We Kain't Decide What to Do Next

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  1. [11:04:31] <Kain> We open today with...
  2. [11:04:53] <Kain> Scouting! Specifically, Nat and Ammy have gone on ahead to see what was the big deal with this 'weaponized cylinder' thing at port.
  3. [11:05:18] <Kain> But first... any preparations?
  4. [11:06:22] <Carlie> Diamond that doesn't actually grant magical invisibility: Check!  That, however, doesn't stop the catgirl from slinking along the shadows on the way there, following Ammy's lead.
  5. [11:06:31] * Amaryllis is putting on her old coat from her and Nat's fishing expedition. A quick application of twilight to turn her hair and eye colors black, but she's hiding her long hair within the coat with the hood up.
  6. [11:07:32] <Kain> Ammy disguises herself as Odes, okay.
  7. [11:07:41] <Amaryllis> I hate you. ;_;
  8. [11:08:16] * Carlie is making that funnier by actually being in the shadows. Which is what an edgy person would do.
  9. [11:08:43] <Kain> Alright then, Ammy wanted to gather some information first, while Nat was going on ahead? Very well then.
  10. [11:09:00] <Kain> I'll need a... Negotiate, I think was what we consolidated Inquiry into from Ammy, and a Stealth from Nat.
  11. [11:09:40] <Carlie> Can I Faith us both?
  12. [11:09:45] <Kain> If you like
  13. [11:10:33] <Kain> Not that ammy needs it, she still has that negotiate-to-perform business
  14. [11:10:36] * Amaryllis touches her admiral's knife in her pocket, feeling more authoritative with its presence.
  15. [11:10:44] <Kain> But the results should be hilarious.
  16. [11:10:44] <Carlie> Huge numbers are funny, take it anyway.
  17. [11:10:48] <Amaryllis> (shush I want my absurd roll)
  18. [11:10:48] <Carlie> 2d6+8 meanwhile!
  19. [11:10:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Carlie, meanwhile!: 11 [2d6=2,1]
  20. [11:10:55] <Amaryllis> 2d6+16
  21. [11:10:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+16: 21 [2d6=4,1]
  22. [11:11:04] <Amaryllis> 1d6+20 reroll 1s
  23. [11:11:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, reroll 1s: 26 [1d6=6]
  24. [11:11:35] * Kain squint
  25. [11:12:08] <Kain> Okay, then, Ammy first.
  26. [11:13:10] <Kain> Ammy goes about asking people what they know about anything odd coming into port lately. And apparently she attracts all the right people, too. Maybe a bit too many people. But a conversation with one man goes as follows.
  27. [11:16:58] <Kain> "You mean that weird metal turd floating in the port? It's the invention of a local 'scientist'. Ehhh... Schweinritter, I think. The nut calls it a 'submarine' and claims it can travel underwater. ...Even if it could, what's the use? The skies are all anyone needs these days. And I think that guy's a little cuckoo anyway."
  28. [11:17:33] <Kain> "Still, I heard he found a buyer, takes all types these days, huh?"
  29. [11:19:11] <Amaryllis> "Really? Someone buyin that sort of thing? I mean, I wouldn't mind usin one to get at the fishes better, but..." Ammy shrugs. "Ya know who?"
  30. [11:20:17] <Kain> The guy thinks a moment. Some rich clientele from eastward, I think. Funny thing, only places out there are Conde Petie and that mage village."
  31. [11:20:20] <Kain> " "
  32. [11:20:28] <Kain> QUOTATION MARKS
  33. [11:21:53] <Amaryllis> "Ya catch a look of the guy?"
  34. [11:24:25] <Kain> He shakes his head. "Nah, fraid not. But they're probably crazy to buy from him, anyway. You probably don't want to get too mixed up in all that, I hear Schweinritter's been doing business with Jules."
  35. [11:25:16] * Amaryllis thinks back to her conversation with Nat. "...funded by stolen jewels, eh?"
  36. [11:26:01] <Kain> "Sssssh, not so loud, eh?" The guy looks around. "But yeah, yeah, that's what people think."
  37. [11:26:21] <Kain> MEANWHILE
  38. [11:26:27] <Carlie> ~
  39. [11:28:01] <Kain> Natalie is bold and brazen today, or else she's just too lazy to sneak properly. But either way it goes, she walks out into Madain Sari's port area. Rather new construction, wooden piers with a few ships docked. However, one of the piers is occupied by something... strange.
  40. [11:29:06] <Carlie> Oh even better than those, it's neither.  She's walking into plain sight thinking she's doing a good job sneaking... maybe she thinks she's invisible but isn't?
  41. [11:31:11] <Kain> It's a rounded cylinder made of some dark metal, about twenty feet long from front to back, with some sort of raise in the middle with a hatch. On the pier nearby the sub, you can clearly see T-1000 and Belle talking with a boar-man with reddish fur wearing a white coat and a monocle. They seem to be arguing, a bit.
  42. [11:32:44] <Kain> T-1000: "What do you mean it isn't ready? Milady has given you plenty of time to prepare your submarine for departure. Do you or do you not wish to be paid?" she asks sternly, holding up a bag of gil. Belle is silent, her arms crossed, and looking at the man.
  43. [11:33:59] * Carlie continues HiPSing. You know, hiding in plain sight? And... actually just circles around to get as close as possible to the sub 'without being noticed.' Considering how well she's doing at hiding today that probably means walking straight behind them and leaning over to it!
  44. [11:34:55] <Amaryllis> (if this is what Nat does on an 11, I wonder what a worse result would be)
  45. [11:34:58] <Kain> The boar-man speaks up, with a sort of thick, squealing accent. "Ah, but I must insist, these preparations cannot vait. Your employer vould not vant an incomplete product, no?"
  46. [11:35:12] <Kain> 2d6+4 Belle's perception
  47. [11:35:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Belle's perception: 11 [2d6=3,4]
  48. [11:35:39] <Carlie> (Hahaha versus a result of 11 huh?  Booyah)
  49. [11:36:10] <Kain> The mime idly looks behind herself when she hears a noise, but it's one of those hilarious comedy sketches where Nat actually just coincidentally walks behind her as she's turning.
  50. [11:36:19] <Carlie> Nin nin~
  51. [11:37:27] * Carlie peers in like a curious cat. Is the hatch open?
  52. [11:38:11] <Kain> Belle shakes her head and turns back to the argument. At this moment you're close enough to the two mages for sticky fingers, even. But that' nooot why you're here! The hatch is -not- open at this time, unfortunately. But you get a better look at the submariine from here. Sheez, that armor looks thick.
  53. [11:39:34] <Carlie> "Mm-hmmm..."  Our sneaky ninja whispers to herself, leaning side-to-side.  Any way to see inside at all?
  54. [11:40:08] <Kain> Schweinritter: "Ladies, ladies, you misunderstand! Thirty more minutes is all I need. I'll go ahead and take the payment from you if you like, though..."
  55. [11:40:22] <Kain> There's an odd extension on top with a glass front...
  56. [11:40:59] <Carlie> Ah-ha!  Then Nat does silly Nat things and tries to get over to peer inside it.  How's she supposed to know what that's for?
  57. [11:41:16] <Kain> T-1000: "You'll do no such thing. No payment until the device is fully in our hands."
  58. [11:41:32] <Kain> Nat hops on to the submarine and walks over, peering into the wrong end of the periscope.
  59. [11:43:07] <Carlie> "How's anyone fit in there..."  She whispers, squinting to peer in with one eye.
  60. [11:43:08] <Kain> You think you can make out... some sort of control room. Four rather cushy seats, a bunch of complicated knobs and switches... A ladder going down from that hatch, and some large, metal doors blocking your view further into the ship.
  61. [11:44:42] * Carlie wobbles around on one leg and taps the side of her tiara. No real reason, just for symbolism while she tries to remember the way the room looks. Which probably wouldn't be possible for the tiara in the first place! "That over there... and that in that spot... got it," in another whisper.
  62. [11:44:45] <Kain> Schweinritter: "Surely you do not expect foul play? Consider it a gesture of good faith." he says to the mage.
  63. [11:45:03] <Kain> 2d6+6 Negotiation from Schweinritter
  64. [11:45:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Negotiation from Schweinritter: 8 [2d6=1,1]
  65. [11:45:15] <Aori_Radidjiu> (...poor guy)
  66. [11:45:23] <Carlie> "Okay, gotta get back to Ammy!"  Nat narrates herself and tiptoes (^) back the way she came.
  67. [11:45:28] <Kain> T-1000: "No is no. Finish your preparations and THEN receive your payment."
  68. [11:46:11] <Kain> Sneak, sneak, sneak.
  69. [11:46:18] <Kain> Somehow you get away unnoticed.
  70. [11:46:32] <Carlie> Sneaking is magic.
  71. [11:48:05] <Aori_Radidjiu> (My little sneaker)
  72. [11:48:26] <Kain> By the time Nat sneaks back to Ammy, she finds... her friend surrounded with quite a few admirers trying to all feed heri nformation at once. Most of it she already knows.
  73. [11:50:28] * Carlie tries to get Ammy's attention from amongst the crowds then! But is... probably too short for that, and has to weave through a bunch of randoms instead.
  74. [11:51:37] <Amaryllis> "Ah, my friend is here. Sorry, sorry, folks. I oughtta be on my way now. Thanks for the help." Ammy tries to disengage from the crowd and get to Nat.
  75. [11:52:04] <Kain> DISENGAGE
  76. [11:52:19] <Kain> A disheartened crowd mills away.
  77. [11:52:58] * Carlie watches the crowd go and then gives her usual goofy thumbs-up. "Found it!"
  78. [11:54:03] <Amaryllis> "Superb work, Nat." Ammy drops the new voice as the crowd disappears. "Shall we find our way back to the others then?"
  79. [11:55:24] <Carlie> "Yuh-huh!  What'sherface was there too, she seemed kinda mad... but I got to see what it looks like inside, so that's PROBABLY good enough."  Nat grabs Ammy in the usual dragging maneuver.  "C'mon, let's go!"
  80. [11:56:58] <Amaryllis> Drag drag drag
  81. [11:57:23] <Kain> And a very short break~
  82. [12:00:56] <Kain> Okay, then.
  83. [12:01:08] <Kain> MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE INN
  84. [12:01:28] * Kain tosses out some girl suits
  85. [12:01:45] <Amaryllis> ("Lenore, zip me!")
  86. [12:02:18] <Theta> "Why is there a zipper -there-?"
  87. [12:02:26] * Theta is now known as Thetina
  88. [12:03:01] <Lenore> ", I'm not sure why that one's there.  Maybe it's a decoration?"  She zips it up anyway.  "Annd...there, all done!  Go look in the mirror~!"
  89. [12:05:07] <Kain> We open back in the inn room where Theta has been struggling to make do with recent... changes. And indeed there is a mirror to get a look.
  90. [12:05:10] * Thetina crosses his. her. whatever's. arms and looks into a mirrior.
  91. [12:06:38] <Kain> One of you describe the new look~
  92. [12:06:54] <Lenore> (Well, it's Zoof's character~)
  93. [12:08:23] * Thetina is wearing an outfit similar to the one Lenore used as a disguise on Ayane's airship.  "This is unbelievably awkward."
  94. [12:09:43] * Lenore grimaces a little. "S-sorry, hopefully you'll get used to it...well, as much as you can get used to it..."
  95. [12:09:50] <Thetina> "...Gives me a funny idea though. Hmmm..."
  96. [12:10:17] <Thetina> "You have anything that could...make a fake tattoo or something?"
  97. [12:10:59] <Lenore> "Like what?"  She rubs her hands together in nervous anticipation.  "A tattoo?  Hm, I could try to intuit one!  Shouldn't be that hard!  What kind do you want?"
  98. [12:11:09] <Lenore> (1,1inb4 tramp stamp)
  99. [12:11:28] <Kain> (The makeup kit might be able to~)
  100. [12:11:35] <Lenore> (Yeah, that too)
  101. [12:11:48] <Thetina> "You know how she...branded them all?"
  102. [12:11:57] <Lenore> (That was gonna' be my fallback)
  103. [12:12:06] <Lenore> "Oh, with numbers?  Yeah, I know!"
  104. [12:12:08] * Thetina sits down.  "Can you do something like that to me?  What number, though..."
  105. [12:12:44] * Lenore ponders a bit. "Hmmm, it should probably be one you know isn't around, so one of the ones back in Treno?"
  106. [12:13:43] <Lenore> "So 404 or 89 or...I forget the other numbers that Vivian and Savannah and Luna have..."
  107. [12:15:15] <Kain> Theta would know that Vivian is T-23, Savannah is T-111, and Luna is T-999.
  108. [12:15:53] <Thetina> "Well, see, the problem with that is I'm not a mage so I can't really...impersonate them that well."
  109. [12:16:34] <Lenore> She ponders a bit, hand to her lips.  "Well, I've done it before, so maybe you should let me do all the talking~?  I'm better at being a girl, too~!"
  110. [12:16:48] <Kain> Ammy and Nat begin to arrive about this time!
  111. [12:17:12] <Thetina> "Maybe something that'd just confuse them? Like a 0? Other than that noooot sure."
  112. [12:17:29] <Lenore> "That'd attract suspiscion, though!"
  113. [12:17:31] <Carlie> Nat creaaaks the door open like the awful ninja she is and peeeeeeeeeeks in.
  114. [12:17:51] <Lenore> "If you want to infiltrate a group, you can't stick out!"
  115. [12:18:55] <Lenore> 2d6+5 Awareness to see how dumb she's being
  116. [12:18:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Awareness to see how dumb she's being: 7 [2d6=1,1]
  117. [12:19:04] * Lenore doesn't notice Nat at all!
  118. [12:19:09] * Thetina scratches his/her head. "I suppose that's true."
  119. [12:19:21] <Carlie> 2d6+6 I want to stealth anyway because this is a hilarious day
  120. [12:19:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Carlie, I want to stealth anyway because this is a hilarious day: 12 [2d6=1,5]
  121. [12:19:33] * Carlie leans ALL the way in.
  122. [12:20:13] <Kain> 2d6
  123. [12:20:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6: 3 [2d6=2,1]
  124. [12:20:15] <Thetina> "Let's go with 111 then, I guess."
