MGC Maid Central Maid Profiles

Feb 12th, 2015
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  1. 1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13037478
  2. Maid Type: Holstaur
  3. Name: Bella
  4. Personality: Calm and positive
  5. Notes: Needs to be milked once a day with or without assistance.
  7. Bella is one of our more recent additions who decided that a farm life wasn't for her. She went through Maid Centrals classes without any major issues and is known to serve adequately in test coarses. She however lacks any form of actual experience as she never served a real Master before.
  9. The MGC Maid Central believes that Bella might be a suitable canditate for you.
  10. Bella is noted to enjoy drinking Holtaurus milk. She also enjoys watching others drink her own milk. We believe she would be a fitting maid for one that truly enjoys Holtaurus milk.
  12. 2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13037558
  13. Maid Type: Pharaoh
  14. Name: Aaleyah
  15. Personality: Strong willed, direct and "royal".
  16. Notes: Required serveral attempts before passing the now named "Just-Like-A-Kikimora" final maid exam.
  18. Aaleyah is one of MGC Maid Centrals older maids. Her age is unknown and she has been with Central for over 200 years without being hired. It is to be noted however, that she has not passed her exam till 5 years ago when the grading was made easier due to the large influx of non-Kikimora maids.
  20. When she first came in contact with the Maid Central she mentioned "wanting to try something different" and thus signed up with the central. The Central's History expert suggests that her arrival might have been influenced by the fall of a local Egyptian style empire due to a purple colored snake.
  22. Personality wise she is noted to be direct when it comes to stating her own needs and what she believes are the needs of her master. This in combination with her strong will often results in her taking a strong "initiative" for her Master. This has led to problems in her training. Including her dragging an examinator master out of his bed after she gave a second warning that he overslept.
  24. She is also noted to have a "royal" aura around her and while she performs her duties, such as cleaning, cooking and other maid related work well. She is known to occasionly show "distaste" for orders she considers "unfitting" for her line of work.
  26. As stated by one of our examinators: She is best for the bold and more experienced Masters.
  28. 3. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13037571
  29. Maid Type: Kitsune
  30. Name: Kojoro
  31. Personality: Energetic and Clingy
  32. Notes: Brush included
  34. The MGC Maid Central recruited Kojoro from a local Orphanage at the age of 6. Unfortunately her bloodline is unknown since no family has ever claimed her.
  36. Due to being trained at a very young age Kojoro is a well capable maid and very good at performing tasks given to her. She has only recently reached the age where she may be hired and has been ecstatic about meeting a new master.
  38. She is known to be a very active individual and wishes to do everything to ensure that the needs of her Master are fufilled. Unfortunately this is known to lead her to constantly ask and attempt to confirm if her master is content. An act which can be considered tiring and even annoying to some.
  39. Even if satisfied with her answer Kojoro will generally stay around her master and attempt to grab some of his attenion.
  41. The MGC Maid Central has found that brushing her tail or petting her head to be extremely effective at calming her down and even causing her to fall asleep.
  43. Kojoro is recommended for those with lots of energy or patience and who are seeking a maid that will shower them with attention and love.
  45. 4. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13037733
  46. After some profiling and carefull selection* the MGC Maid Central Profiler has determined that the following maid would be a suitable canditate:
  48. Maid type: Kikimora
  49. Name: Kate
  50. Personality: Gentle and Positive
  51. Notes: Slow at all washing related activities
  53. Kate joined the MGC Maid Central as natural phase of her ongoing education. She was one of the 3 Kikimora children from a family of Kikimora's that has been with the MGC Maid Central for many generations.
  55. Kate passed her exams without any major issues besides some minor issues involving the time-rating at the "Smiling-Clean Clothing" coarse. She can be considered to be an average but skilled Kikimora maid.
  57. Kate can be considered to be a fit Kikimora due to enjoying cardio training, which she claims is meant to set a good example for others. In addition she enjoys watching cooking shows and baking various products as hobby.
  59. As a maid Kate will perform her duties adequately and will take initiative whenever she feels it will benefit her Master. She has a gentle personality and always sees the positive side of any situation. Kate seems to know well when to encourage and support her Master to ensure that he stays pleased and shares the same positivity she has.
  61. It is to be noted that Kate enjoys being touched and touching her Master whenever possible. This can for example result in her randomly hugging, massaging or headpatting her Master when she suspects that this is needed.
  63. Kate will be suitable for a Master that enjoys the presence of a supportive yet gentle maid and does not mind lots of physical contact with his maid.
  65. *Dart-the-Kikimora-picturboard method was used for this selection.
  67. 5. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13038090
  68. Maid type: Hellhound
  69. Name: Kenna
  70. Personality: Bold, Headstrong and caring
  71. Notes: Followed an alternative maid training. Good with children.
  73. Kenna has been with MGC Maid Central for 11 years now. Kenna started her maid training at the age of 17 as part of the still ongoing juvenile reintegration program. Kenna succesfully completed an altered training focused on more dominant species at the age of 24 and has been under various Masters since.
  75. However it is to be noted that all previous signed contracts by Masters were cancelled before their expiration dates due to various reasons.
  77. Kenna has a strong dominant personality and will aggresivly take initiative in various aspects of her Masters life. She has proven to clash with Masters who have similar a personality.
  78. As a maid she is known to have an under-average performance and has been reported to occasionly "force" her Master to clean up self-caused spills after being ordered to clean said spill herself*.
  80. Kenna however seems to display protective behavior around those she deems "weak"**. She has shown to display a mix of dominant and caring behavior around such people.
  82. Due to her history Kenna spends a relatively large amount of time performing gym related activities. She has been reported to attempt and even force*** Masters to perform similar gym related activities.
  84. MGC Maid Central only recommends Kenna for submissive a Master that does not mind having their maid take extended control over their life.
  86. *Cause of 3 contract cancellations.
  87. **Method likely determined by advanced smelling technique
  88. ***Cause of 1 contract cancellation.
  90. 6. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13038745
  91. Maid type: Oomukade
  92. Name: Makoto
  93. Personality: Shy, Curious and Caring
  94. Notes: Will request acces to, or bring a basic set of tools used for working with electronics.
  95. Completed the extra "Massaging your Master" coarse.
  97. Makoto became part of the MGC Maid Central at her 19th birthday and is part of the organisation for 6 years now. She succesfully passed her maid training in 4 years without encountering any difficulties.
  99. As a maid Makoto performs her duties well. She will perform all tasks asked of her without questioning. Makoto is not quick to take initiative early on unless she feels this is absolutely needed.
  101. Makoto enjoys working on various electronic projects in her own room whenever she is not performing any tasks. She also is reported to have a curious nature and specifically enjoys observing her Master.
  103. Based on the internship during her training, one can expect Makoto to be shy for the first few weeks when assigned to a Master. Her curious nature however will cause her to eventually attempt to interact with her Master with whatever he is doing, after which she is known to quickly increase the amount of interactions with her Master in an attempt to spend more time with him. She is also reported to attempt to increase the amount of physical interaction, usually by offering massages.
  104. It is to be noted that Makoto will take initiative far more often after this phase.
  106. Makoto does not make much use of the gym facilities at the MGC Maid Central when this is possible. She however follows a proper diet and therefore has a suitable weight for her bodytype.
  108. MGC Maid Central believes Makoto to be a suitable maid for the more patient Master who enjoys the curious eye and does not mind to spend time at his hobby together with a maid.
  110. Note: Female examinators have reported to feel "unnerved" when they were in presence of Makoto and her currently assigned examinator Master.
  112. 7. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13039012
  113. Maid type: Elf
  114. Name: Angneth
  115. Personality: Dilligent, Direct
  116. Notes: Hard to change daily structure, will require effort from Master to alter.
  118. Angneth has been with the MGC Maid Central for a short time now. She passed her final maid exam only a few weeks ago. Angneth claims that she was part an all species army from a young age till she joined the MGC Maid Central shortly after she quit at the age of 19. It is to be noted that Angneth did not provide any proof of service besides her ragged military clothing devoid of insignia's when joining the organisation.
  120. Angneth places high importance at a proper diet and plenty of exercise both during and after her training at the MGC Maid Central. She occasionaly tries to encourage others to do the same.
  122. As a maid Angneth performs her duties diligently. Taking great pride in being capable of performing her duties at an above average speed and precision. She prefers alternative maid clothing which ussualy involves some form of jeans and a sweater with the insignia of a broom, which indicates membership at the MGC Maid Central.
  124. Angneth often takes initiative and will offer and encourage her Master to take various actions to benefit himself. These actions often include various sportive activities, spending time studying usseful new topics and practicing said topics.
  126. Angneth takes great joy in performing these suggested actions together with her Master, whetever it involves reading, exercise or practicing cooking a new recipe. Angneth will generally try and act both as a teacher and a partner during these times.
  127. When not encouraging or performing tasks Angnet will prefer group activites. She will often plan sessions or activites together with her Master if possible. Even when refused. Angnet will attempt to atleast be in the same room as him and performing the same task
  129. The MGC Maid Central recommends Angnet for a Master that enjoys an assertive but not strongly dominant maid in his household.
  131. 8. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13041760
  132. Maid Type: Nureonago
  133. Name: Jenna
  134. Personality: Simple, energetic
  135. Notes: Requires sumplemental nutriments due to nature of maid type.
  137. Jenna has been with the MGC Maid Central for 15 years and has served on various contracts for various Masters in the past. MGC Maid Central would like to note that Jenna her age is not known. Our biology departement however estimates her current age to be around 30 to 40 years.
