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Oct 20th, 2019
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  1. 07:26 <fishmunster123> you ever try to bang dick? i know i would
  2. 07:26 <Norseman> I'd appreciate if fans sent me bang invitations.
  3. 07:26 <fishmunster123> agreed
  4. 07:26 <fishmunster123> would be flattering
  5. 07:26 <ChikOfDestiny> Lol fishmunster123 I thought you said you were at road rage.
  6. 07:27 <fishmunster123> i was. you clinging on to them was you trying to bang them?
  7. 07:27 <ChikOfDestiny> What did it look like to you?
  8. 07:28 <fishmunster123> looked like you were clinging on to a lifeline
  9. 07:28 <gigantic> Does anyone here own a pressure cooker?
  10. 07:28 <fishmunster123> i dont know though, you told me to fuck off and go away
  11. 07:28 <gigantic> i am always wary taking to americans because you all come off as hicks to me
  12. 07:28 <fishmunster123> as a brown man, im not legally allowed to own a pressure cooker
  13. 07:28 <ChikOfDestiny> I did not say that!!!
  14. 07:28 <gigantic> getting divorced and chewing tobaccoi
  15. 07:29 <fishmunster123> so did you succeed?
  16. 07:30 <gigantic> ChikOfDestiny: I was on your side initially but your silence says more than words ever could.
  17. 07:30 <gigantic> I think the canary was taken off of her fitness training website
  18. 07:30 <ChikOfDestiny> Me succeed?? Someone succeeded!
  19. 07:30 <Heads_Up> damn I hope ChikOfDestiny doesn't come to RR Calgary, she sounds like a bitch ruining everyone's good time
  20. 07:31 <ChikOfDestiny> You shush.
  21. 07:31 <fishmunster123> no one wants to go to canada
  22. 07:31 <krimcl> Maddox seems like the kinda guy who would guilt a girlfriend into letting him fuck other people then getting mad when she didn't like it.
  23. 07:31 <gigantic> ChikOfDestiny: are you part of dicks harem?
  24. 07:31 <ChikOfDestiny> I don’t know how to like tactfully answer those questions. I think we were being pretty obvious.
  25. 07:31 <fishmunster123> aslo, kinky
  26. 07:32 <fishmunster123> *also
  27. 07:32 <fishmunster123> PeenWeinerstein you are a God among boys
  28. 07:32 <fishmunster123> so who was the meat in the sandwich?
  29. 07:34 <ChikOfDestiny> Idk man
  30. 07:34 <ChikOfDestiny> I’m not gonna go into detail like that
  31. 07:34 <fishmunster123> haha
  32. 07:34 <Norseman> Well, as I always say.
  33. 07:34 <Norseman> Pics or it didn't happen.
  34. 07:35 <fishmunster123> !k Norseman
  35. 07:35 <ChikOfDestiny> I don’t care honestly! But like I’m just me.
  36. 07:35 <ChikOfDestiny> Pics. Lol
  37. 07:36 <gigantic> Well dick alluded to threesomes with strippers on ep 100
  38. 07:36 <gigantic> So I kind of suspected
  39. 07:36 <fishmunster123> youre a stripper too?
  40. 07:36 <ChikOfDestiny> Of course not!
  41. 07:37 <fishmunster123> oh
  42. 07:37 <gigantic> fishmunster123: I mean...
  43. 07:37 <ChikOfDestiny> I’m very comfortable with my place on the madonna-whore complex scale
  44. 07:38 <fishmunster123> haha oh where on the spectrum are you?
  45. 07:38 <rsterling> stay away from anyone on any specture
  46. 07:38 <rsterling> m
  47. 07:38 <The_Zoo> Sup folks.
  48. 07:38 <fishmunster123> good call. ban yourself rsterling
  49. 07:38 <ComradeHuctro> hey The_Zoo
  50. 07:39 <ComradeHuctro> Happening?
  51. 07:39 <ChikOfDestiny> Idk where honestly, but wherever I am on it, I’m good with it
  52. 07:39 <fishmunster123> atta girl
  53. 07:39 <gigantic> ChikOfDestiny: so wait one last detail was it 1 on 1 or a group activity?
  54. 07:39 <The_Zoo> Not much ComradeHuctro, waking up and shit.