  125. [12:20:21] * Amaryllis is standing somewhere behind Nat, her arms crossed and a weary look on her face. She seems like she's about to just push Nat in the room.
  126. [12:20:40] <Kain> Prickles walks by Nat without even seeing her, something weighing heavily on his mind.
  127. [12:20:44] * Carlie looks up to Ammy and shrugs an 'i dunno lol' shrug.
  128. [12:20:56] <Carlie> Then clears her throat loudly.  "A-HEM."
  129. [12:21:00] <Lenore> "Okay!  And I'll guess I'll be 89!"
  130. [12:21:07] <Carlie> "Hi!"
  131. [12:21:22] <Thetina> "Lord have mercy it returned."
  132. [12:21:23] * Lenore jumps, a couple sparks crackling as she does so, then turns around to face Nat!
  133. [12:21:56] <Carlie> "Yup!  And we got all we needed too!  ... Pretty sure."
  134. [12:22:24] * Carlie stifles a laugh at ~Thetina~'s getup and marches in.
  135. [12:22:44] <Lenore> "A-ah, you scared me, Nat!"  Uguu.  She straightens herself out, straightening a few static'd hairs out.  "What'd you find?"
  136. [12:24:04] <Amaryllis> "The inventor calls it a 'submarine'." Ammy saunters in as well, still in her disguise, and closes the door. "He seems to have financed the endeavor with the local stolen gem trade."
  137. [12:24:16] * Thetina just puts on the face hiding hat and grumbles.
  138. [12:24:49] <Lenore> (What's her disguise look like, anyway?  Is it Hanako again?)
  139. [12:25:07] * Amaryllis nods to Nat. "The man that you met with, I mean. It appears to be common knowledge that he deals in such stolen goods, but everyone is afraid to speak of it openly."
  140. [12:25:34] <Carlie> Nat barely doesn't salivate at the word 'gem.'  "Ah-hah... well no wonder!  He could probably beat them all up!"
  141. [12:26:04] <Lenore> "Huh, some inventor guy?  Hmmmm..."
  142. [12:26:20] <Amaryllis> (Nope, Ammy has a different one right now)
  143. [12:26:58] <Amaryllis> (similar dark hair and eyes b/c her intuitive magic options are probably limited there, but she has a fisherman's coat on with the hood up. All her hair is hidden in the coat somewhere)
  144. [12:27:10] <Carlie> "Me, um.... I found what'sherface and her friend- y'know, the ones we," she gestures to Theta, "met not-that-long-ago and got the crystal shard from, yelling at some guy next to what I guess was the thing we were looking for.  Obviously they didn't see me, I'm just too good!"
  145. [12:28:17] <Thetina> "T1000? Hahahaha..."
  146. [12:28:33] <Thetina> "...That makes it worth asking for a T1001 tattoo just to mess with her a little."
  147. [12:29:30] * Lenore is still in her coat from before, she hasn't changed yet since she's been spending this whole time getting Theta dolled up. "O-oh c'mon Theta, be practical! I know it sounds like fun, but fun's for when you're not doing something really really important!"
  148. [12:29:31] * Carlie 'hmms' and tilts her head a bit. "Yeah, I GUESS it's theirs... they were saying something about payment?"
  149. [12:30:25] <Carlie> "But it's okay!  I saw what it looks like on the inside... I'm not totally sure how my magic works but MAYBE if I think of what I saw I can bring us there.  Probably."
  150. [12:31:16] <Amaryllis> "...You mean to teleport us directly within?"
  151. [12:32:23] * Lenore blink blinks! "Ah, I'd better get dress up, then!" She starts rummaging until she gets her formal black mage outfit and starts disrobing immediately, everyone but Prickles is female now, and Prickles probably doesn't give a shit, he's a way different species.
  152. [12:32:36] <Thetina> "Welllll...okay yeah maybe but it depends on the intent.  I guess for now we need to know more. Bleh." She slumps in the chair.  
  153. [12:32:39] <Carlie> "Yup!  ... Or to try at least."
  154. [12:33:13] <Thetina> "Just the tattoo and the eyes's sort of scary how much I look like them."
  155. [12:34:53] * Lenore gets off her leggings after her coat and stuff, now to start putting things on! "Sure! I have the Magus Sisters' items, too, so that can help speed this up." She starts slipping on the dress, then realizes it's meant to be worn braless with built-in cups and FLIPS AROUND TO FACE THE CORNER while she takes THAT off too and then starts getting the dress on.
  156. [12:35:55] <Kain> Prickles is a gentleman and does not look.
  157. [12:36:01] * Carlie blinks a few times and THEN stares at Lenore playing dressup. "Um, so... you're dressing up for this?"
  158. [12:36:39] * Lenore slips the dress on and starts trying to pull that zipper up. "Yeah, in case we have to infiltrate! Y'know?" Ziiiip!
  159. [12:37:54] <Thetina> "If I suddenly find myself bearing a striking resemblance to hundreds of girls in Ayane's service you bet your dumb little tail I'm going to find a way to make use of it."
  160. [12:38:24] <Carlie> "Ohhh."  Nat leaps on a bed and dangles her legs off the side.  "I guess I should sneak in and grab the crystal while you're doing that!  Right?"
  161. [12:39:08] <Amaryllis> "...They had a Crystal Shard?"
  162. [12:39:30] <Kain> The crystal JUST told you that there was a chunk of crystal in the submarine last session, silly.
  163. [12:39:56] * Lenore makes sure it's all on nice and snug and then gets her scrunchie-hat into a bow on the side of her head. "There!"
  164. [12:40:01] * Amaryllis has plopped herself down on the bed to wait for everyone else to finish preparations.  
  165. [12:40:06] <Carlie> "Well, that's what it said..."
  166. [12:40:14] <Lenore> "Okay, so...branding..."
  167. [12:40:36] * Carlie pops back into catmode and practices cleaning herself like a cat.
  168. [12:40:52] <Amaryllis> "Right. Would it be possible to simply escape -in- this...'submarine'? Theta, do you believe you could learn to operate such a machine quickly?"
  169. [12:41:18] * Lenore pulls out the compact, and then hands it to Thetina. "Okay, imagine yourself like you want to be, although it can't change gender, and then stare at yourself in the mirror until you look different! Okay?"
  170. [12:41:44] <Carlie> "3Well if everything screws up we might be able to escape -from- it!  It looked really funky in there and had a lot of weird buttons..."
  171. [12:41:49] <Carlie> "3Nice chairs, though."
  172. [12:42:05] * Lenore uses the scissors to easy-style her hair, and then starts getting her high-heels on~
  173. [12:42:10] * Thetina looks down at it and nods. Then answers Ammy before turning to the mirror.  "I've never even led a wagon before, but, uh..."
  174. [12:42:13] <Thetina> "...SURE?"
  175. [12:42:51] * Thetina looks to the mirror, and thinks...hrrrrm....
  176. [12:42:53] <Amaryllis> "...I shall keep my whiskey handy then." Ammy sighs.
  177. [12:43:18] <Carlie> Also!  Natbuncle spends this time - or maybe the past few minutes because I'm pretty sure eidolons don't have digestive systems - oh god do they? - that is a horrible thing to be thinking about during this --- eating some of the sashimi Ammy prepared FOREVER ago.
  178. [12:43:25] <Thetina> Last minute choice change: T23! And glowy yellow eyes.
  179. [12:44:03] * Lenore stares into the mirror and gets herself an 89~! And then also makes sure to use the scissors to YELLOW her hair~
  180. [12:44:13] * Thetina is now known as T23
  181. [12:44:25] <Amaryllis> (Could Ammy tell from all the talking she did how crowded the docks would be? If a battle happens I don't particularly want to use Shadeblade if it's gonna kill a bunch of civvies :B)
  182. [12:44:33] * T23 twirls around, adjusts the witchy hat. "Alright, let's do this."
  183. [12:45:02] * Lenore also puts the HAND OF TANTALUS away in her bow and pulls out her Lightning Rod~. "Gotta' look more typical mage-y~!"
  184. [12:45:06] <Kain> People are generally avoiding that weird thing in the docks.
  185. [12:45:10] <T23> He/she has tucked the tail away with Lenore's help or something.
  186. [12:45:25] <Kain> Especially when there's a connection to a certain Jasper Jules....
  187. [12:45:26] * Carlie 's tails both flail around! LOSER.
  188. [12:45:38] <Carlie> (swoon)
  189. [12:45:53] <Kain> In any case!
  190. [12:45:57] * T23 grabbyhands at the tantalus hand. "Can I borrow that?"
  191. [12:46:19] <Kain> Are you going to try and teleport into the sub?
  192. [12:46:38] <Lenore> "Sure!"  She forks it over to T23~
  193. [12:46:40] <Amaryllis> (oh you're using that for this section? I wanted to use shadeblade if a battle happens, but that requires food. guess it'll have to be later.)
  194. [12:46:56] <Lenore> (Oh yeah I was gonna' ask which food to use)
  195. [12:47:01] <T23> (Well, trying to blend in...with...a crossbow is .)
  196. [12:47:02] <Lenore> (We could still do it with Earf)
  197. [12:47:07] <T23> (sorta out of place?)
  198. [12:47:19] <Amaryllis> (don't they float?)
  199. [12:47:24] <Carlie> Yeah, the Bunc waits until the others are all dolled up and begins making her magic circle in catmode when they are....
  200. [12:47:35] <Carlie> ... Then probably painfully realizes she can't cast teleport like that.
  201. [12:47:36] <Carlie> SHAME.
  202. [12:48:05] <Lenore> (Oh, and you can ctrl-x the hand off of my page and save it off if you want, Zoof~)
  203. [12:48:09] * T23 makes it into a staff so she looks less conspicuous.
  204. [12:48:16] <Amaryllis> "If you need a more concealable weapon..." Ammy pulls out the admiral's knife. "Would this do?"
  205. [12:48:18] * Lenore noms Beef Pierogi.
  206. [12:48:27] * Lenore or not let's wait
  207. [12:48:30] <T23> (I'll just be borrowing it for this bit so no real need to.)
  208. [12:49:34] <T23> "It's...not particularly...magey?"
  209. [12:49:43] <Lenore> "It's concealable, though!"
  210. [12:50:26] <Amaryllis> "If you wish to be in disguise, why would you be approaching them with weapon drawn?"
  211. [12:50:31] <T23> "...I suppose." gives the staff back, takes hold of Ammy's admirable admiral's blade.
  212. [12:51:03] * Carlie flips in midair and lands on the ground doing a handstand in lolimode. "Okaaay. Lemme know when you're ready, 'kay?"
  213. [12:51:48] <Lenore> (Okay, so what am I nomming Ammy? :3)
  214. [12:51:49] <Amaryllis> "Here, eat this too." Ammy passes out puddings to LEnore and Theta, then lights them aflame.
  215. [12:52:07] <Kain> Prickles: "Pudding? A-at a time like this?"
  216. [12:52:08] * T23 pockets the blade in the belt to end all belts. "Ahem." bashful hat lowering. "r-ready..." nomnom gigapuddy
  217. [12:52:19] * Lenore NOMFs the puddipuddi
  218. [12:52:36] <Kain> You don't have to worry about feeding Prickles anything, by the way! He's a DMPC so he's clearly immune to this shit. ...most of the time.
  219. [12:52:39] <Amaryllis> "The pudding is a traditional ward against shadowy energies. We had it most holidays...back in Lindblum." Ammy says quietly.
  220. [12:52:58] <Amaryllis> (he could still fluff eat some just not consume it mechanically?)
  221. [12:53:09] <Kain> Nom.
  222. [12:53:27] <Kain> Alright, Nat, this is going to take a bit of concentration on your part to get right...
  223. [12:53:32] <Lenore> "This is pretty good~!"
  224. [12:53:40] <Carlie> "Okay... nobody was there when I looked so it's PROBably fine.  Here goes..."
  225. [12:53:41] <Carlie> Got it~
  226. [12:53:46] * Amaryllis seems lost in reminiscence for a moment, then shakes her head. "Here, allow me to demonstrate." She pulls back her hand and draws a dark flame in it, then reaches up to Lenore's face. Oddly, it doesn't burn.
  227. [12:53:59] <Kain> So roll me a 1,1Healing check.
  228. [12:54:03] <Lenore> "I~ see~"
  229. [12:54:17] <Carlie> 2d6+1 ok that's so hilarious I won't even ask to faith
  230. [12:54:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Carlie, ok that's so hilarious I won't even ask to faith: 10 [2d6=5,4]
  231. [12:54:19] * Lenore uses the Compact to put T-89 tattoo on her~
  232. [12:54:23] <Carlie> OR NEED TO PROBABLY
  233. [12:54:35] * Lenore is now known as SluT-89
  234. [12:54:49] <Kain> (T-89 isn't a slut ;_;)
  235. [12:54:50] <Carlie> (hahaha wow now I can't allow myself to NOT try to fit in)
  236. [12:54:59] * Carlie is now known as Bunky
  237. [12:55:26] <T23> (t-89 is gonna sue you for libel through the 4th wall)
  238. [12:55:39] <SluT-89> (I know, it's just a joke about the BMGs)
  239. [12:55:46] * SluT-89 is now known as NoT-89
  240. [12:55:59] <Kain> The teleportation circle fully forms... and whisks you away! You feel some rough turbulence as Nat attempts to teleport you to a place she's seen, but not actually set foot. ...Will it work?!
  241. [12:56:12] <NoT-89> (FIND OUT ON NEXT EPISODE)
  242. [12:56:13] <Bunky> (inb4 "find out next time!" +/session)
  243. [12:56:15] <T23> FUCK NO WE'RE GONNA DROWN.
  244. [12:56:19] * Kain is now known as Schweinritter
  245. [12:56:21] <T23> WELL, THEY ARE
  246. [12:56:40] <Schweinritter> WHUMP
  247. [12:58:36] <Schweinritter> You land on... some very comfortable leather seats. Though not exactly the way you should be sitting. More like in a heap. You find yourself in the interior of the metal submarine, the dashboard in front of you full of electronic gizmos. Instead of being able to see directly out, there's some sort of... screen that's slowly showing what looks like a rough outline of the docks as a line sweeps
  248. [12:58:36] <Schweinritter> clockwise from the middle. A tube with an eyeglass hangs down in front of you all as well, with handles.
