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  1.      Well, it's offical. I'm banned from CivCraft, probably with no chance of returning. I had it coming, and I was waiting for this day to come. **I got banned for duping.**
  5. Let me start my story, from the very beginning, map one. My friend SCope13 introduced me to the server, he found an ad for CivCraft the day it went public on /r/politics. Now before this server, I came from a server ran by Dr_Oracle himself. It was a PvP server (shocking). That server died out after awhile and we were looking for a new server, we thought CivCraft was the perfect PvP server for us. TripleFate, Ephinix, MinecraftisFTW, DCubed3, Rasta_Boi, Marcus_Flaminius, ArcLumin, SCope13, DecentName and I all joined the server around when it first opened up to the public. At first, we ran around confused, not knowing where anybody was. With random spawn implemented, we all had a rally point, and it was a pretty obvious one, 0,0. On my way there I found a nice miner, he let me stay at his base. I asked what he was doing and he said he was planning on moving to a town called TorchVille. After getting the coordinates to TorchVille, I stole his diamonds, made a sword, and killed him. I then made my way to TorchVille with my shiny new set of diamond armor and I proceeded to kill everyone there, burn everything, grief everything. I felt accomplished, telling everyone I was the best PvPer around.
  7. A new day was upon us and after running around killing everybody I saw, TripleFate said that the biggest town on the server was a town called Rift. Me and triple made our way over to the Rift and got a spot to build a house in the ravine. We thought that we were just let in to an elite faction, the biggest faction onto the server. After asking some citizens of the rift like Albatross and ttk2 who our targets were, they just ignored me and continued to work on their buildings. I started to go around exploring more of the Rift when I ventured into a house owned by a fellow named Tuxorz. I don't know what his problem was, but he started crying in local chat saying that I broke into his house. This drew a lot of attention to me so I thought I was about to get jailed in PrisonBed. I grabbed my stuff, killed a couple of people on the way out, and left. I gave another rally point for all of us to meet up at and we ended up taking over a walled area owned by Gu3rella. We took it over and logged out. The following morning I logged in and was immediately killed by Albatross. I didn't know how he found me or knew when I was going to log in. Next thing I knew I was trapped in an obsidian room. It was only a 1x1x2 room, and I wasn't a noob to minecraft mechanics, so I immediately got out by logging in and out and glitching to the top. Me and the rest of my friends (excluding TripleFate, MarcusFlaminius, and ArcLumin) walked about 500 blocks away from the Rift, got Iron Armor with Diamond Swords, and got ready to attack the Rift. We split into groups of two, one lead by DCubed3, and one led by me. After we were in position, we attacked. We killed everyone, griefed everything, and destroyed the Rift. It was a nice town in my opinion, but afterwards, it was unrecognizable, impossible to navigate.
  9. We then got a message from a very notable player, Kinetic_Waffle. He said he could hook us up with TNT, and if we ever needed anything, just ask him. We took note. We then looked for our next targets, so we asked Kinect_Waffle where we should go next, and he said there was a town near Rift called Cresmotopolis. We then took the nether to Cresmotopolis and the suffered the same fate. After we finished up with Cres, we were beginning to think that there were no actual threats on the server and that everybody was pretty bad at PvP. On our way out of Cres we saw a sign stating the Agora coordinates, without much effort we walked there, killed everyone, griefed everything, then left. It was the biggest griefing the server has ever seen, only to be topped by HCF later on. We had the server at it's knees.
  11. After awhile we just grew bored of the server, everything was too easy and there were no real threats. We came back a couple of weeks later looking for new targets, and one stood out the most, Atlantis. We saw that everyone who lived at the Rift was there, it would be too easy for us to go do it all again. At this point, the server had almost tripled in size. Nobody seemed interested in the server anymore, only me and Minecraftisftw were playing, the rest of my group didn't really like the server. After we searched the top nether for hours, we finally found Atlantis. At this point and time, there was no CombatTag.
  13. Me and Minecraftisftw came through the Atlantis portal, but it was trapped. Obsidian blocked the way and lava was on each side. We thought that we would die, until somebody cleared the trap for me. I had no idea who removed the lava, even now I still have no idea, but he let us right on through. After we made it to the center of Atlantis, the floor design was so confusing that we got lost. Eventually, we found where most of the people were. It was MCFTW and I, vs about 15 people. We knew we couldn't do it, so we abused an old Minecraft glitch. We logged in and out every 4 seconds, remaining invincible, killing everyone while invincible. Our armor started to break (keep in mind, we only had vanilla diamond.) we were there for so long. After our armor started to break we left, bored with the server.
