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  1. Poem
  2.     upon the Day, the Sun gives rise and fall
  3.     upon the Night, the moon and stars give light
  4.     upon the Skies, the Heavens gives redemption
  5.     upon the Ground, the Earth  gives purpose
  6.     upon the Edge, the Void, the Unknown  hides all from sight
  7.     upon this world I have helped created I give...
  8.     the day to rise and fall
  9.     the night to find light in the darkest of times
  10.     the skies to find redemption in the day
  11.     the ground to find purpose to the night
  12.     The Edge to seek the unknown the powers within it
  13.     upon this world I give the tools to break free from means of Fate no matter how golden or rusted they may be
  14.     upon freedom I give the the choice to choose
  15. Index
  16. Why this game was made
  17. God and Goddess History/Nexus History - The Forgottem Tomes
  18. Rules - tome of the world
  19.     Stats
  20.         There are six stats that a character has to know [S.P.E.W.A.L]
  21.         #[S]trength
  22.             [increase Strength mod]
  23.             [increase carry]
  24.             [increase Toughness]{1/4}
  25.         #[P]erception
  26.             [increase Perception mod]
  27.             [chance to hit with ranged weapons mod]
  28.         [E]ndurance
  29.             [increase Endurance mod]
  30.             [increase health]{5}
  31.             [increase Toughness]{1/2}
  32.             [increase action mod]
  33.         [W]isdom
  34.             [increase Wisdom mod]
  35.             [increase spell-point]
  36.         [A]gility
  37.             [increase Agility mod]
  38.             [increase action-point]
  39.         [L]uck
  40.             [increase luck mod]
  42.     Stat mods
  43.         stat mods effect dice rolls for stats and some skill and spells
  44.         stat mods going up 1/8 of the stat it's for. [ Stat#/8 = stat mod(round up if .5+)]
  45.         luck stat mod goes up by 1/16.
  46.     Stat rolls
  47.         Stat rolls are the main way to do a action, like if you want to jump over a enemy and attack him/her the GM tells
  48.         you what stat you need to roll; To be successful in a roll you need to get over 50 for the basic,The GM can chance the
  49.         succcess number needed if need be.
  50.         player can chose if he/she is going to use luck as the mod for the stat roll over its base stat mod.
  51.             super fail 1
  52.             terrable fail 2-25
  53.             fail 26-50
  54.             bearly successful 51-75
  55.             successful 75-99
  56.             super successful 100
  58.     Start of Combat
  59.         Combat start by seeing who goes first this is done by rolling a d100 and adding your Agility mod to it highest goes first
  60.         and so on and so forth, if a tie happens then the two roll to see which one goes first
  62.     Combat Actions
  63.         Every character starts the game with 2 action-points, action-points are add every 8 Agility or 16 Endurance.
  64.         Attacks/Spells/Skills and moves all use action-points.
  65.         Moves-1 Attacks-2 skills-2(can only use a skill 1 per turn/unless skills saids so) Spells-2
  67.     Spells
  68.         Everyone start with no spell-points, spell points go up every 8 Wisdom.
  69.         Spells all take different amounts of spell points.
  71.     hits
  72.         melee always hits, ranged and unguided spells need to roll d100 with Perception mod added
  73.         Dice Roll
  74.             to hit you need to roll a d100 with Perception mod if 50+ then you hit the target
  75.         Ranged Weapons
  76.             Ranged weapons have a effective ranged[different for all weapons] if you are out side of this range then -25 from the dice roll
  77.             if this range is 2x great then you effective range then -45 from the dice roll to hit
  78.             if target is at half the effective range then x2 Weapon-Strength
  79.         Spells
  80.             Spells don't have effective range[unless spell saids it does], they only have a max range
  82.     Weapon Strength and Toughness
  83.         Weapon Strength verys from weapon to weapon.
  84.         The Toughness of a target is well how Tough a mother fucker he is, the higher the Toughness the less damage he takes
  85.         Way to brake Toughness is thought high Weapon Strength or Rend, Rend stacks with every hit lowing the targets Toughness
  87.     Weapon Strength vs Toughness
  88.         this test is a d100
  89.         if Weapon Strength is 2x less then Toughness then you need 90+ to pass, 89-75 is 1/8 damage 74-50 is 1/16 49-25 is 1/32 damage 24-0 is no damage
  90.         if Weapon Strength is less then Toughness then you need 75+, 74-50 is 1/8 damage 49-25 is 1/16 damage 24-0 is 1/32 damage
  91.         if Weapon Strength is eqeal to Toughness then you need 50+, 49-25 is 1/8 damage 24-0 is 1/16 damage
  92.         if Weapon Strength is great then Toughness then you need 25+, 24-0 is 1/8 damage
  93.         if Weapon Strength is x2 great then you need 15+ 25-50 is 10% more damage 51-75 is 20% more damage 76-100 is 30% more damage
  95.         critical hits
  96.             critical hits only happen on natural 95+ on Weapon Strength test.
  97.             95 - 50%
  98.             96 - 60%
  99.             97 - 70%
  100.             98 - 80%
  101.             99 - 90%
  102.             100 - 100%
  104.     Reaction-points
  105.         Reaction-points are use to make a block,dodge,counter-attack/spell or overwatch.
  106.         you get 1 Reaction-point if you dont use all of your action-points.
  107.         every 32 Agility you get one more Reaction-point.