  249. [12:58:52] <Schweinritter> You also hear a squeal of surprise and panic.
  250. [12:59:11] * Bunky squeals in surprise and panic in response.
  251. [12:59:29] * Amaryllis turns toward the noise.
  252. [12:59:31] * NoT-89 also squeals in surprise and panic in response!
  253. [12:59:56] <Schweinritter> "V-vat are you doing on my sub?!" comes a heavily accented voice from about five feet back. It's the same scientist Bunky saw before, a red-furred boar-man in a white coat and a monacle. He's just staring.
  254. [13:00:24] <Bunky> "Oh um..."  Wow good thing she's not in catform despite the obviously misleading /nick which I am so sorry for.
  255. [13:00:32] <Bunky> "..."
  256. [13:00:33] <Bunky> "Hi!"
  257. [13:00:44] * T23 slowly stands, lowers hat some and looks down. "U-uhm...sorry."
  258. [13:01:07] <Schweinritter> "You're... not hijackers?" he asks, a bit meekly.
  259. [13:01:20] * NoT-89 gets up as well. "A-ah! Apologies!"
  260. [13:01:47] <T23> "T1000 sent us to keep an...eye on you," she nods to Not-89.
  261. [13:02:00] <Amaryllis> "We're here to inspect the purchase. Sorry for droppin in like this." Ammy tugs at the front of her hood as she straightens up.
  262. [13:02:03] <Schweinritter> "A-ah, but... ah.. that's....."
  263. [13:02:08] <NoT-89> "Yeah, so we're gonna' be best friends for a bit, okay?"
  264. [13:02:33] * Bunky uses everybody's talking as an opportunity to ninja into the shadows.
  265. [13:02:44] <Schweinritter> Schweinritter suddenly looks even more nervous. "I-I'll just go get the payment money, then..."
  266. [13:03:11] <Amaryllis> "Hold it."
  267. [13:03:28] <Schweinritter> He winces in the middle of turning away.
  268. [13:03:31] <Amaryllis> "You're not gonna show us how to operate ths first?" Ammy waves a hand back at the controls.
  269. [13:03:37] * T23 looks over the dashboard, trying to look clueless as to what it does.
  270. [13:03:54] <T23> Any big red buttons labeled 'self destruct?'
  271. [13:04:02] <Schweinritter> Surprisingly, no!
  272. [13:04:15] <Schweinritter> The boar sighs a bit and heads up front. "Alright."
  273. [13:04:44] <Schweinritter> "This vessel is designed for underwater travel, but also combat."
  274. [13:04:49] <Schweinritter> *undervater
  275. [13:05:21] * NoT-89 nods along as he talks, looking around, trying to scrutinize the ship to determine how everything works at a glance. Can I roll Systems?
  276. [13:05:33] <Schweinritter> Feel free to roll systems, any of you able.
  277. [13:05:48] <NoT-89> 2d6+5 ~
  278. [13:05:48] <DiceMaid-9001> NoT-89, ~: 12 [2d6=3,4]
  279. [13:06:11] <T23> 2d6+6 Zut, what about 'DEFEAT GIANT ROBOTS?'
  280. [13:06:11] <DiceMaid-9001> T23, Zut, what about 'DEFEAT GIANT ROBOTS?': 11 [2d6=4,1]
  281. [13:06:35] <Schweinritter> There's a button labeled "GIANT ROBOT" but there's also a sticky note next to it saying "unfinished, do not press"
  282. [13:06:45] <T23> "L-like against...shoopuffs?"
  283. [13:07:19] <Schweinritter> "Shoopuffs, sharks, whale zombies, krakens, Leviathan itself, whichever. You see, under the dashboard ther are handles in front of each seat. Those are ze magic conduits asked for. You cast spells through them."
  284. [13:08:40] <Schweinritter> Indeed, there seem to be some sort of odd... grips in front of each seat.
  285. [13:09:05] <T23> "Oooooooh..."
  286. [13:09:49] <Schweinritter> "Any sort of energy based ability should work through them. Magic, geomancy, sword arts." he instructs.
  287. [13:09:53] <Schweinritter> "Etcetera."
  288. [13:10:37] <NoT-89> "Neat!"
  289. [13:10:45] * Amaryllis stands back for the moment, clearly not understanding the technical stuff as well as Theta or Lenore.
  290. [13:10:52] <Schweinritter> "Piloting it should be simple enough.." he runs you through that a moment.
  291. [13:11:24] <Schweinritter> "Just be mindful, no matter how tough you are, if the sub takes on vater, you have lost the fight."
  292. [13:11:39] <Schweinritter> "There is only so much she can handle."
  293. [13:11:48] * NoT-89 nods. "Got it!"
  294. [13:12:11] <Schweinritter> "Now then... I think I will take my leave...?"
  295. [13:12:24] <Schweinritter> He starts to head towards the ladder.
  296. [13:13:23] <Schweinritter> He mumbles something as he goes. Awareness?
  297. [13:13:39] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3
  298. [13:13:40] <Bunky> 2d6 from who?  From the ninja?  pls say from the ninja
  299. [13:13:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+3: 13 [2d6=6,4]
  300. [13:13:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Bunky, from who?  From the ninja?  pls say from the ninja: 7 [2d6=1,6]
  301. [13:13:46] <NoT-89> 2d6+5
  302. [13:13:46] <DiceMaid-9001> NoT-89, 2d6+5: 12 [2d6=4,3]
  303. [13:14:01] <T23> 2d6+8 PORKY SAY WHAT?
  304. [13:14:02] <DiceMaid-9001> T23, PORKY SAY WHAT?: 15 [2d6=5,2]
  305. [13:14:09] <Schweinritter> Theta hears him~
  306. [13:14:19] <Amaryllis> (holy shit +8?)
  307. [13:14:35] <T23> (Dreamstate.)
  308. [13:14:36] <Schweinritter> Porky says, "How did they find out I vas going to cheat them...? I'll have to reclaim this later."
  309. [13:14:38] <Bunky> (geomancers op)
  310. [13:14:40] <Schweinritter> And out the hatch he goes!
  311. [13:14:53] * T23 giggles.
  312. [13:15:11] <Schweinritter> Meanwhile
  313. [13:15:20] * NoT-89 immediately begins searching for the crystal~
  314. [13:15:21] * Bunky un-ninjas and slips out behind Ammy, headtilting. "Nn? Was he just THAT funny-looking?"
  315. [13:15:35] <Bunky> From behind Ammy.
  316. [13:15:38] <Schweinritter> Theta and Lenore figure out together that the sonar screen can display the view from the periscope instead, folding the periscope into the ceiling.
  317. [13:15:50] <T23> "He's ripping off T1000 and clown sister."
  318. [13:16:11] <Bunky> "Ohhh.  So THAT'S why he was arguing with him... by the way, he was the one who was arguing with them."
  319. [13:16:20] <NoT-89> "Wait, so...hehe."
  320. [13:16:28] * Bunky says this matter-of-factly then leaps at the wall, triangle-jumping off and landing on Ammy's shoulder in catform.
  321. [13:16:34] <NoT-89> "This wasn't meant for them anyway, so we'll just take it ourselves~"
  322. [13:16:45] * T23 looks over to the control console. "So. Let's go then?"
  323. [13:16:57] <Schweinritter> Lenore - You find it easily enough. A room in the back houses a rather big machine that houses a chunk of rainbow-colored crystal in the center.
  324. [13:17:00] <Bunky> "3Yeah.  The crystal's gotta be somewhere, right?"
  325. [13:17:07] <Bunky> "3... Like..."
  326. [13:17:10] <NoT-89> "Found it!  Wow!!!"
  327. [13:17:17] <Amaryllis> "Where could we hide such a vessel?"
  328. [13:17:17] <Bunky> "3... Right there, yeah."
  329. [13:17:23] <Schweinritter> Do you want to go ahead and change the viewport?
  330. [13:17:44] <NoT-89> "Ammy, you wanna' splice 'em together~?"
  331. [13:17:47] * T23 does so, yes.
  332. [13:17:55] <T23> "We could just crash it into Kraken."
  333. [13:17:56] * Bunky leaps out and gives this 'machine' a look.
  334. [13:18:03] <T23> "Kill With one...thing."
  335. [13:18:30] <Amaryllis> "I am not comfortable approaching Kraken's lair without making other preparations first."
  336. [13:18:33] <Schweinritter> You see that Schweinritter is talking with T-1000 and Belle now. ...And T-1000 suddenly looks furious. Schweinritter begins to panic.
  337. [13:18:35] <Bunky> "3Yeah, but then we wouldn't be able to get the stuff he stole, would we?"  :<
  338. [13:18:44] <NoT-89> "I think this thing is using the crystal as a power source!  It'd be difficult to get the crystal out in a hurry..."
  339. [13:19:00] <T23> "We should probably just steal this while we can, figure that out later."
  340. [13:19:02] <Amaryllis> "...And I have a plan involving Ayane that you may be interested in." Ammy glances at the display panel. "But we may wish to make our escape first."
  341. [13:19:08] <T23> "Don't the hypellos got a place down there?"
  342. [13:19:09] * TheSnailishInquisition is now known as Reika
  343. [13:19:12] <Schweinritter> The clown slowly has a look of realization on her face, and holds a hand to her ear, whispering something.
  344. [13:19:37] <Schweinritter> Her body glows for a second, and her sister steps out of Belle's body like a portal.
  345. [13:19:41] * NoT-89 turns around and sees the screen. "Oh! Oh! Yeah, we should go now!"
  346. [13:19:52] <T23> "Alright!"
  347. [13:20:03] * T23 revs up this frier cause we're ready for some grand theft gaia
  348. [13:20:09] * Bunky turns around in sequence and sees it too. "3... Oh. Yyyyeah gogogogo."
  349. [13:20:12] <NoT-89> "...and hope they can't teleport!"
  350. [13:20:27] <Schweinritter> T-1000 drops the bag of gil and begins whipping up a storm of magic around herself!
  351. [13:20:29] <Bunky> Too bad everyone can teleport
  352. [13:20:45] <Schweinritter> The Great Escape
  353. [13:20:58] <NoT-89> (1,1Oh fuck btw Kain can we say Lenore got a sample of cactus juice from the cactus in the hotel while she was dressing up Theta?)
  354. [13:21:11] <T23> (woah lewd.)
  355. [13:21:29] <Schweinritter> Schweinritter goes for the gil while the blue mage is otherwise occupied, but Belle pulls off a roundhouse that knocks him out, before joining the blue mage.
  356. [13:21:37] <Schweinritter> (Sure)
  357. [13:21:43] <NoT-89> ('kay good.)
  358. [13:22:06] <Schweinritter> ALRIGHT THEN
  359. [13:22:16] <Schweinritter> It's time for some...
  360. [13:22:19] <Schweinritter> Ship Combat
  361. [13:22:34] <Bunky> (Oh god if you're using Space's rules my head is already shaking so hard)
  362. [13:22:42] <T23> (L-love triangles? yay)
  363. [13:23:03] * Bunky hops in one of those magic seats that was mentioned, Ruby at the ready. Well how is THAT gonna work?
  364. [13:23:12] <Schweinritter> I'm not using space's rules, in fact I have no idea what I'm using since I didn't see this scenario coming! But we're sure as hell going to roll with it.
  365. [13:23:19] * NoT-89 also magic seats it up~
  366. [13:23:19] <Schweinritter> Okay, so!
  367. [13:23:22] <Bunky> Cute.
  368. [13:24:19] * Amaryllis frowns. "Do you know how to -use- that? It may be safer for a few of us to teleport back to hold them off as one person pilots this vessel to a safer place for later."
  369. [13:24:45] <NoT-89> "Mmmm, maybe!"
  370. [13:24:56] <Schweinritter> The submarine has 2000 HP, 50 ARM, and 50 M.Arm, first off. Its evasion is equal to twice the Systems skill of the pilot. Its accuracy is a flat 6, but that's only needed when torpedoes are involved.
  371. [13:25:05] <Bunky> "3Well when I was looking from the outside, this thing had tough-looking armor... I dunno if it'd matter if they tried to attack us!  ... Would it?"
  372. [13:25:25] <T23> Little does Theta know
  373. [13:25:34] <T23> She's almost as durable as a submarine
  374. [13:25:37] <Amaryllis> "I am not dying of drowning in a bloody tin box."
  375. [13:26:14] <T23> "Worst case scenario I park it on the ocean floor, you all teleport away, and I swim up or something."
  376. [13:26:18] <Bunky> "3Don't worry!"  Buncle beams, tails twitching in her seat.  "3If things start to look bad I can poof us all out!"
  377. [13:26:22] <Amaryllis> "At the least we would force them to divide their fire between ourselves and the submarine."
  378. [13:26:27] <Schweinritter> You may cast spells as normal. In fact, better than normal. The submarine's magic conduits and crystal amplifier automatically twin soul magic passed through them.
  379. [13:26:44] <Bunky> ... So what if it's already twin souled?
  380. [13:27:01] <Schweinritter> Doesn't stack, unfortunately!
  381. [13:27:05] <Bunky> L A M E
  382. [13:27:12] <Schweinritter> However
  383. [13:27:16] <Schweinritter> the Pilot cannot cast magic!
  384. [13:27:45] <Amaryllis> "If it gets to that point, Nat, then it is probably too late to salvage the vessel."
  385. [13:27:50] <T23> That is a fact. Theta is not a mage.
  386. [13:28:33] <Bunky> What 'bout support spells?  Is this thing designed for ONLY attack magic?
  387. [13:28:48] * T23 has absolutely no idea where she's taking this thing, just...down and forward.
  388. [13:29:28] <Amaryllis> (what I'm suggesting, essentially, is to do what zoof said and have some of us fight on the surface to force them to divide their fire and have Theta fight from the submarine while piloting it down to a safekeeping place)
  389. [13:29:51] <Schweinritter> The sub has six torpedoes, which can only do damage to targets in the water. They do Highest Attribute x 6 damage, and can be fired by the pilot. In Theta's case, he can alternately charge one with a shot of Geomancy.
