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  1. What does /x/ think about Lyrans?
  3. Heard many things about these beings.
  4. Heard we even stemmed from them. Eons ago, after that meteor hit and destroyed most of the big birds, a group of mus managed to survive through it all; as any animal below 50lbs could survive in the conditions. As a result of being as ancient as they were, they became more aware, crafty, and intelligent than many other forms of life that weren't given as much time to evolve. At some point, a group of the felid-like beings, Lyrans, came down an Earth that still had life. They saw how much these tiny creatures struggled to evolve, as the environment was still bad, planet small, and single star so cold and yellow... and uplifted them out of pure mercy. It is there way after all, nothing left behind.
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