  108.         Reaction-point stat rolls use mods
  109.             Block is a Strength[off] vs Endurance[def]
  110.             Dodge is a Perception[off] vs Agility[def]
  111.             counter-spell is a Wisdom vs Wisdom, it also puts both attack and defender in spell-dual if the defender wins the Wisdom
  112.             roll[counter-spells can only be do within you max spell range]
  113.             counter-attack is roll d100 with Agility mod if number is 65+ you do normal damage after you do a Weapon Strength, if under you
  114.             do half damage
  115.             overwatch is fire are first enemy that does a action in line of sight with a -15 to you dice roll
  117.     Magic-duals
  118.         in magic-duals both the attack and defender are forced to dual using only spells where both will take their longest ranged spell
  119.         with damage and the lowwest of the two is use as the max range of the dual, is this a dual to the death [unless its a friendly dual]
  120.         magic-duals go before everyone else turn, where both sides choose a spell to hit the other with or move towards/away for one an other,
  121.         then both roll with Wisdom and the highs overpowers the lower Wisdom roll and there spell goes though and hit the other.
  122.         outside forces can help there side, by attacking the other mage or by giving them more power with there Wisdom roll[+5 for every spell-point use]
  123.         magic duals are stopped if one moves outside of the max range and is stunned for one turn
  124.         [if the lowwest range at the start of say dual is lowwer then the attacks max range then stun the attacker for one turn]
  126.     Death and downs
  127.         If a player or mob's hp is -10 or less they roll d100 with Endurance mod add, they must get 50+ to stay alive if they
  128.         fail 3 times then they die.
  129.         Downed players and mobs can be exacuted
  131.     Leveling up and EXP
  132.         there are two way to level up the first is exp, where every kill or quest you complete gives you exp, quest exp is based off of the
  133.         GM and kills are base off the class of monster/mob.
  134.         The second way is easier for the GM, it is the milstone level up system this system is base off the GM and is completly up to him/she to
  135.         choose when you level up.
  136.         starting need exp is base off the GM.
  137.         Wisdom mod inceases exp you get by 5%.
  138.         All monster exp grain are in the tome of Enemies along with how to make custom mobs.
  140.     Leveling up Rewards
  141.         every level give 2 stat-points.
  142.         every 2 levels give 1 perk-point.
  143.         every 5 levels give you 1 Proficient-point.
  144.         every 20 levels gives you 1 power-point.
  145.         every 50 levels gives you 1 super-point.
  147. Powers - tomes of powers
  148. Life skills - tome of secets
  149.     Life-Skills
  150.         Life-Skills are a sub skill list that everyone can use; you can use perk-points to unlock skills and perks in every tree if
  151.         you have the requirements to unlock them. Every one starts at the same level of skill with life-skills[1]. Things that change
  152.         this are race,background,gods and leveling up/ every 5 levels you get a Proficient-point to up one life-skill.
  154.     Life-Skill rolls
  155.         Life-Skill rolls' follow the same rules as stat rolls with different mods [tome of the world]
  157.     Life-Skills' Mods
  158.         All life-Skills run of the same math for their mods it being 1/16
  160.     How the life-skills' list works
  161.         Main skill name
  162.             sub-skill
  164.         Combat life-skills
  165.             Firearms
  166.                 Rife
  167.                 Scatter shot
  168.                 pistol
  169.                 SMG
  170.             Flintlock
  171.             Pole-arm
  172.             Great-weapon
  173.             Bladed
  174.             Blunt
  175.             Axes
  176.             Bows
  177.             Crossbow
  178.             Armour
  179.                 Shielded
  180.                 Heavy armor
  181.                 medium armor
  182.                 light armor
  183.             enchanted armor
  184.             enchanted weapons
  185.             enchanted spell staffs
  186.             Cannons/artillery support
  187.             mounted combat
  188.             dual wielding
  190.     Non-Combat life-skills
  191.         Mining
  192.         Smithing
  193.         Metalworking
  194.         Farming
  195.         Woodworking
  196.         Lumberjack
  197.         Butchering
  198.         Cooking
  199.         Foraging
  200.         alchemy
  201.         enchanting
  202.         brewing
  203.         Pottery
  204.         glass-working
  205.         folklore
  206.         Driving
  207.         Music
  208.         Languages
  210.     ologies list
  211.             herbology
  212.     Agrology
  213.     Anthropology ##human study##
  214.     Astrogeology
  215.     Biology
  216.     Characterology
  217.     Cosmology
  218.     Criminology
  219.     Enigmatology
  220.     Ethnomusicology ##study of meaning music##
  221.     Geology
  222.     Grammatology
  223.     Haematology
  224.     Hierographology ##study of holy texts##
  225.     Horology ##study of timekeeping##
  226.     Lithology ##study of rocks##
  227.     Mineralogy
  228.     Mythology
  229.     Nephology ##study of clouds##
  230.     Paleoanthropology
  231.     Pharmacology ##drugs##
  232.     Philology ##too many to list##
  233.     Phytology ##botany##
  234.     Polemology ##type of study of war##
  235.     Psychology
  236.         Psychopathology
  237.     Toxicology
  239.     Magic
  240.         Magic is a skill and a classification with a-lot of sub-skills and lot of different rules base on the sub-skills you have.
  242. Races - tome of life
  243. Armours/weapons creating/classes - tomes of creation
  244. Types of Enemies/NPC
  245. gods/goddesses traits - tomes of the ancents
  246. Chartacter Sheets - 10 to 20 pages
  247. Mob Sheets - 20 to 30
  248. Thank you
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