  390. [13:30:12] <Schweinritter> Support spells unfortunately do not work so well.
  391. [13:30:30] <Amaryllis> (can we cast them on the sub if we're outside of it?)
  392. [13:30:34] <Schweinritter> At least not Protect/Shell
  393. [13:30:47] <Schweinritter> Haste would work on yourselves, giving you extra turns, of course
  394. [13:30:50] <Bunky> ~
  395. [13:30:56] <Schweinritter> Fraid not!
  396. [13:31:06] <Bunky> So what about 1,1Wall?
  397. [13:32:16] <Schweinritter> You can't make it large enough to cover the whole sub
  398. [13:32:23] <Bunky> Worth a try!
  399. [13:33:05] <Schweinritter> The sub is also immune to most traditional status effects, except for Stop and Slow.
  400. [13:33:38] <Schweinritter> In any case, we see Theta is wanting to dive, what is the plan for the rest of you? Once we get your plan squared away, then we'll enter combat.
  401. [13:33:54] <Amaryllis> (I said what I suggested above)
  402. [13:34:12] <Schweinritter> (That's why I asked, yes)
  403. [13:34:17] <NoT-89> "Mmm, well, if Ammy leaves I'll be sure to help her, yeah!"
  404. [13:34:39] <Bunky> "3You really want to?  I can't bring you back unless I go myself, so..."
  405. [13:34:44] <T23> (mfw when the makeshift ship combat rules you made are ignored cause everyone just teleports off it olol)
  406. [13:34:49] <Bunky> (^)
  407. [13:34:58] <Amaryllis> (well, that's why I suggested Theta stay in the sub to pilot it down...)
  408. [13:35:20] <Bunky> (Yeah but I still don't see why we can't just... NOT leave it)
  409. [13:35:21] <NoT-89> ", I could stay with Theta and use this ship's magic to give you guys support!"
  410. [13:35:22] <T23> (Which just leaves me w/ 6 torpedos you guys will be up there.)
  411. [13:36:11] <NoT-89> (1,1So that I can Triple Thundara with Twin Spell boost)
  412. [13:37:19] * Bunky looks up with pleading cat-eyes. "3Ammy, you sure? We're probably safer if we stay here and I... heal... somehow..."
  413. [13:38:03] <NoT-89> (Since I'd personally have focus all the time if I'm in the ship because Lenore's not getting hurt, +3 step from specialization, +1 from Lightning Enhancer, +2 from twin spell...that's a +7 to my damage step~)
  414. [13:38:15] <Amaryllis> (we use the +50% damage version of twin soul)
  415. [13:38:37] <NoT-89> (OH)
  416. [13:38:40] <NoT-89> (Okay.)
  417. [13:38:44] <Bunky> (It's been SO long since we twin souled, I totally forgot about that)
  418. [13:38:55] <NoT-89> (That's...well, that actually might be a BIGGER boost)
  419. [13:39:08] <Amaryllis> (it definitely is)
  420. [13:39:22] <Amaryllis> "Heal the submarine?" Ammy raises an eyebrow.
  421. [13:39:33] <Schweinritter> Roll me one more systems check, by the way.
  422. [13:39:36] <Bunky> "3Y'never know until you try!"
  423. [13:39:38] <T23> "Eidolons," she shakes her head.
  424. [13:39:46] <T23> 2d6+6
  425. [13:39:47] <DiceMaid-9001> T23, 2d6+6: 17 [2d6=5,6]
  426. [13:39:48] <NoT-89> 2d6+5 here goes~
  427. [13:39:49] <DiceMaid-9001> NoT-89, here goes~: 14 [2d6=6,3]
  428. [13:40:25] <Schweinritter> Theta notices one more switch, labeled "Crystal Cannon"
  429. [13:40:40] <Bunky> (fucking black mages)
  430. [13:40:42] <NoT-89> (here we go)
  431. [13:41:14] <Schweinritter> 1/session, automatic highest attribute x twice level.
  432. [13:42:16] <Schweinritter> You think this is hooked up to a rather powerful weapon.
  433. [13:42:25] <Schweinritter> There's a joystick next to the switch for aiming.
  434. [13:42:27] <Amaryllis> (oh can Ammy have eaten her own food thing back in the inn? +4 PWR)
  435. [13:42:34] <Schweinritter> (Mhm)
  436. [13:42:59] * T23 takes note of this while things go in slow mo
  437. [13:43:30] <NoT-89> (Already ate Pudding so no powerstacking for me, good thing too, since if I had 24 Pwr with +50% damage I think Kain would start crying)
  438. [13:44:07] <Amaryllis> "I simply think if we are all in this odd boat then we will make it too easy for them to simply aim all their efforts at it and damage or destroy it before it can be piloted to a safer place."
  439. [13:44:43] <T23> "Is that really that important? I mean, we didn't pay for it."
  440. [13:44:51] <Schweinritter> You've notived by now that the three mages have entered the water, each surrounded by some sort of bubble
  441. [13:44:56] <Bunky> "3But we don't know that it's THAT weak!  And besides, would they blow it up when it has the Crystal in it?"
  442. [13:45:18] <Bunky> "3Uhhh..."  The cat nervously looks into the back room.  "3I mean, I really HOPE they wouldn't..."
  443. [13:45:21] * NoT-89 is looking at the monitor. "Well, they could just swim down and retrieve it."
  444. [13:45:52] <Amaryllis> (oh. well. I was trying to go for a way to handle this that didn't waste the shadow-proof food and where it made sense to be able to use shadeblade, but :B)
  445. [13:46:11] <Bunky> (>not asking to launch shadeblade torpedoes)
  446. [13:46:11] <Schweinritter> (You can still shadeblade here, 'dark sword' is included among 'sword arts')
  447. [13:46:16] <NoT-89> (^)
  448. [13:47:01] <NoT-89> Regardless, Lenore is beginning to start up a magic chant since COMBAT is imminent
  449. [13:47:20] <Schweinritter> Indeed it is.
  450. [13:47:52] <Bunky> The cat fucks around with the controls too, really having no clue what the fuck.  Is it... is it even possible to drop a regen on the sub?
  451. [13:48:01] <Schweinritter> Nope ;_;
  452. [13:48:10] <Schweinritter> hm
  453. [13:48:25] <Amaryllis> (yeah I really wanted the surface thing cause...well, a lot of what Nat does is also just NOPE.JPG here)
  454. [13:48:29] <Schweinritter> what magic CAN you use... meteorite I suppose... derp. I'll let you cast cure on the sub, sure.
  455. [13:48:44] <Bunky> Yeah cure's only in not-cat-form
  456. [13:48:52] <T23> (Well, to be fair, Lenore's the only one who really can do much silly here.  I don't really think it's a big deal.)
  457. [13:48:55] <Schweinritter> YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK IT :D
  458. [13:49:03] <Bunky> :D?
  459. [13:49:04] <Schweinritter> All magic works on the sub properly except wall because fuck
  460. [13:49:15] <Schweinritter> Regen is much less effective than normal, though
  461. [13:49:19] <Schweinritter> Only healing 10% per round
  462. [13:49:21] <Bunky> lololol that WOULD have been p. hilarious you gotta admit- actually stuff reflect too because that's bullshit pls
  463. [13:49:52] <Schweinritter> k
  464. [13:50:01] * Bunky does drop a turn 1 Regen though, wynaut.
  465. [13:50:03] <Schweinritter> ALRIGHT I think we're ready to start these shenanigans
  466. [13:50:07] <Schweinritter> any last minute questions
  467. [13:50:43] <T23> (Lemee guess my biome option(s). water.)
  468. [13:50:58] <NoT-89> We can't trance, right?  Right.  Since we can't lose HP as a character.
  469. [13:51:00] <Amaryllis> (do execution, shockwave, etc still work?)
  470. [13:51:13] <Schweinritter> All of the Madain Sari usuals, Theta
  471. [13:51:18] <Schweinritter> which I think I told you before
  472. [13:51:31] <Schweinritter> and no, I suppose you can't
  473. [13:51:37] <Schweinritter> Yes, those work Cast
  474. [13:51:44] <Bunky> (oh yeah good question, if I can executewave I'll just NOT buncle during this)
  475. [13:52:07] <T23> (And geotrance or not I got 6 torpedos?)
  476. [13:52:16] <Amaryllis> (yeah I was gonna ask to teamwork attack at some point)
  477. [13:52:32] <Schweinritter>, damn the torpedoes.
  478. [13:52:53] <Schweinritter> You can use geotrances normally, but you have only six shots of that torpedo damage.
  479. [13:53:44] <Schweinritter> OKAY I THINK WE'RE READY
  480. [13:54:04] <Schweinritter> Boss Fight: Crystal Submarine
  481. [13:54:06] <Schweinritter> ...I mean
  482. [13:54:14] <Bunky> what
  483. [13:54:15] <Schweinritter> Boss Fight: Chell, Belle, and T-1000
  484. [13:54:45] <Schweinritter> (I was going to make you fight the sub today originally)
  485. [13:54:57] <Bunky> (so you... copypasted the boss fight text)
  486. [13:55:00] <Bunky> (you silly, silly man)
  487. [13:55:04] <Schweinritter> (It was a joke)
  488. [13:55:08] <Schweinritter> (goof)
  489. [13:55:10] <Schweinritter>
  490. [13:55:12] <Bunky> (ur goof)
  491. [13:55:18] <Schweinritter> Player Phase
  492. [13:55:31] * NoT-89 is chanting, as said before~
  493. [13:55:58] * Bunky pops out of catmode due to not having hands and does the same thing 'nore does. "Okay... let's try it like this!"
  494. [13:57:19] * T23 focuses on T1000 and tries to have sand from the shore front restrict her advance! Quick Sand! Opposed Finesse!
  495. [13:57:26] <T23> 2d6+5 this is gonna fail miserably :[
  496. [13:57:27] <DiceMaid-9001> T23, this is gonna fail miserably :[: 11 [2d6=5,1]
  497. [13:58:27] <Schweinritter> 2d6+7
  498. [13:58:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Schweinritter, 2d6+7: 15 [2d6=4,4]
  499. [13:58:33] * Amaryllis shakes her head with a sigh and reaches for one of the odd channeling stations. Immediately the shadows cast all around the sub flare to life, dancing to and fro and lashing out violently, but they seem to avoid everyone in the sub. Ammy stares out at the display, pulling sharp tendrils of shadow up from the depths of the ocean toward the three mages.
  500. [13:58:58] <Amaryllis> 2d6+6 darkside shadeblade
  501. [13:58:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, darkside shadeblade: 11 [2d6=3,2]
  502. [13:59:04] <Schweinritter> T-1000 spins around and shoots a bolt of ice at the encroaching sand, freezing it solid!
  503. [13:59:17] <Schweinritter> Hit!
  504. [13:59:40] <Amaryllis> 250 shadow ARM to all foes
  505. [13:59:52] <Schweinritter> (And I should say all of your equipment applies properly)
  506. [14:00:42] <Schweinritter> The shadows tear at the mages through their bubbles, dealing quite the bit of pain.
  507. [14:00:59] <Amaryllis> (actually I should be equipping the blood bracer)
  508. [14:01:13] <Schweinritter> Enemy turns
  509. [14:01:14] <Amaryllis> (we can't take damage from their attacks), so I don't need the extra defense)
  510. [14:01:37] <Schweinritter> Chell casts the same green barrier around herself that Ammy and Lenore bore witness to! Mighty Guard!
  511. [14:02:30] <Schweinritter> T-1000 concentrates, chanting...
  512. [14:03:02] <Schweinritter> Belle visibly draws power from Chell and then fires a blue bolt from her finger tips, that splits into three! Far, far above and ahead of your submarine.
  513. [14:03:24] <Schweinritter> The blue bolts explode into small icebergs, that begin to drift down at the sub's path.
  514. [14:03:56] <Schweinritter> 3#2d6+5
  515. [14:03:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Schweinritter, 3#2d6+5: 13 [2d6=3,5], 12 [2d6=5,2], 11 [2d6=4,2]
  516. [14:04:05] <T23> last one misses
  517. [14:04:19] * Bunky stares at the screen. "Ah... huh."
  518. [14:04:56] * T23 tries to manuever the best she can but gets wedged between two of them!
  519. [14:05:11] <Schweinritter> Belle and Chell begin casting another spell, thanks to Haste, but it doesn't go off. They all keep swimming towards you! As for the icebergs...
  520. [14:05:28] <Schweinritter> 158 and 157 ice damage!
  521. [14:05:38] <Amaryllis> (who's keeping track of submarine HP?)
  522. [14:05:44] <Bunky> (~)
  523. [14:05:46] <T23> (medkitty, duh)
  524. [14:05:57] <NoT-89> (Nat-chan should =^_^=)
  525. [14:06:00] <Bunky> (1785/2000 if 50 ARM/M.ARM is right)
  526. [14:06:02] <Schweinritter> Player turns
  527. [14:06:10] <Amaryllis> (tree I need to teamwork attack~)
  528. [14:06:15] <Bunky> (k~)
  529. [14:06:15] <NoT-89> (here we go)
  530. [14:06:41] <Amaryllis> "Nat, do you have the hang of this bloody contraption?"
  531. [14:07:02] <Bunky> The catgirl flails around.  "Nnnng... there's hardly any space here, how am I supposed to do this?  Can't measure enough to be me...."
  532. [14:07:26] <Bunky> "Um, I'll try to protect us the best I can though!  Take my 13Pearl Light~!"
  533. [14:08:29] <NoT-89> "Desecrators of the planet, thieves of the crystal, ye have been judged, and shall be given thine just reward!  Think upon thine mistakes as ye sink to the bottomless depths of the unforgiving sea!  Take this! 8Triple Thundara Cannon!"
  534. [14:08:31] <Amaryllis> (hey Kain are there any sea monsters out there? Giant fish? Anything like that? :>)
  535. [14:08:31] * Bunky wiggles her leg at the machines and Shells it if we're allowing Shelling now. "Feels weird doing it like this..."
