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  1. [01:31:06] Akane Usagi > hello Major John
  2. [01:31:15] Major John Newbury > o/ how are you today?
  3. [01:31:30] Akane Usagi > good, happy to be in the Panda side of things now
  4. [01:32:13] Akane Usagi > how has QN been? lol
  5. [01:32:57] Major John Newbury > pretty good, almost had the index to 2.6 but they got some mining done
  6. [01:33:34] Akane Usagi > lol i am surprised, the guys that are left there didnt have the balls to mine much with you in the system
  7. [01:34:59] Major John Newbury > its been pretty quiet for them lately. and i had to log for a couple hours to jf some stuff
  8. [01:35:37] Akane Usagi > i am finally settled in over here now
  9. [01:35:49] Akane Usagi > i left F-OFF last week and joined Lorde
  10. [01:36:19] Akane Usagi > I FC the Lotus Fleet for Samm
  11. [01:36:32] Akane Usagi > yes i am still a nerd miner
  12. [01:36:51] Major John Newbury > the ore has to flow for people to have ships to shoot each other with
  13. [01:37:14] Akane Usagi > some of the guys in F-OFF did not get that
  14. [01:37:39] Akane Usagi > i did not feel there was much point in being indy dir there
  15. [01:38:07] Major John Newbury > its easy to tunnel vision into that pvp mentality. many people dont remember that one side fuels the other
  16. [01:38:19] Akane Usagi > yup
  17. [01:40:03] Akane Usagi > its funny, i am now in the corp that blapped my barges that day
  18. [01:41:09] Akane Usagi > Lingoli found the video from it and i am trying to talk him into showing it to me, also trying to talk him into marrying me lol
  19. [01:41:44] Major John Newbury > lol  I wish you luck
  20. [01:42:33] Akane Usagi > ty, its funny, the lorde guys were like holy crap, there is a chic in the FC channel now
  21. [01:43:11] Major John Newbury > LOL it is very interesting how that works
  22. [01:43:34] Akane Usagi > ya, i am enjoying it here
  23. [01:44:22] Akane Usagi > curious to talk to you in comms one day
  24. [01:45:15] Major John Newbury > I am glad you are enjoying your time here. if you ever want to chat pop on down to -ORB chat and look for Gregori Isamov
  25. [01:45:26] Akane Usagi > will do :)
  26. [01:46:10] Akane Usagi > TTFN, Fly Safe :)
  27. [01:46:21] Major John Newbury > TTFN o7
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