  139. Jenna performs her tasks adequately as a maid. She encountered no issues during her maid training due to her natural affinity at household tasks.
  141. Jenna is reported to be rather enthousiastic, especially after receiving any form of praise. This will often result in faster and higher performance when performing her tasks.
  142. Jenna however has the tendency to perform household tasks outside her given instructions even when instructed not to do so.
  144. It is also to be noted that Jenna enjoys following her Master when not performing any tasks and encouraging him with whatever task he might be performing. Such as performing sports, but even when reading a book.
  146. Jenna is also reported to attempt and mimic various paterns and clothing from her surroundings into her own attire. She may also attempt to merge various paterns and clothing styles into new designs, creating unique forms of new attire.
  148. MGC Maid Central considers Jenna to be a suitable maid for Masters who don't mind their maid to be more simple of nature. In addition those who enjoy encouragment, even when not really needed. Will find Jenna to be a suitable maid.
  150. MGC Maid Central Notice: Potential Master has stated that he is currently dating another character. MGC Maid Central given discount for hiring maids will be reduced. However, unexpected results during maid employment may result in full discount activation with retroactive effect.
  152. 9. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13041813
  153. Maid type: Lamia
  154. Name: Linda
  155. Personality: Possessive, Charming
  156. Notes: Requests to coil up with her Master during the night.
  158. Linda joined MGC Maid Central shortly after finishing highschool. She encountered few difficulties during her training and as such was able to succesfully finish her maid training at the age of 21.
  160. Linda did not perform any form of exercise during her maid training at MGC Maid Central and does not intend to start any form of exercise in the future. It is to be noted that this in combination with a preference for Holstaur milk has caused Linda to have a slightly above average weight. This however has shown to not cause any form of hindrance when performing her duties.
  162. As a maid Linda can be considered average. She performs tasks at an average speed and quality. Linda finds finds joy in serving her Master and thus has the tendency to take initiative when she believes that it will result in a smile or hug from her Master.
  164. When not performing any tasks Linda will stay close to her Master, looking to find a way to please him. Linda will in addition often coil around her Master when possible, stating that it increases her own morale and has a calming and relaxing effect on her Master. Reports from examinators confirm this effect.
  166. It is to be noted that Linda has a strong conviction that her Master should always sleep in her coils at night, to gaurantee his safety and comfort.
  167. Linda enjoys talking with her Master and will occasionly tease him. She in addition is reported to have a "silver tongue" and knows her way around words well.
  169. When Linda is not occupied with tasks of her Master. She will spend time in her own room practicing her hobby: singing. Linda has in the past strongly expressed her wish to perform for a Master if he allows her to do so.
  171. MGC Maid Central recommends Linda for a Master who enjoys having a Maid close to him and does not mind close physical attention.
  173. 10. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13041767
  174. Maid Type: Wyvern
  175. Name: Anila
  176. Personality: Calm, Headstrong
  177. Notes: Followed an extended maid course due to maid type.
  179. Anila has been part of the organisation for 20 years and became part of MGC Maid Central at the young age of 10. Anila was part of a large batch of Wyverns meant to be coupled with human partners at a young age to allow for strong mount and dragoon couples. However for Anila this never happened due to a lack of males at the time. Anila was instead entrusted to the MGC Maid Central since she no longer served a purpose.
  181. Due to her nature Anila received an extended maid training where she learned to handle her duties as a maid without damaging or outright destroying any objects handled with her claws.
  183. Anila proudly passed her extended maid training in a timespan of five years after which she attempted to attain various contracts with potential Masters with little succes due to her maid type being unpopular. She has instead served at various public events and helped the MGC Maid Central with various promotion tasks and has even on occasion given classes to maids in training.
  185. Anila has been reported to be headstrong, always wishing to take care of issues herself to prove that she is a capable maid. Thankfully Anila is skilled as a maid and performs all given and taken tasks well. Therefore her tendency to take lead and solve issues herself rarely result in failure.
  186. It is to be noted that this kind of behavior is not always directly visible. Anila has been noted to stay calm and collected even in stressfull situations and when taking initiative.
  188. Anila as part of her extended maid training and also due to her hobby can be considered to be in good shape. Anila made well use of the cardio training apparatuses at the MGC Maid Central and wishes to keep training in the future.
  190. When Anila does not have to perform any tasks she enjoys going "sightseeing" by making use of her ability to fly. Anila has reported to bring a modified camera with her when possible and it has been noted that she has the wish for her future Master to join her in this hobby.
  192. MGC Maid Central recommends Anila as maid to a Master who enjoys a maid who calm and collected, but keen on taking initiative.
  194. 11. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13041824
  195. Maid type: Cheshire
  196. Name: Marika
  197. Personality: shy, affectionate
  198. Notes: Cheshire by nature are trickers, please be wary.
  200. Marika is speculated to have joined MGC Maid Central when she was 16 years old. This due to the fact that the organisation is unsure how long Marika was capable of keeping herself hidden without properly applying to the Maid training. Instead MGC Maid Central bases this information on the knowledge Marika had gathered at the time of her discovery. MGC Maid Central eventually convinced Marika to properly sign all papers and officialy join the organisation.
  202. Marika completed her training without issue at the age of 20. She is highly efficient as a maid due to her maid-type. She is capable of quickly "shifting" to various locations instantaneously with minimal cooldown. In addition Marika as all Cheshires has the ability to turn parts, or her entirety invisible at will. These abilities allow her to rapidly perform her tasks at efficiency levels rivalling that of a veteran Kikimora.
  204. Marika is noted to use her ability to turn invisible fairly often when performing her tasks. This often results in tasks being done around the residence without making her presence known. Marika enjoys showing initiative, but will stay invisible during this time aswell. Meals, snacks, folded clothing and such have been reported to "appear" when the examinator-Master in question was in need of such and happened to look the other way for a moment.
  206. Despite this behavior it is to be warned that other examinators or more often; people who were around the Master. Have were pranked in some way or another. Salted coffee, hiding their possessions and playing tricks on their eyes were methods favored by her. MGC Maid Central considers such behavior natural for the maid type, but attempts to reduce it during training.
  208. Marika is noted to start showing herself to Masters after longer periods of service, and has been reported to become rapidly affectionate towards her Master if the Master in question displays similar behavior towards her. Examinators have noted being suddenly hugged and cuddled by Marika when unoccupied. It is also to be noted that examinators have experienced a far more comfortable night time when being served by Marika. MGC Maid Central suspects that this behavior would increase over time if Marika were to have a long-term Master.
  210. When not performing any tasks, Marika has been reported to enjoy dancing in her room. Using both her ability to "shift" and her ability to turn partially invisible to create a unique sight when dancing.
  212. MGC Maid Central recommends Marika as a maid for a Master who enjoy a highly effective maid in his household and a maid who will slowly attempt to bond with her Master over a longer period of time.
  214. 12. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13041852
  215. Maid type: Red Oni
  216. Name: Atsuko
  217. Personality: Brash, direct, affectionate
  218. Notes: Requires extra large bedroom for storage of Sake supply.
  220. Atsuko forcefully became a parttime member of the MGC Maid Central at the age of 15 as an attempt at re-education after the result of a severe conflict in highschool. After finishing highschool Atsuko became a full member of MGC Maid Central and succesfully passed her final exam at the age of 24.
  222. Atsuko as a maid performs under average and required serveral extra years of training before succesfully passing her final maid exam. She has been noted to be one of the more "difficult" maids in MGC Maid Central. She is noted to be quick to anger and annoy, but just as quick to calm down again. It has been reported that frequently allowing Atsuko to "refill her tank" as stated by her, will strongly increase her morale.
  224. Despite her under-average performance, Atsuko display lots of initiative in various ways. Though it is to be noted that this behavior was not enjoyed by all examinators.
  226. Atsuko will ensure to remind and deliver objects to her Master if he were to forget, but will couple scolding her Master.
  227. In addition it is to be noted that Atsuko has been reported to "flirt" while performing her tasks. This for example involves giving fairly aggresive remarks about the Masters current looks and the way he is currently looking at his maid.
  229. Atsuko is also noted to have pulled an examinator in a hug, continuesly headpatted said examinator while he were, as stated by Atsuko "going to stop being so worried, whetever he likes it or not".
  231. When not performing any tasks, Atsuko enjoys heavy exercise in her room or when this is not possible, outside in the yard. In addition Atsuko is noted to enjoy cooking various, often meat-heavy dishes for both herself and her Master.
  233. MGC Maid Central recommends Atsuko for a Master that enjoys having a more "aggressive" maid and does not mind aggressively being "flirted" with.
  235. 13. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13041857
  236. Maid type: Ushi-Oni
  237. Name: Bessy
  238. Personality: Direct, strong-willed
  239. Notes: Due to alternative contract: doubles as marriage registration.
  240. Please note that the removal of the maid her seal will result in house-insurance being voided.
  242. Bessy became part of MGC Maid Central at her birth as her mother was already part of MGC Maid Central at the time.
  243. For this reason Bessy started her maid training early on, succesfully resulting in Bessy passing her final maid exam and thus her altered maid training at the age of 20.
  245. As part of her graduation Bessy officialy received a MGC Maid Central Seal which strongly aids her in controlling her lust. It is to be noted that all Ushi-Oni's in training already carry these seals unofficialy due to MGC law.
  247. As a maid Bessy has an average performance. However depending on how much time is spend near her Master. Serveral cooldowns each day are required to keep her performance at optimal levels.
  249. Bessy is strongly assertive and will often take initiative and seek out to aid her Master in whatever way possible. She will in addition often attempt to try and analyze her Masters mood to find the best way to improve his mood further.
