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  1. /ppp profile
  2. add change-tcp-mss=yes local-address= name=statix
  3. /interface l2tp-client
  4. add disabled=no mrru=1600 name=statix password=afriyie profile=statix user=perfectnetwork2
  5. /ip firewall mangle
  6. add action=mark-connection chain=input comment=Statix-in in-interface=statix \
  7.     new-connection-mark=statix-in
  8. add action=mark-routing chain=output comment=Statix-out connection-mark=\
  9.     statix-in new-routing-mark=statix-out passthrough=no
  10. add action=mark-connection chain=forward connection-state=new in-interface=\
  11.     statix new-connection-mark=statix_conn
  12. add action=mark-routing chain=prerouting connection-mark=statix_conn \
  13.     in-interface=bridge1 new-routing-mark=to_statix
  14. /ip route
  15. add check-gateway=ping distance=1 gateway=statix routing-mark=statix-out
  16. add distance=1 gateway=statix routing-mark=to_statix
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