  16. PART 2. D-BLOCK
  18. I logged back into the server after a couple of months, and my good friend Marcus_Flaminius told me that he lived in Columbia, and that it was under attack by a group named Infinius. I went there to help him defend, but I was too late, they were already banned for cheating. I went there to see what the damage was, only to be met by Foofed, Kingr8, and Pete1. They attacked me in the streets, just as I drank a speed potion and started to run, every griefers worst nightmare happened, blue screen of death. I was furious. I logged back in pearled, in the end, being put into Foofeds vault. I didn't even know what I did wrong, I thought that the goal of the server was to PvP. I spent a lot of time in the end, while I was in the end I read the sub-reddit. Almost every post I read on the sub-reddit. It was then I started to learn what the server was about, it wasn't about PvP, it was about building a civilization.
  20. Fast Forward a couple of months. After some classic break out attempts (Pearling Kingr8 and trying to exchange pearls) failed, I just gave up. I took on new alts and just lived among the people that pearled me. I took on the alt by the name of DarkSlayer, and lived in Kizantium. I liked Kizantium, nice place, everyone was pretty nice. I just gave up on trying to free my main account. A couple of weeks later the alt association plugin got implemented, and I was b&. I had too many alts pearled, and was screwed.
  24. After begging Foofed and Blueavenue to let me out of the end almost every day for about 6 months, they told me just to pay reparations. I had no idea what reparations were, I thought I was in the end forever. I had to get some of my alts free, the easiest one being held in go1dfishes columbia redstone shop. I talked to a good friend by the name of Suiradx, and had him break me out. After a while, I was free. I had alt, and I could play again. I started to scrounge up the diamonds I had left, and I payed back everything I did. It wasn't cheap.
  26. A couple of days later, my main account walked a free man. I then had a plot in Gerald, everything was nice. I was enjoying playing CivCraft the way it was meant to be played, and not as a griefer.
  30. I didn't play civcraft much, up until now. Someone by the name of Mr_Twiggy was terrorizing Mt Augusta and I decided to help them out. I posed as a fellow griefer with my friend Tutterise and we planned an attack on Mt Augusta, a plan in which I would betray him, and give his pearl to Foofed. We had the Ancap Strikeforce waiting outside of the Mt Augusta portal, and just as I began the fake attack I had them come through. It was crazy, there were at least 15 of us attacking MrTwiggy, but he didn't die. We were so confused. He got away, and that was it. For the first time in CivCraft history I felt threatened, I felt like I wasn't the best PvPer around anymore. As the days went on, more and more people would attack towns, all teamed up. MrTwiggy and his group were destroying CivCraft. We then started to research MrTwiggy, seeing that he was from a server called HCFactions, along with all of the people he was with. I'll save you the trouble of reading about the HCF war, because we all know how it ends (hello hamster).
  32. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  34.                                                   CIVCRAFT LEAKS
  37. Now, as you may have read in the title, I'm B&. For duping, of course. I knew it wasn't allowed, but I did it anyways. I still don't know why I'm banned, I was under the impression that other players such as Foofed used a vanilla minecraft dupe to gain wealth last map, so I thought I wouldn't get banned. I was mistaken apparently. Since I'm banned, I might as well call out one individual, once my friend. His name is Eaglesrock57, the biggest scumbag in CivCraft history. As many of you know, he used an alt account to grief last map, and it wouldn't come as a surprise he's doing it this map too, but that's not the problem, I could care less if he griefs some random farm. The problem is, I sold him a copy of the infamous JHowards client. I regret it to this day, because now him, Kempje, Allio, and ZeroRussia all use it. They are nothing but a bunch of hackers who think they are good at PvP when really, Eagles can't play legit. One day, he suddenly got good overnight at PvP. The worst part is, he brags about how good he is. I remember once, he was in my mumble and bragged about how he killed someone on CivCraft who griefed his place using JHowards client. The guy who was griefing had partial Prot4, and eagles had iron. Eagles killed him. I also think it's funny how Kempje is griefing Orion on the gimmick account of me. Eagles is nothing but a scumbag who can't go a day without hacking. I hope I do get unbanned, because if I do, I'm not going to build a house, start a city, or do any other pointless things. I'm going to pearl eagles.
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