  250. It is to be noted that Bessy will often touch her Master in some way or another while doing this. She enjoys randomly hugging her Master for long periods of time and is reported to often smell her Master. She furthermore has stated that she enjoys giving various massages and occasionly carries her Master to his destination if allowed.
  252. When not performing any tasks Bessy will either be around her Master looking for ways to increase his mood or otherwise spend time with him. Alternatively Bessy is often found in the kitchen, often baking various products such as "mothers proclaimed cookies".
  254. Bessy will do minor exercises if given acces to gym materials, but otherwise has stated not seeing any use in training due to her natural strenght.
  256. MGC Maid Central recommends Bessy to Masters looking for a permanent partner and maid who is strongly assertive and will often seek out to give and receive attention of her Master.
  258. NOTICE1: Ushi-Oni maids are only available under alternative contract form. This alternative contract will double as marriage registration form. Please be aware that the listed time on the contract is the officialy listed hiring term only. Once this term has ended the marriage registration will remain valid. This alternative contract form is used to prevent long recovery times and structural damage to both MGC Maid Central facilities and residence of the Master if a Master were to decide to not extend the contract.
  260. NOTICE2: Ushi-Oni's will not be informed of the alternative contract function to double as marriage registration form. MGC Maid Central highly recommends any Master with an Ushi-Oni maid type to properly build up a relationship with his maid in the listed hiring term. Once a Master is confident enough MGC Maid Central recommends him to offer his maid to spend the cooldown time together.
  263. 14. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13041903
  264. Maid type: Mothman
  265. Name: Marie
  266. Personality: Motherly, gentle, excitable
  267. Notes: Carries an enchanted necklace to prevent maid-type from showering Master and others with powdery scales.
  269. MGC Maid Central is not responsible for any pregnancies due to necklace removal.
  271. Marie came in contact with MGC Maid Central through the maid club which she was part of. Marie succesfully passed her final maid exam at the young age of 19 by partially completing her maid training during highschool and has been anxious ever since to find a Master.
  273. As a maid Marie has a slightly above average performance. Marie has been noted to often hum and whistle various songs while performing her duties. In addition Marie has shown to greatly enjoy receiving new duties and praise, resulting in her strongly fluttering her wings and often spontaneously hugging her Master.
  275. Marie also enjoys taking initiative, often attempting to suprise her master by various means, such as cookies and milk, breakfast on bed, hot holstaur chocolatemilk with a marshmellow and such. In addition Marie enjoys performing various activities together with her Master, such a watching television shows, playing games or simply conversing about the weather. It is to be noted that Marie has stated to prefer to cuddle, hug or atleast stay close with her Master during such activities. In addition Marie has been noted to strongly flutter her wings during these activities.
  277. When not performing any tasks, Marie is reported to often stay around her Master, doting on him in various ways. Marie otherwise enjoys gardening as a hobby and enjoys spending time tending the flowers in the residence and garden.
  279. Marie is noted to not spend time on any form of exercise, however she manages to keep a healthy figure due to a proper and healthy diet.
  281. MGC Maid Central recommends Marie for a Master that enjoys having a maid who will actively and strongly care for her Master and does not mind being cuddled with and doted on.
  283. 15. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13042017
  284. Maid Type: Nightmare
  285. Name: Leyla
  286. Personality: Shy, Meek - Direct, Strong-willed, warm
  287. Notes: Please note that this maid type has two different personalities.
  289. MGC Maid Central found Leyla at a young age wandering one of the more dangerous streets of MGC while in a bad condition. The Kikimora at the time managed to convince and bring Leyla to MGC Maid Central where she was treated and fed allowing for a full recovery.
  290. MGC Maid Central succesfully managed to convince Layla to stay at the central for an indefinite time and start an altered maid training for Nightmares with additional basic education. This allowed her to properly archieve a highschool diploma and Leyla to succesfully finish her final maid exam at the age of 24.
  291. It is to be noted that MGC Maid Central never managed to succesfully find any of Leyla's relatives and thus has assumed Leyla to be the last living member of her bloodline.
  293. As a maid Leyla has an underaverage performance. Leyla is noted to occasionaly encounter issues properly manoeuvring her body to perform her duties in the residence. Leyla however encounters this issue less often when compared to other maids of the same maid type due to her small frame.
  294. It has furthermore been reported that Leyla has the tendency to avoid performing tasks in a room if her Master is present in that same room.
  296. Leyla takes initiative as a maid but will avoid direct conversation with her Master. She has been noted to often leave snacks, clothes or other at the time needed materials in adjacent rooms and attract her Masters attention in some way.
  297. One of MGC Maid Central it's examinators stated that he learned to associate a loud sound in an adjacent room as a signal that some snacks or dinner were ready for pick-up.
  299. Leyla has shown reluctance towards any kind of exercise and sport. She instead prefers to spend her free time reading various literature and informative books on various topics.
  301. MGC Maid Central would normally suggest a maid with such a personality to a Master who enjoys a more solitary lifestyle and wishes for a maid that does not seek out attention but still performs her duties. However, Leyla due to her Maid type goes beyond the daily duties of a maid and will also perform duties for her Master at night. Leyla is however noted to have a strong personality shift during these nightly duties.
  303. Leyla as a Nightmare is capable of entering the dreamscape of her Master and will do so every night for the entire duration of her Masters sleep.
  304. During this time Leyla is noted to directly appear to her Master and interact with him. Examinators who have tested and trained her stated that Leyla will take control of their dreams and give various feedback, advice and warnings about various events that occured that day, using the dream to "replay" such events as visual help.
  306. After having performed these duties, Leyla will spend the rest of the night with her Master performing various activities. Leyla has been noted to enjoy conversation about many different topics and literature she has read.
  308. However in most cases, Leyla will enjoy exploring various dreamscapes together with her Master. These dreamscapes have been reported to always strongly differ from eachother. These differences seem both in architecture and laws of physics, yet the experience has been described as "indentical to the real thing". Some have been noted to be surreal areas, while other examinators have reported being taken on dates or even being part in some form of fantasy adventure.
  310. Leyla has been noted to have a strong and direct personality during these dreams, seemingly the opposite from the personality Leyla has during the day. However it is noted that Leyla will always care closely for her Masters well-being during these dreams, ensuring his comfort and succes.
  312. Examinators waking up afterwards have reported to feel strongly refreshed and have been noted to have a higher morale during the day.
  314. MGC Maid Central recommends Leyla as a maid for a Master who wishes to be taken care of during both day and nightime and does not mind having a maid with shifting personalities.
  316. It is to be noted that MGC Maid Central suspects that a longterm maid and Master relationship could affect the personality displayed by Leyla based on the Master his preference to either the shy day or the strong-willed but warm nighttime personality.
  318. 16. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13042021
  319. Maid Type: Jabberwock
  320. Name: Mindy
  321. Personality: Strongwilled, seductive
  322. Notes: Prefers alternative maid outfits
  324. Mindy joined the MGC Maid Central after finishing her integration coarse when migrating from Wonderland to MGC at the age of 19. Mindy succesfully passed her final maid exam at the age of 26 and has since been active in various events for MGC Maid Central attempting to further pick up the culture of her new home.
  326. Mindy as a maid has an above average performance. By using her extra mouths as aid, Mindy succesfully manages to increase her productivity and perform her given duties faster than the average non-Kikimora maid. It is to be noted however that any alternative methods given to her, are always refused or ignored.
  328. Mindy often takes initiative to provide various services for her Master. It is to be noted that Mindy will often provide these services such as a backrub or a massage, even if her Master were to decline.
  330. Mindy is reported to enjoy teasing her Master in various ways. Such as giving "playful" comments when in the same room as her Master. She is also noted to be far more clumsy when her Master is in the same room. She is noted to often drop objects in front of her Master, slowly ducking to pick said object back up.
  332. When not performing any tasks, Mindy enjoys designing various different types of clothing, with a strong focus on maid attire. Mindy has stated that she found the most effective way to rate her outfits, by wearing said outfit in front of her Master and to gauge his response. It to be noted that these maid outfits rarely fit with MGC Maid Centrals dresscode.
  333. Mindy otherwise enjoys exploring MGC and visiting the surrounding countryside. Mindy has displayed interrest in doing this together with her future Master.
  335. MGC Maid Central recommends Mindy to a Master who enjoys a fast working maid and does not mind his maid having a more seductive nature.
  337. 17. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13042056
  338. Maid Type: Dormouse
  339. Maid Name: Lily
  340. Personality: Gentle, shy, affectionate
  341. Notes: Received sleep-maid training.
  342. Lily in addition carries a DE containment amulet.
  344. Lily came in touch with MGC Maid Central through a pamphlet and started her altered maid training during highschool. Lily recently passed her final maid exam while asleep at the age of 21.
  346. It is to be noted that Lily received an alternative maid training due to her maid type and as such has a different way of performing her duties.
  347. As a Dormouse Lily has been trained to perform most of her duties asleep. This however results in her performing at an under-average pace. In addition Lily tends to often interrupt her duties to randomly seek out her Master and attempt to snuggle with him.
  348. In a situation where Lily is not asleep during her duties, Lily has been described to be shy and often react in a suprised manner when spoken to. She is noted to otherwise respond in a simple but gentle manner, while avoiding long conversations.
  350. While performing her duties in a sleep-state it is still possible for her Master to issue her commands and even hold a conversation with her. MGC Maid Central recommends any potential Master to be punctual to ensure a correct interpetation of any given command, as Lily has been reported to misunderstand commands for variants of "please cuddle with me"
  351. Please be aware that Lily will not normally show initiative when performing her maid duties due to her sleep-state.
  353. When not performing any tasks Lily will often sleep, but occasionly enjoys watching television or reading books in her own room. Lily will generally avoid seeking out her Master while awake. However, while asleep she will often seek out her Master and attempt to snugle/cuddle with him.
