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Aug 18th, 2019
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  1. xRukiokunx has joined the chat
  2. Examiner: Nino is coming online.
  3. xRukiokunx: Kay..
  4. Nexar has joined the chat
  5. Nexar: Laptop took a few minutes to start
  6. Examiner: That's fine.
  7. Examiner: I'm going to make a cup of cof[]f=
  8. Examiner: coffee.
  9. Nexar: Alright
  10. Examiner: Back.
  11. Nexar: Weba~
  12. Examiner: Sit down, nino.
  13. xRukiokunx: welcome back
  14. Examiner: Ah fuck.
  15. Examiner: THe cat fucked up my screen.
  16. Nexar: o.o
  17. Examiner: Doesn't have the tabs for rooms anymore.
  18. Nexar: F11
  19. Examiner: Oh thanks.
  20. Nexar: :]
  21. Examiner: When is your photoshoot Riku?
  22. xRukiokunx: I cancelled.
  23. xRukiokunx: Not in the mood,will have it sometime during the week.
  24. xRukiokunx: Plus my face is my strongest point,but it's all swollen and puffy from crying,I can't work like that.
  25. Examiner: I didn't do this just because.
  26. Examiner: You need that time to heal. There is no question about it.
  27. Examiner: You or me can't keep going on like this, Riku. You can't be in one awful relationship and then months later go to another one.
  28. Examiner: It doesn't work that way.
  29. Examiner: You aren't giving yourself time to heal and then the person gets the spitting image of the previous person.
  30. xRukiokunx: Last time we argued in the group chat with nino you said you'd be by my side while I work on my problems and my insecurities. This past week I've been completely and utterly myself. But the first mishap,the first bad day,you get pissed off and you give up. It doesn't work like that.
  31. xRukiokunx: You make it look as if I'm the only one at fault here and i'm sick of that. I've been walking on glass just so I don't say something or do something that will piss you off or pressure you or drive you in a corner.
  32. Examiner: You basically said I didn't appreciate you. And that you threw a fit because this is the first week I've been actually busy. regardless of my affection and my attention toyou.
  33. xRukiokunx: I did not throw a fit.
  34. Examiner: You did too.
  35. xRukiokunx: You pushed me because i gave you short answers because i did not want to bother you
  36. xRukiokunx: I told you i missed you because i did
  37. Examiner: I asked you what was wrong ONE TIME.
  38. xRukiokunx: should i not tell you what i feel?
  39. Examiner: You should tell me yeah. But don't make it sound like I don't spend time together with you. Which is pretty much what you said. Do I need to find that for you?
  40. xRukiokunx: isn't that what you wanted? me to trust you? be open with you?
  41. xRukiokunx: what did i get for being open?
  42. xRukiokunx: this
  43. Examiner: Seriously Ruki.
  44. Examiner: You honestly think I'm doing this because you were opened.
  45. xRukiokunx: i did not say you don't spend time with me,i said thqt you've been busy and i missed you
  46. Examiner: Really?
  47. Examiner: Do I need to pull it up for you?
  48. xRukiokunx: and asked when will you have time to hang out
  49. xRukiokunx: sure do it
  50. Examiner: Yes we talk everyday but we don't spend time together. it's different,i listen to your problems i her about your day and you hear about mine and that's basically it
  51. Examiner: But we don't spend time together.
  52. xRukiokunx: okay i can't type what i want so i'm sending a recording on skype
  53. Examiner: I'm not on skype.
  54. xRukiokunx: yes but if i type you'll misunderstand what i wanna say
  55. xRukiokunx: again
  56. Examiner: And no you typed it clearly you know english better than I do.
  57. Examiner: You said it plain as day. We talk everyday about your problem and mine. But we don't have sex and I don't show enough affection is what I'm understanding out of that.
  58. xRukiokunx: i did not say we don;t talk,or you don't pay attention to me.
  59. Examiner: YOu can't weasle yourself out of that one, Riku doesn't matter how hard you try English might not be your first language but you know far more than the average foreigner knows.
  60. xRukiokunx: I meant I wanted to have some more relaxed and intimate time together,I wanted to talk to you about many things i cant do that if you're busy,
  61. Examiner: So I know for a fact you knew exactly what you was typing.
  62. Examiner: Exactly.
  63. xRukiokunx: oh so im a weasly
  64. xRukiokunx: *weasle
  65. Examiner: But I've also told you I'm not as sexual as I use to be. I use to be heavy on that .
  66. xRukiokunx: and i lie
  67. Examiner: .No.
  69. xRukiokunx: SAID
  70. Examiner: Weasle. Means looking for another option out of it.
  71. Examiner: Do not make me walk out of here, Ruki when what i said was a term.
  72. Examiner: Not calling you a name. But I can if you want me to.
  73. xRukiokunx: i don't fucking care about sex goddamn it
  74. Examiner: So don't attack me with words.
  75. Nexar: Guys
  76. Examiner: Oh my god your really pissing me off.
  77. xRukiokunx: you're not the only one who's pissed off here,or the only one with a temper.
  78. Examiner: I will block you if this shit keeps up. Because right now your just being a fucking brat trying to go around me. And be sarcastic.
  79. Examiner: I promise you mine is far worse than yours, kid.
  80. Examiner: Keep it up and find out how fucking worse it can54 be.
  81. Nexar: If you want to talk this out you need to stay objective
  82. xRukiokunx: Maybe we should talk when we both calm down.
  83. Examiner: If you stop acting like a brat trying to be sarcastic and know that weasling. is not calling you a weasle.
  84. Examiner: Then maybe we can finish this fucking conversation.
  85. Examiner: Instead of being a sarcastic brat. That's calling you something.
  86. Nexar: Chris please
  87. Examiner: .No nino. Keep it closed for a minute.
  88. Examiner: I'm saying one thing before I step away.
  89. Nexar: -sighs and shrugs- Fine.
  90. Examiner: And have a smoke.
  91. Examiner: I am not your average dominant. And I never will be. I will not disrespect you in any shape or form by calling you a name. I might get pissed off and say go fuck yoruself. But that's because I'm that pissed off and your doing something that I am not liking or I feel pressured into the corner. I don't know what the flying fuck your previous dominants did to you. But I'm not them. Pissed off or not. Your going to respect me just as I respect you. And trust me, you will like me better if you respect me pissed off or not. Because if I am respecting you and you disrespect me. Don't think twice I won't dish out the samething just in a different form. You are seriously being way to fucking sarcastic and being a brat. And I sure as fuck am not gonna put up with it. I can officially pull out my little tool and I can have you write a few lines for me until you finish and sicne you don't have that little photoshoot of yours. I got time and I'll have you do it til you finish. And trust me not a signle soul has finished it out.
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