  55. 07:39 <gigantic> Also what is it with LA and polyamory
  56. 07:40 <capper67> Feminism
  57. 07:40 <fishmunster123> LA is a soulless and godless place where morality or decency has no meaning
  58. 07:41 <ChikOfDestiny> “It” is singular. I’m moving back to LA y’all.
  59. 07:41 <rsterling> i would like to update everyone on my ear cyst i mentioned a week or 2 ago
  60. 07:41 <The_Zoo> The hell is a madonna whore complex
  61. 07:41 <rsterling> in the last 72 hours i have popped it 4 (four) times
  62. 07:41 <rsterling> each time was more painful but more delightful than the last
  63. 07:41 <capper67> Have a hot bath when you pop it
  64. 07:42 <fishmunster123> where is the cyst?
  65. 07:42 <ChikOfDestiny> Idk what’s up with LA and poly or whatever. I’m not even thinking about what that’s supposed to mean. I’m just doing whatever the fuck I want.
  66. 07:42 <ChikOfDestiny> The_Zoo: google it. It’s very interesting. Basically the idea of how women need to be sexually appealing but pure
  67. 07:43 <The_Zoo> Yeah, I'm on the wiki now.
  68. 07:44 <ChikOfDestiny> It’s legit super interesting
  69. 07:44 <gigantic> ChikOfDestiny: So 80's girl was cool with it? Lol my gf would fucking kill me haha
  70. 07:44 <The_Zoo> Too early to learn, I'll keep the tab open.
  71. 07:44 <ChikOfDestiny> She’s one of my best friends
  72. 07:45 <gigantic> Well sharing is caring I guess
  73. 07:45 <Heads_Up> >date the girlfriends of chicks you want to bang
  74. 07:45 <Heads_Up> better advice than anything you've given on the show
  75. 07:45 <ChikOfDestiny> I don’t want to go speaking for anyone or anything like that.
  76. 07:45 <Heads_Up> TOO LATE
  77. 07:45 <son_of_a_rage> FUCK YOU
  78. 07:46 <ComradeHuctro> Is this goss or not? It's clear as mud.
  79. 07:46 <fishmunster123> nah, no goss
  80. 07:46 <gigantic> 80'sgirl confirmed for cuckquean
  81. 07:46 <ChikOfDestiny> It’s been goss for months lol.
  82. 07:46 <fishmunster123> has it?
  83. 07:46 <fishmunster123> i miss all this shit
  84. 07:47 <gigantic> Dick literally can not stop cucking people
  85. 07:47 <ChikOfDestiny> I mean people bring it up often enough.
  86. 07:47 <ChikOfDestiny> There’s no cuckery y’all quit with that!
  87. 07:47 <gigantic> Does Dick have an open relationship?
  88. 07:47 <ComradeHuctro> Who brings it up, this is news to me.
  89. 07:48 <The_Zoo> I'm missing something. The fuck are you all talking about?
  90. 07:48 <gigantic> You said that you there wasn't multiple people involved
  91. 07:48 <fishmunster123> no
  92. 07:48 <ComradeHuctro> So you, Dick and 80s girl are in a poly ralationship?
  93. 07:48 <fishmunster123> she was suggesting that there were multiple sessions
  94. 07:48 <gigantic> fishmunster123: multiple "sessions" of her and dick?
  95. 07:48 <gigantic> or was 80's girl involved
  96. 07:48 <fishmunster123> who knows
  97. 07:48 <gigantic> The egalitarian in me thinks it's morally okay if the girl(s) are bi
  98. 07:49 <ComradeHuctro> Cos for all the times we slagged Maddox for being a weird poly...
  99. 07:49 <gigantic> ComradeHuctro: exactly
  100. 07:49 <fishmunster123> no
  101. 07:49 <fishmunster123> a failed poly
  102. 07:49 <gigantic> fishmunster123: that is an oxymoron
  103. 07:49 <ComradeHuctro> turns out Dick has been doing it all along!
  104. 07:49 <ChikOfDestiny> I think the pet name he likes to use is thruple lol
  105. 07:50 <ComradeHuctro> son of a...
