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  1. twilight sparkle, rainbow dash, fluttershy, applejack, pinkie pie, rarity, spike, sunset shimmer, starlight glimmer, celestia, luna, cadance, shining armor, applejacks hat, quills and sofas, fetlock, magic, wings, flank, chrysalis, trixie, granny smith, discord, cheerilee, coco pommel, coloratura, maud pie, daring do, tree hugger, big macintosh, cheese sandwich, hoof, flash sentry, night glider, zephyr breeze, fleetfoot, soarin, spitfire, derpy, prince blueblood, sunburst, tempest shadow, apple bloom, scootaloo, sweetie belle, ear, horn, tail, mane, floof, fluffle puff, babs seed, ember, diamond tiara, silver spoon, snips, snails, nightmare moon, king sombra, tirek, lightning dust, photo finish, nurse redheart, muzzle, dock,  nostril, gilda, earth pony, pegasus, unicorn, twist, flurry heart, draw my oc, 20 percent cooler, rainbow factory, sweetie bot, sonic rainboom, dazzlings, svengallop, alicorn, brony, brohoof, cupcakes, cutie mark, but i didn't listen, foal, filly, colt, facehoof, horse famous, horseapples, lets fly to the castle, my little dashie, draw my oc, oatmeal are you crazy, grand galloping gala, canterlot, steven magnet, lesson zero, winter wrap up, this day aria, im on a yacht, ten seconds flat, the fun has been doubled, twicane, glass of water, buy some apples, mayor mare, buck, crackle, button mash, slice of life, octavia, vinyl scratch, ponyfeathers, my little pony, hoofsies, owlowiscious, ahuizotl, pear butter, twilight velvet, yona, smolder, silverstream, gallus, ocellus, sandbar, raritwi, appledash, flutterdash, raridash, rarijack, fluttercord, chancellor neighsay, gummy, winona, tank, angel bunny, opalescence, ray, best pony, vanillaghosties, tjpones, ncmares, look how fast I can spin, the horse famous lollipony, brownie bun, horse wife, rule 63, cozy glow, bronycon, stallion, mare, changeling, dont mine at night, parasprite, punklestia, flutterbat, art of the dress, autumn blaze, kirin, wonderbolt, starswirl, the living tombstone, fun, it was under e, littlepip, blackjack, id like to be a tree, oatmeal are you crazy, yay, ursa minor, ursa major, the great and powerful trixie, can you explode twice, equestria girls, capper, the floating tree, flutterguy, egghead, mandopony, blackgryph0n, lullaby for a princess, princess celestia being deep, tom, cutie mark crusaders, friendship is manly, youre going to love me, zecora, raise this barn, how applejack won the war, want it need it, eeyup, i really like her mane, songbird serenade, starswirl the bearded, fancy pants, sassy saddles, saffron masala, quibble pants, mudbriar, windy whistles, bow hothoof, kirin, autumn blaze, smarty pants, mare do well, boulder, tom, skystar, chancellor puddinghead, commander hurricane, zecora, cranky doodle donkey, iron will, smooze, capper, capatain celaeno, equestria girls, so much more to me, cutie mark crusaders, lyra heartstrings, bon bon, agent sweetie drops, bulk biceps, breezies, cockatrice, changeling, a changeling can change, ursa major, timberwolf, manticore, minuette, berry punch, sapphire shores, countess coloratura, im howling at the moon, flawless, limestone pie, marble pie, queen novo, mi amore cadenza, thorax, garble, stygian, elements of harmony, adagio dazzle, aria blaze, sonata dusk, storm king, giggle at the ghostly, you gotta share you gotta care, hearthswarming, bbbff, love is in bloom, flim and flam, the wonderbolts, the pony i want to be, equestria the land i love, the spectacle, friendship university, friendship is magic, party of one, a canterlot wedding, too many pinkie pies, crystal empire, magical mystery cure, boneless, pegasister, friendship is witchcraft, lauren faust, tara strong, andrea libman, the great and powerful trixie, derpibooru, equestria daily, background pony, equestria, ponyville, everfree forest, yak, shadowbolts, flutterbat, pinkie sense, cloudsdale, nightmare night, the stare, rara, pinkamena diane pie, sweet apple acres, raise this barn, gabby, gabby gums, to where and back again, griffonstone, moon dancer, manehattan, flurry heart, daybreaker, twilight time, twilights kingdom, pharynx, sugar belle, donut joe, the headless horse, philomena, bugbear, tatzlwurm, twilighting, shadow play, horse play, were friendship bound, buckball, league of evil, summer sun celebration, rarity fighting a giant crab, Sci twi, helping twilight win the crown, legend of everfree, apple family, pinkie pride, filli vanilli, the dazzlings, siren, the mane attraction, the cutie remark, cheerileader, sugar belle, rebbeca shoichet, nightmare rarity, evil enchantress, golden oak library, friendship express, hasbro, seaquestria, i really like her mane, eeyup, cutie map, teacup, ponytown, original character, legends of equestria, the living tombstone, night light, wonderbolt rap, apple chord, lullaby for a princess, cragadile, let the rainbow remind you, hippogriff, pinkie apple pie, tail extensions, eyelashes, andy price, the moon rises, poison joke, spitty pie, twilight time, secret of my excess, twist, forgotten friendship, bright mac, mr cake, mrs cake, student six, the maneiac, dr caballeron, fleur de lis, mistmane, flash magnus, mage meadowbrook, pillars of equestria, starswirl the bearded, ak yearling, cherry jubilee, sassy saddles, sunburst, trivia trot, mudbriar, boulder, bloomberg, princess platinum, commander hurricane, chancellor puddinghead, clover the clever, private pansy, smart cookie, flash sentry, wow glimmer, Party cannon, fainting couch, pinkies brew, itll be okay, its not creepy, a kirin tale, tantabus, kerfuffle, rainbow roadtrip, sherclop pones, minuette, lemon drops, twinkleshine, la da dee, waifu, granny smith, darling, squee, mirror pool, hearts strong as horses, pmv, sisterhooves social, blackgryph0n, tree of harmony, elements of harmony, spitfires day off, manehattan, totally legit recap, round trip, fluffle puff, once upon a time in canterlot, the ponytones
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