  536. [14:09:07] <T23> (I just head desked cause I realized I fucked up my grim reaper chance :| oh well)
  537. [14:09:15] <Schweinritter> There are certainly some large sea creatures trying to get out of your way.
  538. [14:09:31] <Amaryllis> (are they getting slaughtered by the shadeblade? :>)
  539. [14:09:50] * Schweinritter squints
  540. [14:09:55] <Amaryllis> (:>)
  541. [14:10:13] <Schweinritter> No, they're getting the helllll out of dodge.
  542. [14:10:14] <Amaryllis> "Nat, coordinate with me then!"
  543. [14:10:17] <Amaryllis> (awwwwwwwwww)
  544. [14:10:19] <Bunky> "'Kay!"
  545. [14:10:20] <Amaryllis> (booooooooo)
  546. [14:10:31] <Amaryllis> (noooo funnnnnn alloweddddd)
  547. [14:10:37] <Bunky> (Slaughter isn't fun!)
  548. [14:10:42] <Bunky> (It's 4,1edgy)
  549. [14:10:46] <Amaryllis> (1,1But Black Sky Arise is)
  550. [14:10:49] <NoT-89> 3#2d6+160 Activating Elemental Seal, hitall!  I don't even know how this works with water but let's say that the submarine tosses three little balls of light, similar to mines, which detonate near the trio of mages into electric goodness, conducted through the highly conductive saltwater.
  551. [14:10:49] <DiceMaid-9001> NoT-89, Activating Elemental Seal, hitall!  I don't even know how this works with water but let's say that the submarine tosses three little balls of light, similar to mines, which detonate near the trio of mages into electric goodness, conducted through the highly conductive saltwater.: 170 [2d6=6,4], 165 [2d6=1,4], 170 [2d6=6,4]
  552. [14:10:57] <NoT-89> (btw Elemental Seal destroys Shell 8D)
  553. [14:11:28] <Bunky> (speakin' of make sure to clarify if we ever get hit by not-M.ARM, kainchan~)
  554. [14:11:28] <NoT-89> Annnnd, due to +50%, that's 255, 247, 255
  555. [14:11:40] <Schweinritter> A massive amount of damage to the trio as they're also stripped of their magical protection!
  556. [14:11:53] * T23 concentrates, and tries to conjure up enough air spirits to fire off a torpedo of air from the torpedo chambers at Chell!
  557. [14:11:58] * Amaryllis concentrates again, gritting her teeth wincing as she uses her whole body as a conduit for the shadow energy pouring into the sub.
  558. [14:12:03] <Schweinritter> A pearly light also appears around the sub.
  559. [14:12:04] <Amaryllis> 2d6+6 teamwork darkside shadeblade
  560. [14:12:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, teamwork darkside shadeblade: 17 [2d6=6,5]
  561. [14:12:12] * Bunky pouts a little. "Ammy, be careful..."
  562. [14:12:27] <T23> 2d6+7
  563. [14:12:27] <DiceMaid-9001> T23, 2d6+7: 12 [2d6=2,3]
  564. [14:12:28] <Bunky> 2d6+5 teamwork... oh hell let's shockwave why not
  565. [14:12:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Bunky, teamwork... oh hell let's shockwave why not: 12 [2d6=4,3]
  566. [14:12:31] <Schweinritter> Hit!
  567. [14:12:36] <Schweinritter> Bunky...
  568. [14:12:43] <Amaryllis> Quick swap to Blood Bracers by the way.
  569. [14:12:51] <Bunky> DW applies, right~?
  570. [14:12:54] <Amaryllis> (it'll work on T-1000 at least, right?)
  571. [14:12:56] <Schweinritter> It does.
  572. [14:12:59] <Bunky> 1d6 reroll 3
  573. [14:13:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Bunky, reroll 3: 5 [1d6=5]
  574. [14:13:18] <T23> 137 if that hit.
  575. [14:13:19] <NoT-89> WELL THERE YOU GO
  576. [14:13:26] <Schweinritter> Subway, eat fresh
  577. [14:13:59] <Schweinritter> The torpedo resembles a much more primitive version of the missle you recovered from the War Mech, designed to propel itself through the water.
  578. [14:14:23] <Bunky> Yeah, 90 Earth M.ARM on all of them then as Nat tries to fire LASER BEAMS from the sub... or it looks like it, but she's probably just slinging them out herself.
  579. [14:14:26] <Schweinritter> As it slams into Chell, it explodes into a torrent of wind, making her bubble pop briefly. She flails, but it reforms after a moment, and she continues on.
  580. [14:14:37] <Schweinritter> pew
  581. [14:14:49] <Amaryllis> The tendrils of shadow reach up again, lashing the mages in place to be hit by Nat's shockwave. 262 shadow ARM to the mimes, 524 shadow ARM to T-1000 if she counts as humanoid.
  582. [14:14:49] <Schweinritter> The lasers sweep through the water, blasting the lot of them!
  583. [14:15:09] <Amaryllis> And interrupts slow actions! Deactivates monster abilities or something? YEah that stuff.
  584. [14:15:18] <Schweinritter> Tiny bubbles explode from T-1000's air bubble as she screams, Chell and Belle are indeed not as badly effected.
  585. [14:15:46] <Amaryllis> (are you suuuuure there are no dead sea monsters for me to necromance after that~?)
  586. [14:16:07] <Schweinritter> 1d100 shenanigans
  587. [14:16:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Schweinritter, shenanigans: 41 [1d100=41]
  588. [14:16:14] <Bunky> (I can SMELL how much of a jerk you are across the internet)
  589. [14:16:19] <Schweinritter> 1d100 more deciding
  590. [14:16:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Schweinritter, more deciding: 4 [1d100=4]
  591. [14:16:39] <Schweinritter> Okay, sure, some poor giant whale was  slaughtered for getting too close. ;_;
  592. [14:16:43] <Schweinritter> hroooooo
  593. [14:16:58] <Bunky> YOU KILLED BISMARCK YOU ASSHOLE
  594. [14:16:59] <NoT-89> (you bastard)
  596. [14:18:49] <Schweinritter> Okay, so who's left?
  597. [14:19:13] <Amaryllis> I think we've all gone now?
  598. [14:19:16] <Bunky> 1,1Mr. Prickles
  599. [14:19:34] <Schweinritter> Prickles doesn't have one of those fancy magic conduits. ;_;
  600. [14:19:58] <T23> he doesn't?
  601. [14:20:00] <T23> theta's driving.
  602. [14:20:01] <T23> how's that work.
  603. [14:20:20] * Bunky forces him in her lap then. :>
  604. [14:20:30] <Schweinritter> He'd have to sit in your lap. There's a conduit in front of each seat, and you can actually navigate from any of the four seats as well.
  605. [14:20:37] <Schweinritter> welll that works.
  606. [14:20:40] <Bunky> 10 WHOLE SECONDS
  607. [14:20:48] <Schweinritter> Prickles casts a spell!
  608. [14:20:50] <Schweinritter> ....
  609. [14:20:51] <Schweinritter> casting.
  610. [14:20:54] <Schweinritter> Enemy turns
  611. [14:21:16] <Schweinritter> All three of the mages had their spells interrupted! If you could see the fury on T-1000's face from here. Oh wait, you can. There's a zoom feature.
  612. [14:21:19] <Schweinritter> >:C
  613. [14:21:21] <Schweinritter> she mad.
  614. [14:21:36] <T23> "Yup. Sure is angry."
  615. [14:21:37] <Schweinritter> So mad, in fact, she spends her whole hasted turn casting...
  616. [14:22:08] <Schweinritter> 2d6+600
  617. [14:22:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Schweinritter, 2d6+600: 611 [2d6=6,5]
  618. [14:22:29] <Amaryllis> (divert spell pls)
  619. [14:22:33] <Schweinritter> The entire ocean goes white, for a second, leaving the submarine and the three mages sillouhetted briefly as completely black shadows.
  620. [14:22:35] <Bunky> (yeah I was just about to ask)
  621. [14:22:43] <Bunky> (BUT THEN AGAIN I was the one who said reflect was too OP_
  622. [14:22:47] <Bunky> (I brought this on myself)
  623. [14:22:56] <Schweinritter> A supernova ripples towards the sub!
  624. [14:23:09] <Amaryllis> (divert spell could be an exception? it's a one-time effect)
  625. [14:23:14] <Bunky> "Oh crap!  What's th-"
  626. [14:23:30] <Schweinritter> 1d100 nicety?
  627. [14:23:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Schweinritter, nicety?: 78 [1d100=78]
  628. [14:23:31] * Bunky puts the GM in a compromising position by flashing her ruby at the screen ANYWAY and seeing what happens, then!
  629. [14:23:45] <Schweinritter> The gods of dice say... "Nice try."
  630. [14:23:54] <T23> Them some edgy gods.
  631. [14:24:03] <Bunky> They say one should not speak unkindly of ruby laser cats.
  632. [14:24:06] <T23> (get it. cause dice got edges.)
  633. [14:24:10] <NoT-89> They sa- fuck
  634. [14:24:20] <Schweinritter> You don't have quite enough time to react as the whole submarine is shaken by a powerful impact.
  635. [14:24:46] <Schweinritter> An alarm briefly goes off. 4,0Whoooo. Whooooo. Whoooo. before shutting back off.
  636. [14:25:00] <T23> "I think that means drinks are going to be served soon."
  637. [14:25:22] <Bunky> "Ah heh heh... this thing's too big, I can't Reflect it all at once.  Oopsies~"
  638. [14:25:23] <T23> "IN HELL." she prepares to fire a torpedo.
  639. [14:25:25] <Amaryllis> "Oh bloody hell maybe I am glad not to be the one getting hit."
  640. [14:26:05] <Bunky> (it's ok we still have 1505)
  641. [14:26:11] <Schweinritter> The sisters look at each other, nod and begin slowly mimicing the movements T-1000 made before casting that spell.
  642. [14:26:13] <NoT-89> (Thank goodness for Shell)
  643. [14:26:32] <NoT-89> (...oh man do I wish I hadn't used Quick spell now.  oh well)
  644. [14:27:00] <Schweinritter> Double Mime!
  645. [14:27:21] <Schweinritter> They draw power from each other as the ocean flashes white again!
  646. [14:27:24] <Bunky> "Should I... try... again?"
  647. [14:27:31] <NoT-89> "Yes."
  648. [14:27:34] * Bunky ruby flashlights at the monitor again aaaaaaaa.
  649. [14:27:39] <NoT-89> "P-please"
  650. [14:27:58] <Bunky> "C'mon 4Ruby Overload!!  At least cover us from the front..."
  651. [14:28:08] <Schweinritter> Roll...
  652. [14:28:10] <Schweinritter> Hm
  653. [14:28:14] <Bunky> ATHLETICS?
  654. [14:28:14] <Schweinritter> What's a good skill to call on, here.
  655. [14:28:27] <Amaryllis> (can we make it work via twin soul?)
  656. [14:28:29] <Bunky> ... Nature?
  657. [14:28:37] <Schweinritter> Polishing!
  658. [14:28:51] <NoT-89> (notbad)
  659. [14:28:54] <Bunky> 2d6+6 hahahaha somehow I knew that was going to- btw everything Nat has that matters is the same # anyway lol
  660. [14:28:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Bunky, hahahaha somehow I knew that was going to- btw everything Nat has that matters is the same # anyway lol: 16 [2d6=6,4]
  661. [14:29:27] <Schweinritter> PING, PING
  662. [14:29:38] <Schweinritter> The shockwaves are suddenly reflected by a glare of red in all the white!
  663. [14:29:53] <Bunky> "... Did it work?"
  664. [14:30:16] <Schweinritter> The mages are ripped into once more, though their Supernovas as much weaker, it still hurts quite a bit without their shell!
  665. [14:30:27] <Schweinritter> T-1000 looks like she's getting woozy.
  666. [14:30:41] * Bunky blows a raspberry at the screen. "Nyuh! Take THAT!"
  667. [14:31:02] <Bunky> "Wooow, that was a lotta space to cover at once... my forehead kinda hurts."
  668. [14:31:04] <Amaryllis> "Well done, Nat."
  669. [14:31:22] <Schweinritter> Chell and Belle spend the rest of their turns getting ready to cast...
  670. [14:31:25] <Schweinritter> Player Phase
  671. [14:31:32] * Bunky nods a little. "Thanks! But I'll stick to healing before I get a headache."
  672. [14:31:46] * NoT-89 starts up a spell!
  673. [14:31:51] * Amaryllis begins chanting her own spell.
  674. [14:31:58] * Bunky begins a slow action. Even the player doesn't know what it is yet!
  675. [14:32:02] * T23 fires a torpedo at Chell!
  676. [14:32:03] <T23> 2d6+6
  677. [14:32:04] <DiceMaid-9001> T23, 2d6+6: 16 [2d6=6,4]
  678. [14:32:09] <T23> 142 damage
  679. [14:32:16] <Schweinritter> Prickles casts Stop on T-1000!
  680. [14:32:20] <Schweinritter> 2d6+3
  681. [14:32:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Schweinritter, 2d6+3: 9 [2d6=4,2]
  682. [14:32:23] <Schweinritter> 2d6+4
  683. [14:32:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Schweinritter, 2d6+4: 8 [2d6=3,1]
  684. [14:32:30] <NoT-89> (noice)
  685. [14:33:06] <Schweinritter> The magegirl is surrounded by a clock briefly, which grinds down to a halt.
  686. [14:33:17] <Schweinritter> She suddenly finds herself rooted to the spot, unable to continue pursuing!
  687. [14:33:42] * Bunky pats Prix on the spiny cactus head. "Oh hey... never thought of that."
  688. [14:34:02] <T23> "I -tried- but didn't work as well..."
  689. [14:34:07] * NoT-89 gives Prickly a wink
  690. [14:34:12] <Schweinritter> Chell and Belle exchange glances, long enough for the former to get rocked with another direct hit from a Torpedo!
  691. [14:34:19] <Schweinritter> Prickles: "I-it actually worked..."
  692. [14:35:29] <Schweinritter> Enemy Phase
  693. [14:36:37] <Schweinritter> Chell is looking more annoyed than hurt, despite all the damage she's taken. You see a black trail coming out of her bubble somewhat like blood, and sharks begin to circle nearby, but don't approach further.