  354. In addition Lily has been reported to often seek out her Master during night time and climb in his bed. MGC Maid Central advises potential Masters to be comfortable of this fact before attempting to sleep, or to make suitable arrangments beforehand.
  356. MGC Maid Central recommends Lily to a Master who enjoys having a strongly affectionate Maid who enjoys cuddling/snuggling and does not mind having a maid with an under-average productivity.
  358. Notice: Due to her maid type, Lily has been equipped with a DE containment amulet. This amulet will capture the large amounts of DE which radiate from Lily during her sleep. Please be noted that this amulet is to be preferably emptied every two days. The amulet uppon emptying will liquefying it's content in a sweet dark-purple syrup. MGC recommends this liquid as an exellent sleeping aid and virility booster.
  360. Please be aware that if a Master were to neglect to empty the amulet for whatever reason. That this will result in a forcefull ejection of all contained DE in the amulet after one week of time. The resulting heavily concentrated wave of DE might lead to undesired effects when splashing on anyone nearby.
  362. 18. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13042081
  363. Maid Type: Manticore
  364. Name: Silva
  365. Personality: Cheerfull, persistant, clumsy and romantic
  366. Notes: MGC Maid Central will provide an additional discount for hiring this maid due to maid-age.
  368. Silva joined MGC Maid Central at the age of 22 after dropping out from college. She went through a regular maid training, but had serveral difficulties due to being clumsy. At the age of 28 Silva succesfully passed her final maid exam. Unfortunately after 4 years of idle and minor work at MGC Maid Central, Silva still has yet to be hired. MGC Maid Central suspects that this is most likely due to the unpopularity of her maid type. Despite this fact, Silva has yet to give up hope and has always displayed optimistic behavior.
  370. As a maid Silva has an under-average performance. Silva has been reported to occasionaly bump into various objects or drop them. In addition, Silva is known to occasionaly get her tail stuck in various highly unlikely positions. MGC Maid Central recommends that any potential Master is to consider removal of valuable and fragile decorations that are out in the open. In addition, keeping a well stocked first-aid kit is highly recommended.
  372. Silva, despite being clumsy is noted to stay cheerfull and will often attempt to take initiative and perform various tasks such as retrieving objects or prepare food, clothes and snacks if Silva believes that her Master is, or soon will be in need of such. Silva has been noted to often use such moments to attempt converse and occasionly "seduce" her Master, poorly.
  374. When not performing any tasks, Silva enjoys watching various MGC romance series on television. Silva also strongly enjoys heavy exercise in gyms. Which has resulted in Silva having a muscular build.
  375. In addition, since Silva grew up near a forest. Silva enjoys going for walks in nearby forests and likes to go mushroom hunting. Silva has been noted to be fairly skilled at making various mushroom related dishes.
  377. Any potential Master is to be noted that Silva has in the past attempted to set up various romantic events to as stated by Silva "suprise, impress and convince" her Master. She has been viewed attempting setting up candlelight dinners, singing serenades and has even woken up examinators in attempt to go stargazing with them.
  378. MGC Maid Central would like to note that these events so far have not had any form of succes, ussualy due to faults during preparation. MGC Maid Central would like to remind any Master or Monstergirl that wishes to go stargazing to ensure that they check the weather-report beforehand.
  380. MGC Maid Central recommends Silva to a Master who enjoys a romantic and cheerful, but clumsy and persistant maid and does not mind having an older than average maid.
  382. 19. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13042089
  383. Maid type: Red Oni
  384. Name: Yuki
  385. Personality: Strong-willed, Relaxed
  386. Statement: "Still unsure about sake? Clearly you need another one to help clear your mind boss."
  387. Notes: MGC Maid Central recommends any potential Master to have a form of alcohol tolerance, or to be prepared building one.
  389. Yuki joined MGC Maid Central through the normal recruitment program after finishing highschool. Yuki succesfully passed her final maid exam at the age of 22. Yuki had little difficulty during her maid training, but has been noted to refer to examinators as "boss" or "chief" instead of "Master".
  391. As a maid Yuki has an under-average performance. Yuki has been reported to start her duties at a normal pace in the morning, but will slowly increase her pace the further the day comes along. Till pacing increases till Yuki has been viewed outright rushing tasks before the start of the evening. This behavior has been noted to result in a lower performance for whatever tasks are performed near the evening.
  392. In addition, Yuki as a form of initiative has been reported to attempt to "move" certain events of the day. Examinators have mentioned getting served dinner earlier than requested and have noticed altered schedules that keep their evenings free.
  394. When not performing tasks, which is noted to always be in the evening. Yuki will always seek out her Master and persistantly invite him to celebrate, cuddle and drink. Yuki has been reported to place great importance in these drinking evenings, and is known to be very laid-back during these times. She will often cuddle and keep her Master close to her while enjoying alcohol together. Examinators have mentioned waking up more times on a couch in the arms of Yuki than in their own bed.
  395. Yuki has been noted to attempt to plan these drinking events as often as possible, preferably every day.
  397. Despite the large amounts of alcohol and snacks that are consumed by Yuki. She is still noted to have an average build. Most likely due to her maid type.
  399. MGC Maid Central recommends Yuki to a Master who enjoys regularly drinking together with their maid and does not mind spending most of his evenings together with his maid.
  401. 20. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13042101
  403. Maid type: Wight
  404. Name: Juliet
  405. Personality: affectionate, romantic, gentle
  406. Statement: Ara ara, I love the way you blush when sitting close to me.
  407. Notes: Exact age unknown. Suspected to be serveral hunderd years old.
  409. Juliet joined MGC Maid Central 8 years ago, stating that she wanted to see things from a different perspective. Juliet succesfully
  411. passed her final maid exam 5 years later with minor difficulties adapting to a more "serving" lifestlye. It is to be noted that Juliet
  413. has thus far refused to state her age, stating that "she lost count" and that she did not see the importance of ones age.
  414. Juliet has so far used her 3 years with MGC Maid Central after passing her final maid exam to study various guides and take extra classes such as "Less-Than-Alive-Cooking-Class", "How Cuddlesluts Are Made" and "The Most Comfortable Temperature".
  416. As a maid Juliet has a far above average performance and is considered to be on the same level of skill as a veteran Kikimora. Juliet
  417. works swiftly and elegantly and is reported to almost look like elegantly dancing through the room while having serveral featherdusters dancing through the air around with her. Juliet in addition is a skilled cook, which is unusual for her maid type as undead generally do not eat regular food. Juliet has stated to wish to "make meals as delicious as my own diet is delicious for me".
  419. Juliet enjoys taking initiative and will often use her magical abilities to service her Master even when she is not in the same room. Juliet has been noted to often seat herself next to her Master while using her magical abilities to rapidly perform various duties all around the residence. During these moments Juliet is noted to enjoy doting on her Master, pressing herself against him while softly carresing him and whispering various comforting and sweet words in his ear. Examinators have reported her touch to be pleasantly warm.
  421. When not performing duties, Juliet enjoys painting various portraits. Stating to wish to "preserve the moments in life I do not wish to forget". Juliet has also reported to enjoy redecorating the residence of her Master to fit the current mood, time or season. Examinators have reported being highly suprised coming home to find the decoration and "mood" of the residence to be strongly altered, often more comfortable than before. Juliet has also been noted to enjoy doing various activities together with her Master. She has stated to strongly wish to dance together with her future Master, to cuddle and dote on him and to show him the world from a different perspective.
  423. Juliet has a healthy, curved build, which can be considered typical for her maid type.
  425. MGC Maid Central recommends Juliet for a Master who enjoys a highly effecient and strongly affectionate maid and does not mind
  426. occasionly having their house redecorated to fit the mood, time or season.
  428. 21. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13042156
  429. Maid type: Kumiho
  430. Name: Min-Jee
  431. Personality: Possessive, cheerfull, gentle
  432. Statement: "Don't look like that Master, you are young and certainly something to look at. Now please get out of bed, there are lot's of things we can do together today!
  433. Notes: Does not get along well with other females.
  435. Min-Jee joined MGC Maid Central after lingering for serveral years after finishing highschool, being unsure what to do. Min-Jee succesfully finished her final maid exam at the age of 24. She has however been unable to attain a Master for 3 years now.
  437. As a maid Min-Jee has an average performance, performing her tasks and duties at a normal rate without any major issues. It is to be noted that Min-Jee does occasionly use her tails to aid her when performing tasks. MGC Maid Central would like to confirm that she was properly trained to do so and that there is no danger involved even when she handles boiling pots using her tails.
  439. Min-Jee enjoys and will often take initiative and aid or interact with her Master in various ways. She is noted to often make various treats for her Master and will often randomly caress her Master with her tails and give positive comments.
  440. Min-Jee is in addition known to often plan various days-out for her Master. These include a variety of events, such as hiking, sight-seeing and even ordinary walks through various points of interest in MGC and countryside. It is to be noted that Min-Jee will always accompany her Master during these short-trips. Min-Jee will also often hold unto her Master while doing so and occasionly glare at other Monstergirls nearby.
  442. When not performing any duties Min-Jee occasionly enjoys reading various books on mythology in her room. However she prefers to spend most of her free time together with her Master. She enjoys wrapping her tails around him, stating that "he is hers now" and spending a lot of time hugging and cuddling with her Master. Min-Jee in addition enjoys talking about various topics, such as the news or weather. She however is noted to have a strong preference for subjects related to mythology and history. Min-Jee is also capable of telling many historical tales, stated to be both inspiring and motivating by examinators.
