration
  8. <soultan> your body odor smells like spit shit and menstruation
  9. <soultan> faggot eo your ass known being used as dick conservation
  10. <soultan> if there were no dogs you and your dirt ass race would suffer from starvation
  11. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. <%eOut> I see little younes is in one of those moods
  13. <%eOut> I'm just telling the truth....there's no need to be rude
  14. <%eOut> soultan's 72 virgins are all gonna be dudes
  15. <%eOut> and I bet he's the one who first found sprinkles' nudes
  17. <soultan> eo ut mortus my rap burns your ass like a heater
  18. <soultan> dirt ass faggot enjoying to drink semen per liter
  19. <soultan> telling me this 72 virgin shit all the time you bein a repeater
  20. <soultan> but ill make you calm, 72 dicks up your ass and you'll be sweeter
  21. <soultan> your turn
  22. <soultan> stank ass dog eater
  23. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24. <%eOut> I'm not sure why you're trying to start something
  25. <%eOut> Shouldn't you be focused on getting indoor plumbing?
  26. <%eOut> the best you'll ever be is only a slum king
  27. <%eOut> now go back to banging dudes and watching them cumming
  29. <soultan> eo please
  30. <soultan> dirt ass chinese
  31. <soultan> received dicks up his hairy ass and got fleas
  32. <soultan> ill beat the shit out of you with ease
  33. <soultan> but ill spare your life if you go shove dicks up your ass overseas
  34. <soultan> maybe you'll get paid more rupees
  35. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  36. <%eOut> younes you talk like you're urban
  37. <%eOut> but we all know that your condom is a turban
  38. <%eOut> only job you'll ever get is that of a servant
  39. <%eOut> with wages of only a single rupee per man
  40. <%eOut> so stop giving me this sermon
  42. <soultan> eo ut mortus
  43. <soultan> you and your race have the smallest dick size
  44. <soultan> so you get dicks up your ass to compromise
  45. <soultan> dicks up your mouth and ass is like a stomach filled with butterflies
  46. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  47. <%eOut> younes I hear you blow guys after lunch
  48. <%eOut> they call you tyranitar cause you always crunch
  49. <%eOut> then you wash down your meal with some semen punch
  50. <%eOut> I'd say you like guys, just call it a hunch
  52. <soultan> eo ut mortus yellow skinned baboon
  53. <soultan> visiting gay parades thats where he's opportune
  54. <soultan> finding himself an old white man for his honeymoon
  55. <soultan> so he can suck up a semen lagoon
  56. <soultan> squirting on his face with the power of a typhoon
  57. <soultan> after you gave him his liquid viagra tablespoon
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