  106. 07:50 <fishmunster123> no, dude attempted and failed, thats why hes a loser. pulling it off is something different
  107. 07:50 <ComradeHuctro> Get off his dick fishmunster123, there's no more room
  108. 07:50 <gigantic> fishmunster123: I love this show and I love dick but I mean... come on dude
  109. 07:50 <gigantic> lmao
  110. 07:50 <ComradeHuctro> hahahaha
  111. 07:50 <fishmunster123> ahahah
  112. 07:51 <ChikOfDestiny> There is certainly no more room!!!
  113. 07:51 <gigantic> ChikOfDestiny so 80's is 100% okay with her man having extracurricular activities?
  114. 07:51 <ChikOfDestiny> That was actually really funny ComradeHuctro
  115. 07:51 <ChikOfDestiny> I wouldn’t call this extracurricular my dude
  116. 07:52 <rsterling> together? isn't that gay
  117. 07:52 <gigantic> Oh?
  118. 07:52 <gigantic> So you're in a relatonship?
  119. 07:52 <ChikOfDestiny> Yes
  120. 07:53 <fishmunster123> well shiiit
  121. 07:53 <gigantic> So wait, is dick still with 80's girl?
  122. 07:54 <gigantic> This show is ridiculous with how deep the goss goes
  123. 07:54 <ChikOfDestiny> I mean for Christ’s sake y’all, he literally kissed 80s girl and then me two seconds later in front of the whole bar after the show
  124. 07:54 <The_Zoo> I didn't catch that.
  125. 07:54 <rsterling> that's alpha
  126. 07:54 <rsterling> BDE
  127. 07:54 <gigantic> I'm in Australia and only listen to the podcast don't watch video lol
  128. 07:54 <The_Zoo> But yeah, I saw y'all hanging all over each other at another bar.
  129. 07:55 <fishmunster123> so 80's girl is the prime wife, and youre number two then?
  130. 07:55 <The_Zoo> I told 80's girl to lay off him for fucks sake.
  131. 07:55 <gigantic> The only way this can be okay is if you and 80's lez out
  132. 07:55 <The_Zoo> Public affection is gay.
  133. 07:55 <fishmunster123> all women are lesbians
  134. 07:56 <krimcl> >having feelings at all
  135. 07:56 <ChikOfDestiny> I figured the number two joke wouldn’t escape me
  136. 07:56 <fishmunster123> hahahaah jesus, i didnt even realize i did that
  137. 07:56 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> >2018
  138. 07:56 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> > not a psychopath
  139. 07:56 <ChikOfDestiny> For the record, I wouldn’t be involved if that were the case
  140. 07:56 <fishmunster123> the lezing out?
  141. 07:57 <ChikOfDestiny> The being a number one or two
  142. 07:57 <fishmunster123> word
  143. 07:57 <The_Zoo> Yeah, fuck math.
  144. 07:57 <gigantic> It's gonna be hilarious when someone posts on the subreddit/facebook group about this and dick has to talk about it on the show
  145. 07:57 <ChikOfDestiny> He goes very far out of his way to at least try not to make us feel that way.
  146. 07:57 <fishmunster123> the IRC is sacred
  147. 07:58 <ChikOfDestiny> Lmao, I think he’s been dying to talk about it for a very long time
  148. 07:58 <fishmunster123> yeah of course
  149. 07:58 <fishmunster123> who wouldnt
  150. 07:58 <gigantic> 109 Dick on Polyamory
  151. 07:58 <rsterling> can a third party please verify if 80s girl and/or ChikOfDestiny are a catch
  152. 07:58 <ChikOfDestiny> I was the one who didn’t want to
  153. 07:58 <The_Zoo> I'm more on the side that it's none of anybody's business. Nobody should give a fuck about who is fucking ever.
  154. 07:59 <gigantic> The_Zoo: Everything is fair game
  155. 07:59 <rsterling> The_Zoo what else is there to care about ?
  156. 07:59 <fishmunster123> how the jews are taking over
  157. 07:59 <krimcl> I had two girlfriends for a while and had no idea what to say to my corworkers when they asked questions so I just never talked to them
  158. 07:59 <ChikOfDestiny> Yeah The_Zoo it’s not a huge deal but people are gonna be interested it’s fine.
  159. 07:59 <rsterling> they are?