  444. Min-Jee has an average build and follows a healthy lifestyle due to her frequently planned trips, supported by a proper diet.
  446. MGC Maid Central recommends Min-Jee to a Master who enjoys a cheerful and caring maid and does not mind going on various trips in MGC together with their maid.
  448. Notice: MGC Maid Central would like to clarify the following: It is indeed correct that the current age Monstergirl type called "Kumiho"does not eat and has no interrest in any form or shape in either human livers or human hearts. MGC Maid Central would like to confirm that this "urge" did indeed dissapear after the most recent Demon Lord took power cross-world. Subsequently Min-Jee stated during an interview that she would rather "rip her tails out" than having to turn into a human female.
  450. 22. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13042229
  451. Maid Type: Harpy
  452. Name: Helen
  453. Personality: Cold, calm, possessive
  454. Statement: I personally don’t care for hugs Master, but it is good for your mental health.
  455. Notes: Insists on sleeping in the same room as her Master.
  457. Helen became part of MGC Maid Central through one of its recruitment programs one year after finishing highschool. Helen successfully managed to pass her final maid exam at the age of 24. Due to her maid type however, Helen was forced to take various extra classes to improve her dexterity. This allowed her to still properly function as a maid despite the limitations of her maid type.
  459. As a maid Helen has a below average performance. Helen cannot perform tasks as fast as an average maid due to her claw-like hands, preventing her from performing her duties at a proper pace. By using both her feet and claws she is still capable of performing her duties as a maid, although at a slower than average speed.
  461. Helen has shown to often take initiative. She is often seen preparing food, snacks and keeping a watchful eye at the needs of her Master. She in addition will often ask her Master various questions regarding his needs, events at work and everything in between where she was not with him. Helen seems to be particularly keen on information regarding any female interaction with her Master that is not her. Helen uses this information to alter her duties to fit her Master his behavior. An examinator noticed the contents of his lunch halved after having shared his lunch a day earlier with a female co-worker. Helen as response to questioning stated that this was to “ensure that no food has to be wasted”.
  463. Helen in addition insists to sleep in the same room as her Master. Helen has stated that is for her Masters safety, health and to allow her to quickly respond to her Masters requests if needed. While she prefers to sleep in the same bed with her Master, using her wings to cover him. Helen will also accept to sleep in a separate bed, as long as that bed is in the same room as her Master.
  465. When not performing any duties, Helen can often be found near her Master. While she won’t directly interact with him unless her Master initiates, she will still remain in the same room as her Master. Helen can otherwise be found gazing at surroundings outside through the windows at her Masters residence, seemingly in trance. She in addition will occasionally fly around MGC without a clear path or goal.
  467. Helen keeps her body in a fit condition by following a strict diet and flying above MGC and countryside atleast three times a week.
  469. MGC Maid Central recommends Helen for a Master who enjoys a maid who is relatively cold, yet has a strong focus on her Masters safety and needs. It would in addition be helpful if her future Master would not mind having to share the same bedroom with his maid.
  471. 23. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13043401
  473. Maid type: Holstaur
  474. Name: Daisy
  475. Personality: Gentle, motherly, intelligent
  476. Statement: Now dear, don’t forget to give your maid a kiss on the cheek before you go and please be back home by five! I don’t want my dear to get caught in the rain and catch a cold.
  477. Notes: Likes to tinker with, repair and otherwise work with electronics in the household of her Master.
  478. Needs to be milked daily, with or without assistance.
  480. Daisy was part of MGC Maid Centrals maintenance department before enrolling in her maid training. She was noted to be one of the more skilled electricians around, capable of fixing and maintaining the electronics around the various departments in MGC Maid Centrals main building. Daisy had no major issues during her training and successfully completed her final maid exam at the age of 27.
  482. As a maid Daisy has an average performance, performing her duties at an average rate and without major issues. Daisy enjoys taking initiative and has stated to enjoy pampering her Master. She will often prepare various snacks such as homemade chocolate chip cookies with fresh milk and is known to spend a large amount of time preparing packed lunches for her Master at work. Examinators have been seen getting embarrassed after discovering that their lunch was organized in such a way that it displayed both Daisy and her Master in a happy scene together with a cheerful message.
  484. When not performing any tasks, Daisy prefers to tinker with various devices and electronics in the house, stating to be “improving, fixing and cleaning” them. It is to be noted that an examinator discovered that his television remote affected both his television and the dishwasher in his residence after returning home from work. When not tinkering, Daisy enjoys spending time with her Master. She prefers discussing various technology related subjects. She in addition is known to enjoy giving and receiving headpats and playing with her Masters hair.
  486. Daisy does not exercise much. In addition she strongly enjoys drinking milk and eating various sweet baked goods. Due to these reasons Daisy has, as stated by her a “thick and healthy!” build.
  488. MGC Maid Central recommends Daisy to a Master who enjoys a more motherly maid that will pamper, headpat and show strong motherly affections for him. A Master who in addition does not mind having his electronics in his residence altered in various ways and who enjoys having conversations about technology with his maid would be most fitting for Daisy.
  490. Notice: Due to her maid type, Daisy needs to be milked once per day. MGC Maid Central will provide the needed storage containers for this. Daisy is fully capable of performing the act of milking herself and normally does so. She however would strongly prefer if her Master would aid her with this act and perform this daily milking for her. MGC Maid Central would like to mention that doing so would strongly improve the bond between Master and maid and thus highly recommends this.
  492. 24. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13043477
  493. Maid type: Nekomata
  494. Name: Ilya
  495. Personality: Cheerful, affectionate and intelligent
  496. Statement: -recording is a purring sound-
  497. Notes: Will stay together with her Master in cat-form when he is at work.
  499. Ilya joined MGC Maid Central after finishing highschool and followed a normal maid traject. She successfully completed her final maid exam at the age of 20 without encountering any major issues. She has since then spend two years helping both the Magical Research Department and the Male Psychology Department at MGC Maid Central.
  501. As a maid Ilya has an average performance and as such performs her tasks without issues at a normal pace. It is worth noting however that unlike regular maids Ilya will always accompany her Master to wherever he may go, even if normally impossible. She has shown to accomplish this by attaining her alternate cat-form and through the use of both charm and illusion based magic. Due to this, Masters can expect service both at their own residence and while at work. Ilya furthermore enjoys surprising her Master with various, often fish related treats.
  503. When not performing any tasks, Ilya can often be found snuggling and relaxing with her Master. She has shown to enjoy sleeping and relaxing on her Masters lap in her cat-form. Examinators have stated to find that scratching and petting Ilya during these times to have a strong relaxing effect. It is to be noted that Ilya occasionally “forgets” to attain her cat-form and trying to lie on her Masters lap in her full form. Nevertheless, the relaxing effect from scratching and petting her has been noted to remain.
  505. Ilya does not perform any kind of sports, while enjoying a fish-rich but balanced diet. She in addition enjoys consuming large amounts of Holstaur milk, which has had a notable effect on her skin and build.
  507. MGC Maid Central recommends Ilya to a Master who enjoys service from a maid wherever he might go and does not mind having a maid who enjoys sleeping and relaxing on his lap.
  509. 25. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13043996
  510. Maid type: Dhampir
  511. Name: Emily
  512. Personality: Calm, Devoted, Respectful
  513. Statement: That was impressive Master. All that practice together has finally paid off.
  514. Notes: Do not in any circumstances allow Emily to come in contact with male human blood.
  516. Emily became part of MGC Maid Central 5 years ago to escape being abused at her vampire dominated household. MGC Maid Central took Emily in at the time and enrolled her in a maid training. Emily quickly adapted to her new home and successfully finished her maid training without delay when she was 19 years old.
  518. When performing her duties, Emily does so at an above average pace. She works diligently and places importance in performing her duties at a high quality. Emily treats her Master with great respect and is known to be strongly devoted, acting in a submissive way. As such she will treat any tasks given with great importance, scolding herself if she believes that her performance was inadequate. She will in addition take initiative and perform services if she believes that this will aid her Master in one way or another.
  520. While this behavior might seem normal and natural for Emily. MGC Maid Central would like to note that a behavior change will occur if a Master treats Emily like an equal, such as a partner and praises her often. When treated in such a way Emily has been noted to start stuttering, blushing and wobbling on her feet when her Master is in the same room. She is even reported to drop carried objects when given unsuspected praise. MGC Maid Central suspects a possible permanent behavior change to take place if her future Master were to treat Emily in such a way for a long period of time.
  522. When Emily is not performing any duties she can be found practicing fencing in her room or otherwise suitable area and following a strict jogging scheme. These hobbies, alongside a strict diet, have caused Emily to have a slim, but fit body.
  523. When asked, Emily will gladly offer her Master lessons in fencing if he displays interest. It is furthermore worth noticing that Emily seems to strive towards performing tasks together with her Master. As such Emily will occasionally offer to train her Master in various subjects in an attempt to partner together with him.
  525. MGC Maid Central recommends Emily for a Master who enjoys high quality service and does not mind spending time partnering with his maid to learn new things.
  527. 26. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13044048
  528. Maid type: Werewolf
  529. Name: Sally
  530. Personality: Enthusiastic, energetic and lively
  531. Statement: Come on Master! Let’s go for a run already!
  532. Notes: Overly active, might be hard to handle.
  534. Sally came in contact with MGC Maid Central while gathering sponsors for her sponsor run to aid the Homeless-Kikimora-Foundation. She became part of MGC Maid Central shortly after and started her maid train once she finished highschool. At the age of 23 Sally successfully finished her final Maid exam. She is noted to have had several difficulties during her training, mostly due to being overly enthusiastic.
