Pone-ocalypse, Chapter Three [Abandoned][Rewrite Pending]

Jul 30th, 2015
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  1. I had to slow down to avoid crashing into any of the abandoned cars along the bridge, the creatures that had led me to the bridge were long behind me now. I stopped the car when I came to the realization that the real Josh might actually be okay, though hidden away and the one I had seen was simply an imposter. They have already proven to me that they can shapeshift, after all. But then why would they release me? The question kept running through my head, but I couldn’t find an answer. Why did they release me? If they were ‘recruiting’ people into their ranks like the colourful horses have been, they would have taken me too. Right? Did they have some sort of arbitrary limit and I just happen to have been the one to be spared? I looked back the way I had come only to see a green bolt of energy fly in my general direction and hit one of the abandoned cars. A warning shot I had no intention of challenging.
  3. I continued onwards across the bridge before I realized the fatal flaw in my plan, on the other side is a city…A city that has likely been fully converted by the ponies. Or by something else entirely, an option I didn’t want to even consider. It was too late now, so I kept going. I wasn’t just going to give up. Immediately I had the feeling I was being watched as I entered the city, but I couldn’t see any movement. As I slowly drove through the city over torn scraps of clothing in the streets and around abandoned cars and bikes and trucks (and even a boat, not even on a trailer, in the middle of the road) I finally started noticing some movement. The longer I drove the more I realized that they were everywhere, ponies of all shapes, sizes and colours just staring at me, observing me as I drove by. None making the move to come after me, strangely enough, the whole process was eerie, nightmarish.
  5. As I neared the edge of the city, I realized the radio was on again. It was some strangely joyful song about smiling, I found myself tapping my finger along to it unconsciously. The road ahead of me was empty and I was going slowly enough, so I looked down at the radio to turn it off. When I looked back up, there was a white unicorn standing in the road ahead of me. Out of instinct I slammed on the brake, the purpled maned menace (as I immediately dubbed her) walked over to the side window and tapped on it with one of her hooves. “Would you be a dear and roll down that window for me so I don’t have to shout?” she asked politely. I didn’t like her posh voice. I raised my hand and gave her the middle finger. Before I could hit the gas, the keys glowed in a purple aura and turned shutting the car off. I always knew my hubris would be my downfall. I grabbed at the keys, but they flew out of the ignition and out of the opening window before I could grab them. She had distracted me with the keys while she used her magic to turn the crank on the window to roll it down. Running out of options fast, I reached for the release button for my seatbelt only to find that held in place by magic as well.
  7. Distracted by keys like a child has led me to by doom via magical, colourful horses…It certainly wasn’t my brightest moment. “If you’re done fooling around, I’d like to talk.” She said calmly. It caught me off guard that she wasn’t immediately poking and prodding me to turn me into one of them. “You can have the keys back after we talk.” She simply stated, with a smirk on her face, knowing she had me.
  9. “Yeah and I bet you want to give me a handshake first, right?”
  11. “No, I’m told they have other plans for you now, “she began. “You were to be a part of the initial invasion force, but your peculiar sleep habits saved you and a number of others.” She explained. "Though those others were quickly captured."
  13. “Other plans?” I scoffed. “Why would I take orders from a bunch of fucking horses taking over the world and turning people into even more horses?”
  15. She seemed to be taken aback when I swore; it made me smirk to see her offended like that. “Such rude language!” I swear it seemed like she was going to faint, but she quickly regained her composure. “And we are NOT horses, we are ponies!” She said angrily.
  17. “Same thing,” I said. “It’s scientifically proven that all horses are dumb assholes.” Maybe antagonizing a creature that could use magic and could destroy my life as I knew it with a single touch wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever come up with, but my options were limited to listening to her bark out orders at me or pissing her off.
  19. She was angrily stammering now, trying to find her wording, I could only laugh in response. She growled (something I didn’t think horses could do) before her horn flashed. When the sound of my laughing stopped, I tried to ask her what the fuck she did to me, but no sound escaped my mouth. She again regained her composure before continuing what she set out to do, give me orders. “The sooner you’re a pony and lose that attitude the better. I wish they didn’t need you in your current form.” She sighed. She began explaining about her friend’s sister who has been taken prisoner by a group of humans and how she expected me to enter that group and rescue the pony. Complete with directions that I paid no attention to, she warned me about two people in particular in the camp who had been trying to kill ponies but have failed to do so, they wanted to get the prisoner since she was an easy target for them.
  21. She finally gave me the keys back and walked away, her magic stopping me from talking fading as well. Once I regained my voice I leaned out the window and left with a final “FUCK YOU” before speeding out of town. She stopped for a brief second before continuing on to wherever she was going, her job done. As much as I didn’t want to see a kid get hurt (even if it was a talking pony kid) I’d much prefer not to become one of them myself. There was no good end to that situation. I rescue the pony and it turns me into a pony or I try rescuing the pony and get caught by the people and imprisoned myself. I decided just going my own way was better. Maybe I could get a boat and live out on the ocean, that’s what they do in zombie movies, right?
  23. Driving very late in the day, only stopping to eat and drink, I finally came across a town. Noticeably devoid of ponies, I eventually find a barricade with people atop it, guarding a section of the town. Suddenly a spot light and numerous guns are aimed at me as I’m ordered to step out of the car. Not wanting to get shot, I do just that. I’m cuffed and led into the safe zone, any attempt I made to say anything gets shot down immediately. A number of people were now ransacking my car as I’m taken to the police station. They take everything I had on me, which wasn’t much. One of the men interrogates me, though he’s not that great at it. Either he’s not a cop or TV has once again lied to me. Or both. He takes out my driver’s license, claiming it’s impossible that I could have made it that far having started in Canada and been on the run since. The scary realization was that he was right, the only reason I made it through the city was because the ponies LET me through. He takes note of my eye colour being brown, for some reason. I notice his are blue, but not the normal kind of blue. His eyes are different.
  25. I’m led down to the dimly lit holding cells and they lock me in one of them alone. While I’m recounting the events of the past few days, I hear a voice. “H-hello?” She sounds scared, might have been another person travelling and got caught by these people, though she sounds young. I walk over to the bars of my cell; the voice came from the one across from mine. When she sees me at the bars, she speaks up again, with a noticeable sound of hope in her voice. “Mah name’s Applebloom, are you here to rescue me?”
  27. …Fuck.
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