  160. 07:59 <Heads_Up> episode 110 - Dick on The 80's Girl Show
  161. 07:59 <fishmunster123> the muslim caliphate
  162. 07:59 <gigantic> ChikOfDestiny: How long has this been going on?
  163. 08:00 <ChikOfDestiny> As of last weekend, exactly a year.
  164. 08:00 <fishmunster123> interesting
  165. 08:00 <ChikOfDestiny> Yes :)
  166. 08:00 <gigantic> And 80's has been cool with it the entire time?
  167. 08:01 <fishmunster123> are you retarded?
  168. 08:01 <fishmunster123> its a three way mutual thing
  169. 08:01 <krimcl> I think that's pretty clear.
  170. 08:01 <The_Zoo> Were you all molested when younger?
  171. 08:01 <fishmunster123> hahahahaah
  172. 08:01 <fishmunster123> !k The_Zoo
  173. 08:01 <ChikOfDestiny> Nope.
  174. 08:01 <gigantic> fishmunster123: didn't ChikOfDestiny say that it was that they both banged dick but not eachother?
  175. 08:01 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Wow, hav e fun if any logs leave this place ChikOfDestiny you just got interrogated
  176. 08:01 <fishmunster123> no
  177. 08:02 <ChikOfDestiny> I didn’t say that
  178. 08:02 <gigantic> ChikOfDestiny: oh my mistake then
  179. 08:02 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> In the least clear way possible
  180. 08:02 <krimcl> Almost as if the details were intetionally left vauge
  181. 08:02 <gigantic> krimcl: yeah shes being a bit coy
  182. 08:02 <The_Zoo> Well, I think Peach is involved too, occasionally, so there.
  183. 08:02 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Brb, popcorn
  184. 08:02 <ChikOfDestiny> Well because they’re both asleep and I’m making statements on my own.
  185. 08:03 <The_Zoo> I think Dick is Can Shaming 80's girl, hanging out with these two other broads.
  186. 08:03 <krimcl> Always be pleadin the 5th
  187. 08:03 <fishmunster123> hahahaha
  188. 08:03 <gigantic> ChikOfDestiny: can you confirm or deny whether you have quote "lezzed out" with 80's girl?
  189. 08:03 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> FIF
  190. 08:03 <fishmunster123> FIF
  191. 08:03 <The_Zoo> FIF?
  192. 08:03 <ChikOfDestiny> Although it’s been made clear several times that I’m the one who cared about keeping things quiet, it still seems shitty to spill everything while they’re sleeping
  193. 08:04 <ChikOfDestiny> Peach was never involved.
  194. 08:04 <gigantic> ChikOfDestiny: The goss is neverending
  195. 08:04 <ChikOfDestiny> She’s known for a bit
  196. 08:04 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]>
  197. 08:04 <ChikOfDestiny> A few people have known.
  198. 08:04 <gigantic> ChikOfDestiny: Timeline wise, when did 80's find out?
  199. 08:05 <The_Zoo> Did she watch?
  200. 08:05 <fishmunster123> im assuming when she came on to them
  201. 08:05 <ChikOfDestiny> There wasn’t anything to find out
  202. 08:05 <ChikOfDestiny> She was there
  203. 08:05 <fishmunster123> gigantic you really are retarded
  204. 08:05 <fishmunster123> also, stop jerking off
  205. 08:06 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Can confirm gigantic has his dick in hand
  206. 08:06 <fishmunster123> absolutely
  207. 08:06 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> For at least the last half hour
  208. 08:06 <fishmunster123> what times it over there man?
  209. 08:06 <ChikOfDestiny> [[[Dyc3Three]]]: you and your fucking dream last summer
  210. 08:06 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> 10pm
  211. 08:06 <fishmunster123> late night, all alone in a liqour store
  212. 08:06 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> ChikOfDestiny: oh god
  213. 08:06 <fishmunster123> haha
  214. 08:06 <ChikOfDestiny> I was like well who the fuck told him?!
  215. 08:06 <fishmunster123> what was your dream
  216. 08:06 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Did you read that?
  217. 08:06 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Wait
  218. 08:06 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Again?
  219. 08:06 <ChikOfDestiny> Of course I did!