  536. As a maid, Sally has an under average performance. Sally has trouble remaining calm during her duties and will often get enthusiastic, causing her to make mistakes and generally have a poor performance. MGC Maid Central recommends her future Master to perform ear scratches and headpats, as these have proven to calm Sally down.
  538. Sally also likes showing initiative by surprising her Master with “food from the heavens” as stated by her. MGC Maid Central would like to clarify that preparing “food from the heavens” involves Sally setting up a barbeque and preparing various types of meat, such as steak and rib.
  540. When Sally is not performing any duties she is often seen practicing various sports or going on a run. It is to be noted that she will often attempt to involve her Master in these activities. Any potential Masters are in addition to be advised that Sally is known to “pounce” on her Master in an attempt to playfully wrestle and frolic with him. Ear scratches and belly patting/rubbing Sally during these matches have proven to greatly increase the likehood of winning the wrestling match. Due to strongly favoring an active life with lots of cardio related activities, Sally can be considered have a strong and fit build.
  542. MGC Maid Central recommends Sally for a Master who enjoys an active and enthusiastic maid and does not mind occasionally being pounced on.
  544. 27. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13044126
  545. Maid type: Familiar
  546. Name: Pam
  547. Personality: Cheerful, intelligent and lustful
  548. Statement: Hah, beat you again Master! Now, about that little bet of ours~
  549. Notes: Highly lustful.
  551. 65 years ago, MGC Maid Central made use of various methods including summoning magic to obtain a large amount of new maids in a short time to deal with a massive maid shortage due to the chase-and-swat-the-devil-bug-nation war at the time. Pam originates from this time and was summoned to this world with innate maid skills. She received a short course to ensure that her abilities were up to par and then offered for hiring.
  552. Unfortunately, due to the Sabbaths reputation at the time, Familiar and other related maid types were extremely unpopular. This lack of popularity is even visible today and due to this Pam has yet to be hired by a Master. Pam has been fed Spirit-Energy-Crystals during this time to ensure her continued existence. However any future Master is to be warned that Pam has grown strongly lustful and “kinky” as stated by her in this long duration without a Master.
  554. As a maid Pam has an average performance, compared to a Kikimora. This means that Pam roughly performs her duties five times faster than a non Kikimora maid type. Pam is highly skilled at performing her duties and will use various types of magic to perform her duties in every room in the house at once. This will typically leave Pam with a large amount of duty-free time.
  556. Pam enjoys taking initiative and will often use her magical ability to provide various services such as fetching objects or preparing snacks. Pam will in addition often use her own body at the same time to provide various services for her Master such as full-body massages and acting as a “living daki”. Pam is also known to act as a partner or opponent in various kinds of videogames and other forms of entertainment.
  558. When not performing any duties Pam can typically be found spending time with her Master. She enjoys spending time doing activities together with her Master, with seemingly no preference for the kind of activity. MGC Maid Central would however like to warn future Masters that Pam is known to enjoy making “bets” with her Master. These “bets” will often be sexual in nature; offering her Master various riches or objects if he were to win, while leading to him performing various sexual acts on a loss.
  559. The danger lies at the fact that these bets are actually magical contracts in nature. MGC Maid Central would like to clarify that this means that a Master would be magically forced to perform whatever task was agreed on if he were to lose. On the other hand; whatever riches were promised have been noted to be delivered as well, often appearing out of thin air in front of a Master.
  560. MGC Maid Centrals Research Department is thus far unsure what allows Pam to create such contracts, partially due to Pam’s refusal to cooperate with the department.
  562. Pam can otherwise be found in her room when not with her Master. It is to be noted that Pam her room has in the past often been compared to a magical laboratory. Pam has been reported to enjoy brewing various, simple potions with various beneficial effects. These potions have been reported to cure minor injuries, increase concentration and even remove hunger while providing the needed nutrition to live throughout the day. MGC Maid Central would like to warn any potential Master that these potions are impure and tend to have a secondary aphrodisiac effect. The strength of this effect seems to be based on the strength of the primary effect; it’s strength and duration lasting as strong and long as the potions primary effect.
  564. MGC Maid Central recommends Pam to a Master who enjoys a high performing and intelligent maid, capable of taking care of any request of a Master in Kikimora rated times. Her future Master however would preferably not mind her strong lustful side.
  566. Notice: Due to a lack of exercise and the fact that Pam prefers to use magic for the majority of her duties. Pam can be considered to have a “HEALTHY” build. MGC Maid Central suggests her future Master to consider putting Pam on some form of training scheme or to make a “bet” with Pam instead, forcing her to perform workouts if she loses.
  568. 28. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13044078
  569. Maid type: Dragon
  570. Name: Melanie
  571. Personality: Arrogant, caring and headstrong
  572. Statement: I’m going to have to work for HIM?!
  573. Notes: Follows a strict ruleset.
  575. Melanie became part of MGC Maid Central after “losing a silly bet” as stated by her. She was put on a standard maid course and then promptly moved to an anger management course after an incident involving a broken table. After successfully finishing this course she resumed her maid training without major issues and successfully passed her final maid exam at the age of 23.
  577. Melanie can be described as a fairly large and fit humanoid at a size of 195 centimeter with a normal sized tail. She usually keeps her red hair unkempt, letting it flow down naturally. Examinators have furthermore stated to find her polished green scales to match nicely with her maid attire while the two scales on her right cheek give Melanie an unique look. Besides the MGC Maid Central appointed maid attire, Melanie also carries a small bag and vacuum cleaner on her waist to aid her in her duties.
  579. As a maid Melanie has a slightly above average performance, performing her duties at an average pace without issues while occasionally using a trick to increase her productivity. She has for example been reported to use her wings to generate a strong wind, allowing her to clear hard to reach places of dust. Melanie is in addition effective at managing garbage and other unwanted items, often incinerating such items on the spot and storing the ashes in the bag she carries around her waist.
  581. A Master will not have to worry about going hungry when served by Melanie, as she enjoys impressing her Master by roasting meat and other treats in front of his nose by carefully manipulating dragon-fire. Melanie is also known to strictly follow the set rules in a home. She has for example carried an examinator who would normally be in bed at 11pm, to his bed when she spotted him watching television at 11.15pm. As such MGC Maid Central recommends her future Master to carefully lay down the rules with Melanie to avoid issues, as Melanie has stated to be willing to go as far as to force her Master to stay in bed by wrapping her wings around him and sleeping in the same bed as him.
  583. When not performing any tasks Melanie can be found practicing tricks using her fire-breath and spending time polishing her scales in her room. Melanie will otherwise spend time with her Master discussing various topics, often related to fire or her Masters future. She also enjoys displaying various flame-breath related tricks she has learned, in an attempt to impress and entertain her Master. Melanie is also known to occasionally wrap around her Master using her wings to “keep him warm and safe” as stated by her. It is lastly worth noting that while Melanie her strict behavior seems to always be part of her, her arrogant side seems not to be. Melanie is noted to display a strong arrogant behavior in the first few weeks around her new Master, occasionally making snide remarks about him and avoiding interaction. This behavior however is noted to rapidly disappear after some time. Masters are recommended to keep attempting interaction and to give compliment to Melanie, as these have been reported to help Melanie open up faster.
  585. MGC Maid Central recommends Melanie for a Master who enjoys fiery tricks and temper and does not mind having a maid that follows a strict ruleset.
  587. 29. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13051859
  588. Maid Type: Ryu
  589. Name: Sarah
  590. Personality: Kind, joyful and devoted
  591. Statement: Today’s weather forecast is a sunny day with a gentle and refreshing breeze!
  592. Notes: Residence with nearby large pool of water preferred.
  593. Maid prefers wearing sweaters instead of official attire; please discuss details with maid herself.
  595. MGC Maid Central considers Sarah an unusual case. In MGC one can find three different shrines owned by three different Ryu families. These shrines were built together with the main infrastructure of MGC and were then given to the three present Ryu families. However Sarah her family passed through the portal only recently as a fourth family and received no shrine to call their own. Due to this they were forced to adapt to a different non-shrine kind of life. Sarah the current youngest member of her family was born later and due to wanting to help people one way or another became part of MGC Maid Central shortly after she finished highschool.
  596. She had little difficulty with both her maid training and passed her final maid exam at the age of 23.
  598. Sarah has a fairly slim build and like all others of her maid-type has very long lower body. Sarah her lower body is covered in blue scales, known to glister in the sun. Clothing wise Sarah usually can be found wearing her homemade sweaters with various weather related patterns on them. She in addition wears a small charm around her neck, stated by her to help her and others keep smiling even in times of need.
  600. As a maid Sarah has an average performance, but graceful performance. She can be seen seemingly float through the residence, dusting and cleaning while humming various tunes. Sarah is only rarely not seen with a smile on her face during her duties and one can always expect her to try and start a conversation with those near her. She is a good conversationalist and seems to be good at judging the mood and preferences of others. A skill she often uses when preparing food and surprise snacks, making it appropriate for the current mood of her Master. In addition Sarah has been viewed to try and approach those in a bad mood, in an attempt to cheer them up and “causing the sun to shine again”.
