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  1. XeruonToday at 9:05 PM
  2. With the day finally behind him, Tsuneo slung his overcoat over his shoulders, letting its arms dangle freely as usual. As he closed the door and started searching for the key in his pockets, he thought about the happenings that were occurring around town; the phone...Personas...people dying and disappearing...his dreams...what did it all mean? Why was everything that was happening seemingly only happening around him? He attempted to clear his mind as he went to lock the door, breathing the cool, crisp night air in an attempt to still his mind.
  3. (This is big boy hours here.)
  5. sʜɪɴᴏ Today at 9:10 PM
  6. Oh f u c k.))
  8. sʜɪɴᴏ Today at 9:18 PM
  9. Today wasn’t necessarily a good day. Hakai tried to tail a group for information, but it ended up backfiring on her in more ways then one. Even when she attempted to leave the scene, she found herself being played like a damn fiddle. Considering she blacked out so suddenly. Why was it that she collapsed out of nowhere? That never happened to her before and it had little to no chance of happening at all. Though before she would allow her mind to wander on and about to the different possibilities, a click would occur in her head. The bar needed to close soon, yet she was still occupying one of the booths.
  11. Inosen took in a few deep breaths as she gathered up her things to head out of the scene. However, it didn’t take her long to spot out Kogami next to the door. Must’ve been locking up after each predicament passed him one by one. She took a normal posture while shifting around, thinking about what should be said. In the end, it all came down to something rather dull. “Closing up?”
  13. Xeruon Today at 9:20 PM
  14. "I am." He replied, not a hint of emotion in his tone as he was still frozen in the same stance. A gust of wind blew, letting strands of his hair sway a little as he looked up to meet the girl's gaze. He held eye contact for quite some time, in silence, before he finally spoke in a calm yet also confident and firm tone. "No matter what I do, it seems that you will never stop chasing me..." he paused, "Frankly, I'm getting tired of these games. So I'll give into your demands, under one condition." He said, holding the door open so that she could leave.
  16. sʜɪɴᴏ Today at 9:28 PM
  17. An eyebrow of hers cocked up in surprise to his words. She wasn’t expecting to hear that after all of this time she’s spent eavesdropping on every single conversation he’s had thus far. Or rather, some of the more important ones. Nodding her head, Hakai began to speak in a tone which at first didn’t signal much emotion that would’ve been felt. Though it did at least sound as though she was partially satisfied with how he caved in. Even if it did make her feel a hint of guilt. “What are your conditions? Please, tell me. I will make sure I don’t break any of them.”
  19. Xeruon Today at 9:28 PM
  20. "Step outside first." He replied, not breaking eye contact. "I need to close up."
  22. sʜɪɴᴏ Today at 9:32 PM
  23. She broke eye contact for a short moment, taking a second to scan the bar before her eyelids would blink twice. Seems like she forgot where they were already. “Ah.....of course. One moment-.” She replied, taking the chance given to her by Kogami to step outside into the cold air of the evening.
  25. Xeruon Today at 9:32 PM
  26. As soon as she did so, he locked up and dropped the key into his pocket, then walked further into the alley, motioning for her to follow...
  28. sʜɪɴᴏ Today at 9:36 PM
  29. Hakai would follow behind him the moment he motioned her to follow him deeper into the alleyway. The darken space had no real effect on her. Nothing major at least. Her gaze would dart around the area as the two went further in before eventually locking back on the boy. More specifically, his back. Since that’s all she would be able to see.
  31. Xeruon Today at 9:38 PM
  32. He stopped his walk, moving next to her first, then did nothing for a while as he analyzed the girl yet again. In a sudden, fast motion, he grabbed her arm and pulled her closer to him, still standing next to her, to where they were touching shoulder and shoulder. "Condition one;" he said, walking further and pulling her along as well. "No more stalking. You're staying next to me and within earshot and eyeshot."
  34. sʜɪɴᴏ Today at 9:45 PM
  35. Hakai was taken off guard completely. Her arm was easily grabbed and she showed little to no resistance as he pulled her along. Though that doesn’t mean she didn’t end up stumbling at first. She would listen to his words very carefully before taking the time to formulate her own response. “As long as I’m informed, tailing you and that group of yours won’t be needed. But......uh-.” Suddenly, there was a pause. A long, silent pause. Then she would continue. “.....Why are you grabbing onto my arm?”
  37. Xeruon Today at 9:48 PM
  38. "Condition two;" He continued, passing beneath a street light, seemingly ignoring her question. "If you do end up uncovering something beneficial as a result of whatever you learn from me, you will share it with everyone it may concern." His walk slowed a little as they entered what appeared to be a small park. He walked until they came across a bench that was in relative darkness, then finally released his grip on her.
  40. sʜɪɴᴏ Today at 9:53 PM
  41. For the time being, she was just being dragged along by Tsuneo like she was some sort of child. But she tried not to think about that. “Everyone it may concern? You mean everyone I know who had the same dream as you and I?” She questioned as they arrived to the small park and around the bench. The strong, firm grip her arm was under had finally been freed at least, prompting her to gently rub the spot his hand gripped with her own fingers.