  220. 08:07 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> I AM THE FUCKING ORACLE
  221. 08:07 <son_of_a_rage> DESPITE ALL MY RAGE, I'M STILL JUST A_RAGE IN A CAGE
  222. 08:07 <gigantic> Oh I'm at home haha
  223. 08:07 <ChikOfDestiny> I just didn’t answer.
  224. 08:07 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Dude, this is news to me
  225. 08:07 <ChikOfDestiny> I saw it immediately. And then you asked again
  226. 08:07 <krimcl> !confirmed [[[Dyc3Three]]] has the power of god and anime on his side
  227. 08:07 <dickbit> LET IT BE KNOWN: [[[Dyc3Three]]] has the power of god and anime on his side
  228. 08:07 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Nice
  229. 08:07 <gigantic> It's news to me and I didn't suspect anything because dick had taken such an anti polyamory stance
  230. 08:08 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> I am the only person on this planet who's dreams come true
  231. 08:08 <fishmunster123> again, never did that
  232. 08:08 <ChikOfDestiny> Oh dick changed his mind on shit all he time
  233. 08:08 <ChikOfDestiny> Changes*
  234. 08:09 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Dam, u been up all night?
  235. 08:09 <krimcl> F L I P F L O P P E R
  236. 08:09 <son_of_a_rage> AND I DIDN'T EVEN GET LAID
  237. 08:09 <ChikOfDestiny> He may have poked fun at maddox for it. I think he called it “weird” a long time ago. But yeah. He doesn’t care about flipping his opinion
  238. 08:09 <krimcl> Doing it also doesn't make it less weird
  239. 08:10 <The_Zoo> He definitely tried to get us to think Maddox was weird for his polyamory desires.
  240. 08:10 <krimcl> In my experience of doing weird things.
  241. 08:10 <ChikOfDestiny> (It’s a little weird)
  242. 08:10 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Who, dick? I think he has pointed out it's healthier to be able to change your mind assuming for good reason
  243. 08:10 <ChikOfDestiny> But whatever
  244. 08:10 <gigantic> Okay, I'm collating the goss and making a post to the subreddit now
  245. 08:10 <fishmunster123> banging two cooperative hot women seems like a good enough reason, provided they dont come with double the headache
  246. 08:11 <krimcl> I made a girl wear skirts for a year and dragged her a round on a leash. I don't even know what weird is any more.
  247. 08:11 <ChikOfDestiny> Maybe wait till they’re awake
  248. 08:11 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> gigantic: this place exists because posts don't happen
  249. 08:11 <ChikOfDestiny> As a favorrrrr
  250. 08:11 <fishmunster123> dont do it man
  251. 08:11 <fishmunster123> thats the point of the IRC
  252. 08:11 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Faggotry is bannable
  253. 08:11 <ChikOfDestiny> 80s girl and I provide plenty of headaches don’t worry
  254. 08:12 <fishmunster123> you do that, and i will make it a mission to have you banned
  255. 08:12 <gigantic> New reddit post!
  256. r/TheDickShow - Listening to episode 107 of TBPITU and congratulations to Maddox
  257. 15 votes and 8 so far on reddit
  258. 08:13 <gigantic> Oh that joke took too long to eventuate lol
  259. 08:13 <ChikOfDestiny> Hahaha
  260. 08:13 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> This is a confession box bb
  261. 08:13 <ChikOfDestiny> I literally don’t care. They don’t either. But let em wake up a little gentler than that
  262. 08:13 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> OK everyone
  263. 08:13 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> I know what she just said
  264. 08:14 <ChikOfDestiny> If any of us didn’t want y’all knowing we wouldn’t have been carrying on so
  265. 08:14 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> But let's all calm down a bit
  266. 08:14 <fishmunster123> !q 1488
  267. 08:14 <dickbit> #1488 - We must secure the existence of our channel and a future for IRC users.
  268. 08:14 <ChikOfDestiny> Dicks been dropping hints like mad for months
  269. 08:14 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Disavowed
  270. 08:14 <fishmunster123> posting shit that goes on in the IRC damages the IRC
  271. 08:14 <fishmunster123> its not about you
  272. 08:15 <gigantic> I mean this sort of changes everything
  273. 08:15 <fishmunster123> i cant be the only one that thinks that
  274. 08:15 <fishmunster123> changes what?