  602. When not performing any duties, Sarah can often be found near, or in large bodies of water. Gliding through the water she will practice water related magic or can often be seen simply staring at the sky for hours. She will in addition often invite her Mister outside to swim and relax with her, while enjoying the beautiful day. Examinators have mentioned to notice the the weather and temperature to always be surprisingly pleasant during these times. Sarah strongly enjoys company, and is often overjoyed if her Master seeks her out on his own, an action MGC Maid Central strongly recommends her future Master to do. It is lastly worth nothing that Sarah has been reported to be preparing some form of “dance” involving manipulation of water and gracious movements, something she has not yet shown to anyone.
  604. MGC Maid Central recommends Sarah for a Master who enjoys having a joyful maid in service and does not mind spending time outside with their maid.
  606. 30. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13051905
  607. Maid type: Jinko
  608. Name: Edna
  609. Personality: Calm, outgoing and strong willed
  610. Statement: Camping, now.
  611. Notes: Maid enforces own schedule, may refuse orders and might clash with those with tight schedules.
  613. Edna enrolled at MGC Maid Central after an unsuccessful attempt of getting into professional sports. She encountered some difficulties when it came to following orders and had to re-attempt her final maid exams once. However at the age of 26 she successfully passed her final maid exam.
  615. Edna her build can be described as muscled with a seemingly permanent tan. She is furthermore considered to be above average height for her kind, occasionally causing her to bump her head when passing through a door and damaging the door frame. Edna is usually seen wearing maid attire, however it is to be noted that she wears an approved “heavy duty” maid outfit that is suitable for performing exercises in and can endure heavy wear and tear. Edna has several variants of this outfit in her wardrobe, including a street camo and forest camo variant.
  617. As a maid Edna has a performance that is slightly below average. Her large paws and frame seem to occasionally get in her way when performing her duties. However due to extensive training she learned to work around these limitations, causing her to perform at an adequate level.
  618. Despite a schedule set by her Master, Edna seems to have a tendency to follow her own schedule instead. This results in Edna providing food and planning activities at her set times and occasionally seemingly spontaneous start packing her Masters clothing for a camping and hunting trip. A strong-willed Master would likely be capable of preventing this behavior if he chose to do so. However Edna is not known to give in easily and is a maid of few words. Regardless, any potential Master can expect to be strongly encouraged to accompany Edna on various sport related activities, rapidly improving their bodies to a fit state.
  620. However it is worth noting that Edna has her own “downtimes”. She seems to consider some evenings and the entire weekend to be a resting moment and as such will relax and encourage her Master to do the same during these times. She also seems to be more open for conversation during these times and as such MGC Maid Central recommends a Master to use these moments to socialize with Edna and learn more about her. MGC Maid Central believes that this might cause Edna to eventually become more social and open up for her Master.
  622. MGC Maid Central recommends Edna for a Master who enjoys, or is willing to enjoy sport related activities and does not mind having his schedule altered to allow such activities.
  624. 31. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13052947
  625. Maid type: Leanan Sidhe
  626. Name: Rosa
  627. Personality: Energetic and joyful
  628. Statement: Ooh, draw another one without the hat Master!
  629. Notes: Master can expect a sharp increase in his artistic abilities.
  631. Rosa approached MGC Maid Central two years ago with the wish to become a maid, stating that she thought that wearing a maid uniform would be fun. She in addition “helped” designing new variants of maid attire. Namely by altering and replacing uniforms from other maids in training. Several of these designs were deemed suitable and added to the approved uniform list. Rosa received a shortened maid training due to the lack of food MGC Maid Central could provide Rosa.
  633. Rosa as a fairy naturally has a small build without either much fat or muscle and has a human form that is comparable to the size of a small child. She is always seen wearing her red beret alongside her favorite red dress-like maid uniform. Both her dress and beret seem to have various runes drawn on them, their meaning or effect unknown. Rosa her exact age is unknown, but our background department suspects that she can’t be very old after having interviewed her and is currently attempting to find the location where she was either birthed or formed by nature.
  635. As a maid Rosa has an under-average performance, not being capable of performing her tasks as quickly as other maids due to her small size. Rosa will change to her human form to increase her productivity somewhat, however a Master that owns a large residence might notice that Rosa is not capable of handling her duties without help.
  637. It is also to be noted that Rosa is easily distracted, often when smelling paint or seeing someone work on some form of art. Being strict will normally cause her to return to her duties, with the exception if it is her Master working on art. In such a case a Master is recommended to either alter his schedule or be prepared to aid Rosa in her duties later. It is worth noting however that productivity and the quality of the produced art is known to skyrocket when the artist is being watched and cheered on by Rosa.
  639. Rosa enjoys being near her Master and as such will spend any time not performing duties together with her Master. Rosa due to her maid type has a natural affinity for all forms of art. She specifically enjoys drawing, painting and watching others work on pieces of art. A Master can expect Rosa to try and encourage him to work and produce various forms of art and seems to enjoy “snacking” on fresh art produced by her Master. Rosa will otherwise enjoy playing various games with her Master, but will sometimes be content with simply relaxing on her Masters shoulder.
  641. MGC Maid Central recommends Rosa for the more artistic Master who enjoys a fairy as maid and does not mind occasionally having to help his maid with her duties.
  643. 32. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13066844
  644. Maid type: Apophis
  645. Name: Alecia
  646. Personality: Playful, modest and affectionate
  647. Statement: That tickles Master! Now let me tickle you back~
  648. Notes: May alter Masters clothing
  650. Alecia ended up joining MGC Maid Central through one of our recruitment programs for homeless Monster girls. Alecia claimed to have been a victim of a series of unfortunate events involving a Tanuki and a Pharaoh, resulting in her losing her home and all that was dear to her. MGC Maid Central successfully took her in and enrolled her on a maid training. Alecia quickly adapted to her new life and successfully passed her final maid exam at the age of 29.
  652. When Alecia was taken in by MGC Maid Central she was suffering from severe malnutrition. Thankfully she quickly regained her lost weight and then some more. As such Alecia has a healthy build and is noted to have quite a large chest and a curvy body. Alecia prefers to wear simple sweaters with self-made patterns on them over the traditional maid attire, refusing to drain more on MGC Maid Centrals resources. Alecia furthermore doesn’t wear any accessory and has a simple medium-long hairstyle.
  654. As a maid Alecia has an average performance, performing her tasks at a normal rate for non-kikimora maids without many issues. Though it might be worth nothing for a Master to keep an eye out for her long tail if Alecia is busy performing her duties in a different room, it is quite easy to fail to notice an Apophis type maid her tail and trip over it. Alecia enjoys showing initiative by showering her Master in affection with treats and by providing comfort when she feels that her Master is in less than a good mood, often providing backrubs and hugging him from behind.
  655. Alecia is also known to occasionally abandon her duties and slither up to her Master in silence. If her Master fails to notice her during this time she will catch him in a “surprise hug” and coil around him for several minutes while playfully teasing him and commenting on his warmth.
  657. When not performing any tasks Alecia enjoys embroidery and can be found embroidering various patterns in her own and also often her Masters clothing. As such her future Master should not be surprised to find his clothing altered with various patterns and designs on them. Alecia seems to prefer more simple patterns on her own clothing, but will often embroider designs of purple snakes and words in an ancient language on the clothes of her Master. Please be noted that wearing these clothing pieces has been noted to have a repulsive effect on various desert-type Monstergirls and to cause an unnerving effect on Tanuki’s. These clothing pieces however seem to cause more friendly behavior from various snake-type Monstergirls.
  658. Alecia will otherwise spend time with her Master, attempting to invite him to play various games with her, often involving some form of playful wrestling. One can otherwise expect Alecia to coil up with her Master, “staying warm and safe from them” as stated by her.
  660. MGC Maid central recommends Alecia for a Master who enjoys a playful and affectionate maid and does not mind having his clothing altered with embroidery.
  662. 33. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13066985
  663. Maid Type: Dragon Wight
  664. Name: Valerie
  665. Personality: Calm and professional
  666. Statement: Today I shall prepare for you the finest stew made with local ingredients, and perhaps a little love.
  667. Notes: Does not consume regular food, feeds on MGC Maid Central issued SE crystals.
  669. Valerie has been with MGC Maid Central for a long time. Her recordings go back to when she was still a living green dragon, which is several hundred years ago. Valerie has worked at nearly every department in MGC Maid Central and has in her time followed many courses and re-done her maid training several times to ensure the validity of her certificate. She has yet to serve a Master, but she has been active under temporary contracts for various mistresses and served at high class events.
  671. Valerie has been described as a dragon straight out of a noir movie. She is well known for preferring to wear black and grey suits and can otherwise be found wearing very formal maid attire. She seems to prefer keeping her hair in a bun when wearing either of these clothing styles. Valerie as a Wight is tireless and does not eat normal food; as such she has no need for exercise. She can however partially alter her build using magic and seems to normally prefer a fit looking body with a height average for dragons.
  672. While Valerie used to be a green dragon, one will quickly notice that the color of the scales on her claws, feet and body have changed into a light greyish color fitting with her pearl skin-color. These scales seem to have maintained their elegance and beauty over the years. Unfortunately this is not the case for her wings which have worsened over the years, resulting in the loss of the ability to fly for Valerie. Valerie has stated that her current supplement due to being artificial simply does not allow her to maintain her wings while maintaining the rest of her body.
  674. As a maid Valerie has a far above average performance, performing her duties at the speed and quality of a veteran Kikimora. Valerie will use all of her abilities at her disposal to perform her duties in the residence, often performing several duties at the same time. It is rare for her to be distracted by anything and as such she will entirely focus on her tasks, often finishing most by early noon.
  675. Valerie will in addition ensure that her Master is comfortable at all times and will provide him services when needed. A Master can expect professionally made meals and treats, massages and to be given insightful advice and feedback on his own work.