  694. [14:37:45] <Schweinritter> The two girls nod again at each other, and begin spinning toward the sub, picking up speed.
  695. [14:38:36] <Schweinritter> As they spin... their skin seems to rip away, and trails of red hair float away into the sea.
  696. [14:40:42] <Schweinritter> They suddenly stop, still swimming towards the sub, but at a much faster speed. They've... changed in appearance! While still wearing their makeup and the same clothes, the rest of their skin has taken on a shiny, black-purple gleam, their teeth sharp and pointed, and their eyes a deep green. A single bat-like wing on each of their backs looms over a black, forked tail they both have.
  697. [14:41:42] <Schweinritter> In this new form, they don't even look at each other as they begin to swim, synchronized towards the sub, and lash out with magic at the same time!
  698. [14:42:19] <NoT-89> 1,1Can I Counter: Magic or does that have to actually physically hit me?
  699. [14:42:20] <Bunky> "So um, can you make it go any faster?"
  700. [14:42:22] <Schweinritter> A white flash attempts to remove the sub's protective barrier!
  701. [14:42:45] <Schweinritter> (No counter magic in this case, I think)
  702. [14:42:47] <T23> "Oh great they turned into demons."
  703. [14:42:56] <NoT-89> ('kay)
  704. [14:43:03] <Bunky> "Is that what that's called?"
  705. [14:43:06] <Schweinritter> 2d6+7 Nat, opposed Finesse.
  706. [14:43:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Schweinritter, Nat, opposed Finesse.: 9 [2d6=1,1]
  707. [14:43:12] <Schweinritter> gorram
  708. [14:43:13] <Amaryllis> (lol)
  709. [14:43:13] <Bunky> 2d6+9 lol sure
  710. [14:43:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Bunky, lol sure: 12 [2d6=1,2]
  711. [14:43:18] <Bunky> pfffffffffffffffff
  712. [14:43:26] <Schweinritter> dicemaid
  713. [14:43:58] <Schweinritter> Belle lashes out, freezing an entire swath of ocean in the direction you're heading, creating an enormous wall.
  714. [14:44:11] <Schweinritter> 2d6+5
  715. [14:44:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Schweinritter, 2d6+5: 11 [2d6=3,3]
  716. [14:44:28] <Schweinritter> (That's an acc check, btw)
  717. [14:44:28] <NoT-89> (Thaaaat's a miss I think)
  718. [14:44:37] <Bunky> (6*2=12)
  719. [14:45:01] <Schweinritter> You manage to turn your path in time to avoid hitting it, but the way forward is now blocked by the constantly expanding wall...
  720. [14:45:20] <T23> "I hate everything."
  721. [14:45:33] * T23 grumpyfaces >:<
  722. [14:45:57] <Schweinritter> The sisters are much faster in this form, soon catching up with the submarine. They come down on it hard, attempting to attack it directly!
  723. [14:46:03] <Bunky> (... So Shockwave doesn't OFFICIALLY have its 'destroy objects' thing anymore buuuut...)
  724. [14:46:11] <Schweinritter> 2#2d6+5 Teamwork
  725. [14:46:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Schweinritter, Teamwork: 14 [2d6=5,4], 9 [2d6=2,2]
  726. [14:46:20] <Schweinritter> 1d6 twin soul reroll
  727. [14:46:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Schweinritter, twin soul reroll: 3 [1d6=3]
  728. [14:46:25] <Bunky> (brofist dicemaid)
  729. [14:46:34] <Schweinritter> Of course, they fumble up their attack and hit each other.
  730. [14:46:37] <Schweinritter> Player Phase
  731. [14:47:10] * Amaryllis finishes chanting her spell and closes her eyes, reaching out through the murky water with her mind. Black Sky! Arise! How many minions can I raise? :D
  732. [14:47:44] <Schweinritter> 2d6
  733. [14:47:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Schweinritter, 2d6: 4 [2d6=1,3]
  734. [14:47:59] <Schweinritter> A whale, a couple of sharks...
  735. [14:48:24] <NoT-89> "Ocean, hear my call!  Aid us in our escape and purge those who would disrupt your waters! Halt my foe's advance!  2Wateraga!"
  736. [14:48:33] <Bunky> "Okay, you can have the seat..."  The girl leans forward with Mr. Prickles on her lap and then POOF, a green cat's on top of him instead.  "3Or at least half of it!  I wanna try something now."
  737. [14:49:01] <NoT-89> 2d6+120 Hit both *50% Water M. ARM, dunno' if I get a circumstantial bonus or anything
  738. [14:49:01] <DiceMaid-9001> NoT-89, Hit both *50% Water M. ARM, dunno' if I get a circumstantial bonus or anything: 125 [2d6=4,1]
  739. [14:49:18] <NoT-89> 187
  740. [14:49:21] <Schweinritter> Oof!
  741. [14:49:41] <Schweinritter> You get +2 damage steps to that, this being the ocean.
  742. [14:49:54] <NoT-89> A strong current assaults the two twins, along with a bunch of violently popping bubbles
  743. [14:49:56] * Bunky NOW drops a Regen on the sub. It's one of those 'we're winning so hard, might as well do silly tactics because what is there to lose?' sorts of things.
  744. [14:50:02] <NoT-89> Okay good and I also forgot Focus the first time woops
  745. [14:50:07] <Schweinritter> Speaking of popping bubbles
  746. [14:50:25] * T23 focuses, attempting to part an opening in this wall, if only long enough for them to slip through! Back Alley! toodumb?
  747. [14:50:31] <NoT-89> So it's actually 185*1.5 = 277
  748. [14:50:35] <Schweinritter> The currents pop the protective bubbles of the sisters, and this time they aren't reforming very well.
  749. [14:50:41] <Amaryllis> A burst of shadow comes from Ammy and the sub then, quickly finding its way to the whale and sharks and seeping into their corpses. They shudder and reanimate as Ammy directs them to attack the mimes.
  750. [14:50:50] <NoT-89> (yes)
  751. [14:51:02] <Schweinritter> What's Bunky doing?
  752. [14:51:03] <NoT-89> (I knew Wateraga would be worth it~)
  753. [14:51:10] <Bunky> Transform and then Regen.
  754. [14:51:20] <Schweinritter> (Oh, right)
  755. [14:51:29] <Bunky> And sitting on top of Prickles.
  756. [14:51:41] <Schweinritter> The submarine... does seem to be slowly pulling itself back together.
  757. [14:52:00] <Schweinritter> Prickles has a cat on him what does he even do? Sweatdrop furiously, probably.
  758. [14:52:07] <Schweinritter> Hm....
  759. [14:52:09] <Bunky> "3This is weird!  But lessee, if I do my magic like this... and that over there... there we go~"
  760. [14:52:13] <Amaryllis> Does Theta's thing work? If not, Ammy's gonna try piercing the wall of ice with a darkside.
  761. [14:52:14] * NoT-89 starts another spell, of course~
  762. [14:52:16] <Schweinritter> The wall of ice parts for just a moment...
  763. [14:52:25] <Schweinritter> long enough for the submarine to get through, before closing.
  764. [14:52:37] <Schweinritter> The twins look around, a lack of air bubble, and undead minions coming for them...
  765. [14:52:49] <Schweinritter> And they take off back towards the surface, and to T-1000.
  766. [14:53:07] <Schweinritter> Nice Abscond!
  767. [14:53:10] * NoT-89 stops chanting, then! "Whew!"
  768. [14:53:27] <Bunky> Is it one of those victories where the fanfare plays as usual or does it just go straight to exp screen without the BGM changing?
  769. [14:54:05] <T23> Bitch we just ran from battle. "Well, if we were above land..."
  770. [14:54:09] <Schweinritter> No victory fanfare, of course. But you do get exp... Two of them, in fact, and two destiny points!
  771. [14:54:14] <NoT-89> ~
  772. [14:54:17] <T23> "...That would have been a much shorter exchange!"
  773. [14:54:20] <Bunky> K y a !
  774. [14:54:59] <T23> "Where are we going anyway?"
  775. [14:55:00] <Bunky> "3I dunno!  It doesn't feel like we got all that hurt..."
  776. [14:55:05] <Amaryllis> "Now what?"
  777. [14:55:14] * Bunky hops out of her seat and into Ammy's lap. "3Oh, Ammy! You okay?"
  778. [14:56:11] * Amaryllis winces and groans as Nat lands on her lap. "I shall be fine. But I wouldn't mind a bit of healing."
  779. [14:56:36] <T23> "I didn't think this far ahead. Where are we..."
  780. [14:57:11] <Bunky> It's okay, she barely weighed very much as a human so it's like getting an actual cat in your lap!  ... Actually, come to think of it, that IS what it is.  She hands over some free regens anyway because ~eidolons~.
  781. [14:57:29] <Bunky> What's that?  Body & Soul?  FUCK WHITE MAGES CATS 4LYF
  782. [14:57:32] <Amaryllis> "We should find a cave or alcove to hide this vessel in. We can return for it later once we have a plan to approaching Kraken's lair."
  783. [14:57:49] <NoT-89> "That's a good idea, Ammy~!"
  784. [14:57:51] <Bunky> "3Yeah... that was pretty easy to just steal this thing.  Even I didn't think it was gonna be like that!"
  785. [14:58:04] <Bunky> "3But we came for the Crystal, right?  Can we... even talk to it like this?"
  786. [14:58:56] <Amaryllis> "We should remove it as we leave, so even if someone else were to find it, they would not be able to power it."
  787. [14:59:17] <Amaryllis> This is, of course, presuming the damned thing doesn't just fall apart the moment we remove the Crystal or something like that.
  788. [15:00:09] <Bunky> "3I wonder just how much Crystal that really is..."  The Bunc scratches herself and licks a paw a couple times.  "3It's kinda weird to think my mission's as far along as it is now, huh?"
  789. [15:00:14] <Schweinritter> Hm... Ten minute break?
  790. [15:00:19] <T23> "I don't think it's the best idea to just leave it unmanned in the middle of the ocean somewhere..."
  791. [15:00:23] <Schweinritter> (At least on my part)
  792. [15:01:19] <Amaryllis> "Then where else would we keep it?"
  793. [15:01:21] <Bunky> (That gives me time to get up and really, really slowly walk to my kitchen to get coffee)
  794. [15:01:28] <Bunky> (And forget about what I was doing halfway through)
  795. [15:03:33] <T23> "Dunno.  This thing seems pretty useless to be honest if you have no idea...where you are."
  796. [15:05:16] <Amaryllis> "Kraken himself has a Crystal Shard, does he not? We can simply find our way there by asking the Crystal for guidance." (probably should pause for a moment so Kain can have the Crystal respond letting us know if that's doable or not)
  797. [15:05:35] <Bunky> (damnit now I have to backspace because you said everything I was saying anyway)
  798. [15:08:13] <Schweinritter> (Back)
  799. [15:09:25] <Schweinritter> The crystal speaks up. 4,0That should be possible, once the larger pieces are reunited.
  800. [15:10:23] * Bunky climbs over to Ammy's shoulder. "3So you want us to just... smash the pieces together right here? Can we do that?"
  801. [15:13:17] <Schweinritter> The chassis holding the other chunk of crystal seems to be large enough to allow a bigger power supply inside.
  802. [15:14:50] * Bunky looks back and forth between the two of them and then comically flails at trying to pick the Crystal they brought with them up in her paws. It's PROBABLY too heavy for that to work... plus there's the whole 'getting used to being able to transform again' thing.
  803. [15:15:51] * NoT-89 helps Bunky out and picks it up herself and then lego~
  804. [15:18:05] * Bunky backflips into girlmode anyway.
  805. [15:19:44] <Schweinritter> LEGO
  806. [15:20:07] <Schweinritter> The two pieces merge together, and there's a shockwave of light powerful enough to throw you all backwards.
  807. [15:20:54] <Schweinritter> The fused crystal, a noticibly blue-purple thing with small glints of other colors, begins to glow and vibrate...
  808. [15:21:06] <Bunky> "Oof!"
  809. [15:21:41] <Schweinritter> The room fills with a vision across the world, as something changes...
  810. [15:21:43] <Schweinritter> CUT TO WORLD MAP
  811. [15:21:58] <Amaryllis> "Ugh..." Ammy gets back up to her feet and shuffles up closer to the crystal.
  812. [15:22:02] <NoT-89> (ohboy)
  813. [15:22:19] <T23> "Oh lord what have you done."
  814. [15:22:22] * NoT-89 gets up, pulling up the bust of her dress to make sure it didn't get loose or anything.
  815. [15:22:31] <Bunky> "I think we put the Crystal together?"
  816. [15:23:38] <Schweinritter> Trees begin to sprout around Durandal, the forests spreading rapidly across the dry landscape. Not normal trees, but gigantic, tropical ones with dripping ferns and enormous canopies. Vines slither across the branches, and the humidity rapidly changes.
  817. [15:23:58] <Schweinritter> (You're all seeing a vision of this courtesy of the crystal, to make that clear)
  818. [15:25:25] <Schweinritter> The jungle rapidly spreads southward across the continent where barren land once stood. Mountains become the only bastions of clear land as Seaways Canyon is filled with rivers and rainforest.
  819. [15:27:04] <Schweinritter> In Lesetira, an enormous tree with several different trunks and branches with huge fruit begins to grow over the Wind Shrine.
  820. [15:27:33] <T-23> "This is...a...good...thing?"
  821. [15:27:46] <T-23> "Well maybe not for the food chains of the ecosystems there but."
  822. [15:27:52] * Bunky rubs her Ruby and sits down in the floor, legs positioned like a cat's. "I... hope so."
  823. [15:27:55] <Schweinritter> The view zooms out a bit, and you see the entirety of the forgotten continent is now covered... in a jungle, a landtype nearly unseen in Gaia.
  824. [15:28:26] <Bunky> "Eiko told me to put these guys together and she wouldn't say that if it was a BAD thing... right?"
  825. [15:28:35] <Amaryllis> "I know stories of such great jungles. The world must once have held them, but they dwindled under Gaia's assault by Terra."
  826. [15:30:02] <Schweinritter> The vision fades, slowly.