  275. 08:15 <ChikOfDestiny> Go watch the dick show album live stream he did. When there was a lyric about polyamory, look at the face he makes to 80s.
  276. 08:15 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Kek
  277. 08:16 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> I thought that was a Maddox jab
  278. 08:16 <ChikOfDestiny> There’s a million little comments and looks
  279. 08:16 <gigantic> For one, it makes maddox even more pathetic to have ended an entire podcast and his career over a girl because she wanted to be in another polyamorous relationship
  280. 08:16 <ChikOfDestiny> Just go look
  281. 08:16 <gigantic> with the other cohost
  282. 08:16 <gigantic> lmao
  283. 08:16 <gigantic> ChikOfDestiny: what ep was it?
  284. 08:16 <Heads_Up> ChikOfDestiny: is it you or 80's girl who's always giggling in the background of episodes?
  285. 08:16 <ChikOfDestiny> Well to be fair, it just sorta happened outside of that
  286. 08:16 <krimcl> the listening of the album not an ep
  287. 08:16 <ChikOfDestiny> Both and either
  288. 08:16 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Look, they are all good mates
  289. 08:16 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Fuckin happens
  290. 08:17 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> But on the real
  291. 08:17 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> What's dicks can sitch?
  292. 08:17 <fishmunster123> they look like a nice handful
  293. 08:18 <ChikOfDestiny> Well for one, there’s no cans shaming 80s girl to dick.
  294. 08:18 <gigantic> Maddox moved from a state with conservative polygamists to state known for SJW cucks and he became that
  295. 08:18 <gigantic> Whereas Dick became culturally a conservative polygamist
  296. 08:19 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> I dunno what 80s looks like
  297. 08:19 <ChikOfDestiny> I don’t remember who said that.
  298. 08:19 <gigantic> [[[Dyc3Three]]]: She was named in the restraining order and you can google her
  299. 08:19 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Ugh cmon
  300. 08:19 <ChikOfDestiny> But he loves the way they look. They fit her body perfectly.
  301. 08:19 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Thanks Maddox :|
  302. 08:19 <gigantic> ChikOfDestiny: Did you go on the boat trip too?
  303. 08:20 <ChikOfDestiny> She and I are like exact opposites on everything. And he enjoys both.
  304. 08:20 <ChikOfDestiny> No, I still live in Texas. I’m really trying to get back to LA as soon as possible
  305. 08:20 <ChikOfDestiny> My life needed some wrap-up in Texas
  306. 08:21 <gigantic> Is szechuan still a normal dude?
  307. 08:21 <ChikOfDestiny> Too normal
  308. 08:21 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> He always been the only normal one
  309. 08:21 <The_Zoo> I met Sean's girl, but then got interrupted.
  310. 08:21 <ComradeHuctro> He's our rock.
  311. 08:22 <ChikOfDestiny> He’s intentionally normal
  312. 08:22 <ChikOfDestiny> It’s not his natural state. He’s got some stories
  313. 08:23 <ComradeHuctro> You keep them to yourself. We need this.
  314. 08:23 <fishmunster123> agreed
  315. 08:23 <ChikOfDestiny> He kinda tells stories here and there. I don’t need to
  316. 08:23 <The_Zoo> !p
  317. 08:23 <dickbit> Latest update to The Dick Show Patreon: [LIVESTREAM] Episode 109 Monday 1PM PST
  318. 08:24 <ChikOfDestiny> Like his “I don’t remember my first kiss” thing
  319. 08:24 <ComradeHuctro> You've spilled enough beans for one day.
  320. 08:25 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Innuendo
  321. 08:25 <ComradeHuctro> Get that spaghetti back in your pockets!
  322. 08:25 <ChikOfDestiny> Well here’s some more beans. 80s girl and I really love to sing The Used at the top of our lungs like we’re really mad about shit
  323. 08:25 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Haha God dam
  324. 08:26 <ChikOfDestiny> Limp Bizkit too
  325. 08:26 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> yes
  326. 08:26 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Limp bizkit is my favourite sand for 10 years
  327. 08:26 <fishmunster123> hey i did it all for the nookie
  328. 08:26 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Fuckin, respect
  329. 08:26 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> !k ChikOfDestiny
  330. 08:27 <fishmunster123> youre throwin karmas around for fucking limb bizkit?