  43. Xeruon Today at 9:55 PM
  44. "Final condition." He said, sitting down. "Be less presumptuous. Respect is something that is earned, not given." He finished up, breathing deeply as he calmed down. "Ask what you need to ask, then."
  46. sʜɪɴᴏToday at 10:00 PM
  47. “Be less presumptuous? I see....”
  49. Hakai took a moment to collect her thoughts. Each condition sounded fair to her, especially the first and second conditions. She should’ve known stalking this person was a bad idea, yet she still went with it. Her arms crossed as her gaze aimed down to the boy now planted on the bench. “If that’s the case, then this should be relatively easy for the both of us. I just wanted you to tell me about the significance of that dream and why everyone is having it like it’s nothing. Is there a different meaning to it?”
  51. Xeruon Today at 10:01 PM
  52. Tsuneo took a moment to respond. "There is...another world...which is somehow connected to this town. The dream relates to that; it's a warning. I have met the people in it."
  54. sʜɪɴᴏ Today at 10:06 PM
  55. “Another world connected to our town?”
  57. Hakai took a moment to adjust her glasses in response to this shocking discovery. Wrapping her head around that concept now wouldn’t be smart considering she possibly had much more to learn. So, she pressed on forward with her questions. “And you’ve met the people in the dream? You mean to tell me that bizarre looking man with the long nose and the sailor person are real...? Next you’re going to tell me they aren’t even human.”
  59. Xeruon Today at 10:07 PM
  60. "They...aren't. They look human but at the same time, they aren't." He lowered his head. "You are at danger of being pulled into the other world, as well. But that is how I...and others...awakened to a strange power."
  62. sʜɪɴᴏ Today at 10:12 PM
  63. Hakai was definitely interested in this other world now. She continued to speak with confusion in her tone after Kogami was seemingly done with that portion. “You and the others awakened to a strange power? How did that even come to be? I get that having a whole new world connect with this town is supernatural, but powers for humans like us are on a completely different scale. Since we are just that. Humans.”
  65. Xeruon Today at 10:13 PM
  66. "That place..." He gazed up at her, eyes wide. "It enhances you. It gives you the power to do things that are impossible to do here. We may be simple humans here, but in that other world...we are much more than that." He paused a bit, recalling the events. "That power, as far as I understand, is a manifestation of your desire to overcome adversity."
  68. sʜɪɴᴏ Today at 10:18 PM
  69. “A power that manifests due to the desire to overcome adversity?” She locked her gaze with his own widened gaze. “So you’re telling me we can obtain such power in the other world as long as our desire to overcome adversity is strong enough? And that would already be settled upon seeing the dream? I don’t know if that would explain getting randomly pulled into the other world though.....that concept still boggles my mind.”
  71. Xeruon Today at 10:19 PM
  72. "I am not the only person who has awakened this power." He replied. "Everyone who has, has also had the dream."
  74. sʜɪɴᴏ Today at 10:24 PM
  75. “Ah. So everyone who has this dream is destined to awaken to this power. Does that mean your little group already obtained their powers? Along with those girls you were with before? What was her name again? Rin.....right?” She would ask as her index finger would be brought up to gently brush against the skin of her chin.
  77. Xeruon Today at 10:26 PM
  78. "Not Rin, no." He replied. "A lot of others have, though. Lyra-san, Bartender R, Ootsuki-san...those are just a few of them." His tone shifted into a more serious one as his voice seemed to deepen an octave. "It is highly likely that you will find yourself there as well. Find an ornate key, that will be your way out."
  80. sʜɪɴᴏ Today at 10:32 PM
  81. “Bartender R? Ootsuki-san? Lyra? The only person who has the dream that I’m familiar with wasn’t even mentioned. Unless they’re part of the long mental list I don’t doubt you have.” She would reply before shifting her brain towards the other topic. “Though all of this is hard to take in. I’ll find myself there soon enough, but how will I find this key? I assume it’s something I won’t just spot on the ground so casually.”
  83. Xeruon Today at 10:33 PM
  84. "It will be hidden somewhere. It could be on the ground, that's how we found it." He replied. "You might find it hard to believe me, however, I do think those doubts will vanish sooner than you think."
  86. sʜɪɴᴏ Today at 10:39 PM
  87. “Is that so....?” After a second or two of silence, Inosen would release a rather loud sigh as that hand of hers would drag itself up to cup her aching forehead. All of this was a lot to take in and it showed. Definitely showed. “Normally I would just dismiss these statements as ramblings said by a lunatic. But knowing I’ve had this dream and could recall its contents perfectly.....this most definitely is something I can’t ignore. I’m just so confused as to why this had to happen to us. To our town.”
  89. sʜɪɴᴏ Today at 10:46 PM
  90. Hakai looked down at the hand presented to her, before taking it in a firm grip. For a proper handshake of course. “Yes. I deeply apologize for acting like such a nuisance. There is nothing else that deserves the blame but me and me only.’s Hakai. Hakai Inosen. It’s a pleasure to meet you in a more normal fashion.”
  92. Xeruon Today at 10:47 PM
  93. "Good, Inosen-san. If you don't mind, I need to get home for now. Have a good evening." He said as he withdrew his hand. After bowing politely, he turned around and started walking off into the night, soon disappearing around a corner.
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