  827. [15:30:19] <T-23> "Okaaaay..."
  828. [15:30:23] <NoT-89> "Wow, so that's what reforming the crystal can do, huh?"
  829. [15:31:08] <Bunky> Nat jumps up.  "Jun-gull... huh?  Well, I guess that was supposed to happen!  Feelin' any better, Crystal?"
  830. [15:31:20] <T-23> "What's it been doing till now then, I wonder."
  831. [15:31:36] <Schweinritter>
  832. [15:31:44] <Schweinritter> (Playing during all of this)
  833. [15:32:05] <Reika> (>not We Form in Crystals)
  834. [15:32:08] <Bunky> (^)
  835. [15:32:25] <T-23> (>not Call me Maybe)
  836. [15:32:32] <Bunky> (get outta here)
  837. [15:32:55] <T-23> (>not The Thong Song)
  838. [15:32:59] <Schweinritter> 12,0Much better...
  839. [15:34:16] <Bunky> "Good!"  She gives her wacky thumbs-up.  "I barely get what just happened but that's totally what we're supposed to be doing, right?"
  840. [15:35:01] <Schweinritter> 12,0You have done well, chosen heroes, although there is little reward the planet itself can give, life is returning to places where it once lacked.
  841. [15:37:13] * Bunky plops back down on the floor. "Well I got my powers back and my memories are a little less-screwy-than-normal, so I dunno what else I'd even ask for! I'm just happy I CAN be giving life back to the planet, being... y'know, me and all."
  842. [15:37:14] <T-23> "Can it give us directions?"
  843. [15:37:51] <NoT-89> "Ah, did you get anything back from the crystal reforming there?"
  844. [15:38:08] <Schweinritter> Bunky did... not get a memory this time.
  845. [15:38:12] * Amaryllis looks to Nat as well, wondering this.
  846. [15:38:17] <Bunky> "Hmm...."
  847. [15:38:20] * Bunky looks up a bit.
  848. [15:38:23] <Bunky> "I think..."
  849. [15:38:27] <Bunky> "... Nope!"
  850. [15:38:34] <NoT-89> "Aww..."
  851. [15:38:40] <Amaryllis> "Oh." Ammy slumps a bit.
  852. [15:39:04] <Schweinritter> 12,0It was the memory of the world itself that came forth this time.
  853. [15:39:46] <Amaryllis> "Of this world? Or of worlds beyond this one? Surely there must be some effect of bringing together shards from the crystals of many different worlds."
  854. [15:39:54] * Bunky sits up straight. "Oh, I get it! Hee... well, can't be me ALL the time. Mine are all inside me anyway, right, Ammy?"
  855. [15:40:17] <Schweinritter> 12,0That is true... the jungle that was resurrected is not entirely of Gaia.
  856. [15:40:58] <T-23> "If there's an effective difference it's dificult to say," shrug.  
  857. [15:41:39] <Amaryllis> "Memory is a mysterious thing, Nat." Ammy pets her head.
  858. [15:41:42] <Schweinritter> 12,0Pieces of other worlds will likely be adopted, in giving the main crystal back its shape and power. There may be new structures within the folds of those lands, brought from the distant past.
  859. [15:41:46] <Bunky> "Nn~"
  860. [15:42:23] <Schweinritter> 12,0If anything, however... you have earned a rest. Apart from the machinations of fiends, there is little threat to the crystal at present.
  861. [15:42:49] <Bunky> "So um... Crystal?  If that's what's screwing up Eidolons' memories, does that mean we'll change like that too?"
  862. [15:43:40] <Schweinritter> 12,0Unfortunately, that cannot be predicted... but never fear, little one. You'll be protected as best can be, should that be the case.
  863. [15:43:43] <Amaryllis> "'Apart from' them, you say." Ammy leans against the submarine wall. "That is difficult to take as a relief when we know not what their schemes are."
  864. [15:43:54] <Amaryllis> "Have you not already changed, Nat?"
  865. [15:44:18] <Schweinritter> 12,0It is uncertain, but from the presence of the shard in Kraken's grasp... he and Maliris seem to be biding their time, and waiting.
  866. [15:44:19] <Bunky> "Well, change isn't ALWAYS bad," Nat gets up and spins around, still in humanform, giving a nod to Ammy.  "I gueeeeeeess I have already."
  867. [15:44:26] <NoT-89> "Yeah, we need to start rooting out those Fiends as quickly as possible!  For Kary and Alexis' sake, especially!"
  868. [15:44:58] <T-23> "Easier said than done, seeing as twice now we've failed to actually slay Lich."
  869. [15:45:02] <Amaryllis> "Some may say change is the only death an Eidolon can know. I say otherwise, that only in change is an Eidolon truly living. Just as stories that refuse to change and adapt are forgotten by civilization, so the same must be for Eidolons."
  870. [15:45:20] <Bunky> "Well!  We already started so we might as well finish, huh?  Once the shards are back and the Crystal's all nice and fixed up, I wanna just take a loooooooong nap."
  871. [15:46:30] * Bunky grins goofily and runs over to Ammy's side. "Yeah, I guess so. I can barely remember old-me, but if that's really different or not... I guess I don't care! I'm perfectly fine just being new-me."
  872. [15:46:37] <Schweinritter> 12,0It is up to you... but please do not push yourselves too hard.
  873. [15:47:03] <NoT-89> "Mmm, we'll be careful!"
  874. [15:47:26] <Amaryllis> "Worry not Nat, I shan't judge if 'Bunky' turns into an ugly ruby lizard." Ammy smirks a little. Does Nat connect the dots about that drawing in her diary?
  875. [15:47:39] <Bunky> :< 1,1No still not yet
  876. [15:47:47] <Amaryllis> (no fun)
  877. [15:48:00] <Bunky> "I still think it's cute when he says that!"
  878. [15:49:08] <Bunky> "..."
  879. [15:49:18] <Bunky> "We COULD always throw a party though if the Crystal insists."
  880. [15:49:50] <T-23> "Yes. A party. We'll invite all our enemies and put rat poison in the punch."
  881. [15:49:51] <Amaryllis> "If we are to relax then, I would like to return to Madain Sari. Studying the seals is at least less hazardous work than hunting fiends." Ammy mutters.
  882. [15:49:55] <T-23> "Surely this is the best use of our time."
  883. [15:50:12] <Amaryllis> "It is almost new year's. A celebration can wait."
  884. [15:50:31] * Bunky flops on the floor. "Well okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay."
  885. [15:50:50] <NoT-89> "I have some business in Conde Petie, that we could attend to since we have time, but otherwise~"
  886. [15:50:54] <T-23> "...It didn't give us directions still."
  887. [15:52:57] <Amaryllis> "Why do we need directions? Leave this bloody vessel in a cave, and we can teleport back to the continent."
  888. [15:53:50] <T-23> "You mean to say you can teleport to a room knowing not where it's located, just knowing what the room is?"
  889. [15:54:00] <T-23> "That's the most absurd thing I've ever heard. Magic is bullocks."
  890. [15:54:02] <Bunky> "Seems like it!"
  891. [15:54:07] <Amaryllis> "Is it not the same as teleporting to an airship?"
  892. [15:54:20] <Bunky> "I dunno if other teleporters can do that, you'd have to ask 'em."
  893. [15:54:24] <Bunky> "Maybe I'm just special~"
  894. [15:54:59] <Schweinritter> 12,0Directions?
  895. [15:55:14] <Schweinritter> 12,0The location of this vessel is about two miles north of Madain Sari at present.
  896. [15:55:33] * T-23 sighs and shrugs and loos for a dumb cave or something to park the mini sized sub in
  897. [15:55:54] <Schweinritter> The crystal glows a bit, and the periscope view changes to a world map.
  898. [15:56:48] <Schweinritter> Your current location is marked by a red dot, every town seems to have a blue dot already. And a flag is suddenly placed on the virtual map in the sea north of Alexandria.
  899. [15:56:52] <Bunky> Can we go to the corner of the map?
  900. [15:57:37] <Schweinritter> 12,0Where are you wishing to find directions to?
  901. [15:58:11] * Bunky flips through the diary which hasn't been edited in forever HEY TREE WRITE MORE DIARY SHIT YOU STUPID FUCK, "Something about a castle...?"
  902. [15:58:17] <T-23> "An actual landmark of sorts to leave this vessel at."
  903. [15:58:28] <Schweinritter> 12,0This cage may have been intended to siphon the power of the crystal, but with enough power, it can be fully controled this way. And very well.
  904. [15:58:53] <Schweinritter> 12,0The closest landmark would be... Mognet Central.
  905. [15:59:29] <Schweinritter> A moogle stamp is placed on the virtual world map, on a chain of islands a little to the northwest.
  906. [16:00:00] <Schweinritter> 12,0There are numerous places this vessel could be hidden along the coast nearby.
  907. [16:00:26] * T-23 nods, directing it that way then.
  908. [16:01:15] <Schweinritter> The HUD changes back to a periscope view, with a transparent world map moved into the upper corner. Spiffy!
  909. [16:01:32] <Schweinritter> How do normal Gaians actually program computers, anyway?
  910. [16:01:38] <Schweinritter> There must be something up with that Schweinritter guy.
  911. [16:01:48] <NoT-89> "Wow, this is pretty convenient~"
  912. [16:02:07] * Bunky returns to her seat - Prickles lapped again - and amuses herself by screwing around with the lighting underwater.
  913. [16:02:09] <Bunky> ~Eidolons~
  914. [16:02:21] <Schweinritter> Prickles tilts his head as he watches the light show.
  915. [16:02:38] <Bunky> how is that even physically possible without tilting his whole body aaaaaaa
  916. [16:02:56] <Schweinritter> He does tilt his entire body.
  917. [16:03:00] <Bunky> oh ok carry on
  918. [16:03:06] <Amaryllis> "We have a bit of a ride now, do we not?" Ammy sits down next to Prickles and pulls out her journal and some sheets of paper. She passes him some writing and reading exercises.
  919. [16:03:27] <Schweinritter> In any case, you find a nice cove very close to where the Moogle Stamp is. A circle of rocks blocks the area out of view of most ships traveling by water.
  920. [16:03:42] * T-23 doesn't really think much of the tech given the stuff he's seen of late.
  921. [16:03:43] <Schweinritter> Prickles goes back to writing exercises~
  922. [16:04:18] * T-23 finds a good spot to nestle the vehicle and powers it down. "Alright. So..."
  923. [16:04:22] <T-23> "Now what?"
  924. [16:04:23] * NoT-89 watches the water as they go along, looking for sea creatures they pass by~
  925. [16:04:25] * Bunky eventually leaves him to take the entire seat up with that and cleans her Ruby while the driver drives.
  926. [16:04:44] <Bunky> "How about a nap?"
  927. [16:04:49] <Schweinritter> That zombie whale seems to be following your submarine. ;_;
  928. [16:04:54] <Schweinritter> hroooooooooo
  929. [16:04:59] * T-23 blasts it with the crystal cannon.
  930. [16:05:12] <Schweinritter> Shredded whale.
  931. [16:05:13] * Amaryllis baps Theta on the head
  932. [16:05:29] * Bunky headshakes and curls up on the floor.
  933. [16:05:30] <T-23> "it could have been spying on us!"
  934. [16:05:39] <Amaryllis> "I bloody raised it."
  935. [16:05:52] <Schweinritter> Apart from that
  936. [16:05:55] <T-23> "That's even worse! A zombie mole!"
  937. [16:06:00] <Amaryllis> "If it does any sodding spying, it would be under my command."
  938. [16:06:11] <Schweinritter> You see a few dragonairs, a seaking, a gyarados...
  939. [16:06:12] <Schweinritter> wait what
  940. [16:06:21] <Bunky> Do we
  941. [16:06:23] <Bunky> see
  942. [16:06:24] <Bunky> any
  943. [16:06:24] <Amaryllis> "We could have used the help of such a creature against the Kraken."
  944. [16:06:25] <Bunky> tables?
  945. [16:06:28] <Schweinritter> No you don't, but you see some conveniently placed Gaia monsters that resemble these things.
  946. [16:06:39] <Schweinritter> Not tables
  947. [16:06:50] <Bunky> make table monsters canon pls
  948. [16:06:55] <Amaryllis> You know I am actually going to come back when we're ready to invade Kraken's shit and made Skeledoses now, right?
  949. [16:07:01] <T-23> "Isn't there an Eidolon that hunts those things anyway."
  950. [16:07:40] <Schweinritter> IN ANY CASE
  951. [16:07:47] <Schweinritter> there are also some rather beautiful tropical fish
  952. [16:08:00] <Schweinritter> With red and yellow and green scales and long, spiny fins.
  953. [16:08:11] <Amaryllis> "Bloody hell, fine, I shall just have to make more when the time comes to assault Kraken's lair." Ammy sits back in her seat, arms crossed. "That was my first risen minion ever."
  954. [16:08:11] <Schweinritter> You do reach the cove after a bit, where Theta powers down the sub.
  955. [16:09:18] <T-23> "I got a bit trigger happy, alright? Only been zombified myself twice so being followed by one isn't exactly pleasent."
  956. [16:09:20] <NoT-89> "B-but Ammy, you shouldn't go around killing things just to rise them!  That's bad!"  Flailflail
  957. [16:09:41] * Bunky stretches on the ground.
  958. [16:10:12] <Schweinritter> Prickles: "That... is rather dark work, yes."
  959. [16:11:42] <Bunky> "Nnnnng~" The catgirl rolls over.  "You're all silly."
  960. [16:12:12] <T-23> WHat's up with these tropical fish, however?
  961. [16:12:27] <Schweinritter> Nothing, really. Just some ambience since Lenore was looking.
  962. [16:12:36] <Bunky> Yeah, do they look delicious?
  963. [16:13:07] <Schweinritter> well, they're lionfish.
  964. [16:13:16] <Bunky> do they look delicious?
  965. [16:13:32] <Schweinritter>
  966. [16:13:41] <Amaryllis> "Fine, then I shall ask them politely if they would wish to join my aquatic army next time then." Ammy sighs. "I suspect Nat may ask me to kill and cook them afterwards anyhow."