  331. 08:27 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> See guys, I'm not a faggot for liking limp bizkit!
  332. 08:27 <fishmunster123> *limp
  333. 08:27 <ChikOfDestiny> And she’s got a really smug asshole sense of humor that’s just the best
  334. 08:27 <fishmunster123> you are
  335. 08:27 <The_Zoo> A female maddox?
  336. 08:27 <ChikOfDestiny> Hell no
  337. 08:28 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> He isn't bald
  338. 08:28 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> She*
  339. 08:28 <asno> She was a little stand offish when I met her back in Chicago. I couldn't tell if it was a bit or not
  340. 08:28 <ChikOfDestiny> Don’t ever compare her to maddox
  341. 08:28 <fishmunster123> i dont know
  342. 08:29 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Shell fuck you up
  343. 08:29 <fishmunster123> they are both getting fucked by dick
  344. 08:29 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Hakhahahahaa
  345. 08:29 <gigantic> Do you know what is fantastic when you're fucking two girls?
  346. 08:29 <gigantic> Casper Mattresses
  347. 08:29 <gigantic> Use the promo code TheDickShow
  348. 08:29 <gigantic> To get 10% off all casper mattresses
  349. 08:29 <ChikOfDestiny> Not a bit. I know from experience now the shows are hard to be like perfect for everyone as a character in the show
  350. 08:30 <asno> I have a Casper. Probaby not big enough for 3 though.
  351. 08:30 <ChikOfDestiny> I’m positive she didn’t mean to be standoffish
  352. 08:30 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> I mean... I wanna meet dick and all.. But I don't think my ass can handle it....
  353. 08:30 <fishmunster123> i dont think your ass is in any danger
  354. 08:30 <asno> ChikOfDestiny: I think she was trying to be funny, but it wasn't working lol. I was also like 25 beers deep
  355. 08:31 <fishmunster123> so hows your family feel about this ChikOfDestiny
  356. 08:31 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> fishmunster123:
  357. 08:31 <ChikOfDestiny> Just to warn y’all though... he’s not a huge fan of lewd comments being made about us by other men. Just him.
  358. 08:31 <ChikOfDestiny> If you ever ask him anything about it
  359. 08:31 <fishmunster123> the only women we talk about fucking is each others mothers
  360. 08:32 <fishmunster123> were respectful that way
  361. 08:32 <asno> ChikOfDestiny: so I should go blow up your ig with lewd comments?
  362. 08:32 <ChikOfDestiny> My family is an issue
  363. 08:32 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> My psychic autism is tingling
  364. 08:32 <ChikOfDestiny> But so is my whole life. Please don’t do that asno my mom is such a pain in he ass when people do that
  365. 08:33 <Norseman> wait what?
  366. 08:33 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> >over 18
  367. 08:33 <Norseman> Sean has a girl?
  368. 08:33 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> > talking to parents
  369. 08:33 <krimcl> Yeah hes mentioned it b4
  370. 08:33 <The_Zoo> Girlfriend, Norseman.
  371. 08:33 <ChikOfDestiny> I don’t care how old you are your parents can still be a pain in the ass
  372. 08:33 <fishmunster123> 7 years no
  373. 08:33 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Yeah but when you turn 18 you don have to talk to them
  374. 08:34 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> You know, moving out N stuff
  375. 08:34 <Norseman> The_Zoo: I've got a wife, but thanks for the offer.
  376. 08:34 <ChikOfDestiny> Yeah that’s true. I’m hoping I can avoid being cut off from my family
  377. 08:34 <asno> ChikOfDestiny: I wasn't planning on it but I'd like to blow up your moms ig now
  378. 08:34 <The_Zoo> Welcome.
  379. 08:34 <[[[Dyc3Three]]]> Opposites I guess, not a fan of my parents
  380. 08:35 <The_Zoo> Why they wanna cut you off, ChikOfDestiny?
  381. 08:35 <fishmunster123> probably cause of your rampant anti-semitism
  382. 08:35 <The_Zoo> Is it just the polyamory?
  383. 08:35 <ChikOfDestiny> This is all very weird to them as you can imagine
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