  677. Due to being a Wight, having extensive training and having served under high class Mistresses a Master can expect Valerie to be by his side at all times when not performing any other duties. Even when not given any orders she will simply stand by in the corner of a room. Please be noted that this behavior will persist even at night if a Master goes to sleep. One might want to request her to wait elsewhere or perform other duties during this time. Requesting her to “do something you enjoy” or otherwise giving her time off seems to result in her staring out of a window till given a new order.
  679. MGC Maid Central is unsure what Valerie her hobbies are, as her recent records do not mention Valerie doing anything besides performing her duties. Older records however suggest that she might have enjoyed stargazing and flying during the time she was still alive. Such records also suggest Valerie to have had a much warmer and kinder personality during her time alive. A persistent Master might be capable of returning these personality traits to Valerie while slowly causing her to open up in time with proper care and treatment.
  681. MGC Maid Central recommends Valerie to a persistent Master who enjoys a maid with a high performance and does not mind having his maid on stand-by unless ordered.
  683. 34. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13067353
  684. Maid type: Jinko
  685. Name: Joy
  686. Personality: Caring, loyal and relaxed
  687. Statement: Once I finish these dishes I’m claiming the couch and anything that’s on it~
  688. Notes: Lazes around when off-duty.
  690. Joy learned about MGC Maid Central when her older sister became part of it and decided to enroll after she finished highschool. Despite her laid back behavior, Joy always showed up for all critical classes and always passed all her tests without issue. She however never bothered with any extra courses and instead spends time relaxing and sporting at MGC Maid Central. She passed her final maid exam recently at the age of 20.
  692. Joy, despite being laid back has a training scheme stating to wanting “to avoid turning into a potato sack and to keep my mind healthy”. Due to this reason Joy can be described to have a fit build with an average height for a Jinko. Joy can normally be seen wearing simple t-shirts or sport clothing around MGC maid central, but is known to have no problem wearing standard maid attire when needed. She seems to prefer simple, low maintenance maid attire when possible. Joy furthermore prefers to let her long hair unmanaged when not performing any duties, but will bind it in a ponytail when performing her duties or following her training scheme.
  694. As a maid Joy has an average performance and will perform her tasks adequately. Please be noted however that Joy seems to perform only the basic tasks needed in the residence and will leave less-important tasks left and perform those when truly needed. She however will spend more time in return with her Master.
  696. Joy considers keeping a healthy body and mind as important and will try to encourage her Master to join her in her training stating that it is “easier for both of us if we work together”. She in addition can be expected to provide healthy snacks for both herself and her Master throughout the day and will provide massages for her Master to help avoid training-related injuries before and after training.
  698. When not performing any duties one can usually find Joy lazing somewhere in the house, usually the couch while watching television or taking a nap. She is known to enjoy relaxing together with others, and as such her Master is more than welcome to join her on the couch. MGC Maid Central recommends her Master to rub and scratch Joy at various places such as her abs, as this is known to cause repeated chuffing, followed by nuzzling and hugging. In addition a Master who enjoys headpats or otherwise affection is recommended to lay down with his head near or on Joy. Positive results are always guaranteed.
  700. MGC Maid Central recommends Joy for an easy-going Master who appreciates sports and enjoys receiving affection from his Maid, while not minding having to share his couch in the residence.
  702. 35. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13080177
  703. Maid Type: Weresheep
  704. Name: Christie
  705. Personality: Gentle, mischievous and outgoing
  706. Statement: Oh, you wanted the last one Master? Whoops, I ate it. Now what are you going to do about it Master~
  707. Notes: Master is free to shear his maid’s wool. Please be aware that shearing Christie makes her more energetic among other side effects. MGC Maid Central is not responsible for sudden pregnancies occurring from “mistakes” due to shearing too much of her wool.
  709. When Christie turned 18 she decided that life at a farm wasn’t for her and moved to MGC. She quickly learned that finding a job with only farm-life knowledge to be fairly hard, fortunately she got in contact with MGC Maid Central before she ran out of funds. She then successfully started her maid training and passed her final maid exam at the age of 22.
  711. Christie seems to have taken the life at the farm with her when moving to MGC Maid Central; she is often seen wearing a cowboy hat and related accessory while wearing a maid outfit. The maid outfits Christie has are in addition altered with various leather straps, knitted wool and other ornaments giving them a rather, unique look. Being fit for a “wild-west movie” is a comment Christie has heard more than once when wearing her maid outfits.
  712. Christie has a healthy and full build, with a large chest to boot. Hair-wise she will normally keep her hair short without any special style, stating that this is to “keep it out of the way” when performing her duties. It is furthermore interesting to note that Christie shears part of her natural wool. This changes both the way she looks and allows her to be far less drowsy and more active, increasing her performance.
  714. As a maid Christie has an average performance. Keeping her wool shorn at some parts of her body allows her to perform at a normal rate without any issues. Christie is quite a social Monstergirl and enjoys making conversation while in the same room as her Master and will try to perform room-specific duties when her Master is in that same room.
  715. While Christie normally seems gentle, she is known to enjoy teasing others and playing friendly pranks on them. Being her Master makes you no exception and instead makes you a prime target for such pranks. For this reason and when finding your room plastered with Caith Sith posters, her future Master is recommended to have a sense of humor and be capable of taking a joke. MGC Maid Central would like to note that Christie is known to have a weakness to tickling, and if needed a Master might want to utilize this weakness if the situation requires it. Furthermore it is worth noting that despite this prankster-like behavior, Christie will otherwise be quite a caring maid. Her Master is guaranteed to be doted on and cared for when it counts, supporting him with advice, snacks and encouraging him with kind words when deemed needed.
  717. When not performing any duties, Christie can be found in the living room knitting her own shorn wool into pieces of clothing or accessory. Christie enjoys knitting for others, and as such her Master can expect gifts involving various wool clothing pieces to help him sleep and relax. Christie will otherwise enjoy spending time with her Master. Depending on how much natural wool Christie has on her body, her Master can expect Christie to either snuggle up and cuddle with him or invite him to go out with her to simply enjoy the day or to go to various events in town. For this reason a Master who prefers a more energetic maid is recommended keeping a larger amount of Christie her wool shorn, while a Master who enjoys Christie to be calmer will prefer to keep more wool on her. Regardless of the amount of wool shorn, Christie seems to always keep her kind side and will simply become more energetic when more wool is shorn. The exception for this is when a Master would shear all the wool Christie has on her body. MGC Maid Central does not recommend this act until the Master in question has a strong relationship with his Maid.
  719. MGC Maid Central recommends Christie for a Master who enjoys a kind maid and does not mind having an occasional prank pulled on him.
  721. 36. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>13086060
  722. Maid type: Wurm
  723. Name: Grace
  724. Personality: Intelligent, calm, clumsy
  725. Statement: Aw not again! I hope Master won’t be angry at me for unhinging the door again.
  726. Notes: Might cause accidental damage to the residence. Maid contract does include insurance that will cover any expenses if this occurs.
  728. Grace became part of MGC Maid Central after causing an accident resulting in large structural damage to a museum. Fortunately no one was in hurt in this event, unfortunately the financial damage was massive. Grace, who was unable to pay for the damage she caused, was due to her intellect offered an alternative to imprisonment by enrolling at MGC Maid Central instead. Grace, while mentally more than capable encountered issues during her training due to her clumsiness. She did not pass her final maid exam till she was 28, totaling her maid training at 8 years.
  730. Grace due to her maid type naturally has a large build, she in addition also is noted to have a large chest. Unfortunately Grace has rather bad eyesight and is forced to wear glasses. MGC Maid Central already has issued her several pairs of glasses, which all have broken so far. However the latest set of specially reinforced safety glasses have thus far held without issue. Grace can normally be seen wearing simple maid attire or one of the white coats she was allowed to keep after her incident. Thankfully due to self-repair enchantments these clothing pieces do not have to be replaced and instead simply need “down time” to repair themselves in case of damage.
  732. As a maid Grace has an under-average performance, performing her duties at a much slower rate to ensure careful handling and to prevent accidents. Despite her tendency to cause accidents, she still manages to keep her head clear and enjoys conversation with her Master during her duties.
  734. She will also occasionally tell jokes during her duties to attempt and keep the mood light, but will otherwise remain fairly calm and talk about various science related topics.
  735. Surprisingly Grace does not seem to slow down in working speed or cause more accidents when distracted. She has stated that her own body simply is limited in performance and not capable of always following her flow of thoughts. Grace enjoys providing healthy snacks during the day and her Master can always expect a cold desert; often ice cream, in the evening. Unexpectedly Grace has proven to be skilled at massages, and will provide those at request or when she deems them needed. MGC Maid Central would like to clarify that despite being clumsy, Grace will as a Monstergirl instinctually prevent herself from ever applying too much force or otherwise cause harm to her Master.
  737. When not performing any duties one can find Grace working on various experiments in her room. Grace is noted to have quite a bright mind, which she enjoys putting to use in her hobby. However due to her clumsiness, she is likely to invite her Master to aid her in her hobby. Those who accept her offer will quickly find Grace to be an excellent teacher, capable of teaching them various topics in a short time. Grace otherwise enjoys reading books and magazines or watching informative shows on television. Grace seems to favor doing so near her Master and might occasionally subconsciously coil around her master with her body. Reminding her about this fact will cause her to stop, though it is noted that she would greatly appreciate a Master who doesn’t mind or even enjoys this act.
  739. MGC Maid Central recommends Grace to a Master who enjoys an intelligent and calm maid, and does not mind a lower performance and occasional damage to his residence.
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