  967. [16:13:57] <Bunky> "Thought about it."
  968. [16:14:35] <T-23> "In any case, where to now?"
  969. [16:15:14] <Bunky> 1,1By the way did we get any gil for that combat?
  970. [16:15:31] <Amaryllis> "I would like to return to Madain Sari."
  971. [16:15:43] <Schweinritter> 1,1it was lying on docks next to an unconscious Schweinritter
  972. [16:15:52] <Bunky> 1,1ass dicks cunt fuck
  973. [16:16:11] <Bunky> ... Also that doesn't look very delicious.
  974. [16:16:23] <NoT-89> "You sure?  Won't Chell and Belle and whoever the other one was be there still?"
  975. [16:16:32] <T-23> "Seems a bit risky at the moment, yes."
  976. [16:16:35] <NoT-89> "It might be dangerous to go somewhere where our adversaries are lurking!"
  977. [16:16:36] * Bunky hops up and streeeeetches. "Isn't that why you're disguised?"
  978. [16:16:56] <NoT-89> "It's still risky."  she :/s
  979. [16:17:05] <Bunky> "It's okay, I just need a drink...."  She starts unscrewing a hi-ether bottle.  "THEN we can go wherever you want."
  980. [16:17:34] <Amaryllis> "They shall be weakened. Unlike us, they were personally injured in that skirmish."
  981. [16:18:47] <Amaryllis> "And I am tired of allowing such trifles get in the way of my work. Ayane seeks to unseal the Gates to the Underworld, so of course she shall have her minions positioned in proximity to them. Does that mean I should give up on that entirely?"
  982. [16:19:07] * NoT-89 sighs. "...I guess not. Okay then."
  983. [16:19:58] * Bunky gives a small nod and handhips. "If there's stuff you wanna do," oh and she totally drinks a hi-ether while the other hand's still on-hip. "Then I can go ahead and take us wherever."
  984. [16:20:08] <Bunky> "I mean, we could all just meet up if you all wanna do different things, right?"
  985. [16:21:12] <T-23> (You split?)
  986. [16:21:19] <Bunky> (No I mean like downtime duh)
  987. [16:21:22] <Schweinritter> 9Hmm)
  988. [16:21:32] <T-23> (brb in 2014 when we fight kraken)
  989. [16:21:43] <Bunky> (more like 2036)
  990. [16:22:07] <NoT-89> (I dunno' if Magus Sisters rune # drei is downtime-worthy or not)
  991. [16:23:02] <Bunky> (Yeah that's p. big, 1,1Nat's trying to get the others away on purpose out of embarrassment uguu)
  992. [16:24:06] <T-23> "Seems you've made your mind up on this so it's sort of moot to banter over.  Though we could actually use a plan here."
  993. [16:24:20] <Amaryllis> "A next step you mean?"
  994. [16:24:47] <T-23> "What are we even trying to do here?  We don't even know what Belle and Chell needed this for.  And other than that all we know of is Kraken butting around in his castle with Lenore's brother's sword."
  995. [16:24:52] <Amaryllis> "I have a plan in mind that should allow us to kidnap Ayane herself, but we shall need the assistance of someone who can teleport to Daguerreo. Or an airship."
  996. [16:25:26] <Amaryllis> "I would like time though to think it through and ensure I have plugged all holes, however."
  997. [16:26:10] <Amaryllis> *-though
  998. [16:26:12] <T-23> "So what should we do then?"
  999. [16:27:10] <Amaryllis> "Do you not have your own projects to work on? As Nat said, we can reconvene after a time."
  1000. [16:27:14] <Bunky> "Kid... nap?  Well, whatever.  I'll help if you want, Ammy- I kinda wanna check on something myself but, um..."
  1001. [16:27:16] <Bunky> "Right, that!"
  1002. [16:29:36] <T-23> "...I...guess?"
  1003. [16:29:44] <T-23> "Dunno what I can really do there at the moment though..."
  1004. [16:29:59] <Bunky> "... Oh right."
  1005. [16:30:07] <Bunky> "I'm already totally used to it by now."
  1006. [16:30:10] * Bunky pokes Thetina's chest.
  1007. [16:30:40] <T-23> "..."
  1008. [16:30:44] <T-23> "You just had to remind me."
  1009. [16:30:46] * NoT-89 gulps, visibly, blushing a little. It's not even her chest, jeez.
  1010. [16:30:55] <Bunky> Boing.
  1011. [16:31:14] <T-23> "...Really."
  1012. [16:31:21] <Bunky> "Maybe you should just use geomagix to learn how to transform back and forth and..."
  1013. [16:31:24] <Bunky> "..."
  1014. [16:31:25] <Bunky> "Nevermind."
  1015. [16:31:26] <Schweinritter> Prickles: "..."
  1016. [16:31:37] * Amaryllis facepalms. "Oh sod it. Teleport us already."
  1017. [16:31:41] <Schweinritter> Prickles: "S-so..."
  1018. [16:31:48] <Bunky> "Okay."
  1019. [16:31:51] * NoT-89 stutters out a "Please."
  1020. [16:31:54] * Bunky BURSTS INTO LASERS TELEPORT
  1021. [16:31:58] <Bunky> "GO!"
  1022. [16:32:00] <Amaryllis> "Cheers, Nat."
  1023. [16:32:00] * T-23 kics Bunky in the shins.
  1024. [16:32:01] <NoT-89> *P-p-p-please
  1025. [16:32:04] <Bunky> 1,1So where are we even going?
  1026. [16:32:12] <T-23> 1,1 fuck if I know
  1027. [16:32:14] <Amaryllis> (Madain Sari I thought)
  1028. [16:32:16] <NoT-89> 1,1fuck if I know
  1029. [16:32:33] * Bunky teleports past the fourth wall and looks at the parentheses!
  1030. [16:32:38] <Bunky> Oh, it's Madain Sari, huh?
  1031. [16:32:40] <Bunky> k VWOOP
  1032. [16:32:42] <Amaryllis> (or at least Ammy is. You guys can go wherever after that if we're doing downtime? I dunno how this is gonna work)
  1033. [16:32:42] <T-23> 1,1 I expected us to be fighting kraken today or taking over a huge ass submarine got no plans lol
  1034. [16:32:57] <NoT-89> 1,1^
  1035. [16:33:02] <Bunky> 1,1^
  1036. [16:35:23] <Schweinritter> Unless Bunky has a more specific place in mind...
  1037. [16:35:31] <Schweinritter> You end up back at the docks!
  1038. [16:35:37] <Schweinritter> ....
  1039. [16:35:41] <Bunky> 1d100 I actually want to shenaniganometer this time
  1040. [16:35:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Bunky, I actually want to shenaniganometer this time: 84 [1d100=84]
  1041. [16:35:45] <Bunky> yeah that's fine
  1042. [16:35:56] <Schweinritter> No crazy demon sisters or black magician girls in sight.
  1043. [16:36:02] <T-23> (The only thing I got in mind here is needing land for a school of geomancy but no leads on ways to und that.)
  1044. [16:36:10] * Bunky doesn't remember that they have the ability to turn invisible WHAT A SHAME
  1045. [16:36:12] <T-23> (So...failing that...audino lol)
  1046. [16:36:38] <Schweinritter> The pigdoctor is still unconscious on the pier nearby, a hefty sack of gil abandoned near him.
  1047. [16:36:47] <Bunky> (Yeah if it wasn't obvious Nat wants to 1,1go to her æther realm and say hi to Mary but isn't going to bring Ammy because she'll just argue with her)
  1048. [16:36:48] <Schweinritter> Looks like it was what the girls were going to pay him for the submarine.
  1049. [16:37:16] <NoT-89> ", he deserves his payment, it's a pretty good ship!"
  1050. [16:37:29] <Bunky> "... Yeah, poor guy."
  1051. [16:37:33] <T-23> "He was just going to rob them back later anyway."
  1052. [16:37:37] * T-23 scoops it up and shrugs.
  1053. [16:37:58] <Schweinritter> It's bulging with coin to the tune of 100,000 gil.
  1054. [16:38:00] <Bunky> "... Poor guy."
  1055. [16:38:05] <NoT-89> "W-well, if you want to have, you can then, b-but I'm not touching any dirty money!"
  1056. [16:38:26] <T-23> (Are you sure you really want to give us this considering what we've discussed all week, Kain?)
  1057. [16:39:09] <Schweinritter> (You're already to the point that consumables are trivial, and I'm not entirely sure what I want to change prices to yet)
  1058. [16:39:38] <Amaryllis> "He funded the creation of this ship with stolen goods himself. I am not sure there -is- a right answer if you intend to return this to the 'rightful owners'. Tracing dirty money is difficult work."
  1059. [16:40:32] <NoT-89> "I wasn't going to do that much, I'm just not making it dirtier!"
  1060. [16:40:36] * Bunky rubyrubs. "I still really don't get why money's that big a deal."
  1061. [16:40:55] <Schweinritter> You're free to leave it if you want.
  1062. [16:41:31] <Schweinritter> (I'll just have to figure up a reward later if you do)
  1063. [16:41:47] <Bunky> (How about... a kiss?)
  1064. [16:42:04] <Amaryllis> "If we leave it, it will only go to fund criminal endeavors. Either that, or Belle and Chell return and claim it for Ayane."
  1065. [16:42:26] * Bunky ponders a bit.
  1066. [16:42:29] <Bunky> "...!"
  1067. [16:42:32] <Bunky> "I know!"
  1068. [16:42:37] <NoT-89> "Hm?"
  1069. [16:42:59] <Bunky> "Why don't we... take it all and leave him a note about how friendship is a more important treasure than money ever could be?"
  1070. [16:43:16] <T-23> "That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard you say."
  1071. [16:43:26] * Bunky nods proudly. "I know, I tried!"
  1072. [16:43:31] <NoT-89> "B-but he wont' have any friends to be with when he reads that! :/"
  1073. [16:43:59] * Amaryllis holds out a hand to Theta for the bag so she can begin splitting the money.
  1074. [16:44:14] * T-23 hands it over and shrugs.
  1075. [16:44:31] <Bunky> "Oh... yeah, I guess.  Everyone else I know who robs people has been pretty good at making friends though..."
  1076. [16:44:45] <Bunky> It's funny because it's actually true if you think about it.  *Amnesia*
  1077. [16:45:01] <Bunky> "Sounds kinda weird now that I put it that way."
  1078. [16:45:20] * Amaryllis finds an out of the way spot to do the counting and splits it four ways and distributes it all around.
  1079. [16:45:51] * Bunky leaves him a Daccat's Coin anyway. Maybe without the letter part.
  1080. [16:46:25] * NoT-89 takes the money with a sigh, thinking of a good way to use it that won't be selfish or something.
  1081. [16:47:49] <Schweinritter> And so the hapless Dr. Schweinritter was left penniless with his newest invention stolen unjustly, and- oh, who are we kidding. He was totally planning terrible things.
  1082. [16:48:04] <Bunky> Nah we're pretty awful
  1083. [16:48:06] <Schweinritter> Speaking of being penniless.
  1084. [16:48:06] <Bunky> 1,1rocket2
  1085. [16:48:10] <T-23> (we can't trust Squealer. Ever.)
  1086. [16:48:33] <Schweinritter> 11Active 11Time 11Event
  1087. [16:48:43] * Bunky Shockwaves the select button
  1088. [16:50:14] <Schweinritter> 0,14Recent Developments
  1089. [16:50:16] <Schweinritter> er
  1090. [16:50:20] <Schweinritter> 0,14Recent Developments
  1091. [16:51:09] <Schweinritter> The two mime sisters are walking through the streets on the far side of Madain Sari, carrying a soaked, and unconscious T-1000. They're back to their human forms, but look a bit dejected.
  1092. [16:52:23] <Schweinritter> Chell: "That submarine was... too well built, wasn't it, sister?"
  1093. [16:53:00] <Schweinritter> Belle: "Too well built, it was..." she nods a bit solemnly. "Even as ourselves, defeat it in time, we could not."
  1094. [16:53:25] <Schweinritter> Chell: "Still.. there was something familiar about the spells and dark energy coming from it, wasn't there?"
  1095. [16:53:39] <Schweinritter> Belle: "A familiarity there was? If so, then feel it I did not."
  1096. [16:54:56] <Schweinritter> Chell: "Hm... You said that Schweinritter described... Carbuncle, an unknown woman, someone that resembled T-23 and an unknown black mage?"
  1097. [16:55:22] <Schweinritter> Belle: "Sure of it, I am. Those clothes, T-23 favored."
  1098. [16:55:59] <Schweinritter> Chell: "I wonder... These recent developments... I don't look forward to reporting back to Ayane. Millie is going to be in a foul enough mood herself when she wakes."
  1099. [16:56:09] <T-23> (/me scratch head.)
  1100. [16:57:19] <T-23> (That's sorta surprising but probably not relevant atm.)
  1101. [16:57:24] <Schweinritter> Belle: "Report back, must we?" A devilish grin slides across her face.
  1102. [16:57:38] <Schweinritter> Chell: "Oh, are you pondering what I'm pondering then?" she returns the smile.
  1103. [16:58:02] <Schweinritter> Chell: "Well... Ayane shall be occupied in Daguerreo a bit longer. Let us at least take poor Millie back to the Palace first, sister."
  1104. [16:58:14] <Schweinritter> Belle nods. "To the palace, we'll take her back."
  1105. [16:58:34] <Schweinritter> With that, the two drag T-1000 into a dark alley, and out of sight.
  1106. [16:58:37] <Schweinritter> </ATE>
  1107. [17:00:29] <Schweinritter> *<accent type="french> </accent>
  1108. [17:00:51] <Bunky> kawaii☆donkey
  1109. [17:00:52] <Schweinritter> In any case...
  1110. [17:03:25] <Schweinritter> You've divided a rather large sum of money amongst yourselves, and have headed back into Madain Sari....
  1111. [17:03:58] <Schweinritter> Some of you wish to do a quick downtime period, others aren't quite sure -what- to do with themselves at this point...
  1112. [17:05:40] <Schweinritter> In any case unless you have a unified idea of where to go now, I think I'll call session here as we try to figure out what to do for the people who don't have all that much to do.
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